OLTL's Trevor St. John Reveals Early Exit Plans: 'They'd Rather Press On Without Me'

In the wake of Roger Howarth‘s just-heating-up One Life to Live encore as the original Todd Manning, Trevor St. John has revealed that he — and his presumably faux “Todd” — will be exiting the ABC sudser long before its final curtain call in January 2012.

OLTL Fan Fave Returns — But In a New Role

St. John addressed his “dear fans” via a personal blog, stating that One Life‘s Powers That Be have decided not to renew his contract — though he’d  “expressed a willingness” to extend his stay in Llanview — and that his last shooting day will likely be during the week of July 18th.

“The producers have decided they’d rather press on without me,” he explained. “To be clear, I was not fired. But the producers feel it’s in the show’s best interest not to write any more story for my character.”

St. John goes on to call his time spent as Todd a “great honor and pleasure,” adding, “I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me for the last eight years. And I can only hope that I served you well and that I did you proud.”

All My Children Goes C-C-Crazy, with Three Insane Returns

The revelation that St. John won’t make it to the ABC series’ end comes as a bittersweet blow to fans who’ve grown to both love his fierce, multi-layered portrayal of the infamous Manning for nearly a decade and yet still feel a sense of familiarity with Howarth’s recently revived version. Still, one Todd is certainly better than none…right?

Are you sad to hear St. John will be departing One Life early? What ending would you like to see for his character?

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  1. Stacy says:

    Sad isn’t the word. I’m very bitter that TSJ is leaving the show. I understand contracts but contracts are made to be renewed. I’ve been watching OLTL since the old Todd was on the show and usually I don’t take well to new actors portraying my beloved characters but TSJ made that role. He’s funny, he’s explosive, he’s charming, he’s good looking. TSJ is the main reason I watched OLTL. I could always count on this Todd to either give me a laugh or pull my heartstrings. All of the choices he made as an actor can’t be duplicated. As Stella Adler use to say, “Your talent is in your choices” and he definitely has that. I like the old Todd also but I love the new one. I wish they could have incorporated them both into the storyline until the end. Things happen for a reason so I guess this is a blessing in disguise. I wish Trevor St. John all the best.

  2. Stacy says:

    P.s. As previously stated by others, once Trevor leaves, so do I.

  3. Irene says:

    After watching Howarth and St. John exchange angry glances and snappy repartee all week, I’d like to offer them both a standing ovation for some wonderful performances.

    If ABC has any brains at all it will create a prime time spinoff series and call it “Two Peas in a Todd” or something similarly goofy, and make it a dramedy about the two Todd Mannings. They can become private investigators and “Victor” aka “Todd II” can legally change his name to Todd Manning so there are indeed two Todds. The audience is already there, because daytime viewers also watch primetime shows.

    I definitely don’t plan to watch The Chew. It can bite me. Ha.

  4. U C says:

    On GH when Tamara Braun who played Carly left, I was devastated, and I’m sure many others were also. Then they went through a few Carly’s trying to match the chemistry and anybody up to the challenge of Tamara Braun until they found Laura Wright. Laura plays Carly extraordinarily and she took the role over and made it her own. Now she IS Carly! GH even brought Tamara Braun back but made her a different character, and TB made “Claudia” come to life. I bring this up because I think that OLTL should have done the same thing with RH because Trevor St John has taken the role of Todd over and made it his own! So why take him away. RH should have come back as Victor Jr. This is so disgusting!

    • Sarah Prestemon says:

      I agree with this comment that Roger should be a different character like they did with Sarah Brown on GH. RH was a great Todd back in the day but Trevor and/or the writers made him a better man. If they can’t/won’t bring back Victor Jr. then they need to bring TSJ back as someone who is just as complex as his Todd has been: funny, mean, conniving, loving and caring all wrapped up in one. TSJ is so good at that. One minute I loved Todd (like I never did with RH’s Todd), the next I loved to hate him.

  5. nancy says:

    i think cancelling oltl and amc is terrible. i refuse to watch abc6 daytime new shows.i have been watching their soaps for the last 40 years.if they dont care about me missing these shows and about their actors,then i certainly will NOT support them at all. i hope all their new shows fail terribly.

