So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Redux Results: Did the Right People Go Home?

Any which way you slice it, this week’s So You Think You Can Dance results show was a trying one. Four of the Top 20 dancers — or 20 percent of the field — felt the cold grip of elimination icily massage their necks, and when it was all said and done, two early favorites, a World Champion, and one of Nigel’s certified lady beasts had fallen by the wayside.

But looking on the bright side, perhaps America’s loss will be Debbie Reynolds’ gain. Indeed, on Wednesday night’s performance show, the screen legend and bawdy guest judge jokingly offered to take home fetching b-boy Wadi Jones (after judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy gave him tough critiques), then extended the same offer to several other contestants. So who knows, maybe our quartet of evictees are raising their glasses and boogying on down with Princess Leia’s mama while their comrades are enduring blistered feet, bleeding toes, and bruised torsos in the pursuit of SYTYCD victory.

How did it all play out? For starters, not a single dancer who found him- or herself in jeopardy last week ended up in the Bottom 3 tonight (meaning that perhaps Nigel’s Wednesday-night prediction about Jess and Clarice’s failing fortunes activated their fan bases). Nope, after the always stunning Cat Deeley finished her dreaded duties, the following three couples were left as the lowest vote-getters and asked to dance solos for their competitive lives: Ryan Ramirez and Ricky Jaime; Missy Morelli and Wadi Jones; and Iveta Lukosiute and Nick Young. (Perhaps not coincidentally, these folks comprised three of the first four couples to hit the stage on Wednesday’s telecast.)

Here’s my superfast rundowns on this week’s solos (complete with letter grades):

Wadi: Dear Wadi, Please create a YouTube channel where I can watch your solos every day. Gravity is your bitch. And the namaste pose at the end of your spastic routine made me cry out with delight. A-

Missy: The sheer height of her leaps were mesmerizing…I just wish there’d been a few  more of ’em. I mean, Missy has some lovely lines, but she didn’t really separate herself from the pack on this one, or any other dance this season, for that matter. B

Nick: How did that staggering pirouette and such slam-bang enthusiastic tapping result in the lanky cutie heading home? Only because Ricky’s performance was even better. A-

Iveta: It’s always tough for a ballroom dancer to excel in a solo slot, but the Season 8 version of Snow Urbin moved with such lightning speed and frenzied precision that I was certain Nigel and Mary would rescue her. Here’s hoping these last few weeks turn out to have been a very public (and successful) audition for Dancing With the Stars. That’s the natural environment for her gold-cutout bodysuit anyway. B+

Ricky: I was Team Nick heading into the solos, but Ricky’s Rubber Band Man leaps and twists and pirouettes were so hypnotizing, I had to applaud the judges for advancing him to the Top 16. If dude brings that intensity to his pairs work, he might have an outside shot to win this thing. A+

Ryan: If this had been an audition, I’d have asked Ryan to stick around for the choreography rounds before giving a final verdict on Vegas. I don’t understand the judges’ fascination with this sweet, solid, but not at all spectacular dancer who can’t ever seem to get that vacant smile off her face. And Nigel’s excuse for keeping her — that we haven’t seen all she can be — felt like an affront to Iveta and Missy. C+

Now before I turn things over to you, a few final notes…

* The Christopher Dave Scott-chorographed group performance was cold yet fabulous, suggesting Let’s Make a Deal through the eyes of Magritte.

* Mitchell and his campy energy continue to grow on me, but his white linen pajamas were better suited to a Folgers Crystals commercial than a televised dance competition.

* True confession:  I teared up watching Sasha tear up as the producers rolled tape on her Wednesday-night duet with Alexander and their subsequent critiques.

* Anybody up for some Vitamin Water, because you know I’m not even trying to mention the name of this week’s aggressively product-placed sports drink! On that note…

What did you think of this week’s eliminations? Who had your favorite and least favorite solos? Were you surprised by the bottom three couples? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. j729 says:

    Not happy. Nick should have been saved.

    • Rhama says:

      And Iveta.

    • Aimzee says:

      I was so disappointed that Nigel didn’t want Nick to continue. You get this great dancer and don’t allow him to show us more of his talent. They want diversity and yet decide to send home a truly unique dancer. Boo to Nigel. I think they wanted Iveta gone because she’s professional enough to work on DWTS. Wish them both the best.

      • RJC says:

        They SAY they want diversity but that’s BS these days. Now it’s all about “America’s Best Contemporary Dancer” or “Nigel’s Favorite Dancer” instead of America’s. It’s just sickening, especially when you consider how amazing this show used to be – the most amazing dances were when a BBoy (or girl – Sara!!) or Ballroom star danced outside their comfort zone and showed GROWTH!! Nick was AMAZING and he’s a tap dancer! They never even gave him a chance (all because the producers didn’t like the bottom 6 last week and so decided to keep everyone). What a joke.

      • Christopher says:

        It is such a tragedy that last week the bottom 3 got a free pass and that this week, somehow, some of the best dancers accidentally ended up in the bottom 3 — Nick, Iveta, Missy (who actually was commended for her performance, it was her partner that put her in the bottom). But all 6 of the worst dancers from the first week eeked by this week. Why weren’t the 2 nights added together. None of the bottom 3 this week were in the bottom last week. What your telling them is, so what, flip a bird in your face for last week’s work. I’m sorry that he didn’t want to send either Mitchell or Robert home last week. That’s tough. Tonight, he sent home much better dancers.

        The real unfairness is in the fact that usually, you have a 1 in 3 chance of still being safe – because normally only 1 boy or 1 girl in the bottom 3 is eliminated. Because of what Nigel did by saving Robert or Mitchell last week, now everyone’s chances DOUBLED. 2 out of the 3 would go home. So, why not make it a bottom 4, at least. Something that made it more fair. Or average the 2 results together.

        America will be deprived not to see what Nick and Iveta were actually capable of, the potential that I saw in their pairing.

    • kyrjar says:

      Disappointed to lose Nick and Wadi and agree the guys’s solos were all Aces. That is why the stupid save last week was unfair — those dancers are were not in danger as people knew they were at risk and got to dance solos. My preference would be to not watch Jordan, Woo man Robert over losing four better dancers this week. At a minimum, it should have been a bottom 4 couples this week.

