Glee Exclusive: Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. In, Chord Overstreet Out!

It’s a case of good news/bad news for Glee fans.

First the good: Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) have officially been upgraded to full-time series regulars, effective this fall with the start of Season 3.

And now for the not so good news…

Chord Overstreet‘s series regular option has not been picked up. However, a source close to the show says the actor — who joined the Fox hit last fall in the recurring role of McKinley transfer student Sam Evans — could return as an occasional guest star.

Late Friday, Overstreet issued a cryptic tweet saying, “It’s been a good year. Too bad it’s over. Time for summer and starting fresh.”

Glee Boss Ryan Murphy: ‘Amazing Stories’ Coming for Mercedes, Mike, Tina, and Sue

The news comes two weeks after series creator Ryan Murphy raised eyebrows when he told Ryan Seacrest that most of the show’s primary characters would graduate by the end of next season. “The show to me is about the way you express yourself as you start to move out into the world as a fresh, young person,” he later clarified to TVLine. “Do we really want to have an eight-year [high school] senior? The only way somebody could stay on the show is if they flunk, and that is always a possibility. I think Brittany is pulling straight Fs.”

Thoughts? Bummed about Chord? Psyched about Harry/Darren? Hit the comments!

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  1. Nicci says:

    I’m so freaking pissed off!!! You (Ryan Murphy) make me like Sam with a very intense storyline…..and then….BOOM!!!! You don’t bring him back. :( So very sad.

  2. Taylor says:

    Aww man, Sam was finally getting a decent storyline :(
    I would’ve been sad to see any one of those three go, but Sam was a goofball, and I loved him.

  3. RyanD says:

    Basic relationship math suggests that Lauren will be out too.
    Otherwise Quinn is without a man with Puck taken.
    Unless she gets with Artie…

    • Kari G says:

      One can only hope that Lauren gets the boot as well. If anyone deserved being cut it’s her. Her character is such a waste.

  4. Miranda says:

    This is really disappointing. I’m not really a fan of “Mike” anyway. I really don’t know how they can’t make Chord a regular, especially considering the fact that they just started a new plotline revolving around “Samcedes”. I hope they reconsider this poor judgement. He can sing and dance a whole lot better than Mike and his storyline is a lot more interesting. As for Darren/”Blaine”, I like him. I think the producers would be idiots not to make him a regular, seeing as he is Kurt’s boyfriend and he’s in every episode. Sorry for my rambling, but I’m a true Gleek. :D

  5. curtislyon says:

    Huge harry shum jr fan so……

  6. Chachi says:

    I’m so happy about Harry and Darren, but am very sad about Chord. :(

    no1curr about Ashley tho, or…

  7. Mark says:

    Geez. As Criss as a guest star, it was already turning into The Darren Criss show. Now that he’s a regular, all that’s left is to officially change the title of the show.

    I blame Marti Noxon.

  8. Emma says:

    Are you freaking kidding me, Ryan Murphy? WTF? Chord is a way better actor than Darren and Harry has barely said a complete sentence in his two seasons on the show. Whatever i guess is doesn’t matter anyway since they’re all graduating. I just hope Ryan Murphy is prepared for the downward spiral in the ratings that is no doubt going to happen from these dumb ass decisions he keeps making.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Chord the second half of the season was so good! if they had done that with him in the beginning and not made him so weird he wouldve had a better chance. I was really starting to love his character.

  10. Livia says:


  11. Cristina says:

    Oh, thank God! GOODBYE, SAM! Never liked you. Won’t miss you. Sorry to the fans that did like him, but I’m celebrating over in my corner.

  12. Fran says:

    I Can’t Believe this! i will miss chord on glee, Sam was a good character…too bad…:(

  13. Gleek4EVA! says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! Sam is one of the most popular characters on the show! There are gonna be thousands of angry fans!!! And I’m one of them! Ratings of the show are gonna go dowwwwnnn.. Congratulations you just ruined the entire show!!!

  14. Dvd says:

    we all knew changes were coming, I’m sad for an actor to miss out on a hit show. But happy that this could confirm a male wins The Glee Project. I hope it’s Cameron who could easily take over the type of role Chord had.

