OLTL's Trevor St. John Reveals Early Exit Plans: 'They'd Rather Press On Without Me'

In the wake of Roger Howarth‘s just-heating-up One Life to Live encore as the original Todd Manning, Trevor St. John has revealed that he — and his presumably faux “Todd” — will be exiting the ABC sudser long before its final curtain call in January 2012.

OLTL Fan Fave Returns — But In a New Role

St. John addressed his “dear fans” via a personal blog, stating that One Life‘s Powers That Be have decided not to renew his contract — though he’d  “expressed a willingness” to extend his stay in Llanview — and that his last shooting day will likely be during the week of July 18th.

“The producers have decided they’d rather press on without me,” he explained. “To be clear, I was not fired. But the producers feel it’s in the show’s best interest not to write any more story for my character.”

St. John goes on to call his time spent as Todd a “great honor and pleasure,” adding, “I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude to all of you who have supported me for the last eight years. And I can only hope that I served you well and that I did you proud.”

All My Children Goes C-C-Crazy, with Three Insane Returns

The revelation that St. John won’t make it to the ABC series’ end comes as a bittersweet blow to fans who’ve grown to both love his fierce, multi-layered portrayal of the infamous Manning for nearly a decade and yet still feel a sense of familiarity with Howarth’s recently revived version. Still, one Todd is certainly better than none…right?

Are you sad to hear St. John will be departing One Life early? What ending would you like to see for his character?

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  1. Rose says:

    ABC’s awful. Who will be left at this rate for the end of the series? Dorian, Todd, Kelly, Joey are all leaving soon.

    Not to mention OLTL is ABC’s best soap right now but it’s still being canceled while GH stays.

    PLUS ABC got offers for both OLTL and AMC and turned them down. They rather all those thousands of people be out of work. Rather all those millions watching lose a show and long tv history.

    • Sivat says:

      Rumor has it ABC wants to keep OLTL in its back pocket in case The Chew fails. OLTL could be paring down its cast by getting rid of veterans and focusing on inexpensive newcomers in order to make it look more appealing and profitable for ABC or any other interested party.

      • Elizabeth says:

        ABC has already tried letting go of fan favorites and bringing in cheap newbies on General Hospital, which has sunk so low in the ratings that i sincerely doubt that it will be back after September 2012 when Katie Couric gets her talk show. Also, ABC should think about keeping both AMC and OLTL in its back pocket because I don’t know of anyone that is interested in watching either The Chew or the Revolution–my grandmother, who has never watched a soap in her 80 years, is planning on boycotting the new shows in solidarity with her friends that have watched.

        As for Trevor St. John leaving the show, I wish OLTL would reconsider. I understand that Howarth was the original Todd, but St. John has made that character his own, and seeing Todd switched back to the old Todd is ridiculous. There has been so much character development in the past 8 years that even if this version of Todd isn’t the real Todd, I feel like I have been lied to and had the wool pulled over my eyes.

        • tammy burke says:

          well all I can say is that OLTL may as well go off the air because if they are truly getting rid of Trvoe St. John it doesn;t matter anyway. Trevor is the reason that I started watching the show in the first place, and he is the reason that I will stop watching. He is a wonderful actor and I have a feeling that OLTL will lose many fans when he leaves. I remember the first time that I turned on the t.v and saw him, his actig of the character was so good that I turned it on the next day, and the next. I had never watched soaps before…and I never will again. I wish the best of luck to Trevor in all that he does. ABC is just making a very stupid mistake by letting OLTL go. Why are they keeping GH? It is an awful story compaired to OLTL. But, OLTL is making an even bigger mistake by letting Trevor go. I am sure that they will regret it in time. It is nothing against Roger, but Trevor is just amazing in all he does. Bad decision OLTL….really bad decision. I hope Trevor continues on to be a huge star of the big screen that I know he can be…and then maybe OLTL will realize their mistake.

          • Tammy Burke says:

            well I was just so mad when I wrote that, I misspelled about everything that I wrote. I am still mad, and still can’t believe that he is gone. Trevor is just so beautiful, I just don’t get why the would want to let him go. It don’t matter what he does, the big screen or even just another soap. Shoot, I would even watch Days of Our Lives to see Trevor…and that’s really saying something.