    • Mia says:

      Nick was my favorite, i’m very sad. He got screwed being paired with Iveta. He’s wonderful.

      • Chatty says:

        Excuse me? Iveta is one of the best dancers in the World! Nick benefited from her knowledge and expertise and it is completely unfair to blame her for his departure. The one to blame is Nigel, who is a hypocrite and a fool. Nick and Iveta should have both stayed.

        • Lauren says:

          Iveta may be an excellent dancer but she is also an icy emotionless narcissist. The most feeling I ever saw from her is when she was talking to her own reflection. If Nick were with someone else he never would’ve been in the bottom three. He’s as engaging as monkey playing with a puppy. There was zero chemistry between them. Also the only time we really saw Iveta dance outside her own style was the Bollywood routine which is probably the worst Bollywood routine so far. Not that Nick was stellar but I think if he had a more personable partner they might have carried it off.

    • ohreli says:

      Without Nick, I am not interested in this show. I know everyone says that when their favorite goes home, but this time I’m SERIOUS!

  2. Mel31602 says:

    Based on what I’m reading on the other blogs it seems I’m in the great minority, but I thought Ryans solo was by far the BEST among the girls. Abd this is coming from someone who thought her dance Wed was one of the worst of the night. Based on Wednesdays performances Nick and Iveta should have stayed, but based on the solos I thought the right calls were made, though I thought Nicks solo was as good as Rickys so I would have been fine with either of them staying

    • davey says:

      You definitely are in the minority. I just don’t get the love for Ryan. Average dancer at best and she looks like a blond Nancy Kerrigan (that’s probably why my hate for her is so strong though).

    • TD says:

      I’m wondering if Ryan is related to Nigel, or if she has in her possession naked photos of him and is using them as leverage. If neither of those scenarios are true, I am absolutely stumped. Her dancing is nothing special, and yet not only do they keep her, they put her front and center in all the group numbers. I. Don’t. Get it.

      • laura says:


      • jeno says:

        *wry* She was Mia Michael’s assistant. No lie.

      • Christopher says:

        Agreed! Plus, what is the dance for your life if you can do as poorly as Ryan did, with such little effort (even Nigel admitted it) and still be chosen. Why have then dance for their life at all, if it doesn’t matter?

        • Valma says:

          I was also very frustrated with Ryan being saved out Iveta and Missy – I thought those last two were by far superior. I think Ryan is the typical, blonde, all-American girl (no offense intended), which may be why she was saved.

        • Bubbliezz says:

          I’m waiting on the judges to notice that the character that Ryan dances is ALWAYS the same. She constantly smiles and they even ask her on the previous week WHY she was so smiley because the piece she danced was of a breakup reuniting in ghost form. Her reason was lame too. Just didn’t fit the piece. I agree she’s a run of the mill dancer…good but needs work. There are clearly other girls who are far better. It will show through as the weeks go on. I found it odd that they kept Ricky for the complete opposite reason they kept Ryan. This season is packed with talent that’s already shining, why keep someone for what they THINK is within the dancer?

  3. Brandi says:

    I’m disappointed that Nick went home, and Iveta certainly deserved a spot over Ryan. I’m hoping Ryan is sent packing next week.

    • Edward says:

      Maybe I’m the only one, but I really didn’t think Wadi was that bad, last night or this night. Ricky’s solo was spectacular, though, so even though I don’t like him as a person, he was my pick to save.

      Ryan, though…that was crap. Iveta was robbed. It seems like the ballroom dancers always get kicked out in round two, though, no matter how spectacular they are…and she is. I really don’t understand the love for Ryan from the judges; she’s got such pitiful elevation, particularly dancing next to Ricky. Anyway, hope Iveta finds success somewhere else…

    • Sarah El says:

      Exactly my thoughts. I never expected Iveta to make it too far, but she has been much more endearing and shown much more skill than Ryan thus far. I do not understand Ryan’s appeal. In a sea of “beasts” as Nigel keeps calling the girls, Ryan is not nearly as stand-out as Melanie or Sasha or Caitlynn or Miranda for sure.

      I like Ricky quite a bit, and loved Wadi, but I would’ve definitely gone with Nick. Ricky’s done well, but Nick felt like he had more to bring to the table. I hope Ricky can prove me wrong, but I still can’t get over the judges saving Ryan. x.x

  4. 2young2Bwise says:

    I agree that Ricky had a spectacular solo. I do wish they had let Ryan go though. She irritates many viewers with her plastic smile and does not partner well with Ricky. He would have benefitted from a different partner in the coming week. I was really upset by the Rage Crew’s performance. I find it totally inappropriate to dress eight year old girls up in sleazy outfits and allow them to bump and grind on national TV. Don’t their parents know how to say “NO” when a choreographer chooses something like that.

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree about the 8-year-old girls. Extremely disturbing. And I also was hoping Ryan would be cut…but I had a feeling she would be saved, because she seems to be a judges’ favorite. I just find her annoying for some reason I can’t quite pin down.

      • MGMI says:

        What? LOL what’s wrong with that?

        • Chatty says:

          Really? If you don’t realize that it is wrong to sexualize a little girl, then you have a problem. Those outfits were completely inappropriate and the dance moves too. Why can’t parents let kids be kids, for crying out loud? It’s creepy.

          • Emme says:

            Couldn’t agree more – my sister and I were totally creeped out the whole time. It makes me sad to see little girls acting like that.

    • Nicole Toupin says:

      I could not watch the Rage Crew performance. It upset me very much. I am a dance teacher and I teach the young ones. There is no excuse for that kind of costuming. Its inappropriate. There is a huge majority of dance educators out there that are committed to age appropriate costuming, music and choreography for all ages of dancers and I am really disappointed in Nigel Lythgoe for choosing this. I am not saying the dancers were not good, in fact I found them quite entertaining, but it serves to harm the growth of dance as an artform and as a sport.

      Unfortunately, parents see that these studios are winning awards and chose to put their dance careers in jeopardy. Often these studios only focus on the “tricks”, the things that get them noticed and not proper technical training. Its something that shouldn’t be rewarded. I really hope that both parents and Mr. Nigel Lythgoe take notice and chose not to support this kind of thing anymore.


