Exclusive: The Good Wife Retains Lisa Edelstein!

Turns out Lisa Edelstein will be back on TV this fall after all!

House‘s departing taskmistress has booked a juicy multi-episode arc on CBS’ The Good Wife, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

The actress — who sent House fans into a tailspin last month when it was announced that she would not be returning to the Fox hit after failing to come to terms on a new contract — will play a lawyer and born poker player whose sexiness is enhanced by her obvious intelligence.

Additional details are scarce, but rumor has it Edelstein’s character — who turns up during the early part of the acclaimed drama’s forthcoming third season — shares a past with Will (Josh Charles). It’s unclear if said past is professional, personal, or both, but I smell a showdown between her and Alicia (Julianna Margulies).

Thoughts? Happy to see Edelstein land on her feet? Does this Good news at least partially offset the bad news of her House departure? Hit the comments!

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  1. cliff says:

    make her a series regular!

    • Jason says:

      Just when you think The Good Wife can’t get any better…

      • Alicia says:

        Well they already took one of House’s best writers/producers Leonard Dick, and now they have their best actress. Oh, silly House…

        • Hallie says:

          They have Leonard Dick? He wrote some good episodes for House. Nice. I’m just really stoked about this. It’s good for TGW and Lisa.

          Good job coming up with this news first, Ausiello. :)

        • Pete says:

          House hasnt been good for a few seasons now. No wonder she left for something better

          • nakedheat2356 says:

            exactly. i lost interest in House a long time ago…

            anyway, will her character on TGW be Tammy’s sister?
            because she ”shares past” with Will and they did mention Tammy’s sister a couple of times already in season two…

            any ideas?

          • lipsticksocialism says:

            nakedheat2356 –thats a brilliant idea! i really dont care what her role is because TGW is smashing and just cant wait to see Lisa E on my TV again :)

          • JF says:

            She left for money/contract disputes, I doubt it had anything to do with the story lines.

      • Sharon D. says:

        Amen to that! It would be great if they made Edelstein a regular cast member, too.

      • Linda says:

        House’s loss, TGW’s gain. Shell’ll be PERFECT for the roll. YOU GO LISA!!!!! GOOD LUCK HOUSE WHO?????

    • Sam says:

      This is brilliant news! You just made my day/week Ausiello!! Party at my place!

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Normally, I would respond with a: HOLD ON, let’s see how (and if) the character works.
      But since it’s The Good Wife and the writers/producers can do no wrong, I say let’s get that contract asap.

    • Hallie says:

      OMG! This is like the best news ever! Such a great series for women and she will totally rock in the role. Bring.It.On. Thanks, Mike!! :)

    • Andy says:

      Smart move, TGW TPTB. Well played. Congratulations to Ms. Edelstein, she deserves the writing worth her talent.

    • Camila says:

      I am soooo happy!!!!!! She always interprete a sexy and intelligent woman, because that´s what she´s in real life! I LOVE HER SO MUCH, PLEASE SHARE MORE DETAILS IF YOU GET ANY..sory for my english i´m from argentina

    • Mayra says:

      haha. Yes, please, make her a series regular. That would be perfect!

    • nana says:


    • L. says:

      Make her regular, I love that woman and I love that show!

    • Luiza says:

      My favorite actress on my favorite show! This is tooooo good! OMG!
      Can’t wait to see her interact with Alicia, Kalinda, Diane, Eli, Will… maybe Peter? Super excited!

    • Eamon says:


    • Dorothy says:

      GOOD that lisa is back on tv! BUT ive been following house since 2004 and one of the reason i watched it because of Lisa + hugh! ahhhh

    • grace says:

      Call me a prude . . . but I’m sickened by the same sex love scenes on Good Wife, ruined the show for me. Used to love it, now I hate it . . . as soon as a show becomes popular, it seems writers/directories take liberties, start injecting their biases, etc.

  2. zengarden says:

    Well, damn. Good for her.

  3. arthur says:

    o.m.g. i’m dead now.

  4. Dan says:

    Nice…. smart pickup Good Wife!

