The Voice Season Finale Recap: The Winner Is...

After 10 weeks of blind auditions, boxing-ring “battle rounds,” and then rapid fire live-performances episodes where America finally got to vote — not to mention countless shots of Christina Aguilera’s heaving bazooms and Adam Levine’s delectable everything — The Voice has wrapped its action-packed inaugural season. And the winner is…

“Family Man Javier Colon”! Yes indeed, at the end of a rather low-key episode that allowed the four remaining finalists to duet (with varying degrees of success) alongside celebrity vocalists, Carson Daly delivered the nation’s final verdict with his trademark robotic precision. (Don’t let that boy near the pool, or his motherboard will be RUINED!) The “CarSon 2011” model started by revealing that the top two contestants were within two percentage points of each other’s final voting tallies, and then announced that those two vocalists were Dia Frampton and Javier. Seconds later, a stunned Javier was declared the ultimate champ, and he graciously praised his runner-up — and fellow finalists Vicci Martinez and Beverly McClellan — while receiving the customary confetti shower.

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I can’t say I’m at all shocked or upset with the result — despite the fact that if I ruled The Voice, Javier would’ve wound up in fourth place (behind Vicci, Dia, and Beverly) and despite the fact that if I lived in Las Vegas, I’d probably have wagered a few dollars that the crown was destined for Dia’s head. (Hey, the Lady Frampton dominated our “who should win?” poll here at TVLine with 50.3% of the vote, so it’s not like I was all alone.) Looking back at Javier’s journey, it felt like he peaked at his audition — a lilting cover of “Time After Time” — and got a wee bit less confident over the course of his subsequent performances. Heck, Adam Levine himself admitted his favorite moment from the competition occurred during the blind auditions when he heard Javier sing for the very first time.

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But like I said, I can’t lie and say I’m shocked or upset with how it all played out. Perhaps at the end of the day, The Voice‘s vibe of convivial competition, coupled with its decidedly lean season — only 10 weeks total compared to the comparably tumescent five-month cycle of American Idol— made me a little less unhinged in rooting for any one contestant in particular. After all, how many nefarious producer plots, judging inconsistencies, and cries of sabotage can one blogger imagine when there are only four episodes per season requiring viewer voting? (Which doesn’t mean I’ve stopped trying to formulate a plot involving Opus Dei, the Lost island numbers, and menacing werewolves to explain Rebecca Loebe’s Battle Round loss.)

And there are two other reasons the result sits well with me. For one, The Voice‘s core setup — each of the four coaches gets one of his or her protégés all the way to the end — meant we ended up with four vocalists disparate enough that it kinda felt like they weren’t ultimately in competition with one another at all. And as his mentor Adam Levine so often reminded us, Javier seems like a genuinely nice guy whose multiple near misses with record-industry success make his victory as feel-good of a story as NBC’s zippy new franchise could’ve hoped for. Oh, and plus, he really can sing super-pretty.

I just wish Javier had been paired with a slightly less incongruous duet partner for the season finale — or perhaps that whoever was responsible for the vocal arrangement had let Jesus (or, really, anyone) take the wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I think Stevie Nicks is absolutely divine, and “Landslide” is a tremendous composition, but this pairing sounded more like a case of two voices colliding than blending together in perfect harmony. Maybe Javier in his sequined blazer and Stevie in her fingerless gloves got distracted by an audience full of hideous swaybots moving out of time and out of sync to the music?

It could’ve been worse, though. Take poor Beverly, for example, who got stuck with a deal that was rawer than steak tartare: Having to pair up with Ryan Tedder on OneRepublic’s tepid current single “Good Life.” At one point in the song, Beverly began howling as if she was doing a Gregorian chant, while her celebrity partner zipped out into the audience like an energetic honeybee. Yeah, sure, he threw his arm around our bald soul sister, but physical contact does not musical chemistry make.

We now pause for a burning question: Have I been mangling Ryan Tedder’s last name (Teh-Dur) for years now, or did Carson Daly’s pronunciation (Tee-Dur) just prove how long it’s been since he was at the control panel of TRL? Somebody set the record straight; Google is of no help on this matter!

At the end of the night, it was Dia and Vicci who drew the long straws for their duets. The latter lady really hit her stride on the last two-thirds of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter,” especially when she stopped being polite and let out her inner warrior. I’m still flummoxed by the raggedy state of Pat Monahan’s hair — dude, we’re in the era of high-definition TV, get a brush! — and I still prefer Mishavonna Henson’s American Idol Season 8 rendition (yes, yes, I’m bringing her up again…because my indignity never subsides in the face of unavenged injustice), but Vicci sounded great in her own right. Plus, her mentor Cee Lo snuck in the most incisive, amusing love letter of the night: “We will never be severed by the scrutiny or the status-quo of the American voting public or anyone’s opinions.” Wait, did Lil C write that for him?

And finally, there was Dia and Her Unfinished Hairdo — flipped up in spots, tucked under in others — joining her mentor’s wife, Miranda Lambert, for a haunting cover of “The House That Built Me.” It helps that the ballad itself is such a thing of delicate beauty that not even a voice as fouled as Heidi Montag could completely ruin it. (God, forgive me for even sending such a blasphemous idea into the universe. And Heidi, when you get the Google Alert for this article bearing your name, please don’t harm “The House That Built Me” just to spite this humble blogger.) But the women’s voices, different as they are, managed to weave together like delicate lace. Who can blame papa bear Blake Shelton for getting choked up, especially when I’m convinced his bond with his team members runs a little bit deeper than those of his fellow mentors. (I’m not the only one who gets that vibe, right?)

And with that, we come to the end of The Voice‘s first season. I may be in the minority here, but I’d kind of love it if NBC added another four or five weeks to Season 2 — maybe once we’ve reached the Top 12, we could lose two singers per week till we’re down to the Top 4? — just so that we get to know our contestants (and their voices) a little better before we’ve got to pick a winner. And maybe, for Season 2, the Top 4 contestants could have a hand in writing their final song? (The better to know what type of artist we’re putting our votes behind.) But aside from those nitpicks, I’m glad the old Peacock went ahead and launched a viable competitor to American Idol. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got room in my heart (and on my DVR) for two (heck, maybe even three) great singing competitions — and room on my iPod for lots of great new music. Any show that gave us four rock-solid finalists — not to mention great tracks from Rebecca Loebe, Frenchie Davis, and Casey Weston — has to be doing something right. Right?

Check back here at over the next few days to get my Q&As with the Top 4 contestants — and my countdown of the season’s 10 best performances. Until then…

What did you think of The Voice? Are you happy with how the season ended? What did you think of the contestants’ final celebrity duets? And what about that blasted social media room and its product-shilling mistress of ceremonies, Allison Haislip? Can we get a remodeling of that space and concept next time around? Sound off in the comments on all things Voice-related, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Sarah says:

    A bit stunned

    • scott says:

      totally agree Vicci had the personality to win it and dia had the strongest and strangest voice. when i found Javier and Beverly went into the worst parts so singing which is when they hold a note forever and it doesn’t sound good.

      • Pop Vulture says:

        I liked Dia’s voice, but was put off by her affected reluctance to make eye contact/speak/smile. She was like a Chinese adolescent hoping to bring honor to her family by being deferential enough to be matched with a good husband. That got old and off-putting. I liked her voice, but I didn’t like her stage manner.

