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Question: Rumor has it the season premiere of Castle will be penned by series creator Andrew Marlowe and directed by Rob Bowman, which pretty much confirms that it’s going to be great. Got any more scoop? —Cheryl
The episode is called “Rise,” but a better title might’ve been “Major Fisticuffs” seeing as how two characters come to blows in the opening minutes. Who?! Hit the comments with your best guesses and then keep close tabs on my public Facebook page for the big reveal in the not-too-distant future (read: next 24 hours)!

Question: I have to know — will this season of True Blood have the smokin’ hot Sookie/Eric shower scene featured in the book? Please say yes! —Sam
Yes and No. “There is a shower scene,” explains exec producer Alan Ball. “But it is not a direct re-enactment of the shower scene in the book. It goes to a slightly different place.” Emphasis on slightly. “Sookie and Eric are in the shower together,” confirms Ball, who assures me that, “Everybody who’s been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them.”

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Question: Any more details on Scott Foley’s True Blood role? —Anna
“He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” says Ball of Foley’s character, Patrick. “So they [share] a military history.” (Rumor has it Terry saved Patrick’s life not once but twice.) Foley will debut in the Season 4 finale and then recur throughout Season 5. Ball, meanwhile, confirms that a deal is not yet in place for him to return as showrunner for a fifth season. “I’m negotiating,” he says. Of course, HBO hasn’t renewed the show itself — but Ball isn’t worried. “There are no plans for this show to end,” he assures. “I’m pretty sure there will be at least one more season, if not more. It seems like it has a lot of life in it still.” That’s an understatement given the boffo ratings for Sunday’s premiere.

Question: In a recent Ask Ausiello, you said that there was a very subtle clue for “one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) twists in True Blood‘s history” in the linked trailer. Now that we’ve seen the premiere — and know the twist in question was the yearlong time jump — you have to reveal what the clue was! Was it that Eric said “for the past year” at the beginning of the trailer? —Nancy
Nope. The clue was Tara declaring, “It’s been a while since I got attacked by a vampire, and guess what — it still sucks.” Had the show stuck with tradition — i.e. no time jump between seasons — it would’ve only been a few days since Tara’s deadly run-in with psycho vamp Franklin Mott.

Question: Considering how much you love Spartacus, I’m surprised we haven’t gotten any Season 2 scoop yet. They’ve been filming for a while now. I’d think an intrepid investigator like you would be all over it. —Kat
The first trailer for the new season will premiere at Comic-Con. How’s that?

Question: I had my heart set on Catherine Tate being the new Office boss. In light of the recent news about James Spader possibly coming in as the big boss, might they be marking time until Catherine is done with her overseas theatre gig this fall? —Michelle
I hear NBC still has an option on Tate, so anything’s possible. The likeliest scenario — as of this week anyway — has Spader replacing Kathy Bates as CEO and Dwight, Andy or Jim succeeding Michael as manager. Of those three, who would you like to see run the Scranton branch? Scroll down and vote in the comments!

Question: Now that we know Bones will pick up the new season with Brennan in her third trimester, I’m really hoping there will be flashbacks to those missing months. It would be pretty strange not to see how everyone reacts to her pregnancy. What does your crystal ball tell you? —Louise
It’s only telling me what happens in the Nov. 3 premiere, titled “The Memories in the Shallow Grave” — an episode that does find Booth and Brennan dwelling on the past, albeit the very distant past. “The first case involves a victim trying to recover her memory,” exec producer Stephen Nathan divulges. “This will play into Booth and Brennan dealing with the memories of growing up, of their families, and what it means for them to create new memories for the family they are forming. And, because of their inherent differences, they also have to decide what kind of family they are going to be.”

Spoiler Alert: Get Details on Chuck‘s First Last Mission

Question: Can you give me some really good dirt on Rookie Blue — particularly anything about Andy and Sam? —Sara
I got nothin’ on “Samdy,” but I can tell you that Andy’s pal Traci is going to break one of the cardinal rules of sisterhood and become chummy with Det. Rosati, the ex of Andy’s current boyfriend Luke. “I think [Detective Rosati] is [a mentor] for Traci,” reasons star Missy Peregrym. “They get along really well. There’s an understanding in terms of their work ethic. Traci really wants to look into [doing] detective work. She’s exploring that and ends up having a friendship with Rosati.”

Question: Do you know anything about Gossip Girl‘s fifth season? —Gabriel
There’s a juicy rumor going around that the show is introducing lots of new eye candy, including a hot, young male [spoiler] to serve as a potential love interest for an UESider.

Question: I have been absolutely in love with Drop Dead Diva since its premiere, but I’m getting a little worried: Does Grayson’s upcoming wedding signal the end of the Deb/Jane and Grayson romance? —Jessi
Maybe. Maybe not. “Jane’s going to try to let [Grayson] go,” says series creator Josh Berman. “But after a break up, if you still love somebody, you can kind of think you’re over them, and then there are moments when you realize you’re not. And I think Jane’s going through that process of grief. But she’s not at the point yet of acceptance.” Berman adds that an upcoming episode features “big chunks of flashbacks. You actually get to see a whole storyline about Grayson and Deb. It’s a really, really cool episode.”

Question: I loved Vlada Gelman’s interview with Matt Nix about Burn Notice Season 5. While her story answered many of the questions I would have asked, I’ll still take any scoop you got. What can you give me? —Matt
Michael will be channeling his inner John McClane this season. Series creator Matt Nix reveals that the show is prepping a follow-up to the popular Season 2 bank heist-themed episode. “We joke that that was our Die Hard 1 episode,” says Nix. “This year we are doing our Die Hard 2. It’s really fun.”

Question: Any scoop on Desperate Housewives? —Luke
Somebody’s getting a major new snuggle bunny, and that somebody is this person.

