Glee Project Recap: Public Displays of Rejection

Aw, phooey! Only three episodes in, and my favorite contestant from The Glee Project‘s inaugural season has been expelled from the competition — and I’m scratching my noggin’ trying to figure out why. Was “the legendary Emily Vasquez” DQ’d for excessive amounts of sass? Could the judges have been turned off by her clear and powerful singing voice? Did she pay the price for being the only contestant this season to actually make me guffaw? (Sorry, Hannah, but just because you declare yourself the funny girl does not make it so.) I know, I know…Ryan Murphy and his cohorts were looking for a cast member who represented a “flavor” not currently represented on Glee, but I refuse to believe that McKinley High can’t handle having two Latina characters roaming its musical hallways. After all, aren’t Sam and Finn and Kurt and Karofsky and Artie all caucasian males? Mmkay?

But seriously, I thought Emily showed more pizazz and comic timing and acting ability in a single line of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” — the arched brow on “why were they open?” — than Damian did in his entire rendition of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Sure, the latter contestant cried real tears, but to me it felt like crying out of fear of being booted from a basic-cable reality show, not because there was a deep and unbreakable connection to the song he was singing.

Cameron, meanwhile, rounded out the bottom three on account of having inner confidence and not “a lot of deep-rooted secrets.” Or maybe the producers just needed to make us worried about the fate of the guy most likely to provide competition to Darren Criss among screaming hoards of teen girls. Me? I’d have put the guy in jeopardy just for adding a hyphen to his sandwich board sign of “Mis-Understood.” (Yeah, it’s a long word, but make it fit!)

Oh yes, let’s talk about those boards for a second. This week’s challenge found the 10 remaining kids taking it to Universal Citywalk with big ole’ signs announcing their biggest insecurities (i.e. “gay,” “fat,” “small,” or in Lindsay’s case “too pretty to be taken seriously” — or something like that, anyway).

Glee Project Winner ‘Not Who You’d Expect,’ Says Ryan Murphy

Emily, who at age 22 was dropping lines like “this is my last shot” (oh, girl, come on now) went with “used,” because, as she noted, she’d previously had “music producers use me — sexually.” I was more shocked by that admission than Marissa’s last-minute decision to change “flawed” to “anorexic.” Honestly, for a moment that got hyped in last week’s previews and between most commercial breaks, I felt like the show’s producers didn’t delve very deeply into Marissa’s big story arc. Maybe we’ll get to know the soft-spoken redhead a little better in subsequent episodes? Only time will tell.

Oh, and before I turn things over to you, how hilariously misguided is Lindsay. I loved her indignant response when the awesome Dot-Marie Jones told her her emotions came across as “forced” on Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me.” Lindsay, the kind of girl you can imagine getting a gold star just for making a pee-pee in her diaper as a toddler, couldn’t handle the criticism. “It wasn’t that at all,” she huffed. “I was really feeling something.” I’m feeling something, too: The desire for Lindsay to get booted next week.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Are you sad to see Emily go home? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Will T. says:

    What an amazing psyche out by the editors to make us think that they would even consider getting rid of Cameron! Obviously, he is a favorite among the judges. I feel that Emily had great potential and is unlike any character that they have on Glee currently. Plus, she showed real vulnerability which I thought was the name of the episode but apparently not how they were judging otherwise Cameron would have been going home. I don’t buy the whole “well-adjusted” kid. Yes, he might be OK in his own skin, but I don’t believe that he was not teased for being different. Very frustrating episode all the way around.

    • djm says:

      I think Cameron should have gone home too – especially when Ryan asked “which did you get the least emotion from?” – it was Cameron by a land slide – both times. Sorry, but I do not buy his “I am a misunderstood Christian” for even a half second. He comes across as a spoiled and indulged popular kid who always gets what he wants. But then again so does Lindsay. As for Emily – I never cared for her and thought her perfomance of Grenade last night was HORRID.

      In fact, I don’t really LOVE any of the constestants – Alex is too close to Mercedes in attitude and voice, Damian just leaves me flat, Hannah hasn’t done anyting so far that has blown me away, Lindsay is just obnoxious, Marissa seems like the judges favorite to me (she always sings either first or last in the challenges which I assume is the best place to be) and she sings good, but I just don’t connect to her at all, Matheus is just sooooooo annoying – I just don’t believe any of his “theatricality”, McKynleigh is sort of generic (although I like her voice), and Samuel just seems like he’s trying way too hard. Having said that, I do like the show – it’s interesting to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

    • filmex says:

      I agree, Emily was the one with all the potential. She was a handful, and definitely hilarious. The one thing “Glee” does not have, which every school does, is a genuine class clown. Sorry, as hilarious as Britney is, it all comes from a dumb place, not a witty place.

      The show could have handled a second Latina, cause Emily seems the opposite side of the mean, dark Santana.