  5. bmo says:

    Power move…Top shows adds top talent with top writing…The best keeps getting better. You know David shore is feeling sick right now

  6. Elliot says:

    I hate her

  7. Lori says:

    That’s great news. A terrific actress in a tremendous series.

    • Hallie says:

      My thoughts exactly! Great series, wonderful actress. This was a great choice for Lisa and TGW. I’ll certainly be tuning in. :D

      • Alicia says:

        Indeed, great choice. And on a superficial note, she gets to keep wearing power suits :P though, surely more professional-looking since TGW isn’t written by a bunch of pigs.

        • Hallie says:

          I thought of the same thing. She looks great in power suits. Just more to look forward to in October. :)

  8. buborek says:

    I’m very happy! :)

  9. Mo says:

    It has been years since I’ve seen House but I know enough to know that this is very very VERY awesome news! WOOHOO!

  10. SherM says:

    WOOOW, awesome newwsssss
    Ausiello, u’re the best ;)

  11. doodler says:

    soooooooooooo very very awesome

  12. ccs says:


  13. Kalana Falana says:

    great casting! she and julianna will be fun to watch.

  14. Cash says:

    How is this good news? The Good Wife is a joke of a legal drama. It’s more insulting to lawyers than Grey’s Anatomy is to doctors, and that’s saying a lot.

    • J says:

      I agree The Good Wife is a HORRIBLE show. Not only is it an insulting legal drama but it is insulting to women. How on earth are viewers supposed to respect a woman who doesn’t have a spine enough to leave a husband who cheated and lied. Then to top it all off, she sinks to his level and cheats on him. and to answer the “if you don’t like it why do you watch” comments that are bound to follow this, my mother watches the show and we only have on tv in the house so I have caught more episodes than I really ever wanted to see while I was in the room on the computer.

      I loved Lisa Edelstein on House and I hope that she will consider returning for a guest spot. I wish her the best of luck on this show but unfortunately I will not be tuning in to watch.

      • Hallie says:

        To each their own. I like TGW. It has great, nuanced writing for both their female and male characters and absorbing stories. I’d like her to return to House too, but unless Fox/NBCU decide that she’s worth it, it won’t happen. So I’m not worrying about it. For now, I’m happy for her that she’s getting a plum role on a good series that’s on the rise. :)

      • Hallie says:

        Oh, and one more thing, not to be disrespectful but let’s be honest here, if we’re pointing out flaws and immorality on t.v. shows then The Good Wife may have her not leaving her husband and cheating but stop for a minute and think about House. Think about him getting so jealous he rams a car into her home, could’ve killed or seriously hurt her, her guests, did hurt Wilson and was smiling at a beach after. And that’s just for starters. So it doesn’t make any sense to point out the bad things that characters in The Good Wife do, when House has characters that are certainly not anything anyone would want to aspire to morally. And as for their depiction of women, House can’t really say anything in that regard either.

        • Eurydice says:

          Yeah, let’s not get into the hospital administrator who lets a known drug addict practice medicine. I mean, I love House and I’m all for the suspension of disbelief, but if we had to take that show seriously it would be a problem.

          • Hallie says:

            I think there’s a level of suspension that you have to have for every t.v. show. but there’s a line where it can get ridiculous. But her point wasn’t suspension of belief, was it? It was that the writing of women was bad on TGW and because she stayed with her husband and was “weak” because of it and that she cheated, which is immoral. Two things a watcher of House can’t say anything about without being hypocritical.

      • Eurydice says:

        Wow, you’re pretty demanding. After having her whole life torn apart – husband in jail, friends deserting her, the press all over her, financial distress, her children traumatized – after all this Alicia manages to start up her career, do well at it, keep her family together, deal with the political plotting against her husband and her family, and still make a new life for herself. Does nothing about that make her worthy of respect? And maybe you missed this part while you were on the computer – in the end, she did throw her husband out. It was afterwards that she slept with Will.

        • Hallie says:

          I love your comments Eurydice. Everytime I see you in a thread I’m reading I know I’m going to enjoy reading what you wrote and agree with a large portion of it. :)

          • Eurydice says:

            Thanks so much – I enjoy your posts, too.

