Glee Project Winner 'Not Who You'd Expect,' Says Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy’s résumé includes everything from Nip/Tuck and Popular to Eat Pray Love and Running With Scissors. But his latest endeavor, The Glee Project, which airs Sundays 9/8 c on Oxygen, ranks as “one of my favorite things I’ve ever done,” says the writer-director-producer. Not only will the winner of this fledgling reality competition score a seven-episode arc on Glee‘s upcoming season, explains Murphy, but the reality spinoff has had the unexpected bonus of inspiring his fictional writing, too. Specifically, Sunday’s Glee Project episode involves a shocking revelation by a contestant that Murphy says he expects to inspire a future story arc on the Glee mothership. Murphy shared some added tidbits about what to expect over the course of the Glee Project season:

If you think you’ve already pegged the eventual Glee Project winner, you’re probably wrong. | “The person that we ended up picking is not who you would expect, but is so talented that it’s really inspired us as writers,” says Murphy. “The person who wins is not necessarily the best singer or the best dancer. It’s the person who can serve Glee best. What kind of character did we need for next season? That’s the person who won.”

You won’t have to wait long for the winning contestant to make his or her Glee debut. | “Our first episode back [on Glee] is always auditions,” Murphy says, and that’s exactly when you should expect The Glee Project champ to turn up as a McKinley High student who’ll try to earn a spot on the New Directions squad “in a different and unusual way than what we’ve done before.”

Murphy didn’t concern himself with whether contestants were naughty or nice outside of challenges. | “I don’t care if you’re likable, but what I do care about is ‘Are you professional? Do you have a good attitude?’ That’s really important to me,” he explains. To that end, the first two contestants to get the boot this season — Bryce and Ellis — both had minor clashes with Glee‘s behind-the-scenes gurus during the course of the show. “The person we’ve chosen has a great work ethic, really wants to be there, and having hung out with that person now quite a bit, is actually very lovable,” says Murphy. “People are going to go crazy for them.”

Murphy admits he wasn’t a perfect Glee Project judge. | “I made a huge mistake at one point in the season,” confesses the producer, who arrives each week to see the Bottom 3 contestants perform a song, and then confers with his fellow judges about which one to cut. While editing one particular episode, though, says Murphy, and seeing the doomed contestant’s full contributions, “I was like, ‘Holy s***! I make a big mistake!’ The episode was one where that person was having a bad day, and got voted off; I look back and I think, ‘I wish I would have kept that person on.” Asked if he invites said contestant to make a return to the competition at any point, though, Murphy remains coy: “Maybe I do. Maybe not.”

The Glee Project champ got the stamp of approval from the current Glee cast. | Murphy explains that by using Glee staples like Darren Criss, Dot Marie Jones, and Idina Menzel as Glee Project mentors, he was able to get a better idea about which hopefuls had “the potential to be really big breakout stars” and which ones his current cast “would want to hang out with day to day.”

Because he was casting for an undetermined role, Murphy says the contestants’ abilities to inspire the creation of potential characters became particularly important. | “It wasn’t really just a talent competition but also a personality competition,” he expains. “Show us who you are. Let me see as many facets to you as I can. Let me be inspired by that. And thus create a character which shows off quite frankly not just the best of who you are but also your flaws.” Murphy says it’s not unusual for him to draw off the experiences of his current cast when he’s writing a script, either. “Lea Michele has learned not to tell me anything about her life because I’ll put it into the script,” he says with a laugh. “You write what you know, as they say.”

Are you watching The Glee Project? What do you think of it thus far? Who are you rooting for and against? Sound off below, and for all my Glee Project news and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    From what I’ve heard the winner will play Sue’s new boyfriend’s kid, and as such be her archenemy. My opinions of all the contestants (including how they would fit in if that’s the case):

    Bryce: Not coming back

    Ellis: I hope she’s not coming back. I realize a lot of people liked her, and she was talented, but she didn’t seem to have the best personality and I can’t see her fitting in with New Directions.

    Emily: She was very similar to Santana, and I think if she portrayed a character, it would be that one. Santana’s great and all, but for that very reason I don’t think Emily would match up. She’s talented, but I don’t see it happening.

    McKynleigh: I liked her a lot. She’s very talented, and she would have been a very original character. However, I don’t see her fitting in in the context I mentioned above, and I doubt she’ll be brought back.

