So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Results Recap: Did the Right People Go Home?

“The honeymoon is over,” declared Cat Deeley — bedazzled bird applique fastened to her chest — at the top of Thursday night’s So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 results-show telecast. And while the stylish and delightful hostess (who really, really, really needs to get an Emmy nomination this year) wasn’t fibbing, I can’t say that I’m ultimately distraught about the pair of dancers whose Season 8 vacation to dancer’s paradise came to an end as the credits rolled.

That said, a few things did stick in my craw about this week’s elimination extravaganza: Head judge Nigel Lythgoe complimenting Chris on his “hummingbird” “woodpecker” routine from Top 20 Redux night, when in fact, that fowl hip-hop routine was brought to life by Robert. The telecast’s director placing inexplicable focus on weak link Ryan during the evening’s opening group routine. (Uncle Nigel & Co., please explain your unsavory fascination with this solid but unspectacular hoofer, or better yet, redirect it to a more worthwhile competitor!) And, of course, my favorite performers from Wednesday night’s performance show — the duo that delivered a sizzling samba — finding themselves alongside the doomed contestants in the Bottom 3. Speaking of which…let’s get to the facts:

Bottom Three Couples
Ashley Rich and Chris Koehl
Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr
Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly

Eliminated Dancers
Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr

On the men’s side, the need for Robert’s ouster was as obvious as a piercing “woooo!” in a public library, which is probably why he was the unanimous pick among the judges to go home. His solo was by far the weakest among this week’s at-risk gentlemen (more on that in a second), and during his Wednesday-night Broadway routine, he faded away like a chalk drawing in a rainstorm. And while Cat referred to Robert as “Mr. Personality” as he ended his solo, the problem is that his nickname really only fits when he’s not actually dancing.

As far as Miranda’s exit, I think it’s safe to say her demise was in no way prompted what she did during this week’s “Dance for Your Life” segment, during which she leapt higher than Caitlynn , and moved with more panache and emotional maturity than Ashley. My guess is she either fell victim to the Season 8 trend of the judges opting to send home couples as opposed to individuals — they’re three for three in this department thus far — or suffered for never having participated in a truly stellar routine. Whatever the case, it certainly seemed a little cruel for Nigel to call Miranda forward, reiterate how she was the most improved and most changed contestant this season, then tell her she was getting the boot. Dude didn’t even bother talking to Ashley or Caitlynn, but maybe that’s because he didn’t want to reference the former dancer’s very tepid solo before extending her life by another week. I’m glad Cat was there to ease the pain, wrapping Miranda in a warm hug and declaring her a “delistrously [sic], gorgeously, beautifully talented” dancer.

Since we’re on the subject of solos, though, let’s go ahead and assign some letter grades, shall we?

Ashley: Her solo — set to David Ryan Harris’ meandering “For You” — was pretty, I suppose, but it lacked any sense of depth or emotional maturity. Plus, none of the moves looked it didn’t look particularly challenging from a technical standpoint, either. Overall, this looked more like “Warming Up for Your Life” as opposed to the unbridled, passionate art of the dance. D+

Chris: Nigel praised the b-boy for “dancing with all the passion we expected,” but this solo looked a wee bit overwrought from where I was sitting thanks to Chris’ “angst face.” I did enjoy that series of backflips ending with Chris on his knees, then bouncing back up again, but is it just me, or does this guy never really look like he’s having that much fun? B-

Miranda: I never really boarded the Miranda Express, but there’s no denying her solo to Maria Zouroudis’ “Unthinkable” was a powerful one. Her elevation when she’s leaping is effortless and extraordinary, and that move where she stood on one foot and moved her arms like wings was pretty nifty, too. A-

Robert: Dude’s second “Dance for Your Life” solo was not much better than his first, plus it was set to a Jamie Foxx song. (Cue sad trombone.) There’s something almost cartoonish in the way the Wooo Man moves his Jello legs, and his slo-mo sequence near the end was good for a smile, but I’ve seen it all done better by past contestants. C

Caitlynn: Was it just me, or did Caitlynn almost lose her footing coming out of that rather wayward looking first pirouette? The rest of the routine, howeverm proved Caitlynn’s got power and fire, and her final spin — the one that ended with her dropping viciously to the floor — was one of the few “wow” moments of the night. B+

Mitchell: If you’re going to set your solo to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” you’d better bring the drama, and that’s exactly what Mitchell did. His every movement built in intensity right alongside the music; Mitchell displayed some incredible flexibility to begin his routine, and then let loose with a series of technically flawless leaps and pirouettes. Plus, he never should’ve been in the Bottom 3 in the first place! A-

