Exclusive: Lost Hunk Joins Gossip Girl as...

Gossip Girl is getting a little, ahem, hot under the collar in Season 5.

Marc Menard — whose stint on Lost as Rousseau’s fellow French scientist Montand ended with him losing a limb to El Monster de Smoke — is joining the CW soap in the potentially recurring role of Father Cavalia, a priest from Monaco with ties to Blair’s fiancé, Prince Louis.

There’s been speculation that the comely pontiff heads to the Upper East Side to preside over the couple’s wedding ceremony. If true, he may encounter some resistance from Louis’ meddling sister, played by French actress Roxane Mesquida.

Menard’s casting comes two days after TVLine broke the news that Elizabeth Hurley is UES-bound.

Gossip Girl‘s fifth season kicks off Monday, Sept. 26.

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  1. deedeedragons says:

    With all these new characters coming it looks like Nate & Rufus are still going to say maybe 5-10 WORDS an episode.

  2. Wake says:

    Good job wit the headline. “Lost” hunk, and then is a guy that appeared 5 seconds in the series. What’s next? Announcing some extra from Lost as “Lost veteran”? Come on.

    • Mike says:

      I know. That fool only did the headline like that to get people to click on the post. The damn polar bear had more screen time than this dude. If even diehard Lost fans cannot name a certain actor, then they shouldn’t be reffered to as a “Lost hunk,” no matter how physically attracted the author is to the actor.

      • RecceR says:

        Amen. When I saw the title, I was thinking Josh Holloway or Matthew Fox, but then why would they be on GG? I had to look this dude up and after seeing the stills of him from Lost and the brief summary of what he was to the show I remembered him. But this is just one of the many times an author of an article has done this to get others to see it. If the actor was not on the show for more than 5-10 episodes and it has been a very long time since the stint, don’t credit them like they were a regular! He appeared on Lost 2 years ago in 2 episodes and it was a flash-back with zero cast regulars, oh and he died. I hope his character get killed by the smoke monster on Gossip Girl. I heard it was last seen in the Upper East Side sewers.

    • Lucifer says:

      I was shocked when I saw a LOST actor was going to be on GG! And then I saw the pic and wondered who the hell he was. I agree. If an actor isn’t on a show for atleast 5 episodes as a regular or recurring cast member, then they don’t deserve to be known for that particular show!

    • denise says:

      I was clicking into the comments to say the same thing! Love your site, don’t mess with us “Losties”. (Still in mourning, why did you open the wound)

  3. Katie says:

    omg hdu not mention his starring role in the made-for-SciFi TV movie Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon!

  4. katrina says:

    Cute guy. GG shouldve been canceled in s3. First 2 seasons were good. LUX deserved a s3 not this piece of crap. Ed Westwick is hideous and Blake Lively can’t act.

    • Katline says:

      Gossip Girl definitely should have been cancelled in S3. Penn Badgley is boring, lame and his character is getting shoved down the audiences throats while the whole show has been sacrificed for the deadly dull overpimpd cliche bad teen couple retred Blair/Dan. The only thing the writers did right recently was get rid of Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr. The Brooklyn side of the show has always been the show’s weak spot and S4 proved it in spades with it’s over focus on D Humphrey. If they’d just focus on Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford the show might be watchable again but alas. Yes, I pray they cancel the show and give it’s slot to something else. S4 killed ths show anyway. Put it out of it’s misery before destroying characters like Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate even further.

    • Arnetta says:

      LOL None of those kids can act and frankly I find Ed Westwick’s Chuck Bass pretty hot (in a sleazy evil kind of way). But yeah, your point stands. The show should’ve been cancelled after the second season. That was the peak in terms of ratings and creativity. Its been downhill ever since.

    • michelle says:

      Blake’s ‘acting’ really annoys me. She basically whines the whole time, how she actually lands other roles I have no idea

  5. tammy says:

    Another season full of guest stars. Gossip girl needs to be cancelled or get new writers. I took it off my DVR for this season.

  6. samantha says:

    TVLine ALWAYS breaks the news. That’s why I love this site so much! Keep doin whatcha doin!

  7. Daniel says:

    I never watched GG, well… the pilot; but it looks like the new season will be interesting. Either way, I’m excited about Hart of Dixie, and the only reason I want GG to succeed is because that is leading. Epic Fail Ostroff! I hate her!

  8. jessica says:

    Seriously the new character is an ‘attractive priest for blair and louis’s wedding’…thats basically giving the storyline away!guessing blair will and this new guy will have a thing together so Louis cancels the engagement and leaves the show.

    • Liz says:

      Or… His fling is actually with Louis and Blair cancels the engagement and runs off with [insert name]…

  9. april-ann says:

    Hunk indeed. I hope he’s a real love interest for Serena or Blair, and not Elizabeth Hurley’s character. I’d like to see the gang be friends, and stop the seemingly non-stop friends-with-benefits merry-go-round. The musical chairs, or um, horses, is getting tiresome.

