Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: CBS Sets Premiere Dates, Including NCIS, HIMYM and An Extra-Big Bang

CBS is the fourth network (following The CWFox and ABC) to release its fall TV premiere plan, and the 23rd cycle of reality juggernaut Survivor will kick things off on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

The Eye Net is giving its buzzy new sitcom 2 Broke Girls a special sneak preview behind the high-profile Ashton Kutcher-headlined relaunch of Two and a Half Men on Sept. 19 (delaying the return of Mike & Molly by a week). Girls will settle into its regular post-How I Met Your Mother perch on Sept. 26.

Wednesday, September 14
8 pm  Survivor: South Pacific

Monday, September 19
8 pm How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm How I Met Your Mother (bonus episode)
9 pm Two and a Half Men
9:30 pm 2 Broke Girls [new series]
10 pm Hawaii Five-0

NCIS: LA Exclusive: LL Cool J, Music Play Key Role In ‘Powerful’ Season 3 Episode

Tuesday, September 20
8 pm NCIS
9 pm  NCIS: Los Angeles
10 pm Unforgettable [new series]

Wednesday, September 21
9 pm Criminal Minds
10 pm CSI

Thursday, September 22
8 pm The Big Bang Theory
8:30 pm The Big Bang Theory (bonus episode)
9 pm Person of Interest [new series]
10 pm The Mentalist

Fall 2011 TV Grid: Where Did Your Favorite Shows Land?

Friday, September 23
8 pm A Gifted Man [new series]
9 pm  CSI: NY
10 pm  Blue Bloods

Saturday, September 24
8 pm Rules of Engagement
8:30 pm Comedy Encores
9 pm  Drama Encores
10 pm 48 Hours Mystery

Sunday, September 25
7 pm 60 Minutes
8 pm The Amazing Race
9 pm The Good Wife
10 pm CSI: Miami

Fall TV Recast Report: Happy Endings‘ Damon Wayans Will (Briefly) Live with Fox’s New Girl

Monday, September 26
8:30 pm 2 Broke Girls (regular time period debut)
9:30 pm Mike & Molly

Fall TV Preview: TVLine’s Guide to What’s New

Thursday, September 29
8:30 pm How To Be a Gentleman [new series]

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  1. Michael says:

    Wow. Just realized I watch just one show on CBS. Go HIMYM! (And I’m sure 2 1/2 Men will be huge for its season opener… heck, I may even watch to see if it trainwrecks or not!)

  2. NickC says:

    I’m not sure who they paid off or which cast member made a deal with the DEVIL but it has worked..RULES of ENGAGEMENT is going into its 6th season……Its 6th season???? That show is so bad i can only think something Dark and Evil is at work.

    • Amanda says:

      Actually there are plenty of people who like ROE or it wouldn’t be in a sixth season. CBS certainly seems to be planning this as its last though by sticking it on Saturday.

      • NickC says:

        Im glad you like it.It’s nice to know someone does…It’s an awful show(IMO).It has a decent enough cast but the writing is the worst i have seen in a long time…i think this is more of a luck with time slots and other shows getting canceled then it being good…but hey.To each his/her own.

        • Mikos says:

          There’s plenty of people who like all sorts of stuff, doesn’t mean it’s not dreadful. A lot of folks just can’t be bothered to change the channel. RoE is in it’s sixth season probably because CBS figures it’s as good a placeholder show as any.

          And for the record, imo it’s not awful it’s just a pretty run of the mill sitcom.

    • mars says:

      umm… i like Rules of Engagement. Sure it’s not the smartest or most well-written sit-com on TV, but it’s entertaining enought that I’ll tune in and contribute to the viewship. I’m confused about it moving to Saturday though? I’m guess this is gonna be the last season? lol

      Really looking forward to Season 5 of Big Bang! When’s season 4 DVDs coming out?!

  3. Sivat says:

    CBS doesn’t interest me this season. I’ll watch The Amazing Race but that’s probably it. I’ll check out FOX’s X-Factor over Survivor this season. Their comedies don’t make me laugh and their dramas don’t interest me.

    • dave says:

      Well then you have no taste in either comedy or drama. I’m sure you watch that drivel that NBC puts on TV and calls comedy.

      • Sivat says:

        I actually don’t watch ANY show on NBC except for The Voice. As a matter of fact, the funniest comedies are on ABC: Cougar Town and Modern Family. Unlike CBS, I don’t need a laugh track to tell me when to laugh.

      • Bfleet says:

        Speaking of being tasteless. Pretty sure just because someone doesn’t like a few shows you enjoy, doesn’t mean they have ‘no taste in comedy or drama’.

        I don’t watch any show on CBS either (dabbled a little in The Good Wife, and will assuredly watch the rest of it eventually, just didn’t have the time to pick up another show at the time).

        I will certainly be giving Person of Interest a shot. Looks fantastic!

      • MC says:

        This post is surely a joke.

  4. Jack says:

    What does the (S) next to HIMYM and TBBT mean? Is that a second new episode or a repeat?

  5. Gail says:

    I can’t wait to see what will happen in season 9 of NCIS. It should be great.

  6. Luke says:

    Didn’t see Undercover Boss anywhere. Is that a mid-season show?

  7. Sourabh says:

    For a minute there I forgot The Good Wife’s new time-slot and panicked when I saw something else listed for Tuesdays at 10.