          • Carmen says:

            Tammy, I BEG you… PLEASE do not stop watching One Life to Live!!! Please! The show & the actors left need your support… this bullsh*t is all on ABC’s back and not necessarily OLTL.


          • vicki says:

            I have the HUGEST crush on Trevor. Roger is not sexy or explosive enogh to play the TRUE Tod Manning. Who can love Tea like he did??? I hate OLTL for getting rid of thier SEXIEST HUNK EVER!!! Please bring Trevor back or I fear OLTL will become extinct like GL and AMC!!!

        • Carrie says:

          Taking Trevor off One Life to Live was a mistake. It would be great to see him again during OLTL’s finale, finding out that Jack found Victor’s body and got Thomas to secretly move him to a private hospital to care for his gun shot wound. He stays away due to temporary memory loss and paralysis. When his memory returns, he finds his way back to Landview to reclaim Tea and Jack. The conflict between Todd and Victor and the family division will be great if written well. If Gigi can come back, so can Victor. Trevor was an excellent actor and there is enough room on OLTL for him.

      • Vicki Pechacek says:

        I am sick about AMC & OLTL going off the air. I will not be watching The Chew. If I don’t get interested in another soap on the same time (highly doubtful) I’ll just be turning the TV off.

      • Gayle says:

        to say that they are keeping oltl in their back pocket in case the Chew fails is a total understatement….they should keep it there for WHEN it fails…

        Trevor St. John is a tremendous actor, and I think that ABC has missed a bet by not keeping Victor in the picture…there is alot of rich stuff that could have been pulled out by seeing the adjustments all the family members need to make, let alone Todd an Victor adjusting to having twin brothers…

        As far as cancellation and dropping veteran actors, I couldn’t agree more. I DO NOT like Catie Curric, and the chew???? Really??? What a stupid concept for a TV show…I think stay at home wives mother’s etc, need something that will take them outside of their own lives not smash them in the face with it by reminding them that they have domestic chores to do..

        Hasn’t that been the entire success of Soaps anyway…a chance for the stay at homemaker to dream of a more prosperous life away from the potential drudgery of mountains of clothes and dishes. ONE LIFE TO LIVE has done a tremendous job of presenting the day dream along with the reality that EVERYONE has problems…no matter how mundane your life can become, there is always someone in a better or worse situation.

        Shame on ABC for taking that away…I personally plan to learn Spanish so that I can watch the Spanish Speaking soaps….

        • Nita says:

          Gayle, you tell them, girl! I am 100% right where you are about this situation. Stupidest thing ever and I will be boycotting ABC. The stupid Chew will fail in no time. Really, who wants to watch those people? If I need a new recipe I get it online. OLTL is and has been my favorite soap for so many years that I can’t imagine it not being on TV. I will watch the internet version, but I am afraid that they are going to lose a lot of the regular actors, which could affect the quality of the show. OLTL blows GH out of the water, so why is GH staying on the air? If it was a time slot thing, they could have canceled GH and moved OLTL down into it’s time slot. Honestly, I am sick to death of reality TV and I don’t and won’t watch it at all. I want my drama and my fantasy, yes, that takes you out of your own life, just like you said. OLTL is a master at this. Now one of their best writers is going to leave and go to GH. Just great. And Trevor, yeah, I miss him tremendously already. There could have been so much story to write by keeping him on screen with his twin that he never knew about. Todd doesn’t have to take Victor’s place by coming back. Both actors are tremendously good and interesting, and I really think OLTL/ABC missed the bus by not exploring the relationship further between the two brothers who never knew each other. I will definitely follow Trevor’s career. I was a big fan of a series called Nash Bridges that starred Don Johnson and Cheech Marin, and I remember one episode that had a very young Trevor playing a college type character and he was impelling to watch even back then. I can only hope that very good things lie ahead for him. He’s already done several movies, so hopefully he can have a successful movie career. Anyway, just had to comment to you because you summed it all up so beautifully! I am a kindred spirit indeed! Best wishes to you.

