So You Think You Can Dance Results: Did the Right Contestants Go Home This Week?

Tears flowed faster than the footwork of the dreaded quickstep during tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance results-show telecast, but ultimately the right two dancers went home. (No, I’m not talking about Carmen Electra, though she was conspicuously absent from the judges’ table after guesting in the “gentle celebrity” spot on Wednesday.)

To be honest, I’d have been okay if Ashley and Chris had done the one-two step back to obscurity in Week 1 of the Season 8 finals — following that “cheating couple” hip-hop routine the judges loved but I didn’t get at all — a development that might’ve allowed Nick and Iveta to find their footing in the competition. But I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t break a little for both dancers as they wept openly at Nigel Lythgoe’s verdict announcing their respective SYTYCD journeys had come to an end. (Particularly brutal? Ashley, mascara running down her face, telling Cat: “I wanna be remembered as the person who smiled all the time.”)

Of the two, Chris’ solo was significantly more inspired than Ashley’s, but as Nigel Lythgoe pointed out, the Texas B-boy has been collapsing under the weight of the choreography that’s been thrown his way over the past few weeks. On Wednesday night, for example, Chris could barely hide his discomfort when faced with a salsa routine that demanded he get his hips rotating like a wire whisk in a bowl of freshly cracked eggs. Worse still, dude was noticeably out of sync with the other half-dozen Season 8 guys during the Justin Giles “Grief” routine. Ashley, for her part, never brought additional depth or maturity to the pieces she was assigned, and in a season of she-beasts including Melanie, Sasha, and Caitlynn, her demise was always more a matter of “when” than “if.”

At the very least, Chris and Ashley got to exit on a high note: Having been a part of Nakul Dev Mahajan’s fabulous, detailed Bollywood routine for the Top 14. (Note to self: Download “Kata Kata” from the Raavan soundtrack upon completing this recap.) I didn’t see a single weak link in the fast and furious group choreography, but if any single contestant stood out in a positive way, I’d have to give credit to Jess, who was so light and precise he seemed to perform the entire piece while suspended three inches off the ground.

And, of course, Chris and Ashley leave having borne witness to an undisputed week of fashion ferocity from Cat Deeley. Following Wedensday night’s Asian pleated delight, the stunning Brit chose a silver encrusted minidress with kicky belt. (Note to Nigel: Never impugn Cat’s elegance and style by referencing her beauty in the same breath as Kim Kardashian!)

Yes, I know, a lot of TVLine readers are probably kvetching that it should’ve been Nigel’s pet contestant Ryan (and perhaps her partner in crime Ricky) to walk the plank. But while I’m not a fan of the bubbly blonde, either, and still can’t believe she’s managed to outlast Missy, Miranda, and Iveta, you also can’t convince me that her “zombie Zoolander” this week wasn’t several leaps above Ashley’s torpid salsa. Girlfriend might have the wrong facial expression in nine poses out of 10, but at least she can sustain her energy through the duration of a three-minute routine.

Anyhow, before you hit the comments and tell me I’m cray-cray, let’s dole out some quick-quick-quick reviews for the evening’s solos (complete with letter grades):

Ashley Rich: Knowing she was practically guaranteed a spot in the Bottom 3, you’d think Ashley would’ve spent the prior 24 hours developing a solo with more fire, passion, and technical difficulty. But everything about the piece — from the choreography to her tutu to the choice of John West’s “Lovely” — felt depressingly pedestrian. Grade: C

Chris Koehl: I’ll admit I was a little distracted by the saggy seat of Chris’ pants, but he definitely displayed more gusto and pizzazz doing his human-pretzel tricks to Basement Jaxx’s “Scars” than he did in his previous “dance for your life” encounter. The little backflip exiting stage left was icing on an already sweet confection. Grade: B+

Jordan Casanova: Nigel’s right: There’s more to a solo than a series of développés, and it would be nice to see Jordan tap into a different vibe — anger? regret? maniacal longing, perhaps? — than simply fall back into Pussycat Doll mode. Still, her peacock bikini top was killer. Grade: B

Tadd Gadduang: I loved Tadd’s whimsical “knee-walk” onto the stage, the way he used said crawl to launch himself into an aerial spin, and the way he spent the final 10 seconds of his time on stage standing on one arm. You can roll your eyes at his choice of Gloria Estefan, but I applaud the B-boy for bringing some whimsy to a hard-hitting style. Grade: A-

Ryan Ramirez: This was definitely more passionate than Ryan’s previous Bottom 3 solo, but there was something a little spastic about the speed and pacing of all of Ryan’s spinning and writhing and hair-tossing. By not allowing any breathing room in between the focal points of her choreography, Ryan left an overall impression that was more confusing than impressive. Grade: B-

Ricky Jaime: Ricky’s Top 20 redux solo was the season’s best “dance for your life” moment, but this time around, there was a lack of the unexpected in his work. The guy can leap and pirouette with the best of ’em — that off-the-ground spin, in particular, was astounding — but when Nigel warns you you’re not connecting with the audience, you’d better dig deeper! Grade: B

To reiterate…

Bottom Three Couples
Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl
Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang
Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime

Eliminated Dancers
Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl

What did you think of this week’s results? Should the judges have split up couples for the first time this season, sending home a man and a woman from different duos, or was the Chris-Ashley ouster the right move? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Why, why, WHY do the judges keep saving Ricky and Ryan? I just don’t understand. Obviously they see something I don’t because her pasted on beauty queen smile and his over the top fake personality rub me completely the wrong way. How can she work with one of the most emotional choreographers in the business and still be completely incapable of emoting in a dance! Ashley is another shallow dancer. I think Chris could have done a lot better with another partner. Take another hit for diversity in styles. This endless stream of contemporary blandness is sucking the life out of this show for me. I would have preferred Ricky and Ashley go home and see if maybe Chris could have shaken Ryan out of her complacency. ::sigh::

    • tamara says:

      I think they made the mistake last week, sending Miranda home. I was hoping they would put her with Chris, and I bet Miranda would’ve nailed that salsa this week&not be in bottom3.