    Mattheus: Initially I liked him, but his singing talent didn’t match up to most of the competition and when he took off his shirt I was extremely uncomfortable (because of the behavior, not some sort of discrimination). More, near the end he started to seem less and less professional. I don’t see him fitting in, but the judges did seem to really like him, given how many chances they gave him, and he might be brought back.

    Alex: Very talented. BUT, he’s being pretty heavily criticized right now for his behavior over the last two episodes. More, he really is too similar to Kurt. They want original people. If the character is supposed to be a Warbler, he might work, but otherwise, no.

    Hannah: I didn’t initially like her, because her singing seemed a bit weak. But, during the most recent episode, she really impressed me. More, she seems really nice and fun. Nonetheless, I don’t see her winning.

    Samuel: He reminds me of Jason Castro, from American Idol. He’s definitely talented, at acting, singing, and dancing. He seems to have a fan base. But, I can’t see him winning. However, if he does, I do think him and Sue would have the funniest interactions ever.

    Damian: Personally, he’s my fourth favorite. He’s talented, and he would definitely bring his own storylines. But based on the one we’ve been told, I don’t think it’s going to be him. Moreso, he already has Celtic Thunder. One has to wonder how that would work out. Plus, no offense to his fans, I don’t think the overall Glee fans want someone who has his own fan base to demand that he get such and such amount of screen time. It kind of puts pressure on the writers if they hire him.

    Cameron: He’s my favorite. If a guy wins, I think it will be him. He is talented, and he seemingly has the support of Robert Ulrich and Zach Woodlee. He seems like the good-guy heartthrob. But, rumor is that Blaine will be transferring to McKinley, and if so I have to wonder if they’ll want someone who could play the similar stereotype. With Sue, though, he could be a good foil if he’s the goody-two shoes, especially since she’s so unbehaved.

    Lindsay: She’s second on my list. I like her, but she has a lot of stigma associated with her. She’s talented, but unfortunately everyone’s only thinking of her as a replacement for Rachel. I think, though, the advantage with her is she could really fill out a number of stereotypes to build on. She has experience which is a plus, but I don’t see them taking the risk on her because of the lack of popularity.

    Marissa: She’s my third favorite, but given our information, I think she’ll win. She also could fit several stereotypes, but has none of the stigma. She doesn’t (I think) have all the experience, but she’s very talented and has been improving over the course of the season, so she’s not someone we would have initially guessed. I can totally see her facing off against Sue, and her personality seems to fit Ryan Murphy’s description of the winner’s work ethic.

    Those are my opinions.

    • Alyssa says:

      Well, guess I was wrong. My guess would now have to be Lindsay if it’s a female and Cameron if it’s a male.

  2. John says:

    Well if the person he regrets gets voted off around episode 6, it might be Matheus. I don’t get why everybody hates him, I think he is very talented. I mean, he isn’t the best dancer or singer, but he really does have talent. And also, Glee can could write a lot about him because of the fact he’s so short. The episode he got voted off, he was clearly having a bad day because of as Damian said, “whenever he tries to say something he gets cut down.”. I really hope he gets brought back.

  3. Mykimoto says:

    Well based on what Ryan says and the episodes that have been shown so far, I think the person he brings back after rewatching their final performance would be Mckeynleigh. She might have not stood out the most but she absolutely KILLED her last chance performance! She showed so much character and her voice was amazing. I think he will give her another chance.

  4. majorgleek! says:

    I know who the winner is, its samuel.. listen to what he says..
    “The person that we ended up picking is not who you would expect, but is so talented that it’s really inspired us as writers,” says Murphy. “The person who wins is not necessarily the best singer or the best dancer. It’s the person who can serve Glee best.
    In an interveiw, sam said he isn’t the best singer or actor out of the bunch , but he has the most drive..
    In a different interveiw , he said that his charachter would probably be a rocker/rebel student, that is something that hasn’t really been on Glee. Murphy says “What kind of character did we need for next season? That’s the person who won.” with Samuel being a guest star it would allow the show to have heavier songs in the glee setlist.
    He obviously isn’t the most popular , because everyone is rooting for Damian (I am!) (or cameron) and it says the winner is not expected.. it’d be a bit shocking to find out the popular ones didn’t win right?
    And one more thing, Murphy said he was in LA with the winner , but while this was happening , Damian tweeted that he was was in Ireland . :( </3

  5. dreadhead says:

    Sam (“the guy with the dreads”) should definitely win. He has experience, professionalism, an amazing voice, acting ability, and he’s one of the most unique people on the show. He stands out on the show, and I don’t even watch Glee, but I would if he wins. I think he would attract a different audience…

  6. Kayla Jo says:

    I love Cameron Mitchell. I love watching him on the show, and watching his music videos because he’s incredibly talented. And if you watch the extras–NO ONE wants Cameron to go home, because everyone loves him.

