Exclusive: The Good Wife Retains Lisa Edelstein!

Turns out Lisa Edelstein will be back on TV this fall after all!

House‘s departing taskmistress has booked a juicy multi-episode arc on CBS’ The Good Wife, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

The actress — who sent House fans into a tailspin last month when it was announced that she would not be returning to the Fox hit after failing to come to terms on a new contract — will play a lawyer and born poker player whose sexiness is enhanced by her obvious intelligence.

Additional details are scarce, but rumor has it Edelstein’s character — who turns up during the early part of the acclaimed drama’s forthcoming third season — shares a past with Will (Josh Charles). It’s unclear if said past is professional, personal, or both, but I smell a showdown between her and Alicia (Julianna Margulies).

Thoughts? Happy to see Edelstein land on her feet? Does this Good news at least partially offset the bad news of her House departure? Hit the comments!

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  1. Camila says:

    I’m so excited for this! favorite show + favorite actress = amaziiing!!!

    So happy!

    thanks for the Good news!

  2. Delaney says:

    Looks like I am going to start watching The Good Wife (although I saw a few episodes and liked it alot)!! Couldn’t be happier for Lisa. SOOOOO glad she is back on TV. I feel beter now. Poor HOUSE

  3. Delaney says:

    A S*#T load that’s for sure!! Can’t wait to start watching this show now! I needed another show to get into since I sure as HELL am not watching House anymore!!!! Gotta catch up on the previous seasons now!

  4. vera says:

    Yay lisa is back!! I don’t watch TGW anymore stopped after the first 5 episodes of season 1, definitely gonna watch again with LE on board. So what did I missed??

  5. CTB says:


  6. Mary58 says:

    I’m not a House fan, it was a good show for a couple of years, but then I really didn’t like it anymore!
    Anyway she a really good actress and I’m happy for the arc, but as long as it remains this! We don’t need other female characters on TGW! Alicia, Kalinda and Diane are amazing and, aside from Alicia, I think Kalinda and above all Diane need more screen time!
    So I welcome Mrs Edelstein, BUT as long as she doesn’t steal time from my lovely Good Wife Mistress!!!

  7. Deos says:

    God one of my favorite actress is joining my favorite show ever. I can´t believe i´m so lucky. Thanks CBS. You know what is good.

  8. cora says:

    OMG!! my fav actress with julianna!!! =D i’m going to begin to watch TGW now. =p

  9. anonimo says:

    faccio le mie doppie condoglianze a tutti i fans di twg e ai suoi produttori, primo x essersi presa una pseudo attrice, secondo x essersi prese le sue pazze fan.
    sinceri auguri da una fan di house che si è liberata sia di lisa che del suo pazzo fandom

    • FreeHouse says:

      House fandom is now free… and sorry for TGW fandom…

      I like the show, but I think I’ll skip this arc, sure it won’t be so much important, call me when the arc is over …

      btw, Julianna is the leading lady here.. !!!!!

    • anonimo2 says:

      Faccio le condoglianze anch’io, uno show serio, intelligente, rovinato dalla presenza di un’ attrice con un fandom pazzo!! Aahahah già me le vedo con petizioni, con messaggi di richiesta per farla diventare Regular, per non bastare, shipperanno Lisa e Will, e diranno che Julianna dovrà farsi da parte perchè la vera protagonista sarà senza dubbio Lisa.. ahahahah

  10. solo1861 says:

    Lisa rocks!

  11. Joe says:

    Whooohooo! Go Lisa :D

  12. Anderson says:

    Good luck Lisa ! I’ll follow u anywhere, FOX, CBS … Kisses

  13. luvku says:

    Great another dumbass love-triangle
    for a once great show. LE doesn’t hold
    a candle against the ladies of TGW
    House’s gain is TGW’s loss. But then
    again, TGW have been sucking for a
    a while now

  14. Alice says:

    Oh please, no.

  15. Lex says:

    Such a smart move. Great job, TGW. Can’t wait.