Top 16 Group Routine: Set to “The Incredits,” from The Incredibles, this Michael Rooney routine was slightly reminiscent of the “Red Door” guys’ number from earlier in the season, but also looked like the most thrilling CIA training/calisthenics routine ever conceived or executed. I loved how Jess’ entire body got turned like a crank, and Tadd and Miranda’s final pose (which they held for a good 15 seconds) was a thing of incredible strength and beauty. A-

What did you think of this week’s results? Should Ashley have gotten the boot before Miranda? Were you surprised to see Mitchell and Caitlynn at risk? And what about this week’s special guest dancers? (I thought both acts were pretty incredible.) Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Laurien says:

    I’m sad Miranda got cut, I thought she had the best solo out of all of the dancers up for elimination. It was a bit misleading of Nigel to tell her that she was the most improved and then eliminate her.

    • MDEP says:

      I agree. My opinion is that they should have cut Ashley, who has not been very memorable. I wonder why they did not speak to all of the girls individually. I think they had more than enough time.

      • MikesFan says:

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        Fact: The hottest these teams have ever been, together, heading into a Subway Series is . . . well, not very hot at all. In the 15 years they’ve been playing this series, both teams have brought winning streaks into the showdown only three times: 1998, 2000 (when each were on brief two-game bursts), and earlier this year, when the Yankees had won three in a row and the Mets two straight.

    • Taylor says:

      Based on the way the judges were sitting during elimination, I’m willing to bet that Nigel wanted to save Miranda while the other 3 did not. I’m kind of sad to see her go because she was one of the dancers trained in tap as well, and I REALLY want to see a tap routine this season.
      The girls were all somewhat blah tonight in their solos. Robert definitely had the weakest solo (again), so they were correct in that elimination.

      • tvlover says:

        It seemed to me that Lil’ C was really upset about Miranda’s elimination; when Nigel said it wasn’t unanimous, he shook his head vigourously.

      • Bobbi says:

        Nigel confirms in an article at this morning that he was a lone vote for keeping Miranda. So you’d win that bet, Taylor!

    • Miranda says:

      I totally agree with this. I thought for sure that Ashley would be cut because she had the weakest solo, but somehow the person that I felt had the strongest solo got eliminated? I’m so confused…

      • fiona says:

        my thoughts exactly, thought ashley who was really weak in the solo should have gone home and miranda had the strongest solo

        • djm says:

          I was actually excited at the idea of Miranda and Chris being partners since Miranda was saddled with LAME Robert this whole time. I think they didn’t eliminate Ashley last night because they want to keep the cast as diverse as possible, but I think she’ll be going home soon.

          • djm says:

            Oh, and am I the only one who HATED that opening group number? It was SOOOOOOO SLOW moving and a lot of the choreography seemed so, um, unsophisticated. It just screamed Tyce Diorio’s school project from the 80’s.

          • LeeB says:

            DJM….I agree I thought the group routine was boring and slow. My daughter, who is a dancer, thought the same.

          • igoreli says:

            Yes, it was boring. (Nigel, please call Wade).

      • KevyB says:

        The solos are useless and are rarely used to send people home. And rightfully so. This is a show about people dancing as couples and the ones who haven’t done well SHOULD be sent home. For whatever reason, Robert and Miranda were the weakest couple remaining so they sent the right people home.

  2. Sarah El says:

    I feel like I shouldn’t be too shocked Ashley stayed over Miranda considering how fangirly Lil C and Kristen were about her last night, but I loved Miranda and I feel like, though Ashley is fine, she has never really stood out from the pack and definitely does not seem very endearing either. I feel like, despite a weak partner and being very good at blending in, Miranda still miraculously stood out from the pack. She could’ve been so great on the show, but that’s okay so long as she still manages to have the solid career she deserves. :/

    • tamara says:

      I actually thought Lil C was not happy about Miranda going home. My guess is that NIgel pulled rank and got hbis wish.
      I think Ashley is so boring. I still haven’t liked any of her performances. There’s not one that I’ve wanted to watch twice.
      But MIranda was one of my faves. First week I was ready to let her go.But week 2 was fabulous! and this week she was great too. I think she got stuck with a lesser partner, and that did her in.
      I’m not happy. Ashley&Chris, Jess&Clarice and Ryan%Ricky should’ve left way before her.

      I think they should’ve split the couples this week.