Question: Any scoops on White Collar? —Matt
Brace yourself for what series creator Jeff Eastin is calling “one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done.” Titled “Veiled Threat,” it finds Peter going undercover as a rich bachelor dating a black widow (Twin Peaks‘ Mädchen Amick). “Tim [DeKay] is such a good actor, so it was great to put him in a situation where he can really flex his comedy muscle,” says Eastin. “He’s actually a really, really good comedic actor. People forget that he was Bizarro Jerry [on Seinfeld], and started his career in comedy. He’s definitely got that ability.”

Exclusive: House‘s Lisa Edelstein Scores a Really Good Role

Question: Is Bernadette, played by the amazing Melissa Rauch, returning to The Big Bang Theory next season? I know she and Howard had a fight in the last episode about money, but she’s so great and has a solid friendship with Penny. —James
Quit your worrying. Sources confirm that Rauch will retain her series regular status next season. And the little financial spat Howard and Bernadette had will apparently be water under the bridge, since exec producer Bill Prady has all but confirmed that those crazy kids will get hitched next spring.

Question: Any Big Bang Theory scoop concerning Penny? In my opinion, Kaley Cuoco is one of the most underrated comic actresses working today. —Terry
You’ll get no argument from me on that. Nor will you get one from Prady, who is cooking up a juicy season-long “journey” for Cuoco’s wayward alter ego. “Her career’s going nowhere, and the one thing she had going for her — her group of friends — she [sabotaged] by sleeping with Raj,” says Prady. “For the first time, she had [male] friends who treated her like a [real] person, and not the way she’s been treated in the past by men. And she just [undermined] that. That’s a fun journey for her. Sometimes it’s really fun to have your characters screw things up big-time and see how they get out of it.”

Question: Is there any talk of Chris Meloni returning to Law & Order: SVU for an episode to give Stabler a nice send-off? After 12 seasons, it would be a nice gift to fans. —Donna
Unfortunately, I’m told by an insider that it’s “highly unlikely” the big screen-bound actor will grace the SVU set again.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Sivat says:

    Gotta get my TEAM BILL support in here before the Eric fans attack!

    • Fable says:

      Me too, TEAM BILL all the way.

    • Elk says:

      I wouldn’t consider myself a part of either ‘team’ as you put it but your comment made me laugh, mainly because of how lame it was. Thank you lol

    • Daniel says:

      To quote Godric, Sivat: WITHDRAW YOUR FANGS. Team Eric!

    • Amy says:

      I’m TEAM SOOKIE. That girl gets to live out *all* our fantasies — the more hot guys for her, the better! TEAM SOOKIE is definitely the winning team.

    • Liz says:

      Team Bill all the way! Him & Sookie are true love, so I have faith they will get back together!

    • Belle says:

      I am team Bill first, now, and forever. Going to keep my focus on the end game. Thats the honey pot. Soulmates baby!

    • Marissa says:

      I think reading the books before watching the series made it impossible for me to like Bill in any way. If I only watched the show I might like Bill a bit more, but having read the books there is no way I can think of him as anything more than an evil jerk who is in no way worthy of Sookie. I wouldn’t say I’m on either team, but Eric is by far my favorite character.

      • Rhelda says:

        By the end of “Dead and Gone”, the 9th book, Bill has more than proven himself worthy of Sookie. Whether they will ever reconnect as a couple is up to Charlaine Harris. By the end of “Dead Reckoning”, the 11th book, Eric has done some pretty hideous things to Sookie (and Pam) and has also proven himself to be quite deceitful and high handed where Sookie is concerned.

        • postsalot says:

          See, this is why you can’t take anyone’s opinion on the net. One of ya says one thing, the other says basically the opposite.

          I would say that the show and the books are really separate entities.

          Team Joyt/Hessica!!!

        • Juliette says:

          I agree with you 100% Rhelda. Eric is proving that he is the one with the most lies and manipulations where Sookie is concerned.
          I have read all the books and watch the show. Bill is by far the better man and vamp.
          Why any woman would want to be so controlled by a man is beyond my comprehension. Sex and blood with eric is not enough to make a relagtionship especailly when you consider he was keeping her drugged with it. Now sex with Bill was pretty f*cking hot and no blood bond needed!

  2. Jen says:

    Castle and Josh, maybe? Fighting at the hospital?

    • Lisa says:

      Ohhhhhhhh, great guess! Josh might be the nicest guy in the world, but I still want Castle to hit him.

    • tahina says:

      I can’t think of any others. Great that we are getting spoilers but nothing on who’s going to be the new captain. Hello Mike, any news yet? :)

    • Elizabeth says:

      That was my first thought as well!

    • Nicole says:

      Oh wow – I didn’t even think of those two getting into a fight. That would be great to see!

    • Pinky says:

      Wow – Castle and Josh would be my best guess!

      • Reva says:

        Wow! I hadn’t even thought of it being Castle/Josh fighting. After the season finale, my mind just went straight to Ryan or Esposito. Really good thought!

      • Kim says:

        that was my first guess, but then I was thinking it might even be Kate and Castle about her getting shot

    • Jayce says:

      i completely agree!

    • Annie says:

      I am pretty sure that Castle is gonna be in this fight. I don’t think that anyone else is as much on edge b/c of Beckett as he is. The other person might be Josh (if he’s actually in town right now) or one of the boys if they have to keep him from following Beckett into the OR.

    • Nev827 says:

      A Castle and Josh fight was my first thought too. Though it could be Castle and a papparazzi or Esposito and a papparazzi. But could a reporter be considered a “character” if they just show up in one episode so a major character could slug them? Wouldn’t it be great if Lanie got into a fight with someone?

  3. Dan says:

    Regarding The Office, I thought Jim would be the one to take over ever since the news of Michael’s departure leaked. I’m glad you included him in the running…is that a clue?

    • tvnut014 says:

      Jim would be AWESOME as manager. However, he’s had multiple chances throughout the show to be manager. Personally, I want Andy to be manager… just PURE YES! Dwight on the other hand… hilarious but heaven help the world of the Office. Can’t wait to find out!

    • topoopon says:

      Andy! Makes the most sense. He’s worked at two branches, he’s not a good salesman, so getting him off the sales force could help the team. Plus: Ed Helms feels a little like Steve Carrell. Similar humor, and both come out of the Daily Show.