    In my perfect world, Cameron or Damian would win TGP. And because there is so much confusion between Ryan Murphy saying the winner is going to audition for First Impressions the first day at McKinley, and that a new Warbler from TGP would be introduced…I want Cameron to be a new First Impressions student and Damian to be a Warbler.

    I think they’d both be perfect.

    AND they’ve both tweeted “can’t wait for August” to each other…which is when Glee premieres, apparently.

  7. no one says:

    well, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be samuel, or damian! oh, and cameron! of course, i mean, like ryan said they are getting a new warbbler! and im rooting for damian, cause im a quarter irish, and he has a beautiful voice, and he could totally be a foreign exchange student! duh! and cameron- ya gotta love him! samuel, well hes so interesting! and different! im pretty sure its gonna be damian, vs. samuel in the last episode! i am so wondering who is gonna win. damian’s celtic thunder back round helps a lot with his singing and and character! so lets hope for the best!!!!

  8. Giovanny says:

    Everyone Shut up!
    1. Everyone who said the show is going to be ruin is wrong, They need more characters! Rachel, Kurt, and Flynn are “Graduating” so they will be off season 4! season 3 is their last. so I AM STRONGLY feeling the winner of the glee project will be a main role in season 4.
    2. Who eversaid matheus is horrible, A men.
    3. The person who he regrets IS in episode 6 and thats Alex, sadly…-___-.
    4.The winner will be a guy sadly, sorry marissa :(, and it most likely will be Cameron or Damian.
    5. For everyone who said Damian or Cameron will win because girls love them are stupid. Its not an audience show. We dont vote. The judges do! So SHUT UP
    I’m done.

    • Maddynf says:

      I don’t care if Alex gets kicked off even though he is extremely talented I think they have kind of beaten the gay plot a bit to death and I just find Alex way to obnoxious and it is going to get him into trouble. Although who knows I have heard that is could be Marissa who gets kicked off on the 6th episode although I hope not I think she is just starting to really shine :)

  9. jennnn says:

    I want cameron! He is sooo cute and unique, but I also like marissa! Damian is so BOMB though. I <3 his accent

  10. Armando says:

    i thought glee season 3 comes out in september? ahhh what ever but i heard that the glee movie is comeing out in augest 12 or 19. i rather have damian win but if he doesnt then cameron should haha. GO DAMERON!!!

  11. Tony says:

    It seems like everyone hates hanna but like Ryan said it’s not who you expect and I dout the winner would be a warbler because they would have to go to McKinley because they are sues enemy and they are making a debut at the auditions

  12. FTW says:

    In the first two episodes, no one seems to have noticed Marissa. Heck no one even thought she would win. She seems to fade in the background.

    However, she seems to have hit her stride in episode 3 (her being anorexic), extending to episode 4 (bootypopping :D), and reaching a high point in episode 5 (homework assignment winner).

    She can be vulnerable. She seems to be a sport when they ask her to do something, and she takes direction obviously well. And personality-wise, the editing so far does not show any negative traits of her (i think). I’ve also read that she has 12 years of amateur and professional experience (one year less than lindsay)

    Of course, these are all my observations but they seem pretty plausible. But based on this, she is the only one I can match to the description of the winner.

  13. sasha says:


  14. Jessica says:

    I would love for Damian to win. He is very motivated and tries his hardest. He is also very caring and will speak up when he thinks someone is not being treated correctly. I would be very disappointed if Alex won. He seems to be very negative and a DIVA. He is not very likable at all.

  15. GleeProjectLuverr!!! says:

    Okayy!!! So this is my take on the remaining contestants(I’m going to be brutally honest):

    Alex- Apparently(Rumors), he’s the next to go, thank god!!! He’s such a D I V A it’s unbelivable. And him, “letting someone else shine” in episode 4, HA! In his mind the spotlight needs to be on him, and only him, constantly.