          • Hallie says:

            Thanks, Eurydice. :) I remember seeing you on the post-mortem for the House finale thread and you made me laugh several times and made so many intelligent and thoughtful points between that and picking a name from Greek mythology, hard to forget you. ;)

      • MJ says:

        It wasn’t about her not having a spine, it was about her being understanding and knowing that people have problems and make mistakes. I’m a woman, and I have great respect for someone who attempts to save a marriage as opposed to cavalierly throwing away that union. Peter probably has serious problems, and although that does NOT excuse what he did, she gave him a chance to try to change. And as far as I’m concerned, they were separated. It wasn’t like she was trying to get back to him, she’s trying to move on and start her own life. Not every situation where someone cheats is the same.

        I won’t pretend I know anything about its legal accuracy, but it’s television. Fiction. Let it go.

        It’s not so much a ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch it’ thing, it’s more of a ‘if you don’t like it, you should stop wasting your time hating on it.’ Seriously, nothing better to do?

      • MAS says:

        TGW is not insulting to women. Every person in every relationship has to make a choice as to what to do when the trust in the relationship is broken. I think the show protrays that very well. She had hardly forgiven him and was thinking about her children as well. I might say my husband would be dead if he cheated on me, but until it really happens, I won’t know for sure what I would do. Finally, she didn’t sink to his level. She left him – you might have missed that part where she moved him into an apartment because the last straw came and broke the preverbial camel’s back. Still, if you don’t like the show, I am sorry you have to sit through it. There are plenty of shows that have a lot of fans that I don’t care for. To me, it is the show I am most eager to watch week in and week out.

    • Christine says:

      I’m a lawyer, I’m not insulted. It’s not exactly true to life, but it’s called a suspension of belief. It’s tv, not reality.

      • Nicole says:

        Seriously – I’m a lawyer too and if legal dramas showed what actual lawyers do on a day to day basis nobody would ever watch. You’d be looking at people reading or talking on the phone 85% of the time. Not very exciting. Every legal drama stretches truth (client comes in, case is researched, argued and decided all in an episode when normally this would take at least a year) – why do you think so many people become lawyers and then realize they hate it? Because it’s nothing like it is on tv.

        • Eurydice says:

          I know – my brother’s been a lawyer for years and he still dreams about suing his law school for misrepresenting the glamour of the legal profession. And I remember spending half a day on some nuisance deposition – I did exactly as instructed, repeating “I don’t recall” over and over and over until the opposing counsel started frothing at the mouth. The frothing at the mouth part was interesting, but it sure was boring getting to it.

    • Bob says:

      Obviously you don’t know a lot about politician’s/lawyer’s lives (professional and personal).

  15. Marie says:

    I’m not sure if i’m happy about this!

    I am really happy that she has a new job, but after 7 years of watching her in House i know it’ll be hard to see here in other show.

    one thing I’m sure about is that Lisa will do an amazing job !

  16. timotey says:

    She and Josh Charles had a past together on Sports Night too, IIRC, where she had the recurring part of Bobbi, the girl Danny dumped in high school. My, I miss the show…

    • artur says:

      i’ve just finished watching second (and last) season of SN and their “spain” thing was awesome!!

    • Tucker says:

      Loved how Dan thought Bobbi was crazy but she wasn’t. Lisa and Josh were splendid together and it’s terrific they get to work together again.

      It’ll be so nice to see Lisa stretch her chops again after being underutilized for so long on House.

    • Drunken_Irishman says:

      I don’t remember the High School element of it. She was Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Bernstein in Sports Night, a woman Danny had a one night stand with in the Hotel de España in Spain whom Danny had promised to call afterwards but never did. Years later when they both worked for CSC, Bobbi resented Danny and considered him a player and kept insisting that they once slept together in Spain but Danny denied any involvement in the encounter and denied ever having been to Spain until Bobbi produced a photo of them from that fateful night and it all came rushing back to Danny. Edelstein rocked the role and that won her the favour of Aaron Sorkin so much that he cast her as Laurie, the hooker Sam slept with in the opening episode of the West Wing.

