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TVLine Items: Bones Brings On New Big Bad, Sons of Anarchy Throws a Wedding, and More

First, there was The Gravedigger. Then, Gormogon. Now, Bones‘ Booth and Brennan will go up against… a “tech-savvy foe”?!

Doesn’t sound too menacing, but details surrounding Bones‘ Season 7 big bad have surfaced and he (or she) sounds spooky.

Bones EP Stephen Nathan describes this new villain as “someone who is an extremely odd and fearless foe,” though “much more… 21st-century” than previous nemeses.

Nathan tells TVGuide.com this “nefarious character” will surface at the end of Episode 6 — aka Emily Deschanel’s final episode before her maternity leave. Once the actress returns for new episodes, “We will follow [the new villain] for a little bit this season and perhaps next.” Casting ideas? (James Marsters, anyone?) Hit comments!

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Opie’s going to the chapel, and he’s gonna get married! FX’s Sons of Anarchy returns this September, and EW.com has a first look photo at Ryan Hurst’s burly biker tying the knot with Charming’s resident porn star-with-a-heart-of-gold, Lyla (played by Winter Ave Zoli). And yes, that does appear to be Randy Mantooth (Emergency!, Loving) officiating the ceremony.

SOA boss Kurt Sutter also just shared this Season 4 promo via his blog, and it’s full of a buzz-cut Jax, semi-automatics, and a fitting Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Take a peek below:

• Mega-producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are teaming up with the folks behind The Amazing Race for TNT’s new reality show, The Great Escape, per TV Guide Magazine. The competition series will drop contestants into the middle of their own action flick, forcing them to use their wits to escape.

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is going on vacation, leaving funnyman — and self-proclaimed Real Housewives addict — Jay Mohr at the helm on Sunday, July 10, EW.com reports.

The Bold and the Beautiful fave Joanna Johnson (ex-Karen/Caroline) is returning to the CBS sudser for a four-episode stint starting July 22, per TV Guide Magazine.

• CBS has announced that country star Martina McBride will replace Lionel Ritchie as musical guest on the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, airing Monday, July 4 at 10/9c.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. O'Brien says:

    It is my sincerest wish to see James Marsters on Bones. He and DB have some of the greatest chemistry on the planet, and they’re already very practiced at fake hitting each other, so it seems like a no-brainer.

    I have a Bones question – Since Episode 6 is going to be right before ED’s maternity leave, and since the season is going to start when Brennan is in her third trimester…does this mean we’ll meet Baby B/B halfway through the season? Because that seems like what might have to happen. Thoughts?

    • Samantha says:

      That was exactly my question! And if so, does anyone else feel like they’re cheating us out of this whole thing? We don’t get to see them get together and we’re only getting six episodes of her pregnancy?

      • NickC says:

        If you feel cheated please stop watching the show…ED has a real baby in her belly and she is going to look like it.The writers are doing the best they can with the situation….”they are cheating us”…that’s funny.

        • Wendy says:

          I agree. TPTB may screw up, but in this particular case, ED and her real pregnancy supersedes the need to milk every drop of the fictional pregnancy. Not to mention some are already babied out after Angela and Hodgins’ baby, so it is a fine line. Can’t please everyone.

          • sadtroll says:

            Yeah I’m more ticked at the Angela/Hodgins storyline and the baby crud there than the fast track for B&B.

      • davina says:

        I think they’re cheating us out too. First we don’t get to see them have there specail moment then we don’t really get to see her pregnacy. It’s not fair to us fans. I love the she Bones but sometimes we need a little bit more. We are the fans. Don’t we get a say in it? I mean are’t they trying to make the show good for us. I believe we should give our opinions so they can make the show better and if they do they’ll get more awards and more money. Doesn’t anyone think so too?

        • elr says:

          I agree with you. I feel totally cheated. I love the show but, they are walking a fine line with me. I don’t honestly know if I can give up on the show completely, a lot will depend on how they handle this next season.

  2. V says:

    Love the SoA promo…but I wish we got to see some new scenes.

  3. Christine says:

    I need a Spike/Angel reunion. OMG. Just the thought of this (no matter how far-fetched) has me pumped for next season!

