The Voice Recap: Semi-Sweet Smell of Success

If American Idol is the good, old-fashioned courtship of televised singing competitions, then The Voice is its modern, speed-dating cousin. When it comes to NBC’s buzzy reality hit, there’s no time for slowly inching your arm across the back of your favorite contestant’s movie-theater seat. Quite the opposite, The Voice demands love at first note — or pretty darn close to it. The show will crown its Season 1 champ next Wednesday, June 29 — before this year’s Fourth of July fireworks have snapped, crackled, and popped, and after a mere four weeks of live-performance voting rounds. Only time will tell if we end up with a lifetime commitment to the winner or a Bachelor Pad-style summer fling, but the fast track to the altar has been undeniably fun. Let’s recap how Tuesday night’s semifinal proceedings played out.

Before the evening’s eight performances could begin, of course, host Carson Daly (who seems to have a primal passion for the teleprompter) delivered the absolutely predictable results of last week’s Quarterfinals — Vicci Martinez advanced from Team Cee Lo, while Javier Colon triumphed on Team Adam — and then the coaches themselves stepped up and made their absolutely predictable saves (Cee Lo: Nakia; Adam: Casey Weston), making The Voice a perfect 8-for-8 in advancing the correct contestants from the first two weeks of live performances. Goodbye saccharine sisters who raise pigs for the county fair! Adios, country crooner with the woeful haircut who can’t stop referencing his late mom‘s desire for him to be a famous singer! Farewell country dude still trying to wash away the embarrassment of those bump-n-grind moves during last week’s “Addicted to Love” cover! And happy trails to that kid who inexplicably trumped Rebecca Loebe in the Battle Rounds!

With the fruitless branches pruned and cleared away, here’s a rundown of the night’s performances:

Frenchie Davis: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”
Christina Aguilera wanted Frenchie to take the vocal to church, but before she could get there, the glamorous, stiletto-wearing diva needed to find a way to get down from a giant white pedestal with steep stairs and no railing. Perhaps it was that trepidation about how she’d teeter to safety that caused Frenchie to fall behind the beat of the dance-centric remix on the opening verse, but once she got a hand from one of her crazy, choir-robe-clad backup dancers and hit the main stage, the Lady Davis took control of the performance with some fierce holleration and a glory note on the line “it feels like home” that steamrolled any comparisons to Madonna’s classic original flavor. That added denouement with organs and flashing lights and a ferocious Frenchie growl was simply gravy. The former Idol hopeful probably won’t take home the top prize, but it’ll be a crime if some savvy dance label doesn’t bring the Frenchie fierceness to clubs and treadmills everywhere before the year is out.

Nakia: Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me”
For a guy who spent his pre-Voice days playing blues in Austin nightclubs, Nakia’s vocal performances to date have been surprisingly light on — dare I say it? — soul. The burly belter struggled to stay in tune on the opening verse, and then got swallowed up like a piece of plankton when the whale of a backing band kicked in on the chorus. The end result was decent, I suppose, but you can’t tell me some crafty Voice producer didn’t prompt Adam Levine’s preposterous, Idol-jabbing critique that Nakia “probably sang it better than the person who sang it originally.”

Dia Frampton: REM’s “Losing My Religion”
If I’d rolled my eyes every time I’ve heard a reality-show judge use the expression “you made it your own,” my eyeballs would’ve probably waved a white flag and retired to Boca Raton somewhere around May 2010. But Dia didn’t merely cover REM’s 1991 smash, she bought it with her own money, renovated it with style and panache, and then threw a thrilling open house to which all of us were invited. I loved the little twists and turns she made with the melody, turning the line “that was just a dream” into a single, floating feather, giving “Oh no, I said too much” an ethereal gloss, and making me hear every word of the cryptic lyric as if for the very first time. Even the handclaps on the chorus added to the sense of mystery that Dia was building. If she can successfully deliver some sort of interesting tonal shift — rock out a little, maybe, or else tackle some kind of classic heartbreak anthem — she has the potential to take home the big prize next Wednesday.

“Recent High-School Grad” Casey Weston: Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”
Adam Levine’s rehearsal advice — “Don’t try to be Whitney” — seemed so rudimentary that I fully expected added pre-performance footage of him trying to help Casey cook up an arrangement that would further separate her from La Houston’s ubiquitous template, and Dolly Parton’s well-known original. I almost wished Casey had tried to infuse the number with absolute torch and twang — maybe slow it down to a funereal dirge and throw in a mournful fiddle — but instead, the performance read like a girl stuck with a song that intimidated rather than inspired her. The bleat-iest qualities of Casey’s voice got highlighted here,and the bizarre ye-olde scroll of lyrics on the backdrop suggested The Declaration of Independence by way of your local karaoke bar. This week’s setback is a shame, really, considering Casey showed growth from her audition to the Battle Round to the Quarterfinals, but in this case, The Voice‘s rapid-fire elimination process will surely work against her. Alas,with the field getting halved each week, there’s no room for a single stumble on the path to artistic enlightenment.

Beverly McClellan: B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”
In an era of pop music where it sometimes feels like 30 is the new 90, there’s something compelling about watching an artist get a crack at the big time after spending 20 years trying to give wings to her music. I just wish Beverly could infuse all of her performances with approximately 16.4% more restraint. In their mentoring session, Xtina said she wanted the audience to get acquainted with the bald-headed rocker’s “warm, bluesy side,” and in reality, we did, at least until Beverly got up from the piano and began to lose some of the nuance — and enunciation — that defined the opening third of the number. That artistic miscalculation — a feeling that “bigger is better,” that there’s not as much power in a whisper as there is a shout — or perhaps merely the inability to hold back after waiting for two decades in the wings, kept Beverly from reaching her maximum potential. And that’s about all the complaining I intend to do about a number that was completely in tune and heartfelt.

Javier Colon: Coldplay’s “Fix You”
I got a surge of double happiness when Javier used his pre-performance package to acknowledge his previous record deals and tip his tilted cap to critics that said he needed to be more respectful of the basic melodies of the songs he chooses to cover. And certainly, “Fix You” benefitted from Javier’s reduced use of vocal acrobatics. Still, as far as song choices go, this felt about as natural as pairing a chocolate ice-cream cone with a garlic aioil dipping sauce. No doubt Javier has huge voice and a luscious tone, and I liked the way he brought a sense of sadness to the opening verse here. But there’s no denying the dude got a little swallowed up once the band kicked in for Coldplay’s anthemic chorus. In fact, there were a few notes where Javier’s voice seemed to break, or perhaps even collapse, as he ran headlong into a wall of guitar and bass and drums. To his credit, though, Javier recovered during the song’s final, tender lines, and that’ll probably be more than enough to carry him through to the finals.

