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Fringe Scoop: Dirty Sexy Grad Michelle Krusiec Joins Cast… But Who Is She Playing?!

It looks like Fringe fans have another Season 4 mystery to chew on this summer.

A Fox rep confirms that actress Michelle Krusiec, best known for her roles as Darling daughter-in-law Mei-Ling Hwa on Dirty Sexy Money and Maddison’s stepmom on Secret Life of the American Teenager, is joining the Fox thriller in the recurring role of, um, “New Female Character.”

Suffice it to say, producers are keeping a very tight lid on the details surrounding their new heroine (or villainess). And don’t bother checking Krusiec’s Twitter feed for clues. All she would divulge is that she leaves “for Vancouver this week to start filming.”

Thoughts? Theories? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jon says:

    I still want to know what the heck happened to agent Amy Jessup! Did they ever explained that on some interview or something?

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly!! My husband and I haven’t forgotten about her either… she was billed as a big mysterious recurring role that was meant to be quite important and yet, we saw her in like one or two episodes and that was it. I remember her using the Bible a lot to try and figure things out too. Would love that explained.

      • RKron says:

        I asked the producers if we would ever see Amy Jessup (Meghan Markle) again. Signs point to no. Seems like she wasn’t working well with the show or something. Plus, she has another show she’s working on right now – “Suits”

        • Drewgo says:

          Thank you for this post, I’ve been watching Suits and it was driving me crazy where I knew her from….Now I know.. :-)

        • mack says:

          WHAT???That was never the reason. Joel Wyman tweeted that she was simply a guest star and not intended to have a longer run.

  2. Gavin says:

    Michael, find the scoop for us please, you know you can do it if you bribe someone hard enough!

  3. Sam says:

    I think she’s Walternate’s mistress’s daughter/sister, something like that.

  4. Kirk says:

    Peter’s half-sister ;)

  5. Lisa says:

    Hmmm… she could be literally anyone, but since they’re bringing Agent Lee back full-time, it’s possible she’s his wife/girlfriend on this side?

  6. alex says:

    Yep, bring back Amy Jessup!!!

    They underestimated the audience’s interest in this character. We still want to see what happened to her even if its just for 1 ep.

  7. ScrubsGuy says:

    Ah, no wonder why she looks familiar – she was on Community in “Competitive Wine Tasting” as lady which Pierce hooks up with!

  8. eviltwit says:

    I’m going with Walternate’s and his mistress’ daughter.

  9. T says:

    My guess, Peter no longer exists due to the 2 Walters not being able to have kids. Walternate adopted her and she is his daughter.

  10. Clara says:

    How about a love interest for Astrid? She needs a real story line!

  11. M says:

    She may be Walter’s wrangler. Peter has served this purpose since the start of the series, but now that Peter never existed she could be the one who has baby sat Walter since he got out of the insane asylum.

    • John says:

      Without zPeter, Walter may never have been in an insane asylum. Either way.. without Peter, the timeline should be screwed up. If Peter never existed, he never got in the machine. In that case, he has no reason to be wiped from existence. It’s a pretty crazy paradox. I’m afraid the writers wrote themselves into a corner.. but they surprised me with the machine, so maybe they can explain somehow. I hear Peter’s coming back. Can’t wait to see how!

      • billy says:

        without peter they would have never crossed over and started all this. there would be no need for fringe

      • Matt says:

        Peter did not exist in the original timeline. He was added to an alternate timeline by the Observers to find a way out to the dilemma where both universes are destroyed. Once he created the bridge, the Observers redirected it to the original timeline where Peter had never existed.

  12. BuckyT says:

    Astrid is gay?? My day is ruined!!

  13. Brian says:

    She got a purdy mouth.

  14. Louise says:

    Is she replacing the character of Peter? Because according to the finale’ last season, Peter never existed (according to the travelers)… he was just a figment of everyone’s imagination. So what’s up with that? I want Peter back!!!!!

  15. Joe Klemmer says:

    Look, I need to be Astrid’s love interest. Just because the actress is gay doesn’t mean the character is.

    And if the character of Peter Bishop is gone for good, I don’t know if I’ll be that interested in continuing with the show. The foundation for me is the Peter/Walter and Peter/Olivia relationships.

  16. Sab says:

    I agree. They better not replace Peter with a female lead! I can’t imagine that. I think she will be an agent rather than a family member.. the young eager one, perhaps.

  17. Shareen says:

    I really liked Agent Amy in the episode where Olivia is in the car accident and also the people were disappearing in one town. She was excellent! And I thought she really had a place in Fringe. Saw her on Suits so disappointed cause that usually means she’s not coming back. We’ll see how this new girl goes…

  18. Terra says:

    It would seem odd to write Peter’s character out all together. He is inter-woven in the whole story. My best guess is that all was put back in balance (meaning his removal from one world to the other) by his trip in the machine. And now there will be new adventures together. The Peter/Olivia and Peter/Walter interactions are the best part of the show!

  19. Oliver says:

    I think Olivia Dunham still rembers Peter Bishiop because them two are related to the machine and then Olivia Dunham looks everywhere and it turns out Walter Bishiop was Peter Bishiop all along or Peter Bishiop is on the otherside and know one knows about him????

