Soaps Scoop: Will AMC and OLTL Be Saved By Online Upstart? Here's The Latest!

Are All My Children and One Life to Live in fact goners, or did their bodies merely get washed away by the inland Pennsylvania Ocean, to one day resurface alive inside the mountain city of Eterna?

Fans of ABC’s doomed soaps have been left to wonder just that, thanks to a New York Post story claiming that an online upstart is finalizing a deal to give the citizens of Pine Valley and Llanview a new home. But did the tab newspaper get it right?

Finding Primetime Jobs for Daytime Stars: The Men of One Life to Live

To hear the Post tell it, a three-year-old media firm called Prospect Park — founded by former Walt Disney Studios president Richard H. Frank and talent management vet Jeff Kwatinetz — has purchased from ABC the rights to both AMC and OLTL, with a plan to continue production on new episodes that would stream online via a Hulu-like service they’ve got baking in the oven.

The story goes on to say that in reviving each series, Prospect Park would “take charge of the same cast, crew and talent — even [AMC star] Susan Lucci” — aka one of the highest-paid actors in the daytime biz.

All My Children Sets End Date

Eyes widened open by this out-of-nowhere notion, TVLine did some checking around. While a Prospect Park rep did not immediately get back to us and an ABC Daytime spokesperson declined to comment, a well-placed ABC source did tell us that the Post‘s reporting contains “inaccuracies.” The insider could not elaborate on the errors — Will only existing episodes be streamed? Are Lucci and her hefty paycheck in fact not part of the deal? — but soap fans shouldn’t be kept guessing for long. I’m hearing that a press release regarding the rumored “rescue” is due out soon.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on One Life to Live‘s Big Reunion

The wrinkle to any such salvation: Only a fraction of soap opera viewers go online, and that segment gets paper-thin when talking about longtime daytime fans age 60 and up. So, if true, just how big (or small) an audience with the ongoing sagas of Erica Kane and Blair Cramer be playing to?

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  1. Laura says:

    While I’m excited to hear of a possible postive outcome for the soaps, I wonder if the stars of the shows would be willing to do this. I’m sure a lot of the bigger names will be able to move elsewhere, primetime, broadway etc.

    • laura says:

      well my soap ontl some of them allready left or will be. either killed off or move away. im very upset and highly disappointed. I dont like gh. I dont think we need anoth cook show or health show. come on…

    • john and howard caylor says:


  2. TLContessa says:

    This would be fabulous, though highly unlikely. I hate tabloids and how people will spread misinformation so readily without legit proof! I am highly skeptical of this and wait to hear if from the horses mouth.

  3. TV Gord says:

    Pennsylvania Ocean! LOL! Good one, Matt! I thought only my little circle of message board friends (Oasis In The Pine Valley Ocean) used that sort of winky reference! ;-)

  4. Chelsea says:

    I would love that! But these soaps are already saying goodbye to characters so if they do this, they need to make up their mind fast because September is coming by fast and I don’t these people messing with my mind.

    • Nicole says:

      You’re so right ! I mean GiGi is gone from OLTL Kelly & Joey are leaving Dorian & David are leaving Todd is leaving the show will practically be going downhill meanwhile on AMC everything is all over the place even with the characters still there !

      • Linda Kezer says:

        I agree. Many of the characters are already leaving and I’m not sure if the major ones would stay for onlt. I have watched OLTL and AMC since the beginning and do not want to see them go. I am not interested in any talk show, news show, cooking show, or whatever. I’ll go elsewhere if they take my soaps away.

        • Nancy says:

          I am 57 years old and have been watching AMC from the very first show. I few years later started watching OLTL. If they are going to be on line I will watch them. I just want to know when they will start.

          • Irene says:

            I will surely watch amc online and never miss it as I have watched amc since it first came on.I want to know when it will start online?

        • Sylvia B. says:

          I agree, I hate sitting in front of a small computer to watch the soaps…my eyes are not so good anymore & I need a Big TV screen.
          It’s all about $$$$$.