  6. FreddieB says:

    The release of actor Trevor St. John is just one of the many reasons that i no longer care about OLTL anymore. It doesn’t take a genius too figure out that ABC could careless about it’s viewers especially those of daytime. And the producers of OLTL have a shortage of creative writers these days. The pathetic excuse they gave us viewers for TSJ’s release from the show proves it. TSJ carried the show for eight years he was OLTL best character on the show certainly most controversial and for his hard work OLTL abruptly canned him from the show. i do hope fans of OLTL will not become a victim of ABC’s corporate assassins of daytime drama. i for one will no longer support OLTL, i am done with it after they kill off TSJ’s character now Victor, Jr.! And for those who are all crazy about RH return remember he only came back because his ATWT’s show was canned last season. So much for renewing your contract TSJ and too think we fans lost so much time when OLTL was renogiating TSJ’s contract disgusting way fans have been treated it stinks but it’s typical BIG Business these days.

  7. Jack says:

    Trevor did a splendid job as todd , but seriously, this is what true fans have waited 8 years for. Trevor’s Todd was too civilized. Howarth’s version would have all of those villains who came to Lanview looking like chumps. The way Howarth portrayed the character’s tortured soul is unriveled by anyone in soap history.

  8. lovie smith says:

    What a lame excuse has the writer of this article fallen for by oltl. It wouldn’t have been that difficult too continue his character. There are several story lines that could have been done for series end. Too bad current writers weren’t that creative. It doesn’t appear that oltl by the way they let strasser go and others had any intention of doing right by the actors or the fans. What we the viewers are left with is fragmented story line with the usual daytime drama plots. To have Trevor’s character killed off was a lazy way to end a great character off from a show. I have a strong feeling that oltl’s fans will be very disappointed by series end in early January. Too bad a once creative daytime show has chosen too end it’s long run in such a unspectacular manner.

  9. deana vandearo says:

    If trevor st john is not on that show, I’m leaving it to! Trevor was the Better Todd I’m watching them kill him off ….so the show should all pack up an leave, Trevor and vicky was my favorite characters good bye!

  10. Mary says:

    This is August 31, 2011.Victor Lord was shot on yesterday and died today. I was in tears with Tea Delgado. Allowing Trevor St. John to exit the role of Todd Manning AKA Victor Lord, Jr. is a mistake; big time. I have to give the writers of OLTL credit..It was mind boggling but out of respect to Trevor, he stayed on about 3 weeks or more along with Roger Howarth actually being on there. I felt Trevor St. John should have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award when he was in prison and was almost executed. That was a very moving scene..I just boo-hooed during that scene. I believe John McBain saved his life and Blair Kramer and Evangeline Williamson were there.

  11. Kathy says:

    I just watched today’s episode on SOAPNET! I am extremely upset that TSJ has been killed!! What are the powers that be thinking? Yes, I watched OLTL when RH was on, so? That was forever ago in soap years! TSJ has made TODD my favorite character on the show and now he is gone?!?!? REALLY???? Bring him BACK!!!!

  12. Jean Neely says:

    You are right One Life to Live might as well go off now because they just lost me Trevor made the show and played the hell out of Todd. Im done bye One Life to Live that storyline broke my heart I loved Trevor.

  13. Robin says:

    The Todd thing doesn’t bother me so much as they have pretty much gutted the show, characters, and story line; as to think that they are replacing OLTL with yet another talk, cook, and cheery hints show. I saw the commercial the other day and like how exciting and informative is it to know that you can spice up your dinner by using different plates, are they kidding; or cook your pork with the bone in for more tender pork, no kidding. If this is the best they can come up with, this show is doomed before it starts. Then they leave on a soap like GH, which really if you are watching soaps you are most likely a woman and I don’t think too many women care about mob shows. I have always watched All My Children (which at times gets boring), One Life To Live, and used to watch General Hospital back in the days of Luke and Laura, but when they started introducing the mob story line, I stopped watching it. I am, for one, going to look for another soap to get interested in in that time slot.

  14. JunieB1116 says:

    I agree with the Rama, Vimal, Cutter, and Aubry characters – they needed to go a long time ago as well as bringing Kimberly back!

