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Grey's Anatomy Preview: Who Will Be Season 8's Bigger Pariah, Alex or April?

Grey’s Anatomy docs Alex Karev and April Kepner would be well advised to brush up on their Latin, because they are both likely to be hearing the term persona non grata lobbed in their general direction when the new season rolls around.

But which of them will field more nasty glares in the halls?

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Crippling Karev’s cred: In last month’s season finale, he revealed to Derek and the Chief that Meredith had tampered with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, earning Mer a suspension/near-termination and, of course, compromising the fate of the drug trial. (To his “credit,” though, he did proffer laudatory words to the social worker who went on to grant Meredith custody of baby Zola.)

April, meanwhile, found herself on the receiving end of news so good it’s kinda bad — that in the wake of so much aggressive jockeying by the likes of Alex and Cristina, she in fact was Owen’s choice to be the new Chief Resident. Yep, one of the two surviving (no pun intended) Mercy Westers will now have the onus of ordering around her entitled-feeling peers.

So, which of the two will have the rougher go of it when Season 8 premieres on Sept. 22? We asked around the halls of Seattle Grace.

Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie, agrees that April is now in a “rough place” as the newly christened beholder of the job most everyone wanted. “But between Lexie and Jackson, she might have a couple of compadres on her side.”

As for Alex, well…. “That was a pretty big thing that he did,” Leigh notes, “and it’s going to be really interesting to see how everybody feels about him. Cristina made her point her clear: You ruined the reputation of the one universally liked person here, so you’re going to be the hated one now.”

Especially since Karev did what he did in the name of nabbing the Chief Resident position. “Even if he had some good intention in throwing Meredith under the bus, there’s obviously a big jealousy factor that took dominance over the whole situation,” says Leigh.

Jesse Williams (aka Jackson) also suspects that Alex “is going to have a tougher time” than April. “But he’s thicker-skinned [than meek Dr. Kepner], so he can handle it.”

Shonda Rhimes: Grey’s Anatomy Finale Set Up What May Be Original Cast’s Final Run

In fact, April will be doing all she can to just handle her new responsibilities, let alone deflect any behind-her-back snarking. “She’s going to have her hands full,” series creator Shonda Rhimes attests. “She’s not prepared to be Chief Resident, and she might find it to be much more difficult than she expected. It’s going to be a long road.”

Who will garner your sympathy as Season 8 gets underway — loose-lipped Alex, or overachieving April?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ana says:

    Alex. April should’ve died in the shooting. Give us material on the core characters, not this.

    • Kate says:

      April’s character is completely pointless. Then again, so is half the cast these days. Shonda said season 8 would focus on the originals, and I hope she sticks to her word. Season 7, with the exception of two or three episodes, was horrendous (CAM baby storyline, anyone?)

      • Tracy says:

        Nah, Shonda will focus on the originals for the first few episodes then forget about them until 2 or 3 episodes from the season finale. Most of the season will be about everyone BUT the original cast.

      • Matt says:

        Truth be told, with the exception of Alex, and occasionally Cristina, I’m kind of over the originals at this point. I’m actually more invested in seeing where they go with new folks like Lexie, Jackson, Callie, and yes, even April.
        I’m not afraid to admit it: I find April’s bumbling endearing, and I can’t really understand why there’s such overwhelming hate for her. Is it because of the MerDer meddling? That was obviously ill-advised, but I bought it.

        • Patty says:

          I’m glad to see someone else feel the same way! April is endearing. I love her as a character and I love the actress that portrays her. I don’t understand the hate at all! I think she’s great!

          I also love the new guys more than the old ones. If it were up to me, I would focus on Lexie, Jackson, Christina, Owen, and April (yes I do know Christina’s an original).

        • Captain says:

          I do like her. I’m biased cause I liked the actress before-hand but I also don’t understand the hate she gets. Yes, she can be annoying but come on, she’s hated cause she had a crush on Derrek a year ago? It’s not even like she tried to break them up or anything, she had a crush. I also am over the originals. Honestly, at this point the only people I’m invested in are Lexie, Mark, Callie and Arizona.