  15. Shelby says:

    I wish Darren, Harry and the rest of the Glee cast the best of luck, but I won’t be watching season 3. As a viewer it is really frustrating to buy into and invest in a character and storyline only to have it disappear. Why should I bother caring again. I have been following Ryan Murphy’s comments and Brad Falchuks tweets regarding season three and they both seem quite condescending towards their actors. Chord Overstreet deserved better than finding out he wasn’t returning as a regular while in
    Dublin on tour. I look forward to Chord’s next project. Goodbye Glee :(

  16. Emily says:

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT what about Samcedes?!?!?!?!??!?! D:

  17. Kathryn says:

    While it may not be true, it certainly appears that Ryan Murphy is replacing Chord with the winner of the Glee Project. This will not go over well. He certainly knows how to piss off fans, doesn’t he? I’m guessing it’s going to be an awkward/tearful night in Europe.

  18. Rosie says:

    Yayyy, Harry! ABOUT TIME, RIB!

    And asdfghjkl; Darren, bucket for my creys please. He completely deserves it though, he has worked ~so~ hard this past year.

    And I doubt they’re just gonna cut Chord out completely. He’s still a guest star, just like he, Harry, and Darren were in the past season (and the one before for Harry). Samcedes may or may not happen (though I don’t really think they have all that much in common.. I have the sneaking suspicion people only ship it because they want Mercedes to FINALLY get some action! Maybe the Glee Project will be responsible for that though?) but he’ll still be in it.

    Goddd, all this angst, it’s ridiculous.

  19. Tory says:

    This blows. Really like Chord/Sam, my favorite character added this season. Not a big fan of Mike even if Harry is awesome. Wanted to see the Sam/Mercedes storyline play out.

  20. Fer says:

    I’m not going to watch if Chord’s not in it… I still had hope fabrevans will be back. But on the other side, he wasn’t a regular last season and he was in almost every episode and sung more songs that some regulars soo… And this is not confirmed yet right? RIGHT? :'(

  21. Selena Gomez says:


  22. Jo says:

    Bit harsh to choose to put Samcedes into action then fire him…
    But glad Harry and Darren got their contract upgraded, even though it’s not really a surprise.

  23. Kris says:

    It just sounds like that Chord is still a guest star. I think if they want to keep him around for season 4, then he’ll get bumped up to regular. It was like when Naya/Heather got bumped up but Harry didn’t in season 2.

  24. jill says:

    RIP Sam Evans, along with Ken Tenaka, Matt Rutherford, and Terri Schuester. i am going to make ryan murphy eat his yellow hat

  25. RJ Smith says:

    I like them all. Personally, I think they should all stay and SOME graduate at the end of this next season. Hey Murphy, if it ain’t broke (and it ain’t!), don’t FIX it! I get you want the show to evolve, but please do it more slowly so fans can acclimate to the upcoming inevitable changes. You’ve got a GREAT thing going….DON’T MESS IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Me says:


  27. Angel says:

    WTF? Horrible news. Chord was a great actor and Sam fit in seamlessly with the New Directions. Ugh. Why should we invest in these characters if they are just dropping them without warning? Huge mistake.

  28. Rebeccapedia says:

    So glad Harry is staying, but I’d have much rather kept Chord than Darren. I’m sorry for all the Samcedes fans, console yourselves by remembering the RIBs don’t stick to anything anyway, I’m still annoyed he was brought on to be Kurts boyfriend and then they just gave that up!

  29. Alex says:

    That’s lousy news to me as a Glee fan!!

    I really liked Chord/Sam and thought he had a lot of potential. I care as much about him (or more) than Mike and I was getting really tired of Blaine who was featured MUCH too heavily last season imo.

    So far nothing I’ve heard about Season 3 has sounded good to me. Ngl, my Glee love is fading.

  30. mgawsmestevan says:

    Just because Darren got picked up as a regular doesn’t mean Chord is going anywhere, Harry was a series regular for 2 seasons. Sam is supposed to be younger than most of cast, he’s supposed to stay until season 4. Anywho super happy about Darren and Harry!