        • TheReasonsY says:

          PROBABLY BECAUSE IT WAS. She is a part of a band/duo with her sister called Meg & Dia and has played major venues and tours like the Warp Tour. Her edit took me as a fool but in the end it did get her and her great music on my radar. I’m just not use to feeling dirty without Uncle Nigel being involved.

        • Goat Girl says:

          I totally agree. I found Dia to be cold and unemotional which made me like her alot less than the others. After all, I want to vote and root for someone who’s passionate and wants it. I spilt my votes between Javier and Vicci, hoping that anyone but Dia would win. Plus her Mormon dowdy hair styles and clothes were off-putting. I disagree with Slezak about the duet between Javier & Stevie, I loved it. But agree that Vicci’s was awesome, as was Dia’s. I too felt bad for Beverly cuz the One Republic dude didn’t engage with her at all and it was a terrible song choice. I would LOVE The Voice to be a few weeks longer.

        • Aunt Deb says:

          Well put! ..and to the comment about Papa bear – I wondered about that as well.

        • Lee says:

          I didn’t mind Dia’s stage presence. I felt it matched her vocals, which are modest and subdued. In a way, her vocals and performances remind me of Norah Jones. So if Norah Jones can do it and still attain all the success (and Grammys) that she has, why shouldn’t Dia?

          • Ashley says:

            I thought she was annoying and I didn’t like her duet with Miranda. I also hated Beverly’s song with Ryan. It was beyond horrible. What were they thinking?

            I like the shorter format, so you can really vote for the best singer and not who you liked the best or who had the best background story. How many singers were voted through Idol just because they had a touching backstory? Danny Gokey anyone?

    • Kate says:

      I am as well, but I was worried that might happen last night after Adam Levine asked Justin Bieber to get his followers to vote for Javier. I couldn’t figure out why Javier was still trending in the middle of the night but quickly realized the Bieber fan girls had been put to work.

      • @Kate says:

        You are so right, Kate. It’s disgusting. BEIBER chooses the winner of the Voice?? Showing how powerful he is??

        • Jamey says:

          That is really sad. Makes me lose some respect for Adam Levine…I guess, as long as Bieber is Bieber – Adam’s team will win next year too… wow NBC that may cause you some viewers…

          • Jennine says:

            IMO, its no different when certain previous IDOLS pimped the current IDOLS of Season 10. Adam Lambert by far was pimpimg Haley Reinhardt, so was Melissa Doolittle. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of what these reality singing competitions have become. However, I do think Javier deserved to win THE VOICE last night. I think the Top 4 of the Voice is more solid than MOST seasons of Top 4 of IDOL.

          • Kari G says:

            Did anyone actually read the tweets exchanged by Beiber and Adam? I admit I was pissed when I initially heard about this situation as well but then I went and read the exchange and thought really, that’s it? That is what the fuss is about? I think we are putting too much weight on this item. I personally wanted Dia to win but I wouldn’t have been upset with any of them and am not upset about Javier. I was just happy that we had four finalists that were actually talented and deserving.

          • adamziggied says:

            I think it puts another interesting twist on the format. The singers pick who to mentor them. Their decision could make it or break it for them. Just as in real life, they have to pick the right producer and record company. Javier could have chosen any of the 4. Obviously, Javier got it right; he picked the mentor that was willing to work the hardest and knows how to play the game. Interesting spin on what I think is an interesting show.

          • Midwestgirl says:

            Didn’t Adam mention it on the show or some other format because I heard him actually say something about Beiber and getting help from him… I didn’t put much stock in it until all this happened… Anyone remember where it came from besides the tweets?

      • Chris says:

        Agreed. That was a bit unfair with the Bieber support.
        That said, though, I think just as the inspiring story of the first winner of “The Voice”, it’s best that Javier won. Clearly, all 4 are stellar artists that probably have a brighter future now in music regardless of who was crowned. I’m not too worried about them, most especially Dia Framtpon–whom, I’m going to say quite frankly deserved that win if we’re talking about the music industry beyond the show.
        I’m very happy still about Javier’s win, though. He’s a family man, all-around good guy with the last chance to make a career in music through The Voice. But as an artist alone and without the story, he’s definitely not #1.

      • JohnJ says:

        I was going to vote for Dia because she had the best song in the finale, but then Justin Bieber said we should vote for Javier, so I voted for him, even though I think he had the worst song in the finale. But I think Justin is a better judge then me, plus he is so darn cute. Love you Biebs xxxxx.

      • Yo Slezak?? says:

        Why don’t you address the Bieber controversy??? this seems like something that would justifiably raise your ire…??

        • tnsmoke says:

          Adam Levine went to a birthday party for Justin’s manager or someone in his crew and they met and played basketball and Justin liked Adam and thus tweeted his support for Team Adam. However, Javier’s songs were already hitting the iTunes charts before Bieber got involved. The Voice voting is more controlled then Idol’s. I really think it was hardly a Bieber blow-out. Dia and Javier were always neck in neck and Bev and Vicki were popular with what fans who weren’t Javier/Dia fans, but numbers for Bev and Vicki obviously weren’t even close to the top 2. Give Javier some respect, it’s not like Yoko Ono won a singing contest.

        • ohreli says:

          Yeah, right. Like a Bieber fan would actually be reading a Slezak blog. LOL

  2. Aaron says:

    Efffffffff….will a woman EVER win a singing competition again? It doesn’t appear like it. Dia and Miranda Lambert’s duet was beautiful. The best of the night. I wish Dia the best of luck. She has a rare talent.

    • helenkrump says:

      The duet between Miranda and Dia was exquisite…sigh, I wanted Dia to win, but I’m not surprized that it was Javier.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      The duet on “The House that Built Me” was lovely.
      the songwriters originally offered the song to Blake Shelton, who turned it over to Miranda Lambert. perhaps he thought after all those songs where Miranda was shooting and burning up bad boyfriends she needed something kindler and gentler. :-)

      Javier has a nice enough voice – I just don’t care for his voice.
      I liked the “Drops of Jupiter” duet with Vicci Martinez and Pat Monahan.
      didn’t care much for the other two duets.

    • Chris says:

      She definitely does, and that’s why I think it’s irrelevant who got the title now when we move beyond The Voice and into the real music industry. People will remember certain contestants, and Dia Frampton’s absolutely one of them. She’ll make her mark in music, I’m sure. Her duet with Miranda was moving, and their harmony and musicality shone through. That’s THE moment of the entire hour. It helped as well seeing Blake Shelton’s reaction to that, I knew I was seeing something amazing.
      It seems clear to me that Dia’s the breakout star of The Voice. Based on the dent she’s left on the actual charts already, I think she’ll do great beyond the show. And without the title, she probably won’t be as tied down with the contracts and the scrutiny as much, while music industry folks will know that there’s a huge potential with this budding artist. My hope is that she gets more freedom to develop and use her original style that she displayed on the show more for her first album without much pressure to release a certain kind of ‘commercial’ record. Unique has certainly worked for her as her coach Blake (who’ll surely keep supporting) just let her creativity run free. Her band Meg & Dia can continue releasing great music, as well. I’m actually thrilled to follow her career from here.

