Glee's Greatest? 'Bohemian' Vs. 'Billionaire,' 'Unpretty' Vs. 'Gravity' as Round 2 Continues!

Regardless of where you’re sitting on the emotional spectrum today, there’s probably a song to fit your mood in Round 2 of’s Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament.

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Indeed, our second quartet of second-round bouts finds a bitter breakup ditty (“Forget You”) facing an ode to everlasting love (“Marry You”), and a track about capitalistic dreams (“Billionaire”) going head-to-head with an operatic ballad about a murderer’s confession (“Bohemian Rhapsody”).

No, Gleeks, it won’t be easy whittling away our 32 remaining numbers down to just 16, but alas that’s the only way to determine which song-and-dance interlude ranks at No. 1 in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy.

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Every day around 4:00 p.m. ET over the next few weeks, we’ll launch a new set of bouts that will have you mentally humming your favorite Glee moments and anxiously wondering how in the heck you’re gonna decide between ’em. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 2 voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Voting Still Open in Rouond 2, Day 1: ‘Baby It’s Cold’ Vs. ‘River Deep’

And if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Matching I Feel Pretty/Unpretty against each other so early is a crime. They should be against each other in the final of the duets bracket.

    • Amy says:

      Seriously. These two deserve to be in the finals. They are two of my very favorite Glee numbers ever. I could not really pick between the two.

  2. William says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is one of the best tracks Glee has ever produced. It will be a shame if it doesn’t beat Defying Gravity.

    • Rick says:

      Agreed. That is one of the only tracks I’ve actually purchased on iTunes. It could be a legit pop hit.

    • Carolyn says:

      Actually I’ve bought both and they are two that I listen to the most along with Go Your Own Way which for some reason is not in this competition at all. Also don’t know why forget you is beating Marry Me

      • F says:

        I am also really disappointed that Go Your Own Way isn’t in the competition! It and Don’t Stop were my favourite numbers from the Rumours episode – I am annoyed that Dreams was featured as a choice and neither of those were. I hate Mr. Schue and April Rhodes needs to stop guest starring because she has less and less purpose in the show each time. The only good duet they did was Alone, which for some reason also didn’t make the cut.

  3. Taylor says:

    Super easy to choose.
    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is the best mash-up of the entire series, so it got my vote. Although I wouldn’t mind Defying Gravity advancing.
    Loser Like Me was basically Glee’s anthem with a performance to match.
    Bohemian Rhapsody was just epic.
    Forget You edged out Marry You for me because I think I watched it multiple times. Marry You was cute though :)

    • Shes says:

      Defying Gravity was my favorite number of all time. Loser Like Me and Bohemian Rhapsody ruled. And, as much as I hat Bruno Mars, Marry You won for me b/c I loved Furt.

  4. bkwrm says:

    I’m glad that Loser Like Me is doing so well. Most of the message boards I’ve read seem that most people hate the original songs. I love Loser Like Me and Pretending.

    • Lauren says:

      The only original song I really hated was the dreadful Light Up The World. The others were good, but not good enough for a competition like Nationals.

      • Delirious says:

        I wish My Cup had had more support… :/

        PS. too bad Pretty/Unpretty is such a bomb, I feel like this matchup should’ve been the final 2 – and I would’ve also voted for Defying Gravity like I did here.

    • Captain says:

      I love the original songs. I have them all on my iPod except Pretending. The lyrics to that song are so lazy but then again, I’m analyzing it as a writer. Get it Right is the best original song they’ve produced yet but Loser Like Me is by far my favourite. I also listen to the Unpretty mash-up all the time. One of my favourite tracks they’ve ever done.

      • Teresa says:

        I still think the best original song was “Hell to the No,” followed closely by “Trouty Mouth.”

      • Steve says:

        On the mark, Captain. But don’t be too hard on Pretending, I think the writers were probably more concerned with storyline leading into Season 3 and it provided the mechanism for the return of Finchel. I admit that virtually anything by Lea Michele is great and Get It Right was performed so well… but Loser Like Me is my ringtone.

    • dan says:

      I still like “Hell to the No.”

  5. Rita says:

    Quinn and Rachel’s duet was the best one Glee did so far, in my opinion! It should win

  6. Daniel says:

    Walking on Sunshine/Halo
    -WTF!!! Billionaire is not winning?!
    -Marry You is way better than Forget You, and so the performance was. Altough those two songs are sticky, Marry You has my vote!

    • Catalina says:

      sorr, but Bohemian Rhapsody was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Frank says:

      you are joking about Billionaire right?

      Pretty/unpretty is better. Never would have thought that when I first heard a Dianna/Lea duet. They did some major work in finding and song and an arrangement that made Dianna sound good. They let her do a easy straight forward work and Lea do some magic around it and it worked great.

      If pretty/unpretty has to go up against For Good or Happy days then we have a problem, but up against DG it is the sure winner.

