Glee Exclusive: Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. In, Chord Overstreet Out!

It’s a case of good news/bad news for Glee fans.

First the good: Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) have officially been upgraded to full-time series regulars, effective this fall with the start of Season 3.

And now for the not so good news…

Chord Overstreet‘s series regular option has not been picked up. However, a source close to the show says the actor — who joined the Fox hit last fall in the recurring role of McKinley transfer student Sam Evans — could return as an occasional guest star.

Late Friday, Overstreet issued a cryptic tweet saying, “It’s been a good year. Too bad it’s over. Time for summer and starting fresh.”

Glee Boss Ryan Murphy: ‘Amazing Stories’ Coming for Mercedes, Mike, Tina, and Sue

The news comes two weeks after series creator Ryan Murphy raised eyebrows when he told Ryan Seacrest that most of the show’s primary characters would graduate by the end of next season. “The show to me is about the way you express yourself as you start to move out into the world as a fresh, young person,” he later clarified to TVLine. “Do we really want to have an eight-year [high school] senior? The only way somebody could stay on the show is if they flunk, and that is always a possibility. I think Brittany is pulling straight Fs.”

Thoughts? Bummed about Chord? Psyched about Harry/Darren? Hit the comments!

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  1. Amy says:


  2. Cassandra says:

    Bleh, I really don’t like Darren’s character. I was hoping he’d just become a guest role every now and then.

  3. Kevin says:

    Ryan Murphy sure likes to mess up a hit show. I don’t even like the idea of some of the kids graduating next year. This show is a hit because of “these” characters. It’s not a game show where you can just replace people and think they’ll still watch. Get a clue Murphy. When the ratings decline I guess you’ll figure things out.

  4. KC says:

    I can’t say I’ll miss Chord that much if he’s gone. Even when Sam had storylines he never made much of an impression either way. Good for the other two, though!

  5. Brianna says:

    How are you going to get rid of Sam?!?? He has an amazing voice and was a GREAT addition to the cast!!! I’m happy that Darren And Harry get to stay BUT my heart is breaking for Chord!! KEEP CHORD ON GLEE!!

  6. The Real Truth says:

    Don’t care what happens to Chord either way. Glee pushed the relationship with Mercedes and Sam just to give her a quick romance. Chord isnt off the show, he jusy isnt billed as a main character like he was THIS SEASON. Sam wasnt a fan favorite, the majority of people could do without him. Trust me, RM wouldn’t throw away money. RM better invest into a spinoff because once Rachel, Finn, Santana, Puck, Quinn, and possibly Kurt and Mercedes graduate this year, IM OUT especially without Rachel, whos really the fan favorite and money maker. Open your eyes, people.

  7. joe says:

    Lets hope glee doesn’t pull a degrassi when the kinds graduate

  8. Lotte says:

    It doesn’t make sense to me why they keep Blaine as a full-time cast member, whilst he already plays some kind of guest role. It would have been more logical when they would have kept the roles the way they are right now, and let the Mercedes/Sam plot develop instead of paying more attention to Klaine.

  9. Ellie says:

    I am SOOOOOO excited about Darren being a series regular. YESSS! Cannot wait to have him in more scenes, singing more songs, and MORE KLAINE ACTION! I mean seriously, they have kissed all of one time on the show. They’ve said I love you, but they’ve only had one kiss? I mean come on.

    And to all the Blaine haters: Don’t hate him cuz he’s beautiful. How is he a jerk? So he kissed Rachel – when he was drunk and hadn’t realized his feelings for Kurt – and so he had issues about prom, and Kurt’s kilt, but seriously? He couldn’t be the perfect, knight-in-shining-armor forever. He couldn’t just be a totally 2 dimensional character. He had to have some depth.
    Sure, you’re sad about Chord, but seriously, he was a guest star last season and still in like, every episode, so… There’s basically not going to be any change. I’m a supporter of Samcedes for sure, and just because Chord isn’t going to be a regular, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to see some development there..

  10. Leah says:

    I’m really surprised about this – although I can’t say why. Obviously something had to give and I figured we’d lose one or two characters before season three started. As happy as I am for Darren and Harry, I’m also gutted on behalf of Chord. I like Sam. Sure he was poorly developed – coming in as a rival to Finn but no rivalry REALLY took place, but those few episodes before the end were great where we learnt about his parents and his budding relationship with Mercedes. That’s what I’m most annoyed about – they’ve set up this relationship between Sam and Mercedes when surely Ryan Murphy had to at least have had an inkling he might not be bringing Sam back? He must live in cloud cuckoo land to write in a romance when the boyfriend in the equation is undoubtedly going to move away (how else can they explain Sam’s absences).

