Exclusive: Glee Wants Chord Overstreet Back: 'The Choice Is His'

Glee fans crying foul over show’s decision not to pick up Chord Overstreet’s Season 3 contract option can all just simmer down now. While it’s true that he wasn’t promoted to series regular along with co-stars Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr., an insider has confirmed what TVLine originally reported — he also wasn’t fired and, in fact, is invited to continue on, same as usual, as a recurring player.

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“His option to be a series regular was just not picked up at this time,” clarifies the source. “If Chord wants to appear on Glee, the choice is his. The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him. He and his reps have been told that he is welcome back to Glee, and everyone hopes he will show up on August 10 when filming begins.”

The insider points out that it took Shum “two years to become a regular,” adding, “If Chord has a great season, which we expect he will, then he will become a regular like Harry, possibly as early as January.”

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So, will he or won’t he show up for work next month? That is the question. And the answer? Well, that’s TBD, as Overstreet’s camp declined to comment. My advice? Stick close to my Twitter feed — not to mention his — for the latest on this developing story.

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  1. Dan says:

    I call foul. So ridiculous they want Chord and have storylines in place, but don’t offer him a contract to hold him to the show? What kind of passive aggressive move is that!

    • Meg says:

      From the sounds of it they offered him the same contract as he had last season (he wasn’t billed as a regular then either) and now the ball is in Chord’s court if he wants to take it or not.

  2. TL says:

    I’ve been waiting for this news to break since Friday because all the fans thought he was gone because he wasn’t promoted to a regular (the original report never said he wasn’t coming back). I hope everyone who jump to conclusions feel silly right about now. What’s even worse was how these sites just fanned the flames.

  3. Yo says:

    Yes, I completely agree, what exactly IS with all this bitching about Blaine/Darren. Okay, so Blaine, I get a bit, and I like Blaine. Hopefully he becomes more of a character soon. But Darren? What? That actually makes no sense, he didn’t ask for them to not promote Chord, and they appear to be friends, so what’s will all this hatin’. I’m glad Chord had been picked up, but I’ve been so busy feeling annoyed at some people’s stupidty to even get to really think about what this meant.

  4. TL says:

    The same move this show’s been doing since day one, and the same move that made Chord and Sam a household name. Considering two series regulars (Jessalyn Gilsig & Mike O’Malley) had a handful of episodes, being a guest star isn’t a bad deal for Chord.

  5. Allie says:

    Oooh, I see. I was wondering why that meant he was off the show since Harry Shum was only becoming a regular now. Hope he returns, want to see where Samcedes goes.

  6. Darcy says:

    I’m in my 40’s and I think Darren, Harry and Chord are all adorable as are the characters they play. I would hate to see any of them leave but Darren/Blaine is far and away my favorite and I am most looking forward to his scenes in Season 3. I hope Chord stays and they develop his relationship with Mercedes and continue with his family’s economic problems. Someone said the negative comments sounded like 12 year old girls – well, I hope it was 12 year old girls as I would hate to think an adult would write such nonsense.

  7. NanCeE* says:

    All I know is whenever Sam does a cheesy impression, it’s my favorite part of the episode. Cracks me up every time. I like his character and hope to see more of him!

  8. Guy says:

    Oh, please. You think FOX would throw away money? Chord was the LEAST popular character on Glee, and tests and group analysis showed that. Out of the millions of people that watch Glee, the majority could do without Sam. Frankly, I couldn’t care either way, but I hope he stays in the back or as Mercedes prop (even though we know that won’t last). And, I know Blaine is transferring to ND, to fill the void of Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, Kurt and Santana after they leave, and quite frankly thats enough of a reason to stop watching Glee.

    • Ang says:

      Sam was the least popular? LOL, yeah right. Back up your claims with some actual data and proof. Sam has big fanbases of Sam/Quinn, Sam/Kurt, Sam/Mercedes fans. He probably has more fans than Lauren, Mike, Tina, Mercedes, etc.