  15. sandra says:

    Why would they bring back RH after he left OLTL because he did not want to be paired with that black women (Renee Goldsberry). He went to the whites soap on tv and played the same chsracter with different name

  16. Terrance Williams says:

    I think this would’ve been a better soap had they both been there, I’m talking more viewers and more excitement to the show, that’s what Trevor brought. Had you made this work to where they came together and joined forces as brothers, think about the viewers who love them both, this would’ve created and added a new height to this whole show, TODD who? The real Todd should be who the fans want, and that TSJ,I love OLTL but you guys are running this show to hell with this departure! Dorian and David are great actors as well, but I really could care less about there departure, But TODD? The new Todd, the Todd we’ve become to know and like on OLTL? BIG BIG mistake, BIG mistake!

  17. Debbi says:

    I agree that Trevor St. John was an amazing Todd and should not have been let go, but I plead with all OLTL fans NOT to stop watching because of his departure. If we start tuning out in droves now, ABC execs will be justified in their decision to cancel our beloved soaps due to declining ratings. We need to keep watching EVERY DAY until the bitter(sweet) end, and THEN turn off The Chew with a resounding HE– NO!

  18. antmo777 says:

    I am a longtime OLTL fan. I remember the Tina stories. I was online jst the other day watching TINA and Cord’s mother Maria fighting and Tina killing her with poison. It was sooo good back then. I recently started back watching it in the evenings on SOAPNET abt 2 years ago. Since then I have had to watch it everyday. Its been really good. OLTL has always been the underdog to GH and AMC and its doing better than both of them in the ratings. OLTL did an excellent job with fusing the haves and the havenots together over the years. Though it has been over the top at times, they never lost their connection to realife issues. ie; Star’s teenage pregnancy, interacial relationships, homesexuality and much more. Frank Valentini seems to be amazing at fusing these stories along with the glitz and glamour of Llanview. In closing, I did not care for Trevor St. John in this role for a long time because I was only used to Roger Haworth in this role as the originator. I then began to see him for the fine actor that he was. I not only excepted him as Todd but I looked forward to seeing him play him everyday down to the end. He is good looking, funny, ruthless, edgy and a damn great actor. When scenes btwn both he and howarth, howarth had or has nothing on Trevor St. John. Down to the end he played the hell out of that role. It is a huge mistake to end his tenure before the close o the show. If ABC plans to keep OLTL in its back pocket. It will be a failure. By the time January 2012 comes the shows ratings will be in the toilet. Everyone is gone. There is not a doubt in my mind that Tea and Danny will be gone because they were a family. They will prob go back to Tahiti. Its criminal the way they are wrapping this hidstoric show up.

  19. Aries says:

    I feel so heartbroken over the loss of Trevor St John. He was the #1 reason i started to watch and is also the #1 reason i must leave, because i refuse to watch OLTL without “My Todd”. I still remember the first time i saw him i thought to myself…. Damn he’s cute and he has amazing acting chops. The way he portrayed Todd Mannning was INCREDIBLE. I hope Trevor continues to become a Huge star and I wish him the best of luck in everything he does.

  20. Marcia says:

    I finally decided to Google Trevor St. John to see what was going on with his character Todd/Victor because I was missing St. John on OLTL. I only became interested in that soap after getting interested in his character. Well, I was more than shocked when I found out that that Trevor is gone for good from the show. I had thought there was some twist to his “death” and that he would reappear soon. But now that I know he’s not coming back, neither will I. I’m tuning out that show for the remainder of it’s run on ABC. I think the people who are behind the show are idiots to not keep him on to the end. I don’t know the original Todd, and I don’t care for him. So, thanks OLTL… one less show for me hooked into. So, thanks for keeping me entertained, Trevor, on what was just another mediocre soap, at best, otherwise. I especially loved your performance in the “What If” series that ABC did last year, too. I think that was a brilliant idea that they dropped the ball on, too. I wish you good luck in your next venture, Trevor. I’ll be watching for you to appear somewhere in primetime – which is where I think you really belong anyway.

  21. Clarence says:

    Disgusted !!!! My favorite show on television and it’s soon going to be gone. I am so sick of all the cooking crap on television i could puke. ABC will loose me from here on out because OLTL is their only show i watch. All the reality garbage and cooking there is no reason to turn it on .