      • Anne says:

        Just watching the commercals for THE CHEW makes me sick. Who besides that “cook” thinks “her gumbo is yummy” or “loves” that everyone is nmaking there own “jams and jellies” Adding fun by giving everyone a different plate or using unusual containers to showcase your centerpiece. I can find out how to cook anything, from the dozens of books I own, The Food Channel or the internet.

        Leave the soaps alone.

      • cynthia shepherd says:

        I think it sucks . Its the veterans that make the show come alive. I loved Trevor St Johns fiery ,,strong , pain in the attitude he is lot better than hogarth . I wish ABC would reconsider, since he have left the show is not worth watching and this from a group of us that watch one life to live faithfully.
        very dissapointed

    • dj robinson says:

      I agree OLTL has been around a long time Trevor St.John has served well he was the one who redeemed Todd Manning and made him a likeable person. Why would you let him go the other Todd Manning in my opinion shows no feelings I love the way Trevor interact with all his children especially with Star he comes off as a loving father, I cannot see this in the Todd you are bring back.

    • Paul seguin says:

      I hate what abc is doing to One Life to Live, did not know that Dorian and kelly are leaving along with trevor and joey has always been a revolving door of new joeys for a year then gone then new one,abc are beingjerks, am not even bothering to watch that mob soap general hospital anymore

    • Terri says:

      I agree. I cannot believe they are cancelling OLTL at all. I have been watching it from the very beginning. It has become like part of my family. I agree that the way they are shutting it down sucks too. I can’t believe Dorian is not going to be there until the end. Hell, at this rate everyone on the show will be dead before it ends. The powers that made this decision are stupid. I certainly will not be watching its replacement shows. Who wants to watch something called the “chew” anyway? Very disappointed!

      • Nita says:

        Terri – The “powers” that made this decision happen to be one Brian Frons with ABC. If you are like I am, you will write to him at ABC Studios and let your opinion be heard directly. We can post on these boards all we want to, but it won’t change anything. The address is:

        ABC Studios, 77 W 66TH St Ste 100, New York, NY 10023 OR:

        ABC Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4589
        CA Tel. 818-560-1000 Fax 818-460-5636

        If these addresses are deleted for some reason by this website, go to Google and look up ABC Studios. You will find address info for a NY and a CA address if you scroll down the info. And please, pass this on to others who are fed up with ABC. BTW, if you plan to boycott ABC when the soaps end, as I do, you should know that they are owned by Disney Productions, so in order to be effective, we need to boycott all Disney stations on cable as well as ABC stations. I personally hope that they choke on their “Chew”!

    • lily458 says:

      You are right. OLTL is the BEST soap and I loved Trevor St. John as Todd. How ridicoulas to bring the “old” Todd back. I think ABC is making a BIG mistake. Who needs another show on food. UGH!!

    • Suzi S says:

      I agree. The I HATE the new/old Todd!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are replacing OLTL with a food chef show BBBBOOOOOOOOOOO I won’t be watching ABC anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mae Battle says:

      I have been a faithful follower of OLTL since it beginning. I remember Tommy Lee Jones as a regular before he became a know star. I am sad that the show is ending and I am sure that there are millions of fans that feel as I do. Be careful in removing all of our daytime soaps for reality, cook shows etc. We hav channels for cooking shows. Leave our soaps alone.

  2. Jessica says:

    This is so upsetting! I love his version of Todd and with Roger Howarth back as the “original” Todd I believe there could be so much story telling that could last them to the end of the series. I wonder what will happen with Tea because I love her and Trevor’s Todd together. My guess is that he’ll be killed off.

    There seem to be so many great actors and characters leaving prematurely while we have to endure characters like Rama, Vimal, Aubrey, Cutter, etc.

    • Jillster says:

      YES!! thank you! I don’t get it. why on earth do the writers think we would prefer to watch new, meaningless, and often terribly acted characters over amazing, legacy characters acted by extremely talented actors? this is just retarded thinking.

      • Lori says:

        You got that right! I wish it was that horrible quadruple play leaving. I’ve been feeling this way since they showed up in Llandview. If I have to see Christian kiss Rama one more time I’m gonna lose my lunch.