  5. Kate says:

    This would be great, but I’m taking this news with a grain of salt until actual conformation comes out. That said, I honestly think a move to the web has promising potential. It’s not fair to categorize the 60+ soap fan demographic as one that is probably not (as) likely to view these on the web, and I think if viewers in this age bracket are big enough fans with a strong enough desire to watch the show, a lot of them will find a way. That said, I still think a significnat number of viewers are younger (i.e. in that 18-35 year old bracket), and I think it’s fair to say that a more significant number of viewers in this bracket already view their soaps online. I personally prefer to view soaps online because of the increased accessibility (but I realize moving to the web may decrease accessiblity to a portion of viewers). Essentially, the most important thing is saving these shows in the end, and I think a web presence may be a good thing. Further, a web presence may actually work to attract a younger, more continuous audience, which is an ideal execs were always pushing for, right?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Just to be clear, I am not categorizing any age segment. It’s just that data shows that older daytime TV fans are less likely to have Internet access, let alone the kind needed to effectively watch videos online.

      • Kate says:

        I hear what you’re saying re: proper internet access for 60+ viewers, so hopefully *if* it is the case that an online upstart for AMC and OLTL is in the works, then hopefully those who fall into the viewing population where access may be an issue will at least have family, friends, etc with the means and resources available to share in the case that viewers want to continue watching through the online medium. All of this said, daytime actors and various members of the press contiually express their views that the soap opera medium needs to evolve in order to avoid cancellation. The introduction of two popular daytime serials, with loyal fan followings, onto the web is arguably a step in an “evolutionary” direction if given the proper chance to excel and succeed. Another issue relates to (again, *if* this web upstart happens) how these actors and shows can receive formal recognition for a job well done. Will they still qualify for competition in Emmy categories, or will their work have to move over to a recognition platform like the Webbys?

        • teri kb says:

          I’ve thought all along they should just put on cable tier and charge 7.99 a month like netflix or hulu and belueve me people who love soaps will pay 5-8 dollars month for shows! But I agree evolution of medium is needed. Kudos for listening to fans and going outside box.

      • Bea says:

        Well it’s not like ABC gives a damn about the viewers over 60 anyway…they couldn’t have made that more clear of late. And BTW, I just happen to be one of those over 60, who still works, supports the advertisers (sometimes more then I should) and who watches recorded shows, and online shows, and will continue to watch online if they are made available there. I WILL NOT be watching anything else on ABC/Disney once my shows are gone. I for one will continue my boycott even if they do wash the egg off their face by selling our soaps. what a bunch of Hippocrates “passionate and loyal fans” …………. are they talking about us fans that they denied existed?? Yes they are! They are only paying lip service to cover up the boot they gave us earlier, along with a heaping spoonful of disrespect! And make no mistake people, they are selling to an online source instead of the other network that made a very generous offer so that they won’t loose viewers to another network. Well, for me, it’s too little, too late. They already lost my “loyalty” when they started basing soap viewers I was already gone!!

    • Laura says:

      The assessment about 60yo+ viewers in general is a fair one. I guarantee you my 88-year-old grandmother won’t be going online to watch AMC, even though it’s her favorite show. She’s practically blind and can listen on TV, but there is no way she can handle operating a computer with her poor sight and arthritic hands. A lot of other older people have ailments, too, much more so than younger people do. Plus many of them are on fixed incomes and can’t afford computers, unlike younger people in general.

      • Linda Kezer says:

        I agree that many of the seniors 70 and up don’t use computers but around 60 they probably do. However, what is the network after? Right now the soaps biggest audience is going to be baby boomers and continue to be for a long time. They can bring story lines to start getting the younger generations, but canceling the shows is not the answer! How about new management and writers that understand what’s going on but can keep the continuity and not do management or writing by choas!!