      • Sarah El says:

        I agree with you. I’m not sure how much better it would be, but a Chris/Miranda partnership would be better than either of their past partners, IMO. Chris has shown far more growth than Ashley. I wish Jess and Clarice had been in the bottom though – then we might’ve gotten to kick them, or maybe at least a better shot of keeping Miranda. :(

      • Lana says:

        It turns out Nigel wanted Miranda to stay in the show. You guys want to blame him for everything!

      • Sytycdfan says:

        Lil C loves Ashley & referred to her as the silent assassin so he wasn’t disagreeing about that. They have not done single eliminations since S5 on top 20, it’s always been as couples. Nigel said it was too hard for “new” couples to develop chemistry…but I keep remembering S5 when Max went home & Kayla was then coupled with Kupono. Woohoo! First a gorgeous Viennese waltz, then Gravity (addiction Emmy-winner)! I really wanted to see Miranda & Chris together- they both needed better partners. Miranda was one of our best imho. This is why I loved last season when they were partnered with AllStars…at least we didn’t lose great dancers due to lousy partners! And the dancers all progressed much more quickly with an experienced partner. I want top 20 WITH AllStars or go back to single eliminations. Rant over… miss Miranda already :(

  3. Billy says:

    Miranda’s elimination was embarrassing for the show. She was obviously the best dancer in the bottom three, and the show lost a bit of credibility.

    I thought Arielle’s elimination in Vegas was silly, and then they pull this. Bad move, producers.

    • CA says:

      Oh please…the show’s lost credibility??! What does that even mean? Listen, the phone votes put Miranda and Robert in the bottom three…a second time. So one of them wasn’t resonating with the audience. Granted Cris and Ashley would have been my choice to leave simply because their performance wasn’t up to par with the rest. I always love how people blame the producers as though they are some amazing puppet masters behind the scenes with aspirations to take over the TV world. But I guess if anyone looks hard enough, they will find a conspiracy to suit them.

  4. Aislinn says:

    I was sad to see Miranda get cut as well. I agree with Michael that Ryan is the one that needs to leave – I was disappointed she was not in the bottom 3. I felt that, based on the solos as well as last night’s performances, Ashley was the better choice to leave.

    I don’t get the decision by the judges to elminate pairs this season. I don’t remember them doing so in past years – people had to get new partners all the time. I have a feeling it may have played a role in Miranda’s elimination, since they were unanimous on Robert.

    • Laura says:

      I felt this way too. My first thought was that when the judges were voting for which girl to send home, it was two for Ashley and two for Miranda, so they decided to keep the couples together and just get rid of Miranda. I don’t know if this is just me being kind of overdramatic, but that’s what it felt like.

  5. Lo says:

    Michael you made a typo – Nigel referenced the “woodpecker” routine, not hummingbird routine

  6. reena says:

    ok this is just not right should have been ashley and chris! nigel got this wrong and i am also not a fan of ryan she should have been gone last week dont know why she was in the front she is the weakest and got lucky this week…very dissapointed!!

    • jamie says:

      Don’t be surprised Ryan is still on the show. If you watch the season finale of Glee, Ryan had a guest stint!!! She is no stranger to the FOX producers. So someone is keeping her to SYTYCD (and that someone is definitely not the people who vote). I will not be surprised if she makes it to the finals.

  7. Vlad says:

    Who’s voting for Ryan? She’s a good dancer, but not up to par with this strong group. Miranda was really coming on strong, and definitely out-danced Ryan.

    • T says:

      I’m not so sure people are voting for Ryan as much as they’re voting for Rickey. I adore him. He’s total Danny Tidwell 2.0.

      • JJ says:

        Agree with you on Danny Tidwell, but I never cared from him, and that is why I never cared for him…
        I disagree with most people on Ryan though; she’s not the best, but she’s worth it to stick around for a week or two more.

        Still would’ve liked to see some more diversity this year, with mostly just contemporary- and break/hiphop-dancers this season is becoming quite unspectacular, with the exception of Miranda, Tadd and Sasha

        • igoreli says:

          Ryan should be in top 4. She was great in Vegas, one of the best. And still is.

          • sadtroll says:

            While Ryan’s performance this week was great in the Sonya routine, and a little overlooked by the judges even…she really should have gone home last week.

            Then again they got BOTH boots wrong last week and this week they at least sent the right guy home.

  8. ali427 says:

    How can they praise Miranda like they did and then kick her off?? Her solo was by far the best; wasn’t even close. Ashley was definitely the obvious choice. So disappointed.