    • gloria says:

      I am very upset at the new day and time for The Good Wife. Because of Sunday night football, this show will come on at a delayed time.

  8. Alexis says:

    So CBS managed to squeeze all their premieres into September…I’m good with that! For some reason I thought CBS was launching more new series, but I guess a lot of stuff is being held for midseason.Would it kill them to do a drama that isn’t a procedural for once? But I guess that’s what they’re good at, and I do enjoy their comedies a lot, so I should probably quit complaining.

    I’m super excited for 2 Broke Girls, I’ve heard good buzz about it and I kind of have a girl crush on Kat Dennings. haha.

  9. nakedheat2356 says:

    is it just me or this year every show is starting quite late, meaning the dates are all late september?

    gosh, the waiting is just sooo looong…

  10. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait for The Good Wife and Unforgettable!

  11. Carisa says:

    The only problem with the Sunday schedule is that none of the shows will actually start on time because of football overrun! CBS needs to get rid of 60 Minutes and then prime time would be on time.

    • elr says:

      Amen to that!

    • mykey716 says:

      No, CBS needs to get rid of football! Since primetime doesn’t start til 8pm, anything that follows football is going to screw up the start times of all shows.
      What would be really nice is if cable companies updated their programming guides…so as not to screw up DVR!! And don’t tell me they can’t fix it…FOX gets it done for their shows…it’s all computerized, so there’s no reason.
      Luckily, Good Wife is also available on Demand and at CBS.com the next day, so I can watch it at MY convenience and not worry about my DVR being screwed up.

  12. vera says:

    All I care about is The Good Wife!

  13. Kyle says:


  14. Gretchen says:

    Looking forward to the return of Criminal Minds (with the entire “old” crew back, or returning!), The Good Wife, NCIS, NCIS LA and the Mentalist.

    I still Tivo all the CSIs, but not really on the edge of my seat over their premiers. I just started watching Hawaii Five-O.

    Haven’t decided if I will continue watching Two and a Half Men yet. I hate that they are killing off Charlie, but I like Cryer.

    Haven’t decided which new shows I will try, need to find out more about them.

    And I enjoy 60 Minutes. Been watching since childhood. Good, informative show.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    I can’t wait for NCIS. I get like a little kid on Christmas morning with that show… Don’t judge!

  16. Miri says:

    September 25 The Good Wife is all I’m waiting…

  17. Renee says:

    You never hear it talked about, but what I’m really looking forward to seeing is NCIS LA. I’m really eager to see them resolve the season finale. I liked it a lot.

  18. tim says:

    Does “Bonus Episode” mean there is two new episodes, or is it an encore type thing where they play a repeat of a previous episode.


  19. Alyssa says:

    I really look forward to Criminal Minds and The Mentalist!!

    But I also look forward to NCIS, NCIS LA and CSI

  20. kevin says:

    CBS going to BOMB this year at least they’re going to cancel a few new series (A Gifted Man, Unforgettable and How to Be a Gentleman) and a couple of crime dramas for instance CSI:NY. Can’t wait to watch Person of Interest, Hawaii Five O, The Amazing Race and maybe The Mentalist and you people better start giving up returning faves that are starting to get old because this network is starting to get REALLY old.

  21. mes says:

    Can’t wait for CSI!

    And I might check out Persons of Interest

  22. Tegan says:

    Can’t wait for Season 9 of NCIS! Hopefully there will be some great Tiva moments!! ♥

    And Season 7 of HIMYM should be awesome too :) Can’t wait to find out who Barney’s marrying and sort out that whole Robin-still-having-feelings-for-Barney thing that we saw in the finale!

    Tony/Ziva+Barney/Robin FTW!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  23. TGW what? says:

    Nobody cares about The Good Wife!!!

  24. Hope says:

    2 broke girls is awful It will bomb. And Two and Half Man will never get the numbers it did with Charlie.
    I was told Unforgettable and Person of Interest are really good shows.

  25. Mindy says:

    And this will be another year in which I will watch almost nothing on CBS. I say “almost” because I will give “Person of Interest” a try. It kind of looks like a cookie cutter procedural, though. So, unless it really surprises me I doubt I will stick with it.

  26. Lex says:

    Looks like CBS expects HIMYM to be the lead of Monday night if 2 1/2 Men doesn’t do well (which it probably won’t). I’m excited about this!

  27. lisa says:

    looking forward for all 3 CSI’s..propably im gonna watch every series

  28. amy says:

    looking forward to see the season premiere of HIMYM..Criminal minds will be interesting too

  29. SK says:

    Cool for two episodes of HIMYM and Big Bang Theory … but does this mean they’re two new episodes back-to-back, or a new episode and an older episode? :o Either way, that’s cool!

    I’ve never really watched Two and a Half Men before, but I might check it out with this new season just to see what’s up. Not sure I’d bother sticking around for 2 Broke Girls, though, honestly!

  30. Christie says:

    Can’t wait for all the shows to come back, NCIS is number 1.

  31. TJCrinc says:

    castle in 75, ncis in 76. so many shows i find unbearable to wait for yet must suffer through it.

  32. LilBigWheel says:

    Waiting to see Amazing race # 19 cant wait i was on one of the plane rides with contestants and cameras