    Hannah- She’s so lovable!!! But, I think that doesn’t really have a chance to win. She’s not very confident, is probably the worst singer left, can’t really act, and can’t dance to save her life.

    Cameron- He’s pretty much the perfect package. He has a gorgous voice, there’s like an inner rock star inside of him waiting to come out, he can ehh, uh, kinda dance, and has the looks that could draw more girls into watch the show to see him. His week spot is the acting though. Since he has those looks, the writers might want to have him dating girls of course. But since he’s uncomfortable with that since he has a girlfriend, it’s not going to be very belivable. So, if he did win, he’d have to be on the show the Christian guy, the one that Ryan was thinking about having. If he doesn’t win, he’ll definitely make it somewhere else.

    Lindsay- This girl can act, sing, and pretty much dance. The problems are that she’s too full of herself saying “This competition is pretty easy for me because I’m a trained soprano and have the best voice here.” I mean really, who says something like that!? And also that she’s too over the top. Knowing that Cameron’s uncomfortable with the whole pretending to like other girls thing, she kisses him anyway….if you asked me that was uncalled for. She did it because she felt like it, she never got a direction for it.

    Samuel- Me personally, I think he’s the winner. In the beginning of the show you never really heard or saw him. But all of a sudden he wins a homework assignment and then almost wins another. Not to mention he has such a gorgeous voice, can dance, is a very good actor, and is extremely good looking. He also has an electric presence and is somewhat of a rebel, having him on Glee could spice things up a little.

    Marissa- Whoa, like Samuel, she came out of her shell right when she really needed too. This girl has the voice, can pretty much dance, and can act!! She’s also very pretty and can take direction, even if it envolves kissing someone! If she doesn’t win, she’ll make it somewhere else.

    Damian- Watch out for this cutie!! He’s instantly charming with his good looks and his accent, if he’s on Glee girls will just love it! And he’s the comeback kid!!! In the very beginning he struggled, but all of a sudden he’s blossoming. He’s become a true contender, he has a good chance to win. He has such a good voice being very low, can kinda act, and can kinda sing. But anything he can’t do his positive thinking makes up for it. Woo go Damian!!!

    Okay, I hope you guys liked my review, it took me a while to write. Please reply to this so I can see what you guys think about it. Oh and I thought you should know, this review was written by a 13 year old girl=D

    • GleeProjectLuverr!!! says:

      Oh this is my order of how much I like the contestants that are left:

    • Nina says:

      I think Damions going to win…Samual reminds me alot of Puck the charecter you described him being a rocker,rebel guy in the band, gets the girls that completly describes pucks charecter and all the other contenders are similar to another charecter the only one who does is damion there isnt any forign students who are adorable and quirky with an amazing voice..samual=Puck thats his only obstical.

  16. erika says:

    quick spoiler if you go in to google and type in glee season 3 i think they tell you who wins in the second web site thing

  17. John says:

    Marissa is the next to go, sorry. It was confirmed already, Alex unfortunately stays on longer.

  18. GLEEEEE says:


    So I was looking at the for the premiere of Glee Season Three and the first episode is called New Girl. So assuming that the winner will be in the third season of glee, the winner must be a girl. Sooo Marissa, Hannah, or Lindsay…. Lindsay kind of reminds me of Rachel. Hannah reminds me of Mercedes because she has that sass factor (not because she’s on the bigger side) and Marissa has a good shot of winning. I don’t think there’s anyone like her on glee, but I havn’t really seen her personality yet. Maybe they could incorperate her eating issues (anerexic) into the show. I was kind of hopping Cameron<3 <3 <3 would win though…. ; )

  19. Armando says:

    ryan already said that the first episodes in all the seasons are all called “auditions” and thats when they introduce the winner. Which a guy will wins. Go Damian

  20. lolly says:

    I really like Cameron, Marissa and Damian and prob Cameron to win but Ryan Murphy has said that it’s someone you might not expect and Cameron has been a firm favourite with everyone so far…vocal coach, choreographers etc…so maybe not…hard one to call

  21. Liz says:

    I want Alex to win!
    But to be honest, I’ll be happy enough if it’s anyone but Lindsay. I hate Lindsay.

