Closure for The Closer: Will Brenda's Boys Have a Home on the Spin-Off?

It never gets easy to say, but here we go, once again: This Monday at 9/8c, TNT’s The Closer lets loose with its seventh – and final – season. And while TVLine has already shared with you Emmy-winning frontwoman Kyra Sedgwick’s take on her difficult decision to bid Brenda adieu and her preview of the acclaimed drama’s final run, the question looms:

What will become of the Major Crimes boys — namely Gabriel, Flynn, Provenza, Sanchez, Tao and Buzz — when their boss goes bye?

TNT Announces The Closer Spin-Off Starring Mary McDonnell

We spoke with Brenda’s right-hand man, Corey Reynolds aka Det. Gabriel. “There’s an interest in continuing the show [via the spin-off Major Crimes, starring Mary McDonnell as Capt. Sharon Raydor], and I think they’re just trying to work out the details,” the actor says. “I think that all of us are interested in continuing the storytelling; we just have to figure out what way is best to launch the new show.”

In other words, Reynolds cops to not having much information about series creator James Duff’s long-term plan. Nor should anyone just yet, seeing as the series finale — following this summer’s 10-episode run and five winter outings –- won’t actually air until next summer. As such, Reynolds is focusing on how the show sews up Brenda’s story, with an arc that sounds turbulent, to say the least.

“A lot of shows don’t get the opportunity to wrap things up the way they’d like to -– a lot of times [the end date] comes out of nowhere,” he notes, “so this gives us a chance to bring some stories full circle, tie up some looses and, and give characters a proper bow-out — Brenda in particular. Should that springboard into something else? That could be pretty exciting.”

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on The Closer‘s Jaw-Dropping Season Premiere

Yes, hopefully all (or almost all) of the supporting ensemble – including stalwart Gabriel, bicker brothers Flynn and Provenza, and the comically precise Tao — will be left alive, kicking and eligible to join the spin-off, after Brenda closes her final case.

“Oh, they will. I’m sure they will,” Sedgwick ventured when we asked about the MCD team’s fate. “I hope all the guys will [be on Major Crimes]. That’s my hope.”

The Closer fans, who are your must-keepers when it comes to the 2012 spin-off?

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  1. Leah says:

    In all honesty I won’t watch Major Crimes if the rest of the cast don’t move over. I know it’s wrong to say that without watching an episode, but that’s just how I feel. I’m hoping everyone bar Brenda (and Fitzy, for obvious reasons) makes the leap over, because otherwise what’s the point? Major Crimes is where The Closer folk work unless they all get moved away, which is a possibility I suppose. Just my two cents.

    • Kaiulani says:

      Totally agree…. No guys, no viewership from me.

    • Jimmy says:

      I’m not going to judge the series until I can actually see it. Quite honestly, I would be surprised if they brought EVERYONE over to the new series. The point of a new series is to bring in some new blood, and more than just Mary McDonnell. Robert Gossett would be an easy one to lose since the character adds nothing to the series. As for Pope, something tells me his days are numbers under the new Chief.

      For me, McDonnell will be the draw. Captain Raydor doesn’t approach the iconic nature of President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica, but McDonnell’s shear talent makes up for that.

  2. Chris says:

    All the guys should get brought over including Will and Pope, the show is the bickering and the chemistry between all the characters, to loose even one will diminish the show, CSI after Warrick and Grisson anyone?

  3. Alienate says:

    Yes, Major Crimes really needs to carry over the EXCELLENT characters from The Closer. Those guys MADE the show Great vs Good.

  4. Kaite says:

    While I love all the characters on The Closer, esp Flynn and Provenza, I won’t be watching Major Crimes. I watch too much TV as it is, plus, I can’t stand Cpt Raydor. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t. Plus, the boys made the show, why have a spin off starring someone else?

    • Evelyn Brezo says:

      I agree that Cpt. Raydor is obnoxious and very unlikable. But I love the guys. I might watch ONLY because of the guys. I LOVE Brenda and will miss her…she makes the whole show special.

    • Russell says:

      When Raydor shot the crook with the bean bag gun right after she yelled for everyone else to stop, was pure gold.

  5. Paige says:

    Flynn, Provenza, Gabriel, Tau, Buzz, Dr. Morales, Sanchez, and Terrence (the asst coroner) should move over in order of essential to who I could live without. I also think that Taylor should be there to be used more than as background. It is a shame that he hasn’t been used enough over the years.

    I’ll watch Major Crimes because it means more Mary McDonnell who was fraktastic as President Roslin.

  6. Mags says:

    Will at least give it a chance. Heartbroken the real show is over – hanging on for any possibility of great acting & writing!!