      Miranda was robbed, and all for this, sending home tonight he couple who should’ve left last week.

      I also don’t like Ryan. I can stand Ricky, but he’s not all that either. But I hate Mitchell way more. He’s so obnoxious, such a bad person, really. I hate him since week 1 and those comments he made about having a beautiful or an ugly partner. Arh…so hateful. Catlynn is so good that it makes it seem like he’s great too.

      Anyway, I’d take Ricky anyday instead of Jess. Me&friends agree on that. We see him&we’re already angry. Can’t stand him.

      • el says:

        Miranda being sent home was almost as big a crime as Ryan being saved despite it being clear sign that the viewers want her gone. It honestly makes me lose respect for the show that Nigel’s desired arcs take precedence even though the fans obviously dislike her.

        This had all the hallmarks of being a really fantastic season but the ridiculous judges’ power/ego trip is really stamping out any enthusiasm.

        • AK says:

          Also sucking the life out of this season? No diversity! Wednesday had nine dances—three of them were contemporary and three were jazz! After eliminating the only non-jazz/contemporary female dancer this season, as well as a tap dancer and three straight hip-hoppers on the male side, Tadd is the ONLY dancer left who is not in the jazz/contemporary wheelhouse! (Jess doesn’t count. His “Broadway” dancing has all the same technique as the others, only more irritating mugging.) This is kind of outrageous for a show that used to be all about pushing dancers to accomplish more outside of their comfort zones. Remember when good dancers sometimes went home in order to keep unique dancers with potential to grow around? Yeah, I kind of miss that. Instead, I think Nigel must be obsessed with winning Emmys for choreography or something. The show is getting boring—and I’m a dancer!

          • elr says:

            Has anyone else noticed that this is the second week in a row that the two ballroom routines performed Wednesday night were in the bottom three on Thursday? And that they have all been performed by the hip hip boys (with the exception of Caitlynn & Mitchell’s samba)? Is Nigel trying to sabotage these guys by giving them and not any of the contemporary guys the ballroom routines? I wish they would show the tv audience the process of the couples drawing their routine, something just seems too fishy.

      • Taylor says:

        I COMPLETELY agree with you, except for the last bit about Jess.
        I love me some Jess.

      • MK204 says:

        Jess??? What’s not to love. I hope he WINS. I think Jess is fabulous.

      • not says:

        Agree that Miranda should have outlasted several others, but I think you are letting your dislike of Mitchell’s personality (which I share) blind you to his dancing talent. Also totally disagree re Jess. I’m worried for him when he has to do hip hop but I’ll take his gorgeous glide across the stage (in most but not all of the other work he’s done) over most of the other dancers on the show.

      • sadtroll says:

        “He’s so obnoxious, such a bad person, really. ”

        Omg like totally. But at least he’s not a nasty dingbat who watches someone on tv and thinks they know them.

      • Tina says:

        @ Tamara… You have got to be kidding me! Mitchell is by far the best, most powerful male dancer on the show this year. He partners better than any of them. I think maybe you don’t like that he is on the effeminate side when he isn’t dancing. That’s a little shallow.

    • alex says:

      Oh no, I thought just the opposite. Chris has ALWAYS held Ashley back. She did the Samba, hip hop, and jazz great, but was held back by Chris. In every single group routine Chris is in, you can see him mess up again and again and constantly be behind in the choreo. I was really hoping Ryan and Chris would get sent home so Ashley could get paired with a competent partner.

      • CAM says:

        I love Ashley, but her Samba was not good. There were 3 moments where the pose she struck was beautiful, but other than that, not good enough when faced with the competition she had.

    • Mark says:

      You must be crazy Ricky by far is one of if not one of the best dancer on that show…

    • Anne says:

      Again, I must suffer through another Ricky and Ryan routine. Ryan is certainly the weakest link in this duo. Has Nigel made a pact with your Diva-ness Mia that her protege will make it to the end regardless of her lack of connection with America. Again, Ryan is there and another girl that clear is superior to her goes home. I guess it is all about who you know in high places after all. SYTYCD is no different.

      • CAM says:

        I thought once we got to the top 10, they only send home the one dancer with the fewest votes. The judges no longer can save people. (There will be past season dancers dancing witht he top 10 for the last 10 weeks.)

        • lacey says:

          Nigel is obviously going to keep saving her until he is no longer able to. I almost want Sasha and Melanie to end up in the bottom 3 with Ryan just to see if he will still keep her around and send home a far superior dancer.

  2. Jess says:

    No! The wrong dancers went home! Ryan is a producer favorite, but she is not connecting with people at home or she wouldn’t keep finding herself in the bottom… they just need to get rid of her and her partner. They don’t have “it”… Ashley and Chris were great together, and Ashley is an amazing dancer. I’m sad to see her go :(

    • Bat Country says:

      “Ryan, we love you,blah blah blah step back.”