  22. Sylvia says:

    Everyone, stop fretting with Murphy’s mind games!
    He said the winner is unexpected, so we’ll expect the unexpected while developing enormous doubts and soon everyone will eventually fall into the “unexpected” category and we’ll be uncertain about the winner.
    BTW, Lindsay isn’t a brat. TV just has to make an antagonist, tons of despicable editing! Look at her blog before you bash on her, please.
    Cameron was my favorite, but not anymore because it had been decided that IF he had won, he’d play Brittany’s new bf. YUCK.
    I hope Damian wins. They pretty much have all the other characters and I honestly think he does win. Ryan Murphy said the winner will be a “warbler” (or maybe it’s another mind game to confuse us when he really is using it as a synonym) and there have been pictures of Damian in a warbler suit. :D

    • susy says:

      well people tend to believe what they see of a person on tv, not what they post on their blog! for all we know, someone could be writing that for her so i am gonna bash on lindsay!!!!!!!

      • Sylvia says:

        You’d rather take an attention-hungry editor’s word than the actual person themself?
        Why don’t you stop wasting your precious time bashing on her and actually look into her. Her blog that “someone could be writing for her” is on the Oxygen website and promoted by her authentic twitter. Oh, and by the way, the cast members actually say that she is one of the most kindhearted people.
        Learn a little.

  23. bahbahbahbum says:

    Personally, I am rooting for Damian & Cameron. And if what most people are saying is true, the winner is male, then I am sad to see Marissa go. Even though she was quieter at first(although these past few episodes she has started to come out of her shell) I think she has a nice, strong voice, a pleasant personality and is very pretty.
    Concerning the other contestants:
    *Alex-He is very talented but I don’t particularly like his personality, he acts like a diva sometimes, and some comments he has made makes it seem like he thinks he’s better than everyone else on the show. Also, I think the character he would fill would be like Kurt or Mercedes.
    *Lindsay-She is also extremely talented, I REALLY like her voice and she seems like she can dance well. But from what I have seen of her on camera, she does seem insincere and a bit mean. To me, at least, it seems that she would fit a Rachel stereotype.
    *Hannah-I like Hannah’s personality, she seems sweet. And only lately have I really seen and liked her voice. I wouldn’t mind if she won, but I don’t know if she would fill the right role on Glee.
    *Samuel- Okay, I know many of you love Sam, but in my opinion, I just don’t see what you are talking about. I don’t particularly enjoy his voice, and his personality hasn’t impressed me either. Sorry.
    *Matheus-I wasn’t really impressed by Matheus. Some of his singing seemed a little screamy? I don’t know…and when he was trying to act sexy I was a little uncomfortable(not because of any prejudice or anything, but it just was really overt).
    *McKynleigh-I liked her. She has a really nice voice! But unfortunately, I don’t think she really stood out too much and that’s why she was voted off by the judges.
    The Reason I Like Cameron/Damian:
    *Cameron-I know he was quieter and his personality didn’t really show but the parts I saw I really liked. I also really enjoy his voice and I think it’s cute how he can’t dance too well. I also do think he is attractive. I kind of do see him as another Artie, but also a bit different too. Less geeky.
    *Damian-Okay, so I realllllyy love Damian. :) I love his voice, his attempts at dancing, his personality, and he is adorable! I know some of you say he has no personality, but I don’t know, I find him charming.
    I love Glee & The Glee Project!!!

  24. Nina says:

    I think Damion is going to win.(: He could be like a forign exchange student which hasnt ever been on glee.(: i think all the other contenders are kind of match ups to charecters already on the show.
    Alex…Obviously we have Kurt and do not want to be getting rid of him
    Marrisa…Kind of like Tina doesnt super stand out shes likable quite and has very diffrent style…she really just isnt that intresting..
    Samual…Reminds me of puck..Rocker,in a band, attitude, player…thats the charecter he would fit into..and thats Puck.
    Hannah…Heavy girl, with attitude thats funny and likable…Mercedes and Lauren. Duh.
    Lindsey..Is like a rachel and quin mix she would be the mean pretty girl with an amzing voice…that screams both quin,santana and rachal.
    Cameron…My second faceriot is closest to Arties charecter…but i dont think that he himself would be comfortable with all the romantic realations that go on in the show..
    Emily…She would have been like Santana…like seriously.
    Mkynliegh..would have been a good country singer for the show but shes kind of boring…
    Matheous..He was great i think maybe just not quiet ready for glee..
    i think damion is absoultly amazing he has a rich wonderful voice he isnt the best dancer but thats what we have Mike for(; But i thinnk He would be the new heart throb of glee admit he is adorable and quirkyy how do you not love him?(:

