Emmys 2011: What TVLine Readers' Comedy Ballot Would Look Like

Over the past few weeks, TVLine has exhaustively previewed this year’s Primetime Emmy race, sharing our “Dream Nominees” as well as inviting readers to survey the field and cast their own ballots. (Our ongoing Emmy coverage can be found here, with much more to come.)

The actual nominees will be announced on July 14. But based on poll tallies as of June 20, here’s what the TVLine readers’ ballot for the comedy categories would look like (with contenders listed in alphabetical order). Hit the comments to cheer your fave getting kudos or sound off on any head-scratchers.

Blue indicates a TVLine Dream Nominee

The Big Bang Theory
• Chuck
• Glee
• How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family

Other TVLine Dream Nominees: Cougar Town, Eastbound & Down, The Middle, Parks and Recreation

Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Steve Carell (The Office)
• Zachary Levi (Chuck)
Joel McHale (Community)
• Matthew Morrison (Glee)
Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)
Other TVLine Dream Nominees: Louis C.K. (Louie),  Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down)

Courteney Cox (Cougar Town)
Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory)
Tina Fey (30 Rock)
Patricia Heaton (The Middle)
• Lea Michele (Glee)
Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)
NOTE: Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski placed in (OK, dominated) your Top 6, but we since learned she is actually entered in the Supporting category
Other TVLine Dream Nominees: Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope)

Emmys 2011: What TVLine Readers’ Drama Ballot Would Look Like

Ty Burrell (Modern Family)
• Chris Colfer (Glee)
• Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
• Mike O’Malley (Glee)
Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother)
• Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)
Other TVLine Dream Nominees: Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Ed O’Neill (Modern Family), Danny Pudi (Community)

• Julie Bowen (Modern Family)
Alison Brie (Community)
• Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother)
• Jane Lynch (Glee)
• Heather Morris (Glee)
Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)
Other TVLine Dream Nominees: Ellie Kemper (The Office), Busy Philipps (Cougar Town), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. F says:


    • double F says:

      Next to Community.

    • G says:

      Most definitely. In a perfect world, Parks and Rec and Community would sweep all the awards.

      • J says:

        and for the big prize it would be a duel to the death between the two, leading not the shows’ deaths but the deaths of every human, miniature horse (RIP lil sebastian), and kick-punching robot because all would laugh themselves to death. I think I’m using the word death to much…
        If I wrote a song it would contain less than 1/5000 of the awesomeness in 5000 Candles in the Wind

  2. Thomas says:

    Mine would consist of more Naya Rivera, though…

    • Captain says:

      Naya definitely deserves a nomination over Jane Lynch. Naya was fresh and hilarious this year and while Jane is a wonderful comedic talent who did the best with what she was given, her material this season does not warrant a nomination. I would love to see Naya and Heather both recognized for their outstanding work this season.

      • steven says:

        Naya Rivera of Glee truly deserves the nomination for supporting actress. It was Santana that made glee better than before

  3. Denise says:

    How did Busy Philipps not make the list? Boooo.

    • davey says:

      DISASTER! Busy Philipps should have WON!

    • Kate says:

      Agree, HOW DO PEOPLE NOT REALISE HOW AWESOME BUSY IS!! By far deserves to win the Emmy this year, she won the critics awards heres hoping it happens!

      • Lauren says:

        I agree! Busy is AMAZING and the Critics Choice Television Award she won proves that fact. If she doesn’t even get nominated for an Emmy this year, my level of respect for that awards show will go down even further than it already has. In the words of Bill Lawrence, the Emmys are a sham! =P

  4. irishrose4583 says:

    ok glee over parks and recreation???I watch glee but in no way is it superior to parks and rec. Nick offerman and Dani Puddi not even included in the supporting actor category??? Who are these people voting???? Heres hoping the real emmy noms go better….but yay to Chuck and community(and Zach Levi adn Joel McHale) making it!