  4. Darren46 says:

    Tech-savvy, eh? I wonder if he’s going to be a nerdy computer-loving conspiracy theorist kinda type… careful, Hart Hanson, that’s what a lot of your fans are! ;)

  5. Berengaria says:

    Oh, yes, please a double helping of Boreanaz and Marsters would be a real delight. The chemistry between those two is always fascinating to watch.

  6. Trista says:

    Would love to see me some Marsters on Bones. For that matter – maybe a little SMG action just for old time sakes.

  7. spikesgrl says:

    James Marsters on Bones? Yes please!!!!

  8. Wendy says:

    This sounds interesting especially given the timing of ED’s leave. Wonder if Bones and kidlet will be in danger?

  9. yo says:

    Angel and Spike in the sunlight! That would be fantastic! I’m so for it- I hope TPTB are listening.

  10. Dom says:

    Much like everyone else I would love to see Marsters on Bones. There are few TV reunions that would make me happier!

  11. Mat says:

    I’d also like to see James Marsters on Bones. Would also love seeing him on Chuck cause I think he’d fit in well on that show.

  12. Frenchie says:

    Spike on Bones! We must get a petition together.

  13. Adrienne says:

    James Marsters on Bones would be EPIC. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  14. Meg says:

    …but I thought DB and JM could barely stand to be in the same room as each other…

    • Wendy says:

      @Meg, first I heard of that, although I thought I heard/read that DB/SMG stopped being friendly after a time. But who knows.

    • Nymway says:

      I totally agree! I’ve heard that DB doesn’t really like JM and would never have him on his show. But, who knows, if it will be good for ratings, it could happen.

    • lora says:

      Sorry to burst your hating buble, but the fact that DB and JM got along just fine is well documented.
      Not once but several times at conventions JM spoke highly about DB and the two of them trying to work out an on-screen reunion.

      Here’s JM speaking about DB “the best director we had”:

      1:11 to 2:30

      again about DB:

      joking about being “jelous” and then realizing DB supported him all the time:

      3:00 to 5:OO

      or about DB being taller:

      0:32 to 1:27

      wanting to work with him again, and choosing Angel:

      O:OO to 2:17

      developping “a great respect for Boreanaz”

      3:44 to 4:30

      2:20 to 3:15

      From the sound of it, JM respects DB and I’m sure it goes both ways.

      Want more proof? There’s youtube for you.

      • Steve says:

        WOW…do you have way too much time on your hands.Besides, all Bones fans are not Buffy fans.So please leave the Buffy people out of Bones! Or we could then include all the Freaks & Geeks cast(James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Siegel)on because Sweets was on it…Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

        • Regina says:

          they were saying all that BECAUSE they were talking about wanting James Marsters on Bones. it was the topic sooo they can say what they want to say. we weren’t talking about any characters on Bones because they are on the show already. these comments talk about James Marsters because him and David have worked together on a previous show and fans would like to see that again. don’t get pissy about it just because we weren’t talking about something you enjoy.

  15. Cindy says:

    SOA!!!!! Can’t wait :)

  16. Liana in San Diego says:

    Be still my beating heart…. Marsters on Bones??? Beyond fantabulous! Even if there is rivalry between DB and SM they are consummate actors and will totally deliver. What they do when the camera isn’t rolling is none of our business. I only care about the deliciousness on screen!!!

  17. Sarah says:

    I will also put in a vote for James Marsters on Bones. Regardless, the new baddie will be interesting. So if the Gravedigger was “evil Brennan” and Broadsky was “evil Booth” is this new villain “evil Angela?” And next season will we get an “evil Hodgins” – a paranoid conspiracy-theorist who uses flesh-eating bugs and fungus to kill his victims?

  18. Don says:

    Why are you trying to typecast James Marsters? I’m sure he is capable of much more than being the villain.

  19. shannon says:

    i dont know about this big bad but james masters should at some point have an arc as the bad if not on bones then on the ringer!

  20. Sarah says:

    While it would be sweet to have a Spake/Angel reunion, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be back on Hawaii Five-0 for season 2. At least some of the time.

  21. Alex/AnimeGirl says:

    James Marsters on anything is GOOD!