      PLEASE not that weird British lady. I just DO NOT get the appeal there. Her character was awful.

      • Bob says:

        Her name is Catherine Tate. The appeal is mostly from fans of the Doctor Who series, and her own show, on BBC America. There’s probably also a little of the “We can’t get Gervais, she’s British, so maybe that’s as close as we’ll get to the original The Office” thinking?

    • Erin says:

      Yeah, Jim seems to be the natural choice, but they already have had him clearly indicate that he doesn’t want the job. It would be stupid to go with Dwight, if only because they’d need to realistically have everyone else quit. Andy would be a good choice, I think. He makes the most sense.

    • VBarkley says:

      Pam. Pam, Pam, Pam. Pam runs the entire office as it is. The new manager should be Pam.

      • Steevyn says:

        I’ve never really thought about this and it’s actually brilliant.

        Maybe that’s why they cut the audio when she said goodbye to Michael in the airport?

      • Kathy says:

        Love that suggestion!!

      • JD says:

        agree…i’ve been saying this since Michael’s departure episode. she’s the one that’s really been in charge for years.

      • Lauren says:

        I actually don’t hate that idea… I love Pam, and I think she proved this season that she can do what it takes to get stuff done (lying to Gabe to get her “promotion”). I really really don’t want it to be Catherine Tate. Apparently a lot of folks like her, but I just didn’t. I always thought it would be Darryl, especially after Jo promoted him. I do not want to see Dwight, because that’s just ridiculous, or Jim, because we’ve already seen that… several times. I’m not sure about Andy… I guess he’s a maybe for me, but I don’t see anyone taking him seriously, which I guess could be funny… who knows. Honestly, the show should have ended when Michael left, but we all know NBC isn’t known for graceful exits.

        • jules says:

          I agree that it shouldn’t be Dwight or Jim because we’ve already seen that. I hadn’t thought about Pam, but I would accept that. I was hoping for Darryl, myself. And there are some fun options if it’s Andy, as well, since we have no idea what his management style would be like.

          So I guess I would be okay with any of Pam, Andy or Darryl. Oscar or Stanley might be amusing as well. NO to Dwight (again, after he shot people) or Jim (again, after he declined the position twice). NO to Creed, Angela, Kevin, Phyllis, Erin, Meredith, Creed, Kelly or Ryan. And no bringing back Jan for the job, either.

  4. tvnut014 says:

    Bones: Does anyone else feel as though they did the whole Booth/Bones relationship the wrong way? I mean, there was the usual flirting, then the comfort scene, and WHAM- she’s preggers. As a fan I felt ripped off. Are we just supposed to accept that they’re in a relationship now for the long haul? Or are they just going to be ‘parents’ without actually being together, cause afterall, they’re still just partners?

    Am I alone on this one?

    • Jane says:

      You are not alone. This is how the Booth/Brennan “relationship” has been handled since Day 1. Lacksidasical and kinda ass-backwards. We didn’t even witness a hint of how they made this baby so why should we expect to witness the first 6 months of her pregnancy or how everyone reacts, or how Booth/Brennan have dealt with the fallout. It’s just silliness and shenanigans from the Bones Powers That Be.

    • 8daysaweek says:

      Show runners have been clear that Booth and Bones will be a couple in the coming season. AS for feeling ripped off, no. Booth and Bones had a lot of obstacles – mainly themselves – to getting together but for the last couple seasons it’s been abundantly clear that they want to be together. Having a child together would naturally force them to get out of their own way and give it a shot for the child’s sake if nothing else, I think.

      • Lisa says:

        I don’t want them to “give it a shot for the child’s sake” I want them to give it a shot for themselves because they love each other and want to be together. Just because HH & SN have said Booth & Brennan were always going to be together and they finally! put them together we’ll never know for sure if it was because they actually began a relationship after their night of “comforting” each other or if they are together because they are having a baby.

        Since they didn’t ask me what I wanted, I guess I have to take the story as written and hope I like what they give me.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, has everyone just forgot about the last two seasons? Booth just about confessing to Sweets and Cam his love for Brennan, finally telling her he wants them to be together, her saying no just cause she doesn’t want either of them to get hurt, the heartbreak when they left, Brennan’s very obvious unhappiness about Booth&Hannah, and then the woman who PREVIOUSLY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN LOVE TELLING BOOTH SHE WANTED TO BE WITH HIM, and then the BLIZZARD EPISODE WHERE THEY ACTUALLY DID DECIDE TO GET TOGETHER SOON! PLUS ANGELA’S REACTIONS THROUGHOUT ALL OF HOLE IN THE HEART!! They were obviously going towards love/being a couple/making love for two seasons! Not a surprise to me!

        • Lisa says:

          I wanted to see them navigate their relationship as a real couple with everything that entails without a baby in the mix first thing. Now all important decisions about living together, religion, family back story will all be, in some fashion, because of the baby.

          Sarah, when you use all caps it indicates yelling. You don’t need to yell to get your point across. I’m not deaf or stupid. You have your point of view and I have mine. You may be delighted with the way the story is being told. That’s good for you. I’m not that thrilled and all the caps in the world won’t change my mind. I watch Season 7 and hopefully, good storytelling will make that happen for me.

          • Me says:

            Settle down. No need to attack people based on their use of CAPITAL LETTERS. Nobody called you deaf or stupid. She was expressing her opinion just as you expressed yours. I don’t think her use of caps was meant to change your views on the situation. TAKE A CHILL PILL.

          • Lisa says:

            Me I didn’t attack her. I was polite. You however, attacked me by telling me to take a chill pill. All caps does indicate yelling and is unnecessary. I don’t need a chill pill, but clearly you do.

          • Me again says:

            Oh bite me.

    • Ben says:

      I completely agree. It kinda feels like we were jipped out of a relationship. The beginning part is always the most fun in TV shows when they’re getting to know each other and adjusting to the shift in relationship, it just seems we’re going to jump into the established part and missing out on the fun.