    • Patti says:

      Big mistake letting Trevor St. John go. He made that show.
      I will no longer continue to watch OLTL with him gone.

  3. april-ann says:

    TSJ actually resembles RH in the above photo! I love RH, but there must be something exciting they could have written for both of them. I think it’s a big mistake to cancel AMC and OLTL, especially OLTL. The “reality” shows that ABC seems to think more fans want to see peaked a few years ago and are on their way out. Those new shows may cost 40% less, but they will also bring in much less revenue.

  4. Jon says:

    I’ve watched BOTH Todd’s from the very beginning, and I liked St. John’s portrayal of Todd much better. However, if he’s leaving, he should take his teenage son with him. After OLTL goes off the air, I will no longer watch ABC in the afternoon, no matter what show comes on to replace AMC and OLTL, period.

    • Heather says:

      I totally agree. While I really loved RH’s Todd back in the day I loved how TSJ has come in and made the role his own. I have enjoyed it much more. And I hate that all these relationships etc with his kids and Blair and Tea have all bee a facade. It is stupid.

    • Lori says:

      Once AMC & OLTL go off the air, I will no longer be watching anything on ABC or any of their affiliates for that matter. I think the only other show that even had me interested was DWTS and I refuse to even give it my time after the Soaps are gone. Oh well. ABC should’ve known better.

      • Anne says:

        I so totally agree. There was only one show that I watched on ABC PRIMETIME and I will not watch it or anything else. I am so sick of these networks shoving cheap reality shows down our throats so the exeutives and news personnel can make millions.

  5. Carol Sellers says:

    ABC should rename its network to “TRASH” Network! This cold, greedy, heartless, Soap-killing network doesn’t deserve me or anyone else as a viewer. They are guaranteed to go down and they did it to themselves. They’ve already lost many loyal ABC fans, forever! It’s time for everyone to CHEW them up and spit them out!

  6. Amanda says:

    It’s clear TPTB have no interest in letting OLTL go out with the grace, style, excitement, and heart that it deserves. The fans are being treated like their viewership never mattered!

  7. Renee says:

    That really sucks. With such a short time left you would think the writers would really play the story and not jerk around a good employee. Jerks.

  8. Mary Ann says:

    I will not be watching daytime channel 7 at all. I think they are making a big mistake. I hope they lose alot of viewers. I just wish another network would pick up All My Children & One Life to Live.

    • Sandi says:

      I thought Oprah’s network OWN was picking up AMC and OLTL, then I heard the shows would be played on the internet.
      ABC is making a big mistake in letting these 2 great soaps go. I have watched these 2 since the 1970’s and wish ABC would reconsider. Who wants another talk show or reality show? Don’t we have more than enough of them already? The reality shows on ABC are of no interest to me and with Oprah gone, I will watch Ellen as she is switching to ABC, but that is all.
      ABC, you are making a big mistake. Keep these shows going and keep both Todd Mannings with different story lines.

  9. em says:

    I was a few years behind him in college. I remember going to see him in a one man play so my friend could drool over him. Hope he finds success in something new soon.

  10. connie says:

    I am furious and even if Trevor is not saying it. I see as a firing. I dont want to watch any other Todd

    • sheri dawson says:

      You know that’s how I felt when roger left. I went from hating todd to loving and cheering for him, and nobody could ever replace. roger in my heart. Roger has this funny sense of humor about him that trevor couldn’t replace it had to do with facial expressions and body language. Sorry for you Happy,Happy 4 me.

      • Donna says:

        Yea! I agree. Roger Was such a good Todd and such depth. He always makes me laugh!! I have been loving his scenes with john mcbain. I AM SUPER EXCITED ROGER is back! I love Todd and Blair! Happy indeed!

      • Anne says:

        I agree with both you and Donna, but I also remember how RH trashed the show when he decided to leave years ago.

  11. Nikki says:

    I was afraid this would happen when I saw RH was coming back. I didn’t watch the show when he played Todd. TSJ is the only Todd Manning I know and he will be missed (as will OLTL and AMC)!!

  12. Talia says:

    Trevor St. John IS Todd Manning and I don’t think I’ll continue watching a show run by individuals who treat their actors like garbage. Hope Trevor finds work in primetime or in films. He’s too good for daytime.