  6. Toria says:

    I’d watch it. But it’ll be a subscription service, so thats one way to still make money. The older community might not be watching it, but more and more younger people are starting to love it, so if it’s true, there may still be hope. Passions always sucked. But my thing is, I’m used to watching my clips on Youtube after people do the editing. I Wonder if they’ll still do it. I was prepared to say byebye, I only watch OLTL now and I thought that when they killed Gigi off, it was surely over,now I dunno what to think. Rex and Shane without Gigi if the show goes? They can’t bring her back to life because the heartless Bastard has her heart, but soaps have done stranger things. But if it does continue,there are some changes I’d love to see. James and Starr done. He and Deanna just fit better. Matthew gets better and he and Destiny have a change of being together, that we can see. Since its not ABC, less people would get screwed over for the sake of a storyline when there are so many to choose from. But I still can’t see Rex with someone else. Unless they do that thing from when Marcie was dating Al and he died and his soul was transferred into John’s brother Michael. same actor. strange, but they made it work. If it means Farah Fath comes back to Rex and Shane,even starting from scratch, I’ll accept that. But you know, this just might the first online thing that I’ll willingly pay for. lol. But it just as well might not happen. ABC=big company. 3-year old company affording Susan Lucci? not happening. and with them taking Soapnet off, seems like any TV is a nono. unless they spend more money to have it onDemand on some network. but a company that young? i dun think so. I have high hopes, but realistically, its not likely to work out. but even if they cut AMC and keep OLTL, i’d be happy. its the only one I watch. Either that, or people will seriously need to start writing readable fan fiction. which they prolly won’t. But as long as OLTL stays, I’m happy. Rex’s family’s the best. I love Roxy and Natalie, but it’ll suck if she and John reunite. he has no personality and I like her with Brody. Months to go till it goes off air, but at this rate, the endings won’t necessarily be many I’d like. ok. thats my long rantlol. I tend to go all over lol.

  7. Karen says:

    Although i’d be happy to see these shows picked up by anyone, this seems highly unlikely. It’s hard to see how they would end up making any revenue on this. The actors salaries are high and less than 5% of soap viewers are online. In my situation, I would be excited and subscribe to whatever venue they travel to. But what about the other 95% of soap viewers?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Lisa says:

      100% correct. I also think that many of the younger actors will want to be seen on television for career growth purposes. The web would likely attract more of the veteran soap actors, whose alternatives are likely very limited anyway.

      I can’t see how they would finance the production costs as the shows are currently made. Perhaps they would be pared down to 1 show per week with a skeleton cast? I don’t see how a subscription model would come close to covering the costs, much less yielding a profit. Advertisers would also have to be convinced that there would be enough eyeballs to warrant spending dollars online as opposed to on cable or broadcast.

  8. Mika says:

    The scenario seems highly unlikely that the broadcasts and actors that we know today are afforadable in an online format. What seems more likely is that the rights were bought to use the names “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” for online versions where they will most likely features “new” residents of Pine Valley and Llanview. What comes to mind is how producers took the “American Pie” concept direct to video with a whole new cast but still called it “American Pie”.

  9. dmgh says:

    I think someone should step in and save these shows. It’s a shame that this story-telling outlet that has survived for decades is being abandoned because of an economic crunch.

  10. The Pit says:

    This news is awesome. If Prospect Park follows through with this, they will be making a lot of very loyal fans. :)

  11. megan says:

    I always watch them online anyways at least for the past few years…i went from taping them to dvr to now I just watch them all on hulu. I never watch them live and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the younger audience, (I’m 26), that isn’t recognized does the same. I have many friends 30 and younger who watch soaps, but only through, hulu, youtube or other websites. It will make no difference to us!

  12. OLTLAMC says:

    BURBANK, CA – July 7, 2011 – ABC has licensed its iconic soaps, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” to Prospect Park, it was announced today by Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group & Janice Marinelli, President, Disney/ABC Domestic Television and Rich Frank & Jeff Kwatinetz of Prospect Park. The exclusive multi-year, multi-platform deal enables the soaps’ stories to continue beyond their finale dates on ABC. ABC will broadcast its final episode of “All My Children” on Friday, September 23rd and will air the final episode of “One Life to Live” in January, 2012.

  13. Carl says:

    I’d have to agree with those saying this is unlikely. ABC is cancelling them due to production costs. I doubt a three year old company no one has heard of has the kind of cash to rent studio space and pay the full slate of actors, writers, and crew. I don’t think simply reusing the names with a whole new slate of actors would do much to attract existing fans. It would still be pretty expensive and would probably be scaled way back. It would probably be a first job for most involved. There wouldn’t be much experience at any level of the production.

    A more likely scenario would be rerunning old episodes. The question there would be how far back would they go? A 19 year old Erica Kane?