Xenia: The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
Look, Xenia seems like a sweetheart of a young woman, and as the judges keep reminding us, she really does have a unique and lovely tone to her voice. But all that aside, I don’t want to spend another week watching the kid standing stiffly behind a mic stand, waving one arm robotically like a lever, as her lovely tone meanders from petrified to half-hearted to inaudible. If Blake truly madly deeply cares about Xenia, he’ll encourage her to finish high school, enroll in college courses, keep working on her craft, and revisit the whole music business thingie again in her mid-20s, when she’s got some life experience and confidence in her arsenal. Until then: j’enough!

Vicci Martinez: Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”
It sure didn’t hurt Vicci’s chances that she chose the night’s best and most rousing composition, but any time you’re going to color inside the lines of Florence Welch’s template, you’re not going to match up. Vicci’s opening verse was surprisingly filled with bum notes, and I almost felt like something — perhaps that intro package about her late dad’s unfulfilled dreams of music stardom or maybe the scent of Xenia’s lingering stage terrors — had diluted her core confidence. Thankfully, as the song’s percussive thunder began to percolate, so too did Vicci’s vocals. Like I said, nobody’s going to out-Florence Florence, but Vicci brought her own fire and passion — and her trademark war dance — to the tune. Was she as original as Dia? No. Was she as mellifluous as Javier? Nah. But if Cee Lo puts in some work next week to helping Vicci forge a unique artistic path rather than aiming for impassioned karaoke, she might have an outside shot at scoring a season finale upset.

Tonight’s Letter Grades
Dia Frampton: A
Vicci Martinez: B+
Javier Colon: B
Beverly McClellan: B
Frenchie Davis: B
Nakia: B-
Xenia: C
Casey Weston: C

Oh, and before I turn things over to you, a couple housekeeping notes:

* This week’s mentor performances were more memorable for Blake’s lumbering charm, Adam’s dapper duds, and Xtina’s “Boys” t-shirt (designed by Haus of Total Mess, perhaps?) than anything that happened vocally.

* Did Allison Haislip inadvertently fuel the fire of creepy Casey Weston fans by forcing her to agree to say yes to any and all dating requests from random male fans? Add this to the list of reasons NBC should dismantle The Voice‘s relentlessly awkward social media red room for Season 2.

Who’s with me on that one? What did you think of The Voice this week? Who was your favorite contestant? (Take our poll below.) Who’s going home? And who’s your prediction as the Season 1 victor? Sound off below!

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  1. Thom says:

    Javier seemed off to me. I really liked Dia and Vicci. I think it’s going to be between those two.

    • OK says:

      I agree. I don’t really get him. I think he tries too hard and it sounds good a lot of the time, but his range is actually kind of limited.

      On a side note: I really liked that episode. I think they’re all talented in some way.

    • el says:

      I like Javier but he seems like the most overrated performer to me. All of his songs are just a little… there’s something off about them IMO. Dia is undeniably talented though and Vicci definitely feels like she’s fighting for it the most.

      It’s a good show and the talent bar seems really high. Nakia, Frenchie, etc… they might not be favorites to win it but they are undeniably gifted.

    • Aiden says:

      Javier definitely has an amazing voice, but I feel like the other two deserves it for having something more on top of that.
      Vicci, despite doing an almost karaoke version of “Dog Days Are Over” is very passionate and visceral with her performances.
      Dia, one whom I’ll absolutely listen to beyond The Voice, has such an inventive and creative style of music that I forget about the original version when she sings. I think these two should probably win, but I’ll be happy whatever happens. They’ll have careers from now on, I’m sure. Plus, I don’t want the original and talented artists to be swallowed up by big label pressures, as well.

  2. John says:

    You read my mind on the Casey Weston interview question. That was pretty bizarre.

    Really underwhelmed with this week. The only great performances to me were Vicci, Dia and Beverly. I think Dia may run away with this thing, especially since purchases count toward votes.

    • Lee says:

      I think one of the reasons this week was underwhelming was because two coaches based their contestant selections on the iTunes sales and NOT who they really felt deserved it. Blake should’ve picked Patrick over Xenia, who still looks terrified on the stage thereby projecting no personality at all. And she doesn’t even sing that great either. I don’t know where Blake gets off saying her voice is “unique.” Her voice isn’t unique. Going back to the 1980s with Rickie Lee Jones to the present with Norah Jones–what’s so special about her voice? And Adam should’ve picked Jeff instead of Casey, who has no artistic vision if all she wants to do is copy Whitney’s version of “I Will Always Love You”–especially since she doesn’t have the range to carry it off. Jeff may have messed it up last week, but I still think he has a better voice than Casey.

      • Ethan says:

        Lee, I have to disagree. I’m not a fan of Xenia for the win (nor surprised she was eliminated) but her vocal tone is absolutely rare and impressive. The fact that you have to reference really impressive vocalists as a comparison is telling and the fact that she is 16 and to this point uncoached in any way means she has yet to find her range, stage presence, or style. Given time she will be monstrously talented – really don’t bet against that. Jeff was the feel good candidate, Casey put on a hell of a show with her Horses tune last week and Jeff stumbled in his over the top sappy sentimentalism of “jesus take the wheel” where he stumbled with voice cracking and pitchy-ness.

  3. liam says:

    I love Alison Haislip from her G4 days and I like her in the V room but the concept just isn’t clicking. I hope they find something for her to do in the next season. Dia + Blake FTW!

    • Alex says:

      I only heard it referred to as the social media room this week…probably trying to avoid some dirty joke from Blake haha.

      I think they need to get rid off the pointless “v room” stuff altogether next season, including Alison Haislip. I find her so annoying. They also need a new host, Carson Daly is just so bland.

      • Carly says:

        Carson Daly is the worst! Everytime he comes on the screen he annoys me to no end! He needs to learn how to host or they need to hire someone new. A host has to be bad when he makes me want to see Ryan Seacrest on my screen instead.

        • jared says:

          I’m pretty sure the reason they had Carson was he was in house and anyone outside of NBC would’ve been far too expensive to risk on the (then) unknown status of the show. Brian Dunkleman anyone?