        • Babygate says:

          I’m with you. In the beginning I didn’t like April at all, but she has grown on me. She can be very funny and very endearing and what I like about her is that she’s more textbook than the other residents who are willing to break the rules to get their own way, which is badass at times, but not all the time. Unlike Cristina who cannot admit she has done something wrong, or Alex who is only interested in getting ahead and is completely undiplomatic, and Meredith who sees everything in shades of gray which makes for a very undisciplined surgeon, April balances care with protocol, so I think she’s perfect for the Chief Resident position. But, Alex is still my boy. I love him so I hope Shonda redeems him somehow.

        • Bri says:

          I don’t hate April, I just think she’s annoying. She’s the goody-two-shoes that follows every rule to the T, which in turn grates on everybody’s nerves…especially the originals, who are ALL known for skirting the rules whether for the own benefit, the benefit of their patient (or a combination of both). I don’t hate her…I just wish she’d loosen up a bit. Everybody, including her, would be a lot happier.

      • jj says:

        agreed. April’s character is unlikable and not very capable. The idea that in the real world someone like her would be promoted to chief resident makes me never want to go to the hospital for any kind of surgery. But this soapy medical drama has always been ridiculous in how overly emotional these doctors are and how it affects their job. In my experience, more doctors are more like Christina than April or Lexie. If they break down every five minutes, they wouldn’t have made it through med school not to mention their residencies. There’ plenty of drama in the hospital without making it unrealistically soapy. See ER in the beginning for how to drama in a hospital much much better.

    • riss says:

      she really should have. I much preferred the girl with the short hair or that other guy from mercy west (can’t remember their names and can’t bother to look them up) over her. Also what is this storyline with her and Stark?!?! absolute ridiculousness. The show has become a complete shell of its former glory

    • disari says:

      I love GA.. I think April is a boring character with no real purpose. Bailey was the quintessential Chief Resident.. Anyone taking over will never be Bailey. Actually I think Jackson would have been the best candidate.

      Alex should be ostrasized by the rest of them.. Remember the way he got funding for his African kids.. He was way out of line throwing Meredith under the bus. He has always been a nasty character and finally he should have to pay the price for that. He has had his moments but really the character needs to grow up after seven seasons..I had a bad childhood is getting old for him.. I hope he does something in season eight to become a more viable character or he goes away for season nine along with April..

  2. Sara says:

    I’m still appalled that April still exists. She’s useless and ruins everything. She’s the reason I DVR this show now, I refuse to watch any of her scenes.

  3. Mikaylah says:

    I really like April and am looking forward to her getting some more story lines next season. Alex did have some ulterior motives in telling about Merideth, but what she did was wrong and she should have been prepared for the consequences.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, that’s just what the show needs, more screen time for the babbling moron who doesn’t even know how to say “condom”.

      I find it unbelievable that April is even a doctor and now Shonda wants me to believe she’s good enough to be Chief Resident? HA! What a joke!

      • Babygate says:

        To each his own, but I think that if you re-watch S6 and S7 you will find that April has always been portrayed as a very capable surgeon, even after she made the mistake that got the woman killed in the beginning of S6. She follows protocol, she has the answers and she’s extremely competent in trauma situations. And to top it off, she cares deeply about the patients and her fellow doctors. That makes her the perfect candidate for C.R., regardless of whether or not she has the best personality. But again, to each his own…

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I agree with this post and note that she has also been the most competent of the doctors when it comes to updating medical records/paperwork – which is a large part of being Chief Resident. (Miranda was good at it too; Callie when she was CR was not).

  4. Tom says:

    Grey’s already did the “Chief Resident is more than I can handle” thing with Callie. They should do something different.

    • lindsey says:

      Ha. Yea. Different isn’t really something Shonda knows…She’ll try to make this different. We’ll see i guess..

      • Tina says:

        Agreed! She really does like to hammer home the same plot lines, right? Sometimes she does them over and over with the SAME character–Cristina does not get to operate, Cristina does not have a mentor…aaaaaaaand let’s just try that one again. And again. And again. AND again! Geesh, Shonda!! Give these repeats a rest already!