  9. Jen says:

    Michael, it wasn’t the hummingbird routine, it was the woodpecker routine that Nigel messed up on. The hummingbird routine was from season 3 with Hok and Jamie :)

  10. Sarah says:

    SERIOUSLY??? Ugh. I LOVE Miranda! And her solo was fantastic! I agree with Robert going. I’d rather had seen Ashley gone. I’d REALLY rather have seen RYAN gone. She is irritating. Why do they love her so much? =(

  11. karen says:

    I love Ryan. I have enjoyed all her dances.

  12. Lynne Anderson says:

    I am totally shocked by the decision by the judges this evening. They have a lot of explaining to do. Miranda was so far and above the best dancer in her solo and Ashley was by far the weakest. I cannot believe they would cut the best solo dancer. Do they think the studio audience is not able to see who solo is weakest? For the first time, I am sorely disappointed. I could understand Robert, but Miranda should have stayed through the top ten.

    • Kate says:

      I actually wish the judges would explain their decisions even saying where the split came. Because it definitely seemed like everyone was not on board.

    • sadtroll says:

      It’s not even about the solos. 30 second solos is a poor thing to base the eliminations on. If it were just about who’s been the better dancer and performer on the show, Miranda should easily have been kept.

      And as much as the competition has been very close this year, Ashley just hasn’t hit anything out of the park yet. Such an easy boot, I guess they’re keeping her for the same reason they kept Ryan last week – hope. Which is lame cause Miranda fantastic.

  13. agrimesy says:

    This is the first season I have watched SYTYCD, so the vote off rules are still new to me. I agree that the judges should eliminate the two weakest dancers as individuals not just automatically kick out two who were paired together. Also, do the judges know who actually had the lowest number of votes? Can that information sway their ruling regardless of the solo performances?
    I missed the results show tonight and came here for the news. When I saw Slezak’s list of the bottom three. I immediately recalled Ashley and Chris’s zombie dance as well as Caitlyn and Mitchell’s samba . . . but I could not for the life of me remember Miranda and Robert’s dance, at all. Then it finally hit me . . . the red dress, lady of the evening number. It was just so totally forgettable. That being said, I am still sorry to see Miranda go. I liked her personality better than judges faves Ashley and Caitlyn.
    I sincerely hope the judges will consider mix and match eliminations in the future. NO WAY they should ever send Sasha home just because Alexander is a lesser dancer. I’m worried now.

    • Foresha says:

      The judges do not automatically eliminate dancers as a couple. They can (and often have in the past) choose to send home a guy and girl who are from different couples, then pair up the remaining partners. They just haven’t happened to do that yet this season.

      The judges have said in the past that solos are not the only factor used to determine who goes home. I’m sure they also consider votes, personal favorites, who dances well together, work ethic, whether someone is normally a crowd favorite but had an off night, etc. I think it actually says in the fine print in the credits that the producers (of which Nigel is one) have a say in who gets eliminated. And having watched pretty much every episode of this show every season, I can guarantee that solos seem to be only a very small part of what they consider. For example, they often keep ballroom dancers who are otherwise strong dancers/performers, even when they clearly have the worst solo of the night, because by definition, ballroom dances all involve partners so it’s hard to do a good solo in their own style.

      And later in the season, when it gets to the top 10, they will no longer keep the same partners, but will change every week just like they do dance styles. The audience then will be voting on dancers individually, not as a couple. At that point, eliminations are taken out of the judges’ hands and the bottom two votes getters (1 guy and 1 girl) will go home. The bottom dancers still do solos on elimination night, but it’s just to remind people what they’re capable of and has no effect on the outcome. Not sure if they’ll make changes to the pattern this year, though, since they’ll be bringing in all-stars (favorites dancers from past seasons) as additional partners come Top 10 time.

      • Ace says:

        Actually, I think I read that they will be switching to all-star partners for the Top 10, which might mean we’ll only be voting off one contestant each week.

        I wish the judges had sent Ashley home tonight instead of Miranda. Miranda and Chris both deserve better partners than they started off with.

      • Rhama says:

        Another factor are the exact voting results. The public does not know which couple has the least amount of votes! I’m sure that this factor is more important that the solos.

      • agrimesy says:

        Thanks for the replies . . . This show has a really interesting dynamic. I’m enjoying it.

  14. jillyb says:

    Sad to lose Miranda. I would like to know which judges kept Ashley over Miranda. Her opening leap in her solo was amazing. She probably had too many leg extensions, but hers were better than Ashley’s leg extensions.

    Why did Nigel give Mitchell a hard time about landing in the Bottom 3 again??? Has he already forgotten it was an injury that put him there the first week. Someone’s memory is starting to fail him.

    • tvlover says:

      Mitchell wasn’t mentioned much in the pre-top 20 shows, was he? Nor were Caitlynn or Miranda, from what I remember – so he’s part of a couple with both members being ‘new’ to viewers post-audition shows.