  7. Karen says:

    I would hope that they would move everyone over to the new show. It would also be cool if Kyra Sedgwick made 1 or 2 or more guest appearances!

  8. Michael says:

    Kyra Sedgwick is phenomenal on this show. However, part of her greatness is due to the fact that this show has the single best ensemble supporting the lead of any show on television, bar none. Every regular character on this show is relevant and played to perfection by the actor/actress playing them. If they were to spin off with the entire cast now being led by Mary McDonnell’s character it would be just as successful, and I for one would be tuned in every week. Make it happen!

    • Pamela L says:

      I completely agree with this. I am going to miss Kyra Sedgwick alot but the supporting cast has been awesome and entertaining. They all need to go over to the new show and continue their crime solving with a new leader. I’m torn about Captain Raydor. I really didn’t like her from the beginning but she’s growing on me some because she’s starting to see Brenda’s side and she’s even helping her out some. Everyone grows and she could be a good leader when Brenda leaves. Can’t wait to see what happens next?

  9. Snsetblaze says:

    Isn’t the department called Major Crimes now? Wouldn’t it work just to rename the show, put Captain Raydor in as Deputy Chief Raydor, who has her own way of doing things, take out the “grilling” that Brenda Lee specialized in to get confessions, and leave the rest of the squad as is. Of course, Fritz would follow Brenda (or perhaps not – he could still be the FBI liason if she were to move on to a higher position or quit.) The only questions would be now is whether Taylor or Pope would be the boss or what would their roles be (as one or the other is expendable at this point) and whether another female officer will ever be added to the department.

  10. GD says:

    Based on the seasons opener.. who knows who will be left by the 10th show. No matter what happens, a spin off without the ‘crew’ will not be as good as the original. Taylor Pope and the rest of the team need to stay in to continue the great acting that is taking place! We will have to wait until when? Next January to really know?

  11. Ken says:

    MAJOR CRIMES, in my world, would be a complete continuation of the story of those cops and the crimes that they solve, except without Brenda at the helm. I’d leave the door open for Kyra Sedgewick to return from time to time as a guest star. Maybe give her a promotion? I’d also leave Fritz on the show as the FBI liason, and, thereby, a reason to have a connection with Brenda from time to time. Brenda’s appearances could be one a season, more or even less.

    • grannik says:

      Would love to see Brenda named Chief of Police – Pope go back to his old job and then Brenda can come back guest starring from time to tome. The show has never really focused on the Chief of Police so Brenda being named Chief is a good way for her not to be visible and the show can go on. Really do not want an ending that has her fired – she deserves the Chief’s job – after all she was in the running and Pope was not.

  12. Lyndsey says:

    I don’t think I could watch the new show either without the guys, especially Flynn & Provenza (who are my favorites on the show). The camaraderie among the guys is what makes the show so great! It would be beyond foolish to mess with that!!

  13. Carol says:

    I will watch Major Crimes, especially if the “gang” will still be there. In all my years of watching television, I have never enjoyed a show as much as this one. It was nice to see a glimmer of personality softness from Captain Raydor. I love to hate her character, but if the show is to succeed she will need to develop a relationship with the team.

  14. Rick says:

    Don’t know what will happen but I surely hope you can keep as many of the folks that are currently on the Closer on the new show. It has been one of my all time favorite crime shows and the chemistry amongst the ensemble of players is simply amazing. The writers have done such an excellent job. One last thing……don’t have any clue what will be happening with Brenda but if there was any way she could occasionally visit the new show, that would be great.

  15. Those people who say they simply don’t like Capt. Raydor and will not watch it with her are paying no attention to the development of her character since she was first introduced. I won’t rehash here, as I’ve done it on bulletin board, but suffice to say, she uses power the way Brenda uses that deceptive southern belle sex appeal. They’re two peas in a pod, seeming opposites but very much alike in their goals and methods. Like Brenda, Raydor is a real cop, lots of brains and a intense commitment to put the real bad guys in jail.

    And besides missing all of Brenda’s “boys,” I think Taylor would be just as much missed. No one seems to have paid attention to the way his character has also grown, since the “Cherry Bomb” episode, when Brenda got the high school rapists that he couldn’t. He’s actually smarter than he seems, and he’s been paying attention to Brenda and learning from her about how he can be a real cop again, after years of wasting time playing political games in the “old boy” club, with the likes of Pope.

    And everybody’s right when they say Pope can go. Good riddance!

  16. FAN OF ALL FANS says:

    Flynn and provenza made the show yea Brenda was the star but them two. Made the show expecially the episode when Flynn was attacked and fought his Ass off….. Or. When they met the drug dealing stewardess or the dead. Body in the garage … Have me laughing. So yes ill watch MAJOR CRIMES