      Once Emily landed in the sing-off, I knew she was in trouble. Not only did the two boys get classic songs to sing, Emily was given a tortured forgettable Mars’ song. What a rip.

      And since Ryan Murphy is a teenage horde at heart, Emily had her work cut out for her going up against two cute boytoys. Damien seems like a nice lad, but seriously, who is he going to play on the show–an Irish transfer student. And who Cameron going to play–Beck’s lovechild?

      I’ve SO lost interest in the Glee Project at this point.

      And note to TV Line editors–I’m sure with Sunday nights tied up with “Treme”, “True Blood”, Falling Skies” etc., we’re not the only family to DVR Glee Project to watch on Mondays.

      Some of the fun is lost when we get the TV Line Scoop e-mail Monday AM headlined with a pix of Emily and the line, “Aw, phooey! Only three episodes in, and my favorite contestant from The Glee Project…has been expelled from the competition.”


      • Sara N. says:

        I agree! Please, TVLine, keep the photo of the booted person out of the post. I won’t click on it if I haven’t watched it, but it’s impossible to miss seeing the photo. It’s that or I don’t visit your blog for the day (or days) it takes me to finally watch the show.

  2. Lauren says:

    I was shocked when I saw Emily’s name on the “not called back” list. Last night was the first time I actually liked her, and now she’s gone. Great. I’m really sick of Damien. I DO NOT understand what everyone seems to love about him.

    • Gina says:

      Damian has a lot of talent, I love him because I’ve heard his songs in Celtic Thunder, but I admit, in the Glee Project he hasn’t shone. I know he can do So much Better

  3. T says:

    I disagree with you about Damian. He seems like one of those dudes that never really show any emotion at all so you never know what they’re feeling. And he really did seem to genuinely break down. I think I could listen to his rendition of “Are You Lonesome Tonight” forever. He wasn’t trying too hard (Ahem, Emily), it was just simple and sweet.

    Personally two Santana’s in one episode would be a little exhausting…

    • Evan says:

      To you and Kat below: Two Latinas does not equal two Santanas. Believe it or not, people of the same race and gender can have different personalities… it’s a television show were people *act*, remember.

    • Teresa says:

      Two Santanas in one episode would be exhausting. But it would also be awesome!

      It might be a funny story arc to have Emily appear as Santana’s doppelganger. Sort of a “single, Latina female” thing. Especially if they pushed the absurdity and made people unable to distinguish between the two.

      I’d love to see Santana deal with that.

    • raelee514 says:

      ITA with you on Damian.

    • kate says:

      Damian comes off in The glee Project as boring and I had enough of him on this show . I believe Emily has passion and moves you with her vocals . Damian has a huge following which I believe is the reason he is on this show. I know he is a famous singer but this makes it so unfair on the other kids. Glee should of just hired him . The way this is heading You know who the winner will be.

  4. Kat says:

    I was happy to see Emily go! There was something about her that I think would have irritated viewers if they had to see her long term. Plus, Naya is a huge fan favorite on Glee and not just with fans since rumor has it she has gotten pretty cozy with some of the powers that be on Glee and I can’t see them casting a Santana wannabe that Naya would need to share dialogue with. If RM liked Emily then he can always bring her on when Naya leaves.

    • raelee514 says:

      Them having picked Emily would’ve had nothing to do with Naya.

      Two people of the same ethnic background are simply two people of the same ethnic background unless they are related and then they are also relations. And even then they are individuals.

      • KC says:

        I don’t think that it is about the ethnic background completely. Their personalities are very very similar. They both have that “I am a badddd beeyotch” thing going on. The diva popular girl.

  5. renee says:

    if elimination was for irritation, faux lindsey should have left the first week. totally disagree with emily who could easily play the next quinn. should have been cameron.

  6. samantha says:

    I dont think emily deserved to get the boot yet but i do agree with robert that they already have a character like her on the show and i think if they are going to add someone new, they need someone totally different and someone the audience will love. That is why i dont think hannah would be smart to add to the cast because she is too much like lauren and mercedes same with alex. Cameron reminds me of a cross between sam and artie but i still think he could bring something new to the show. Even though damian hasnt been showing much yet, i think he was worth saving. He would bring something very new to the show and has potential to have a great storyline. He also will win over the audience with his good looks and irish accent. He also is very lovable and easy to work with so the cast would love to make him part of their family. Lindsay, i just dont get it. All she has is a good voice and bad attitude (isnt tht why ellis and bryce went home) Mckenleigh looks way older than high school and doesnt interest me and idk about marissa because she is barely feautured in the episodes. Samuel would be a great adition to the cast and i personally have a feeling he wins.

    • Teresa says:

      That is why i dont think hannah would be smart to add to the cast because she is too much like lauren and mercedes same with alex.

      Honestly, the only thing that I can see Hannah has in common with Mercedes and Lauren is that they’re all zaftig. I don’t see any of Mercedes’ diva ambition in her, or Lauren’s toughness.