    • Stehpo says:

      Yeah, who the hell are these people? Are there full of Supernatural-fangirls here with no taste?

      • Girish says:

        Its not even related to Supernatural!! Wth are you ranting about?! And before you rant on me, I’m a guy, not a fangirl!

      • sashay says:

        I’m with Ginish! I am a big fan of Supernatural, but what does that have to do with anything??? Danny Pudi CLEARLY should be nominated for and win the best supporting actor category, but I do agree that Jason Segal should be nominated. Great choices in the best acting category, not so much in the supporting actor. For me, Alison Brie is the only interesting choice in the supporting actress slot, while I’d have to give best lead actress to Tina Fey, again. Consistently delivers, while the other nominees are fairly blah.
        Community should definitely win best comedy show. Great writing & directing, and the entire ensemble is definitely up to the challenges Dan Harmon continually gives them.

    • Sarah El says:

      I agree completely, Danny Pudi and Nick Offerman should totally be there. Glad Community and Chuck got some love though.

    • Sarah says:

      It just has to do with the invasion of the Gleeks. They think Glee is the best thing ever created and ruin otherwise good polls with their lack of taste. I watch and enjoy Glee, but I think most of us know it’s not deserving of awards, just deserving of fans sitting for hours on end voting and messing up polls. Oh well /shrug

      • Mars says:

        THIS! I enjoy glee but is it really the best show or best comedy on TV?! No! There are some funny/touching scenes on Glee I’ll re-watch but the second season as a whole falls far below some of the other comedies on the list (I’ll seen every episode of Big Bang Theory at least 8 times, rivaling how many times I’ve seen Arrested Development). And I think everyone has to agree on the fact that this season has NOT been as good as the previous one, and characters like Sue weren’t given good materials to work with.

  5. Cameron says:

    Why is Yvonne Strahovski in the supporting catagory? If she isn’t the lead actress on the show, I don’t know who is. That makes little sense to submit her for supporting actress to me.

    • Randy says:

      Yvonne submitted it herself (or her management did) so it was her choice. Why? Maybe she feels she has a better chance to be nominated there.

      • Alperen says:

        what are you talking about she is amazing and very succesfull ? Also she was the number one in Lead comedy Actress but now she cant get anythıng ? I disappointed!!!

    • Captain says:

      A lot of the time, when a lead actress feels the competition is too stiff in her category, she’ll nominate herself for supporting actress to increase her odds of being nominated or winning. Hailee Steinfeld was in practically every seen of True Grit but there was no way she’d win against Natalie Portman and Annette Benning at the Oscars, so she submitted herself in the supporting category where her biggest competition was Melissa Leo.

    • Anna says:

      I know! Yvonne is beautiful and amazing, she should be in lead actress.

  6. Arsimo says:

    You removed Yvonne Strahovski from your top 6 lead category because she will enter in the Supporting category. Okay, I understand. But why not put her then in your Supporting category? If she was dominating the votes in your Lead poll don’t you expect that she would in your Supporting poll too if she was entered there in the first place?

  7. Andy says:

    Boo to Parks & Rec and Nick Offerman not being included.

  8. Kim says:

    WHAT! No parks and rec and Nick Offerman. That’s a joke, they they should be winning those catagories.

  9. t says:

    Guess the comments weren’t factored into the readers “dream nominee” lists since there’s NO Donald Glover on it!!!

  10. Amy says:

    How the heck did Parks and Recreation not make the list???????? Seriously people, over Glee???? It is the best comedy on TV, hands down. I am also upset Nick Offerman didn’t make the list. What does he have to do to get some love for Ron Swanson? Catch completely on fire?

  11. Sarah El says:

    Wow, Gleeks, way to dominate and choose totally undeserving nominees.