        • 4F says:

          I loved when Adam asked if he could get rid of Carson instead of one of his contestants.

        • the real wendy says:

          I keep thinking of the word “flacid” when I think of Carson Daly. Not trying to be gross but….

      • Lauren says:

        Completely agree. Without the “social media room” and Carson, The Voice would be near flawless. Love all the coaches and their interactions. Love the contestants and the format. HATE Carson and Alison.

      • e. says:

        Yeah… good luck with that. He’s one of the primary producers. I’m reading his performance as dis-satisfaction with the direction. May just be me.

  4. CandaceTX says:

    I think all that time on Broadway drubbed all of the sass outta our girl Frenchie – and that saddens me. I don’t get the whole Dia-as-Suzanne-Vega thing. She comes off as a bit self-important to me. But her songs are selling like crazy on iTunes… so I guess that make me the wrong one here. I do love Xenia- and I keep pulling for her regardless. Beverly is better to watch (actually great to watch) than to listen to on the radio. That’s a problem. Vicci killed it. Period.

  5. Sam says:

    I came into this show thinking “Okay, when Dia gets kicked off I’ll stop watching.” I’ve been listening to Meg & Dia for five years, and I’m really excited that she’s finally getting her due.

  6. Chad says:

    Dia is a rising star. I actually really love Xenia, but Dia is a more polished package right now. But I’m really hoping to hear Xenia on the radio in a year or two.

  7. cheese says:

    I posted this somewhere else, but I’m curious to see reaction here, too. Am I the only one who doesn’t like 90% of the contestants? Casey really sounded like what a previous comment said, a goat. I can’t get over Javier with his chronic case of the runs. Beverly please quit putting “hoooos” in all of your songs. Xenia has the tiniest of ranges and zero stage presence. Dia has a unique thing going on, but its just so weird, its off putting. The word is “my”, not “moy”. And I really wouldn’t call what Vicci does singing, but deep yelling. The only ones I’ve really liked are Frenchie and Nakia, but Nakia really didn’t match/surpass Adam Lambert with his song.

    • Sam says:

      Puh-lease, Cheese.

    • Yo says:

      These singing shows are turning everyone into armchair critics and vocal coaches. Relax. Enjoy.

    • C. says:

      Cheese, while you do make some good points I do not completely agree. Yes, Casey can sound like a goat at times, but I feel that Adam Levine is not giving her the best advice and song choices. I think she could do so much better. Yes, Javier does take too many liberties with the melody and comes off as show-offy but i feel like h e has restrained himself and nobody can argue the fact that he has an amazing voice. I have no idea where you are coming from with your “Dia is so weird” comment, she is not off-putting at all. I think she has a great tone, a solid voice, and really knows how to cover a song well and put her own spin on it. I really wish that they would stop introducing her as a children’s author, stop trying to cover up who she is.

      • e. says:

        Surprisingly the best coach has really (without comparison) been CeeLo – I would have NEVER guessed that to begin with but he took his singers in directions that helped them in almost every case. X-tina purposefully pitted some of her team in handicapped rounds and chose fashion over content with a reasonable amount of consistency. Even Adam, who I initially pegged as being the smartest industry person of the group has continually put his team in numbers that emphasize their weaknesses far more than their strengths. Not that its likely but if I ever had to choose I’d go with many wigged Itty Bitty Team Red

    • Peahen says:

      Maybe not the only one, but definitely in the minority.

  8. dee says:

    What was with that background band, anyway? Is the sound mixer on that show some bitter anti-TV-talent-show person? Throughout the whole run of the show whenever anyone sings with the full band they get drowned out by it. I can’t believe nothing has been done about this. If Javier, especially, is smart, he’ll never use the full band again.

    • Ablo says:

      I know what you mean. The thing is the band is great — very talented musicians. Just mixed wrong (AI too). Compare (if you saw it) the way Sixwire was mixed over on CMT’s Next Superstar. Very tasty — I don’t particularly like country music (most of it anyway), but I liked the house band and the way they sounded with the singers. Or the way the house band on the old Rock Star sounded (many of whom are in the Voice house band, btw). Much better. Can’t explain this.

    • Delon says:

      Yea, they really have to fix the sound mix.

  9. Erin says:

    Though I was a bit anti-Dia due to her not-as-good-as-Kris-or-the-Fray foray last week with Heartless, I had to admit last night that she was very good. The problem is her actual voice. It’s good, but I don’t think she brings anything new or better to existing musicians in her genre. Though clearly she would be fantastic at song arrangement.
    Javier truly pleasing to the eye, but suffers greatly when one listens to the original Coldplay version. Which we reality show nerdily did. Javier a bit of a trainwreck in comparison.
    That said, barely a bum note in 2 hours. Love this show (just wish Vicci and Nakia could both advance).

    • C says:

      Agreed about Vicci and Nakia, they are getting rid of more deserving people just because they ended up on a stronger team. If this show’s goal was to find the best voice, this is not the way to do it.

  10. katherine says:

    You know who Christina’s outfit reminded me of? RAMIELE MALUBAY. Idol elimination night? Remember?

  11. Kathy says:

    I agree that Adam Levine could not have been that far removed from current music that he would not be aware of Adam Lambert’s WDYWFM and the dig was totally unnecessary. Did love the mentor performances but Christina could have remained seated and Adam’s set would have been immensely improved.

    • The Wheeze says:

      ITA. Does he not listen to the radio at all? I think that is the 3rd time he has said that. The first to Jeff Jenkins during the blind auditions, which I could kind of see, because it was a country song, but he said it again twice last night. Once regarding WWFM, which was on every radio 24/7 to point of being overplayed for over a year and second to Xenia after her “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” performance. It made him look like a major tool!

      • Yo says:

        Possibly, he only listens to himself.

      • Bat Country says:

        Seriously! And it’s not as if he has an excuse- he’s pop rock, not miles away from pop like death metal or bluegrass. Take a half-step outside your genre every once in a while Adam you big douche.

        • Jason S says:

          HE probably doesn’t listen to the radio. He has a career. I don’t ever listen to the radio. I listen to the 25000 songs I have on my Ipod. Radio is irrelevant. I only heard WDYWFM because I knew Adam from Idol(I never heard it on the radio). I also have never heard half the songs performed. I had never heard Rolling In The Deep before I heard Haley Reinhart perform it. It is possible to ignore the crap on the radio. If it is very good I will hear of it eventually and seek it out. I never heard that Coldplay song JAvier did.