      • Julia says:

        Ha, you sound like a crazed fangirl. Chord IS indeed one of the least popular characters on Glee, which is WHY he wasn’t offered star billing. He has little fan base, and he should have NO fan base with the Quinn/Sam fans, Kurt/Sam fans or Mercedes/Sam fans because those couples DON’T exist. FOX and Glee knows whose popualar and bringing in the butter, and Chord/Sam is not. I also highly doubt he has more fans than Mercedes, please. Now, go back to reading Twighlight.

  9. RemusL says:

    @Michael Ausiello … “…an insider has confirmed what TVLine originally reported — he also wasn’t fired and, in fact, is invited to continue on, same as usual, as a recurring player.” Um, let’s not re-write history. What you ACTUALLY reported, incendiary headline and all, was “Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. In, Chord Overstreet Out!” You practically incited Glee fans with that headline. Please don’t pass the blame to Glee producers.

    • jenna says:

      If people would bother to read the article I think he meant Chord’s out of the regular option. But I agree that that headline was the one who started all this moronic fights. Especially since the Glee fanbase composed mostly of a bunch of 12 yr old.

      • MedOrMad says:

        Pretty sure that what caused “panic” was the statement that he could, maybe, appear occasionally as a guest star… If that part wouldn’t have been there, people would have simply assumed he was going to be there just like he did last season and as Harry did for two years, even if his contract was not one of a series regular.

        Again, that part of the statement was basically saying “Bye bye Chord, maybe we’ll see your face in the choir room a time or two.” ‘Cause really: how can you appear occasionally if you are a member of the ND? You either are there or not. You can’t sing with them occasionally…

  10. J says:

    Alright, I’m really getting tired of everyone focusing on Blaine and Darren when this is about Sam/Chord.
    I am a Darren fan, the man is my inspiration, and even I am getting tired of the attention he is getting from this. Most of it is negative and that just isn’t fair. As far as Blaine being “perfect”, we haven’t seen enough of his personal life for us to assume that he’s perfect. We see how he is at school or some other public setting. Same with Klaine, we see them around people. We don’t know what Blaine is like at home or alone, not do we know Klaine’s relationship beyond the public displays we see. So let’s not be so quick to judge the character and the ship. That being said, it’s obvious that Blaine has plenty of room to develop. We know every fucking thing about every other character on the show, we know nothing of Blaine.
    I love Chord/Sam. I hope he shows for the first day of work, I want to see his character develop and I want to see what comes out of the Samcedes relationship.
    Everyone just stop arguing about this. It’s getting really old.

  11. kurt drama show says:

    i hope that he will be back, but please not one more season of kurt drama show, if kurt is normal like any other way they put him like a saint. i used to love kurt character now i hate him change the chanel on his part.

  12. Amy says:

    Let’s face it – Darren Criss is a breakout star on Glee. Have you seen the youtube videos from his recent concerts? He is extremely popular, as is Blaine, and Glee would be stupid not to make him a series regular. That said, I like Chord Overstreet too, and hope to see him back even if it is not as a regular, but on a recurring basis like this past season. He is cute and a realistic character.

  13. Mike says:

    I think he should come back for sure, even if I don’t love him. I don’t mind him at all though. Would seem like a waste to get rid of him now. I don’t blame them for scooping up Darren Criss right away. He’s a wonderful talent and IMO the most exciting thing to happen to Glee. Really excited he’ll be at the same school as everyone this year.

  14. RIBGLEE says:

    Well, I for one hope he doesn’t come back. I found his character boring and the Chord needs a lot of work as an actor. I think they have way too many characters already. They should stick to the core group and write for them.

    • Unichord#6 says:

      Seriously? He’s not boring AT ALL. Ad he CAN act look at the episode rumours and there’s your proof!! Also wasn’t it in the beginning of Season 2 that they NEEDED more characters?!?! Also I bet you he will be less boring if he does come back. Think about saying things that won’t offend people next time

  15. june says:

    Oh come on gleeks, enough with all the fights. Chord just wants more money, that is all. Who can blame him tho? We all need money, so I’m not judging you, Chord!