      “Ricky, obviously there’s some reason you and your partner aren’t connecting with the audience, think about that, why don’t you step back.”

      Seriously??? Oh you are so FoS Nigel.

      • Luna Maya says:

        so true!! it’s like Nigel thought that “I got nothing to say bout you Ryan cus whatever happen we are keeping you here”

      • AlyssaG says:

        That was unfair to pin that on Ricky. My guess is that it’s Ryan that is the one turning off viewers. I think the Mia-filled package last night furthered the disconnect– Mia is a respected and admired SYTYCD figure, but she’s not exactly a beloved figure. Especially after Mia’s horrible treatment of Brandon in season 5. Ryan would have been smarter to downplay the association.

        • CAM says:

          I agree. Mia is a brilliant choreographer, but she doesn’t win favor with people for her judging because she steps way over the line of giving a helpful critique and can be pretty awful to people. As long as Ryan is on, she can’t be a guest judge either. I expect to see R&R in the bottom 3 again next week. I can’t imagine any other girl going home before her, but who knows.

          • not says:

            Next week determines, among other things, who goes on the tour, so they’ll keep Ryan around again even if she’s in the bottom 3 again. But after that the viewers will decide and I suspect she’ll be toast. I don’t dislike her as much as most of you all seem to, but after what’s-her-name (Jess’ highly forgettable partner who I think will go next week), I don’t see what other girl she could outlast in a fair fight.

  3. maxxybrod says:

    Ashley should have went home last week…by far she was the weakest dancer. As for the boys..Ricky is brilliant and Tadd’s more versatile.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree about Ashley but as for Ricky being brilliant. He is only brilliant in his own style. His technique is not the question. He is fake and his dancing is shallow and unsubstantial. There hasn’t been a single interview that I haven’t felt like he was mugging for the camera. Chris had more charisma and having a hip hop dancer was nice for the diversity of the show. He and Ashley had zero chemistry. I wish they’d start breaking up couples.

      • not says:

        Why are more people not complaining about their refusal to split up couples?! It’s driving me crazy. Am I wrong that they have never yet sent anyone home without also kicking off the partner?

        • sadtroll says:

          I think that’s not such a horrible thing since it is the couple that winds up in the bottom 3. For all we know the judges whinging about who to let go is just a show and they’ve just been letting go the actual lowest vote getting couples.

    • MDEP says:

      I agree, the right couple went home just a week too late. Ashley was a beautiful dancer, but just did not stand out. Her dance and solo last week were by far the weakest. The same with Chris.
      I love Ricky. When Nigel made the comment about him and Ryan making the bottom, and not connecting, I was thinking that it is because of Ryan. People are just not warming up to her. Her solo tonight was great though.

  4. Shawn says:

    Chris and Ryan should have gone home over Ashley but my question is where was Carmen Electra?

    • Anne says:

      She was lost in the revolving door and they could not hold up the show waiting for her.

    • charlie says:

      who cares where Carmen was! IMO the guest judges are a complete waste. I’d rather have more choreo/judges from the show on the panel.

    • ladyhelix says:

      After so many complaints about judging decisions and so many painful “split decisions” from the judges this season, it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t decide to TAKE IT BACK – and let the SYTYCD judges make/own the tough decisions without the assistance of the “celebrity guests”.

  5. Lisa says:

    Although I didn’t think Ashley was the strongest of dancers, I would have liked her to stay and Ryan to leave. For whatever reason, I just don’t like her, never have and never will. Why the producers love is is beyond me. Nigel should have told her as well that she needs to find a way to connect with America, but no, all he says is “we love you”. We who??, not most people who are posting comments.

    I also thought the way Cat, whom I love, handled announcing that Ryan & Ricky were in the bottom. I felt bad for Sasha and Alexander, no one clapped for them, and although I’m not really a fan of Alexander, I thought they deserved acknowledgement. Clearly all the judges pumping up Ryan/Ricky with their comments doesn’t work.

    Nigel, are you listening, quit saving Ryan.

    • CAM says:

      A lot of people expected Sasha and Alexander to be in the bottom 3. They deserved to be after their performance on Wednesday which was the worst of the night. I am NO fan of Ryan’s, but she and Ricky were FAR better than Sasha and Alexander were. Sasha woud never have been sent, but Alexander may well have been.

    • ladyhelix says:

      Ryan did have a good night last night. I thought she and Ricky danced really well and that her solo was much stronger than Ashley’s.

      The fact that she still landed in the bottom dancing contemporary (her style), with the best male contemporary dancer on the show, with a highly praised routine & her best solo to date means (1) we are NOT alone and (2) as soon as the judges can’t meddle she won’t have enough votes and she’ll go home. What is a shame is that so many others went first (Mindy, Iveta, Miranda) – because I LOVED watching them dance.

      The choices Ryan made early in the season for some reason still stick with me (not in a good way), and I find it impossible to care enough to pick up the phone (or to stay in the room to watch) – even when she dances well. My time is valuable and I’m just not interested. Even when I re-watch I catch myself fast forwarding whenever she’s on the screen (especially if she’s talking) – which is really too bad because I just LOVE Ricky.