      • hmm says:

        “Her duet with Miranda was moving, and their harmony and musicality shone through. That’s THE moment of the entire hour.”

        THE one that put everyone to sleep for a quick power nap?
        I actually like her, not as much as Vicci, but second best, but I have to admit that I almost feel asleep during that duet. Sooooo boring and they both sounded kinda of thin voiced there.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          @hmm – you need to listen to the lyrics to “The House that Built Me”. Country music disagrees with you – it’s won many, many awards.

    • OK says:

      I know! I knew Javier was going to win, I was holding out hope for Dia but I knew that if there was a semi-attractive male with a semi-good voice he would win. Even though he wasn’t the best. Oh well…

      • Brian D. says:

        Come on now, you gotta give Javier credit. If it was really about a “semi-attractive male with a semi-good voice”, then Patrick Thomas or Devon Barley would have won.

        Javier wasn’t my favorite but I’m still happy for him.

    • Brian D. says:

      While I wasn’t happy that the women were shut out of the top spot on a competition show yet again, I’m thankful it wasn’t to a WGWG at least.

      Plus, the domination of the women this year in the rankings (6 of the Top 8 were women) at least gives me hope that the era of the WGWG is coming to an end. :)

  3. L says:

    Congratulations to Javier! Well-deserved. I’ll buy his music. Congrats also to Dia, who is also very talented and will also get a record deal, I’m sure.

  4. Murray says:

    What? No way!!!!

  5. Jay says:

    You know I loved Javier and Dia…both so likeable and talented! I’m really happy for Javier! Dia will be fine…I’m positive this isn’t the last of her.

    • tnsmoke says:

      Adam and Blake are both touring and of all 4 coaches are in the best position to continue to nurture their contestants by bringing them onstage for some of their own shows. Plus, am sure the stellar songwriters here in Nashville are dying to work with Dia and bet she signs to a Nashville big label.

  6. Cranky Sarah says:

    All hail America the bland.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      You get a “made me laugh”, Cranky Sarah. :-)

    • Dick Whitman says:


      (at least it wasn’t a WGWG).

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        No, it was NWGWG (non white guy with guitar).

        Javier proved that boring crosses all racial boundaries, LOL. He has a nice voice, I just personally find him lacking in musicality, and quite frankly, boring. Don’t care for his phrasing. Like Slezak I would have put him in fourth place in this pack. Oh well. Clearly there are people that like that style of music, as evidenced by the fact that Sarah McLachlan and all the other singers that gravitate toward whiny, depressing, angry music are quite popular. But most of them are women.

  7. Manuel says:

    Javier bored me a little through the season singing one “I’ll always be there for you, love you forever” ballad after the other; I wanted either Beverly or Vicci to win. But congrats anyway.

  8. Aubry says:

    I loved Javier. His duet proved why he should win and I am so glad he did. I wanted Xenia she to me was the only non professional and she has the most unique voice. Dia’s voice is too thin and weak. Great phrasing but she needs to work on her range and power.

    Javier has a very good voice. His tone is lovely, his range good and yep IMO he deserved it.

    • Ablo says:

      Yea, but his duet tonight wasn’t good. Good song, but . . .

      • Jay says:

        Loved his duet. He did a fantastic job! Dia’s duet was great too!

        • Ablo says:

          I didn’t think so. Missed too much. But to be fair — none of the duets sounded very good.

        • jessica says:

          I really liked the harmonies he was doing with Stevi Nicks! I thought he was a bit shouty in some parts but that was a pairing I really liked

          • tripoli says:

            Trying to out sing Stevie Nicks is juts wrong. He really did seem to be screeching over her at times. Not good at all.

    • L says:

      The problem with Javier is he has terrible phrasing and musicality IMO. Stevie Nicks directed him practically note by note to get him to better phrasing and all.

      Yeah I went and downloaded Xenia from last week and she actually sounded pretty cool in the studio. I think she could do pretty well in the studio right away. Doesn’t sound sixteen at all and myabe more interesting sounding than Dia even without some of the occasional unpleasant tones. But as for stage…. needs to grow into herself, confidence, style and learn how to work the stage a LOT more. Absolutely not any better on the stage than any random kid you could pick off the street. But she is young and has plenty of time to get a handle on it. She hasn’t had much exposure and kinda acted like what a real normal sixteen year old new find might.

      Xenia – good voice and artistry, zero stage presence

      Dia – good artistry/phrasing, alright stage presence, ok voice sometimes very good and cool sometimes a bit thin rarely a bit unpleasant loses connection a bit in studio

      Javier – good voice, has the sort of vibe and kinda thing I get the feeling girls of this day and age really go for, alright stage presence but boosted a great deal by what I said just before, but terrible phrasing, overwrought sense of artistry

      Beverly – very good or very very average voice depending upon what she needs to do, the duet tonight showed good parts and some really weak parts, often good artistry and phrasing but not always

      Vicci – really good stage presence, solid voice, goodartistry/phrasing, could do well both in concert and on recording loses nothing in the recording booth

      Vicci seemed most all-around complete to me.

      • Ablo says:

        Vicci is ok, but not great to me. Her voice is just a bit unpleasant and I thought she had a very uncomfortable stage presence. I mean how many times can a person squat?

        • tripoli says:

          Agreed, Ablo. The more I listened, the less I liked her voice. Very average and bland. She seemed a bit too much like a try hard type for my liking.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I flip-flopped on Vicci a lot. I liked some performances; didn’t care for others. I DID like her “Drops of Jupiter” duet. She’s just not Pat Benatar – that’s all there is to it!

      • Muti says:

        Something about Xenia made me think that there’ a whole lot more under that placid/serious exterior than met the eye. She has a different quality to her voice that makes me want to say “hang on there…wait…let’s listen to that again.” I enjoyed the studio version of her last song a great deal.

        I think that Xenia will have a solid musical career.

        • Goat Girl says:

          I would buy Xenia’s music over any of the top 4. I loved her her voice. She’s just so young and needs to get more experience and confidence.

        • yeah says:

          I have to admit her studio recording was not bad at all. Sounded almost richer and more polished than Dia. She definitely needs a LOT of work on performing live though. But hey she is 16 and a 16 that has lived a normal 16 year life so I’m sure she’ll be fine once she gets into it. And she could certainly studio record right this minute.

    • teralex says:

      I agree re. Dia.. I thought her voice too weak and bland.. Vicci’s had that solid nasal contemporary sound, but my fave is Bev who is a powerhouse! I hope there’s a market for her R & B and southern rock.

      • tnsmoke says:

        Nothing against Bev personally, but if she were on any other coach’s team when they had to pick one to leave the contest, she might have been sent home. Like Patrick and Jared she is too set in her ways and her direction (hard core hot-mamma rock) and no way to really mold her into anything else. The other singers, even Javier, were more open to other types of music to fit their vocal ability.

  9. reena says:

    so glad well deserved for javier! wish the tour was coming to the dc area either way sure we will be seeing lots of the top 4 they are all very talented and deserve whats coming to them :-)

  10. moiaussi says:

    Yay! I’m happy Javier won.