      Alex, on the other hand, seems like the perfect combination of Mercedes’ attitude and Kurt’s fabulousness.

    • sue says:

      I totally agree with your comments, Samantha. The producers and writers are looking for a character who will bring something new to the show right now. That should eliminate Hannah (Lauren), Alex (Kurt without his charm), and Lindsay (Rachel). I can definitely see interesting storylines for Damian, Mateus, Cameron (he could be Bill Gates in high school ), and Samuel. Each is a personality not now represented on the show. When they recast, as they’ve said they would as the current crop graduates, some of the others could be definite possibilities.

  7. tammi says:

    Get of Damian’s back! We love him and he was great. And check out glee fan fav on Damian is the fav fan not cameron.

    • Kevin says:

      You do realise Damian is only fan favorite because of Celtic Thunder, right?

      You just pitted a professional musician with an already established fanbase against eleven unknown kids with no fanbase.

      Yeah, who did you think would be leading the vote?

      Take out Damian. The fan favorite is Cameron, based on The Glee Project alone.

  8. Angie says:

    Last night was the first time that I really liked Emily, too. I was just starting to create plots for her in my head and then, bam, she was gone. I was incredibly disappointed.

  9. Allie says:

    I agree there can’t be both Naya and Emily on the show since they’re the same type of character. Still, didn’t want her to get booted yet. Lindsey should get booted, we already have a Rachel type on the show after all XP

    • filmex says:

      Do you realize how idiotic that comment is? They’re the same type of character? You mean Latina?

      Santana is dark, mean-spirited and conniving. Emily was spunky, hilarious, the class-clown type, which no one represents on the show.

      Open your mind, Allie.

  10. Darius says:

    I don’t think you got the point of the episode. Emily was so outstanding in her performance but it was unfortunate that she had been pitted against an obvious mentor favorite (Cameron) and a guy who stepped up to the plate and sang in a way that surprised all the mentors. There was no way Cameron was going home -both Robert and Zach supported him. This contest was between Emily and Damian. And Zach was clearly rooting for Emily but when Ryan says “who did you get the least emotion from?” His hestiation only speaks that he had to pick the person he wasn’t expecting to support. This was the first clear week -that the judgement could had gone any direction. The kids really sang for their lives and in Damian’s case -he did.

    • raelee514 says:

      I agree. Damian got a lucky song, it hit some nerve in him that was probably open due to the theme of the week, and he really put it out on the stage with a great vocal that touched him and the three of in his seats.

      Emily sang Grenade well, but I felt like she sang more funny than vulnerable.

      Cameron, is comfortable in his skin, he’s embraced his differences. I’d like to know his secret I’m years older than him and I don’t have that, LOL.

  11. Jason says:

    Emily could have taken over where Santana left off. The school hussy who has a mean streak. Santana’s character is going in a different direction now and I think Emily could have perfectly filled that void.

    I don’t get what people see in Cameron. He screams fake nerd to me. They hit the nail on the head when they said he looks like a model in a catalog. I also used to like Mathius, but I don’t understand why he won this week’s challenge. He was about as subtle as Christina Aguilera’s make up (love her though!).

    I like the show, but it feels like an inevitable march to see Cameron become the next cast member, and I honestly don’t understand why.

    • Kevin says:

      “I like the show, but it feels like an inevitable march to see Cameron become the next cast member, and I honestly don’t understand why.”

      Because he is genunely one of the most talented?

      Whatever you think of his image, it’s his talent that matters most. And he has it in spades above the others.

  12. nancy says:

    Cameron was given a second chance on his last chance. What is that all about? The favorites are Damian and Cameron and it was shown last night. She out sang both boys and I hope others can she how unfair and staged this show is.

    • C says:

      “She out sang both boys” are you crazy? she did not outsing the boys, i thought her performance was the weakest. Yes, overall I like her and think Damian should have gone home but she in no way outsang the boys

      • Nancy says:

        Emily has the best vocal range of the three. The boy have limited range . Yes they can sing but they need studio help and Emily doesn’t . Take a look at The Today Show Video. You must not have an ear for music if you think the boys sang better than Emily

  13. Serena says:

    I don’t understand why they would give Emily a chance on the show if they were going to reject her for being so similar to Santana (since they obviously would have seen her personality during her auditions for the show). I think that she has a great voice and that she did a really good job this week compared to Cameron, but they obviously want Cameron around longer since they gave him a second chance. Plus they seemed to make excuses for his lack of emotion when they didn’t do that for others. Everyone has something that they are insecure about and it was disappointing that they gave him preferential treatment.

    I hope the rest of the show won’t be like that as well, why have a competition if they already have a favorite they want on the show?

  14. bobeau says:

    Thought Emily would make the final five, not winning. She would have been ideal for a story line on the effects of sexual abuse. they will miss her dancing.

    The ability to stay in character between scenes is important in an ensemble… an open question in Emily’s case.