    • sherry says:

      I myself only know this new TODD and I wish there was a way they could have kept him until the end of the show…. he did an amazing job and I wish him all the best… I truly hope that some other soap gives him a job so we will still be able to see him on the TV…. TSJ you will be miss in my little corner of the world TRINIDAD

    • Dixie says:

      I will MISS HIM SO MUCH! He is the reason I watched OLTL. Don’t know if I can enjoy it now that he’s gone. This may have been a blessing for him because he is so talented. No telling what roles are waiting for him. I loved how he portrayed the character “Todd” and he was sooooooooooo sexy doing it too. I LOVE U TREVOR! I will be watching for you and following your career. XOXOXO

  13. Sivat says:

    This is great news! Roger Howarth is the REAL Todd. I am glad OLTL is giving him his role back.

    What pisses me off is that Susan Haskell’s final episode was wasted on scenes with the fake Todd. Ugh!

  14. David says:

    This is sad. It looks like OLTL is dead so they are pulling a Loving/The City and killing (both figuratively and literally) all of the characters off.

    Just plain sad.

  15. Jackie Cassetta says:

    What A BIG Mess and Mistake you are making ABC!!! BIG disappointment in hearing this news today. I’m a very BIG FAN of OLTL and especially all the characters and actors that are leaving early it’s so upsetting :( WE CAN’T EVEN ENJOY THESE GREAT ACTORS TILL THE END!!!! I HATE YOU ABC!!!!!

  16. Roosevelt Rider says:

    When I went to the blog to read the letter the first thing I noticed was the date 6-27-10,is this a hoax?

  17. Roosevelt Rider says:

    Also how come RH Todd always flashbacks to pictures,not scenes,seriously I think this means he’s not as Marty said TODDY.

    • Amber says:

      The flashback to the pictures makes me think they’re doing a Face/Off thing where they’ve shown him the pictures in an attempt to convince him he’s Todd when he’s not.

    • Nichole says:

      I have a feeling they’re re-doing the Christian storyline. You know the one where he was Christian, then he was some guy brainwashed to think he was Christian, but oh no, he’s really Christian afterall.

  18. Tanya says:

    I can’t believe they would do this!! TSJ has made the character of TM what it is today. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming though, they have reduced TSJ to a one dimensional douchebag and taken away all the other complex things we love about him so we wouldn’t care if they got rid of him. They tried to do the same thing to Rebecca Herbst on GH. I like Roger H but not at the expense of TSJ :(

  19. 69mickey says:

    ABC ABSOLUTLEY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tiffany says:

    I don’t have words to express how angry I am with ABC, I won’t be watching any of the new show ever on this NETWORK, I’m pissed!

  21. soapfan says:

    I say we need to keep the protest going especally since people are interested in buying them we need to boycott anything ABC that doesn’t due with the soaps and we also need to start boycotting Disney and letting them know that we are not going to go seen any of their movies or visit their theme parks unless they fix this mess they have made and save our soaps.

  22. MD says:

    This is disgusting in every way!!! TSJ is truly an amazing actor and
    to pull the plug with only so many months left is a low blow and ridiculous. This just keeps getting suckier by the day!!!!!

  23. Phoenix/Dragon says:

    Love original Todd but should. Give TSJ happy ending and leave with Tea and Dani.

  24. iKitty says:

    This just makes me sad. I’m so sad about the whole loss of this show that was so important to so many people for so many years. I love this guy in this character. I’m sad to see him go but even sadder that this beloved piece of television history ended the day the show was axed and even though it remains on air until the end of the year they will just ruin it piece by wicked little piece until then while Showing So little respect for the show and the fans. ABC is a horrible network and I will no longer be watching any of their programming once they destroy this landmark piece of programming.

  25. Leigh says:

    I agree with most of the posts. RH is a huge talent, but TSJ has made Todd so likeable it is okay that he’s bad. I will miss TSJ and only hope that he is given the opportunity to travel to ABC primetime.