    Did you guys notice how all four finalists in The Voice were minorities? Javier and Vicci- Hispanic, Beverly- Lesbian and Dia- Asian. This is what happens when talent shows actually look for talent!

    • Manuel says:

      Vicci is also gay.

    • oh brother.... says:

      Being gay is not a minority. Duh.

      • just saying says:

        it is on reality shows

      • dee says:

        How do you figure that? Are they members of the dominant racial/cultural group in this country? No? MINORITY. Do they suffer from discrimination as a result of whatever it is that sets them apart from the dominant group? Yes? MINORITY.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I believe gay people are considered a minority by virture of their numbers (percentage of gay people versus percentage of heterosexual people in the overall population).
        Dia is Asian? Really. didn’t know that.

      • Brian D. says:

        You’ve obviously never been gay (or even met one) if you don’t think they’re a minority, hah.

      • cliff says:

        FYI, even disabled people are a minority. Get that concept of “minority” straight.

    • Mo says:

      So what? American Idol has had Hispanics, Asians and gays make it to the final four too. A black man won The Voice and a black man has won Idol. Two gays have been in the final two on Idol. Two black women have won. The final 4 on the The Voice really aren’t any more talented than the people coming through Idol.

      • learn geography people!!!! says:

        seriously is everyone on this post completely ignorant!?!?! Javier is NOT black he is HISPANIC (Puerto Rican – Dominican) Seriously does the name JAVIER COLON not spell that out!?!?!?!?

        • You need a chill pill says:

          Relax. You’re going to blow a vein out.

        • teralex says:

          The heritage of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic includes not only Hispanic genes but black African genes. You must know that.

        • Bat Country says:

          Uh, Black is not a country, it’s a race. There are black people alll over Latin and South America. Doesn’t make them any less black.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Reminds me of Carla on “Scrubs” – “I’m not black, I’m Domincan”.
          Heck, I thought Javier was black and I’m quite good at geography.

        • elizabeth says:

          I agree with you. As someone of similar descent to javier i’m pretty offended at how many people are so quick to judge him as black rather than hispanic. Not that theres anything wrong with being black but I find it incredibly stupid at the number of ‘there can be black people in latin american countries’ comments. Does him being black (if that is what he identifies with) make him any less hispanic? NO. Please think before you mindlessly label someone.

          • Tracy says:

            I don’t know if it’s really an offensive “judgement” as much as jumping to the conclusion that he is black because he looks black.
            I didn’t realize the winner of one season of Top Chef was African American until he won and said it was great to be the first AA winner.

          • Javier says:

            Damn. It’s not like people were trying to be insulting by saying he is black. Then you are intentionally rude and insulting by calling people mindless when they clearly aren’t. Sheesh. Maybe some need an education in geography while others need an education in manners.

          • ohreli says:

            “Does him being black (if that is what he identifies with) make him any less hispanic? NO.” AAAAAAY! ANTI-RACIST RACISM CORRECTNESS SENSITIVITY OUTRAGE GONE WILD!!!!!!!

          • well says:

            Does being hispanic make him any less black though?
            He is clearly both, so why are you offended by one half of who he is??

        • cliff says:

          Javier Colon is not African-American. He is a black Hispanic.

      • jen says:

        Mo….who were the two gays you are referring to that made it to Idol finale?

        • Mo says:

          Clay Aiken in season 2. Adam Lambert in season 8.

          • GavinStrick says:

            Clay didn’t admit that he was gay until years later, and Lambert didn’t publically announce until the contest was over, the gays on The Voice were upfront about it from the beginning, it was treated as no big deal, and the judges, and public, voted through 2 Lesbians.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            And that’s how it should be treated -no big deal. We don’t make big deal out of people’s heterosexuality.

          • Molly says:

            If it’s being treated as no big deal then you don’t need to announce it on a TALENT show.

      • moiaussi says:

        Nope, I disagree. Black singers/musicians are NOT a minority in the music industry.

        No minority has ever WON american idol. Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken were 2nd place. David Archuleta (Hispanic) was 2nd place too. Asians in the top four of Idol? Never!!

        The Voice judges based on VOICE, not looks.

  11. L says:

    Noooooooooo Vicci didn’t win.
    She comes in third just like Haley!

    Javier did sound goo tonight BUT he needs someone like Stevie Nicks to control him though. She was like leading him on every single note, pulling him back, pacing his phrasing and suddenly he did so much better which makes me worried that is someone with a great voice but poor artistry. Kinda actually what I thought from day one.

    Beverly got shown up a little tonight for how she can’t really do loud/yell parts well at all. Also what I thought from day one.

    Dia sounded a little thin tonight. Didn’t have a strong take on her from day one. I think her duet didn’t work so great, the whole thing was just boring.

    Vicci sounded pretty good tonight AND she didn’t need any coaching.

    Vicci shoulda won.

    Javier has some voice but I fear he is no artist.

    Vicci has stage command, good voice that works live and in studio and doesn’t need to be led along note by note and makes good choices all around.

    I’m torn on who should be next, after Vicci. Javier does have a voice so maybe he should be second but his artistry, I’m not fond of and he seemed to do a lot better when led along note by note which a true artist shouldn’t need.

    Dia has more artistry than Javier and can be more interesting although when not doing the right thing her voice can be a little thin and she seems to be missing something in her studio recordings.

    So yeah overall Vicci had the most, enough artistry to not be bland/overdone/ugly phrasing, commands the stage, good voice. Each of the others had something they were weak at.

  12. claire says:

    I’m a little bummed that Vicci didn’t win. But in the end, it’s about what happens afterwards that I care about more. Just hoping for KICK ASS careers for all 4.

    • Faz says:

      Well, hope springs eternal, but it isn’t likely.

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly. I always wonder with these kinds of shows about how many of the millions of people who vote, would actually go out an buy an album by the contestants. All you have to do is look at the track record of the majority of American Idol contestants to figure out what’s going to happen with these people. With the exception of maybe Dia, since it seems she already has some kind of following from her previous work.

        • tiresome says:

          They all do. I don’t understand why Dia’s fanclub on this blog refuse to acknowledge that the other three finalists have released CDs, toured, performed, and have a fan base as well.

          And unlike Idol, I’m actually totally ready to buy the albums from all of them, once they’re released somewhere other than iTunes so I don’t have to give Apple money.

  13. Claire says:

    Javier and Dia are lovely, but I was really hoping the Fabulous Ferocious Ladies, Beverly and Vicci, would place better.

    although I did love Stevie Nicks and Javier singing “Landslide” – that woman could sneeze and still make me cry.

    I understand having the Train guy singing with Vicci be/c he’s touring with Adam this summer, but Beverly’s pairing with the One Republic guy to blatantly plug his new (and largely unheard) album was total equine caca (aka, horses**t)

    • jess says:

      I didn’t get the Bev – One Republic pairing at all

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        thank you. I felt the same way – the musical styles were like combining oil and water. It felt uncomfortable to me (and by that I mean it wasn’t a pleasing performance).

  14. Mayra says:

    As long as Dia gets a record deal… I don’t care about Javier…

  15. Name That Tune says:

    Wow. Didn’t see that coming. But The Voice already has Idol beat. It wasn’t Nonthreatening White Guy With Guitar and it wasn’t a teen.
    Any of them deserved to win. They all gave great performances last night.