    She demonstrated vulnerability in the video, but not in the last chance – anger isn’t the same thing and it gets in the way. She might have been called back if she had given some direction and a do-over like Cameron.

  15. linda says:

    Apparently they actually cut out Linsday’s real confession ( in which she had said she was “sexually, verbally and physically abused in a relationship at the age of seventeen. He saw me as a trophy and took advantage of me.” I guess The Glee Project only thinks something is worthwhile if it only happens to one person? Only one person can say they are sexually abused and only one person can be a Latina diva on the show. Kind of disappointing on Glee’s part.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree, they the episode didn’t dig deep into Lindsay’s word “Fake” people thought that she meant “everybody likes me for my looks” when actually the word fake came from an ex boyfriend who abused her. Like what she said in the note, she never told anybody and she hid it from her friends and family. She put on a happy face when really she was hurting inside and that made her feel fake.

    • Blue says:

      I don’t believe that whole story for a second. I think she came up with that when she realized how bad it was going to make her look.

      • Kaley says:

        At the same time, I feel for Lindsay- the producers are really doing a number on her, and I don’t think she’s really as terrible as they are making her out to be. Example is when Marissa was feeling insecure about her word, Lindsay was among the few who seemed genuinely concerned. And if you listen to what she is saying in the “ramble” edit, most of it isn’t bad.
        I thought Cameron and Emily were two top contenders, so I was bummed to see Damian outlast either of them.

  16. Sarah says:

    Last night’s episode was made me on edge. I disliked Emily..and next week Lindsay should go…No one needs anymore attitude behind the scenes or otherwise. Call me unfeeling but I don’t believe her story for a fake. Lindsay should’ve just put annoying. I like Cameron and Damian glad they had another week. My fingers are crossed that Damian will not be in the bottom next week!! His story would be great as the foreign exchange student.

  17. Chatty says:

    I was not happy with the results, but it wasn’t shocking. If you were really paying attention to what the judges were saying, you’d hear their concerns. Emily was cracking out the humor because it is her way to cope with the stress, but the “adults” were hearing “lack of focus” and “she’s not taking this seriously and will not be able to stay in character and give us her all during a dramatic scene”. We are looking at these kids as singers and dancers; they are looking for someone who inspires them to write a character. I remember reading years ago that Leo DiCaprio is himself between takes and then when the director yells ‘Action!’, he goes right back into character like it’s nothing. Therefore, it seems to me that these coaches have forgotten the fact that not every actor is a method actor who needs to remain in character the whole day in order to emote. It’s completely ridiculous! Hopefully, she’ll be back when the snotty one is kicked out.

    • raelee514 says:

      But Emily couldn’t go right back into her vulnerability right after laughing and joking — so she needed to focus on it, she isn’t at the point in her acting that she can afford to be so goofy if she’s filming something so serious.

  18. K2 says:

    Emily getting booted is more of a travesty than Nick getting the heave-ho on SYTYCD!!

    (Btw, Michael, it’s “hordes” of screaming fans)

  19. Christine S. says:

    Emily was one of my favorites, and I thought she was better than both the guys. I agree with others that giving Cameron a second chance, after telling him exactly what they want, was unfair. He’s nice enough, but I don’t get all this “He’s a star!” stuff they keep saying about him. Damian always seems to be overacting when he sings. I was so sure it was going to be between the two guys. I also thought that Lindsey didn’t show any real vulnerability AND had attitude with Dot-Marie, and should’ve been in the bottom 3. I’m rooting for Alex and Marissa now.

  20. TheReasonsY says:

    I had to stop watching this show after the first episode. I was going into serious Parasocial Interaction mode and realized I was going to hate whomever was cast if I watched this show. Not that they are helping with the edits I saw of the first episode. I feel this show falls into the same camp as Platinum Hit – great concept horrific casting.

  21. Robin says:

    I think that Emily and Lindsey although kind of hyped up as rivals, actually (and apparently) have a lot in common. Both confessions were similar. I also would say they both have a decent amount of “fake” in them. Emily was always saying that Lindsey was “fake” and Lindsey kind of feels that way too about herself. I believe Emily is fake too sometimes…still surprised to see her go though. I actually thought it was going to be Damiam

  22. Hernan says:

    I was sad to see her go. Her last performance added a 3rd dimension to an otherwise 2-dimensional performances by Cameron and Damian. She performed. The other two just sang. This show is not solely about singing. Even so, the reason why Emily was in the bottom three had nothing to do with singing or acting but a mere “lack” of being able to go in and out of character…huh?? Previously, they’ve shown why the past contestants had been eliminated. In this case, they never showed Emily being unable to go in and out of character. Sure, it took a few takes to get the proper shots, but I’m sure it took everyone a few takes also. Moreover, while many chose to play is safe with their vulnerability, Emily took a huge step forward in vocalizing her past, negative experiences. That takes heart and courage–another reason why she should not have been in the bottom three. She gave all of herself and bared her soul; a characteristic that the other contestants did not put forth to the extent which Emily had. Finally, I will be at a lost now that she is gone because her entertainment value is so high. She is hilarious and has chimed in with perfect, comedic one-liners. I hope they surprise us and bring her back in the end, or at least that she is seen by someone else and put on another show. She is fantastic!