  26. Nance says:

    I know tons of people that are angry with ABC and all of their insane ideas on what programming to put on the air. They have made the worst mistake of their lives taking off AMC and OLTL and it looks like GH is next. These shows that they are replacing OUR shows with will tank and I will make sure that me and my friends don’t ever watch ABC again, except for the existing shows that we like. I am not even going to watch the new shows that they are bringing on in the fall. I have started to watch USA and TNT and I will become a fan of the station, along with shows on CBS and NBC. And what they are doing to OLTL with letting so many long time characters go is despicable. I know that Robin Strasser is leaving due to health reasons, but to let Joey, Kelly and Todd go is wrong on every level. Let Cutter and his entourage go, we don’t need to dwell on characters that are short term, we want the vets to stay on until the end!

  27. Chinchi says:

    I don’t understand why OLTL is letting go of longstanding characters, like Todd, Joey and Kelly, that viewers have become attached to over the years but adding new characters like Rama, Deanna and bringing Kim Andrews back, characters who viewers don’t really know and aren’t nearly as invested in. As for TSJ leaving, I am very saddened by this news. TSJ is a terrific actor and he has done a wonderful job of portraying Todd Manning’s bad side and his good side. I know many fans are very pleased that OLTL has brought back “the Real Todd” but RH hasn’t been Todd Manning since 2003, 8 years is a long time and TSJ has made the character of Todd who he is today, the man viewers have grown to love in spite of all the horrible things he’s done.

    • maurene says:

      If TSJ is playing a man who stole another man’s identity, family , moeny etc. while locking the real gut up in chains and keeping him chemically restrained, he is , arguably a more horrible person than RH’s Todd could ever hope to be!How could anyone find that behavior “loveable”?It was always kind of a stretch though, plastic surgery doesn’t change your eye color!

  28. maurene says:

    Roger will always be Todd to me. But I do feel bad for the actor I always think of as “new Todd.” It is a shabby way to treat him, IMO.

  29. annette says:

    Next to the cancelling of the entire soap, this has got to be the worst decision in the history of daytime tv. Todd IS OLTL and I mean Trevor St. John. Yeah, I kind of like Howarth, but not really that much. Trevor IS everything that makes OLTL wonderful. His talent is vast. I am surprised primetime did not pick him up years ago. Clearly, there is NO regard for fans. Clearly it is an economic decision. Bring in people like all the NEW actors they have thrown on the show that I just fast forward my dvr over, like the son of Tomas, his wife, the new girl in town with Nate–all just junk food. With Trevor St J leaving, why watch anymore? If this is their logic, next get rid of Micheal Easton, Melissa Archer, Erika Slezak, Bree Williamson, and so forth. Just cut out the heart of the show. That is what they are doing getting rid of Trevor–cutting out the heart of the show (as they did with Dorian). Oh yes, don’t forget to cut out David. Then you’d have a complete heart robbery. Just keep the new, lowly paid actors. ABC truly, truly, must be money grubbing, heartless, LOW LIFE idiots for another insane decision.

  30. Ann says:

    I absolutely LOVE Trevor St. John’s portrayal of Todd Manning. He made OLTL “Must See TV” for me. I made it a point to never miss an episode because of Trevor.

    This news is very upsetting. It is unacceptable! If OLTL says that TSJ is not portraying Todd it would be like spitting in Trevor’s face as well as the face of his entire fanbase. It’s insulting! Trevor has always given 100% and his performances are stellar. In my opinion, Trevor St. John IS One Life to Live. He’s the show!

    Trevor’s last day airing on OLTL is my final day with the soap. I will NOT watch the show after that. As far as I’m concerned,OLTL will be off of the air the day TSJ leaves. There is no show without him.

    I hope Trevor gets on primetime as a series regular ASAP! I’ll follow him wherever he goes and remain loyal to whatever show he’s on for as long as he’s on it!

  31. ignatius vento says:


  32. wendy says:

    I will miss Trevor so much, I loved the way he played the character, and wish him well. If it were up to me as much as I use to love RH as Todd, I’d continue on with Trevor 4ever.

  33. shante says:

    I agree if they keep both characters it would be a very good story line. I’m glad that Howarth is back but keeping St. John with him is great for ratings aswell as the story line. They need to think it over again. Bad decisions is what got the show canceled in the first place.