  12. mia says:

    Yeah for Courteney Cox, she deserves it so much! Kudos to her and for best comedy show kudos to Cougar Town

    Best supporting actress : Busy Philipps or Alysaon Hannigan

    Best supporting actor : Jason Segel, love NPH but for once it’s good to chance, not always the same

  13. side3 says:

    Wow…I cannot believe the number of Glee noms. The show just is not funny. I mean, Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley…didn’t they spend most of the season crying?

    • alisonfaith297 says:

      i know right! Glee is totally misplaced. its not funny at all. and yes i agree. you have an episode called funeral and it was not light hearted at all whereas if you have seen the HIMYM episode about the gang attending the funeral. that was hilarious. glee is seriously not funny

      • Ellen says:

        Two main things in funerals , the audition process was the humor, Jesse St. James and the interactions between the cast was funny. The funeral was the drama.

        The show has several storyline and at least one is always comedic. How do people miss sad for you..

    • Kent says:

      I think Glee is funny. It has funny characters, funny situation, one liners. even some slap stick. Some amusing song this years and performances as well.

      Guess not everyone can get it.

      Yes it does have it dramatic side but it is less than the humor IMO.

    • Jessica says:

      I know right! Glee shouldn’t be in the comedy category. Colfer deserves to win an Emmy but not as a comedian. He said that himself.

  14. Sam says:

    All the Glee nominations tell us that TVLine readers are just as stupid as the American public. I mean, Matthew Morrison over Louis C.K.? REALLY?

    • sashay says:

      I’m certainly not a Glee fan, but I have no idea who Louis C.K. is…maybe the reason some of your favourites didn’t make it is they are offered on premium channels (paid cable) and we don’t know anything about them. I myself live in Canada and I have no idea if his show is offered on any of our cable channels. Lots of Canadians here besides me…so maybe it has nothing to do with not appreciating your show/actors but being a reflection of a limited audience.

    • Kim says:

      Matt is the least worthy nominee from glee by far.

  15. erin says:

    Where is Nick Offerman? COME ON. Not only should Parks and Rec be nominated, it should win.

  16. S. from A. says:

    no parks&rec and nick offerman? seriously? just ridiculous…

  17. Sarah says:

    Bad form, TVLiners! Parks and Rec is about the funniest show on TV without being too self-indulgent. I love Glee, I find it very entertaining, but I’d pick P&R over it any day! And Nick Offerman is the BEST!!!!!

  18. Walter Kent Tigre XIV Jr. says:

    • Parks and Recreation

    • Louis C.K. (Louie)

    • Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)

    • Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother)
    • Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation)

    • Busy Philipps (Cougar Town)

  19. MariaC says:

    ummmm….You are missing Naya Rivera there buddy…

  20. ruby says:

    I really hope the emmys will shock me this year with new unexpected winners

  21. alisonfaith297 says:

    i think honestly, community deserves outstanding comedy series. as much as they would like to say that glee is a comedy c’,mon its a drama.. seriously, go watch reruns and then tell me do you laugh as much in the show as to other comedy series?? i mean i barely laugh, if it is a comedy its a really bad one. i’m not saying its a bad show, i think its misplaced.
    community had an awesome season! paintball finale EPIC!! if they ever do another., i wonder how they will top it. mordern family was really good too but due their amazing first season, expectations were too high and not met. sadly to say. but realistically, amazing season. :D

  22. Eline says:

    Community for the win!

  23. This ballot is full of fail. How I Met Your Mother and Chuck will research zero nominations, aside from a potential NPH Supporting Actor nom. Hell, as much as Community deserves to be nominated in every category it’s competing in, it likely won’t.

  24. Mikey says:

    Why is David Duchovny’s sublime performance as Hank Moody in Californication not on this list?

  25. KR says:

    Are you kidding?? This happens every year! Where is Jon Huertas from Castle as Best Supporting Actor? His presence is realistic and outstanding! He’s deserved a supporting Emmy since his episode “Den Of Theives” last year. He’s fantastic (and so is his counterpart Seamus Dever, but that’s another battle for another time).