    • laylagalise says:

      Yes! I wish “Sports Night” had a much longer run than it did; it was an excellent show.

    • XK says:

      One of my favorite shows ever. Always nice to see a Sports Night reference!

  17. tamara says:

    omg! I think this is great!
    she fits the show perfectly!!!

    can’t wait!

  18. jenna says:

    OMG! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! shes gunna be awesome! she should just be signed as a series regular already ;)

  19. jasin says:

    Lisa and Josh had history in Sports Night as well.!

  20. Joey says:

    So she contributes to the destruction of House, and now she’s going to ruin the Good Wife?

    I guess its a good thing I didn’t decide to start watching The Good Wife.

    • BabyGoz says:

      Clearly you’re bothered enough to make a comment!

      • Katie says:

        Oh. My. Lord. People like this annoying the freaking hell out of me. People who don’t watch a program are still allowed to have an opinion and voice it. So just shut up.

    • Sarah says:

      LE didn’t didn’t destroy House. Blame that on the writers and David Shore.

      • Sam says:

        She did with her need to be the “lead” actress. Her obsessive need to be in the spotlight ruined the show.

        • Andy says:

          You are in idiot. Please don’t breed.

        • tamara says:

          and you got that from where??? stfu.
          The only ones to blame for the downfall of House are the writers. Period.
          I’m glad she got out of that mess. And I suspect Hugh Laurie will quit after next season, since his contract expires, so he’ll finally be free to quit and go on to do better things.

        • sara says:

          IAWTC. YES.

    • KoleBigEars says:

      I think House contributed to his own destruction. If you’re saying the actress contributed to the destruction to the show, then you’re just a freaking moron. She is an actress NOT a writer. If you don’t like the way the show went with Cuddy and House together then blame the writers not the actors.

      Ms. Edelstein is a wonderful actress (and from what I can tell) a wonderful human being. You’d do well to try to be half the person she is.

      I, for one, am happy she will be back on tv this fall. I am now headed off to watch The Good Wife so when she is on I’ll be all caught up and ready to watch her in action.

      • Jill says:

        She came up with the idea to have Cuddy wanting a baby, which led to the baby rabies storyline that started in season 2 and continued till the end. And it was her idea to have House and Cuddy have a past.

        I think the show would have been better without both those storylines but it’s true, it was the producers decision to follow through with them. That won’t happen on TGW so maybe I won’t find her character as irritating as I found it on House.

        • Alicia says:

          YOU ARE A LYING IDIOT. The baby idea was NOT hers.
          The writers actually came to her to ask if it was alright to do that story (IVF treatments, those failing, and eventually adoption) because they wanted to make sure she was okay with it. They were worried it might hit too close to home; single, professional woman in her late 30s/early 40s trying to have a kid, and didn’t want to offend her.
          She revealed all this in a interview, but facts don’t matter since you obviously type out of your ass!

    • Luc says:

      You are actually insulting David Shore and the writers more than Lisa. If she had that much power, good for her, but that’s not the way it works in the real world. Producers and writers make the decisions. If she did suggest the storyline – which reports have stated she did not- they would have agreed it was a good story, moved forward and wrote it in the manner they chose. Not her fault you didn’t like it. Funny that you want to attack her, though…

  21. luminous says:

    I’m just glad she’s no longer on House.

    • karo says:

      Right, that`s why i enjoy these news too. I hope now her crazy fans left, we`ll have our lovely House fandom back.

      Season 8 will be great!!!

      • Thomas says:

        You said it brother!
        – No LE
        – Less RSL
        – Less Omar
        – Much less Olivia
        – Maybe even no Jesse
        It’s gonna be GREAT. If that ain’t a recipe for success I don’t know what is!

        • Sara says:

          There will be lots of Taub and two baby story lines. The people who hated Cuddy’s baby storyline should love that.

  22. JoshS says:

    Sweet jeebus, that’s great casting! Can’t wait.