  16. anonimo says:

    già le fan di lisa stanno scrivendo articoli elogiando la sua bravura e sperando che lisa diventi una regular (e badate che ancora TGW nn è iniziato), pensa quando la vedranno all’opera impazziranno ancora di più e sarà la fine di un grande TF. cari fan di TGW ancora nn avete visto nulla il peggio deve arrivare. speriamo di nn dover twitterare tra qualche mese (citando GY) RIP TWG

  17. El says:

    Great news! So excited. Love TGW, love Lisa Edelstein. Our show needs better ratings, hopefully she will bring in her impressive fanbase.

  18. ArizonaGirl says:

    I have never liked her in any role and am bummed out that she will be moving to one of my fave shows :(

  19. Doyamae says:

    Lisa Edelstein’s fanbase is not just young fan girls. There are a lot of professional, middle age, succesful women who love her, too. She also attracts what is known as “the thinking man.” It’s a diverse fanbase, which is a very good move for TGW. They attract a solid following. The House team wrote a great complex female character in Cuddy. Thet told the fans year after year how important she was to House – the only boss that would hire/keep him, the woman that kept his attention on a subconscious level through every flirtation, romance, trauma and crisis, the woman he loved to tease and torment, his obsession that wouldn’t die, his heart – they wrote her presence in scenes she wasn’t even in. Then they got angry at fans for loving the story they were telling. They decided to change direction and spend a lot of time deconstructing the characters they had built. Throughout it all, Lisa did amazing things with the script and was their Best PR. It’s no wonder so many people will follow her to TGW. Great move for CBS and TGW, and brilliant move for Edelstein! She will certainly shine. House Lost, TGW Gain.

    • Tina says:

      Excellent comment. I am 60, a grandmother, and an executive. I have admired LE from the premiere episode and always deeply enjoyed the Intriguing House/Cuddy relationship. I am sad that the show runners chose to squander the great storyline they had launched, but it is their option entirely.

      I think Lisa will be terrific on the Good Wife. I am excited to watch her on that classy show.

  20. Carol says:

    Hooray for Lisa and hooray for those of us who relish intelligent TV! This is terrific news all around. TGW presents strong women with nuance,intelligence, and sympathy. Sadly, House just couldn’t pull this off.

  21. Nika says:

    I am ecstatic about this news!!!
    The good wife has just earned a new fan because I am following Lisa Edelstein. I’ve never watched it before but I’m gonna catch up on it and damn sure watch the new season!
    4 for you Lisa Edelstein
    you go Lisa you go Lisa
    and NONE FOR YOU TPTB at House/Fox…BYE

  22. ANGELA says:

    FOX Idiots fight for it

  23. Sara says:

    I’m glad LE is getting work lined so quickly after leaving House, but I think everyone is making to much of this. It’s a multi episode arc, she isn’t a series regular. We have no idea if there will be romances or not. Remember last year when Ausiello suggested JM was going to be the Mother.

  24. Tee says:

    Yay! Here’s hoping that multi-episode arc is a lot of episodes.

  25. Coco says:

    Great. Just great. Once her story arc is over all of the crazy nut job Lisabians are honing to threaten pretty much everyone connected to this show….Just like they did with House.

  26. Jane_ S says:

    Ok- not particulary a fan of Edelstein, but as a TGW viewer I hope to see some solid dialogue or at the very least a well thought out character for her.. The issues I had with S02 of TGW is that the short story arc players – Bond & Blake weren’t acted nor written as well fleshed antogonists. The best bits of TGW has always been the sharp dialogue, and strong antogonists vs Alicia/Kalinda/Florricks etc…

  27. dany says:

    Whaaaaaatt OMG i just read this new and i happy for all the moth jupyyy . let see how is lisa like a lawyer, i,m sure that she will be great like always , i can,t wait for see the next season of The Good Wife. Thank for this incredible new. Love for all Lisa fans

  28. anasta says:

    lisa bien por ti .fox se la perdio

  29. Lucy says:

    If it’s 2 episodes or 20, this is good for Lisa. She is considered a very sought after supporting actress and has made many impressive performances in her career. Directors and producers respect her and her vibrant, outgoing personality makes for great PR. To land something on a top show so quickly is good to keep momentum in her career. It’s a good move no matter how big the role.
    Happy for her. I’d be willing to try TGW, so I may check it out.