    • sarah says:

      yeah, damian and cameron just SANG, cuz vulnrability is about being raw and simple and stripped down. not being a big performance. and emily’s singing wasn’t really even that good…Damian was really effected by the song he sang and he caused him to cry, something he said he never did. that’s true vulnrability. and emily is just an annoying, flirty, hypocritical b**ch, and there’s already one of those on Glee.

  23. Hannah says:

    I was kind of surprised at the results of this episode. But I think it’s important to remember that they edit so much out for what we actually see on TV. And I really think Ryan, Robert, and Zach try to look at the contestants throughout the entire process before eliminating them. In that case, I would have sent Damian home, not Emily, but in the end it’s all up to Ryan Murphy and who he feels he CAN write for and really who he WANTS to write for. And that is totally his prerogative. Whether we agree or not, he is inspired by Cameron (whom I actually do love) and Damian. Apparently not so much by Emily. And remember he isn’t the one choosing the bottom 3–I think if he were there during the week, things might go differently. Just my thoughts though! I’m interested to see who stays through to the end!

  24. Rebecca says:

    While I realize RM does say I can/cannot write for this let’s remember these are people not characters. Does anyone believe Naya IS Santana and so on? similarities between character and actor are natural but be careful in thinking they would simply play themselves.

    • Joe says:

      IF Ryan Murphy writes characters for the people they are in real life I guess Heather Morris is a moron. I’m sure she’s thrilled to watch the show creator basically say the characters are based on the real people he casts.

  25. Sherry Legend says:

    Last night’s episode convinced me that the Glee Project is a publicity stunt and I should detach my love for the talented, beautiful folks featured because the marketing minds already have made their decision regardless of talent. I’m also convinced Damian has his home country, and existing fan base from previous touring with his Celtic group casting all of those online votes because his performance, personality and looks are all mediocre at best, and rubbing your eyes til they water is not crying.

    • Kevin says:


      I find it really unfair that Damian even got to audition for the show. And now he’s going to win 10 grand (which he doesn’t need, being a professional musician) because of his Celtic Thunder fanbase combined with his Glee Project fanbase.

      • Sarah says:

        so you’re saying that just because damian already has a group he sings with, he isn’t allowed to broaden his horizons and look for something new? that’s just plain stupid. say that to all those disney actors who audition for singing roles on things, or who just get record deals as well. your logic doesn’t make sense at all. Damian is obviously talented and just because he has something else that he does already doesn’t mean he should be excluded from the opportunity to audition. idina menzel had plenty of other opportunities too (rent, wicked, etc) and you’re not complaining about her.

  26. Captain says:

    It’s not just that Emily is latina, she’s basically a poor man’s Santana. She’s full of herself, a flirt and uses her looks to get by. Throw in Ms. Lopez’s viscious glare and she might as well change her name to Naya #2.

  27. jake says:

    she was one of my favs

  28. Wendy says:

    SOOO Disappointed!! EMily did great and she is freakin hilarious!!! I feel like last week Mckenleigh should have gone home and this week soulda been Cameron!! It was completely unfair that Cameron got a Do-over… I wouldn’t be as pissed if everybody in the bottom 3 got a 2nd chance, but NO they didnt.. Only Cameron did and its really unfair, i mean, why does he get special treatment??? Whatevs i wish Emily the best in whatever she decides to do, and I’ll def. support!!

  29. Abby says:

    Okay, so my favorite is Cameron, but he wasn’t his best this week. They wanted him to be more vulnerable, but he’s confident and comfortable in his skin. Is there something wrong with being well-adjusted? Although I can sympathize with his word – I am a Christian as well and while I did not go to public school like Cam (I was homeschooled through 12th grade) but I go to a public university where Christians are frequently mocked so most keep quiet about it. Between being a geek and Christian I can imagine Cam being misunderstood. But what I don’t get is people criticizing him for “putting on a character” and saying that his geekiness is an act while everyone else is “being themselves.” First off, a geek can be personable. Not all geeks have terrible social skills. Second, I doubt that everyone on Glee is exactly the character they portray. I can see why RM told him to put on his normal clothes (I agreed with Zach that Cam was trying to impress RM by doing that) because there was a disconnect with the suit. Let’s just say that I’m glad Cameron made it – I think he’ll go far. And if he wins, I’ll definitely watch Glee again (I stopped because it was getting too ridiculous).