  16. Ken Adams says:

    This is the precise problem with Glee. The showrunners hear an outcry over a story line or a casting decision and they back track until nothing they’ve been working on makes any sense. By this point in planning the season (and the remainder of his stay on the series for that matter, as realistically, he should be entering senior year), they should have a solid direction as to what they want out of the character and they should stick with it and move on. If he doesn’t show up to work… what then? They just drop the Mercedes/Sam romance? And the Quinn/Finn/Sam love triangle never gets closure. This show is proving to be as poorly run and schizophrenic as Nip/Tuck (without the bonus of softcore male nudity).

    • TL says:

      No one from the show said Chord wasn’t coming back, so it’s unfair to say,that they back tracked.

    • Jemma says:

      Nobody backtracked.

      Fox just clarified they offered Chord a deal and he refused. The offer is still on the table so it is still up to him. He tried to play hard ball to get what he wanted, the status of a regular and more money, which was stupid as he doesn’t have the name for it (none of them do except maybe Lea considering the money she brings them) and he failed. Then he let his fans go crazy to try and do the same thing. Again it failed as we can see as Fox is cutting him if he doesn’t take the deal they offered.

      Don’t that things too literally. I am sure there is a time frame they gave him to give them his answer. And you know what? He’ll say yes to their offer anyway. What he should do is fire his reps. This was done badly and will have a negative impact on his future.

  17. Josephine Baker says:

    Stop the hate. Darren Criss is awesome and Blaine is bitching and Chord is fantastic and Sam is just adorkable.

    Chord please come back…don’t leave us Samcedes lovers crying of what could have been. Especially since it’s Mercedes first story arch that won’t be insulting.

  18. Unichord#6 says:

    Ugh!! Seriously guys?!?!!?! Stop being so FRICKIN’ immature!! I get enough of this from my sister!! (she loves Blaine I love Sam) although we do like them BOTH we just love a different one more. BOTH of their characters have a great plot line and characteristics. BOTH of them are amazing singers. it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been on. All that matters in this article is That SAM might come back (HOPEFULLY!!!) and i know I AM talking about Blaine but just to try and calm things down!! Both Darren AND Chord are really good friends in real life!! So why don’t we either try to stick to our side and SHUT OUR MOUTHS or congratulate or help on whichever character gets something! Like seriously y’all GROW UP!!!! Don’t bring Darren in to the Chord news UNLESS NECESSARY

  19. Lisa says:

    I think I’m missing something because this quote doesn’t make sense to me: “The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him. He and his reps have been told that he is welcome back to Glee, and everyone hopes he will show up on August 10 when filming begins.”

    Wouldn’t the scripts be written before filming? Don’t the writers need to know whether or not they’re going to have an actor before they construct the stories? Or, is that quote saying that the character will definitley be part of the show and if Chord doesn’t play him, they’ll recast the part?

  20. justin says:

    I laugh when I read about people fast-forwarding thru parts of a show, talk about short attention span, do you also skip pages in books?

  21. Lisa says:

    Sounds like the Glee producers are doing a little bit of a back-track.

  22. Mika says:

    Sam was awesome at the beginning when he appeared shirtless in the lockerroom and that was about it. But ever since then, he’s been clothed and not so interesting.

  23. Emma Zizzy says:

    He has to be there! doesnt everybody want to see how the Sam/Mercedes thing goes? NO DUH! :P

  24. jackie says:


  25. kad says:

    Where were all of you Sam fans when this character was doing almost NOTHING on this show? Maybe if you had “fought” for him then he’d have gotten better story lines. But you didn’t – the Blaine fans did and look what happened.

    Too little, too late in my opinion.

  26. g-man says:

    Good riddance to that Sam character. If only Quinn could go next. At least I can nap when they’re onscreen during the show.

  27. Mitchell says:

    you knoiw what i want to see. i want to see kurt feel sympathetic for korovski (spelling) and just hang with him. and eventually they develope feelings for one another. and then kurt starts to cheat on blaine with him. and eventually blaine finds. out and dumps kurt. then korovski beats up blaine for hurting kurt like that. but thats just what i want to see. (even thought people are sick of the “kurt storylines”) hey im one of them but i just think that would be a twist. and a good twist

  28. Tim says:

    To the people who are poostong negitive thigs about Glee sunch as “Glee sucks” or. Here’s an ideaa DON’T POST HERE !!! This is for people who actually like the show & have an worthwhile opinion about the show. There are shows i don’t like but i don’t go posting negitive stuff about them. Grow up !!