      So basically we have Lea/vs Lea in two spots.

  7. Mark S says:

    It is a tough call for me between I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and Defying Gravity. Both were great duets. I will give a slight edge to the mash-up because I liked the Dianna and Lea pairing. It really came out of nowhere and they sounded great together.

    Another close call between Forget You and Marry You. I went with Forget You, but I have no problem with the other one. Both were fun songs.

  8. Jessica says:

    Forget You vs. Marry you was tough but i feel like if I chose Forget You I would be mentally giving my approval for Gwyneth Paltrow to return and I can’t let that happen. So, Marry You FTW.

  9. Susan says:

    I chose Marry You over Forget You because I loved the whole performance. It made me smile when I first saw it, and I still smile when I think of it. :)

  10. Ben says:

    I am disappointed that the competition doesn’t include Rachel and Jessy’s Adelle cover of “Rolling in the Deep”. It really was awesome!

  11. Karen says:

    Forget You and Marry you were really tough. Defying Gravity and Unpretty even more so (though I went with Unpretty/I feel Pretty – it was sheer awesomeness!)

  12. Lorena says:

    I feel pretty/Unpretty is definitely one of my favorite songs from the show.
    I think Loser like me is a lot more meaningful to their story instead of Halo/Walking on sunshine but I like it a lot.
    Billionaire is really sweet and I’m part of the bring Chord back campaign but Bohemian Rhapsody is seriously epic.
    And I believe Marry you is way better than Forget you. Maybe because it was a group performance and I just love those.

  13. Jack S says:

    Don’t make me choose between FY & MY :( In the end I had to choose Marry You, my favourite performance from the first 10 S2 episodes.

    Other picks are Billionaire, Loser Like Me & I Feel Pretty/Unpretty [which better keep its lead – song of the season I felt]

  14. matt says:

    weak. you’re getting them almost all wrong. it’s not about which is the better song, it’s about which was the better one on Glee.

    • lily says:

      that is a matter of opinion

      • Dee says:

        It is a matter of opinion, but I’m genuinely surprised by how little props Defying Gravity is getting. It was a pivotal Glee moment for both Rachel and Kurt early in the formation in the show besides the kickass vocals. Un/pretty was a nice moment (kind of) but ultimately super predictable and vanilla. That’s sort of Quinn’s m.o. though. Her best song was probably Papa Don’t Preach because it went against formula, but god forbid the bracket should get creative and search for the “best” rather than the “most played” songs.

        • Jeff says:

          Context wise DG was great but I just don’t think Chris did a great job on it.
          Lea was pretty good but it wasn’t her best work either.

          Give me any other Lea/Chris duet.

          Pretty/Unpretty had a nice arrangement and frankly is worked for Dianna only may be the second songs she didn’t butcher.

        • F says:

          Defying Gravity is not a pivotal moment on the show at all – it’s just Rachel and Kurt selfishly competing for a solo. Shocker. I feel Pretty/Unpretty is so much better because it makes an unlikely pairing work, and it is also two of the show’s most confident acting characters baring their souls and sharing their deepest insecurities with the club.

  15. Paris says:

    Bohemian Rhapsody ftw. It is such an epic song and it was during quinn’s labor which was the best labor on tv imho. I like Chord but Billionaire wasn’t anything special and had too much autotune. I hope save the Chord campaign won’t screw it up. I had to go with Unpretty/I feel pretty. I never thought that Quinn and Rachel’s voice would go so well together.

  16. Morgan says:

    In my opinion, Loser Like Me is one of the worst songs they’ve ever done. I’m not a fan of most of the original songs. I never felt like they needed to write original songs in the first place and now that they have they sound like High School Musical.
    I really wish Halo/Walking On Sunshine was winning. I think it’s one of the best comedic musical numbers the series has ever done (along with Endless Love).

    • Tina says:

      don’t forget Run Joey Run for comedic songs. Epic.
      Hum, Halo, Endless Love and Run Joey Run – common denominator…Ms Lea Michele.

  17. Em says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty BETTER win. Defying Gravity was horrible – on Kurt’s part anyway. Plus I feel Kurt and Rachel have way better duets in their repertoire.

    Marry You > Forget You. I don’t see how Forget You is winning right now. I thought Marry You was a refreshing song, that ended up showcasing most of New Directions in a song.

    Walking On Sunshine/Halo is a classic number and song, so I went with that. I remember when I started watching Glee – I just couldn’t get enough of it. Loser Like Me sounds like a Miley Cyrus reject song.

    And glad to know Bohemian Rhapsody is winning. I thought the number fit in perfectly with the birth of Beth.

    • Marcus says:

      The show performance of DG was awful for a reason. Chris Colfer’s studio track of Defying Gravity was one of the best studio tracks of season one.

      • Julianna says:

        I don’t think his studio track was very good. In the show only the one note was changed. It just didn’t fit his voice and his upper registrar was very thin.