    Glee started as this wonderful ensemble show, but inevitably we let the characters in, we get to know them and it’s wrong the way characters leave so abruptly. Why? So some “fresh blood” from a reality TV show can take their place? Chord Overstreet deserves way more respect from the Glee people than what he’s getting. Why announce this while the tour is still going?

    Glee was wonderful in season one, patchy in season two and although I will watch season three, I may not be back for more seasons especially if we lose Rachel/Finn/Santana/Kurt at the end of S3.

  11. Kirstine says:

    Keep Sam – Mercedes finally got a boyfriend? And Chord’s just so dorky and adorable!

    And I’m soooo happy that Darren stays <3

  12. Scarlett says:

    The news about Sam is very disappointing. He is one of the only characters on the show that is still shown as a genuine, good person and he was just given an interesting storyline that many can relate to in this recession. In addition, they just set up a new relationship with Mercedes. Why bother if they had no intention of developing either storyline? From the phrasing of this article, it seems Sam will barely be in next season, if at all. I feel sorry for Chord, who has done a great job both on the show and in its promotion.
    The writers seem to have no idea where they are taking the show from one day to the next and this really feels like the final straw after a frustrating season and a half of lacklustre writing. I’m now seriously considering dropping the show. Everything I’ve heard about next season has underwhelmed me; the relentless focus on the toxic Finchel relationship and the new character from the reality show hold no interest for me. I already have no intention of watching once the high school characters are replaced so I might as well bow out a year earlier than planned.
    Congratulations to Harry and Darren, however, who both deserved their increased status (even though this news came out months ago!).

  13. Maria says:

    To be quite honest, I’m not that bummed over Sam leaving. It became clear that the writers didn’t know what to do with his character. Plus I found him incredibly bland.

    All I care about is whether or not Karofsky’s returning.

  14. Eve says:

    I am extremely disappointed right now. Chord’s character was that one character on Glee that I always saw myself in, and his dorky coolness was always underrated. HE SPOKE IN NAVI FOR GOODNESS SAKE PEOPLE! It also sucks for Mercedes’ plot line next season, their relationship had such promise!

    That’s awesome for Darren and Harry though! Those guys rock!

  15. Lee says:

    Most of you are right. Mike Chang has not brought a whole lot to the show besides his dancing. That is because he has been a background player for the first two seasons, and hasn’t been given a chance. Let’s what until Ryan Murphy gives him his due story line before we judge his character as a whole.
    I’m sure Sam will be on the show as a recurring guest star, and possibly make the jump to series regular in season 4. If I could get rid of a character completely it would be Artie. He just isn’t bringing anything new to the table after two seasons, and he has had his chances. Most of the time I find his character insufferable.

  16. Klaine-Samdes says:

    dammit. I was so looking forward to going nuts over my first het ship EVAR!! SAMDES. Sam and Mercedes were hot together. I was so sure I would see them in the fall. I have my Klaine (I am in love with Darren Criss) but I also want my Samdes. I wanted a SAMDES fall duet dammit, dammit, and more dammits!! How could you Ryan, really how could you?

  17. Pubeera says:

    I”m glad to hear that Darren Criss will be a regular. And I have no problem with Chord O. being gone – never found him too compelling. Maybe he’ll transfer to where that kid from the first season went.

  18. jrs says:

    :( I’m sad about Sam…love his semi-dorky personality plus he’s so fun to look at. I really like him. Not so happy about Darren Criss. When he first started, I liked him, but quickly tired of him.

  19. J says:

    They should have gotten rid of Darren. I use to love Darren Criss like everybody else but he has become a douche. He thinks he all that and has appeared on more talk shows and magazine covers then the original member of Glee who has been there from the start. He done on that after appearing in a dozen episodes of Glee being a guest start. Plus his character has become unlikeable and serve his purpose. There nothing much else for him to do and Kurt can do way better.

    • Whatever says:

      Wow I sense a little jealousy here. Darren plays his “role” well, doing talk shows, promoting the show, can sing up a storm on set or stage, and for that he is a douche. Better go back to English class. That is called working your rear-end off to make it in the entertainment industry and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What do you want from him? Go Scruffy, congrats on the promotion.

    • Marcus says:

      It’s called being a famewhore. I was rolling my eyes every time he felt the need to remind us of his heterosexuality during television interviews.

  20. Thom says:

    I can only assume that RM is not bringing Overstreet in this year so he can use him in the remake of Rocy Horror he is directing. Hands down he does make a good Rocky.