        • rose says:

          OMG. If we deal with Cristina-mentor drama (for what is this a third time??) I’m pretty sure I’ll scream

  5. Tonya says:

    I just hope they finally give Alex a decent love interest with an interesting story along with it. That whole Lucy storyline sucked.

    • amy says:

      You know what’s going to happen? Alex and April will get closer because everyone will be treating them like pariahs. I’m saying it now, April will be Alex’s love interest next season. UGH. He deserves someone better than some bumbling idiot.

      • jesse says:

        Its sad that thats likely going to happen. I really like Alex and I feel like he’s always getting jipped by shonda

  6. Dominique says:

    I think April will have a much more difficult time getting everyone to listen to her. Nobody took her seriously these past two years, so why would they now?

    And really, am I the only who’s on Alex’ side? What he did was wrong, but he had a crappy few days, his girlfriend stole the one job he wanted to so badly, then had the nerve to ask him to beg her to stay, and then Cristina comes along, and tells an already pretty drunk Alex he will never make it Chief because he’s not smart and skilled enough like Meredith is.
    Meredith deserved to get punished, because she messed with a lot of people, her job, Derek’s job, the hospital’s credibility…
    They should really stop giving Alex such a hard time.

    • sarah says:

      I agree. It was the right thing for Alex to do but he did it the wrong way and with the wrong motivations – that is what seems like they’re more upset about. He did it to screw someone over rather than moral obligation.

    • Tracy says:

      No, you’re not the only one on TEAM ALEX. And I agree, give Alex a freakin’ break already. Let the guy be happy for once.

      • jessica says:

        agree! How many times have his past love interests gone crazy/left him! Can he not just be happy for 5 minutes!?!

    • breanna says:

      You are not alone. I love Alex. He’s actually one of my favourite characters. And I also love April. She may be socially awkward, but she seems to get people more than the rest of the cast. She tells it like it is when she has to. I think she’s awesome.

  7. Sandra says:

    I too was not a fan of April but she has since grown on me and look forward to her in the upcoming season!

  8. D. says:

    I like April and i’m glad she and Jackson are series regulars now. Can’t wait for the next season!

  9. sarah says:

    Hopefully Alex because his storyline has the possibility of carrying some emotional weight in terms of his relationships with Cristina and Meredith. I’d like to see April really shine and have everyone begin to really respect her because that way she’ll be seen as an actual threat in terms of the ‘up-and-coming’ in the surgical world, something that Cristina and Meredith have had a real stranglehold on as the show has painted them as the true stars. So I hope that they don’t reuse Callie’s season 4 storyline and actually do something with April and Chief Resident because the show is at its best when the characters are in subtle competition with each other.

  10. Kelly says:

    If everyone now hates Alex it will be beyond stupid. He shouldn’t have blurted it out but it doesn’t change that Meredith is the one that did something wrong. If everyone ignores that and hates Alex I will find it stupid. Can’t say I’d be surprised though because the show always props Meredith at the expense of every other character.

    • Tonya says:

      I’m sure it will just be like any other conflict on the show in that they will eventually forgive after a few episodes of bitterness. (Such as when they found out Christina was hiding Burke’s tremors, or the Mere/Christina fight..etc)

  11. Paul says:

    I love Sarah Drew, was a fan of her Hannah on Everwood, but April is such an under developed character. I feel like if they’d flesh out her character more and focus less on her dealing with snarky peers, she could be a good character.

    Karev is a tired character, they’ve taken him up, down, sideways etc… I think they need to either give the man some redeeming qualities or get rid of the character.

  12. Tracy says:

    I find it hilarious that Meredith is the one that tampered with the trial ruining it for other Alzheimer patients, betrayed and lied to her husband Derek ending the trial he put his hard work into, put his reputation on the line as well as the hospital’s accreditation as a research hospital and yet, it’s poor little Meredith who was wronged by evil Alex. Give me a break. Meredith was in the wrong and deserved to be caught, not only that but getting a measly week suspension for what she did was a joke (and I’m a Meredith fan). The show is sending the message that it’s okay to tell on someone who isn’t liked but if someone who people generally like did something really wrong then you should never tell on them and in fact you should cover up for them. I don’t like the way Alex told Owen but Alex is not in the wrong here and is being unfairly crapped on as usual.
    I also really hate that it is okay to treat Alex badly and hit him (hitting a guy who grew up with an abusive father? Nice. /sarcasm) because he’s the tough guy but other characters can’t be treated like that because they’re these poor, little fragile beings.