  23. Claudia says:

    HECK. TO. THE. YES!!!! Awesome!!! :D :D :D

  24. Johnny says:

    Lisa deserves to be in a great show.

  25. BabyGoz says:

    OMG! I’ve died & gone to heaven! Lisa E & Julianna together again! Yay….Well done TPTB at The Good Wife, well done indeed.

  26. Ingmar says:

    OMG, great news! Now just hoping America Ferrara returns!

    • bobbi says:

      yes. I totally agree with America Ferrara returning to TGW. She was awesome. Having never watched HOUSE, I am still excited about Lisa E. coming to TGW.

  27. Eve says:

    BEST.NEWS.EVER !!! Need her on my tv screen !!

  28. Ana says:

    Why??? she a bad actress !

    • artur says:

      she is fine actress, just material she was given on House was ‘bleh’

    • Fill says:

      She is an AMAZING actress!

      • Hallie says:

        She is a really good actress. Which is one of the reasons this casting choice by The Good Wife makes me happy. It’s a good quality show with good writing and good production quality and good acting, and casting her for an arc is the cherry on top. :)

    • Beth says:

      I think she’s an okay actress. She plays sexy a lot but I find her range is limited and she tends to want to steal the scene if she isn’t prominent enough.

      Let’s put it this way … she’s no Mamie Gummer. But if the writers write to her strengths, it could be okay.

      Her fans are another question. Very rabid, very immature.

      • Hallie says:

        I see a lot of JMo fans here who are just repeating the cycle of vengeance and stirring up Lisa fans to make them attack JMo later. BOTH of the immature elements of the JMo side and the Lisa side are tiresome. It’s just a live example of Ghandi’s expression of how an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth just leaves everyone blind and toothless. As I said, endless, wearisome cycle of attacks.

        • tripoli says:

          Why does someone’s dislike of Lisa Edelstein automatically make them a fan of Jennifer Morrison? Your comment is trying to stir things up much more than Beth’s. Clearly adding some proof to her comment about the fans in question. Had you just left it alone, perhaps the whole back and forth would stop a lot sooner.

        • Bob says:

          Talk about hack actresses…JMo?

  29. Rock Golf says:

    A marriage made in casting heaven.

  30. Paul Oyster says:

    Ugh. She peaked as the “well it’s no Risotto” girl on Seinfeld.

  31. doddle says:

    Very good news, Julianna and Lisa, wow! let House with sausages fest!

  32. KMG says:

    I’m pretty sure that Edelstein and Josh Charles do share a past… from a couple of episodes of SportsNight! Their characters shared quite a past.

  33. Amanda says:

    So glad that Lisa left that masochistic bs that is “House” these days for quality TV. She deserves to be on a good, well-written show, and “The Good Wife” is about as quality as you can get. I’m so happy for her, and excited to see her next season!

  34. Liz says:

    Oh no, here she goes and ruins my other favorite show after she’s done with House. Can’t she just go?!

  35. Roma says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! this is the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite show + one of my favorite actresses ever + multi-episode arc = AMAZING EPICNESS BEYOND AMAZING AND EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!

  36. Tama says:

    NOOOOO bad bad actress

  37. diana says:

    I think she is fine and nothing against her, but I’m not a fan. I would prefer somebody else because Good Wife Casting dept has done SUCH a good job of casting character actors and folks who are familiar but not uber-famous. I think I will just think of HOUSE.

    • xav says:

      Not of the time she slept with Josh Charles on a different show?

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, yeah. Sports Night’s been off the air for over 10 years, it was only on for 2 years, LE was on for 2 episodes and the part about her character sleeping with Josh’s character happened off-screen in the backstory. I’d say her 7 years as a regular on House is a little more memorable.

  38. Sally says:

    Well, I hope they’ll get rid of her soon again. I can’t stand her, sorry.

    • Andy says:

      Just wait till Jennifer Morrison’s show starts in fall, and 5K of Lisa’s supporters will be sharing their opinions against 5 Hams. Good times ahead!

      • Kath says:

        Why can’t Huddy shippers just get over it? Move on already.