          • janie says:

            You watch American Idol? then you have heard Fix You by coldplay… chris medina played it right before he was eliminated this past season

            My question to you is this and im not trying to be stupid or anything but if you dont listen to the radio or anything like that ever, how do you hear new music? do you get a lot of music from word of mouth? I ask because I love 80s music and would listen to it all day if i could.. so If ijust listened to that I would never know the awesomeness that is Adele, Coldplay,Foofighters, Shinedown and many many others..

      • e. says:

        Stop the hating. Many musicians avoid the radio (because mostly its pretty monotonous crap) and instead rely on word of mouth. I live in a music community and not one of us could tell you about an idol tune. Idol music is not for musicians, its for the masses.

  12. darclyte says:

    Here is what I wrote last week:
    “My prediction for the rest of this series is…
    Javier will win the fan votes and Adam will pick Jeff. Nakia and Vicci will advance, but I’m not sure who will get the fan vote and who will get Cee-Lo’s. It doesn’t really matter. If the Top 8 is then shrunk to the Top 4, with one from each team, I think it’ll be Dia, Bev, and Javier. Whoever gets the fan vote out of Nakia and Vicci this week will be representing Cee-Lo in the Top 4. Javier will win the competition.”

    So, I was almost 100% correct until Adam went and lost his damn mind and picked Casey. Speaking of Adam…

    I like Adam and his music a whole lot but he struck out last night. First strike, he chose Casey “goat vibrato” Weston over Jeff. While I’m not a fan of Jeff’s and I didn’t think Jeff was very good last week, I STILL think he has more potential than Casey. I mean, she was passed the first time she auditioned while ALL 4 coaches turned around for Jeff. Strike 2 was his band’s new song. “Moves Like Jagger” is not good, and Christina added nothing to it. And strike 3 was saying that although he’d never heard Adam Lambert’s version of “Whataya Want From Me” that Nakia “probably sang it better.” Huh? That seemed like an unnecessary shot at Mr. Lambert because if Mr. Levine had never heard it, then why suggest that Nakia was better?

    Frenchie was off key and missed or clipped words at the start. It wasn’t until she was off the stairs that she was good.

    Nakia was very good. VERY different version of Lambert’s song. While Lambert’s seems more plaintive, Nakia’s seemed more like someone’s who’s had it. His bluesy tone worked very well with that song.

    Dia just seems phony. Her whole phony “shy” routine is crap as she performed on the Warped Tour and has a fairly solid Wikipedia entry (click my name to read it,) and the “behind the scenes” footage of her showed how she isn’t shy at all. Also, I don’t know what she’s trying to do with all the affectations in her pronunciations, but I know people from Utah and NONE of them have that “accent.” It comes across as a phony affectation like Madonna and her phony British accent.

    I never thought Casey should have “won” her “battle round,” and while I’m not a fan of Jeff’s I felt that he had earned the shot overall more than she did. Her “goat vibrato” was annoying, and she was pretty awful.

    I thought that was Bev’s best performance yet, but I HATE it when she shakes her head while singing, it seems like a “bad habit” that she uses to “shake out” some notes, but it just looks odd.

    Javier has an amazing voice, and I STILL think he’ll eventually win this. Very nice job.

    I LOVE the sound of Xenia’s voice, and listening to it in the car would be amazing, but her “deer in headlights” style of performing due to a combination of “coolness” as CeeLo mentioned as well as just lack of confidence makes her hard to watch. I close my eyes and listen and it’s MUCH better, although when she held notes both in her “normal” voice and in falsetto, it wasn’t that good.

    I’m wondering if Vicci is part Native American. Her “war dance” performance in a previous round really won CeeLo over, and both her look and performance last night reminded me of a Native American ritual. She also does the similar lip purse/licking thing that Cher does…she’s like if Paula Abdul and Cher had an offspring together. Really fantastic performance.

    My grading of the performances:
    Vicci – A
    Javier – A-
    Nakia – B+
    Beverly – B
    Dia – B-
    Xenia – C
    Frenchie – C
    Casey – D

    Javier & Bev are easy choices to advance. I’d rather see Xenia than Dia because I REALLY like Xenia’s voice, but I don’t think there’s anyway that’s happening…it’ll be Dia. It’s a shame that either Vicci or Nakia will be eliminated as they were the 2 best last night. At then end of the day though, I’ll go with who “America” voted for in the last round and that’s Vicci. So, I’m going to predict that all 4 who got “America’s Vote” (Dia, Bev, Javier, and Vicci) will advance.

    • darclyte says:

      Oops, I accidentally still had a different link on my name. NOW click my name to see Dia’s Wikipedia entry. I just don’t see someone who’s toured like that, and to be as involved behind the scenes as she is to be “timid.”

      • Yo says:

        Interesting stuff on Wikipedia! Thanks! I don’t really believe anyone is as timid as portrayed in these shows; for one thing, they are singing on television! More introspective, quieter personalities are always labeled “timid.” I don’t think Casey is timid, either, and I think her awkwardness could as easily be called “signature moves.”

      • PFitzDC says:

        I TOTALLY agree….
        Dia is a huge phony…it’s not about her being shy, it’s about her thinking she is too good for this reality competition. Can’t stand her attitude.

    • Willa says:

      I so agree about Dia!! And in addition to her professional experience, any number of you tubes reflect (if they’re still up) interviews w/MTV and cavorting on camera with other musicians that show she is are from shy or even uncomfortable on camera or performing.

      If I liked her singing I’d be torn b/c I find her to be a manipulative fake. Are people seriously missing that smug little smile when she strikes her head down pose for coaches remarks. (I swear I thought Xtina was going to say something last night.) Unlike Dia, Bev, Frenchie, Javier, Nakia, Vicci and even Casey (though her resume is shorter) have been up front about past efforts to make it – and I’d say none of them have the built in fanbase Dia does from M&D fans. (Xenia’s timidity is genuine – to her performance detriment.)

      Fortunately, I do find Dia’s phrasing affected (in a bad way) and lose interest during her singing or I would have to decide if someone this fake (but talented) deserved to advance ahead of other more genuine, authentic (and talented) artists.
      She really reduces my enjoyment of the show – I just wish I knew why producers/coaches are letting her run this game when the others have been so open.