    • moiaussi says:

      I completely agree. Remember Sanjaya Malakar? He won like 7th place in American Idol. He wouldn’t have made it to the top 16 in this show LOL

      • dj says:

        Sanjaya is sounding pretty good these days. He did a set at a nightclub in Seattle earlier this month that was praised by a local music critic there who hated him on Idol.

    • L says:

      Not a non-threatening white guy with a guitar, true.
      But a non-threatening black guy with a guitar, hah.
      baby steps I guess

      • Name That Tune says:

        Ah, but a 30+ lesbian in the Top 4? More than baby steps, I think.

        • Teresa says:

          I think it’s cool that Beverly made it to the finals. But we wouldn’t see her on Idol, even if she were straight and had Farrah Fawcett’s hair. The age limit on Idol is 28.

          I love that sexual orientation is no big deal on The Voice. But maybe the real difference is that it’s respected. It’s not like there aren’t gay contestants on American Idol, but there has been an environment of discomfort with homosexuality, what with the gay-baiting banter between Ryan and Simon in year’s past. There’s hasn’t been that this year, but there has been more hetero-normative stuff — such as getting the girls to rush Scotty, or having Lauren bring up a pretend male audience member (and her flirting with Steven), or having a line of women kiss Jacob Lusk.

          Oh, and I forgot Casey’s daring kiss on J-Lo’s cheek. Geez, when they sex up Idol it’s all pretty Sandra Dee, isn’t it?

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            In all fairness, the target audiences are quite different for Idol and “The Voice”. My eight year old niece loves Idol but I don’t see her watching “The Voice” at all. The time slot for “The Voice” is later, as well. I thought there were some things on Idol that really didn’t belong there (like Lady Gaga’s performance on finale night – speaking of “sexing it up”). I am absolutely not a prude but there are so few programs families can watch together – I would prefer to see Idol keep it a little more family-friendly.

      • jason says:

        by black do you mean Puerto Rican- Dominican…. If you’re going to play the race card at least get it right

    • nope says:

      …..but it wasn’t a GIRL, either. Thanks to Beiber and Levine. Not really fair, is it? I wouldn’t want to win by cheating.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Yea, it wasn’t WGWG, it was “non-threatening, boring Hispanic guy with a guitar”. And this is better….how?

  16. sladewilson says:

    I was rooting for Javier esp. since I own his last CD and it was amazing. Thing is that Capitol had NO CLUE as how to market him, plus it was just a horrible choice to choose Capitol Records. I personally believe that half of The Voice’s contestants will be offered contracts. This show absolutely smokes Idol…

  17. hjo says:

    As much as Javier was my least favourite of the final 4, I understand why he won. He had the most radio friendly and radio ready voice. Dia is interesting and recognizable and her music is something I’d listen to, but Javier is most like something you’d hear today on the radio (partly why I don’t really listen to the radio today…)

  18. Kevin C. says:

    So after all the voting reform, format changes, and what not, the winner is a guitar playing guy?

    • Name That Tune says:

      But he wasn’t WHITE.
      Maybe this is the show for Nonthreatening Black Guy to win, but I saw a whole lot of diversity in that final 4. Not a Blond girl or a teen in the bunch.

      • lx says:

        I suppose, although his style/vibe seems to be kinda the in thing for girls to go gaga over so it might not be that big of a deal. Although it is a step beyond Idol I guess.

        As you say though Beverly making top 4 was a huge step compared to something like the Idol of this year where even a cute blonde female was too much for the producers and it simply HAD to be a white, straight country girl or gentle guitar guy. Vicci is a step better too (although maddeningly third, I would guess since itunes seems to tell it, just like Haley).

        And speaking of the latter, let us not hate on straight, blonde girls though hah, don’t forget this year’s true best on Idol was a cute blonde girl. White is also already a minority in the youth age groups in CA and perhaps some other states too hah.

        Of course with such small sample sizes and so on it is a little dangerous to read statistics into any of this stuff.

        • Brian D. says:

          I can tell you right now that I don’t know of anyone who voted for Javier or downloaded his songs just because they were attracted to him, nor does it seem possible to me.

          While he’s good-looking, he’s in his mid-30’s (and looks it), has a wife and kids (big turn off) and his over-the-top vocal style isn’t exactly a siren call for the tween girl or cougar voting blocs.

          • well says:

            He may be a bit old for the tween crowd, but 34 isn’t exactly ancient and you see plenty of women going crazy over 30 and even 40-something guys in Hollywood even down into high school age.

            But listen let us not take too much away his voice though, which is good.

      • l says:

        I suppose, although his style/vibe seems to be kinda the in thing for girls to go gaga over so it might not be that big of a deal. Although it is a step beyond Idol I guess.

        As you say though Beverly making top 4 was a huge step compared to something like the Idol of this year where even a cute blonde female was too much for the producers and it simply HAD to be a white, straight country girl or gentle guitar guy. Vicci is a step better too (although maddeningly third, I would guess since itunes seems to tell it, just like Haley).

        And speaking of the latter, let us not hate on straight, blonde girls though hah, don’t forget this year’s true best on Idol was a cute blonde girl. White is also already a minority in the youth age groups in CA and perhaps some other states too hah.

        Of course with such small sample sizes and so on it is a little dangerous to read statistics into any of this stuff..

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Why does everyone hate us white people, LOL?

        At least I’m not a blonde!

      • Name That Tune says:

        Whether you want to call Javier Hispanic or Black or some other mixture (kind of like labeling Tiger Woods, who is both black and Asian), when is the last time a person of color won Idol? Season 6.
        I’d have been delighted to see Beverly win because that would truly be breaking the mold. She is the antithesis to the typical Idol winner, and she’s a great artist. Her performances always reminded me of why Idol needs to RAISE the age limit. See what a little life experience can bring to the party?

        • l says:

          @Name That Tune – all the same let us not get carried away. It’s one thing to be glad that everyone had a chance and were not penalized for being this or that. OTOH, I don’t think it is good to cheer on someone to win just because they would break the mold. Beverly was not bad at all but I really didn’t think she deserved to win, although it was fair that she came in first in her group IMO.
          And since various minorities do each make up a smaller percentage, by definition, it would not be expected that any given minority regularly win any contest by any means.

    • @Kevin says:

      Really. Really. What progress… much for The Voice.

      • michelle says:

        I’d say first HISPANIC contestant to win a vocal competition is progress. Contrary to what ‘Name That Tune’ might think, Javier is NOT black.

        • Bat Country says:

          Seriously, what is it with people who think Hispanic people can’t be black?

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Been wondering the same thing, Bat Country. There are lots of black people in Latin America. Slaves were brought into the Caribbean and South America to work the sugar planations. When the colonists loyal to the Crown left the 13 colonies prior to the American Revolution they took their slaves with them to the Caribbean.

          • rebecca says:

            I’d say the same thing can be said with just because you’re hispanic doesn’t mean your black. Seems this board is very uneducated on both sides of that topic…..

        • MC says:

          Scotty is a quarter Puerto Rican.

        • moiaussi says:

          Let’s clarify this. And I’m sure other Latinos reading this would agree. Javier Colon is a black Hispanic- He is NOT African-American. He is black, but Hispanic.