      I haven’t voted AGAINST her – but it’s my phone and my time and I’m voting for my favorites. She is not one of my favorites – not by a long shot. I don’t know why Nigel and the other judges find that so hard to understand.

  6. agrimesy says:

    Of the bottom three couples, I think the right “pair” went home. They as partners are consistently mediocre at best. Ashley was only memorable once, for me, with the hip hop routine. Chris has no variety. I’m not disappointed they will not advance.
    As individuals go, though, I’m tired of Jordan’s pole dancing. Tadd definitely had the worst solo. Ryan is just plain awkward, oddly heavy in her joints. Of all the bottom three candidates, Ricky is the only one who didn’t really deserve to be there. I think he’s a fine dancer.
    I’m looking forward to a change up. I want some of these partnerships to dissolve already.

    • Pop Vulture says:

      I agree – Jordan’s wannabe sexpot vibe seems out of place on a show that wants to be a legitimate dance platform. A girl whose ultimate dream is to be a Pussycat Doll is depressing on a myriad of levels, and I wish Nigel (and the others) would remind her that there’s more to dance than being jiggly.

      • rubyy says:

        thank you ….somone finally said it about Jordan..she irritates me sooo much…we are talking about everyone having problems with Ryan..what the hell has she done wrong? Jordan gives solos over and over that say.. hi I am sexy but talk like a baby when I am not does America want to see that? That is just ridiculous!

  7. ThereasonsY says:

    Barf. It is weird because I normally would go with an underdog but Ryan and Rickey are more Lauren Alaina then Hailey. They should have gone home last week and this week too. Also, I agree about time they split up couples. Hell, I would love it if they split up couples every week. Miranda should still be here.

    • tamara says:

      haha! great bringing up Idol. Ryan&Ricky are like Lauren&Scotty, and Miranda was like Haley. It’s obvious who I mean is awesome :D (I’m a Haley fan too)

  8. April says:

    Nope… The right dancers went home. That salsa was terrible. Part of it was the choreography, but most of it was Ashley and Christopher. Their solos last week sucked too. All of the people I didn’t like are now gone, so I will be biting my fingernails next week to see who’s in the bottom three. The only ones I won’t think are a total shame are Jess and his partner (can’t remember her name right now). I wasn’t a huge fan of Mitchell or Caitlynn until last night. I could hear Kristin Chenowith “Shut. The. Front. Door. Shut the back door. Shut the garage door.” the whole time they were dancing.

    • tamara says:

      Mitchell is so not that great. But the fact that Catlynn is great makes it seem that way.

      • April says:

        I’m just hoping that Alexander and Clarice are gone next… their partners have been carrying them for weeks. Sasha must have an awesome fanbase not to have graced the bottom 3 after that routine.

  9. Terry says:

    I personally love Ryan and dont understand the hate for her( I dont mean actual hating her of course)

    It would have been bad IMO if she would have went home after last nigh’s amazing performance.

    I think because alot of people have that love-hate relationship with Nigel they have kind of projected that onto Ryan since she is percieved to be a favorite of his.

    • sadtroll says:

      I’m one of those who thought it was ridiculous that Ryan didn’t go home the week they lost Ivetta & Missy. Ryan had a week routine that week with Ricky and her solo was completely blah.

      But even I can appreciate the skills she’s got as a dancer and the zombie routine was very good imo. She was probably the second best soloist of the night (of course I thought Chris was the best so that’s not worth much).

      The thing is the dancers are generally so good this season even someone who is at the bottom one week can still turn it around with a routine that they connect with. All the girls left have that ability and I think most of the guys do to.

    • Shellie says:

      It’s all about Ryan’s facial expressions and emotive abilities for me. Technically she is a good dancer but with Melanie and Caitlynn they pour ever emotion into their dance from their face to their finger tips to their pointed toes. They carry me along with them. Ryan always seems off, it’ a little jarring. Weird smiles, weird facial expressions and a just a tad less grace. I don’t hate the girl at all but there are better dancers than her and she just doesn’t “click” with me.

      • kyrjar says:

        Ryan has good technique but is a heavy footed dancer who does the steps but isn’t emotionally connected to the piece.

        The hating on her is certainly over the top all over the internet but that is as much the fault of Nigel for keeping her around over better talent despite the voting public’s clear opinion. Our votes should count!

        This year cried out for a partner mix-up which Nigel was loathe to do after last year. Ricky, Ashley, Sasha, possibly Jess and Clarice all would be better served with different partners. I loved the growth in partnerships but there was bad luck in the assignments, other than Melanie and Marko.

    • rubyy says:

      thank you..I totally agree with this.I think Ryan is a fantastic dancer. I think people are doing their judging solely based on what they like to hear in those stupid little interviews..they should have never started doing those. It is so you think you can dance.I really do not care about the person shyness or loudness that does not make any difference in their dancing ability.

  10. Christina says:

    The right dancers went home, bit one more trip to the bottom 3 and either Ryan/Rickey, and Jordan/Tadd are gone!

  11. Katie says:

    I love Florence and the Machine, but what was up with her voice tonight? It sounded like a sound effect or echo.

    • Taylor says:

      OK, I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed. It sounded fine at first, but it sounded like the microphone had some auto-tuner equipped to it. It completely messed up her fantastic voice on those held notes.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah, she totally T-Pained it up tonight. I have to wonder why – was it an intentional stylistic choice or was she under the weather and not able to deliver the notes unassisted?