  14. Amber says:

    It scares me this all means they’re going to charge to watch the soaps online. I’m just addicted enough to OLTL that I would pay it, but I really can’t afford to do that. I can barely afford to even have Netflix as it is. But I can’t see any other way they would make money other than charging to watch it. Ad revenue for online viewing is not going to bring in near the amount that airing the shows on TV would. I really think they have to have an evil plan here to charge to watch the shows.

  15. Dianna says:

    I don’t care how they do it I just want AMC to continue…If I have to pay to see it I will…I still think the best place for AMC is
    Oprah’s OWN network…Come on Oprah, buy AMC, you can do it!

  16. Gail says:

    I do not feel this is a good idea due to the fact many senior citizens watch both shows and do not have a computer.I think it is disrespectful to the actors and actress of Daytime TV that they are not good enough to be on televison.After all the years and hard work to do storylines that are not even written up to speed.It is sad for me as viewer.I feel if a TV network does not pick up the shows,just let them rest in peace with some dignity

  17. krystal says:

    I don’t care who what when where how or why!!! just save my soaps!!! I’m 26 and have been watching these shows with my from as long a go as I can remember til she pasted away in 2005!!! I just want what we bonded over to continue in any form possible!

  18. Bryon says:

    I watch both AMC and OLTL online already. I’m so happy about the possibility of them continuing. They sort of feel like my family.

  19. tony says:

    I am glad our beloved soaps will be saved. But i was hoping to be watching them on my tv set, instead of breaking my back to watch our beloved soaps, on the internet. No fan will ever watch stupid reality or foodshow. ABC has made the biggest mistake ever, and therefore will lose alot of their viewers. I have stopped watching any other programming that abc has put on tv as of april. They need to rethink this venture, and save our soaps that have been on tv for the last 40yrs, or else lose alot more viewers to their ridiculous programming. PLEASE SAVE OUR SOAPS ON TV.

    • tony says:

      As happy as i am thay our belovrd soaps have been saved. I don’t agree with the way the story lines are headingin AMC; David keeping dixie prisoner, David proposing to the fake Erica and i’m sure he,s hiding something else. Why would Angie H trust him with her eyesight, especially he’s the reason she lost her eyesight. Another story line about Marissa being a lesbian ridiculous. She is straight she has a family and loves Jr with all his faults and her son AJ.
      Get your stories right AMC before you go. One more thing why is a good guy like Griffin C involved with David. Your stories used to be somuch better.

      • jhoward and john caylor says:

        IS susan Lucci joining the prospect park company because SUSAN LUCCI is all my childrens big star and prospect park please try to keep SUASN LUCCI david canary vincent irizarry darnell williams michaelEknight ricky paul golden christal stause alicial minshew thorken kay ray macdonell as joe martin jill larson jacob young debby morgan and the rest of the all my childrencast get them all back together please prospect park howard caylor john caylor and Loyal fans of the show plus get christan lind back to the show too

  20. tony says:

    I have heard alot of soap stars from both AMC and OLTL are leaving when their contracts are up. So why abc still need to cancel these soaps. They should leave them on tv, since the cast list is shrinking. They would not need to replace them with stupid reality and foodshows. Noone will ever watch any reality or foodshow, we have enough. You need to listen to what the fans and viewers are saying. PLEASE LEAVE OUR SOAPS ALONE ON TV, DO NOT TAKE THEM AWAY.

  21. amomoftwoboys says:

    It is sad to think that we as fans for as long as we have been will have to settle for second best with having the soaps going online. It will lose it’s appeal compared to being on TV.
    I have been asking this question but have been unable to get an answer to: Will we in Canada be able to get the soaps online. I know that with other shows they will not let us see them because they will not stream up here.

  22. Maryfran says:

    We cannot get fast speed Internet where I live. These young actors will be moving on to stay on television. I dont get why Soapnet can’t be saved and they move the shows there. Also cant see viewers watching more crap just like what is running on other channels during these time slots. I will boycott daytime tv until someone finds a slot for these soaps. I sure won’t be missing anything on ABC once they move oltl and amc to Internet Land which is Neverland for many of us!