          His heritage is Hispanic, so that’s VERY different from African-American culture. This is why we argue for this distinction.

  19. Jane says:

    So the winner isn’t Dia, the one that sold the most tunes of the finalists, but Javier, the one w/ arguably the biggest vocal range/talent. Javier maybe the 3rd times the charm. As for Dia – ppl want to hear you sing, so much so they are paying money for it – the true winner in my book!

    • Sandy says:

      Dia is indeed doing well, but Javier is #2 on iTunes and them ain’t no small potatoes, so people are actually paying to hear him sing too.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Honestly, Dia’s sound is not all that unique. She’ll get a boost from The Voice, but will we remember her 5 years from now?
      None of them have what I would call “Superstar” Quality, but they all performed extremely well. It was a very polished finale last night. Just hope The Voice remembers all the things they did right.

    • ohreli says:

      Javier had the #2 single, but he think he had more singles on the chart (from previous episodes). So, he may actually have been the top Itunes seller.

  20. Bieber says:

    Side note – if 2% difference is based off of Bieber’s endorsement/asking his dedicated fans voting to vote for Javier w/o checking out the competition that sorta blows. But hey – a wins a win. Congrats Javier!

  21. Carly says:

    Dia was in the duet Meg & Dia and had a cd and everything. I don’t think she or anyone else should be allowed in these competitions if theyve already done that. She already proved she could sing. I don’t see how that’s fair to others.

    • Ablo says:

      The show started off by saying they went out to find the best singers in the country (clearly there’s hyperbole there) — there was no requirement to be a new singer.

    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

      Carly, to add to what Ablo said,the premise of this show was that producers scoured YouTube/MySpace, and visited bars and concert venues all over the U.S. to identify top “undiscovered” talent. Unlike AI, this was not a cattle call with a bunch of delusional wannabes. That being said, I think they are changing up a bit for season 2, since they have announced casting dates for the summer. But the bottom line is that they specifically brought in people with previous recording and performance experience to give the their “big break.”

    • jenna says:

      I prefer having professionals in the mix. I’d much rather someone whose ‘paid their dues’ finally catch a break than another amateur teen

    • Em says:

      For the millionth time, Javier had CD(s). In fact, I think Vicci did too. I think Bev might have been the only one without, but if she did, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s always about marketing and exposure. I don’t know why people always make such a big deal about previous record deals and so-called industry vets robbing those new to the scene. If anything, I feel for them, because they’re probably on their last chances before giving up, whereas a newbie would be hoping to skip years of trying to break into the biz. I think both groups of artists deserve a chance.

      • Brian D. says:

        Beverly also has had several independent albums. Christina mentioned it at the finale last night.

        And I agree. I don’t care that these are professionals. If I wanted a teen amateur or a Susan Boyle-type, I would have tuned in to Idol or AGT.

      • Aiden says:

        That hardly counts.
        Beverly had 6 independent albums out, Vicci had 4, Javier had 2 with a major label and one independent release. I don’t see how the fact that Dia, a person with as much or maybe even less experience than the other contestants, is in any unfair advantage during the competition.

    • Dee says:

      Yep, and her sister Meg’s voice is MUCH better than Dia’s. Go figure.

  22. Portia says:

    I too was surprised at Javier’s win. By all available indicators, Dia appeared to have this in the bag. But I noticed something last night that became more marked tonight when the four finalists were lined to receive their results: There was not even one of them that I felt wouldn’t deserve the win, and not a single one of them I disliked. This was interesting to me as an regular Idol viewer. I can’t think of any Idol Top 4 since I started watching in season 6 that was as evenly matched as these folks. And not a one of them seemed to have the irksome self-awareness that plagues a lot Idol contestants and strikes a false chord that causes many viewers to vote against them as much as for someone else. Maybe it was because The Voice’s season was shorter than Idol’s. At any rate, it was refreshing to see that level of talent in all of the Top 4. I’m imagining how exciting an Idol season could be like if the Top 12 were packed with contestants as genuinely talented and unique as these folks. Does anyone else agree?

    Slezak, now that the seasons of Idol and The Voice are both over, would you consider voicing your thoughts in an article that compares and contrasts the shows? Pretty please?

    • cookielove says:

      YES! Slezak….give us your opinion on Idol and Voice….

    • Meghan says:

      Yes! Definitely agree. I would love to read a contrast and compare between Idol and The Voice by Slezak!

    • Kari G says:

      I would love to read this as well b/c I’m a huge Slezak fan. That being said, Television without pity has already posted an article like this if you want something to tide you over in the mean time :)

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Went to the link, thank you. the comparisons between Idol and The Voice were interesting. But honestly, I would prefer that “Idol” not make a big deal out of people’s sexuality – gay OR straight. It’s a SINGING COMPETITION. I guess if it were “The Dating Game” we’d need to worry about sexuality. As I posted before I’d like to see Idol remain more family friendly because there are so few programs families can watch together. If you’ve ever spent time in a home with small children and nearly lost your mind after repeated viewings of the Disney Channel, Spongebob, and the Food Network, you know exactly what I mean.

        I had no problem with “The Voice”. They didn’t make a big deal out of sexuality, but they didn’t hide it, and that’s fine. plus it’s in a later time slot than “Idol” and clearly appealed to a different, older demographic.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Darcy, let’s leave Idol for the children and The Voice for the grownups. I appreciate your point, but there’s an audience for older contestants who could benefit from a little positive exposure. Idol used to be a lot more eclectic, but it’s become so narrow in its focus. Some of us want something more than that.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @Name That Tune – that’s kind of what I was suggesting. I guess I didn’t make it clear. I agree with your comments. I really don’t have a problem with “diversity” at all on Idol. I loved Adam Lambert. Still do.

        • Portia says:

          The TWoP article, at least as I read it, did not propose that either show should make a big deal about the contestants’ sexuality. Rather, it praised The Voice for not making sexuality a big deal. I agree. The Voice let contestants simply be who they were and portrayed that without trying to create a “character” for them or manipulate the audience’s perceptions. It was kind of refreshing.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @Portia – I agree with your comments as well – perhaps I read too much into that article! After all, sometimes a horse is just a horse.

      • hmmmm says:

        It seems a little odd that you call out Steven Tyler for the poor judge performance considering that he can actually sing live as opposed to just shaking his butt around in front of the camera.

        As for judges, how can The Voice only win by a hair, even considering all the issues with the format etc., when you didn’t have them ganging up on someone with talent to beat them down so the chosen ones could win like Idol which took it to truly sickening levels this season.

      • Portia says:

        Thanks, Kari! I enjoyed the TWOP article and agreed with several points. Would still love to read Slezak’s analysis…

  23. GeorgiaPat says:

    I expected it to be Dia, but didn’t feel strongly about one contestant vs another. I downloaded singles and duets of all four. For me it was sn entertaining finale with no angst…a nice change from AI.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I agree with that. Would have loved to see Beverly pull off an upset, thought it would be Dia, but not at all upset with Javier’s win. It was the right final 4, and each of them did things that made them winners. I thought The Voice got it right from the get-go.

      • janessa says:

        Bev was my clear favourite last night but I agree I wouldn’t have been all that upset regardless of the outcome. Something that definitely can’t be said about other shows like this

  24. Steph says:

    I would have preferred Dia to win but I don’t mind Javier…. I actually really liked his single from last night.