      • Delon says:

        “Are people seriously missing that smug little smile when she strikes her head down pose for coaches remarks.”

        You took the words from my mouth, Willa.

      • Michelle says:

        Okay first of all, the words “I’m shy and timid” have never come out of Dia’s mouth, the writers have portrayed her that way. She has admitted to stage fright and being nervous, does that make her a phony?? You are making Dia sound hateful because of how you THINK she is. What do you know about her or her past experiences? NOTHING! Oh yeah, read Wikipedia and that means you know someone – please get a clue. The worst thing is, even if you think she’s not really shy at all, it doesn’t mean she’s a “manipulative fake” as you are so gleefully calling her, that’s just your high-school-gossip bitchiness coming out to have the nerve to say that. All the other contestants on The Voice have resumes that are so much longer (Javier, Beverly, Vicci) and they have definitely performed with more famous people. Going on The Warped Tour with other little bands is nothing, they have contests for hundreds of small indie bands that are done by fan voting to see who will be in the lineup for all the different cities of the tour. “Are people seriously missing that smug little smile when she strikes her head down pose for coaches remarks.” Wow – you must be grasping for anything negative that your twisted mind can make you believe you’re seeing.

    • Ablo says:

      Concerning Vicci’s look — when I see her, I see the “bad girl” on a 70s/80s sitcom. Happy Days maybe.

  13. marie says:

    I absolutely agree with Slezak: Can the red room! Ugh. I was horrified when that dopey dingbat bubbled, “Oh, you have to say YES!,” when Casey’s “Uhm…I don’t know” was much the saner response. Nice work there; why don’t you just go out and audition some stalkers for her!
    Stupid scripting: Adam Levine COULD have said something like, “I can’t imagine the original singer sang that any better than you did,” and come off as only half a fool rather than a complete one. (I don’t buy it that he doesn’t know the song – “Who? Adam Lambert? Huh?” – yeah, right.)
    But a very entertaining show overall!

  14. Sivat says:

    I can’t stand Javier or Frenchie. They oversing, and that’s not the style I’m into. I don’t want to see either one of them go forward, although unfortunately I think Javier will. He’d just better not win the whole thing!

    Rooting for Casey, Beverly, Vicci, and Dia!

    • Sivat says:

      I also wish Adam had picked Rebecca over Devon so we’d have had Casey/Rebecca for Team Adam, but ultimately Casey is the best choice to represent Team Adam. Love her! She looks like a young Mariah Carey and her voice is the prettiest and most pleasant in the entire competition.

  15. Ablo says:

    Interesting night.

    I mostly agree with Michael’s grades — but here are my finishing touches:

    Dia: A
    Javier: B
    Beverly: B
    Nakia: B
    Vicci: B-
    Frenchie: B –
    Xenia: C
    Casey Weston: C-

    Xenia was a bit sabotaged by singing a song by the world’s most boring band. Vicci sabotaged herself somewhat by continuing to squat every few minutes, and confusing running around with performance — sing the notes and then worry about moving. There’s something very unpleasant about Frenchie’s tone — it isn’t that she can’t sing, but . . . Casey was too goaty (and what a horrible song choice). Adam Lambert’s song is not worthy of Adam Lambert (who forced that on him?) so I’m not sure there was anything anyone could have done with that. I liked Javier better this week than before because at least he sang the melody. Not sure about Beverly — she really needs a dose of self-discipline, but it was overall ok. Dia, I thought, was the best of the night. A little quiet — and I don’t know about a whole show from her, but . . .

    • marie says:

      “Adam Lambert’s song is not worthy of Adam Lambert (who forced that on him?)”

      I have to smile. I kind of felt that way about nearly the whole album. Adam Lambert is SO much better than the material he’s released so far.

      • Yo says:

        I so agree.

      • tia says:

        I don’t like the song WWFM at all (I think there’s another one from Lambert’s CD I might like better), but I think Nakia did a good job with it. He made me like it better than the original version. That’s not a jab at Lambert — I just liked the huskier-sounding version better. He surprised me last night. Wish Vicci & Nakia could both advance.

  16. marie says:

    I’m finding I don’t like the show’s format. I realize they’re trying to differentiate this show from Idol, and I also realize that it was slotted for a (very) limited run of x weeks, but…
    I hate it that the contestants are, until the finale, competing against only their own “team mates” – for all the “team” itself is worth; I suspect the whole “team” concept is just one more factor to distinguish this show from Idol. But of course competition only within teams and elimination of a set number from each team means you don’t necessarily end up with the best singers overall, as both singers from Team A might be better than both from Team B (or at least you might prefer, and want to vote for, both from Team A and none from Team B), and yet we’re stuck with only one from each team. I really hate this.
    And the radically shortened season doesn’t let the audience come to really know, appreciate, or care about the performers as a longer season does, not to mention that a singer’s chance for growth improvement over time goes out the window (would we have been able to appreciate Haley as much as we came to do had she been part of this kind of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it season?).
    The talent is abundant on The Voice, but Idol does have its strong points.

    • marie says:

      Let me amend that just a little: I LOVED the blind auditions: that’s how to do it! I hated the concept of the battle rounds and every concept that came after.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I’m guessing that now that the powers that be have a hit on their hands, they will retool the program a bit to have more weeks (and perhaps combine the battle rounds into two shows per week and get themo ver with). Perhaps we will get to see more blind auditions. I read somewhere there were more than 100 people invited to audition (and they still ran out before filling the teams). We only saw 28 out of the 32 picked (the 5 seconds from one contestant for each team does not count. Maybe the teams will be enlarged a bit to 10 singers. Maybe they will make the two lowest vote-getters on each team leave each week (instead of halving the bunch). Maybe add another judge for a fifth team – perhaps another female – a rocker – someone like Melissa Etheridge since harder rock does not seem to be represented among the judges (Adam is more pop).

      As long as we don’t get hometown visits, sob stories, swaybots, interviews with contestants talking about each other, commercials for a car (or other product) and all that other space-filling crap that Idol shows and I tivo through, I am ok with it.

      • marie says:

        I almost hate to point this out, but consider yourself lucky if you haven’t noticed up to now that they seem to have borrowed the Swaybots (although they’re not shown as exhaustingly often as they tend to be on Idol).

    • Delon says:

      The rules of this show are truly wacky. No question about it.

  17. Sivat says:

    And gosh Michael, your review was way too negative and harsh this week! You skewered EVERYONE.