    I’m sorry that Emily is gone, but Damien really sang for his life, I was very impressed. The bottom 3 was bs though. Lyndsey should’ve been in the bottom, even with her great voice, she was basically called fake by Dot-Marie Jones and she’s had a bad attitude, and that got Ellis kicked off. Hannah is boring and forgettable, unfortunately. Glad Marissa is getting more screentime. McKynleigh is very bland, she needs to jazz up her persona a bit. Matheus was my favorite for about five minutes (Cameron took his spot), he has a good voice, but I don’t like the character that RM wants to give him.

    And I am over-analyzing things waaaayyy too much for this show.

  30. mike says:

    The editors are soooo dumb, they gave away the top 7 in the show. Why would they use a list from episode 5 and have u be able to see who is on it and who isnt. SPOILERS: now we know mckenleigh goes next week and matheus the following week. They really shouldnt put spoilers on the actual show.

  31. Steve Z says:

    I kinda feel for Emily… nothing like admitting on tv your whorish ways for your family and friends to see and then getting the boot on the same episode.

    I really thought her sign should have said “welcome mat.”

    Used implies the fault is on the men in her life… they “used” me. The real problem is that she allowed it.

    Honestly, I liked her too, but as soon as she admitted to the “sexual” side of her past, I knew she would not be around for long. They are not looking for actors “per say” they are looking for characters that inspire them… do we need another crazy, sexual latina walking around this school? Probably not… unless she was young enough to play Santana’s little sister.

    Which brings up another point of the show… is it that common today for none of these current Glee kids to have brothers or sisters at the school? I think some of the most fun memories I had in high school were from being there with my brother. Why doesn’t Artie get a little brother that goes all jock? What if Rachel’s dad’s adopted a kid?

    • Lisa says:

      REALLY? I mean, REALLY? Her “whorish ways”? What is this, 1910?

      Nice judging, guy. Nice victim blaming.

      Yes, the fault is on the men. She wasn’t just used, she was abused.

      Also, it’s “per se”, not “per say”. Yes, that’s a nitpicking distinction, but your post merits it.

    • John says:


      Funny – I thought your signature should have said “jerk”.

  32. Grace says:

    Anyone else finding themselves surprisingly invested in this show? I thought the first episode was pretty bad, but as a Glee fan I felt a responsibility to give it another shot, and then last week was pretty enjoyable and this week I was really upset with the elimination and I was like “woah, I guess I actually care about this thing now…”

    It’s interesting that people are talking about how Emily would’ve been too similar to Santana, because all I kept thinking during last night’s episode was that with Emily they potentially could have finally found a love interest worthy of Santana in Emily. Not to create another Tina-Mike, where the only thing they have in common (and can everever talk about) is their ethnicity, but because I think that Santana has become a really interesting, complex character and she deserves to be with someone who can meet her on her level. I don’t think there is anyone in the current cast, including – I know I may be putting myself in danger of having my lesbian card revoked by saying so – Brittany, who is going to be capable of that, but I think Emily could have.

  33. Sheikia says:

    I’m happy with the decision. Although I do agree that the judges seem to be really biased. It feels like the Cameron Mitchell show.

    I also agree that it seems like Damien is overacting when he sings, but I don’t really blame him for it. For anyone who knows him from Celtic Thunder, he became really popular at the age of 14 for being this little irish boy that could sing amazingly. When you watch his video of him singing Puppy Love, he is gesturing way too much and completely over-the-top, but everyone loves it because he’s adorable. I think he’s just kind of stuck with that now, even when it’s not adorable anymore.

    • Kris says:

      I did not realize that his full name was Cameron Mitchell, like the character on Stargate. Weird.

      Also, I agree with you about Emily and Damien. Damien and Hannah seem the weakest vocally of the kids who are left.

      • beth t says:

        I’d imagine Cameron Mitchell’s name is more an homage to the *actor* of that name. ;)
        (I personally remember CM from the TV show “High Chaperral”, but he did numerous film, TV and theater roles from the mid-40’s – the 1970s.)

        That said – I’m not really getting any special vibe from Cameron at all. Nor Damien. Nor Emily. However – in my view Lindsey should have been sent packing for her wretched attitude – I did not get at all that she “took the notes” and changed (though granted – we only see what the editors give us).

        The person who impressed me the most this week was Marissa.

  34. Evan says:

    This week’s episode made me hate most of the contestants. Cameron’s too-cool-for-school attitude made him drop from my favorite contestant spot to just middle of the road (Note that the vocal coach didn’t think she was getting the real Cameron and that’s when he was dressed in his usual attire (which, just to add, Ryan Murphy’s “change your clothes” demand was one of the dumbest excuses for a boring performance that I’ve ever heard)).

    Samuel needs to stop gritting his teeth every time he’s supposed to sing about an intense emotion. They all look the same– dumb.

    Lindsay is hateable for obvious reasons, Matheus is over-the-top in all the worse ways, and I’m getting angry at Marissa, McKynleigh, and Hannah for failing to stand out in any way whatsoever.