  29. Kro says:

    I figured this wouldn’t happen. Sam Evans is too good of a character to be written out of the show, but not prominent enough just yet to make regular status. Neither is Lauren Zizes, but nothing’s been said about her status yet. I think as long as Sam isn’t written off as graduating, Chord will make regular in Season 4 for sure.

  30. Sarah says:

    YAY! I love Chord Overstreet!!

  31. gleek 1 says:

    he better return! this is a life opportunity, if he doesn’t come back then I don’t want anything else he tries to put out.
    In the end Ryan will graduate everyone else we love, and when that happens I will retire Glee it will be too dumb just like Grease 2.
    I don’t thing anyone cares about investing to watch new group of students, they can watch another new show on TV instead.
    no way the desrassi/glee of Glee with different students, I will get BORED! I already I’m bored because I except no 4th season with the current class. I will not watch it with half the cast, it’s all or nothing especially FINN. PLZ don’t ruin the show RYAN

  32. Jackie says:


  33. Hannah says:

    Okay, I am really starting to get somewhat angry right now at these so called “fans.”

    Blaine most certainly is not a dull character. He has come a long way this season. I feel that he has the same amount of potential for a storyline as anyone else does. I want to see Blaine introducing Kurt to his parents in Season 3. I want to see more of Blaine and his parents, because I feel that they could show two gay young men; one with a father and family fully accepting of his sexuality, and the other with a struggling family and a father that is anything BUT accepting of his child. I also feel that Blaine could create another storyline by being bullied at McKinley whenever he transfers from this paradise known as Dalton Academy. Blaine is definetly not just a “Kurt Prop” Blaine is an actual character, and Darren Criss certainly has remarkable talent. You have NO room to say that he “is nothing but an autotuned voice” because he isn’t. He has videos on Youtube of him singing Disney covers and songs he has written himself. He also plays Harry Potter on A Very Potter Musical/Sequel (In which he wrote all the songs.)

    He isn’t a dull character either. Actually, I apologize for going on and on about Darren, when this entire article has nothing to do with him. I don’t know if this was a FOX publicity stunt or a Chord publicity stunt, but it certainly has worked. I doubt Chord, if it was actually a Chord stunt, would have done this all on his own. Someone in the comments said it was his “people” and I could see this happening. Chord not being able to be promoted might have lead to a negotiation battle for his contract, and his “people” could have been very persuasive by saying “Oh, it will certainly work! You’ll gain soo much money..trust us…blah blah blah” so let’s not go and accuse him of everything yet, unless it was infact all of his doing.

  34. Shay says:

    I agree with Hannah! I really enjoy Darren Criss on the show, and cant help but be intrigued with his sense of style in the June 2011 GQ magazine. Makes me want to go all RETRO! i am a FAN and a BELIEVER in KLAINE, and hope they continue to grow as the show goes on-even though I miss the Season ONE Kurt and his plea for Finn…I’ve never cried so much during a TV Show before /cue “House is not a Home.”
    I also hope that Chord will continue on in this next season. I really liked him when he first started out as a “potential partner” for Kurt, and kinda sad it didnt work out, I loved their sexual tension on screen, and really enjoy hearing Chord sing! I honestly dont think he sounds like Finn 2.0, he has a different vocal range than Finn, and I LOVED him from the moment he sang BILLIONAIRE. His fascination with AVATAR and speaking Navi was hysterical!! It made those who feel less comfortable around girls, bc they may be too nerdy or geeky, MORE confident in themselves and who they are to actually BE YOURSELF and GO FOR IT! If he does come back I would like to see him back with Quinn, I liked them together before they through Santana into the mix to tear them apart.

  35. Laura says:

    Wish Cord would come back, I like his voice and his looks are not too bad either ;D. I really miss Sam and I found the first episodes of Glee boring. No catching songs and no Sam :C.