  25. Maddynf says:

    I think Marissa will be the one voted off on the 6th who Ryan will later regret and I hope Damien or Cameron. Third if it is Marissa they regret kicking off maybe she will come back cause I do really like her. I think the reason she doesn’t look very charismatic is that she is just playing it safe which isn’t a bad thing because it seems to be working for her so far and I think she is extremely talented. Damien I think it would be the easiest out of the three to join Glee the reason I think I like him a lot is because of his sense of humour and attitude. I think it would be the most difficult for Cameron because he needs to learn and let go of a few things but just the fact that he is so talented could really work for him. But who knows?!

  26. Giovanny says:

    People you guys are dumb. the glee project winner is not a male. it could also be a female. a warbler means singer not male -____-

    • that70sshow says:

      I could be wrong, but so far on Glee haven’t the Warblers all been male? I mean, not saying that there is no possibility of a female but I’m curious.

      • Sylvia says:

        No. He means (and like I stated in my initial post) that the actual WORD “warbler” means singer. Ryan Murphy may just be talking about the definition itself, not the title it holds on Glee.

  27. Damiansgirl says:

    Damian should win, because he has the most talent. He doesn’t have that much screen time either. People say he will win because girls love him, but all three judges are guys, so I doesn’t matter. All the girls love Cameron too! I really hope Damian wins though, I’m kinda obsessed with him ;)

  28. Abby says:

    I love Cameron and Damian!!! Nerds and Irish accents rock!!! <3

  29. Abby says:

    I love Cameron and Damian!!! Nerds and Irish accents rock!!! <3 I hope Cameron or Damian wins!!

  30. Sylvia says:

    I honestly think I have it figured out and that Damian wins. Thank God. :)

  31. Karon Thomas says:


  32. GleeProjectLuverr!!! says:

    I cannot believe they sent Marissa home….she won the homework assignment 2 weeks in a row and everything…this just shows that no one’s safe….EVER.

  33. Armando says:

    Poor poor Marissa, i really wanted Alex to get voted off. ok so he’s my guess for the next week to get kicked out. Ooooo and i no who the next mentors are its Ashley Fink AND Puck!!

  34. MoogieC says:

    The big hint is when he says after spending time with this person, they’ve learned they “really are lovable,” which means that maybe on the show they weren’t portrayed that way. My guess is Alex or Lindsay. I hope it’s the latter.

  35. Emily says:

    Okkk so my top contenders went home, so my top pick would be Samuel, i haven’t been a top fan of him but i think he will bring a nice touch to the show. Maybe Sue will cut off one of his dreadlocks :)

  36. Izzy says:

    Even though we haven’t seen the future episodes yet I would bet money Marissa is the one he regrets sending home. I doubt he’ll bring her back though :( “Not who you’d expect” and male(according to rumors)? That sounds like Samuel or Alex. Please let it not be Alex 0_0 It probably is a guy though since only Lindsay & Hannah are left & as much as I can see Lindsay winning, she’s who everyone would expect. I do hope Cameron steps up though. He’s my fave but he’s been backsliding lately & he has to prove that him staying instead of Marissa was not a mistake

  37. MaryKate says:

    I think the winner is Hannah, Samuel, or Cameron. He said he might bring the person back who he thought he made a mistake of voting off (Marissa). Even if he does bring her back I doubt she’ll win.

  38. panda says:

    I think it’s between Damian or Cameron…sometimes they don’t have the strongest voices or the the sharpest dance moves but they seem to b the most likable when on screen…both seem more of the underdogs but have amazing potential and somehow they just make u wanna continue watching them to cheer them on

  39. bfitz says:

    Totally Damian!! He is an amazing singer! He is so sweet and funny! Plus, he’s irish!!