  25. Karen says:

    SOOO, So happy that Javier won. I fell in love with his voice the moment I heard it. For me, he was the showstopper in the auditions (its truly the only one I can remember right now).
    He seems like a really genuine guy, who has actually tried to succeed in the business by himself before. So kudos to him. Also really glad to see Dia in the top 2 with him.

    All in all it was the four best contestants in the finale, so I’ll give The Voice that one. But I would have loved to see many more performances from the top 16, or top 8 (with one voted home each week), to see how they would progress…

  26. echo says:

    YESSSSS!!!! Go Javier!

    Even though I was on Team Vicci, I’m not sad. J’s a very talented guy and I don’t think he won through tween or grandma vote. He’s been very popular from beginning. Whether he can produce something more marketable than in his past recordings remains to be seen – maybe something a bit more current and uptempo along lines of Bruno Mars?

    My Vicci love never wavered. I would love to have another vibrant, talented, current female singer like P!nk who can sing as opposed to more same, same shouty popettes (like Katy Perry). I think the only real question is whether she can write great music or join forces with someone who can.

    Bev surprised me over the weeks – I didn’t think she could pull it in and add some nuance at times, but she proved she could. My feelings on Javier shifted back and forth a bit – but he’s a terrific musician and singer — and the look on his face before they announced really pulled at my heart. He clearly does see this as his last shot – I hope this win at least secures him some sustainable career in industry, even if it’s not pop stardom.

    I have already made my feelings re Dia known – we don’t need another emo girl singer lovely tone but poor vocal control. She’s remarkably beautiful and clearly a gifted actress. Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries can surely find her some work.

    At the end of the day, I think The Voice succeeded in its mission by having four strong, credible (and hey diverse!) vocalists/performers as its finalists. Deinitely looking fwd to next year!

    • tripoli says:

      But we need a average, run of the mill voiced, crooner type? There are plenty of Javiers out there already, (with far more talent) than there are “emo girl singers”. Not to mention that Dia has much more vocal control than Javier. This will be his last chance. No one will remember or care about him in a year’s time.

  27. sn says:

    Did you miss the part where Javier and Beverly both have put out CDs as well? And in the last episode Vicci talked about having asked people to produce for her as well, so she must’ve tried to indie route at least, the same as Dia.

    I don’t see anything wrong with letting this show be a platform for musicians who’ve been trying to get themselves out there, but just haven’t been able to break out yet. If nothing else, it lends itself to a certain level of talent and professionalism that I appreciate as a viewer.

    • SaraNotSarah says:

      I’m VERY happy that this show is a platform for working musicians – don’t mind at all when they’ve had major lable deals like Javier and Dia. And, nope, I didn’t miss Javier, Bev and Vicci talking about that experience and their struggles, but somehow I did miss children’s book author Dia Frampton discussing her own experience – the Warners(?) deal, Warped Tour, performing w/her sister for years & years. (Wonder if Meg was lost in a tragic gardening accident..)

      • swthompson says:

        meg was in the audience

      • Aiden says:

        All of them barely discussed their struggles before straightforwardly, they just hinted at it. I doubt Dia intentionally tried to hide that fact. It’s because the show kept identifying Dia as “novelist” that the singer-songwriter part was a bit overshadowed. She actually mentioned her project ‘on the side’ with her sister as well as her last record being recorded in her mom’s house with a dishwasher running in the background–none of it’s a secret.
        Also, I’ve read interviews where Dia says she plans to stay with her band, that’s the path she intends to take with her career. It may be harder now considering the attention she’s probably going to get individually from major labels, but I’m pretty sure she won’t just drop the band she’s been with for 7 years.

    • Ghost of Kelly Clarkson says:

      Agreed, SN and SaranotSarah. I’m thrilled that we were spared idiots dressed up in chicken suits and people with NO talent during the auditions.

    • marie says:

      Vicci has released several CDs.

  28. renee says:

    Even if not my first choice, I am happy w/Javier’s win and think The Voice lived up to its promise. So, now that’s done-on to next year!

    Bloggers have already been discussing whether The Voice can make some changes so that we can see a bit more contestants early on and get just a slightly stronger sense of them. (First, someone needs to not let Cee Lo make any more production decisions – I still feel bad for the horrible pig farming sisters who got the ‘Bugle Boy’ horror show! And thank god Vicci had the stage presence to pull off that rather awesome but way too camp Thunderdome ‘Love is a Battlefield’~~)

    What I would NOT like to see: any Idol-like setups about hometown backstory or making Ford commercials. I hope Mark Burnett revives something along the lines of what he did on Rockstar – more behind the scenes of the competition
    – discussions re song selection – let singers pick their own songs (the prods can work on getting them cleared) and then discuss/argue w/Coaches re wisdom of choices (I was def. disappointed with most song choices after auditions – I think the contestants picked more interesting songs for themselves than the Coaches did)
    – working w/the House Band as they work out the arrangements. I’m blanking on the band leader’s name but he was great on Rockstar – would tell them when the arrangements weren’t working or make suggestions to get where the singers were trying to go.
    – Another possibility – I know that as soon as people got through early rounds – like Javier and Vicci – they went out doing gigs, maybe some behind the scenes as working musicians?

  29. Ken says:

    To be honest, with the performance last nite, I would not say Javier had the best performance. I would rather go for Dia and Beverly. Javier is good but I agreed with some of the comments that at times he could be boring and focus too much on the voice tricks. On the other hand, Beverly is more emotionally connected and entertaing. while Dia just somehow got your attention along the way. IMO, I would say the Top 2 should be Dia and Beverly.

    I am a fan of all four contestants. I just thought Dia or Beverly should have won. Please don’t kill me by sharing my opinion. ^^

    • tripoli says:

      Agree with you Ken. I wasn’t all that invested in any of them. The show declined for me with each episode, but I think Dia and Bev were the most talented and interesting performers on the show.

  30. Cris says:

    I love Javier, and I’m happy he won. All of them were great, though, and so much better than anyone on Idol. It was refreshing to watch a show with really talented singers.

  31. Tiffany says:

    Freaking Justin Bieber… well played, Adam Levine. I still think the other three were more talented, but when Justin Bieber tells his 11 million Twitter followers and 32 million Facebook fans to do something, apparently it’s balls to the wall.

    • @Tiffany says:

      It’s cheating, Tiffany. Levine and Beiber should be ashamed.

      • Tiffany says:

        I’m not saying it’s right. But Adam Levine played the game…and he won. Maybe next year, CeeLo and Christina should consider pandering to the Disney/NICK crowd. Or better yet, celebrities can just shut the front door and stop endorsing things altogether.

  32. Vicki says:

    I am so happy that Javier won. Like they said, HE was the voice. Absolutely amazing voice. Dia is a sweet girl with an unique voice but don’t we have several in the pops hit parade right now of them? So glad the right person won this singing contest!

  33. Andrea says:

    I truely would have been happy with any of the 4 winning! I thought they were all so good, I couldn’t pick who I wanted to win! They should all get recording contracts!

  34. dan says:

    Booo, I’m so unhappy that Dia didn’t win. I’m not crazy about Javier, but there is definite talent there. All four of the finalists could have been the winner, and I would have said they deserved it.