  18. marie says:

    A number of commenters have addressed the contestants’ “song choice,” but I got the distinct impression that the coaches choose the songs for their team members: am I misinterpreting that? Several times, I heard coaches mention, “The song I chose for So-and-so is…” For example, Nakia mentioned that when Cee Lo assigned him the Adam Lambert song, his first thought was, I can’t sing that song…
    I think the contestants can’t be held accountable for song choice here – not entirely, certainly,

    • Ablo says:

      I think that’s right — though sometimes the way they say it makes it sound as if the contestant picked it. It’s vague. That said, I can only judge the song as performed (regardless of whether it was picked by the singer, the coach, the producers or Zeus).

    • The Wheeze says:

      In the battle rounds the judges picked all the songs, and I think most of the judges (Cee-lo, Christina, Adam) have picked or had a hand in picking the songs since, but it sounds like Blake has let his contestants pick if they wanted a specific song. Dia has picked both of her songs, but I am not sure if it was mentioned in Xenia’s packages.

    • Ssnetblaze says:

      It seems like Blake allows his contestants to have a big say in what they sing more than the others. Christina definitely picks the songs.

  19. Yo says:

    I don’t feel Vicci’s performance last night was her best vocal, but she is one heck of a performer! Love her; she is powerful! Frenchie is nicht zo gut, although she wears hairlessness better than the competition (whose head I feel compelled to mentally dress). I’m not sure I entirely understand why use of vibrato is such a bad thing; I liked Casey’s performance and thought the vibrato differentiated it from other versions. She has a fine voice I hope to hear of more. All of these people are pretty darned terrific; I watch the show just to hear the music – and they bring it!

    • davey says:

      All Vicci showed me last night was that she can be just as gimmicky as Katy Perry and a lot of others who have to disguise their singing. Her drums were just as silly last night as James Durbin’s on Idol. She was good last week but declined last night.

      • Yo says:

        Durbin’s overkill bothered me, but this didn’t. Durbin just looked silly, like a Revolutionary War re-enactor cum clown with drums; I actually cringed for him.

  20. Larry says:

    I did not see the Dia thing coming! Her performance last night was my favorite Idol/Voice performance of the year. Vicci and Javier are amazing, but they just aren’t quite getting over that top. Beverly and Frenchie are tremendous. Did lamb jokes all night after Casey’s performance. Slezak is spot on about Xenia. Nakia is Nakia, great vocals, not a superstar talent.

    • Lee says:

      Oh, c’mon. You actually preferred Dia’s “Losing My Religion” over Haley’s “Bennie and the Jets,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “I Who Have Nothing” and “What Is And What Should Never Be”? Haley is just as good at arranging songs as Dia, but Haley has a much better voice than Dia.

    • eifionj says:

      Ms Frampton with her thin delicate voice isn’t in the same league as Suzie McNeil’s rich powerful version of LMR a few years ago on Rockstar INXS. As for comparing her with Haley, Lee says it all.

  21. Perfesser says:

    I’m a Slezak fan, but aren’t you embarrassed to see what you’ve wrought: the Javier bashing. Talent like that is to be fostered! What are we to surmise: you put it all together–the relentless pushing of passable but lesser talent (Allison Iraheta, Haley Rihehart) and the dissing of talent like Javier and we can only conclude you don’t have very good musical taste!

    • RD says:

      ‘Passable but lesser talent’.Hah,you make me laugh.
      If you don’t think Slezak has very good musical taste then do yourself,(and the rest of us), a favor and quit reading!!

    • Rhama says:

      Javier has excellent voice and he’s very competent musician but the problem is his musical taste. He has a tendency to overcook simple melodies by unnecessary riffing.

    • Lee says:

      Haley has more than a “passable” voice. She has one of the most diversified voices I have ever heard on any reality singing competition in the U.S. Whose voice will stand out more on the radio: Haley or Javier? In a couple of years from now, Haley will be the superstar that Javier wished he was.

  22. Auria says:

    First Adam Levine proved to the world he is a tool? I mean come on WWFM is on the same Grammy cd as Misery. Surly he listened to the cd he was given. Anyone not under a rock heard WWFM and knows who Adam Lambert is even if your not a fan. The guy was everywhere.

    Xenia has the best chance IMO to make it big. 90% of the battle is being radio friendly and that young gal has a unique voice. No one sounds like her. She is a true amateur. All the rest are re-treads having had record deals and just never made it. If they did not make it before they will not make it now. Idol has had its share of re-treads most notably Michael Johns and Carley Smithson. Even with the huge exposure from AI they never took off and I expect the same with all of these re-treads. They lack something critical to make it. If they didn’t they would have already. It is not like they did not have prior exposure.

    Javier over sings and does too many runs.
    Dia is just a female Kris Allen clone. He hasn’t actually tore up the music biz
    Bev & Frenchie Big voiced Diva’s are out. Xtina should know this.
    Casey can’t control the goat vibrato.
    Vicci love her but where does she fit in today’s music? 80’s-90’s rock is dead.
    Nakia really? Sounds like so many others.

    Yes Xenia needs to learn performance. But she can. She reminds me of Carrie Underwood except less stiff when she performs. Carrie sells records by the boat-load. She is still still better but stiff. It hasn’t hurt her career.

    • Tim says:

      I agree. Xenia is the one who exemplifies the spirit of “The Voice”. A truly great, undiscovered voice that just needs some development and she could be a recording star. The others are interesting performers, but I don’t see them succeeding in the business. And as you said, for the most part they’ve already had their shot and failed.

      • Lee says:

        But The Voice goes by so fast that there’s no time for development. That’s why this show is a joke in a way. By the time the coaches get to know the contestants, the show is already over.

    • Michelle says:

      “Bev & Frenchie Big voiced Diva’s are out. Xtina should know this.
      Vicci love her but where does she fit in today’s music? 80′s-90′s rock is dead.”

      Yeah, in the beginning I thought Blake had the weakest team since CeeLo and Christina had all the power singers. I thought America would be voting for the ones who could sing the harder songs and really belt it out, but you’re absolutely right, how much radio airplay would they get realistically?? But it’s cool that Blakes 2 girls have been recognized for their uniqueness, now I see him as being the best coach. Xenia’s voice was always wonderful but she unfortunately couldn’t connect with her live performances. It is amazing though how much Dia has been able to come out of the pack, I thought she was the total underdog before coming into the live shows, but her 2 performances have been the most memorable to me out of the whole season. I would love to continue to hear her sing any song, covers or not.