  21. Charlotte says:

    I don’t know why you guys are moaning, the writers clearly know what they are doing what with the success of glee to date. Daren is an amazing singer and was at the live show, Harry is an amazing dancer and showed that at the live show. We dont know if Chord decided to go as he has stated on Twitter that he wants to focus on an album.

    Just have faith in the writers they know what they are doing…..

    • Kat says:

      Glee was incredibly successful in season one but season two hasn’t been anywhere near as good. The episodes have been very uneven – some good and some either bland or idiotic. I think people have been tuning in hoping things will improve but I don’t think anyone has S1 the way they did S2. The cast is talented but I think the writing has been so-so this year. I hope S3 gets better with all the new writers they’ve hired but I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt…after S2 they need to earn it.

  22. Brock says:

    I know we need fresh faces, but I am bummed, I liked Chord/Sam. I was PUMPED by the Sam/Mercedes hook-up and looked forward to it continuing, figuring she’d finally get a break and a man!

    Any news on Lauren though?

  23. O says:

    I’m definitely bummed about Chord.

  24. Jill says:

    I suspect that his leaving is related to the blind item about a diva being tossed from his/her show!

    • Renee says:

      I just posted that before looking up and reading you comment. I agree.

    • Que says:

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Funny how Chord suddenly remembers he’s got fans on twiiter the day before he leaks he’s been fired. And for what? to force Murphy to change his mind. Murphy’s more likely to make sure he never works again for him or Fox.

  25. finchelklainequicksamcedesglee says:

    I am very happy about Darren! As for Chord, I would think still that they’d have him on all the time because HE IS a member of the club. And especially after the Mercedes/Sam introduction. And RM was talking about some storylines for Sam….so…maybe, hopefully, they just want to keep him a recurring role (not regular) because it pays less…IDK.

  26. jen says:

    I’m thrilled that Darren and Harry are being bumped up to series regulars. That being said, Chord’s character being reduced to a possible occasional guest star pisses me off. I spent part of last year homeless. I’ve done the living in a motel thing, staying with and relying on friends thins, and eventually spent a couple of months in a shelter with my husband and 3 children. Having a homeless character added an amount of depth to the show that I appreciated. I hope they at least bring him back so that the people that have been in his situation can see it resolved.

  27. Jessica says:

    No me interesa realmente que Sam se vaya, no hacia gran diferencia en la serie… aunque me intrigaba la relacion con Mercedes… pero Darren Criss definitivamente merecia quedarse en la serie, es mucho mejor cantante que todos los chicos de Glee y claro que sabe actuar! jummm… y Mike es irrelevante, su relacion con Tina aburre, los dos aburren, he ahi dos personas que podrian facilmente irse sin mucha pena para nadie :/

  28. Jacinda says:

    WHAT. THE. HELL?!?! I love Chord! He can’t be just a prop! He needs to be in the show! Ryan Murphy, first you tell us that your graduating cast members. Then this?!? I seriously hate you now.

  29. Beth says:

    This makes me angry… these comments, I mean.
    Why do we all have to be bitchy about Darren, Harry and Chord?
    Especially about Darren? It seems whenever he’s brought up into conversation there are people saying some really vile things about him.

    I started watching Glee from the very first episode and haven’t missed one since. I absolutely love the show. I am a fan of every character/actor (except maybe Matthew Morrison – his character seems a bit arrogant sometimes. But there’s no denying it, he’s talented)
    Now, yes, I’ll admit it, I am a HUGE Darren Criss fangirl. I’m also a HUGE Chris Colfer/Kevin McHale/Dianna Agron/Naya Rivera/Lea Michele etc fangirl (let’s be honest, i’m forever in love with the entire cast of Glee…)

    I don’t ever like hearing anyone put any of the cast down. Because they ALL have fantastic talent.
    It makes me angry how ignorant some people can be… I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people say that Darren Criss can’t act and that Blaine is the ‘most boring character on the show’, okay fine, but let’s highlight the important word there… ‘character’. Darren is actually a fantastic actor, however, he does have to play it like that on Glee, that’s his role. If you think Blaine is boring, fine, that’s your opinion. But that is NOT Darren. Blaine is very different to Darren. (Which can I just point out, shows how good an actor he is – I mean, if you ignorant ‘Gleeks’ all think Darren’s boring, he’s obviously got you all well fooled)

    And Harry… People are saying he’s no asset to Glee. No, that’s not true. He just hasn’t been given his rightful story line yet. I’m personally hoping for a Tina/Mike story line in Season 3; something really deep that makes us all ship them as hard as we shipped Brittana or Klaine.