  31. gleefan_01 says:

    what noooo! i love chord and sam i would rather him stay than harry or darren (mike or blaine)

  32. Cory says:

    I can’t not even begin to express how enraged I am by this (the Chord part…I’m actually happy about Harry and Darren). I loved Sam and this Chord is incredibly talented (both as a singer and as an actor). I just don’t get this at all, since supposedly most of the cast is leaving at the end of season 3 and Sam was, according to Ryan Murphy, going to just be a junior, so it would make sense to keep him. Also, Sam’s storylines were getting really interesting, with Sam’s family being homeless and Sam and Mercedes becoming a couple. Seriously, I cannot believe how angry I am him being cut. Is there any chance he would appear on a regular basis still (like Harry has done as a guest star for the last two seasons)? I really, REALLY hope so.

  33. MichaeI says:

    It’s unfortunate that Chord is getting the boot just as Sam finally started to get at least kinda interesting, but he’s pretty much been dead weight since the beginning. Pretty and a decent actor, but voice-wise he’s like the second coming of Finn (I guess they really wanted Finn to have a rival of equal talent, i.e. not much) and his character never really popped to me. If they were going to make him a geek, they should’ve made him a geek. I think their attempt to make him Finn 2.0, into both football and Glee Club and Quinn, really clipped his wings. And why does every guy on Glee Club have to take at least a turn on the football team?

    I mean, the producers themselves have stated that Sam was created to get with Kurt. That storyline was rewritten last minute, and while Kurt was none the worse for it, the one thing Sam really had going for him was deep-sixed. Let’s face it, the best thing about him were the jokes made at his expense by the other characters. Really, they should have just done the show a service and written him out earlier.

    As for Blaine, of course Darren Criss is a regular now. He earned it.

    And with Mike, I just hope they’ll develop the character beyond being Tina’s boyfriend and the “other Asian.” I’m all for some light-hearted racial humor as long as it’s egalitarian, but the Asians on the show seem to be a much more acceptable target than everyone else, and it’s really getting offensive. Mike’s a dancer, from the sound of what we’ve heard, there’s a cultural dissonance between him and his parents. If we’re going to be featuring the fact that he’s Asian, how about dealing with how unlikely it is that old-school Asian parents would be supportive of their son considering a future in the arts as opposed to something stable like medicine or business? Hell, let’s learn something NEW about him. That might be nice.

    • Rita says:

      I do agree with you about Mike’s and Tina’s characters. I’m not Asian and it irriates me that the writers have to have them saying things like Asian kiss. Really? They need to flesh out their characters more. As for Mercedes, she is one of the main characters and she has become more like an extra. I was happy she was going to get a boyfriend and maybe a better storyline but i guess that’s not going to happen now that Sam’s gone.

  34. bayth says:

    Well, this sucks. I’d rather they have Blaine as a guest star like he was last season. He’s a bland, boring character and doesn’t deserve the spectacular Kurt. I like Harry alright, but I don’t know if he can carry a heavier role. He was hired as a dancer after all. I’m only watching Glee for Chris Colfer. Once he’s gone, I’m gone.

  35. dev says:

    this makes nooooo sense. sam has had more storylines than some of the regulars (and darren and harry). lets review: the friend/hate rivalry with finn, his relationship with kurt, the love triangle with quinn, homeless and living in hotel, secret relationship with mercedes, (and maybe even a suggestion to a eating disorder in the rocky horror episode?). oh and not to mention chord is one of the better actors on the show and a good performer. this better not be true bc they would be throwing away so much potential

  36. mykey716 says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about Harry? It’s called GLEE! And he can’t sing!!! So why is he in a Glee club? At least Chord could sing, but the show really shafted Sam this past season…he got to do the Justin Bieber songs, but that was basically it! Then they made him homeless (which was the most ‘thrown together’ storyline…which then went nowhere!)and then basically ignored him until the finale with the secret(why?) relationship with Mercedes! Sorry but I would have preferred keeping Darren & Chord…and leaving Harry as a secondary/guest star…Personally, I don’t think the writers can really find good story lines for all their characters and find it easier to ignore some and focus on a few…and it’s really starting to show! Maybe ‘Graduation’ will be the best thing for this show (or it’s total downfall)

  37. JaysieLove says:


  38. karenb says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’m watching “the Bieb’s” episode now! This guy is crazy talented and totally has that “thing” that RM, etc. is looking for in the “glee project.” C’mon, guys! Sam is very endearing, and is a total scene-stealer!! wtf?!