    The only characters who this week’s episode made me love were Emily (sigh) and Alex, whose voice is amazing but who’s status as a gay man (already done) and a black divo (when we already under-utilize Mercedes) makes me think that he has no chance to win.

    • C says:

      I agree with most of what you are saying except for when you said you are starting to get angry at Marissa, Kckynleigh, and Hannah for failing to stand you. I understand when you say it about Hannah who is not a strong singer and just isnt that entertaining and has gotten enough screen time so that we can see her abilities and what she is about. Marissa has gotten virtually no screen time but I still like her, and I think that shows something. I’m still on the fence about McKynliegh.

  35. kara says:

    I dont think damian is doing it to be cute, it comes naturally to him and that is how he knows how to perform. The kid kicks total ass is celtic thunder (my parents are huge fans i’ve been to a show) but i dont think glee is right for him but he is right for glee if that makes any sense. I just want him to go back to celtic thunder and continue that path where he is well respected in the music industry.

  36. Pop Vulture says:

    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to decide that Emily got cut because she was Latina/redundant. How about because she was bone-deep unlikable? How about because there was nothing about her that stood out in a positive way?

    I think Ryan Murphy and the other powers that be on Glee deserve just a bit more credit than you’re giving them.

    • Devin ThunderTamer says:

      Emily is like able. more than u r. emily is the only one in the competion that is sassy(desides samuel).

  37. Devin ThunderTamer says:

    i thought cameron was gonna get the boot and i got really scared. hes definently my fav. i’m sad emily is gone but im glad it wasnt cameron.

  38. topsyturvy says:

    Emily’s version of that song was AWFUL. She’s so annoying. Glad she’s gone.

    • mary says:

      i hate her the moment she opened her mouth and said those words to darren criss in the firs episode….you just had to saw darren’s face like: what the hell with this woman??? he tried to told her how well she sang and she only made a fool of herself!! glad she’s gone

  39. Cory says:

    I was so mad about. I found her to be one of the most entertaining people on the show, and I think she had one of the best voices as well. I also felt like she was more “vulnerable” than most of the others this week (the only others I felt really dug into their insecurities were Marissa, Alex, and Samuel, and even they didn’t do it as well as Emily). Frankly, I’m completely baffled by Emily’s ouster; as much as I like Damian (and I actually liked his last chance performance the best), it should have been him to go home.

    • Sheikia says:

      “as much as I like Damian (and I actually liked his last chance performance the best), it should have been him to go home.”

      I think that’s unfair. The whole point of the last chance performance is to be able to redeem yourself by pulling out an amazing performance. If they kicked him out after he did pull it off(as you said,he had the best performance of the night), that would defeat the whole purpose, wouldn’t it?

  40. Fluffy~ says:

    See, I thought Cameron had moments of being deliciously awkward. That’s played a lot in TV and film – The character who’s gawky and geeky and somehow and somehow totally charming for it. They’re probably smart and sort of a wise ass. Basically, Ferris. 

    If that’s played the right way and Cameron doesn’t fight againt it, it could be a character that Glee hasn’t really play hard yet. See, I thought Cameron had moments of being deliciously awkward. That’s played a lot in TV and film – The character who’s gawky and geeky and somehow and somehow totally charming for it. They’re probably smart and sort of a wise ass. Basically, Ferris. 

    If that’s played the right way and Cameron doesn’t fight againt it, it could be a character that Glee hasn’t really play hard yet. 

    And yes, it’s possible that I got some of this from staring at his walk off stage. Maybe it’s not normal to see someone bow-legging their way away from a microphone and swoon in response. But it’s probably not any more normal to fangirl a curly-haired nerd pretending to be Harry Potter either, to use Slezack’s comparison, For some reason, it just works. 

    I wavered between finding Emily adorable and just a little bit grating. That was encapsulated in her Grenade, in that I loved the way it started and even enjoyed a couple of her campy twitches – But once she took it a little too far on a line that would have been better delivered in the powerful earnest that the song began with, it never really recovered.

     I also think it’s less that she’s another Latina, than it is that she delivers a lot of the same attitude and raw sexuality that Santana’s so comfortable with. It would be difficult to keep that vibe from feeling recycled.

    I could listen to Damian talk all day. Whether that can be translated into a viable character remains to be seen.  

  41. Fluffy says:

    Um. Okay, my last comment got really, really messed up. Please reject it. Please? Please. Please?

  42. wmcc520 says:

    I think the real key to this elimination was they said they were looking for a character they didn’t already have on the show. I think Emily’s “I’m all that” attitude did her in. They already have two divas on the show (Rachel and Mercedes) so they don’t need a 3rd. I agree that Damian is kind of a snooze but he did really take their notes and show emotion and feeling in his last chance performance so it would not have been fair to send him him. As for Cameron, he’s my personal favorite. Can’t quite figure him out but he is very cool.