        I would like to see if he could do it better now since his voice has improved and matured some now.

    • F says:

      I’m not sure why Walking on Sunshine/Halo made it into this round instead of It’s My Life/Confessions.

  18. Amy says:

    Out of the Lea and Chris’s duets DG is the weakest. It wasn’t a good fit for Chris.

    Pretty/unpretty was a surprise plsu a great arrangement. Finally found something that worked for Dianna and Lea of course nails everything.

    Halo was fun.

    Bohemian Rhapsody easily.

    Marry Me – Don;t want more accolades to go to Gweneth.

  19. Jean says:

    I think I like the Defying Gravity the best, though I do love IFP/U. Chris Colfer’s solo version is kind of the third most played song on my iTunes playlist.

    • george says:

      really his solo version? ok.

    • Marcus says:

      It’s pretty high up there on my most-played tracks too.

      • Vicky says:

        I think is was not very good at all, his worse effort besides Candles.

        The story and context was great the singing not so much.

        If itune means anything general audience didn’t care much of the solo version either barely breaking into the top 100 in sales.

        Both the duet and Lea’s version made it into the top 20.

    • F says:

      Really? I hate Chris Colfer’s part in the song so much that I have the Lea Michele only version. I can’t imagine listening to how painful him doing it alone would be.

  20. Jen says:

    IFP/U is by far the best duet Glee has ever done.

  21. Evan says:

    I can’t vote for Bohemian Rhapsody without thinking about how much better Queen’s version was. It’s probably going to win this round, though, so I guess that’s fruitless.

  22. TK says:

    Marry You vs. Forget You? Hard because I hate them both. I guess Marry You wins out (but the fact they are neck and neck shows it’s hard for most voters). But in what universe is it okay to sing a song about marrying someone out of drunken boredom appropriate for a WEDDING? Except maybe Ross and Rachel’s wedding.

    On the show, Defying Gravity was weaker, though it had to be since Kurt had to lose. But the version on the album is wonderful. Still, for that reason, my favorite mash-up of the season must win.

  23. rebecca says:

    pitting “Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” & “Defying Gravity” against each other is a crime, but Gravity was 1 of the peak moments of season 1 & it would be a shame if it didnt win

  24. dan says:

    Gwyneth killed it with Forget You. In a good way.

  25. SpyKi says:

    Pretty/Unpretty and Defying Gravity are two of the shows best songs ever, put them both through and just cut Marry You and Forget You, they both suck. Loser Like Me and Bohemian Rhapsody weren’t great either.

  26. Kurtsies says:

    Defying Gravity and I Feel Pretty/Unpretty? HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO PICK?!? These two should both be in the finals. I love them both <3

  27. Hannah says:

    I don’t understand why Defying Gravity isn’t winning against I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, even though it’s a hard choice.
    I don’t know, I guess my insane girl crush on Kurt and my obsession with Wicked is getting the better of me.

    Marry You > Forget You. Obviously. What Glee did with that song was great. I loved it.

    Billionaire Halo/Walking on Sunshine. It was REALLY hard to pick for this one, because, I mean, come on, I LOVED the energy the cast gave during H/WOS (even though it was because of Vitamin D…irregardless..) But Loser Like Me was actually a pretty good song for the glee clubs first efforts at trying to write a song.
    To the people who say the original songs are “lame”…actually, I hope you do realize that the songs can’t be EXTRAORDINARY because they are ment to be written by high school students…so yeah, reality check.

    • Larry says:

      I think Pretty/Unpretty won and will continue to win not just because it’s a good mashup and was sung well, but because pretty much every kid can relate to the subject matter. Just look at Rachel’s face on that last note–her lack of self-esteem clearly visible–and tell me not every kid can relate.

  28. Kayly says:

    putting unpretty/pretty against Defying Gravity ah no!!! I love both these songs, they were done exceptional but the fact that I had a emotional connection to Unpretty/pretty and that Rachael and Quinn sing it together gave it just the little edge.
    I love the last note that rachael sings in halo/sunshine and the happy feel it gives but Loser like me just shows everything Glee stands for and performance of that was fantastic so i voted for it.
    bohemian Rhapsody was an incredible performance by Vocal Adrenaline I love it just as much as the new direction performance nearly! lol so by far it should beat Billionaire which didnt have the same shocking feel the Rhapsody had
    I CANT BELIEVE forget you is beating marry you!!!! Marry you was just amazing and I aint a big fan of Bruno mars but Glee made his song sound amazing and the performance is one I watch over and over again cause its just filled with some much energy!!! lolz
    I dont know if any of these songs will win, I would really love to see Don’t start believing in the finals just cause it is the GLEE song.

  29. Alice says:

    I feel pretty/unpretty was The Best song… When I heard i felt like crying. Epic song

  30. BarbaraGleek says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is the BEST DUET EVER!