    • Amy says:

      but it’s just fine for him to keep his mouth shut and protect Izzie when she stole a patient’s heart, comprised the hospital’s chances of doing transplants and continued to lie as her fellow co workers were punished right? Because as Alex put it then “he is part of a team” I agree what Mer did was not right. She did it for Adele who in Mer’s world is family, watched her as a child, is the Chief’s (Mer’s father figure, and then man who told Der last season that rules needed to be broken to get what you need sometimes) wife, and is going through what her mother did with Alzheimers. If Alex had gone to the Chief with with the intention of helping the trial and perhaps Meredith as well, then great, I’m all for it, but he told on her in a jealous, drunken state after being scr*wed over by the woman he was dating. But I guess if you want to sleep with someone (like Alex did with Izzie at the time) then that’s a way more justifiable reason to keep your mouth shut than a “friend” who has not only stood by his side through almost everything, but protects and taken in just about every person she has met. Go figure huh? But this is Shonda Rhimes we are talking about, trust me-it won’t just be Alex and April punished, she’s always got plenty of cr*p to throw Meredith’s way each. It’s just how Shonda rolls.

      • Babygate says:

        To be fair, Alex had nothing to do with Izzie stealing the heart for Denny. He was in the other hospital retrieving the new heart with Burke and had no idea what was going on at SG. Burke knew what Izzie was doing but Alex didn’t. When they all got called in to the Chief’s office he was guilted by the others into taking the blame but he had nothing to do with it. And when he realized what Mer was doing with the trial, he pleaded with her several times to come clean and stop doing what she was doing and she just told him to butt out. He was right. There was much more at stake then a trial. The hospital accreditation and their licenses were at stake. And the slap in the hand that Mer got from Richard just because it had to do with Adele was hardly a fair disciplinary action. Alex blurted it out at the wrong time, but the truth is that he should have gone to Owen from the get go and he didn’t because he was trying to protect Mer even though he knew that what she had done was hurting everyone. Alex will be the pariah, because this is Mer’s show, but he shouldn’t be. Mer got away with murder. She took hope from another patient to assign the live agent to a patient of her choosing, thus invalidating the blind trial.

        • Amy says:

          Who said Alex has anything to do with stealing the heart for Denny? I never once said that. I said he kept her secret while all of the interns, the program and even Bailey were called out for what Izzie had done. He kept it quiet, he was part of the team. He was also completely in love with her. According to the writers blog, Alex told on Mer because he was drunk and felt the women in his life including Izzie, and more recently Lucy had scr*wed him over in some way. He told on Mer who has stood by him and helped him not because she too has scr*wed him over because she hasn’t, not for the better of the trial, not even to spare Mer some of the repercussions, but because he was p*ssed. He stood up for the completely wrong thing Izzie did, and told on Mer and did not stand by her. It has nothing to do with stealing the heart, it’s what he played a part in afterward having full knowledge of it.

          • Amy says:

            One more thing (just remembered) Alex later told Bailey, he knew what Iz was doing and chose to say nothing. He confesses this to Bailey way after the fact, so yes, Alex DID know and said nadda. Mer was wrong. Nobody’s arguing that. Alex acting for his own selfish reasons is sleazy. I love the character Alex, want Mer/Alex to be friends again (I loved their friendship), but he did a slime move there for his own motive of being chief resident and drunken blame of the women in his life, so he gets no free pass for his move nor motive here.

    • Lisa says:

      Word! I don’t feel sorry for Meredith one single bit. Especially since she never has to suffer any consequences. As long as Fake-Daddy Richard runs the place and her husband will continue to mix private and professional, there’s no way that anything Meredith does in this hospital could ever be considered wrong and would ever come with any kind of real consequences for her. She’ll always get off the hook easily. I’m so over it.