  15. Barbra says:

    For me it’s just too sad to see anyone go home at this point… And I completely agree about Ryan, I mean, she’s great and all but in my opinion there are better competitors.

  16. MA says:

    Miranda and Robert had been in the bottom before, so I get it. But I agree Miranda was great. Shoulda been Ryan.

  17. Vicky says:

    That was just BS!!
    Miranda’s was the best solo tonight, and Robert had a far better performance – both in technique and in energy and emotion – than Rick.
    Ashley and Ricky should have been the ones cut!!
    This is the first season I do watch this show, and it will be probably the last one, as you can see the whole thing is just ridiculous.Nigels sends home who he doesn’t like and keeps who he likes no matter what, so what is the point? Publicity? Yeah, with what viewers if you keep at this rate.

    • jb says:

      OH, please, Robert was repetitive and just not a very good dancer. Not even in his own style. All of the other guys are far better than him. He was the right choice to go. Thank God! I don’t think I could stand to watch him one more time standing next to Cat and bobbing his head up and down like a chicken.

  18. tamara says:

    I’m just too upset to type…
    Miranda was no doubt one of the strongest dancers. I really thought this week they’d finally split them up, cause it made sense for Robert and Ashley to go home. I don’t know what happened here. Nigel has some serious explaining to do.
    All that praise for her last week, and also her solo the first week, and this week she was fabulous. The routine wasn’t all that, but she was fantastic.
    I’m furious… enough said.

  19. Jake says:

    Really sad to see Miranda go – she was at a real disadvantage being paired with Robert, who did deserve to go. Really all 3 bottom girls were very strong. Caitlynn gave the weakest solo (which was still very good), but she has performed very well every week, and was excellent in the samba last night. I thought Ashley should have gone, but I think she is an incredible dancer.

    • Kmg says:

      Exactly my thought… Miranda was a very good dancer who was paired with a mediocre partner. I thought Robert was good in his own style, but he has never been good at partnering. I totally thought it was time for him to go, but it should have been Ashley going with him. I would love to see Miranda get to dance with someone else to se how much better she can do.

      I think that if Ryan and Ricky hadnt gotten to do such an amazing piece of choreography, they would have been in the bottom three this week. And then, I think Ryan may have been sent home. But having to choose between the folks that they had, they made the wrong choice.

  20. Lauren says:

    I am also sorry they cut Miranda – she was a quirky breath of fresh air in the midst of a bunch of similar contemporary girls. And what’s with the voting results – how could Mitchell be in the bottom 3?

  21. cmp says:

    The wrong girl was eliminated. It seems I am not alone in my disappointment in Ashley’s performances so far. Just so so. Miranda is CLEARLY the better dancer. And CHRIS stays?? Give me a break. Oh well. Until next week.

  22. fci says:

    Robert and Mirdnda should have been cut Week 1 when Nigel wimped our on sending anyone home. So, this couple going is no surprise and well deserved

    • Rachel says:

      I agree, Miranda and Robert should have gone in week 1 and then maybe Nick and Iveta would still be in the competition, assuming Wadi and Missy got the boot in week 2.

  23. kia says:

    From last week, everyone keeps going on and on commenting that they despise Ryan (me too!) but how the hell could she still stick her butt on the show!! who’s voting for her anyway :( !?

    with Miranda going home, I feel like this show is more and more just like Idol this year, the judges keep their favorites. The reliability and true identity of the show like this in choosing only the best is no longer matter anymore.

    • anon says:

      I can’t imagine who’s voting for Ryan! Her dancing is heavy and at times, jerky. She looks like she’s stomping bugs on the sidewalk when she galumphs around the stage. Pitiful!

    • pbm says:

      NOBODY is voting for Ryan. They are voting for Ryan and Ricky. He’s the reason why she’s still in the competition. Just wait until they are no longer partnered and then she’ll be voted off by America.

  24. msmaka says:

    Is it possible that they(well Nigel probably) didn’t want to send home two black contestants on the same night?