  40. Emily McGinty says:

    Damian all the way. He is so sexylicious :) I love him and he is kinda unexpected. at the time this was posted the show didn’t really have a fan base for anyone yet. I remember at the beginning of i think… episode 5? they are like cameron and damian arent the best dancers but side stepped the dance ability elimination. also damian is super loveable and sweet. he is the most adorableest :) :) :) so its Damian or Cameron… :) ? and if your wondering, yes my real last name is McGinty. Its kinda popular? IDK but that is also another reason I’m in love with the guy :)

  41. john says:

    I was devastated when Marrissa left she became my favorite I positive she’s the mistake he made sending her away and I do think if someone does really quit in sexuality he will bring Marrissa (or someone else) back. I heard something about the winner being a warbler and bring introduced in a way that’s never been done before and Idk about anyone else but if Marrissa comes back and wins I could totally see her posing as a boy and being caught and forced to go to mckinley on the topic if this person being a warbler I think it could be Samuel but he gets kicked out and has to go to mckinley I honestly am making a prediction right now Samuel wins am pretty sure im right im not worried about hannah alex or cameron winning I don’t think any of them will I think it could be Lindsay because she has an amazing voice and Rachel is leaving this season so there’s a new Rachel for u Damien is the most improved out of all of them and I think that will give him an advantage I read something about like a spin off show or something with a contestant from the glee project or something but I also heard something about 2 other girls being casted for this season and Lindsay and hannah are living together now so maybe they could be casted or hopefully its Lindsay and Marrissa and if u look on youtube there’s a video about what kind of character whoever wins would play

  42. emma says:

    matheus is the best he rockssssss

  43. Alexa says:


  44. john says:

    I accidently hit the post comment button before finishing my comment but I think the winner is Samuel Marissa being anorexic was what inspired a futures story on glee for Ryan that the 2 girls being casted for season 3 of glee will be from the glee project and will only get a 7 episode run on glee whereas I think he changed it for the winner and will make them a permanent character and I also think marrissa will be brought back in the competition and I think the top 3 will be damian Samuel and lindsay

  45. HannahLynn says:

    I HATE Damian. I mean, the kid can barely even sing. Personally, I think Cameron should win the role. He is perfect.

    • shushine says:

      not a good idea to say that on a site where most people are his fans so back off! no one goes around saying that they hate you *jealousy*

  46. random says:

    He says the winner is not who we expect. duhh its probably hannah. i dont see anyone talking about her. therefore shes not who anyone expects to win. he also says he doesnt care if the person is likeable or not. maybe he will pick alex. who knows. he is still on the show after being in the bottom 3 like 3 times back to back. so he obviously likes him. and also. the “mistake” was not marrissa. they said the person who he was tlkn about was having a bad day on that episode. marissa looked fine to me. so yea. your all wrong. and no cameron nor damian is going to win. so HA

  47. grainne says:

    I think it has to be Damian because ryan said he wasnt a great dancer ie cameron or damian but its rumored that cameron gets sent home or leaves because of something his dad does…. and anyway the others arent great for example

    bryce: eliminated
    ellis: eliminated
    emily: eliminated
    McKynleigh: eliminated
    Matheus: eliminated
    Marissa: eliminated
    samuel: is really good but is rumored to be doing other projects
    lindsy: i think is aslo amazing she was abit mean to ellis but now i love her but is meant to be doing the same thing as samuel
    hannah: i think struggles alot but it could be her because she isnt a great dancer…..
    damian: is really good he is trying so hard for this he has no atitide he stands up for everyone isnt a great dancer but niether is finns caracter
    cameron: i think is quite good be he is also really fragile
    alex: i really dont like he doesnt really care yet hes really cocky

  48. Jules says:

    I think Damian will win but i like cameron to.
    I was sad when Marrissa went home but Murphy said he regreted sending her home

  49. robert says:

    Very good point about Ryan. You have me thinking that maybe he’s not that good afterall.

  50. 3ly says:

    i think lindsay is going to win.. she is very professional and good..
    i heard that they are going to choose an actor from the glee project to play tha part of the new “boyfriend” that mercedes meets over the summer.. so i nerrod it down to either damian or samuel..
    it can’t be cameron cuz i freaked out when he got kissed in episode 5 and if he’s mercedes new flame he’s going to have to kiss her.. so.. anyway i think that’s y they talked about a new worgler especially cuz the winner is a “wmhs” student and of all the glee project contenders linz is the most professional she’s awsom and never complains cuz she’s in it to win it!!!

    • pupi says:

      lindsay is in it to lose it. she is such a faker and don’t even say that she doesn’t complain cuz i’ve seen her do it!