  39. EJ says:

    I’m happy for Darren and Harry but they really should have done the same for Chord. I really like Sam and I was looking forward to seeing how things went with him and Mercedes.

  40. Cameron says:

    Firstly Matt congratulations on the scoop. Secondly what a shocker. Really thought he was going to hang around as Mercedes boyfriend. It’s very surprising and odd.

  41. Angel says:

    What happened to Ryan Murphy SPECIFICALLY saying “Chord isn’t a senior” and that he would continue on the show? What happened to Brad saying “remember Chord and Darren” in regards to bringing in new characters?? WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO US?

  42. Sara says:

    Guys, don’t flip out. Chord, Darren, and Harry were all considered guest stars last season, and we still saw PLENTY of all of them. So yes, in season 3, we’ll see a little more of Darren and Harry, but we’ll see Chord too. Mercedes isn’t losing her boyfriend. Chill.

    • P says:

      Thank you to the only other person with common sense here.

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      I think people are reacting this way because of the tone of Chord’s tweet. He made it sound more like he’s being shown the door than being toned down. You don’t have to “start over” when you will still have a steady job.

  43. bri says:

    i really want to see what would with Mercedes & Sam. ive been rooting for Mercedes to get a boyfriend for a long time. plus sam had a great storyline including, what is going on with his family.

  44. Travis says:

    Seriously, Sam was barely a character and “Samcedes” was so forced. He wasn’t long for this world.

    I agree with Michael, Chang needs some actual development instead of being the butt of never ending Asian jokes.

    As for Blaine, they better not have him transfer. That would make zero sense.

  45. Elias says:

    I think is stupid that they write an episode about his family if they suddenly take him out of the show, for me its a waste of our time. If he’s not hired they might as well not call Lauren Zizes back(Dont know her real name sorry)

  46. David says:

    That is ridiculous. Chord Overstreet has a better singing voice than Darren Criss…And does no one remember that Harry SHum Jr CANT SING????!!!! I am really disappointed in you Ryan Murphy.

    • ATLgroove says:

      I’m not too sure about the validity of the above post. I seriously doubt Chord has the range Darren has. If you compare their work over the past season, it’s kind of clear who has the stronger voice/range. Chord did some Beiber, that “Friday” song and “Time of my Life.” Meanwhile, Darren’s strongest were “Somewhere Only We Know” and “If I Get you Alone.”

      As for Harry, he’s there for a) comic relief and b) visual production value of glee club performances.

  47. Deena says:

    What about Ashley Fink? Wasn’t she questionable to come back too? I hope she’s not going anywhere. Lauren Zizes cracks me up.

  48. NedPepper says:

    Ryan Murphy is like a child with ADD. He’s ruining his mega-hit. The graduation idea, unless there’s a spin-off, will kill this show, and Chord’s character was one of the only younger characters on the show. The kid had a good look, a good vibe…Murphy just doesn’t have a clear vision for any of the characters. Story arcs come and are abandoned. There’s no flow. How can this guy be A SHOWRUNNER? It’s turning into amateur hour. Last season of Glee was a mess. It doesn’t look like that’s changing.

  49. Katie says:

    GUYS. CALM. DOWN. This happens. RIB has there reasons for not making chord a regular. It could be for the fact that they couldn’t fit him into season 3 in a good way. No need to bash Darren or Harry, both are INCREDIBLE actors, as is Chord.Who knows, maybe we will see a good amount of chord. We all know that Ryan is a troll. So just kick back, relax, and wait for season 3.

  50. What says:

    It’s obvious he screwed someone over. RM likes to play god with everyone (the reason why Naya’s presence increased–she “friendlied” with a higher up). I was really hoping for a Kurt/Sam relationship and the only reason I still occasionally watched. Darren/Chris have no chemistry–loved their symbolism but peace out.

    • Lily says:

      Maybe there is no chemistry between Kurt and Blaine because initially it was no supposed to be any chemistry.. (Blaine as mentor)… I also hoped on a Kurt who is messing with Samsedes… because he is jealous of Sam… because Sam can have Mercedes in ways that Kurt cannot…