    • Amy says:

      Completely with you about Rage Crew costuming. Parents have to guard and push back against this kind of stuff.

    • BJohnson says:

      Agreed, they could have easily made them similar, age appropriate outfits that would have been a lot better.

    • dave says:

      I agree with everything you said. Ricky really did save himself with that dance. But they even admitted that Ryan had a weak solo, and yet they saved her. Seriously?

      And yeah. Those outfits on the little girls might could have looked okay at a youth jazz recital, but combined with those particular stripper moves, it went well beyond tacky.

      • Nicole says:

        The problem is that this isn’t out of place at a youth jazz recital, but it should be. There are plenty of great quality schools out there that don’t dress their children up as hookers.

    • Dee says:

      Agreed, I had to fast forward through the Rage Crew performance. It made me extremely uncomfortable. I was not happy that SYTYCD agreed to that performance.

    • Elaine says:

      I agree completely. The Rage Crew’s choreographer should be ashamed. It wasn’t just the costumes it was also the choreography. I’m usually fairly oblivious but that was outrageous enough that I had to mention it.

      I wonder if there’s a place on the SYTYCD website to complain. Not that the show has any control. Hmm…should check to see if the Rage Crew has a website.

    • Bubbliezz says:

      The sad part is, I’ve seen WAY worse on way less talented young dancers. There’s something about choreographers making little kids out to be older than they really are that’s alluring in competitions for some reason. I’ve even mentioned it before in judging.

  5. M says:

    I loved the group routine! Straight out of The Thomas Crown Affair!

    For the eliminations…I was team Nick headed in too but Ricky…WOW. His performance had me in shock. So good. All of the girls were fantastic, but when it comes to really going far in the competition, I’m glad they picked Ryan. But the problem with Ryan is, the dance could be themed around death and she could be smiling like she just one a million dollars.

  6. Erin says:

    After Ricky danced, I thought the male decision was a no-brainer. His solo was straight up phenomenal. The girl decision? I don’t get it. Ryan is fine. She’s not exciting or particularly someone that I want to root for. They should have kept Iveta, IMO. Not that it matters… Sasha is going to take the title.

    • ladyhelix says:

      If I remember from last year, Ryan studies with one of the judges or choreographers (maybe Mia?). Favoritism is the only possible explanation for the judges saving her. It’s lucky for Ricky that he solos so well – because he’s going to be dancing for his life every week until he gets a new partner.

      • Amy V says:

        Yes. She worked with Mia. You can see some videos of them on YouTube.

        • J. says:

          The Ryan haters are just jealous. She’s been a favorite of mine since last year (where I actually think she was better). Her face has filled out a bit which hasn’t done her any favors, but she’s brilliant. Another thing, Mia wouldn’t use her to assist if she weren’t amazing, and there are plenty of other dancers who’ve known the choreographers or past SYTYCD dancers. It’s a community. Some of them have been roommates at various times. Most of these people aren’t coming out of nowhere. As for Ryan’s 2 performances so far, the hair and costumes have been terrible, I’m sorry. It’s like they’re trying to be as unflattering as possible. She’s not a tiny pixie. I was disappointed in her solo. If she didn’t prepare one, just made it up as she went, that might explain it. Prep something spectacular.

          The reason she wasn’t on the All-stars season last year (and the judges never admit this, but it’s true) is that Mia was a judge and she’d have to recuse herself like Debbie Allen did for one of her dancers if Ryan got to dance. So they were all ‘you didn’t make it,’ and I was so frustrated because the real reason was obvious. They didn’t want to lose Mia on the panel. They shouldn’t have acted like it was in any way because Ryan wasn’t good enough. She’s been a fan favorite since last year, so acting like the fix is in is ridiculous.

          • Eurydice says:

            Ok, let me see if I follow this logic. You say Ryan’s a fan favorite, but her fans only got her to the bottom 3. You say she’s gained weight since last year and that she isn’t as good a dancer as she was then, that she’s looked terrible in her last 2 performances and that her solo was slapped together and disappointing – and you’re actually a fan. So explain again the part about how people who don’t like her are just jealous?

          • Chatty says:

            Jealous? That doesn’t even make any sense! She was not the best dancer in that group (Hello, World Champion!), and she looks like The Joker’s love child with that creepy smile so, no, she should have not been chosen. Nigel wants her and that was that. A real travesty.

  7. Lucy says:


    wow. nick and iveta in the same night? jeez louise #sytycd. lets think about this. you just said goodbye to this season’s diversity. sad day


    I love me some Jakob. I think he’s the only one not sucking Ryan’s imaginary balls right now. Their little clique should catch on fire.

    • Deej says:

      nothing but bland contemporary and a couple of token hip hoppers left. At least I have the Canadian show starting soon where ballroom dancers actually stand a chance and we had a tapper in the final four in Season 2

    • christopher says:

      They talk a lot about diversity, but all the REALLY want are contemporary and hip hop dancers.

  8. Betsy says:

    I thought it was going to be Christopher Scott (it reminded me of a less precise LXD number) but the choreographer was Dave Scott. I’m sad about Nick leaving, but you’re right, the Ricky performance was spectacular, and I enjoyed seeing his reaction to the judges’ praise.

  9. Steve says:

    One minor correction: that stellar opening dance was choreographed by Dave Scott, not Christopher Scott. I wish they had kept Iveta and paired her up with Ricky. But it’s clear that Ryan is Nigel’s chosen one, the Lauren Alaina of SYTYCD.

    • tvlover44 says:


    • cirob says:

      I get that Ryan is Nigel’s favourite (British spelling for Mr. Lythgoe), but I was shocked that he said the decisions were unanimous. I thought Mary at least would fight for Iveta.

      • lj says:

        Yes. This. I can’t believe Mary would pick Ryan over Iveta. Reading these comments that Ryan worked for Mia Michaels makes me think this show is as backstage-politics driven as AI these days. Sad sad sad.

    • Sarah El says:

      Once America gets voting, if Ryan makes it that far, I can’t see her making it beyond Top 8 and definitely not into the finale – that’s reserved for Sasha and Melanie at this point.