      • M says:

        I’m pretty sure six years (seven, if you count their first meeting) is long enough to get to know someone. Like Angela said at the beginning of the season, Booth and Brennan have been dating, they just weren’t having sex.

        • Wendy says:

          @M, Angela’s summation describes the whole B&B dynamic in a nutshell, doesn’t it?

        • Jillian says:

          I agree with you. Personally…I never thought that they would be any in between phase between friends and lovers. I never thought that would actually “date.” They already know everything about each other. They already know each others deep darkest secrets. Dating is for getting to know each other. I always figured that there would just be a catalyst that makes them realize that they are in love, just confess their feelings and just get together. Now that I think about it I would absolutely HATE it if Booth just ask Brennan out on a tradition date and we spent a whole other season just watching them date. I would hate that-but I feel like I have already seen that for the past 6 years (…minus season six and Hannah)

          Basically…All I need is an actual confirmation that are in love. I want them to actually say “I love you” to each other…and awesome cases.

          • timshel says:

            Nicely said. Couldn’t agree more. So sick of the constant complaints about missing out on something that has basically been happening throughout the span of the show. Plus, we’ve yet to see the upcoming season and how the will portray things, so people may get some of what they want if the just shut up and wait.

    • sam says:

      you’re not alone, i feel the same. kinda… cheated. disappointed that it had to be done like this, after such a long long LONG (6 years!!) time waiting.

      and i’m pretty sure a whole lot of bones fans feel that way, too. (actually, EVERY SINGLE person i’ve talked to — my friends and family and co-workers who watch bones — feels that way.)

      • Samantha says:

        Where have you been for the past 6 years? Did you even pay any attention? I agree with M above about B&B. It is exactly like Angela said earlier in the season – they were a couple, they just weren’t having sex.

        Why should they be like every other couple out there? We have seen that on every other show, Bones included (Hodgela anyone?) B&B have ALWAYS done things differently, and this season has been no exception. They aren’t taking the route of a traditional couple because they AREN’T a traditional couple.

        Stop pretending your insignificant little opinion means anything for fans as a whole. Just because a few people that you personally know have similar feelings doesn’t mean anything. MILLIONS of people watch the show. A few HUNDRED, maybe a thousand or so are online talking about it. The rest of the fans probably don’t have that strong of an opinion either way. To the majority of people who watch Bones, it is just a tv show that they enjoy watching on Thursdays, not something they spend lots of extra time discussing and thinking about.

    • Annie says:

      I have only just started to watch Bones so I’m not among the fans who have been waiting patiently for years, but I have to say that their hook-up was kinda weak. It was just really hard for me to believe that after this tragedy the thought of having comfort-sex would even cross their minds. They didn’t show the hook-up, they didn’t even show a kiss and in the next episode both of them seemed to pretend it never happened. I guess Bones’ pregnancy was supposed to be a big revelation but I think they went too far trying make it surprising.

      • you guys are missing the point... says:

        Guys–are you forgetting that Emily Deschanel is pregnant? In order to film the season, they had to do something…I guess she could have carried a box in front of her for 10 episodes, but bringing on what’s the obvious next step for these people seems more plausible than the alternative.
        You’re not being gypped out of a relationship. You’re going to get a different relationship than the one you envisioned. This will be a more mature, different track for them. Give it a chance, and relax.

    • Angela says:

      HH had a long history of churning out crappy season finales, but he completely outdid himself this time in terms of saying a big FU to the fans who hung in there through the last season of dreck for the occasional moments of good stuff. I was one of the fools who hung in there but after a 40 minutes of bowling and an oh-by-the-way I’m knocked up, Bones got de-DVR’d. I’m over it.

      • tvnut014 says:

        I mean, I guess I mean with the whole “ripped off” feeling was the fact that for the past entire six seasons, there was a ‘line’ for Booth and Brennan that they could never cross- because they were partners, etc. And during those six years they got to know each other, which I loved!

        After Booth broke up with Hannah there was an opportunity. Okay, things were looking up! It was just when they were lying in bed together, I personally didn’t think anything of it. They’ve done stuff like that before – not quite that- but stuff like it. And when Angela gave Brennan that ‘look’, I didn’t think anything of it either. We’ve been used to those looks from Angela before. Angela overreacting and insisting that Brennan and Booth just get it over with. Then the season finale, they drop the bombshell of pregnancy. With no mention of that fateful night. I realize they did this to coincide with Deschanel’s pregnancy, which is acceptable. It’s easier than finding ways to hide her bump.

        Yet I still feel cheated. They didn’t give any indication that Booth and Brennan had in fact “crossed that line”. And to pretend that they didn’t? I think that’s pretty foolish. The fans deserved to have at least a kiss while Brennan and Booth were laying on that bed.

        Technically, B&B have kissed a total of three times (correct me if I’ve missed one) once under mistletoe in season 3, again in Booth’s dream sequence in season 4 (plus a little more), and in season 5 they kissed when they first met- apparently. They haven’t actually kissed yet. They wouldn’t have to show B&B crawling under the covers or letting it get too hot and heavy on screen, but they could have used a kiss to indicate that their relationship is about to go in a whole different direction.

        Then it would have been less of a shock to the systems. Perhaps then I would be able to accept, yet another, pregnancy storyline that much easier. I’m not saying that they should officially be a couple yet, that would mean the end of Bones (well, for the writers. I would love to see them officially together).

        It was just so sudden, I feel it let a lot of us down.

        I guess we’ll see where this goes!

        • sadtroll says:

          TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WROTE!!! Omg, it’s posts like yours that make me glad SOMEONE out there is counting how many times Booth and Bones have “technically” kissed and that TVline doesn’t have a character limit on comment posts.

  5. Genny says:

    RE: Castle spoiler . . . . I’m gonna say Castle and Josh.

    • Jane says:

      Oh, I HOPE it’s Castle and Josh. Unless (and i’m joking) it’s Beckett smacking Castle around for waiting until she’s shot to tell her how he feels.