    • Katie says:

      Nothing at all against LE, but if she was that sought after her first post-House job would have been as a series regular, not a guest star.

  30. Maricica says:

    OMG, The good wife fandom is nice and clever, please stop all this horrible stuff! all comments are absurd, it’s just a guest star role for a few episodes, House fandom have a bad reputation, please respect us, Alicia Florrick is the core of the show, guest star roles are marginal

    • Daniel says:

      Lisa’s fan are so ridiculous that I don’t want them in our show!!! They think Lisa is perfect and the best actress from House MD, it’s insane! Hugh Laurie is a great actor NOT LISA! WE DON’T NEED YOU LISA! STAY AWAY FROM US!

      • Maro says:


        I watch House for HUGH LAURIE and TGW for the show.
        Some LE fans are dangerous and gave birth to HULI = Hysteria

        Hope TGW will survive.
        HouseMD will hopefully shake off the crazy fans.

  31. jjj says:

    Have her replace Julianna Margulies and the show would be watchable
    @ Joe Jackson – Are you kidding? Jullianna is a leader

  32. W&A says:

    will and alicia forever; a triangle? no, thanks.

  33. QyRbTcI says:

    who cares? it´s for a small number of episodes

  34. Denise says:

    I like Lisa Edelstein a lot & TGW is my favorite TV show of all times, so I’m pretty happy about those news.
    Still, I can’t really imagine how LE fits in that cast and why she was booked. She’s a good actress for sure, but since there’s so many good actresses out there that just can’t be the only reason. Maybe they’re looking for a rating boost by bringing in LE’s fandom or something like that.
    Whatever their reasons were, I’m entirely convinced that the writers are very capable to give her an amazing script to work with, which means her success on TGW will solely depend on her performance. Alongside the outstanding TGW cast she will get a chance to prove her capabilities as an actress.

  35. Mark says:

    I feel like I’m being punished for rejoicing over her House departure. Thank god I record The Good Wife.
    The bright side is, The Good Wife has too many great side characters to worry about her being added full time.

  36. Dan says:

    It’s funny, TGW was always one of the shows I referred to when pointing out that Lisa E was not in the top 20 great female tv actresses. I doubt the comparison will be more flattering up close.

    • Daniel says:

      Lisa is not a great actress and now it will be really sad and bad for her… Hugh Laurie is a great actor, not her.

  37. lipsticksocialism says:

    BEST NEWS EVER!! Will be difficult to top it with anything else this summer, Aus!

  38. mick says:

    I wish they would fix HOUSE. I love the characters but the story line needs fixing. Greg House is a unique character and the show must be kept on!!!!Maybe without Cuddy they will go in another direction.

  39. jj says:

    The Good Wife just gained a viewer for multi episodes.

    House … what’s that? Oh .. now I remember .. the show that *used to be good*

  40. Alice says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Please! Julianna is so great and Lisa so bad!

  41. Nadia says:

    Lisa is not a great actress, she’s just ok! C’mon. I don’t like this news!

  42. TGW fan says:

    Business! Only business! Lisa is pop right now, TGW wants some new fans… It’s not about the talent is about money. I’m a TGW fan since episode one and I don’t like this choice. There are so many good actress around…

  43. Edgar says:

    Good news for House MD. Bad news for TGW!

  44. Daniel says:

    3 episodes only! Just 3!!! THANKS GOD!

  45. Polaco says:

    Ok, Lisa destroyed House MD with Huddy and now she will destroy TGW? C’mon!!! This woman has a curse.

  46. paloma says:

    3 episodes, 9 minutes of screen time and THE END! BYE BYE LISA!

  47. Tabut says:

    Please bring us Hugh Laurie and THIS will be good news, not Lisa E something…

  48. Bruna says:

    Did Lisa learn something about acting? Did she pay attention on Hugh Laurie acting? Does she know how to be a great arc? I don’t think so…

  49. TGW FAN since episode ONE says:

    This will be humiliating for Lisa, will be the proof that she is a mediocre actress.

  50. TGW fan club says:

    My friends from TGW fans: We are so nice and clever. Ok, I don’t like Lisa as an arc in our show but it will be only for 3 episodes. We’re nice fans!!! Remember it!