        • Sincy says:

          I’ve never heard her deliver notes correctly — live anyway. She gets a lot of studio help in recording.

    • jb says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard her perform live a few times now and I just don’t like the sound coming out of her. Plus she got very goat-like a couple of times last night and missed some notes completely.

  12. Jordan says:

    NOT OKAY. Chris could have been so much better if he had a different partner. AND WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP JIZZING OVER RYAN? Sure, she can dance, but girl has no emotional depth AT ALL. And clearly America doesn’t like her and Ricky since they have been in the bottom every week, it seems. I’m still seething from the Iveta/Nick elimination. NOT. OKAY.

  13. Taylor says:

    I was freaking out because I thought Tadd had the weakest male solo of the 3 simply because he went more of the showman route. Jordan’s was repetitive, but not the worst.
    Not a fan of Ryan and Ricky at all, but I can’t complain about Ashley and Chris going. I loved their personalities, but Chris wasn’t as diverse as the other guys and Ashley didn’t deliver in the solos.
    Really digging all of the Miranda love <3 Her and Nick got screwed over by this season. Both of them were awesome!!!

  14. Stephanie says:

    FINALLY A RESULT IM NOT SAD ABOUT!!! IMO they were the weakest couple since the beginning, their jail dance was their best & doesn’t compare to the worst of the strongest couples….we lost a lot of REALLLLY GOOD girls before Ashley. :( like Missy & maranda

  15. HannahN says:

    I think that of the three guys, chris hasn’t been the strongest. I think Nigel and the rest of the judges are failing to understand that te reason Ryan and Ricky don’t connect with America is because people don’t like Ryan. I liked her in the audition episodes and I really really wanted to like her, but I don’t. Of the three girl solos, I think hers was the most lacking. However, Ashley isn’t that great either. For future voting, Ryan and Ricky will have to do something spectacular to get my vote.

  16. Teecie says:

    I’d have sent Ryan and Chris home tonight. What’s up with always sending couples home this season? I don’t think the right dancers have been eliminated each week – breaking up and forming new couples has always been what’s kept SYTYCD fresh.

  17. Lana says:

    I do think the right couple went home but I don’t understand Nigel telling Ricky that he is not connecting with the viewers and didn’t say the same to Ryan as it seems that everyone is objecting to Ryan, not Ricky. If each dancer had a number I bet Ryan would be on the bottom more times than Ricky. When I watch those two and they do the same dance moves its very obvious that Ricky’s moves are so much more fluid and effortless than Ryan’s. Ryan seems like a sweet girl but to me is not as good as Miranda or Iveta so I am not understanding all this love from the Judges unless its due to their respect for Mia. I am a Nigel lover so this is something I’ve noticed without predjudiced toward Nigel which I can’t say for alot of others who comment here. It cracks me up that he gets blamed for everything!! This is one man who has a lot of power, who do you think he is Simon Cowell?

    • Lyndsey says:

      I <3 Nigel but I was beginning to think I was the only one! I certainly don't get all of the hate directed towards him but, given the comments I see every week, I gather it has more to do with that God-awful Idol show than SYTYCD. Personally I have no problem with the judges saving who they think are the best dancers while they still can. In a couple of weeks everyone will get the chance to vote off who they want gone so they just need to chill out until then!!!

    • Jess says:

      Well as co-creator and executive producer of idol and Sytycd in America and Britain he sort of is a lot like Simon cowell…

    • ladyhelix says:

      I’m a fan. Nigel & I disagree on occasion but I love that he shoots straight, speaks his mind, and I do believe he listens and adjusts.

  18. Sarah El says:

    The right couple went home this week but if there’s any justice, Ryan and Ricky will get the boot next week. Ricky’s fine but I’m not really attached to him at all and Ryan, despite being talented, is not the most appealing.

    And can they FINALLY get a style wildly outside of their wheelhouse?

    • tamara says:

      yeah, and I wanna see Catlynn and Mitchell get hip hop already! cause I wanna see how Mitchell does. I bet he¨s gonna suck, just like Alexander. But if he doesn¨t, then he-ll deserve to be there. But I highly doubt he-s gonna do well on hip hop.

      • Sarah El says:

        I could see him pull it off – he seems to do a good job of getting really into character in his routines. But definitely – I kind of wish we could get a ban on contemporary/jazz for the week, except maybe Tadd and Jordan because they haven’t done contempo yet and it’s still outside Tadd’s wheelhouse. Plus, Travis wants to work with Tadd – I say do it!

  19. Brynn says:

    As long a Jess is still there I’m happy.
    I think they made the right choice. Ashley’s a good dancer, obviously, but not as good as the other girls.

  20. Melvin says:

    So the record goes…

    First four boys eliminated
    Hip Hop Dancer Wadi
    Tapper Nick
    Hip Hop Dancer Robert
    Hip Hop Dancer Chris

    Geez…they seem to be looking for America’s Favorite Contemporary Dancer, since they seem to be eliminating everyone else. They are protecting those beloved contempos. Tadd and Jess better watch out if they end up on bottom next week. Ugh.