        No one won. The viewers lost.

      • Adult says:

        Andy, I find your comment very sad indeed, and an unfortunate representation of the depths to which some of the fangirls will sink. Why on earth would you plan ahead to trash Jennifer Morrison and her show when you haven’t seen it yet? How childish can you get? What are you hoping to accomplish?

        The same goes to those who trash Lisa Edelstein’s appearance on The Good Wife without seeing it. I got tired of Cuddy on House, but I’ll give Lisa a chance on The Good Wife.

        Both Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein are very nice women who treat their fans well and don’t deserve to be maligned by bitter fangirls. GROW UP!

        • Andy says:

          Address your concerns about bitterness to Jennifer Morrison fans, please. And where did you read “trash”? I said – “sharing their opinion”, to which they are entitled to, don’t you think?

          • Adult says:

            Andy, let’s not pretend that we don’t know exactly what you meant by “sharing their opinion,” especially when you were referring directly to the “5K of Lisa supporters.” And who are you talking to? “Hams.” It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out.

      • Hallie says:

        There are Hamerons here bashing Lisa. This thread has nothing to do with JMo, but they came just to hate on her. So they get people angry at them for acting petty and childish and they make people want to do them the same way they are doing to Lisa. Vengeance is stupid. I’m happy for Lisa and hope that maybe Fox/NBCU will wise up and bring her back to House. But this is a good thing for both Lisa and TGW. I’m also happy for JMo and hope she is successful in her new show. :)

        • Jill says:

          Why is it always assumed that anyone who doesn’t like Lisa Edelstein’s acting is a Hameron? Every actor gets bad reviews.

          I’m tired of Lisa Edelstein’s fans attacking Jennifer Morrison for every perceived slight.

          I came here to read about LE, not to have to read the continuation of a long ago shipper war that should have been dead long ago.

          • Hallie says:

            Why does it bother you that I mention JMo if you’re not one? I wasn’t addressing you personally. But yes, we know there are JMo fans here. Perhaps some Hilsons. Not sure about that. But it doesn’t matter. As I said I don’t support either sides attacks. I like Lisa and JMo. I prefer Lisa, but hope JMo does well in her new series. So I’m not “continuing the war”. I prefer peace. ;)

          • Ellen says:

            I’m with Hallie in the “prefer peace” plan. I can’t imagine Lisa Edelstein or Jennifer Morrison wanting fans who bash the other actress. It makes no sense. Liking or disliking their particular characters on House should not extend to the actresses themselves or their future endeavors. I’m sure Jennifer and Lisa would be horrified by some of the crap that is said here. I wish them both luck.

          • Hallie says:

            Exactly, Ellen. I doubt either actress would be anything but embarrassed by some of the things done by their fans in their name. I want them both to succeed.

      • Lena says:

        Lol @Andy. You just made me laugh and just because you are totally right. Jennifer Morrison has 5 fans. And i´m not even kidding. If they are stupid enough to start a war just because Lisa got a job five minutes after leaving House then they´ll have a problem. Lisa has thousands of supporters. If we all go against JMo and her new show it can be a problem for her. Anyway we know is not worth it. I´ll support Lisa in everything she does and that´s all.

        • Claudia says:

          Hey, come on, is it really necessary to be so nasty? And why on earth would you want to go against Jennifer Morrison? Why not just wish both of them the best and hope they both are successful? o_O *really doesn’t get all the hate*

    • erin says:

      I wholeheartedly agree you are sorry

  39. Lelinor09 says:

    Great news!! She’ll be awesome on that show. I’ll definitely start watching the Good wife now, and no more House for me.

  40. Emmanuelle Works says:

    Excellent news! A wonderful actress and person on a wonderful still new and strong show! Everybody wins! Well, not House but that’s their own fault.