    • Ryan fan says:

      Oh please, Ryan’s one of my chosen ones too. Not my absolute favorite because I prefer last year’s Ryan and feel let down a little, but one of my faves. A lot of people love her and have since last season. Acting like the fans loathe her and the judges love her is just a projection from the haters. It can’t be a coincidence that 3 of the first 4 couples ended up on the chopping block right after a Presidential address. Folks hadn’t tuned back in yet. I don’t know that Ryan would win, but she deserves to be up there when they move to performing with the all-stars provided she quits making faces that don’t match the character she’s portraying. For heaven’s sake, stop the smiling. Poor Iveta and Nick. That Bollywood number just looked ridiculous, and I normally love Bollywood dances. I wish they could’ve stayed too.

  10. Kathy says:

    I was a contemporary dancer and Iveta was robbed. She put it all on that floor, as did Rickey. Ryan is the least talented contemporary girl on the show. Who have loved to see what Iveta could have done. Same with Wadi, but Rickey blew everyone out of the water. Now I sad he has to be paired with Ryan

  11. Dave Walls says:

    I don’t get the Ryan fascination at all. Her attention whoring (notice who’s at the front of EVERY group dance?), inappropriate smiling (especially when the routine needs the complete opposite emotion), and her mediocre solo tonight should have been MORE than enough to send her off. Considering the amount of screen time Ryan got leading up to the top 20, I get the feeling their minds were made up before the solos even happened.

    • MA says:

      I don’t particularly care for Ryan either, but if she’s at the front of every group dance, it’s because the choreographer put there there, not because she’s “attention whoring.”

      • Tarc says:

        I would not have kept Ryan either, but it’s fact that the choreographers choose the arrangement of dancers (the front person, the right and left ends, and then the rest of the front line being chosen for the best folks in that genre).

  12. H says:

    I’m so frustrated right now!! If Nigel and Co. hadn’t decided to suddenly change the results last week, Nick, Iveta, and Missy would not have gone home. Nigel’s always saying that we’re the ones who voted for the bottom three and it’s not the judges’ fault who goes home. But then last week he decides “Screw that, I want to pimp Jordan and Jesse more even though they’re not good and I want to get rid of better dancers next week.” I agree that Ricky’s solo was the best tonight but I honestly still think Nick could have won the whole competition. He just didn’t get to show how versatile he was in his duets, but he shined in the group routines. I’m just upset that he’s big even going tone on tour either. Here’s hoping that he does become a star and succeed in the future. And Ryan’s solo was not good. She barely had any choreography, just a lot of angsty

    • H says:

      Whoops I hit submit too early. To finish: angsty hand movements. She’s being seriously pimped by Nigel. And her facial expressions put me off everytime she dances. Hopefully she gets eliminated soon. And Jordan/Robert should have gone home last week with Ryan/Clarice/or Jesse getting eliminated this week. But instead, being of Nigel screwing everything up because of what he wants, we loose some amazing dancers who could have made Top 10, or Nick who could’ve won it all. I thought this season might have been one of the best, but with Nigel screwing everything up, I’m just not into it as much.

      • Tarc says:

        Just to point out: VOTERS selected the bottom three, not Nigel. Blame the voters for choosing a bad bottom three, not the judges for doing their jobs.

        • dmarie says:

          I agree – it was the public that voted these couples in the bottom 3 not the judges. Many of you complain about too much hip hop and contemporary. Keep your eyes open and watch Jess. I have seen him perform and he is tops in every genre of dance. He just happens loves Broadway best. Watch and see!

      • Lauren says:

        Just a slight note. Nigel slammed Jess. He certainly isn’t “pimping him out”. As a matter of fact he pretty much told Jess that he should be in the bottom three after an overly harsh review of his routine from this week. It was America that saved Jess because I’m pretty sure if he’d been in the bottom three this week he would have gone home.

  13. Verryella says:

    I think the problem is that we’re forced to vote for dancers as a couple, and that allows some to slide by on the basis of their partner’s popularity. Jordan or Alex is an example…I was worried for Nick the second he was paired with Iveta. No disrespect, she is a fantastic dancer, but it just seems like Amerika never warms to a Russian female dancer (remember Anya? Absolutely fantastic. Didn’t crack the top ten in her season) it’s very unfortunate, because they were also saddled with a so-so Bollywood routine. I think the audience was robbed last week, when they decided to save everyone. Ultimately, it is supposed to be about being “America’s Favorite Dancer”, but how do we pick a favorite, when we indicate who our bottom three is, and the show ignores us?

    • H says:

      Exactly! When we pick the bottom three but Nigel doesn’t like it, he just decides to screw the rules so he can help the people he likes but don’t deserve to stay! And Jordan and Robert got lucky with their partners this week. They should have left last week. And when you pair Nick and Iveta, the two minority dancers, up, it’s probably not going to be too good. Nigel just eliminated all that diversity he says he tries so hard to put onto the show. They probably eliminated them because they’re probably the tallest and would be hard to pair later on.

      • Sarah El says:

        I was so afraid when Nick and Iveta were paired up they’d be doomed, so I was super pleased they were safe the first week. Then, of course, Nigel & Co. come along and totally ignore America’s first week wishes. Not cool. I figured this would happen – Iveta and Nick could only last so long before getting the short shaft since they’re both the only ones in their genre and neither of their styles get very far anymore. They both deserved to stay though.

        • karmaapple says:

          Really. They should only allow contemporary and hip hop dancers on the show, because that is all the producers care about.

          Just don’t even pretend that it’s going to be fair for anyone in any genre. Hip hop dancers get special treatment because most of them have never had any experience with any of the other styles…..and many talented trained dancers, ballet, ballroom, etc., get critiqued very harshly because they were expected to do better….even though they’ve never done some of the styles, either. It’s a double standard. And they always praise the contemporary dancers. Always.

    • Debbie M says:

      I wholeheartedly agree that we should be able to vote for the dancers individually instead of as a couple. It wasn’t fair to the ones that did pull their weight. And while I agree that Ricky’s solo was spectacular, I would have preferred they saved Nick. Also, I was surprised that Iveta was not saved over Ryan, even though Iveta’s personality leaves me stone cold. But her skills are undeniable.