  22. Jonah says:

    Why does the big bad have to be a guy?

    If we are gonna cast out of the Whedonverse…I’d much rather see Amy Acker.

  23. mandy says:

    Yes! Bring Marsters to Bones!

  24. SPAM™ says:

    Wow… Jay Mohr just can’t catch a break. Poor bastard still can’t seem to find a decent acting job anywhere.. so he has to host television shows. I’m probably the only guy out there who actually enjoyed Gary Unmarried.

    As far as O’Brien‘s post, I totally agree and think that Marsters would be an excellent villain. The two had amazing chemistry in Angel, and I personally think it would be amazing to see. It’s a shame we never got the Spike TV movie and/or series.. and since Marsters definitely isn’t getting younger, it doesn’t look hopeful.

    Angel: After the Fall was a great comic book series that started off at the end of the TV series.. but it just wasn’t the same.

  25. Kosmosis says:

    I also enjoyed Gary Unmarried

  26. Amy says:

    James Marsters would be AMAZING! How do we campaign for this??

  27. Too Much Free Time says:

    If you can’t get Marsters, get Christian Kane

    • SamPerSan says:

      Christian Kane is busy on Leverage, although he and DB do make good adversaries. I would vote for anyone from the Whedonverse, but I would love to see AA or JM. That would just be so much fun!

  28. Gilda says:

    James Marsters would be amazing, and if they casr a guy, he’s my pick. But the gormegon, epps, and broadsky were all guys. I’d like to add another woman in the ranks next to the gravedigger. I do like the reunion idea, maybe Alyson Hannigan, if she could get time off from HIMYM? Rebecca Mader or Elizabeth Mitchell would be good, too. Kat Dennings would be good, but she has a new pilot, so that could be hard.

    • postsalot says:

      Hmmm, don’t think Julie Benz or Charisma Carpenter could pull off tech savvy.

      If only there were a nerdy (gorgeous) woman who was on Angel and could fit the (reunion) tech villain part perfectly.

      Amy Acker for the role, please!

  29. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Well, I don’t really care who the new big baddie is, I’m just glad we have one! It’ll make next season on Bones all the more epic. I can’t freaking wait. Call me crazy but I’d love for Brennan to have some sort of run with with this villain that causes her to go into labor unexpectedly… even better if Booth has to deliver the baby! I would just die :) This has the potential to be very very good if TPTB would go outside the box this time (Broadsky sniper storyline was meh- a little too neat IMO!) and I hope we get a lot of cute B&B out of it!

  30. carole says:

    this fan has no clues who james marster is.

  31. chanielle says:

    i would love to see marsters on bones…..DB and marsters have good chemistry on screen….SOA cant wait i like Jax wit a buzz cut question have they set a date for the premiere for SOA yet?

  32. Darla says:

    Oh! that would be so great. James and David back at each others throats. I wouldn’t miss an episode.

  33. Darla says:

    Oh! that would be so great. James and David back at each others throats. I wouldn’t miss an episode.

  34. Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton…

  35. Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton, Please be Wil Wheaton…

  36. Mandy says:

    I was thinking Nicholas Brendon for the Bones role. We already know he does geek from his role on Criminal Minds and he can do bad guy from his time on Private Practice. So he is the perfect fit and Buffy fans still get a reunion.
    Also, I really want to see everyone’s reactions to Bones’ pregnancy. Like seriously, how do you tell people that? Who would freak out? Who would be the most excited? How does her dad take the news? So even if it were in flashback form, I want to see that unfold.

  37. Abby says:

    Definitely would love to see James Marsters on Bones!! But not for the Angel/Spike whatever (although I’m a huge Buifyverse fan)… But because I think James is such an incredible villain! His facial expressions and mannerisms that he brings to his characters are phenomenal. I want him on the show just because he’s a great actor!

  38. squirelll says:

    james marsters on bones would be great!! on the long run he could even replace David!!! ;)))

  39. Wolfboy89 says:

    James Marsters or Nicholas Brendon pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
    James because of his Spike status animosity against david/Angel.
    & he’s really good at playing a villain.
    Nicholas because you would never expect him & he used to hate Angel hahaha.