  35. PB says:

    Javier was truly the Voice. He had been the strongest voice of the competition consistently. All were outstanding talents and will benefit immensely from this experience. I was blown away by Dia’s duet with Miranda. Very touching. And I love Vikki’s energy and dramatic flair and Bev’s passion for all music. Still, Javier was the best and most polished voice. He carried poor Stevie Nicks. Yikes. Congrats to all of the competitors.

    • tripoli says:

      You clearly weren’t watching the same show as everyone else. No one carries Stevie Nicks. Especially not a guy with minimal vocal talent. If anything, she helped him get through that song without butchering it completely.

  36. Sivat says:

    He shouldn’t have won. I’m disappointed.

  37. StorytellerGal says:

    I loved all 4 of them and will buy their music if its a song I like. This show SMOKED Idol in terms of talent.

  38. NedPepper says:

    These shows are starting to drain me. You invest so much and in the end, it’s always the one you like the least who wins. I wanted Dia to win, but I wouldn’t be this deflated if Vicci or Bev would have upset her. But it was Javier. Boring and predictable. Another dude wins a singing competition. And if Levine really got Bieber on his side…that just pisses me off even more.

    • Maj says:

      I’m a 100% with you on this. Even if earlier in the season I braced myself for Javier winning this thing & didn’t even think so recently after Dia outselling him on iTunes. There were 3 contestants in the final who I liked equaly, which is great. But the one I liked the least throughout the competition winning…that’s a bummer. Now if he won fairly I’d let it go (the diff between him & Dia being 2%) but reading about the Bieber votes kinda makes me sick. I started to like Levine thanks to this show, have a bitter taste in my mouth now tho. oh well.

  39. Yay says:

    Wow. So thought Dia would win and soooooo happy it was Javier. Helps redeem my faith in reality TV. Yes, he was nervous last night but the iTunes version of Stitch by Stitch could be a top 10 song. And likely will be. Anyone notice how Dia live last night had the worst phrasing ever? All I heard were her gasps for breath, distracting to what otherwise was an interesting indy song. Pretty amazing that in a virtual tie, Javier comes out on top. Dia will be just fine. Javier deserves the $100K (diapers!) and the record deal. I’ve been listening a lot to old iPod Nano lately and there is No. Comparison. To. MJ. But Man in the Mirror as sung by Javier Tuesday night came close. Excited that he has a chance to do more. Cheering him on! Can’t wait for his album release. And now waiting for the next Voice!

  40. cookielove says:

    Not cool that Justin Bieber determined the winner of The Voice. He should be ashamed that he robbed Dia of the title. How dare he command his tweens to go vote for someone just because Adam Levine asked him to. Adam should be ashamed also.

    • Plato says:

      Seriously? Javier was considered a frontrunner long before bieber tweeted about him…get a grip. Dia will be just fine…


  41. jc says:

    the haters can chirp all you want, but javier won and that’s all that matters. oversinging my @$$!!! y’all would probably accuse stevie wonder and marvin gaye of oversing too. but major props to dia too. her rendition of heartless changed the complexion of this competition.

  42. Jen says:

    Did anyone else notice Carson rushing Javier at the end? Javier was busy hugging everyone and Carson told him he only had 30 seconds to say something to the camera. One of his many awkward moments from this season. I used to love TRL when I was in high school (10+ years ago), but did I not see how bland Carson is back then? Has he always been this boring and sad?

  43. scorpo says:

    Congrats to Javier. He should have won! Not too sure how Dia came in second at all.

  44. Ken The Great says:

    I really couldn’t get personally invested in any of the contestants, so meh. Happy for Javier, but I probably liked the bald chick the best of this bunch. Of course, my Haley addiction leaves little room for others.

    • Bones says:

      Exactly Ken. All of the contestants were pretty good. For me, Dia had the only unique voice that I would recognize w/o seeing her sing. Beverly, and to a lesser extent, Javier both had the annoying head shake thing going on that was visually distasteful. Vicci tried too hard and squated too much. The distance between them and Haley Reinhart is about a million light years. I too am addicted to Haley and cannot imagine any of these “Voice” singers bringing that same kind of following. Sure people may like them for a little bit but Haley addiction is a real phenomenon and I don’t think there is a cure nor should there be.

      • Bones says:

        Also, there was a LOT of pitch problems and CHEESE fest performances that never were called out. They all could have used some honest constructive criticism.

        • yeah says:

          It’s hard for there to be that sort of criticism on The Voice though. FOr one you have team format. And second you have all these current people with star power. It’s hard for someone in that position to be as critical since they run risk of upsetting their fan base and it just feels a lot harsher to the contestant when you have someone like that as opposed to a pure judge handing it out.

          That said probably better this and then being as overly mean as Simon and for sure better this than playing stupid producer’s games when it means beating down sometimes those who are the best in order to pimp up others.

  45. MichelleR says:

    They all had talent, I couldn’t get upset with any of them winning. Javier was probably my least favorite of the 4, but only by about 2%. ;)

  46. steve.c says:

    The worst singer in the finals won. What a crock. This guy only got half his votes crying about his kids and last chances. Vicci and dia were easily the best 2 from the start. The fact dia lost to this guy makes me wanna puke. The guy will be like most idol winners gone in 3 yrs. While vicci and dia will be ramping up strong careers.

  47. BaJa says:

    So wanted Beverly or Vicci to win. Why do conversations always turn to race, gender, or sexual preference? In my opinion all 4 were in the finals because they deserved to be. js…..

    • Karen A. says:

      This was a pretty good show. We need more singing! I think that all four were really good. Liked Beverly and Vicci most though.

    • Vivian says:

      Agreed. I mean, I’m definitely glad that in the finals, we had three women, two lesbians, a black man, and no teenagers, in terms of finally getting away from the ‘teenage white kid with guitar’ syndrome. But even though I was rooting for Vicci the whole way, I’m not sorry Javier won. All of them were there because they’re talented and hardworking, and all of them deserve this break.

  48. Alex says:

    I know everone’s still hashing out the Voice results (congrats Javier!) but I just wanted to pop in to gripe again about the lousy sound mix on this show (a show I love).
    Does anyone here know about sound mixing for broadcast and have ideas about why The Voice sound is often so bad? (Idol mix can sometimes be bad but not regularly)
    The mics sounded practically ‘dry’ tonight which was a huge disservice to everyone – contestant-singers, guest stars and audience. hmph.

  49. Good Lord says:

    The curse of Fantasy Boyfriend Idol is strong enough to cross over between networks, it seems! At least the winner isn’t white for once.

  50. Muti says:

    Unfortunately, the strongest emotion I can dredge up for this entire competition is: meh. I never clicked with the judges, the talent or the premise of the show.

    I’d hoped for more, tried to like it, but the reality was I forgot it was on tonight and am not tempted to watch re-runs.

    • jojo says:

      Thanks Muti – we were wondering.

      So weeks of not clicking with judges, contestants, or even the show’s premise and you only forgot to watch the last ep? That’s some masochistic heroism – or extraordinary inertness. Would you be interested in dating my uncle? We can’t get anyone to go out with him more than twice but sounds like you have what it takes…lol