  25. Ellen says:

    I have been a faithful (Idol) and SYTYCD watcher/follower since day 1. We bow to King Nigel as he calls the shots… always has.. always will… How I see it: I am not a dancer but I love the arts. Any performer needs to connect with the audience. While Miranda was fantastic, Robert did nothing for me. This years field does not appear as diverse as past seasons (I have no idea what types of training they have all had) in as they all seem to be from the same few genres’. In a field of amazing dancers who do you cut? Admittedly, Ryan is not that strong. Sometimes they seem to keep the dancers with potential because they know something about them that we don’t. I think Ashley and Chris are two of those. They know Miranda will go on to bigger and better. This show is like Idol for dancers… they don’t go away. It is a jump off for them. If Nigel hadn’t sent Phillip C home Jeanine Mason might not have won. He was holding her back. The season was lost for me when Nick went home week 2… The killer part of competitions is the subjectiveness (a word??) of it all…

  26. Suzy says:

    First of all Caitlynn and Mitchell in the bottom 3 ??? Whaat??? Their samba was hot and they did really well outside their style! They have been consistently killing it every week! Caitlynn was phenomenal the 1st week and I adored their “turning tables” dance! They are my favorites(with Sasha of course) and I hope people vote for them! My bottom 2 for last night were Robert and Ashley !

  27. Sollo says:

    What was that awful song Caitlynn danced to?

  28. Sabrina says:

    I had predicted Robert going home, he was fun but not as good a dancer. I really feel he was holding back Miranda in their dances. I was really hoping they would break up the couples and send Ashley home so Miranda could pair up with Chris. I think they would have had better chemistry and he has more potential in the other styles of dance than Robert. I really feel Miranda will be like Katherine, she will pop up as an all-star eventually when Nigel admits he was wrong. She was a much stronger dancer than Ashley (who leaves me cold after every routine). This desire to keep all the couples together is often detrimental, sometimes the dancers benefit from a switch and I really think this was one time that would have been true.

  29. Maria says:

    Surprisingly, People magazine is reporting that Kristin Chenoweth revealed that the girls vote came down 3-1 for Ashley over Miranda, and it was Nigel who was the sole vote in favor of Miranda. I thought for sure Nigel always had the pull for his favorite. I can’t believe Mary said that Miranda danced without emotion and that Ashley had stronger duets over the past three weeks. Miranda had so much more personality and was more memorable for me… not to mention her dance for your life solo was stronger. A huge disappointment that she was sent home before Ashley.

  30. Volcfom says:

    There have been plenty of instances in the past where they didn’t split up couples when they should have. This result was another one of those times. As it gets closer to the Top 10, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more split pairings.
    As for Miranda, she has beautiful solos and a great personality, but the judges have to take every performance into account. I didn’t think she did well in the group number on performance night, and maybe that’s what ultimately lead to their decision.
    I also would have preferred Ashley to go, but I’m not over-the-top upset about the results. It was easy to predict.

  31. davej says:

    Sad to see Miranda go. A few commnts:

    – if the judges are not happy with who is in the bottom 3, then they need to start by blaming themelves. This show hads turned into “American Idol” in that there is very little expert critiquing on dances. It’s all just about ow great they were technically or how they did it with passion and had fun. I am not a dancer and I learn by the critiques, but I have learned nothing this year. Where’s Mia when you need her?

    – For whatever reason, the “dance for your life” doesn’t mean anything this year. If it did, then Ryan would already be gone. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who doesn’t get why she’s still there.

    – I think the choreographers are doing somewhat of a poor job this year – OVERALL. Nap and Tabs deliver every time, but the others don’t. Tyce, IMO, has not delivered for some a few years. Of course, maybe I just don’t understand Broadway enough to get it.

    – The girls all just blend into the same for me. I can remember Melanie and Jordan (my personal favoirt bt by no means the best dancer) and Ryan (only blonde left). With almost all the others, I just go, “who is that” until they show the routine.

    – It’s a little like that with the guys, too. I keep asking who tht guy is or confusing Mitchell and Ricki and Robert or Marko and Tadd until I remember Marko has a bullet in his shoulder.

  32. Vlad says:

    @Davej – Have to agree with you – the choreography hasn’t done anyone a lot of favors. Some surprisingly good stuff (Jess and Clarice’s foxtrot was better than I expected), but a lot more bad dances (the Zombie dance and music put Chris and Ashley in the bottom three – no question about it). Tyce is just bad this year, and Sonya’s best stuff seems to be saved for the group performances.

    • Volcfom says:

      Tyce has always been bad. People used to dread picking Broadway until they started bringing in new choreographers. I much prefer Tyce’s contemporary pieces. I also enjoy when he’s NOT on the judging panel – listening to him just irks me.

  33. Mindy says:

    So, a week ago, the eliminated Nick because Ricky had the best solo. Nigel said this. He was going to keep Nick, but after Ricky’s solo decided to keep him. But this week whenh Miranda clearly outdances the other two, she is sent home anyway? In order to keep boring Ashley. Ashley is a far weaker dancer than the rest of the field. See her in every group performance and you can tell. Miranda was one of the best overall dancers in the field. She has gotten 3 routines which have been wildly different, while favorites like Melanie and Ryan are getting routine after routine which play to their strengths. Pitiful. BS that these routines are pulled out of a hat. Ashley should have gone home.