      • Rebecca says:

        Or Beckett smacking Josh around just ‘cos….

      • LInderella says:

        Oh I love that idea…but it will come later in the season!

      • Eli says:

        Yah, I got to go with Josh vs Castle as well. If it is those two, seriously; when it comes to Beckett, Castle gets violent! First, a glass in “Naked Heat” cover art, then what? A fist in Dr. Motorcycle Boy? You’re on Castle!! Fight for her sake, man!

        LOL Beckett slamming Castle.

    • Charlotte says:

      In an earlier post, TVLine (because I can’t remember who wrote that article) said that there would be a fight between Castle and Beckett because he is overprotective (although I don’t know if it’s during her recovery or on the job) It can also be that there are two fights in the premiere!

      • Nev827 says:

        This spoiler said in the opening minutes of the premiere, and I’m sure Beckett will still be unconscious, so if she gets into a fight with Castle it would come later. I do like the idea of her smacking him for waiting so long to say ILY! But my money is on a Castle-Josh throwdown.

  6. Cass says:

    I’m very much looking forward to the WHITE COLLAR episode you mention! Peter Burke is my favorite character. Tim DeKay is superb! And a fight on CASTLE? Childhood memories on BONES? Count me in!!

  7. Ryan says:

    While the Traci scoop is nice dear god I need some hope for Sam and Andy. I love Rookie Blue so much it’s pathetic.

  8. Amy says:

    @tvnut014 no i completely agree with you, i really find it difficult as a booth and brennan fan to believe that the writers went down this root. Although it was good writing etc i don’t think the story line was very good (for Booth/Brennan). As you said they had only just started flirting again and for me personally i feel they have lost that spark between them. I think that the Castle/Beckett couple is much more believable in terms of development, they both know they like each other and are still able to have that spark and quips between them. What does anyone else think?

  9. K says:

    Regarding Castle spoiler: I am gonna go with Castle and Josh perhaps

  10. TTCCaitlin says:

    After 12 years, they’re seriously not even going to show Elliot leaving SVU? Shooting that girl was traumatic, but he’s been through traumatic things before. Not directly seeing why this incident affects him to the point he has to leave (if that will indeed be used as the reason- if not, I don’t know how the writers are possibly going to make it work in any way) is going to still more damage to the show on top of his departure. Apparently the replacement roles have been cast now, and I don’t think it’s fair to take out agression on the new actors, but frankly, Munch and Fin should just take over the department, since this will probably be the last season anyway. I can’t see the show not being doomed.

  11. Callie says:

    I don’t know what it is but I like this badass King persona Bill has going on and I am loving season 4 so far

    • Mara says:

      I agree. It’s pretty simple why everyone likes Bill better now – he’s actually interesting and complex now, not just an annoying perfect gentlemen with a tragic past who happens to be a vampire and who seems to be competing with Edward Cullen for most obsessive overprotectiveness of a human girlfriend.

  12. Shannon says:

    The Castle brawl has to be between Castle and Josh. I’d love to see Castle beat the crap out of that jerk Josh!

    • K says:

      I would love to see Castle kick Josh a**

      • Lisa says:

        I’m not sure it will be Castle and Josh. Josh has to operate on Beckett and save her life. If they’re going to fight I hope it’s after her surgery.

        • Patti says:

          I too feel the brawl will definitely be between Castle and Josh. I am thinking Castle will be suggesting for a top-notch surgeon to be flown in from whereever–only the best for Kate!! Of course Rick will insist and spare no cost. Josh will take that personal since he is a cardiologist and even if he did not perform the surgery due to kate being his girlfriend, he will be a big part of the process and case itself. Josh will probably tell Castle it’s not his place and that Kate is his girl and then tempers flare!! Just a thought—can’t wait until Sept. 19th!!!

  13. Ben says:

    After seeing what True Blood did to the fairies (oh why is Claude a goblin?), I am now very worried for the Shower Scene. Let’s face it, it’s the most infamous chapter in probably the entire series and probably the sexiest thing ever committed to the printed page.

    If they mess it up, it’ll upset a lot of book fans.

    Without trying to get drawn into the Bill/Eric debate, I do understand that the show is very different to the books and Bill is basically a minor character after book 3 so I know they would have to change stuff to keep Stephen Moyer around. I just really care about that scene.

  14. MCO says:

    Castle/Beckett it’s too obvious, Beckett and Josh could be good or Josh and Castle.
    Alexis and Ashley might be a good guess since we need Alexis for all of the season but last we know off she wanted to follow Ashley to college in January….They need to resolve this issue.

  15. Mikaylah says:

    Regarding Castle, I would definitely put my money on Castle and Josh. I can’t imagine anyone else physically fighting after the season cliff hanger. And about the comment above in regards to Bones doing the Brennan/Booth relationship the wrong way: I think it was done wonderfully. No trying to hide the relationship, no awkward dates where they explore how the dynamics changed, no drama about whether or not they will be together forever. Now they are having a kid, and we all know how Booth and Brennan feel about the importance of family. Now I feel confident that no matter what the writers cook up in the drama department, these two characters are always connected. As long as they don’t crush my soul and have her lose the baby, which even just typing makes me want to punch someone in the face. *angry sigh thinking of all the shows who have done this* Evil.

    • Moon says:

      yes i feel the same way and im glad someone said it there will never be complications between booth and bones the writers are awesome and no one can doubt that they have had situations somewhat like this and they have pulled through SO I DONT KNOW WHY SO MANY PEOPLE THINK ITS GOING TO FALL OUT

  16. Megan says:

    If it had to be one of those three, then I’d say Andy is the best choice – especially since he is a terrible salesman. Jim and Dwight shouldn’t do it.

    But I think it should be Darryl!

    And I love creepy James Spader as the CEO.

  17. Frenchie says:

    As much as I really want to see Castle and Josh duke it out… I don’t think it’ll be them. Maybe Ryan and Espisito, they had a bunch of tension and even a minor altercation in the finale. Or Castle v. Ryan and Espisito.