  34. shante says:

    Some if u are being disrespectful to RH the original who originated the character it makes since how he’s coming back. But it doesn’t make since in why TSJ is leaving it still unanswered ? About his character. It should be more to tell with both characters in

  35. Toni says:

    I have been watching OLTL for just about 20 years now, and I was a fan of Roger Howarth, that is until Trevor St. John. I think he plays the role a thousand times better, and I can say that I found out today that he is leaving OLTL and I can assure you this will be the last day I ever watch it. I have not liked what they have been doing to his character. They are trying to make people hate him, and that cannot be done with me. Shame on you OLTL for ruining such a great character and a wonderful actor.

  36. Donna says:

    One life to live in my opinion is losing a great actor. Put him in a different role or something. Please don’t do this. He adds something really special to the show.

  37. needabiggerboat says:

    I hate that Trevor is leaving. I always look forward to seeing him and my friends and I laugh about his remarks which are the wittiest on the show. Now that Sam is on, the 2 of them would be so great together. This is the cutest & funniest kid on TV. Love Trevor & love Sam. I would love to know what Trevor will be doing. If I can I will be wherever he is. Not as a stalker LOL. In the audiance.

  38. RL says:

    I’ve been watching OLTL since 1992. Todd Manning is by far the best character on the show, and for me Todd Manning is RH. I have not watched the show very much since he left, and to be honest I only started watching it since he came back. I (personally) don’t connect with TSJ, I think RH should be the one who closes out the show. I just wonder how they will make RH Todd since they clearly killed him yesterday. And you have to love ABC, get rid of AMC and OLTL and bring in……….The CHEW?!?!?!?!?

    • I try to recall how long I’ve been watching OLTL? probably since early-mid 80s. I recall when Tina and Mitch tried to scam Viki. At any rate, RH choose to leave to pursue a failed larger acting career and ended up on another soap that folded recently. Trevor St. John was well written into the role of Todd. Possibly one of the best ways since they re-cast Max Holden years ago explaining a new face. You would’ve had to be watching it all this time to see both the Todd character evolve as well as the writing and Trevor St. John’s portrayal to intelligently comment or assess the comparison. Unlike the role of “Jessica” where they did a straight recast with an actress who looked close enough to the original actress and has done an amazing job as has the new Clint, making growth and changes over the roles but nothing that is so drastic the originals (if Clint Richie were still with us) couldn’t have come back and done, Trevor St. John is just a very different and more diverse actor than Howarth. I liked Howarth’s portrayal of Todd as well, as I compared prior, it’s like Jason on GH. Silent tough guy, few words and few emotions other than the tortured loner thing. St. John captured enough of that but civilized Todd more. How many love scenes do you recall with Howarth and ???? None because they were almost none. As I said a year ago, how the hell would you feel if you took over a position at your place of employment, did a great job for 8 years expanding that positions responsibilities only to have your predecessor walk in the door and be given your job back and you pushed out the door? It’s a disservice to all.

  39. Chris K says:

    I am seriously sad to see you go, Trevor. The show will not be the same without you. You made me laugh and scream at Todd’s antics so many times. Hope the best for you as you go toward new endeavors.

    • mae conley says:

      I felt so sorry for Trevor St.john. I think that he should be the real todd manning. Although they killed the character victor jr. But I was hoping about a switheroo.I was hoping that trevor st. john character was todd and victor was roger howarth.It will serve them right for getting rid of a good actor. Go od luck trevor with all of your success.