      • J. says:

        It’s the double elimination that messed us up here. Nick and Iveta should’ve been able to come back too and get past the bad Bollywood routine. I was excited to know Bollywood was gonna be on this week til I saw Iveta was doing it. Just not a good fit. I love her and figured Mary’d try to save her over Ryan for sure, and Nigel wouldn’t want to lose their only (pretty terrific) ballroom person. They might need to show Ryan some tough love on the facial expression thing. Sounds like it’s causing a lot of people problems.

    • mariana says:

      I wish they had combined last week’s bottom three with this weeks and made them all dance for their life. Would have been more fair.

    • Tarc says:

      **rolls eyes** Yes, I’m sure Nigel spends his nights awake trying to make the American public angry. Get real.

      • Lana says:

        @Tarc That was funny. People seem to think Nigel is out to get us. I like him and I think it was Mitchell that caused the change of rules since he really didn’t get to dance. We were the ones who voted a different group of bottom threes and they were the weakest dances this week. I love Nick and Iveta but their Bollywood was not that great and to be honest I loved Ricky and Ryan’s dance much better. The only thing that was confusing was Ryan’s horrible solo versus Iveta’s and Ryan getting picked and I do find it strange that Mary and Debbie agreed but they must have felt that Ryan had more potential than Iveta. I love the idea someone had here of Iveta going to DWTS she would be perfect and I hope she tries or they were watching because Lacey, Chelsea and Demitri are doing great there.

  14. cmp says:

    With the “dance for your lives” concluded I had 3 out of 4 pegged right to exit. I truly thought they would keep Missy over Ryan as I thought Missy’s solo was brilliant and much more substantive than Ryan’s. Wadi was a shoe-in to leave. I felt he was still defeated from Wednesday’s critique and kind of gave up as we all know he was capable of so much more tonight. Sorry to see Nick go but not so Iveta. I’m super happy for her and being able to live out her dream but Slezak is right, ballroom dancers never seem to advance too far, except of course for BENJI!! Best to turn up on DWTS’s next season. Glad Jess was saved!! Yay BROADWAY!!

  15. JVC says:

    Ryan better bring next week because i am PISSED we lost Iveta. I mean I know she and nick stumbled, but after the stellar quickstep number they gave us last week, how could Nigel and co. send both dancers packing. I can see why riley is sticking around, but I would’ve chosen nick because he did seem to have potential to do well. It seems tap dancers can’t ever catch a break on the show. But I agree w/ the majority of what people are saying about ryan, it is hard to enjoy her dancing w/ that smile out all the time. She needs to learn to be professional w/ her facial expressions. Nigel better not be giving this girl a pass like they did w/ Jose last season or I’m going to be annoyed if she makes it into the top and doesn’t give a wow moment. And as if there aren’t so many contemporary girls this year. I liked how different iveta was and we lost the most diverse girl in week 2 and is a ballroom champ? Epic fail on judges

    • J. says:

      I didn’t even think of Jose til you mentioned it, but yeah, that’s exactly what this could turn into. I hope she fixes it. He was creepy as all get out and didn’t need to be. Benji Schwimmer used to pull faces sometimes and he stopped after Nigel yelled at him, then won the competition. Ryan and Jose both do it for the whole routine though. That’s what makes it worse.

  16. T says:

    Honestly I could have cared less about the girls. I think Missy had a slight edge performance wise over Ryan, mostly because I hate the way she just smiles through everything. But for the guys, the moment I saw Ricky’s solo, I knew he was staying, but I felt sad because I really like Nick. He has great stage presence and you can tell he really loves to dance. Couldn’t all the girls have gone and they kept Nick and Rickey? That would have been interesting! Check out what else I think here:

  17. KevyB says:

    I PREDICTED this would be a farce! Last week I would’ve been fine sending any of the guys home. But no, save all of them and get three completely new guys, two of which didn’t even deserve to be in the Bottom Three. They should’ve had at least four couples in the bottom this week.

  18. kenni says:

    Did anyone else get the feeling they were setting us up for a ‘second chance’ season with the elimination of Nick and Wadi?

    • Stacey says:

      Hmmm…a ‘second chance’ season where they bring back dancers that didn’t win would be pretty awesome actually. Nigel was saying to Nick that he’s going to be famous…I got the feeling he was going to help Nick out on his own being a fellow tap dancer & all. And, Wadi & Missy were robbed in my opinion.

      • Aimzee says:

        They won’t bring Nick back, but they could give him a featured dance number in the Finale. Someone mentioned that four ofthe girls can tap. There you go. Why would Nigel tell Nick he would be a star and then dump him? Still can’t figure that one out.

  19. ultrawoman says:

    Anyone else notice Cat’s name was spelled wrong at the beginning of the show? “Deely” instead of “Deeley”.

  20. kia says:

    the judges were being ridiculous, how could they possibly keep Ryan on the show!! I was sad they let Iveta go, but when they chose Ryan I was still hoping that they would keep Nick to be paired with Ryan later (although I don’t want Ryan being around my Nick!!!)
    Ricky is too feminine for a guy for me, Nick is much much better!!

    I’ve said it before, and I couldn’t stop saying it : WHY THE HELL NIGEL KEPT RYAN ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw you Nigel!!
    Her performances and solo were all crap just like her hideous smile!

    is it just me or Nick does look like Ashton Kutcher ?? :D

  21. Wendeeloo says:

    This is so maddening Nigel messes with the show after viewers have put in the time to vote last week Now they’ve lost one of the true stars of the show in Nick. I remember every one of nicks dances so far but I couldn’t tell you what Ricky did. The style Ricky does is always going to be more impressive in solos because of the leaps etc. So a great tapper -How do they compete with flashy leaping? Then they aren’t consistent because the best solo girl didn’t make it.