    At the very least I would’ve expected to see Stana Katic on this list as the proposed Best Actress in a Drama Series.

    Here’s hoping that the real Emmy list is MUCH more inclusive than this one – I’m sick of the Emmy board playing favorites with those so-so, ratings-grabbing shows.

    • per14 says:

      This is for comedy shows. Castle, as far as I can tell, is not a comedy. (Neither is Glee, but that’s irrelevant here)

  26. João Amaral says:

    so much Glee. barf

  27. Shelly says:

    The only nomination Glee deserves is Lea Michele for Lead Actress (of coarse she won’t win, but she’s Glee’s last leg, kudos). Glee wasn’t funny this season but it will be nominated for Comedy Series cause its a public favorite and Chris Colfer might get a nom (cause the awards and now the public love openly gay people representing a somewhat healthy image on TV, he won’t win though). Courtney Cox won’t win either this year if nominated, Cougar Town is okay, she’s. . okay. Amy Poehlar for the win, Tiny Fey is old news now and so is 30 Rock. Modern Family might win for Comedy Series but they’ve fallen under the sophmore curse (the first season was better). And WHY was Heather Morris or Naya Rivera even considered for a nom? Please, they barely talked first season, theyre decent actresses. The lines written for them make them laughable not funny enough to be nominated. Lastly, why would Kaley Cuoco be nominated for Lead Actress (she MAY be nominated) shes kinda a supporting character, and theres nothing special about her role or her acting. Emmy’s are a popualrity contest anyways. We will be shocked by whos nominated and wins.

  28. Petra says:

    Missing significant amounts of Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan and Matt LeBlanc, imo. And Danny Pudi should DEFINITELY get nominated for Community.

  29. Ann says:

    This Ballot is pure BS due to the presence of Glee and the absence of PARKS AND RECREATION.

  30. Anna says:

    I don’t think people realize that Emmys should mean quality shows. Saying this, Glee and Big Bang Theory should never be part of this list(Saved from individual acting and even then, Jane Lynch is questionable because the writing is really awful). Parks and Recreation is thousand times better than Glee will ever be.

    • P says:

      The Big Bang Theory is extremely funny. It should get nominated, if not to win. Parks and Rec needs to win Outstanding Comedy series. Danny Pudi and Nick Offerman deserve to be in the supporting category( and hopefully one of them will win!) and Aubrey Plaza and Mayim Bialik too need to be on that list !!
      Ugh !!, all that Glee !!!( Shudder)

    • Mars says:

      If you can say quality comedy without thinking “The Big Bang Theory,” then I dont’ know what the hell you’re smoking. It’s not quite at the level of Seinfeld or Arrested Development, but it’s up there. Definitely one of the best comedies currently on TV, along with Parks and Rec.

  31. Pat says:

    RON F***ING SWANSON > anybody from f***ing Glee.

  32. Holly says:

    The number of people showing their outrage over the absence of Parks and Rec and Nick Offerman from this list makes me giddy. BEST SHOW PERIOD.

  33. Javi says:

    Two Things: 1- Cobie Smulders for “HIMYM” for Supporting Actress in a Comedy. She was awesome this year!!!
    2- I love GLEE but I never considered it a “comedy” show; it’s more of a light drama. And Matthew Morrison is not THAT good!

  34. Géraldine says:

    And what about Glee’s Naya Rivera, who really enlightened the last season bu her acting and singing? Why didn’t you even quote her even though Jane Lynch (what is questionable) and Heather Morris (who deserves a nod) are?!

  35. brynna says:

    Glee shouldn’t be nominated for any of these. Terrible season. How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory – I agree.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Parks and Recreation & Community!! Love both shows a ton. And I support nominations of the cast members on these shows. Would love even more to see them win!

  37. hb says:

    hmm no 30 rock for comedy?

  38. Amanda Leigh says:

    The day that Aubrey Plaza wins an Emmy is the day that I give up on everything.

