Exclusive: Criminal Minds Team Faces Off Against Housewives Baddie Mark Moses

Desperate Housewives‘ resident troublemaker Mark Moses is taking his well-honed antagonist act over to Criminal Minds.

Moses will guest star in the CBS procedural’s Sept. 21 season premiere. The actor, who also had a memorable run on Mad Men as Herman “Duck” Phillips, will play a senator heading up a committee tasked with investigating a case that the BAU team screwed up.

As TVLine previously reported, the season opener picks up four months after the events of May’s finale and will feature flashbacks of the case being scrutinized by Moses’ character. The episode also marks the re-introduction of Paget Brewster’s “dead” Prentiss.

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  1. NickC says:

    Used to love this show but last season was so bad and they way they fired/hired actors makes me sick…CM forced Paget to come back.I like many of the actors on CM so i kind of hope this is the last season so i can see them on better shows.

    • Maria says:

      Errrr… They have undone ALL the bad decisions they made last year, that effectively affected the quality of the show. This by itself it’s quite a feat, as a big corporation (CBS) acknowledging to have screwed up in a so public display it not something we can see often at all.

      And Criminal Minds hasn’t “forced” Paget to come back, CBS has taken the option on her contract (contract that she signed freely) for her to come back; the fact that she isn’t happy with the way CBS has handled things (nobody is) has nothing to do with the fact that she’s happy being back working with the cast and crew she loves and that loves her back. Piece of advice, Twitter only allows for 140 characters and everybody is forced to take shortcuts when writing there.

      Based on what all of them have said, all are happy and excited about this season and doubt any of them are in any hurry to end the show. Nor are most of the fans.

      • NickC says:

        Errrr Marla…do you work for CBS? Calm down.I have watched this show since the pilot.I know what happened to Paget. You can act like your opinion is fact if you feel the need…(by the way you’re not the only one with Twitter.)You can’t just erase last season.(i wish they could)Clearly Paget wanted to do other things and i don’t blame her…Im not some key board Hater.I loved this show.

        • Luke says:

          They forced her to come back, huh? Really had to twist her arm to get her to sign a very lucrative contract to continue acting on a very popular TV show, did they?

          I never liked her that much, either. She’s always been more of a replacement for JJ, and now that she’s back I think they should just leave Prentiss “dead”.

          • Kathi says:

            Uh, actually Emily replaced Elle and the contract was signed beore she ‘died’. I thnk everyone can agree season six could have been handled a lot better.

        • Maria says:

          Nope, not working for CBS… Would be difficult, as I don’t live in the States ;-)

          But in your first post you seem to want for the show to end and that has riled me up, because of what I’ve explained in the first part of my other post, and specially because thanks to that we can hope to get AGAIN the show we all got hocked up in the first place (myself w/ the pilot too). Glad to have met another CM lover! :-)

        • Ciara says:

          That makes about as much sense as the ending of ‘Sunshine’ m’dear.
          “Clearly Paget wanted to do other things” – if by that, you are referring to her sitcom that didn’t get picked up, well, yeah, she wanted to do other things. Because SHE’D BEEN FIRED. And then SHE, as a person with her own independant mind, who could make her very own choices, decided she would sing back on when offered. You may have watched from the beginning, but have you read interviews with her? Seen interviews? Because the woman was very clearly confused as to why she was fired, and she has always loved the show and her character. Always will. Stop with this conspiracy theory, and enjoy Season 7 for what it will be – and it will be what it is because Paget and AJ have not been petty little brats, and they have put the last year out of their minds to rejoin the team we love to see them in. Really.
          Also “I have watched this show since the pilot.I know what happened to Paget.”? Really? By seeing every episode for the past six years you automatically understand the way things go behind the scenes? You read between the lines THAT much, eh? Come on now, give them a break. They made some mistakes, they offered to fix them, Paget and AJ let them. Now ENJOY.

  2. Ele says:

    Thanks for the scoop!!! Sounds interesting and I am so excited to see all the CM cast back together again!!!!!!

  3. Z says:

    Hopefully he’s a serial killing Senator and he kills Garcia, one of the most ridiculous characters I’ve ever seen on primetime TV.

    • Justin says:

      WRONG! Garcia is hilarious and just what this show needs, an eccentric character. After all, she spends most of her days sitting in a freaking box cut off from everybody in the building. What do you expect her to be like? Geez!

      • Z says:

        Wow…calm down Justin. But if you think that the FBI would actually hire a woman who dressed and acted like that you’re the one that is wrong. She acts like she’s a 15 year old lovesick high school girl. All that sexual innuendo talk is just pathetic. And then she pouts when they cut her babbling off and actually want to talk about the case. Surely the FBI could and would hire a computer specialist with a whole lot more professionalism.

        • N says:

          Wow Z…sounds like you need to calm down. Actually having worked in a federal law enforcement agency for the past 20 years, you would be surprised at the “characters” and the inmature individuals the agencies hire. In most cases it’s about the, loyalty and dedication, not the looks or personalities. And an IT specialist deals mainly with the computer systems so who cares what they look like. If we had IT techs with the skills and dedication to the job that the Garcia character has, we would be in pretty good shape!

        • Lyndsey says:

          Z, you’ve never met a lot of a brilliant IT/hacker types have you? Most of them tend towards quirky. I have no doubt that the FBI would happily let someone look & dress like Garcia if he or she had Garcia’s computer skills.

          Personally, Garcia (and her relationship with Derek) is the #1 reason I love this show! As much as I love the other characters I wouldn’t enjoy it without her…and pretty much everyone I know who watches the show has said the same thing! She’s the best!!!!!

    • Buffy Freak says:

      I’m with Z. Her interaction with Moragn is completely inappropriate and unprofessional. And sorry but her attire would absolutely not be acceptable at the FBI. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I want them to kill her off but she is a pretty absurd character for such a serious show.

  4. Pamela says:

    Yeah!!…:D This episode is gonna be EPIC!! Do I have to say that I’m EXCITED?? hahaha C: Thank god that I have to work/study ’cause I can’t wait…

  5. Jax says:

    I thought the Prentiss story was good (although I hated the reason they had to write it) but the rest of the season was horrendous. I actually turned off two of the later episodes because I was so BORED! Hopefully the return of AJ and Paget will get the creative juices flowing again and the show can return to it’s original quality.

    • Gaby says:

      absolutly agree, the Prentiss storyline was the best thing they have done, hate that it took CBS letting her go to finally give Paget some good material to work with

  6. anna says:

    Jeez, r half u ppl for real? I love criminal minds, I think all the characters were brilliant, and very well played, and if anyone with a brain would sit there and know that sum contracts let characters return to the show, and the actor (who would of had the pen in their own hand) would sign the contract and be happy with it, no one forced anyone to come bk, its how the tv idustrie works!!, if your gonna slate the show, y r u on here?? Shhhhoooooooo

  7. Ann says:

    This sounds a bit more interesting now that I hear more about what is happening besides Prentiss. I can’t wait for season 7!

    Regarding season 6, I liked most of the episodes, especially the scenes with Reid. I am excited that he is getting an arc this season as we were left hanging when the headache storyline was suddenly all but abandoned. I’m glad we are returning to it! I’m most invested in this storyline and Reid. I admit it! I just hope Morgan is the one who is the biggest support to Reid.