    • not says:

      The problem is that the show loves an underdog, so they stacked the deck in favor of hip hop dancers when they picked the top 20 in a desperate hope of finding one that can hold their own in the other styles even though they are untrained in actual dance technique. Look at your own list – adding in Tadd, it reveals that 4 out of the top 10 were street dancers, which is more disproportionate than the 3 slots out of 10 that went to contemporary dancers (on the guys side). It’s just that the contemporary guys have the training to fake it much better in the other genres. I personally am really impressed with Tadd’s ability to do the other styles. If they didn’t keep reminding us, I think I’d have forgotten he wasn’t a contemporary dancer also.

      • Lana says:

        You are right I really had forgotten Tadd was Hip Hop each week, because he does so well in other techniques. I mean the way he extends his arms and his hands, that isn’t seen in Hip Hop. It really impressed me that he really has such grace considering he doesn’t have the training. I’m like Travis and can’t wait for him to work with Tadd.

  21. Kona says:

    Ryan has a guardian angel in Mia Michaels. There’s no other way Ryan would have survive otherwise. She was heavy-footed and showed little artistry, but all Nigel had nothing to say to her. Bad.

  22. HannaB says:

    I love Ricky and think he’s one of the best male dancers left. When Nigel said they aren’t connecting with the audience I had to tweet him to say that it’s Ryan that the audience doesn’t like. She’s a judge favorite so I don’t see her going anywhere even if she’s consistently in the bottom 3. Unfortunately Ricky ends up in the bottom because he’s her partner. I just hope Ricky makes it to Top 10 so he can determine his own destiny.

  23. Lulio says:

    I’m thinking that Sasha has a pretty big fan base if she could escape the bottom three after that awful routine. Melanie and Sasha top two??

    • lc says:

      In reply to sasha havin a pretty big fan-base, she sures does and its called the glamberts. Sasha was adam lamberts dancer on his world wide tour. She’s got my vote!

  24. cmp says:

    The Voters AND the judges were finally on the same page and got it right this time. I predict Jordan will be the gal leaving next week and perhaps she can achieve her goal of being a Pussycat Doll all the sooner. Then Ryan, but hopefully NOT Ricky. So glad Carmen Electra was not there to weigh in on the votes. That would have been ridiculous. Jess kicked some bali butt tonight. So exciting to see him apply himself so aptly to the different dances knowing what a died in the wool Broadway hoofer he is. He remains my favorite male dancer. My fave female dancer is tied between Melinda and Sasha. Looking forward to next week.

  25. T says:

    Where was Chris in the bollywood routine?

    • srs123 says:

      I do not think he was at all. Typical.

    • Corky says:

      He wasn’t in it supposedly because he had been treated for extreme dehydration during the time they were learning the routine. I am thinking he couldn’t “get it” thus Nigel’s comments to him about not getting the choreography.

    • Holly says:

      It took me almost the entire routine to figure out that Chris was the missing guy. Guess that says something about how memorable he has been.

    • anon says:

      We noticed Chris was missing right away. I’m surprised there was no mention of it during the show.

    • Sytycdfan says:

      Chris wasn’t in the Bollywd opener at all! I was wondering why noone else had noticed (Michael). Maybe he couldn’t hack it…did anyone else notice he was NEVER in sync in the guys routine or that Ricky messed up 4 times also? YES, the right peeps went home but it has totally sucked eliminating couples instead of individuals due to lousy partners! Not a Ryan fan & think she has all the grace of an ox but Ricky’s solos are great. I adore Jess & Tadd & hope they both make top 10. Sasha & Alex should have been B3 with that weak routine this week. Pretty sure even after top 10, judges still get to pick from B3… hope I’m wrong on that!

  26. Luna Maya says:

    Finally the judges use their sense with sending the right dancers home. But I still prefer Ashley over Ryan to stay. Ashley could be paired up with Ricky then. Ricky is such a talented sweetheart, he deserves a better partner, not stuck on Ryan who always hold him back.

    Ryan somehow looks like a man/transgender. I got a never ending list of bad words for her!

  27. Suresh says:

    Why blame Chris and Ashley if the salsa dance given to them was not all that to start with? They did the jail routine so good. Chris’s solo tonite was very good. I think Nigel’s comment on Chris was an excuse to get him out.

  28. Jo says:

    If Ricky and Ryan continue to show up in the bottom three…or if Ryan does once the partnerships changes, even Nigel is going to have to see the writing on the wall about how the viewership feels about Ryan.

  29. Jake says:

    I Thought the wrong guy went home. Ricky should of Gone home instead of Chris but oh well. If Ryan and Ricky are in bottom 3 next week, i think they will both b eliminated. So glad Tadd made it out of the botom him along with Melanie and Marko are my faves Jordan is growing on me. and i also like Sasha. i dont really like Mitchell and Caitlyn and Jess and Clarice but their performaces on Wednesday really impressed to maybe change my mind, we’ll see with next week’s performances.

  30. Karen says:

    I had just hoped that Jess and Clarice had gone home. I don’t get who is voting for them.
    But out of the bottom 3 couples, I can be OK with Ashley & Chris being sent home, though I had hoped Ryan say her goodbye.
    And my god the show needs to split up some of these couples. But next week it won’t matter anyway.

    • Lana says:

      I’m one of the one’s who voted for Jess. I love watching him dance, I could care less how silly he may get off the stage, on the stage he is a God. Of course so is Marko. Mitchell was this week and who knows next week.

    • Wendy Lueker says:

      I vote for Jess . He and Mitchell are the best guys. Jess was amazing in the Bollywood number.