  40. As I read through these comments I have to laugh. When talk of Roger Howarth returning was in the air everyone was THRILLED to have the so-called “real Todd” back. I was in the minority when pointing out how much the character of Todd has developed and changed from the dark emotionally tortured, emotionally void except where Starr was involved, insomniac, self-loathing Todd portrayed by Howarth. Hey! I agree RH is/was an amazing Todd and took a 6 week role into an amazing central character. He had departed and returned several times till he left for good and Trevor St. John came on the scene. I’ll never forget the moment I realized well in advance what the writers were doing. Todd (Trevor, then known as Walker Lawrence) had rented the penthouse from Blair furnished. He was alone and sat at the desk and opened up a hidden drawer and removed the Lord Crest ring and put it on. I felt the hairs on my neck stand up and KNEW! I remember when he made his real identity known to Starr recounting the Magic Frog, O’Great One and Man On The Wheel in addition to other things only Todd knew about Starr. It was touching and warm. He captured the darkside of Todd but also brought about an evolved Todd. The scene where he was wrongfully sentenced to die was played better than anyone could. The way he used his “Walker Lawrence” persona to win back Blair’s love and marry her was so very “Todd”. Howarth’s Todd was one-dimensional like Jason on GH. Sure, you can write for that, show the humanity in slivers but in the end it is about few words, few emotions and lots of grunts. 8 years is a long time and St. John and the writers have a new Todd RH can’t play IMO. The show is gone anyway I just think it’s horrible. I had hoped they would write it so Blair would end up with Howarth and Tea St. John ending that tug of war.

  41. beverly says:

    i like and miss the old todd.when i saw the new todd i was upset even though he is cute.then i really stopped watching the show when the old jessica left.i say leave both todds.i feel the confession off the new todd should be that he was brainwashed into thinking he was todd.i dont think the new todd should be punished.i think it should be a happy ending for him and tea.and when did tea get involve with the old todd?and i dont think gigi shouldve left at all.she is a very good actress.and pretty.i stop watching days cause she left.and i will be so glad when john finds out bout the baby.i want him and nat to get back together.i miss the old group back in the 90’s…..ty todd for coming back.and john best not leave for awhile.i kind of missed him more with that black lady.i want to say noras daughter.

  42. Raye says:

    Uggghhhh I’m really pidded truely I loveddd john why why why why tears I mean why change the script now I mean Ughhhhh oltl is going to be sooooooo not interesting and predictable im upset Abc

  43. Joyce says:

    I have always loved EJ has Todd for those of you that don’t know about him hold on and get ready Todd scar represent what he did to Marty he has always said he would never remove it people get ready he is back and if you don’t know about him you will he is the Todd of all Todd’s

  44. Joyce says:

    Correction to my comment RH not EJ

  45. LAUREN says:


  46. barbara says:

    I really like tervor and i hate to see him go but if they keep roger why not kill off roger and tervor face get burn so he would have to have hi face did to look like the old one so tervor want look like he was a fake all these years

  47. kim says:

    I feel like even if another network picks up AMC & OLTL I am most certainly done with ABC daytime. I saw the commercial for the chew today and I sat back and said ” You gotta be kiddin me ” They getting rid of two historical soaps for that(SHAKES MY HEAD)If I wanna watch someone cook I can watch The food network Channel. No more abc after my soaps go…. I’m done Ill definately be watching NBC or anything other Than ABC.

  48. Sam says:

    I teared up a little today with the way the story line has been going for TSJ’s Todd/Victor. As far as the soap is concerned it’s a perfect way to go BUT…… I am so sad to see my TSJ leave. I love his character and he is such a gorgeous man not to mention a great actor. Sure the old Todd actor is good but to me he will always be the whiny character Paul Stenback from ATWT and not Todd. TSJ is my one and only Todd and while I wish the “old” guy luck, I really don’t even care to keep watching this soap anymore. TSJ was the #1 reason I started watching and his leaving is the #1 reason I will stop.

    • melvinshy says:

      god i been with oltl since it begin im 84 years old but what they have done to day time tv can you read between the lines they already know writers left because the show is going nowhere toad is going to kinapp everybody to keep him free when the show ends everybody will come out and say surprize its a joke what they did to tv is a joke the new guy at abc wont last long

  49. Cindy8w says:

    This is so sad. TSJ has been and is an amazing actor. When he leaves, so do I, and I have been a fan since the day OLTL started. I tuned in the very first day and have watched it since. Letting TSJ go in favor of RH is just wrong. I no longer care what happens to OLTL.

  50. nicole says:

    I hate this Todd story line! We have come to really love TSJ’s Todd. Why couldn’t RH come back as the twin. I feel betrayed and lied to for years. You suck oltl!