    • RUCookie says:

      Sorry – I have to throw my 2 cents in as well. Alex, over the years, has stepped in it over and over, whenever he can make himself look good. I have never forgiven the character when he was working with Addison and he told the husband that Addison made the women infertile. Addison was working on the woman’s orders/request that she could not have more kids even though her husband did not agree. And ALEX told the husband, forgetting who the patient was. I was horrified and utterly surprised that the show did nothing with that storyline beyond removing Alex from Addie’s rotation. He should have had something happen to him – but no, his excuse is always I brood and had a horrible childhood so it is okay I am an a-hole.

      • Rachel B. says:

        You need to go rewatch that episode because you’ve got it completely wrong. The woman wanted to get her tubes tied but she didn’t want Addison to put it on her file because her husband would find out through their insurance (the woman didn’t want anymore kids but for religious reasons the husband was against any forms of contraception). By law, doctors are required to register every procedure they perform on their patient and the patient’s records much contain all relevant information about their health. Alex was against it because he didn’t think the woman should lie to her husband and it was against the law for them as doctors to tie her tubes and not register it. During surgery, Addison purposely tied the woman’s tubes but pretended there had been some complication and she had to do it. Alex saw what she was going to do and tried to stop her but she still went ahead with it. After the surgery, the husband approached Alex and started asking him all these questions about the “complications” during his wife’s surgery and Alex tried to get the husband to go talk to Addison but then dropped a hint that there weren’t any complications. Addison tried to get the woman to fess up to her husband about asking for tubal ligation but the woman refused. Conclusion: Addison broke the law and did something unethical. She and the hospital could’ve been sued but she got off easy with no repercussions. Alex got punished for not going along with a lie and not wanting to break the law. But of course, because he’s Alex he’s the one in the wrong, he’s an a-hole, right? This had nothing to do with Alex’s horrible childhood but all to do with medical ethics/breaking the law/lying. Would you rather have Alex flat out lie to the husband when he’s asking questions about his wife’s health and risk being sued for medical malpractice/lose his medical license because a woman doesn’t want to disobey her husband? Would that make Alex a good guy in your eyes?
        BTW,he didn’t get removed from Addison’s service because of this. In fact the opposite happened. He thought Addison would take him off her service but instead she talked to Alex’s resident (Bailey) and had him assigned to her service indefinitely because she knew he hated it and it would be torture for him.
        I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that you can’t “forgive” Alex when he was the one who didn’t do something wrong… but really, it doesn’t matter if Alex found a cure for cancer, some fans would still think he’s nothing more than an a-hole.

  13. Maya says:

    That’s Owen who said that to Alex about meredith being the most universally liked resident .

    • Diane says:

      Meredith wouldn’t continue to be so universally liked now that she messed up future trials for the hospital and the other residents. She didn’t just screw Derek over, she screwed over all her fellow residents too.

  14. Chloe says:

    I like Alex, I don’t mind April, but what I and a lot of other people are most curious about is what is going to happen to the two “core” couples – – Meredith/Derek and Cristina/Owen – – particularly to Cristina and Owen since Shonda only gives “I’ll never really break them up” assurances about Meredith and Derek. If you’ve got Shonda talking, Matt, can you get some information for us about those characters?

  15. Ethan says:

    HAHA Look at you guys, writing articles about April. LOL no one cares.

    • Babygate says:

      Actually, Sarah Drew/April does have a following. Some of us do care and appreciate any deets we get on her…

  16. Mike says:

    I hope this means a lot more air time for April because shes is smoking hot and so damn adorable. If I was walking around Seattle Grace Mecery West, I’d be begging her to let me be her first.

  17. Liz says:

    So what? Don’t care about April, and Chyler should shut up after trying so ostensibly to get Ellen’s job.

  18. Kiki says:

    What? Grey’s stars comment on the show without using the words ADULT, HEATED or COMPLICATED – this must be a first.

  19. GIL says:

    Keep Alex, get rid of April. She should have died in the shooting anyways, the worse character on the whole show

  20. Seriously says:

    Why all the April hate in these comments? How can anyone think her character is worse than Callie? Callie turns bi and suddenly the hospital is full of lesbians?! It’s crazy! I hope they develop April’s character more and show less of the Callie/Arizona/Mark mess. I do like Arizona, and I found Callie more believable as an outsider in love with George.