    • Anthro06 says:

      You read my mind! As much as I’d like to see Castle and Josh come to blows, it seems a bit too predictable for this show. What would be great to see is Castle coming to blows with Ryan – I can see Ryan saying something without really thinking through how hurtful it would be to everyone around him. Something like, “Beckett’s not gonna make it.” and Castle freaking out and taking a swing at him.

      • Hannah says:

        Omg if Ryan said that I would cry my eyes out…

      • lei says:

        Why does anyone think it will be Castle and Josh? I get that he loves Beckett, I’m assuming Becket loves him, way more than how she feels about Josh, but the only way I can see a fight between them is if Beckett leaves Josh to be with Castle, or Castle kisses Beckett and even tough it would be GREAT, it’s a long shot.
        In other circunstances, Josh has no reason to take a swing at Castle and neither has Castle. The guy is a gentlemann, same as he was during Demming, and Somerson (?), why would he hit Josh?

        As for the characters who are fighting, I have no clue.

        • lei says:

          On the other hand, Andrew Marlowe urged Hart Hanson (Bones’s creator) to get bones/booth together now, saying they were past due. So maybe he will follow his same advice, and this is the year we see Beckett and Castle together. Who knows?

      • Frenchie says:

        That’s what I was thinking… Ryan says something stupid about Becketts recovery or Castle’s “I love you” (“You waited ’till she was dying to say it?”, etc) and Castle and him duke it out until Espisito breaks it up

  18. nitemar says:

    Mike nothing on House again..you have been vey quite about it, what’s going on?

    • Sarah E says:

      He’s a great Lisa E supporter, so maybe he’s now giving it the cold shoulder for a while.

      Or more likely and this is based off the fact that we haven’t heard anything, not even tweets from the writers about next season since just after the finale aired, that he doesn’t have any info/isn’t allowed to release anything, because they’re keeping everything under tight wraps.

  19. RP says:

    Yay, looking forward to Tim De Kay taking the lead for an ep in White Collar. He’s so fantastic, bet it’s going to be amazing.

  20. Wendy says:

    I will be in the minority where “Bones” is concerned and say the way this is set up provides much more story and drama than B&B getting together and all secure in happyland with the upcoming baby. They have been complex since Day 1. So with their respective pasts of abuse and abandonment, plus the state of flux with their baby, I think it could definitely go deep into the characters, which is all right with me, as all of it, IMO, has been surface thus far.

    • Lauren says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t wait to see what happens, Booth/Brennan have admitted to each other how they fell, and are having a baby. I think it is going to be great. I hope that we get to see Booth, Brennan and Parker together. Plus it would be interesting to see if maybe we get to see Booth’s father this season.

      • lauren says:

        meant : how they feel:)

        • Wendy says:

          @Lauren, Agreed! It is high time we meet Booth’s no-good father!

        • E says:

          When did they ever admit how they feel? Writing down dates and saying that they could someday try to be together, is not outright admitting they have feelings for one another. Booth proposed to Hannah and was “mad.” When did he say he then had feelings for Brennan?

          • Wendy says:

            @E, Well, Booth laid it all out in “The Sum of The Parts In The Hole”. Both know how the other feels, including Brennan’s side after “The Doctor In The Photo”.

          • Lauren says:

            Also, “The Blackout in the Blizzard” sweets mentioned that they had both admitted theirs feelings to him and each other.

    • Leann says:

      Nah, virutally nothing in HH’s previous handlings of relationships or the writing staff’s execution of the same leads me to believe that they have any capability of creating the depths you describe so hopefully.

  21. Brittney says:

    Is anyone else really worried that the shower scene between Sookie/Eric will be another dream. Thats what they did in season 3. All the good sookie/eric stuff from the book was written out or made into a dream

    • Jo says:

      The sex stuff might have been written out, but I think the emotional connection seems deeper already in the first 3 TV seasons than in the first 3 books.

  22. Nat says:

    I’m with everyone else… RE: Castle. It will be Josh and Castle. Can it be Sept 19 already??!!

  23. Monique says:

    I’m extremely upset Chria Meloni isn’t coming back to wrap up loose ends and find it disrespectful towards fans. The “big screen bound” actor my ass!

    • ML says:

      What is your problem? Are you blaming Chris for Dick Wolf saying Chris won’t be asked back to complete the story as it would be “too expensive”? Are you pissed because Chris appears to have lined up a major role in a new film i.e. “big screen bound”? Neither of these things involve Chris disrespecting anyone. He left his work after negotiations didn’t work out- no disrespect involved. In fact he has been very complimentary about the show and Dick Wolf said he was sorry to see Chris leave. Chris, as with anyone, is able to make his own career choices. He did tremendous work on the show for 12 years, I certainly don’t begrudge him career development.
      If you are to be annoyed at anyone, direct it at Neal Baer whose poor writing and obsession with guest star Emmys have seen a long decline in the stories on the show and who said that the reason the storyline in Smoked was as we saw was becasue he knew negotiations would be difficult. What a dreadful end to a much loved character!

      • Patti says:

        Well put—I totally agree with ML and his post about SVU and Chris Meloni. It would have been great for the fans and especially Chris himself, to have a show dedicated to him leaving in style! This is how he carried himself on the show for 12 seasons–a first class act! Mariska Hargitay is very upset too because the two of them were the show and it will never be the same. I pray the writers don’t come up with some morbid,classless exit for him. Lets not have him pointlessly gunned down by some brain-rotted street thrug–the same type he and Benson worked their asses off to dismiss. Since we won’t have that last show, I really have faith in the fact that Mariska and the rest of his cast (friends), will do right by him and send him off as a hero in some special way! Chris Meloni and his amazing portrayal of Elliot Stabler deserve such an honor!!

  24. Mike says:

    My money is on Castle and Captain Montgomery getting into a fight.

    • Wendy says:

      @Mike, not unless Castle is into beating up corpses!

    • K says:

      Captain Montgomery is dead.