  10. Peppy says:

    I loved him as Boyd on All My Children. Though they didn’t use him enough.

  11. Mantra720 says:

    Yawn…wake me up when there’s ACTUAL news beyond glorified extras and three-shot guest actors being cast on this show which is in its Social Security years in the pop culture world.

  12. Nanu says:

    He is TOO hot to play a priest!

  13. Mike says:

    I don’t think the character is a ‘comely pontiff’ unless my memory has failed me, as the pontiff is the pope!

  14. Sally says:

    No offence, TV Line, but as a huge “Gossip Girl” fan I’m yet to find a single spoiler about the new season that makes me even a tiny bit hopeful or excited.

    Louis is a guest star, he’s boring and Blair’s not going to end up with him. I don’t care about him – I care about the characters I have watched and loved for four years. So I have no idea why I am supposed to care that guest star Louis is getting some guest star friends!?

    I am genuinely lost as to why the writers are responding to losing a million viewers in late Season 4 by bringing in countless guest stars and splitting up the show’s most important and popular relationships (the Serena/Blair friendship and the Chuck/Blair romance) by… bringing in countless guest stars and splitting up the show’s most important and popular relationships.

    Sad to admit as I used to be a big cheerleader for the show as a whole, but as long as I get a Chuck/Blair engagement and Serena and Blair on the Met Steps in the final episode, I don’t care when it gets cancelled.

  15. Alyssa says:

    I agree with the people who says GG had to be cancelled after s3.The stories are getting too forced and they are doing just the opposite of what they have been telling us since the beginning.They changed the characters.And especially one thing I still don’t understand is why GG is need of shoving Penn/Dan down our throats..Are they that desperate for him to be loved? He couldn’t be loved so now they are trying to pair him with Leighton who is the most loved actress on the show..İs it a part of a plan that Penns managers requested? we are bored of Dan..what made this show boring and people lose interest is so much Dan with his lameness and boringness.All of the stories include him.He has to be everywhere. WHY? People got invested in this show because of NJBC UES not lame Dan..he is the most boring characters of GG yet he is practically getting the most protection and support from GG.Too much Dan and guest stars is the reason why this show lost lots of viewers.Please stop this and get back to the core couples and NJBC..

  16. Joan says:

    Gee another guest star! What an original thought! No, wait… been there, done that, slept mid-way through that. No wonder there’s no buzz, no excitement about the show anymore. It’s practically dead and buried. An army of guest stars and Dan Humphrey have seen to that. No one cares about a whats-his-name guest star that’s got an expiration date stamped on his forehead and will soon be forgotten. Same way that no one cares about a lame, boring character such as Dan Humphrey. If only they concentrated on their main characters for once. Blair, Chuck, Serena and Nate are far more interesting to watch than any convoluted story line that requires casting a million extras or continuously having Dan shoved into our faces. I thought that S5 would make up for the disappointing snoozefest that was S4, but I see they haven’t learnt from their mistakes. They should start thinking about changing the direction of the upcoming season ASAP because they’re really flirting with cancelation this time.

  17. Isabel says:

    This is not making me excited for next season. Who cares about Blair’s engagement to Louis? Who cares about the priest and the sister-in-law? I certainly don’t. What I care about are Blair’s relationship with Serena and Chuck. Why is Blair isolated from the two people she love the most? Blair’s fairytale wedding and boring friendship with Dan are not “must watch television”. Please writers, stop killing this show. The only thing that I’m excited about for next season is the possibility of a Chair pregnancy storyline. Writers: don’t disappoint me on this one please!

  18. L says:

    I hope Blair and Chuck belong together! They are amazing together and their love-story is the best!
    I hope Chuck and Blair have a thing together so Louis cancels the engagement and comes back to Monaco!

  19. mikemike says:

    It would be a whole lot better if they just made Michelle T’s/Georgina a regular like season 3. I could have done without any Jessica Szohr thank goodness shes gone! They need to spice it up or keep true to the books and make Dan gay so he can be somewhat interesting and make him fall in love with chuck! Theres your show ladies and Gents. Oh and anything Leighton does on there just adds hilarity,hotness to the show!

  20. Katarina says:

    So.. I think Marc Menard is the best actor I have ever known.. And his role in “Lost” wasn´t so famous, but i think he kept up with other “Lost” actors.. And i must confess I´m really looking forward to see him in new season of GG..And I hope you will be able to see how handsome and glorios he is.. ;)

  21. murley says:

    el monster de smoke? is that supposed to be french? le, not el. i know it is silly to nitpick that, but it just bugs me. can’t people writing articles try to be accurate and lend a little more credibility to online journalism?