  22. Barb says:

    Trevor St John did an awesome job portraying Todd Manning, I was a dyed in the wool Roger Howarth fan but Trevor won me over, then when Roger came back it was wonderful for a short time, I wish him and all the actors who have entertained us, well me for 28 years!I wish them luck for the future.

    ABC what can I say ….except BIG MISTAKE! food shows are ten a penny
    I wouldn’t watch yet another food show on ABC if you paid me to, if I want to watch cooking shows I’ll go to the food channel where they actually cook and don’t sit around talking about it,that’s the problem with ABC too much talk.

  23. Michelle Fletcher says:

    Bring back St. John. Its not the same without him. He is one of the reasons I watched in the first place along with my whole community.

    Bring him back.

  24. E.P. says:

    I never liked or gave a crap about Todd when RH potrayed him. But when TREVOR ST.JOHN took on the role I loved to hate and love him. OLTO sucks without him!

  25. Anne says:

    Is Prospect Park still planning on picking up AMC & OLTL and streaming them on the net? If so, when are they going to start, are they waiting until both are no longer on ABC?
    I WILL watch it if they stream these shows. Also, I WILL still boycott ABC, day and noght time, Disney and all their other holdings. I am already watching DAYS on the Soap Channel at night and I will either watch it, a cable channel, DVD or read a book after AMC leaves its 1:00pm EST slot.

  26. Karen M. says:

    To Whom It Should Concern,
    Are you “all’ losing your minds? Don’t you network “chiefs” KNOW that the public would prefer to wrap themselves up in their favorite characters dilemmas than deal with our own daily trials? Good grief! Keep the darn soaps on some channel, some time, even if it is late at night, we can at least, record the episodes. I love One Life to Live, better than any of the other soaps, it’s my personal favorite. ALL the others, besides The Young and the Restless don’t EVEN compare to the story writing of OLTL. Come on!!! Trevor St. John was good, great actually, but the old Todd, well, he is the best! I’m glad he returned, I do wish Trevor all the best, truly, but the OLTL soap will survive with the oldie, but goodie, Howarth, now back in his natural place. Now, KEEP THE SHOW ON! Who the hell wants another food show? No one I know does! Jeezle-pete! Karen M.

  27. Trish says:

    Bring Trevor St. John back. He is one of the best actors on the show. Actually he makes the show com alive. He is so talented and nice on the eyes. Please reconsider and listen to the people who have been watch OLTL throughout the years. These people are like family members who we watch day after day. Bring Trevor St. John back to us.

  28. Shay says:

    I am sitting here watching the last few days of AMC and I am so sad! I am 31 years young and watching this and OLTL always comforts me because it reminds me of when my gradma was here… I used to play sick just so could stay home with her and watch these two soaps… It’s sad when tv shows that have been on for over 3 decades are canceled… I sometimes work late and sleep in, the first thing I do when I wake up is put on “my shows”. What am I going to do now?? It is the only time in my day when I can escape all the crap in life and bring me back to that place when I was a little girl with my grandma,. Those shows have real meaning and real memories… I will not only not watch the other stupid shows on those time slots, but I probably won’t even watch ABC! You are a selfish, money hungry, incentive network!!! Oh and Trevor, I miss you so much! You truly gave OLTL one of the best characters, sorry to the other guy, but when you first came on the show and he went I was so excited, it all went away when he cam back and you left… Good things will be in your future, you are bigger than a soap actor anyway.. No offense to soap actors, but most of them just stay in soaps and never move on, Trevor isn’t one of those people… Thanks for your time..

  29. Sylvia Addington says:

    I think a serious mistake was made to have Trevor taken off. I believe he could be dead just to keep him safe from Irene. I believe Irene lied and he is really Todd the other one is really Victor. Trevor makes OLTL as does Tea and Vicki. What were they thinking? The show will be online eventually. Why kill off Trevor as Victor? Why not bring him back as the real Todd once and for all. I think people would accept the other one as Victor more. Irene decieved everyone and still holds all the cards. The writers have a way out. So return Trevor as the real Todd or at least Victor and do not split up him and Tea again.
    Trevor is vital to the show. He still is on contract. So renew it all ready. Get him back.