    • allie says:

      you and me both. the whole death was staged and Beckett gets shot because of it w/o Castle being in on the plan. He finds out while Beckett is in surgery and punches Montgomery. Yeah, I see it.

      • Hannah says:

        I hate to break it to you but the actor has been talking about his want to go back to broadway. The captain is dead. Beckett’s reaction was so raw and amazing I forgot that this was actually someone acting. Andrew Marlowe has also said that he has been planning on doing it for a little while, and that they’re casting a new female captain. As much as I hate it, Captain Montgomery is dead. :'(

  25. Mike says:

    Fine. Then my second bet is on Castle and James Patterson.

  26. Moon says:

    OMG THE BLOWS WILL BE BETWEEN JOSH AND CASTLE im guessing but how it plays out he rushes her to the hospital and “lover boy” is there and castle will need josh to help but he complains and one thing leads to another and and castle goes all firefly on josh *pew pew* hahaha

    and Ausiello if you can manage to talk to Emily Deschanel tell her her fans are WISHING HER LUCK with her new baby

  27. docvap says:

    I’m hoping it is Castle and Josh!

  28. Sarah El says:

    Can the lucky UESer be Eric?

  29. LInderella says:

    After 20 plus years of loyal viewers, why would Dick Wolf want to treat his audience with any kind of consideration? I understand Chris Meloni leaving, but even the Criminal Minds debacle last season allowed for a respectable send off for JJ. If future series appear under the Dick Wolf marquee I doubt seriously I would watch. A little respect, Mr. Wolf – for your casts and the viewers – would be a nice touch.

  30. Kate says:

    I’d love for it to be Castle and Josh, but I’m not sure I can see that happening. For one thing, we’d have to actually SEE Josh… I can’t wait to see what happens following that amazing finale! The bar is set really high for sure.

  31. Becky says:

    Does anybody else hate the way the networks are dealing with all of the Law and Order series? I mean, come ON! Original series was axed with no real finale. CI was jerked around, tossing Goren and Eames and then jerking them back for a quickie final season that was one of that series’ BEST. Now they are jerking us around with SVU – no send off for a character we’ve been following for way too many years. Wow, way to treat the loyal L&O fans…

    • BHM1304 says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if the imbecile’s in charge at NBC were watching the fantastic six episode final run of Criminal Intent and realized they were idiots for treating this show as poorly as they did? Both D’Onofrio and Erbe were really in a groove in those final episodes and the bits with Goren’s psych, played by the lovely Julia Ormond, were perfect episode filler with two great actors. Why not just do 12 episode seasons of Criminal Intent and SVU and put them both on NBC back to back? No one is going to be watching new detectives puttering around the SVU in its final season. Show the 12 episodes that Hargitay is going to be in and keep Goren and Eames around as well. Everybody wins. Both D’Onofrio and Erbe have stated their hopes for an 11th hour save for Criminal Intent in their final interviews and the last hours showed clearly that they have well earned a reprieve.

  32. Alex says:

    Thanks as always for The Big Bang Theory scoop! Should be an interesting season coming up.

  33. Mel says:

    Castle – Castle will be way too restless with Beckett in what i assume will be some sort of surgery and will be after the SOB that shot her. Therefore, he will come out fighting just about anyone/thing that tries to stands in his way, so i bet Esposito will have to slap him back to reality.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the Castle, Big Bang Theory, SVU and Bones scoop, Mike! I’m eager to know more Castle stuff as soon as you get it with that great cliffhanger. Glad to hear Rob Bowman is directing again. Sad to hear about Meloni not returning to SVU to properly close out his character. I would’ve watched that episode at least. Good stuff on Penny and the premiere of Bones. :)

  35. Amanda says:

    I would LOVE to see Jim become the new Office boss. He did it once, so he has the experience, plus it’d be awesome to see Dwight have to answer to Jim – and only Jim. The reason I don’t see it being Jim is because Pam would then be married to the boss, which I can’t imagine would fly in most businesses. Dwight already had his chance and blew it. Darryl would be great!

  36. KR says:

    Re: Castle:
    Am I the only one who thinks that, whomever is coming to blows, one of them is going to be Esposito? He’s the one with the least-stable temper out of all of them – dude practically needs anger management (not that I blame him!). XD He already hauled off and took a swing at Ryan, his BEST FRIEND, so maybe he’s about ready to punch somebody else now.

    • He-Touches-Things says:

      I think Esposito & Castle could mix it up. Both are protective of Beckett, but for different reasons. Espo is the one who led Rick to Beckett’s mom’s murder file, maybe these two are carrying some guilt for opening up the old case leading to Kate getting shot. They could fight out of guilt & frustration, like Ryan & Espo did in 3×24.

  37. Nannie says:

    I sincerely hope that Alan doesn’t believe that Eric Fans are looking for a “hook up” between Eric and Sookie. We’ve put up with the joke that has been Bill and Sookie story for 3 seasons and it would be a travesty to CH’s story to turn one of her best books in her series to a “quickie.” The reason her series has done so well is her development of the Eric character and his relationship with Sookie. The majority of book fans feel this way and have watched the show hoping for the formula that has made SVM such a draw would come to life on HBO. It’s understandable to see changes but a whole huge concept to be thrown by the wayside to make another marginal character more substantial has gotten old. So, yes, we want to see book 4 come to life, hopefully the shower scene, although I am not holding my breath because he’s made a mockery of it already, but I’m sure followers of the story who tune in because of the story they know, will not be too happy that they get thrown a bone in the case of one season.

    • summer says:

      I hope too that it won’t be jsut a short “hook up” between Eric and Sookie, Eric has proven that he has real feelings for her. I wpuld be dissapointed if we waited a year to see one or two short scenes between them and then Sookie get back with Bill.