  41. sarah says:

    I love her and I’m happy about this but I don’t like how you’re saying ‘showdown with Alicia’ like all women must be at each other’s throats because they may have had a personal connection to the same man. It’s petty and beneath The Good Wife’s brilliant writing so let’s hope they don’t go there

    • Tucker says:

      The show that introduced Kalinda as another of Peter’s dalliances after she and Alicia became “best friends”? I’m not saying I don’t like the twist, but pitting Lisa’s character against Alicia isn’t so farfetched, even if it is commonplace. Setting up Lisa’s character as a new foil for Alicia in regards to Will actually falls in line with the show’s sensibilities.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, this might be the next step in Alicia’s “education.” For the past 2 seasons she’s learned how to fight for herself and ask for what she wants. She’s done this with setting up a new life for her family, in fighting for her job, in setting boundaries with Peter, instead of waiting (as Kalinda said) for others to giver her what she wants. Maybe now it’s time to extend that to her love life.

  42. Andy says:

    Finally! Lisa Edelstein deserves exceptional writing, and The Good Wife deserves boost in ratings. Match made in heaven.

    And eff you, Fox/NBCU/Shore. Who is sorry now?

    • Bob says:

      Those entities no longer care. House is in wide syndication. This will probably be the last year. So TPTB are just shaking things up for the last round-up.

  43. Carol says:

    Oh my God. I’m SO happy for her. I love The Good Wife e I love Lisa even more. She will do a amazing job. I can’t wait to see her with Julianna, and hopefully with Chris Noth!

  44. Aurore says:

    That’s a great news. And she will probably have better scripts than she did last season on House anyway.
    Can’t wait to see her.

  45. dari says:


    • Sandy says:

      Just wait till your favorite actress starts her new show this fall, and all of Lisa supporters will come to the boards to share their opinion. Then we’ll talk about bad news, mwahaha. Silly, silly Hams.

      • Pat says:

        My opinion of Lisa Edelstein as a limited actress was formed long before the series House started.

        She’s not in Christine Baranski’s or Julianne Margulies’ league. I think The Good Wife is a wonderfully nuanced show. Unfortunately, Edelstein’s acting isn’t.

        Do her fans have nothing else in their lives but to go on the internet and attack people who have a different opinion than they have? No wonder Huddies are considered the most immature fandon.

        • Andy says:

          If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, stop generalizing. Let’s wait and see what she can do with the material they can give her, then pass judgment. Her professional reputation among peers is extremely high, that doesn’t come from being mediocre. Considering the speed with which TGW TPTB have booked her, they know perfectly well what they are doing.

          • Pat says:

            I’m not surprised TGW booked her quickly. It’s an excellent show but doesn’t do will in the 18-35 demographics and Lisa Edelstein comes with a lot of fans in that age group.

            I’ve seen her on Sports Night, Seinfeld, Ned and Stacy, The West Wing and House, including this last horrible season. I’m extrapolating, not generalizing.

          • Hallie says:

            18-49 is the coveted key demo group. Yep, all advertisers and shows want viewers in that age range. That’s how they stay on the air. :)

          • Andy says:

            Sorry, not true. No EPs in their right mind would hire a 45-old actress in order to attract younger viewers, it doesn’t work that way. This business runs on statistics, not perception (that’s how Olivias Wildes of the world can call themselves actresses). They are clearly aiming for the goods, not numbers.

          • Hallie says:

            I like Olivia Wilde. Not really into her character on House though. But it’s sad she gets used in examples like these. I don’t know how businesses go about going after viewers. But Lisa does have a lot of fan support out there. That’s for sure. :)

      • Pat says:

        For the record, my favourite actresses are Stana Katic and she’s pretty safe on House, and Maura Tierney, who doesn’t have a show on this fall.

  46. eliana says:

    YES. PERFECT! ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  47. Miriam says:

    WOW OMG this is the best news today, Lisa and Julianna together that righ there is great tv Can’t wait!!!!

  48. Vittoria says:

    I am so happy to read this, Lisa is a terrific actress and I am sure she will shine on TGW as she did on House!

  49. Kelsey says:

    Guess who’s going to start watching to Good Wife now :)

    • Hallie says:

      Man, I wonder how many new viewers TGW is going to pick up from this? Looking forward to October now. :)

  50. Marie says:

    OMG YES!! I love TGW and Lisa!!! How exciting!!