  23. cmp says:

    My top 4 picks: Beverly, Dia, Vicci and Javier with DIA taking the prize.

    • Danny says:

      Completely agree with all of that. If poor Casey had gotten a better song, she might be on that list instead of Javier.

  24. Travis says:

    Adam Levine has never heard a song in the past ten years, it seems. Let’s see… “What Do You Want From Me,” “God Bless the Broken Road,” “Losing My Religion.” You’d think that, as a music professional, he’d be a little more inclined to… you know, music. Even though “Broken Road” is a big slab of provolone, EVERYONE’S heard it. Does he just listen to his own records all day?

    • davey says:

      There is tons of music to know and listen to. I don’t think Adam Levine is responsible to have heard all of it. I don’t if all the judges knew all the songs, they just weren’t honest enough to admit it.

    • mel says:

      “Even though “Broken Road” is a big slab of provolone, EVERYONE’S heard it.”

      Um, definitely not true. I’ve certainly never heard it…never heard the song that Xenia sang either. And I don’t think it’s that impossible to have never heard Adam Lambert’s song either.

  25. Kellyjo says:

    Has anyone considered that Blake is likely to put Xenia through over Dia? He seems to really like her and he can give her 100 points that will probably put her over the top. I really think that Xenia will advance.

    • marie says:

      Speaking of point allocation, I don’t imagine we’re going to be given a complete and detailed explanation of exactly how it’s determined who will advance, and it’s not at all clear on the face of it. Think of it: say a coach gives Singer A 70 points, and Singer A gets 100,000 audience votes, while the coach gives Singer B 30 points, and Singer B gets 300,000 audience votes: who advances? How do “points” compare to “votes”? Is one point worth x votes? Is x votes worth y points? See what I mean? It’s somewhat apples to oranges. My guess is that the whole complicated formula – if there actually IS a mathematical formula, and you’d have to explain it to me for me to believe there is one – is just a more open and straightforward means (compared to you-know-which-show) of the producers keeping control of the results.
      (Ugh! Have I been watching Idol SO long that I’ve become a TOTAL cynic?)

      • bbsd says:

        My understanding is that it is the percentage of the audience vote added to the percentage of the judge’s vote. So if Contestant X gets 30 from the judge and 69 from the audience, he or she has a score of 99, while Contestant Y would have 70 from the judge and 31 from the audience for a score of 101. At least it is clearer than the DWTS scoring.

  26. happyfeet says:

    Why not just invite all the one hit wonders from the past 10 years to the show at least they showed they could produce at least 1 hit. Casey, Xenia, Vicci, Beverly should be in the finals.

  27. Mandy says:

    Casey should never have done that song, but what does it matter? She has no chance againist Javier. He wasn’t perfect, but it was really good.
    Dia is amazing. I never once played the original over her in my head (which I do for many other performances on this show). I downloaded it and have listened to it countless times today.
    Vicci had a cool performance, but the original is a song that gives you chills and makes you LOVE it. Her version wasn’t as good vocally and left me so disappointed.
    The coaches and contestants need to realize the importance of song choice! Don’t pick anything iconic. Don’t pick anything over played. Don’t pick something no one knows.

  28. Wendeeloo says:

    I didn’t hear the wonky notes on Vicci’s number – I loved it and then voted for her only. I liked Dia’s song but I can’t warm up to her enough to want to vote for her. I don’t know if she means to be but she comes off arrogant and not appreciative or excited. I think that will hurt her with the voting public.

  29. StorytellerGal says:

    I’m confused by Blake’s comments. One minute he’s Papa Bear and being so protective of his girls, the next he’s Pedo Bear and making weird remarks about how hot Casey is or telling CeeLo he’s a genius for dressing the twins as pin-up calendar girls.

  30. PFitzDC says:

    I want to like Dia, but I can’t stand her.

    She’s a creative and expert musician; absolutely. But I don’t care for her articulation style.

    And what I REALLY dislike is the fact that the girl is NOT shy–she is SMUG. She is sooooo above this whole reality competition, it’s killing her to be on the show and follow the producers, etc. And she can’t hide it in her eyes.

    Certainly, she wants the exposure, but she’s clearly barely tolerating the process she has to take to get it. I hate that she’s going to win this thing.

  31. eduadro85 says:

    i’m annoyed by this whole “dia is so original” movement. its complete b.s. i thought this show was about “the voice,” no? if that is indeed the case, i would argue that dia’s voice is the weakest of the bunch. moreover, on the originality front–is she really all that original? we’ve all heard acoustic versions of songs that aren’t typically acoustic, so give me a break.

  32. jlou says:

    What is up with these comments about Dia’s attitude? Do these people know her personally? Have they spent time with her? How do they know what she’s thinking? People have different ways of behaving depending on where they are and what situation they are in. Myself, I prefer small groups. Put me in a room full of people and I get tongue-tied. I imagine Dia is comfortable when she’s actually singing or rehearsing with a band. But, she seems self-conscious standing in front of the audience and listening to the judges’ comments.
    And, what articulation style? Does the fact that you can understand what she’s singing bother people? I watched her performance several more times to see if i can figure out what’s bothering some people and I still don’t get it. I thought the best part about her singing is her phrasing.

  33. GeorgiaPat says:

    Michael, I can’t believe you didn’t say a word about the Sway Bots! I thought, “Oh, cr*p! They’ve found us!” I had such high hopes in the beginning of the season, but the predictable, regurgitated same old songs combined with the swap bots was disappointing.

  34. Andrew says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is about Dia. She is rather boring to me. She reminds me a lot of Pia – technically a great singer, but just dull to watch. For me the highlights were Frenchie and Nakia. There is something so special about both of them. I hope regardless of what happens, they go on to do big things.

    I thought I Will Always Love You was the wrong choice for Casey. There is no way you can hit a home run on that song easily. Very few people have ever covered it well. She should have gone for the Melissa Etheridge-style cover, it would have suited her voice more.

    In the end, I would not be unhappy if any of the contestants win. Unlike American Idol, I don’t think there is a single wrong choice here.

  35. Jason S says:

    I hope Nakia beats Vicci. Dia will destroy Xenia. Javier will beat Casey. ANd Beverly will beat Frenchie. DIa will win the whole thing and become a star.