  43. dan says:

    I’m glad they booted Emily. She relied too much on her “sexy and sassy” routine. For someone who seemed to throw the word fake around quite a bit, she seemed fake too, especially when she was kissing up to the judges at the end, calling them her “Three Little Musketeers.”

    I can see why they like Damian, to me, he’s one of the more interesting kids. And he actually showed vulnerability, which they asked him to do.

    I love the show, but it’s odd, because it’s difficult for me to root for these kids. They all seem bland or annoying. In fact, Damian is the only one who doesn’t fall into that category.

  44. Kristal says:

    I don’t understand why every one is getting into a huff about Emily leaving. Yes, she was fun, but she is also just a nicer version of Santana.
    Besides, we know that the winner is going to be a guy, because Ryan Murphy already said that there’s going to be a new Warbler. Just read the opening paragraph here —

  45. Carly says:

    you guys are like slezak’s followers. whomever he likes you guys all get behind and are brain washed by his opinions. nobody like emily before slezak did and now she is getting all this love on the comments. all she had was a nice voice, but her personality is annoying and she is santana 2.0. her performance of grenade was way too forced. the same thing happened this year with haley reinhart. all the hate in the world, but as soon as slezak says he likes her you change your mind. have your own opinion for crying out loud.

    • Kris says:

      The article says “warbler,” meaning singer of any gender, not “Warbler,” as in a member of the Dalton Academy. Ryan Murphy has been very careful in his interviews not to give the gender of the winner away.
      But I agree that Emily was forced in all of her performances.

  46. ZoniDuck says:

    There is something fundamentally creepy to me about what they’re doing on this show, but I’m having a hard time articulating it.

    For all of the current actors on Glee (with the possible exception of Chris Colfer), a part was written, they came in and auditioned, and they were given the part based on their ability to act that character. For these kids on the Glee Project, whether they get the job or not is based on their worth to the producers as characters. They’re expected to *be* a character based on their own personalities, and they’re judged on that basis, not on whether they’re decent actors. This just seems so wrong to me. Especially this week, when they were asked to share things that are so intensely personal, and then judged on how worthy their emotional pain was.

    That said, I was not sorry to see Emily go. I still find the show compelling, and I’ll keep watching, but I’m always just a little creeped out.

    • Abby says:

      Word. It definitely squicks me. It just seemed wrong. Like I said above, the judges are expecting these kids to *be* the characters they are supposed to *act* so when people say that whomever is being “fake” because they’re putting on a persona I find it ridiculous because that’s what’s being required of them. The ranking of their emotional issues was very disturbing. And because Cameron didn’t have any major issues (who has a problem with a kid who’s dealt with his demons or has just been lucky not to have any?) he ended up in the bottom. So I felt that some of what he said was probably a bit exaggerated (although I have been in his position, only in college) because what else was he supposed to do? The way they are judging invites people to be “fake” and pretend to be someone their not because it might get them on Glee. That said, I’m still watching. I want to see Harry Shum, Jr next week! Yay for lots of dancing! :)

    • dan says:

      What’s creepy about this show is that Glee is supposed to be about teenagers, and having a supportive message for them, yet it seems like these kids are being used. They may get a couple weeks in the spotlight and a few paychecks, but the producers of the show get something better, a new hit TV show and an extension of their franchise.

      And next season, a new group of kids will come aboard to be used and tossed aside. Maybe that’s why they give some of these kids such horrible edits, so we won’t feel too sorry for them.

  47. Jase says:

    The funniest part of this recap is the insinuation that Cameron could EVER be competition to Darren Criss.

  48. I know why... says:

    She got booted off because no young female with a larger than average chest has had a serious role in the history of primetime television. I’m sorry, but any show you have ever or will ever see on any major primetime station has looked the way she does without her character being written to exploit it.

    The fact is, television will always be censored, as will most movies to be honest. There is TONS of talent being ignored because they fill out their clothes. And as sarcastic as this post is, you know there’s a lot of truth to it. If you haven’t noticed, you will, that every female on TV with a serious role (and by serious role I mean something that’s not like Baywatch), regardless of age, have boobs no bigger than a standard red apple. And you’ll probably never see one either, at least for a long time.

  49. Amy says:

    I just really wished Lindsay would go home. Is it weird to think of her as a real life Rachel Berry? Even though I like Rachel? Anyway, I love Cameron! He is nerdy and cool and I would love to see someone like him on Glee because there is no one like that on there right now.

  50. Juan says:

    I hate Rachel Berry and her real life version, Lindsay.
    Kurt and Mercedes should be getting those solos.
    Down with over-hyped, fake-passionate theater kids!

    But Emily was my favorite, I wanted her to be head Cheerio. And in that little glimpse of her doing characters, she made me think back to the 90s with great sketch comedy shows like In Living Color, and the original MadTV.
    She even makes me think of a young Rosario Dawson.
    She was the real clown (sorry Hannah, but being awkward and goofy alone doesn’t make you the clown, you gotta have chops.)