    I blame Tyce. Hasn’t Nigel realized this yet? If a couple draws a Tyce Broadway routine it is an almost automatic ticket to the Bottom 3. Ha. Maybe Nigel DOES realize this. And he gives the couple he wants to go home the Tyce routine. Although, he said he voted for Miranda, so who knows? Poor Miranda got stuck with a lousy partner and a lousy routine. Double whammy.

    I wish they would switch couples every week like last season. This ensures that people aren’t being propped up by more popular partners, and also keeps good dancers from being dragged down by lousy partners. There should be no such thing as a “power couple”. It is unfair to the other dancers. Switching the partners every week was one of the best changes this show ever made. I am sad to see it gone now.

  34. BillB says:

    The return to having the dancers compete as couples is not fair to the dancers even if it fuels tween fantasies of budding romances. Miranda was paired with a personable but weak dancer. It is not only that her partner detracted from the routine but the routine was dumbed down to accommodate his level. She never got a chance to show what she could do. If Robert had been eliminated in week one, as he should have been, we might still have Nick, and maybe Iveta, in the competition.

  35. Joyce says:

    Oh no! Not Miranda!

  36. Holly says:

    I wish the Judges would start breaking up couples, so we would no longer have the good dancers going with the so-so. I just knew Miranda would go because of Robert’s weak solo. I miss Nick and now I will miss Miranda. When do they start trading out couples?

  37. kristin says:

    Miranda should not have gone home. Strongest solo, strong dancing last night–I’m kind of stunned (some of) the judges chose her. Not surprised it was not unanimous. Wrong choice.

  38. Wendeeloo says:

    ?! Michael – Can you find out if Nigel’s vote is worth more than the other judges? Because both l’il C and Kristin C. were shaking their heads when Nigel said it was not unanimous for Miranda’s exit – Clearly 2 were for Miranda – So when it’s a 2/2 split – Nigel gets the say?

  39. DennyS says:

    Ashley’s wasn’t “particularly challenging from a technical standpoint”. Lol “technical standpoint”. mmmhhmmm Slezak.
    The assumptions there are that 1. all solos need to be challenging and 2. Challenging = good. What would be defined as challenging ? Tumbling? Jetes? Penchees? I thought Ashley’s solo wasn’t as bad as people said; it was decent. Caitlynn’s was the worst. She was looked so distraught and her solo was desperate. Miranda’s was definitely the best. She’s so gorgeous when she dances and I thought her solo was the most complete as a piece out of the 3. Would have sent Ashley home because I haven’t really seen anything distinguishing about her/any growth so far.

  40. Blank Slate says:

    I could have told you it was going to be Miranda before the show began Thuirsday night. I’m detecting a horrible trend here– the less attractive dancers (and that’s so hard to type when all of them look like sculpted statues) — are the ones to go. It’s not based on dance abilities. Not at this point, if at all. Nigel likes his bland blondes and this year’s model is Ryan. So sue me but that’s the truth as I see it and feel it.

    • jordison says:

      I would not call Miranda unattractive, or even less attractive than some of the other female dancers. I actually think she’s quite attractive and has an engaging personality. But, I hate to say it, but I think her hair did her in. When she did the woodpecker number, with her hair pulled back, you could see her face, and she was cute and spunky. She got nothing but positive reviews from the judges for her overall performance. Nigel even said that was the best overall hip hop performance of any season by a contemporary girl (perhaps an overstatement?). But when she dances with her hair down the hair is so distracting it overpowers and sometimes blocks her face and draws away from any emotion she may be conveying. Perhaps that was a factor in Mary saying that she thought Miranda didn’t dance with as much emotion as some of the others. I think Melanie and Sasha are smart to keep their hair short because their facial expressions and emotions come through without obstruction.

  41. Blank Slate says:

    And was it Catlynn who constantly uses the shimmy-shaking breast move over and over? Jiggling and juggling for votes, I say.

  42. Blank Slate says:

    ..or am I confusing Caitlynn and Jordan? That’s not a good thing, is it?

    • Cookie says:

      I think you’re confusing Caitlynn and Jordan. Caitlynn is all about the hairography in her solos. Whipping her hair makes her fall out of pirouettes.