    • brit387 says:

      OH really!!
      u ve said too much
      Callie is he sweetest thing on Grey’s, i was not so into making her gay but wt so ever she s amazing!! she is funny and makes me happy when she s with mark and when she s with AZ and recently with Sofia.

  21. shuayb says:

    So tired of the rants abt the original cast… Deal with it.
    Alex must become persona non grata. He pulled the dumbest move yet and must get what’s coming to him.
    April is not pointless. She is the contrast to every other doctor in that hospital. She is annoying but it stems from the fact that she tries to not do anything wrong. She tries to do the right thing by the book which none of the others incl the beloved core characters have been ever able to do. I hated her when she was introduced to the show and was happy she left. But I’m glad she’s back and she’s grown on me… I have nothing to say about Alex.

  22. Amanda says:

    In the final scenes, it appeared that Meredith had expected to find Alex at “home” so I think she’s already forgiven him. The others might give him grief but I think that Mere will stick up for him. There were other things going on that had been messing with Alex’s head. Plus, he was drunk. If he had been sober, he probably wouldn’t have said anything. Frankly, Owen should have corroborated with Alex the next morning before going to Derek.

    I guess April was brought back to be the “sensitive one” that gets too emotionally involved with her patients now that Izzy is gone. I still liked sassy Reed better than chirpy April.

  23. DizzyB says:

    I’m just gonna say it…it might be unpopular but, I hope season 8 is the last season. I love this show, but it’s time to hang it up. They’ve taking the original characters as far as they can. We know that Mer/Der will eventually make up and be happy w/ the baby. We know Cristina will most likely have a change of heart and keep the baby with Owen. All the originals are basically happily married with babies…bit of a bore. Alex is my favorite character. I just never tire of the whole “brooding Alex” thing. I hope for a Katherine Heigl guest star stint. A series finale where Alex and Izzie get closure. It’s the only resolution sense Alex has basically never personally recovered from Izzie and their breakup if you ask me.

  24. Caity says:

    Can they really blame April for getting a job?

    • Amy says:

      Yes they can. Remember Bailey totally blamed Callie for getting the chief resident job over her, and only really helped her out when she saw she was faltering at it. If a case of jealousy can hit our beloved Bailey character, then it can pretty much hit the rest of the crew at GA I guess :) Btw..count me in as liking April. It took me awhile to warm up to her. Her whole crush on Derek a season before came off badly onscreen, but since the shooting season finale, I have really grown to like her much more and felt kind of bad that nobody congratulated her on getting her new job. Plus I’m rooting for Alex and Meredith to repair their friendship as it is one of my all time favorite friendships on the show and so sad to see it falter for the first time ever last season.

  25. Alex Karev says:

    I have to confess: April is no longer a virgin. I banged her last night, because I bang everyone on this show who is not a lesbian or named Meredith or Christina.

    • sam says:

      You banged Bailey? And Teddy too? Geez…

      • Alex Karev says:

        Of course I banged Teddy. Me and Sloan play ping-pong with girls all the time. And I banged Bailey once. She was kind of down after her divorce, we were drinking and it happened. And let me tell you, she is even more of a Nazi in the bedroom than she is at work.

  26. Babygate says:

    I’m over the originals. They are too old to be acting as childish as they do. Their antics are getting old. They all seem to be in the same position they were 7 years ago. Cristina (although she’s my fave resident) is still scalpel hungry, self-centered and cannot accept that she can be wrong at times. Mer is still as undisciplined and emotional as ever, and Alex is still as grumpy and rude as ever. They have progressed medically but emotionally they are stuck. I like the newer blood. Lexie and Jackson are hotter than MerDer, April is funny and endearing, Arizona is an adorable badass, Callie is hot and a super star and Owen could SOOOO be the new Chief of surgery. He rocks his scenes and the OR and is an excellent manager. As long as Bailey is always there, balance can be maintained in the Grey’s universe. I’m ok with MerDer leaving as long as Cristina, Alex and Bailey stay. And to answer the question, I think Alex will be the bigger pariah, he betrayed Mer and that’s a no-no.