    • Justin says:

      You say that like it’s a bad thing. Aubrey Plaza is more than deserving of a win for her portrayal of April on Parks and Recreation. Her subtle humor is freaking hilarious! If I had to choose between you and her, guess who I’d chose (hint: definitely not you)?

  39. Nanda says:

    Where’s the best comedy aka Parks and Recreation??? And Nick Offerman? C’mon! It’s pointless to vote for this online picks because you know that Glee is going to win anything anyway…
    You don’t deserve Ron F****** Swanson

  40. Lindsey says:

    Now that I’ve started watching Raising Hope, I’m disappointed it isn’t anywhere on this list. As far as I’m concerned, none of the Glee people listed should be on there and could easily be replaced with the cast of Raising Hope. The show should be on there too. Let’s hope Emmy voters get it!

  41. Sarah says:

    Wow…aside from the lead actress category, this is the worst list possible. Parks and Rec is a glaring omission from best comedy as is Nick Offerman among others. We need to get the Gleeks far far away from these polls. I do watch and enjoy Glee, but it is in no way deserving to be represented in any of these categories. Just my opinion though..

  42. stillisill says:

    Please stop perpetuating the erroneous notion that Matthew Morrison deserves recognition for anything other than being an insufferable sappy douche bag. He’s a very special episode of Full House, personified.

  43. Debbie M says:

    Where the heck is all the love for Melissa McCarthy of Mike and Molly??? She is fantastic in whatever she is in!

  44. sianna says:

    I know Courteney Cox is not going to win (because it’s always the same) but at least we want a nomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And it CourtEney and not Courtney!

  45. Sadface says:

    I doubt Zachary Levi or Yvonne Strahovski will get a nod at the Emmys awards this year, even though they both dominated their categories in the online polls.
    Still, they are both great actors and they have an amazing “couple” chemistry even though they are not a real couple (Only GOD knows why they are not dating in real life)

  46. elr says:

    Its funny how even how even the audience tends to vote for the same shows and people as the Emmy folks.

  47. 717 says:

    if i’m not mistaken, the full name for this category is ‘comedy/musical series’, right? so, maybe u can try to imagine this is the other reason for Glee to be in this category.

    • M says:

      No, Emmy category is only “Comedy.” The Golden Globes is “Comedy/Musical” which is why Glee is that category. It really doesn’t fit in the Emmy… at least last year it was okay, but this year was not funny at all. I still watch it but I can’t wait until end of season 3 when these people graduates! ugh…

      • 717 says:

        thanks for the correction. even if that’s the case, i still think that Glee did provide us a lot to laugh about. too much drama? maybe. but the comedic material and the issue and topic they take on is something that i admire and think that should make them a nominee.

  48. rockxhero says:

    It’s literally an OUTRAGE that Yvonne Strahovski was not considered an “oustanding leasd actress”! They say she was moved to “supporting actress” but I didn’t see her in the list!

    >: 0

    Thank you TVLine for giving us the paraphrased note letting us everyone know how great she really is! : D

  49. chrisperk says:

    Um…where is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”? And where is Charlie Day in the supporting category for that matter? People need to stop acting like “Glee” is an incredible show. It’s not. The acting isn’t very good at all. The songs are meh, and the characters are dull. The first season, I will admit, was good and entertaining. The second season was stupid, boring, and all over the place. It’s time that people recognize fantastic comedies like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Louie”, and “Eastbound and Down”. Charlie needs a nomination. Take Colfer’s spot. Not really a fan. He’s playing himself. Talk about range…

  50. Cynthia says:

    Parks and Recreation is unique but the BEST show in this category hands down in CHUCK – writers rock and the cast has fantastic chemistry and there are awesome laughs, moans and giggles every episode! Love CHUCK – and hope they extend it!!!! This cast and the writers deserve acknowledgement for a truly amazing production – from music to lines to acting!!