  23. joda says:

    most daytime shows are stupid we don’t need more talking heads, cooking shows and stupid reality shows t.v has gone to the dogs soaps has been around a long time and i watch amc and oltl and both are being canceled so i will no longer watch any shows on abc

  24. john says:

    Wake up people.This has nothing to do with what is being watched,this strictly has to do with MONEY.Look at the cost of these soaps and compare them to the new shows.ABC failure to put on prime time shows has cost them a lot of money.This is one way to make up the money they lost.This is a real bad mistake as is most of their prime time shows.What they need is new leadership.I now boycott ABC

  25. Michael says:

    All My Children does belong on TV, so I offer Rupert Murdoch a challenge whereby maybe he can redeem himself in the eyes of many… buy the rights to All My Children and move it to FOX (but without Murdofying it).

    • St.andygirl says:

      Couldn’t we pick another network? I don’t think I could watch Fox, even for AMC and OLTL. But, now I’ll have two networks to boycott!!

  26. Brenda says:

    If there’s absolutely no way to save my two Soaps, and their not going to be streamed online,(New Shows). I used to view CBS’s Young and Restless years ago,and between commercials I’ve tuned into Bold and Beautiful, looks interesting enough. I would tune into these shows if they arranged a current re-cap episodes of the last 10 to 15 years maybe, and put it in a two hours show just briefly introducing the Characters their storylines, who’s rich, who’s not, who’s the children, who’s suppose to be the children. Just all the basic things that goes on in Soaps. Maybe it can be viewed on the Soap Channel before that’s cancelled. I’m sure all the existing Soaps on other Channels that plays in the same or a little earlier time slots as AMC and OLTl would get their Actors and Actresses and search their old episodes to put together something like this. It would do nothing but get them more viewers from the cancelled Soaps. Because us loyal Soap viewers need somewhere else to go, and I wouldn’t mind jumping to CBS or NBC Soaps, but I have to know what’s happening, and what has happened in the past that reflects on the futures characters. This show or shows needs to happen fast before people loose interest in watching Daytime TV in the hours of the day that AMC and OLTL use to air. I’m on board with this, I’m leaving ABC Daytime in the dust, just like they did to all the Soap viewers. I Would appreciate any responses to this suggestion, and please no (get a Life) responses, lol.

  27. zayna says:

    I do most of my tv viewing online because I am not at home during the day.I am a middle school music/art teacher. I often assign research ptojects for my students to do work on online, I have done several tutorials on YouTube offering music and art instruction. I would certainly watch OLTL and/or AMC online if they are offered. I am absolutely computer literate as are all of my co-workers and all of my friends and associates, many of whom are in the older age demographic. Computers have been around for many years and there are older people who have been using them for many years…all things being considered, they were not sixty- something back in the 80’s or 9o’s. The internet did not just pop-up. I have taken many online courses over the years to further my career. Knock it off already! The thought, that a person becomes a useless, mindless entity once they pass their 50’s. Between my DVR and the internet, I will continue to keep up with my daytime viewing…although I will not DVR the chew/revolution shows…not interested! Oh wait, isn’t this online, sorry, I forgot myself, the internet is for young people…and I belong to the older demopgraphic…excuse my rant:0)

  28. Karen Whyte says:

    The cable networks can have shows like The View (I can’t stand those biddies), The Talk, and soon The Chew(really? The Chew?)Whoever did this survey that told ABC the viewers wanted more show this this never asked my opinion. If my soaps are gone then guess what? So am I. I’ll find something else to do in the afternoon. Hey, maybe I’ll take up baking!A BIG thumbs down to you ABC!

  29. Pamela Duncan says:

    I’d watch both shows if they’re free, for sure! I’m sick that they are going off, but it looks as though both are wrapping up their story lines, so it’s going to be tricky and a bit convoluted. Hmmm, what else is new with soaps, though, right? hahaha. Sure, I’ll watch. Hope it works out.

  30. Randa says:

    I’ve watched soaps my entire life. I’m very sad 2 see them go. Just as radio gave way to television, television is now going toward the internet. I hope someone w/vision toward the future saves my shows. I don’t care where I have 2 tune in to see them, I just want 2 watch them everyday. Most of the popular actors already tried 2 make it in primetime. Nearly all came back 2 soaps. I don’t want new characters or new actors. I hope they can swollow wounded pride & stay w/the shows.