    But I agree with a lot of people on here… It sucks about Chord; especially with the just developed Samcedes plot… But hopefully, he will still be in the majority of the series, otherwise I wont be a happy bunny.

    ANYWAY, THE POINT of this comment was to tell you guys to shut the hell up.
    I’m sick of hearing you all being completely bitchy to some of the Glee cast – they’re ALL great and talented people. Just because you might not like the character or the fans, DO NOT make a horrible comment about them before knowing everything about them. Ever.

  30. Annette says:

    They created the character of Sam Evans, had us fall in love with him, and then they’re not keeping Chord? If this is true, then it’s absolutely ridiculous. Sam has interacted with most of the glee club and had important, relevant storylines like fitting in as a new student and his homelessness (especially in the current economical climate). He’s been in every episode. How do they expect us to accept, let alone connect emotionally and fall in love with ANY new character after this? Especially their new reality show stranger character? I don’t trust them anymore and, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll keep watching.

    • Que says:

      Speak for yourself, not everyone fell in love with Sam. I found him bland & boring & completely forgettable.

  31. Kat says:

    I like Darren’s voice but he’s not that incredible and I am actually sick of the whole Kurt/Blaine storyline. I felt like that was the only story Glee was really invested in last year and it sort of took over the show. RM needs to remember the show is supposed to entertain everyone, it is not meant to be a platform to endorse gay rights and acceptance – no matter how important they are to him personally. I like Chord…I think he’s different and he was good with Quinn though I’d still prefer her with Puck. And I would have liked to have seen where the Mercedes/Sam storyline went. Mike and Tina bore me to tears! They have no chemistry and Mike can’t sing so I don’t understand why he’s becoming a regular. Glee was very uneven last year with little plot continuity and less than stellar writing. I hope they get their act together this year and give the existing cast the appropriate sendoff which includes keeping Finn and Rachel together and sending them off to NYC together!!!!

  32. Bre says:

    -Buy Sam’s song “Billionaire” on iTunes! We got it from spot #50-ish up to #9 now! LET’S MAKE IT #1!
    -TWEET this article to as many entertainment sites (example: @perezhilton) as you can! Also tweet it to the writers, old and new! We deserve an explanation AT THE LEAST! But most importantly show that you want Sam back! We KNOW he means A LOT to a lot of people, so let’s TELL/SHOW THEM! (writes twitters: @bfalchuk@aliadler @hitchmichael @martinoxon @mhodgson207), tweet chord to show your support as well because he deserves it!
    -SIGN THIS PETITION! (almost 4,000 signatures ALREADY and it only started last night!)
    -SPREAD THE WORD on how to do this on tumblr, twitter (any other way you can think of), and even facebook!

    • Ecka says:

      Do you know how many millions of people watch Glee? And you think Fox will change their minds because 4,000 people sign a petition. Get real, never going to happen.

  33. Tasha says:

    -Buy Sam’s song “Billionaire” on iTunes! We got it from spot #50-ish up to #9 now! LET’S MAKE IT #1!
    -TWEET this article to as many entertainment sites (example: @perezhilton) as you can! Also tweet it to the writers, old and new! We deserve an explanation AT THE LEAST! But most importantly show that you want Sam back! We KNOW he means A LOT to a lot of people, so let’s TELL/SHOW THEM! (writes twitters: @bfalchuk@aliadler @hitchmichael @martinoxon @mhodgson207), tweet chord to show your support as well because he deserves it!
    -SIGN THIS PETITION! (almost 4,000 signatures ALREADY and it only started last night!)
    -SPREAD THE WORD on how to do this on tumblr, twitter (any other way you can think of), and even facebook!

  34. Renee says:

    Huh. Wonder if this is the answer to that blind item from months ago.

  35. Sarah says:

    Saw glee in concert tonight Chord looked like he couldn’t be assed with putting in any effort in the dance routines. Extremely half hearted performance from him.

  36. angel73 says:

    I don’t hate anyone or wish bad for anyone reading what most been saying is not right firstly darren hasn’t done anything to anyone don’t no why hate him as for chord his not going to be on as much so wat to do not there fault he gets to stay and he doesn’t its how life is in a actoring world I’m sorry but they wud have been crazy to let darren go since he came on the show its changed for the better but only thing was is lacking is Keeping up with storylines I don’t know what some of you been watching thinking darren doesn’t have talented because he does but only problem was lack of storyline sticking with it so lets hope they make it a good one and for those who complains first watch the show then complain about it only fair no show last forever we make the most of what we got happy for darren and harry even though I don’t see him talk much and sorry chord hope u still be around all the best

  37. jackie says:


  38. Ariel says:

    Super sad about Chor… HE’S AMAZING!!