  38. Hannah says:

    Re: Castle
    Well, if the fight is in the beginning, Beckett is not gonna be part of it. It might be between Castle and Esposito or Ryan if they carry on at the last scene of Knockout, like one of them trying to take Castle away from the limp Beckett… or something like that…

  39. Amy Leigh says:

    So what I took from Alan Ball’s comments is that perhaps things start in the shower with Eric/Sookie, but that’s not where they actually consummate their relationship. That way they have the nod to the book, but also make it different. I’d be okay with that.

    • Linda says:

      I don’t think the shower scene is as important as the real development of Sookie and Eric’s relationship. And I also hope that it will not be only a hook up between them, as Alan Ball said. We need to see their relationship continue.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I am probably the only person but… I like Andy and Luke together on Rookie Blue. I see where it’s going with the ex coming back in the picture and most fans wanting Andy with Sam….eh, whatever.

  41. Louise says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question about Bones :-)

    I’m liking the thought of a trip down memory lane for both of them. I think it will be good for them, especially with a baby on the way, to try and confront certain things about themselves that had been buried for far too long without being addressed or resolved and I don’t think we’ve seen too much of their histories since the end of season 4, so I’m looking forward to that.

    As for you BB party poopers, I totally agree with the Angela statement – They have pretty much always been in a close relationship and it has now found a unique and natural way to progress.

    We didn’t need full disclosure in the hole in the heart, what we saw I felt was just enough and it’s not like we haven’t had a sex scene albeit in a dream.

    I think it’s pretty fitting for them to come together in this way, they are never going to be a normal conventional couple and in my opinion season 7 is going to be awesome watching them try to work around their differences and create a family they always wanted.

  42. carolyn says:

    we was ripped off for 6 seasons,and now if we watch,we just have to accept they care more about hannah then bones,she had to get pregnant to get booth,wouldn’t this make bones the consolation prize.

    • Wendy says:

      @Carolyn Well, it is Brennan Booth has stuck by for six years even AFTER she rejected his romantic declaration in Season 5. He sure as hell didn’t let Hannah hang around after SHE rejected him, did he?

      And he sure rebounded from her WITH Brennan in a hurry.

      So, who is the rebound here, again?

  43. JB Smooove says:

    I swear, if Jim doesn’t grow up and become the manager at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Pam needs to twist some family jewels or something; especially with the rumors they ate having another baby. Jim, you are sofa king immature, grow up!!!

    • JD says:

      They established when Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin two years ago that the reason Jim doens’t want to be boss is because as a salesman he has the opportunity to make more money than the boss does due to Sabre’s commission structure. So i don’t think he’s being immature, i think he’s trying to put himself in the best possible financial position for his family. this is why i think Pam should take over…she would definitely get a pay upgrade if she was the boss, though that might not be allowed because she is married to jim.

  44. Castle lover says:

    Oooo – what if Hal Lockwood is still alive and Castle finds out and punches him or something? We never saw Lockwood dead… we just saw the captain shoot him. For all we know, he could be the one who shot Beckett(shudder)!!! Is anyone else on here in denial that Beckett got shot? That you have to watch the final scene over and over again to remind you that it’s not your imagination and she really did get shot? Yeah – that’s me.

  45. Jill says:

    Dear Ausiello,

    Next time you speak to Alan Ball, can you please BEG him to answer why he keeps pushing the Bill character even though 95% of viewers absolutely loathe him?

    • sassylassie1018 says:

      GO TEAM BILL. 95% of people do not loathe Bill Compton. Bill and Sookie are what sold the show in the begining, when the ratings exploded after the first season, now since pushing the Eric story line (which I know they have too as it was an intergral part of books)from the season 1-2 ratings went up 100%, between season 3-4 6%. (check Eonline, that’s where I got the numbers) I’m not laying this all on the Eric story line, I think that’s part of it but not all. Most of it is the muddying of the plotline by an influx of crap story lines that no one cares about. Hot Shot, Laffy & Jesus…

    • emma says:

      Yes please. I want to gauge my eyes out whenever he’s on screen and even more so when he’s with Sookie. Ugh.

  46. Maria says:

    It’s so nice to see so many team Bill fans! I thought I was one of the last ones left lol. Team Bill FTW!!!!
    P.S. Just because I want Bill and Sookie together doesn’t mean I don’t love me some Eric. He’s gorgeous and extremely sexy but not right for Sookie.

  47. Tina says:

    I love this site. The scoop is pretty good, the people are pretty normal. I am so glad to read so many comments about Bones. I totally agree with the people who like how the season ended and how the relationship will develop. I think that it was set up nicely and was moved along by Emily’s real pregnancy. The writers adapted nicely. A baby was the push Bones and Booth needed to finally get together. I didn’t need to see them “date”. They end every episode on a date, either drinking or eating together. I liked how the last episode showed their new normal ending to their day. They weren’t going out to eat, they were going home to spend the night together. I am looking forward to both of them sharing their pasts with each other and working their way forward together. They should have a lot of very interesting discussions. November 3 is a day I am looking forward to.

  48. Christina says:

    There should be an all Castle AA because it’s just that damn good!
    As for Bones, I feel a little cheated with the whole time jump. I wonder how the Booth/Brennan relationship would have played out had Emily Deschanel not become pregnant. Would they have been together at the start of season 7 or would the dance be dragged out until the end? Ahhh, I guess we’ll never know.

  49. sarah says:

    YES!! I hope motorcycle boy gets his ass kicked.

    • Annie says:

      Me too! God, I LOVE this show…
      Castle is the only show that makes every fanfiction pale in comparison with what actually happens on the show. The almost-freezing, the shooting at the funeral and Castle’s “I love you”… and now a brawl with Josh. Castle is the funniest and the most dramatic soap opera slash murder mystery ever!

  50. sammyg says:

    Why is the new season of Bones starting in nov.?
    I READ in a article that Emily , said that Bones will B
    Behind the lab stuff, for many , many months with him, B- ing
    Booth. wtf.?

    • Wendy says:

      @sammyg Simply put, for X-Factor overexposure (with two-hour episodes on Thursdays until Bones premieres, along with the World Series preemption with a dash of reasoning for Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, although that is being cited as the main reason. Color me skeptical, but there you go.