  22. fiona says:

    I find ryan and ashleys plastic smiles in their performances ruin the mood. I hate the fact that nick and iveta are already gone. I think nigel and co should have kept them on. Iveta especially, now all thats left are contemporary/jazz/lyrical female dancers. that’s not much variety for a dance show that boasts about its variety. =S and Iveta was much better than ryan

  23. Eli says:

    Positives from results show:

    + Quest Crew! (even though the song sucks)
    + Good opening number (not spectacular, but at least nothing bad about it either)
    + Good solos! (I keep saying it, this whole group of 20 dancers truly is very good, the only one who seems truly out of his/her league is Robert)


    – Nigel picking the wrong girl (woman) to advance: Iveta should’ve won this dance-off, but to be honest I don’t think Iveta ever had a chance. It is clear Nigel and the other producers did not want Iveta to advance far.
    – Wasting ten minutes of our lives with annoying gatorade commercial.
    – Feeling really uncomfortable watching 8-10 yr old girls dressed like mini-Ke$has dance in ways they should not be dancing on such a stage.

    • Rich says:

      Agree on all points.

    • Joann says:

      Totally agree with you there! I don’t have children, but I was a little upset seeing that little girl in hooker clothes. Where were her parents? I know — watching Toddlers & Tiaras!

    • Tarc says:

      Considering the network wastes 22 minutes out of every hour (at least for those of you who watch live), the brief insert of product placement isn;t going to go away. INcreasing numbers of people watch online or downloaded (commercial-free) versions of the show, and it’s one way to get the ads in.

  24. perla says:

    I think they pick ryan because ivetta is to tall for ricky. They keep ryan because of ricky but they totally robbed ivetta. I felt they did the same when they had those two really tall dancers, (i dont remember their names but the girl was over 6ft tall).

  25. Ellen says:

    While Ricky’s solo was spectacular, Nick was my favorite. Iveta is amazing. Ryan was really not all that… Disappointed. I was sure Nick would make the Top 10. I can’t stand watching Jess lug around a girl that looks like a giant next to him. His dancing is beautiful but something about him grates on me (the over the top Broadway enthusiasm?)…. Just sad Nick is gone.

  26. Rich says:

    With two couples going home, they should have had a bottom four. This would have left the judges with more flexibility, and would have reduced chance of going home if in bottom from 67% to 50% .

  27. dctoronto says:

    At the risk of being called a bigot again by Eli, I am happy that Iveta went home. Her talent, professionalism and seriousness did not fit the show.
    I should of known immediately that the boys going home would be the respective partners of the girls that were turffed. Don’t they always send the couple home in the first few episodes so they don’t have to break up the remaining couples yet.
    At the risk of being called out as sexist or misogynisitc by Eli, I found the Quest Crew routine kind of creepy. Who wants to see an eight year old girl in full makeup doing a routine that had some sexualized dance moves?

    • sytycdfan says:

      Quest Crew doesn’t have any girl dancers. Your thinking of the other Crew dance team that performed during the same number. Quest Crew are all B-boys in their 20’s/early 30’s that features two previous SYTYCD contestants Ryan and Hok and also used to include Dominick, another SYTYCD contestant.

      • dctoronto says:

        Thanks for correcting me on that one. Whatever they were called, I thought they were creepy.

        • Eli says:

          So now you’re a misinformed bigot, confusing Quest Crew and Rage Crew, it must be hard keeping all those coloured people apart? :P

          • Paris says:


          • dctoronto says:

            Not sure why you’re choosing me to bully on here Eli but I would appreciate it if you stop.

          • Eli says:

            I’m not trying to bully you, it was a joke. I apologise if you felt bullied.

            If you hadn’t actually mentioned my name I wouldn’t even have realised you were the same person.

            I agree with you on Rage crew btw, as I also stated above.

  28. Beth T says:

    Well Bolluks. Like a lot of folks (it seems) I am really disappointed to see Nick gone – and I am also very sorry Iveta was sent home. They were my faves this year. I loved them both as dancers and I loved them as a couple. I really wanted to see them take on some contemp or hip-hop numbers. I was so sure I would be seeing them both on the tour at least. :( (I guess I can hope I will anyway – stranger things have happened…)
    I try not to get too riled up over Nigel, but this was ridiculous and blatent: to Wadi – “I’m not sure you gave us the best you had – you’re going home.” To Ryan – “I’m not sure you gave us the best you had – you’re staying.” (And I actually like Ryan, but puh-leez! This is like the Lauren Gottlieb situation…)
    And these were unanimous decisions? Shame on you Mary Murphy for not sticking up for your girl Iveta! I do think there was some consideration of Iveta’s height, but I think they could have worked around that (they already tossed the rules once – they could have done so again and shaken up the couples a little…not all of them are clicking anyway.)
    ~sigh~ Ah well – there are other excellent dancers still in the competition – most of whom seem in no danger of leaving. This season will be interesting for sure…

    • ohreli says:

      Everyone else is a blur to me–Nick stood out. I’m not interested in this show anymore, and I bet I’m not the only one. Watch the (already lackluster) ratings go down.

  29. Renee says:

    Nick and Iveta should NOT have gone home tonight. I’m not sure I’ll even bother watching anymore this season almost everyone else just blends together. Melanie and Marko are the only other couple I can even remember what they did.

    Very disappointed in the judges right now.

  30. Christina says:

    I would have kept either of the two girls over Ryan. Her solo’s was one of the worst dance for your lives I’ve seen on this show. She’s just another dime a dozen contemporary dancer with no charisma. She ain’t going to last much longer.

  31. Ptin says:

    Nick should have stayed! I liked his solo performance the best! the other 2 did not really dance for their life!@# And these dance crews you put on there, I just change the channel, you are so into this hiphop breakin whatever it is dancing stuff, and I dont want to see that! Please better the entertainment on result nite!!!

    • Aimzee says:

      I can appreciate Contemporary and Hip Hop, but too much ruins the show. Get some great entertainers in other fields of dance. Hey, how about some tap dancers and then invite Nick back to dance with them! He will be missed.

  32. ali427 says:

    I felt so badly for Missy last night! First they tell her, “We can’t find any fault with your dancing.” Then they tell Ryan, “That wasn’t the best you could do” (which is the same thing they told Wadi before they gave him the boot). And then Ryan stays! It is Lauren Alaina syndrome all over again–it’s infuriating.