  30. Jeanette Wilkins says:

    I live in Canada and I am hoping that OLTL will be seen here and not
    only in the USA when it moves to the internet.
    I personally think that Roger Howarth, who quit of his own free will
    eight years ago, should not have been allowed to come back and bump
    Trevor St. John.
    Most of the shows I watch during the week are on ABC so I won’t be
    boycotting although the thought has crossed my mind.
    I watched Another World from 1983 to 2000 when it was cancelled.
    I don’t think the networks realize how loyal the viewers are to their
    soaps. It is like losing friends everytime they cancel one.
    Anyway I guess that is all my complaints for today.
    Comment by Jeanette

  31. Lulu says:

    I have been watching AMC, OLTL, and GH since I was in JHS.
    I love my soaps and the characters that I’ m so used to seeing. Its not easy to get used to another person play the character that you have grown fond of.
    I liked TSJ but he is not the character that I enjoyed watching on OLTL. Even though he did a good job playing the role of TM, I was very happy to see RH back.
    It is so sad that the soaps are being taking off one by one but I blame the writers who have not made the effort of writing better story lines. You have to keep the fans interesting if you want the show to last. Repeating the same story lines over and over gets boring.
    I admit that it won’t be the same with the soaps that I have grown up with disappear.
    I will not watch any shows between the hours of AMC and OLTL

  32. Ivette says:

    I love watching all of my soaps on ABC. I am sad that I will no longer be able to watch AMC.

    I’m still watching OLTL and GH. If they are taken off things will never be the same. I look forward to watching these soaps when I come home from work. Its my time to sit back and relax.

    I’m so glad that RH is back on OLTL. He is the best TM. TSJ did a good job with the TM role but RH is the original. Its nice to see him back. All the best to TSJ.

    If OLTL and GH are taken off I will not see any shows that are going to replace them.

  33. Danna says:

    I think the show is not as good without Trevor St. John. It would have been very cool if they had figured out a way to have the real Todd and Victor work out their differences and work together at the Sun and how to destroy Irene.

    It was not Victors fault that Todd was locked up and visa versa.

    Anyway, I liked the show better when Trevor St. John was on it. It sucks for the character Tea too!

  34. Danna says:

    Oh and watched the Chew, wow, can’t believe that show is on. The audience must love watching the cooks stuff their faces each show and rarely get some.

  35. rashawn diaminn says:

    I agree 100% trever made todd.after roger left bringing him back was stupid maybe eben let him be victor…yea they messed up it made no sense plus its.tha end..

  36. Threeand1 says:

    I agree. I can’t get with the Todd they decided to bring back. What a great story line would’ve been with the two brothers running the company and learning about each other. Trevor was the best Todd anyway. I hate he’s not on the show.

  37. Threeand1 says:

    I too am sorry my only two soaps that I watch are going off. I have been watching since they first came on and really surprised that the substitute for these great shows is a cooking show. Very disappointed at the decision and will miss the great acting.

  38. tamarah says:

    One life to live has done all kinds of come back from the dead moments . Trevor saint john would be an excellent as todd’s brother on the show. Imagine the storyline possibilities. Twin love, hate characters, the rivalry and possibly partners in crime, come on OLTL writers…….bring Trevor back.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I loved Trevor St John as Todd Manning… He is Oltl.. He is gorgeous and a wonderful actor and Oltl should have never brought back old todd. And abc is making a horrible mistake just for the record…

  40. Dolores says:

    I also started watching One Life To Live because of Trevor St. John as many of you have also stated. I never watched this show before I saw Trevor on an episode as I was turning the channels. As it turned out he had only been on the show a few days at that time. I never missed an episode after that in all of the years he was on the show. Now I will never watch it again the show is boring without Trevor.

  41. Lisa says:

    Yes, PLEASE don’t let Victor be dead! Don’t let Trevor go away like this. Please let us have atleast one more happy ending, one more happy moment, one more twist (good twist) that nobody saw coming. Please let him come back to us one more time and help catch the person who shot him. It would definately be a ratings booster if you did!

  42. Bonita1973 says:

    Trevor is a marvelous actor although I hate OLTL and all soaps. I hope he was able to see it as a blessing.