    • ..... says:

      so in other words, you are tired of the originals, but okay if all of them stay with the exception of MerDer who you are fine with leaving. So it’s MerDer you have a problem with….*yawn* When/if Patrick and Ellen leave, chances are higher than not that Shonda Rhimes will reconnect Lexie/Mark and make them the new “MerDer” with all that same “creativity” she’s been putting on them the last few seasons, so if you are tired of MerDer and it seems like from your post you are, then get ready for Mar/Der-the next generation starring Mark/Lexie. It will be more of the same that you see now with MerDer I guarantee you. I don’t want any of the originals to leave including Derek and Meredith Grey as well as the others. I really love the season one characters and will miss the actors as they leave. Thank you for the interview Matt :)

      • Babygate says:

        Selective reading, how refreshing! I said I am over them, I didn’t say I am tired. I am ambivalent; if they stay, fine. If they leave, fine. I still like Mer and Der, but they are not the main focus for me, so in that sense, I am ‘over’ them. Grey’s has a great cast and there are a lot of possibilities to be explored. And I would love, LOVE for Mark and Lexie to get back together. And I too love the first seasons, own them on DVD as a matter of fact and watch them during the summer hiatus. They are gold. But things have changed. What was cute in the beginning, gets old after a while. But whatever, I still love Greys and continue to watch…

  27. Yilmaz says:

    Hi! I’m Alex, I should have been removed from the program because I broke the rules and forced a dying woman who wanted me to change her bedsores to give me money for my awesome plan to save the dying childrenz of Africa—because I care about them. Whoops, I meant t type: Because I’m wanted my career to prosper. Its totally ok to hit a dying woman up for money because she’s mean, and that makes her money up for grabs But I didn’t know I had it and so I even almost defrauded hundreds of thousands of dollars and broke international and tax laws, but guess what—the dying woman came through for me and that makes everythign I did ok.

    Did I mention African babies! What a heartfelt charitable action!

    None of my fellow residents told on me, though they all know what I did. Yet I get to be the moralistic jerk the next episode and claim some high moral ground I definitely don’t have.

    • Anon says:

      No fear Alex! Remember, no one knew what you were up to until the day the children arrived when you fessed up to Lexie. So you don’t have to worry about anyone having covered your butt, because no one did. And when you told Lexie, she reacted the same way you reacted when you found out about Mer, she told you you were wrong but she gave you a pass because unlike Mer, what you did affected only you and did not put the entire hospital in jeopardy…

      • Yilmaz says:

        Besides it being AGAINST THE RULES OF THE PROGRAM and AGAINST THE RULES OF ALL DOCTOR/PATIENT RELATIONS GUIDELINES EVERYWHERE (I mean, you can’t deny that!), not to mention refusing to allow an old lady comfort from bed sores until I blackmailed money out of her (I mean, who cares for what reason—if I’m claiming ultimate moral authority to tell on others, right is right and wrong is wrong, eh?) it did affect the lives of all those African kids I so callously used to attempt to ‘humanize’ myself and appeal for Chief Residency. Before that, ah, I never cared about international babies. The timing of my program was not suspect at all. Not at all. I love using dying children as a career jockeying position. Oh, and if it had failed and my blackmailing of an old lady had gone through—-well, the whole hospital would have been in disrepute–not just the research part or the ability to gain FDA funding…..I mean,it would have been all over the news that I’d dragged these kids over from Africa, defrauding charities and going to jail myself to the tune of thousands of dollars–not to mention I would have then broke international law by utilizing militaries and convoys to transport the children. I would have essentially participated in the TRAFFICKING of children which would have given me a few life sentences. Oh, the little things. But guess what? hahahaa, my blackmailing of a dying woman totally paid off. MORAL HIGH PROUD, I CLAIM THEE!

        • DF says:

          Trafficking of children? WTF?? Your rants are hilarious though.