    • j. says:

      Hardly, on Idol the fans did the Lauren Alaina thing, not the judges. The point the judges don’t want to be mean about, is that Missy’s best wasn’t as good in their opinion as Ryan’s mediocre. That’s the only thing that their remark could mean. It’s harsh which is ironic because they were trying to be nice. I think Missy got in trouble because of Wadi, and it’s not fair. She’s a victim of partner letdown. He was the only one of the 6 people in danger who should’ve gone home. The rest didn’t end up in the bottom.

      • Erin says:

        I just hate the revisionist history when the night before they couldn’t say enough of Missy’s cha cha (“you’re the professional, Wadi’s the student”)but in judgment Nigel says she had problems with the style AND her partner. Utter bull. That horseface is on borrowed time. (too much? probably)

  33. Jake says:

    Agree with most of the comments that Ryan should have gone home. She was by far the weakest solo of the 6, and her performances so far have been flat at best. I would have kept Missy, and there’s really no way they could have sent Ricky home after that solo.

    Also, in my opinion the Bottom 3 couples were correct based on Wednesday’s performances. I like Nick and Iveta, but that Bollywood routine was pretty mediocre – it could have been a show-stopper, but neither of them danced particularly well. Ryan and Ricky deserved their spot in the Bottom 3 with their so-so jazz number, and Missy and Wadi weren’t great on the cha-cha. That said, I felt Missy got a raw deal based on how she performed overall on this show and her solo last night.

  34. Jake says:

    And glad to see Jess and Clarice survived. They are both tremendous dancers – I hope they get a routine that really shows off what Clarice can do.

  35. Sarah says:

    I am not sure if anyone else has noticed but this whole season seems very set up. I used to watch the show to see dancers that no one knew about who were coming out of obscurity. They were trying to shine for the first time. On this show (though I don’t think she should have been cut!) we have a champion ballroom dancer, we have a guy who has already been on Broadway (ok maybe as backup but still), someone who already has a following because she was on tour as a backup dancer to an American Idol guy…the list could go on. Each year it seems more and more like Survivor where instead of a casting search it is a stacked deck. Yes, I know Iveta has been back 2 times before. but you see what I mean. Also, after saying that they were going to keep Nick around for tap, it sure does seem like they always get rid of tap people really quick on this show. If you aren’t one of two types of dancing on this show you won’t win. Isn’t that a proven fact yet?

    • Sarah El says:

      Unless you’re Benji Schwimmer.

      But I do agree. I don’t mind having more professional dancers on the show, but we’ve had relative newcomers do fantastic before. Sabra had only been dancing for a few years when she won and tWitch was runner-up despite his lack of formal training. It’s sad to see someone like Wadi, whose style was different and whose formal experience was limited, go so early. Here’s hoping Tadd keeps up considering how well he’s doing for his genre in particular.

      • Sarah says:

        I know we have had them do well before, but this go around it seems like we have had more people who have had professional backgrounds than before. Each show it seems like more and more people that are or were professionals are on the show. I mean even the sisters in the beginning seemed like a complete set up. Something like “I won’t do the show unless my sister is shown” or something like that. I am a big girl and it just seemed like they were mocking her over her size…”I can’t believe you can move that way!” or “OMG he can’t lift her!” Let’s be honest. There were better dancers and yet for the sake of DRAMA they put her through and took the skinny sister. Who, by the way, was a dancer for Adam Lambert, someone on a show that Nigel also produces…

        • Paris says:

          But Sasha is a great dancer and deserves to be there. What are you trying to say?

          • Eurydice says:

            I don’t want to speak for Sarah, but I think she’s trying to say that there may have been other equally great dancers who don’t have the advantage of professional connections (especially connections to the Lithgoe machine), but we wouldn’t know that because we see only a heavily edited selection process and a pre-produced narrative.

  36. Stef says:

    Very disappointed that Nigel kept Rayan. I don’t get her inappropriate smiles. Also, is this show So You Think You can Dance Contemporary? What happened to diversity? Nigel cut a ballroom dancer and a jazz dancer and now left with only contemporary girls!

  37. Rick says:

    Iveta has a few points against her. She’s 30 years old. She is tall for a woman. She is Russian. She’s a 10-time world champion. She’s a ballroom dancer. Oh, did I mention that she’s a 30 year-old female Russian ballroom champion? So, I think the judges just caved in and allowed her to make the top 20 to show how nice they are. They never intended on letting her go too far in the competition.
    As for smile-for-the-camera cuz yer blonde Ryan, well, gettiyup! Ok, that’s mean, I know, but so is allowing her to stay when others are more talented and diverse.
    In my opinion, the season’s dancers are fantastic!! I am in awe as a non-dancer as to how these people move their bodies the way they do. It’s incredible to me. I think they should keep them all and send Nigel and the screamer away.

    • bbsd says:

      Actually Iveta is Lithuanian.

      • Volcfom says:

        That line of former USSR countries all seem to get bunched into the “Russian” category. One of my great friends is from Belarus, but speaks Russian and Belarusian. She’s fine being called just Russian. I’m not saying it’s right to clump all those people together, but it’s easy to get confused.

        • j. says:

          Your friend is not among the majority. Non Russian, former Soviet citizens get really and I mean really upset being called Russian. Your friend is just putting up with us mangling her heritage. She’s being nice. Maybe she has some Russian ancestry so it blurs together, I don’t know. Call a Ukrainian “Russian” and see what happens. It’s not fun. It’s important to get Iveta’s nationality right out of respect alone for her personally.

        • j says:

          Ack, it cut me off before I was done. I wanted to add that I agree, it is easy to get confused. I wouldn’t have known it was that big an issue myself if we didn’t have a large Ukrainian community where I live. I’m sure most Americans just changed USSR to Russia in their head without thinking that the satellite countries might be happy to emphasize their own national identities again.

  38. Kelly says:

    I definitely agree with your grades of the solos. Up until Ricky danced I was solidly Team Nick. I want to be mad that Nick went home over Ricky, but Ricky’s solo was so brilliant. As for the girls, I just don’t get Ryan’s appeal. She dances really well, but she always has a pageant queen smile on her face as she dances. There is a disconnect there that I don’t like.