  39. Really MAD!!! says:

    CHORD/SAM WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! RM IS AN IDIOT! Keep all 3 ’cause it’s not like Glee has any budget issues.

  40. Jinks says:

    SPOILER ALERT: it’s because he’s being relplaced by Cameron on the Glee Project. Same look but hipsterish and slightly more nerdy (but not truly) Will miss you Chord!!!!

  41. Obvious says:

    I can pretty much already see the story line if Chord is gone. His dad gets a job, but they have to move AGAIN for it. Him and Mercedes do the long distance thing, which is how he makes his guest appearances. And who said that the show is the one that cut him out, maybe his life is going a different direction and it was his choice.

  42. lucy says:

    Ryan Murphy just got into trouble with too many characters so i guess i understand what he’s trying to do. I think Sam was unnecessary from the beginning of Season 2. But i don’t get what will happen to his relationship with Mercedes? I realy happy Mike is stay because i want to see his life story. I trust Ryan Murphy to do the best script for season 3 :)

  43. FinnFan says:

    So … Murphy finally had the decency to give that one black chick a romantic storyline (along with growing a pair big enough to make it interracial and with a decent, popular jock) — only to then turn around, lose his in the process; and get rid of both the jock and the romance.

    What a totally coward and a loser.

    Glee (like Klaine) now just completely sucks.

  44. JC says:

    They can go 90210 as long they are smart as the characters get older…BUT they might be better off, making Morrison, Lynch and Mays the consistent players and just commit to recycling new kids and bring them in sporadically so they all dont graduate at the same time…

  45. Leah says:

    Wow, reading these comments is kind of scary… There are people who are completely against Darren, people who are against Chord, people who are against Harry… I’m gonna be honest, I like all three of them and I think they all have something to contribute to the show.

    For those who say Darren is a bad actor, he may not be the best, but he’s just starting out. He’s going to learn and get better, and he has one of the biggest requirements for a starring spot on Glee – a fantastic voice. Plus, his character was really important in Kurt’s storyline last year. Honestly, I would rather have him on the show so that Glee could finally wrap up a storyline, which seems to be their weak spot. I mean, come on. What happened to Beth, people?

    As far as Chord is concerned, I liked Sam as a character, I liked his voice and I like the actor, but if it’s time for him to go, it’s time for him to go. Samcedes was an interesting idea but maybe it’s better to leave it at “what might have been” instead of turning it into a trainwreck like all of the other couples on the show. I’ll be sad to see him go, but hopefully he’ll leave on a high note.

    As for Harry, this is where I’m torn. He has been on the show for two seasons, so he’s paid his dues – but honestly, what does he do? Mike has had no character development whatsoever. The only thing we know about him is that he plays football, dates Tina and can’t sing. Oh, and he can dance. In my opinion if they were going to drop a character, it should have been Mike. He’s just not as interesting as Sam and he doesn’t really add anything to the show. However, Ryan Murphy promised a big storyline for Mike this season, so fingers crossed that he’ll actually get some character development and prove that he deserved to stay.

    Oh, and by the way – this is coming from a massive Darren fan. So please don’t make the mistake of thinking we’re all crazy fangirls who insist that he needs to stay just because he’s hot.

  46. poodle says:

    Chord Overstreet not a regular – this is nuts. One of my favorite characters. What can the Glee producers be thinking?

  47. Barb Richardson says:

    Not happy about what is going to happen this next season. They are talking about less songs and no guest star. What are you think. I watch for the songs and the dancing. Again what are you think. Was a big fan

  48. Tina says:

    Calm down people…noone says that Chord is leaving…he is just not a regular cast member…some as this seaason….same was with Harry who became regular for next one…we will see…(but I agree his character was meaningless since Sam broke uo with Queen…maybe now with marcedes he would have more story…but for me Marcedes and Sam-this doesn?t work for me-I don’t know why, maybe if I would saw it on episode I would change my mind)…you never know with RM.
    And as for one I think this season was better than first one…I don’t know- am I the only one who thinks that. And I love Warblers while I don’t like Vocal Adrenalin…maybe because I am big accapela fan

  49. lea says:

    I can’t believe they got rid of Sam! He was Mercedes’ new love interest and Mercedes never gets a love interest! I love Darren and all but bring back Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. fudgefase says:

    Was he the person (diva) you were referring to in your blind item about someone getting too big for their boots etc and being thrown off a show? Just curious.