  20. dorkenheimer says:

    The creative team has already said that Peter is not being
    written out of the series. Josh Jackson is still under contract
    to the show.

  21. Kaprina says:

    Maybe one of the watchers. Or just an agent. I can’t wait to see this season.

  22. Rekka says:

    Walternate’s lovechild??

  23. Melissa says:

    We’ve already got enough interesting recurring characters that we know next to nothing about as it is. Are we ever going to learn more about Astrid? This is my biggest nitpick for all three seasons. What about Nina or alt!Nina. Or why did our Broyles never got his stuff straightened out with his wife? Or what about Sam who’s a mystery inside a mystery. Or our adorakable Lincoln we saw once. Or Scarlie? Or heck maybe even our Charlie lived since Peter never existed…?

    Seriously… in a season that’s likely to be FRINGE’s last (or next to last) I don’t see any reason to be adding in more new characters. Since things are going all timey-wimey with the Peter predicament why not bring back Sebastian Roche back, but not have him be a villian this time?

  24. Nina Lee says:

    Ah, you LITERALLY brought up BOTH things about the show that I haven’t heard anyone else discuss. What about Astrid and HER background? How did she get to be Walter’s assistant? What secrets does SHE have?

    And why has everyone else’s alternate been discussed and shown except for Nina Sharp? I’d love to see them touch on both these things this season, and to see how they’re affected by Peter’s possible reappearance into existence…

  25. Elliot says:

    “Since things are going all timey-wimey with the Peter predicament why not bring back Sebastian Roche back, but not have him be a villian this time?”

    Good idea! How about this? He hated Faux, so when Peter comes back, he digs out the info disc and re-boots ol’ Frozen Head, who then joins forces with the Blue Universe and Peter to fix the time-paradox. And if, you know, he killed Faux in the bargain, win/win, right? Peter didn’t miss her when her universe disappeared (and neither did I).

  26. Angel93 says:

    Peter will be back,Olivia is special she has the ability to see reality in a different way. So I think she will remember him. I also think the observers will sent an assassin perhaps Mr.X the one that was supposed to kill Olivia in “LSD” to try to prevent her from bringing Peter back.They did sent a human assassin in “August” to kill the girl that was meant to die,so they could do it again? Okay I’ll stop,thats my little theory, I can’t wait for Fringe!! Oh and she’s very pretty, is she a good actress?

  27. Valarie says:

    Astrid became Walter’s assistant because she was Olivia’s assistant from the very beginning. Alt-Nina’s story is never told because William Bell never existed in the alternate universe since he died, and him and Walternate never met.

    I think the new character should be a new head scientist for Massive Dynamic or maybe someone who knows the answers for everything for some reason to be told.

  28. met says:

    Peter , Olivia < amd Walter's characters pay the bills each week. You can rest assured fox is not going to let the writers rock the boat to hard on a winning and profitable show. Fast approaching syndication numbers..

  29. Matt says:

    Remember there were two Peters, one who has now never existed, and one who died young. Since one Peter now has never existed, could the other Peter not have died?

  30. Keith says:

    Maybe she is a reincarnation of William Bell in the third alternate universe where Peter is now and Olivia has black hair and works as a stripper. With Fringe, you just never know.

  31. wickedvox says:

    Lame! Didn’t they try this with “mysterious” agent jessup?? How many times are they going to mess with the cast chemistry before they learn we just won’t have it?

  32. Fringie says:

    Maybe a female obeserver named April,May,or June? I wish it was September already aghhh.

  33. Real1 says:

    Am with you , she is maybe Peter’s sister and from her bloodline they will engineering Peter’s body again .

  34. ahgremlyn says:

    She (Michelle Krusiec’s character) may have something to do with Walter and Dr. Bell’s original experiments with the children. Different “psychic wars”?

  35. Elise Waxler says:

    Perhaps she is a new body for William Bell to come back in.

  36. alex says:

    She’s either walternate’s daughter or she is Blue Lincoln’s wife/girlfriend.

  37. brendano says:

    How about the leader of The Observers?

  38. Timeforpain says:

    Surprised nobody mentioned that Michelle starred in dirty sexy money, same as Seth Gabel (Lincoln).

  39. Sally says:

    According to some theories on Time Travel, when you go back in time you never go back to your own time line. You create a new time line, one that is very similiar, almost identlcal, but is not your own. So the Grandfather parodox doesn’t occure. Time flows like a river and a the new time line you create when you go back, is like a stream that connects and flows into the river. So Peter can still exist in the show. The new season episodes could be based on a Third Alternative Universe. Why not? There are already 2 that exists so far in this show.

  40. Susan says:

    I just absolutely LOVE this show! My hubby got me started watching it by d/ling the first 2 seasons (I think season 3 just started) and was hooked the first episode. Now I can’t wait till Season 4 starts!. This one of those show’s that make me go “AAARRRGH!!!” when the episode is over because I keep wanting to see more! Keep up the good work there!

  41. Ann says:

    She’s the leader of a new human form of shapeshifter. Is a very fiscal, bad ass role. Read a quote she recently gave in an interview about her castmate, Anna Torv. She was quoted as being a big admirer of her work and someone she wants to emulate. Smart girl, she chose one of the best on TV right now. It’s a shame the TV award shows fail to acknowledge this actreess’ fine work,.