    • Kona says:

      I voted for Clarice and Jess. They’re not big TV personalities (Tadd, Whoo-hoo Robert, and Jordan come to mind), but they are some of the better DANCERS out their. No couple is showing as much technique as Clarice and Jess, and for the past two weeks they’ve been nailing their dances. I can’t wait to see them in the top 10.

  31. Natam says:

    Ryan has to go! Why are the judges (well, Nigel) insists on leeping her week after week? is it because she’s Mia Michael’s dancer? is it because she’s THAT GOOD? can’t be, cause she’s not. Iveta was better on her own right, and so was Miranda. Seeing Ryan being saved week after week when more deserving contestants are cut, just annoys me. And the boys… well, hands down, Kris had the best solo thursday. So ok, Tadd walked on his knees for 5 seconds, but the rest of his routine was a gloriously boring hand stand. He was the one to cut.

  32. michele says:

    Why has no one noticed that chris was not in the opening routine… please rewatch. There are 6 guys and 7 girls. That is why it was so good. He wasn’t in it to be three beats behind everyone else!

    • Shar says:

      Exactly, we noticed right off, at first we thought he might have been injured or something. But of course, when he was able to do a solo, we just figured he couldn’t do the choreo so they cut him from it. That fact alone spelled his demise, cause if you can’t cut it for the group dances, you should definitely go home.

  33. Sarah says:

    I find it interesting that Nigel told Ashely that she has danced continuously at a high standard but has not peaked and this is why they are getting rid of her. However I am pretty sure we can all agree that Ryan has been the opposite and has danced with peaks and valleys or simply at a low standard and yet they chose to keep her. Instead of telling Ryan about the connection issue they chose to put that ball in Ricky’s court alone (which is unfair).
    I think this is the only way Nigel will get Mia Michaels back on the show…if he makes sure she gets “her pony” further in the race. But last season (even though I loved and still love her choreography) she was rude and racist to the dancers and I lost a lot of respect for Mia. It isn’t worth the effort Nigel. get someone else!

  34. intelliwoman says:

    Chris was not in the opening routine because on the day they learned the choreography and rehearsed it he was under doctor’s orders not to dance. Thats why

  35. patti says:

    Can’t believe that Slezak didn’t notice that Chris wasn’t in the opening number…Jess WAS great in that dance, though! His personality is grating, but he is really growing on me! His dancing has been consistently fabulous. It was ridiculous of Nigel to tell Ricky that America is not connecting with that partnership, when it is so clearly Ryan that America dislikes. Since we know Nigel reads blogs and tweets, he MUST know this. I hope she does not last much longer. And how unfair is it that they get jazz/contemporary every week (or “lyrical hip hop”, which we know is just contemporary)? Same with Melanie and Marko – I love them both, but stop giving all the bad dances to the couples you don’t like (Ashley/Chris, Jordan/Tadd, Iveta/Nick) Speaking of Nick, I really miss Nick and Miranda!!!!!! Miranda definitely had the chance to be the Janeane of this season, and pull a come from behind win. And, she was the only girl with a more interesting personality.

    • jb says:

      I was surprised too that Slezak didn’t notice Chris wasn’t in the opening number.

    • luna maya says:

      I agree!! I wanna throw up each time Ryan got the routines from the first week : lyrical hiphop 101, jazz, contemporary, did I mention jazz?? oh yeah jazz again!!
      I missed Tony & Melanie, they choreographed some excellent routines, my fav was back in season 4 “Rumba” by Courtney and Gev

  36. anais says:

    Okay so we’re choosing America’s favorite dancer but despite the fact that their’s wasn’t the worst routine and yet they were still in the bottom the judges don’t get that Ryan and Ricky aren’t our favorite dancers. Nick, Missy, Ivetta and Miranda have all been robbed, none of them deserved to go. This show is losing credibility because the audience is supposed to choose who they like yet, despite the fact that we keep putting the same couples in the bottom, Nigel keeps saving them. So what’s he telling us America? Another thing, the packages were to get to know each contestants parents better, I was unaware that Mia Michaels had a daughter named Ryan. Wow! Finally, we’re not looking for the best couple of dancers, it’s an individual competition, therefore stop eliminating couples when not both of them deserve it. Mix it up a little, take them out of their comfort zones. All one can hope for is that as soon as the judges stop vetoing the audience Ryan will be the first one voted of, even though she’ll still make it on the tour. Sucks!

  37. Volcfom says:

    Each of the bottom couples have been in the bottom twice, so it’s not like we keep putting only Ryan in there. I know people don’t like her, but her routine was leaps and bounds above Ashley’s. I was shocked that Sasha had enough votes to save her from the bottom with that craptastic routine.
    For once the right set of people went home. And to those who wanted Ryan to go, I think you’re letting your “hate” cloud your judgement of her dancing.

    • Shannon says:

      I was shocked Sasha and Alexander weren’t in the bottom either. Their dance was just awful compared to Ryan and Ricky’s. I think Sasha has a really strong fan base which helped save her this week. Alexander doesn’t stand a chance once they are separated. I’m thinking he might be the boy leaving next week since he hasn’t been that strong at all this season and is basically just riding Sasha’s fan support.

      • ladyhelix says:

        Sasha does have a strong fan base – but she has also
        danced the top 1-3 favorite routines every week up until this week. That does count for something. People want her to stay – so they can keep watching her dance. She’s a “favorite” and this point in the season it starts making a difference.