  39. Tefi says:

    I think that having a different guest judge every week is not good for the show. Its good to have Adam or Mia to balance out Nigel. Either of them would have called Rayan out of her constant weird smiles.

  40. Amy says:

    I love the idea of Iveta on DWTS!

  41. Pam says:

    I am fine with the results for the men but for the women….Iveta should still be on and Ryan should be sent home.

  42. chistosa says:

    Like most posters at several forums, I also believe that Ryan should not have been saved. As a matter of fact, when she finished her solo I told my husband that she had just given Missy and Iveta new life because it was so unexceptional.

    Regarding the men, I love Nick but if dance for your life is actually a factor to consider when choosing the one to stay, Ricky really deserved it. His solo was far and away the best of the night. The problem is that last week they should have sent two home so he was not in this predicament. With only one dancer to be saved and two to leave it was a hard choice. Based on the solos, Ricky had to be the one but Nick should not have been there in the first place.

  43. mgl says:

    NEVER should have been two couples voted off this week.

    So pissed about Nick and Iveta.

  44. lucy says:

    It doesn’t matter what we think or how we vote, or what the other judges think for that matter, Nigel will keep who HE likes.

    • Aimzee says:

      Yes, it is true. It is Nigel’s show and he probably already has an idea of who he wants on the tour. I like having 20 dancers, but why send home one of your unique ones when there are so many in Contemprorary and Hip Hop/Break? Bad move on Nigel’s part.

  45. Eurydice says:

    If Ryan were a good dancer, I wouldn’t mind if she grinned her way through the whole competition – that’s why I can give Jess’s antics a pass. But, Ryan’s not a good dancer – she’s slow and heavy and clunky, she’s got sloppy technique, she’s unable to communicate emotion, she doesn’t even try to connect with her partner and she doesn’t connect with the audience, despite all that mugging. Add to this that she’s utterly charmless and it seems like the judges just wasted their vote. There’s no amount of potential in Ryan which will help her beat dancers like Melanie and Sasha.

    • Sarah El says:

      I agree. Jess’ personality is bothersome and he’s not the best at partnering, but his solo work seems really strong. Ryan’s just all around unappealing.

  46. Volcfom says:

    The saddest part about Nick leaving is that we’ll never see him dance with one of the four girls that Nigel said knew how to tap.

    • Aimzee says:

      Oh, that’s right! Well Nigel, there’s an idea for the Finale. Put Nick in the middle of the all the girls that can tap. I had so much hope that maybe a tapper would go on tour this year. Nigel has blown that chance.

  47. Mindy says:

    BOOOOOO!! This stunk. Too many contemporary dancers!

    They should have saved Nick and Iveta. Nick was amazing. Completely wonderful. He was one of my favorites. This sucks! Yeah, Ricky had a great solo. But, Nick has way more potential of being a star. Booo.

    And Iveta should have been saved, too. Missy and Ryan are just boring contemp. dancers. Dime-a-dozen. Iveta was different and charismatic.

    Hope Ryan goes next week. And wish there was some way the judges could change their minds and keep Nick.

  48. Joe from MN says:

    The intermingling of emotion and logic here is both understandable, and baffling. Blaming this week’s results on what did or didn’t happen last week is much more an emotional connection than an actual one. Suppose, rather than sending no one home last week, the judges sent EVERYONE home. In that case, none of last week’s bottom 3 would have been in this week’s bottom 3, just like what actually happened. Or suppose 1 couple HAD been sent home last week. The remaining 2 couples might well have gotten a “bottom 3 bounce”, and escaped the bottom 3 this week. Again, just like what actually happened. Emotionally, I completely understand trying to connect the two results, and blaming your favorite’s demise on last week’s full-save is a natural reaction. But I’m not they are connected, nor convinced it is inherently unfair. Fundamentally, the ONLY way to survive this competition/popularity contest is to get more votes than everyone else. If you don’t, you’re gone…sooner or later.

    • Eurydice says:

      I appreciate you trying to apply logic to the situation, but you kind of torpedoed yourself with the final sentence. The botton 6 from last week weren’t the most popular and didn’t get the most votes, but they were allowed to dance again and change their odds. So, clearly popularity with the audience is not the ONLY way to survive – popularity with the judges is also important. In this case, the judges were unwilling to part with any of their favorites, despite what the audience wanted, but loyalties start shifting as contestants are eliminated (that’s true with the audience, too) and we don’t really know if the bottom 6 this week would have stayed the same. It’s pretty complex math – maybe we should have Prof. Charlie Eppes write an algorithm. ;-)

      • Joe from MN says:

        I neglected to include the word “guaranteed” between “ONLY” and “way” in the second to last sentence. My bad. :(

        Arguing about who should or shouldn’t go home is part of the entertainment value of the show. Mathematics and logic really have no real place here, anyway. That said, I still stand by my corrected assertion that the dancer(s) that get the most votes will never risk elimination, and will eventually be the winner. (Yes, that statement is as dumb/obvious as it sounds, but it’s still true.) At the risk of echoing Uncle Nigel, the people who determine the bottom 3 (or bottom 1) are us, the viewers. Any favorite that goes home (including mine) could have avoided that fate if more people had voted for them. If they didn’t manage enough votes to avoid the bottom 3 EVERY week, then apparently they were not ALWAYS America’s Favorite. Sad (considering how talented this group is), and seemingly unjust, but not necessarily unfair. :)

        And now, back to the arguing, already in progress…

  49. MK204 says:

    No. The right people did not go home. Should have been at least Ryan and Ricky, especially because Nigel told Ryan she didn’t dance well. I thought Wadi danced a heck of a lot better than Ricky. And there are just way too many contemporary dancers in the pot. They eliminated all the variety. Tap, ballroom.

    But this show, like Idol is a contest on personality and favorites, so I’m not surprised Nick and Iveta were in the bottom. The public is a little more manipulated by Nigel on this show, because Mary is nice.

    I am glad, however, that Jess was not in the bottom. Nigel would have for sure gotten rid of him.

    So now, Michael and Jess will be the favorites for me.

  50. ltklo says:

    No way that Nick should have went home. I need a telephone number to call to complain.