          Simply put, the dying lady didn’t feel wronged by Alex since she gave him DOUBLE of what he asked her for (he asked for $100000 but she ended up giving him $200000). It was obvious that she actually liked Alex and relied on him which is why even though she called him every name in the book she didn’t want any other doctor (ex: Lexie) to treat her.
          What really sucks is that Meredith basically flushed millions of dollars down the toilet by ruining the clinical trial and denied the possibility of many current and future Alzheimers patients a cure. At least Derek knows better than to let Meredith anywhere near any of his future clinical trials (that is if the FDA will ever trust him to fund another clinical trial with his name on it after this disaster his wifey caused)
          Now go take a Xanax and chill out. LOL

  28. Petra says:

    Everybody hating Alex… what else is new?!
    It would be great to see Alex happy for a change, but it’s like they can’t write that. It sucks!

  29. Raksha says:

    Im just saying it, but maybe all the Everyone Hates Alexan dEveryone Hates April will result in April and Alex coming closer. I for one would love that. I think April and Alex would be AWESOME together!!

  30. Colt says:

    I have never been a fan of Karev, the whole good-guy/bad-guy flip flopping is getting really old. He’s an ass and has been more often than not. He kind of deserves to be shunned.
    April on the other hand has turned things around in a huge way. She used to be one of the most annoying characters on television, but she blossumed really nicely during season 7 into a likeable character. That said, I see her cracking under the Chief Resident pressure. Come on, if Callie couldn’t handle being Chief Resident how the hell will April?

    • seamy_infamy says:

      I wasn’t keen on April to start with but she’s grown on me over the past couple of seasons and I quite like her now.

      With all the giant egos competing for the CR spot, I was secretly hoping she’d get the job. Although, I can see her cracking under the pressure too. And I’m sure that Alex and Christina are going to go out of their way to make things difficult for her. I know this probably won’t happen but I’d love it if she grew a back bone and put them in there place!

      As for Alex, I really have no sympathy for him. He’s gone out of his way time and time again to be horrible to people and I think it’s about time he grew up and stopped treating everyone like crap. His whole ‘I’m so put upon, poor old me’ routine is beyond old now. He should have been written out a long time ago.

  31. Sue says:

    Um……..Matt did you watch the finale? Alex didn’t tell Derek or the Chief. He told Owen who told Derek who told the Chief. As far as Leigh stating the Cristina made her point clear? “You ruined the reputation of the one universally liked person” came out of Owen’s mouth not Cristina’s. As far as the question of either being persona non grata this is a weak story line and not worthy of any continuation. Hope they all get back to business quickly and stop with the juvenile and adolescent story lines.

    Rhimes stating that April not being prepared to be chief resident and finding it more difficult than she expected is another recycled story line that originated with Callie and Bailey. April = YAWN. Much more interested in Cristina, Meredith, Alex, Derek, and Bailey with a sprinkling of the others mixed in.

  32. DOCKLEY says:

    As much as i love Alex, i’m rooting for April. There is soooo much more to learn about her and she has a lot of growing to do. This could be her time …..

  33. Alberto says:

    I HATE Alex, and i hope he gets what he deserves… And in this season, i’ve learned to love April!!

  34. maggie376 says:

    I hope all the original cast are back for Season 9, i.e. New contracts are offered

  35. HeartSleeve says:

    WHen they first introduced April, she was like a mini-Lexie – smart, sincere, heart in the right place usually to her detriment. I dont like her as Miss Bossypants, and I dont for a minute think she deserved CR – if they were going to give it to a non-original, it should have been Lexie, the heir apparent if Pompeo splits after this season. But I do like April as a regular – I loved the actress in Everwood – so I’m glad she’s here.

    Alex, for all Shonda has done to maim his character every season, is pretty much dead to me until he makes it right with Meredith. Shonda claims to like him but I think that is all press-talk and bally-hoo. She roughs him up regularly and makes him the one person everyone hates to hate.

  36. disari says:

    i totally hate april… the character is pointless and just plain annoying and not in a good way…i make coffee or wash dishes quite often when she is in a scene..

    as for alex he has always been a bit of a weasel since season one and the syph incident.. he has redeeming qualities.. but has everyone forgotten he wasn’t all that straight and and narrow getting his african kids over here he just got lucky that cancer woman gave him more money.. i despise the fact he threw meredith to the wolves.. i hope he has a miserable season with no friends and lots of bad things happening to him due to his lack of friends, so he learns a lesson in loyalty which i don’t think he has any of…the character needs to grow up..