  38. davej says:

    I am no big fan of Ashley’s but I still wishing Ryan would have left. I’m OK with Christ going hope, especially over Tad and Ricki.

    AND WHY ARE THEY SENDING COUPLES HOME TOGETHER??? Either they are afraid to split up coupls or this was planned from the start. (Oooh, more conspiracy theories.)

    The judges are showing favoritism at a whole new level this year. You can see the guest judges readig their notes when they make thir comments which I assume they took during dress rehearsals. Where is some real honest critiquing?

    On Wednesday, I thought Melanie and Marko did a good technical routine but didn’t connect with the characters just like Ryan and Ricki, yet Melanie was told she did a great job. I thought Sasha and Alexander did a technically simple routine but did connect with the characters. That’s why Sasha was not in the bottom 3, but the judges just seem to have their mind made up.

    Melanie could have benefitted from being told she blew the dance, but they didn’t tell her. That would give her something to work on so she could improve and win the competition.

  39. Shannon says:

    Hey I’m no Ryan fan (I think she should have went home weeks ago instead of Iveta) but based on the performances this week I think the judges were right to send Ashley home. I never really connected with her as a dancer and she always seemed to be a little timid and reserved in her dances. Ryan isn’t my favorite but she seems to at least be trying to improve each week and her facial expressions have been toned down the last couple dances so it’s not so distracting. The judges were right that Ashley just hasn’t had the growth that she should have at this point in the season. It will be interesting to see who goes home next week before the top 10 is announced. I think it will be Ryan or Jordan or maybe even Clarice since I always forget about her until I see her perform.

    • Faz says:

      Kind of. But I thought her dance on Wed. was much better than the silly zombie thing Ryan did (I realize the dancers don’t choose).

  40. Brianna says:

    I think they chose correctly last night. Ashley and Chris should have gone home the first week. As for Ryan, she’s not my favorite but you have to admit, the girl has talent. I also don’t understand the big love for Sasha. Sure she is good, but so are so many of the other girls. I definitely don’t think she is the best on the show and I am truly hoping she doesn’t make it to the end. I am really looking forward to the All-Stars showing up because that is when you can truly see how good this season’s contestants are.

  41. Annie says:

    As long as Marko and Melanie are there, I don’t have many complaints but I will make this point. The judges are going to find it harder and harder to keep Ryan and Ricky if they are constantly in the bottom 3. I think that after next week’s performance, if Ryan and Ricky are still in the bottom, they’re almost the guaranteed out. The judges can not “plausibly” keep them without raising even more concerns/speculation that Ryan remains in the competition due to her connections to Mia. This isn’t to say that all reality competitions are fair *cough* American Idol *cough*. Jordan should also be another girl who goes. She does well enough in her performances with Tadd but her solos are the same and are usually above the norm provocative. Tadd could do much better with another partner but they are not the only couple who I felt was mismatched this season. For instance, I like Jess but I just don’t feel the chemistry or connection between him and Clarice.

  42. janet says:

    I am with the anti Ricky and Ryan crowd. They have zero charisma and Ashley and Chris have more personality in their little fingers than either of those two. I was really sorry to see Nick go and I am even more sorry this week. The judges are out voting us and I don’t like it. Come watch so you think you can dance canada instead. It rocks!

  43. raepat says:

    Ryan never smiles. Even during her routines she looks like she is “acting” any emotion and her eyes never show it. Also, her solo was awful..a lot of falling around. There is no lightness to her dancing. As for Sasha, she needs to get another partner to show just how amazing she is. They should judge the dancers on how well they perform a routine, not on the simplistic nature of a routine that they did not choreograph!

  44. lacey says:

    Ryan needs to go home! Viewers don’t like her and have wanted her gone since the beginning. Ricky would be probably be a better dance if he was paired with someone like Sasha who also has the misfortune of being stuck with a horrible partner. Clarice and Jess are ok but they haven’t wowed me. Tadd&Jordan, Melanie&Marko are my favorite couples.

  45. BillB says:

    Ricky is a great dancer. Ryan is technically good but hits every step so hard that she comes across as graceless and clumsy. She needs to lighten up and let things flow.

  46. Wendeeloo says:

    It’s a shame Jess wasn’t paired with Caitlynn – She seems the smallest to me – They’d look good together. Jess really shone in that Bollywood number – I predict if he does better than expected in a hip-hop number – that will really give him a boost (no pun intended) I do love Mitchell too – I would’ve loved him and Ashley together – oh, well…

  47. Mandy says:

    The judges need to split up couples, because it is becoming too predictable. Ricky and Jordan should have gone home.

  48. ThemApples says:

    I think I am the only one who loved Sasha and Alexander’s routine! Sure it wasn’t crazy fast and complicated, but I thought they totally connected with each other and the viewers. It was clean and peppy and there were some cool moves in there.

    Ricky is absolutely exquisite and the sooner he breaks away from Ryan the better. Ryan’s connection with Mia (whether Mia is judging this season or not) should have DQ’d her. And Mia’s championing of Ryan has me now questioning Mia’s judgement overall.

  49. Vlad says:

    Tadd & Jordan are entertaining performers, but not the best dancers. Pretty, bubbly, and fun, but not technical or in sync. Clarice and Jess are kind of the opposite – fantastic dancers, but Clarice is reserved and Jess is childish. Still, as between the two couples, Jess and Clarice are the better couple.