  43. Lana says:

    Do some of you not read these comments before you make your comments? It has been noted several times that Nigel was the only one who wanted to keep Miranda and everyone is blaming him for her leaving. Tyce’s broadway has been great and sometimes not so great, some of Mia’s has sucked and some have been awesome. It has been that way with all of the dances (I can not spell the “c” word.) Most are great but some have been WTF. Sonya has done some really wonderful ones and then she has had some of the strangest ones. Travis’s can be so beautiful they make you cry and then some are eh.. and the list goes on.. except for Napoleon and Tabitha I don’t think they have ever done a bad one, their routines are fun or moving and they have never hit a wrong step. At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad one of theirs.

  44. Lita says:


    Nigel stated that he wanted to save Miranda, not send her home, and (apparently) he was the only judge who wanted to, and I could clearly see this based on his behaviour during the elimination.

    It’s obvious that Lil C and Kristen Chenoweth were in favour of keeping Ashley, and Mary probably just went along with them. Lil C was probably only shaking his head in sarcasm when Nigel announced that they were not unanimous because Nigel didn’t want to keep Ashley.

    I thought that this decision was ridiculous because it seemed like the judges (excluding Nigel) were basing their decisions on ‘cuteness’- rather than technicality, and Ashley was cute but danced horribly in her solo. Nigel previously advised all the dancers to bring everything they’ve got when dancing for their lives, and Ashley brought nothing; whereas Miranda brought everything and got eliminated which is horribly unfair to her.

    Nigel seriously needs to hire better and more experienced/unbiased judges to the show because this is just not right. We need Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman back on the show. I’m really disappointed in Lil C right now because he used to be a great judge until this decision.

    And what is up with the guest celebrity judges who aren’t even experienced dancers or choreographers? Placing the futures of dancers in their hands is risky and not cool at all – and Lady Gaga (who isn’t even a dancer) is going to be judging as well?

  45. Lita says:

    And the only reason why Nigel called out Miranda on the spot without critiquing Ashley an Caitlin is BECAUSE of how disappointed he was with the decision.

    If he did critique the other two before Miranda, he would have made the other judges look so bad because it would have been like, “Ashley, when you dance for your life, you need to bring everything you’ve got to the dance floor, and you did not dance for your life in your solo; Miranda, you showed us why you deserve to be here and you danced for your life in your solo, BRAVO! But we will not be keeping you.”

  46. Geo says:

    To me, Chris seems to be having a great amount of fun, though Ashley always seems too tight in her focus for my taste. Ones who seem not to be having a lick of fun: Alexander always looks like he is about to give birth. as handsome as he and his moves may be; Ryan always looks like she is so distressed that she feels a beauty queen smile will somehow mask her distaste for what she is doing.

  47. BJohnson says:

    Glad Robert went home. His solos really don’t do anything. Chris tried to put some connection into the song with his movements so that’s effort and he has grown as a performer.
    I wish they could go ahead and eliminate different guy/girl instead of the whole couple because you do not get any mixing up until later in the season.
    Who should have went home from the bottom 3 girls: Ashley easily. Boring solo. Did nothing for me.
    I have found myself skipping the comments because I agree they are being kind of well kind when people need criticism. Really Ryan did a lot better but I still caught that little grin of hers and it ruined the performance. I think the costume people missed up Caitlynn because I couldn’t see her movements in the dance, just frills.

  48. Sarah says:

    it was really pointed to me that Nigel couldn’t even get it right that Robert was the one, not Chris, that did the Woodpecker routine.
    Has anyone noticed that the bottom couples are almost always the ones with horrible (concepts) routines? It has nothing to do with their dancing but rather the concepts for the routines are very poor. Sonya is typically amazing and Napoleon and Tabatha are usually really good, but woodpeckers and badly done zombies? (Wade did zombies before and it was awesome, so we know it isn’t that!) But each set later had the (JUDGES FAVORITES) other dancers in their next routines do very solid and cool dances. What if the dancers kicked off did that routine instead?
    Hey Nigel!!! Here is an IDEA!! Make all the dancers (all couples) do the same routine one after another… or have the choreographers have a dance where two couples each dance half the stage?
    Because it seems like a set up to have the spotty routines given to some dancers, say that it is the choreographer’s fault and then kick them off anyway.

  49. Vlad says:

    @Sarah – I’ve thought they should have all the couples dance the same routine for a while – it takes the “luck” out of the choreography selection. Maybe Nigel’s afraid viewers will get board, but I think it would increase the drama of the competition, and would make the judges critique the dancers instead of gushing all over them. When Ashley or Ryan or Chris or Caitlin failed to finish a turn (and they do!), the judges could compare skills. Less of a personality show, and more of a DANCE competition!