    I like how Slezak says the results were predictable when last week in his column he said Adam’s pick should be Casey but will be Jeff. How was it predictable when you were wrong!!!!!!

  36. Sandy says:

    I’m glad I decided to come over and read TVLine’s Voice recap. Once I reached the Dia paragraph, I realized I had to be reading the work of Mr. Slezak. Who else could manage such a descriptive paragraph about a singing performance? I got caught up in Dia’s performance all over again without even hearing it.

    Anyway, I think Dia was brilliant last night, and based on the success of her iTunes singles, I think she’s the one to beat. My personal favorite is Javier. In contrast to Slezak, I thought “Fix You” started off sweet but not completely compelling. For me, it was only when the band kicked in that the emotion of the song hit me. As a result, I bought my first iTunes download from The Voice and played it on repeat during my morning commute.

    Also loved Vicci, admittedly for her spirit more than her vocals on “Dog Days”. Beverly was on fire as always. Even though I love Nakia and “Whataya Want From Me”, I didn’t love the song on him. He’s still ridiculously likeable though. I thought Frenchie was good but not as strong as many of the others. Casey was the biggest disappointment for me. I usually love her. Xenia is adorable with a cool voice but her stage presence hasn’t developed quickly enough.

    I predict/hope the top four will be Dia, Javier, Vicci and Beverly.

  37. Leigh says:

    Granted Xenia has a very soft and sexy voice but she ALWAYS looks like a deer caught in headlights. (I have to listen to her with my eyes closed. I can’t stand to watch her try to perform in front of a crowd.) Agoraphobia is not pretty to look at.

  38. syb says:

    I thought Beverly got it right with “The Thrill is Gone.” I get what you’re saying about wanting some nuance from her MS, but I thought it was there last night, and the song does need to build to something angst filled. I thought it was the best vocal, though not necessarily my favorite performance.

    Dia’s really interesting, but I think Vicci outshone her in both the interesting and the vocal departments. They were both great and deserve to advance.

    I like Xenia a lot. But yes, she’s SO uncomfortable on the stage. In fact, to some extent that is part of her odd charm. She does have the most appealing voice to me. But Dia ought to beat her. (Does XTina resent Dia or what? Wow second week in a row she basically said “Meh!” to one of the best performances of the night.)

    Of Adam’s group, I’d give it to Javier although I didn’t think either were very good. Javier just picked the wrong song. In this case XTina was right. He needs a good soul number to shine fully.

    And people, there’s no Ms. Congeniality award. Let’s for once make this about the music…Who cares if Dia is smug or Vicci arrogant? more importantly, how on earth do you divine such things through the television watching them in unnatural situations for a few minutes a week?

    • WDK says:

      Lol @ the Ms. Congeniality award. I guess some people are just looking for a new Haley Reinhart (someone who is clearly good and a threat to their favorites so people have to find things wrong with their personality).

  39. WDK says:

    I don’t get all the hype about Dia. Her voice is really nasally and not really appealing to me. I love Xenia’s voice and think if she could just let loose and sing a little louder and not hide behind the mic, then people might take her more seriously. I’d rather Xenia move on, but I know it’ll never happen.

    I like Beverly, but the weird head shaking and random “WOOO”s aren’t necessary all the time. I think she should and will beat Frenchie.

    I like both Vicci and Nakia. They’re both good performers, and even though I don’t find either of them very unique voice-wise, I’m still glad they both got through. It doesn’t matter to me which one makes it through, but it’ll probably be Vicci.

    I’m so glad Adam chose Casey over that Jeff dude. Not only do I think she has one of the coolest voices, but also I just couldn;t stand Jeff’s voice (or his little crouch every 5 seconds and grab my chest routine). Casey and Javier are 2 of my favorites and I wish they could both stay. Javier’s “runs” can get a little ridiculous at times, but his voice is cool and I love the kind of artist he is. I liked “Fix You” at first, but then when the band kicked in they just swallowed him up and the whole thing became weird. I didn’t enjoy Casey this week as much as last week, but I still don’t think she had the worst performance. I realize Javier will go through (and probably win), but again, I’d be fine with either one of them going through.

  40. Elle says:

    For me Casey won over Javier who didn’t bring anything new to his performance.As for team Xtina for me Frenchie should go through although I love Beverly.On team Cee-Lo I think Vicci is amazing and should continue although Nakia is fantastic and in this performance he really killed it.For team Blake no offence Xenia your good but if Dia doesn’t go through i’ll shoot myself.As for my winner pick still think its going to be Javier but Dia could swoop in.

  41. Doug says:

    Dia blew me away with her REM cover as well. Totally caught me off guard. If she can’t repeat that level of performance (doubtful), she has a shot at winning, but Vicci is going to be tough to beat. She is a fully developed “entertainer” .. she has the charisma, stage presence, energy, to deliver consistently strong performances. All the other contestants are weaker in that area, which is so critical in “selling” the performance in a TV format.

    So when it’s all said and done “THE VOICE” is not about the “voice” at all, but just like every other music competition show that relies on public voting, it’s about the entire performance as a package, and Vicci is the best package on the show. Anyone disagree?

  42. Justin says:

    I have to admit, I really, really wanted Xenia to advance over Dia. Dia is already a seasoned professional who had a major label record deal with Warner Brothers, performed several times at the Van’s Warped Tour, done extensive international touring, etc. etc. There is a reason she has not caught on with the public and it’s not for lack of opportunity. I honestly don’t buy her whole “shy” routine one bit, her ‘interperative skills’ are completely overrated (and not one bit original) and I also roll my eyes when the judges say she’s “growing” when she performs exactly the same as she did five years ago.

    Xenia in my opinion has a much better and much more appealing voice, and her shyness and awkwardness actually seem authentic. The girl definitely needs some help with her stage work (and needs to grow more confident in her abilities), but she has a ton of potential so I hope someone can work with her.

    Funny though, I was with you on the Haley bandwagon nearly the entire season of Idol, but I’m not in tune with you at all on this show. :) From the remaining four, I’d like to see Beverly or Javier win.

    • Michelle says:

      I just wanted to say, I know you’re wrong about Dia having “done extensive international touring”. She has never done anything remotely like that. Also, her band had a record contract but not anymore. Here’s an article about what happened to her after the band got dropped by the record label:

      • Justin says:

        In 2008, Meg & Dia embarked on its first (yes, FIRST) overseas tour in Europe. I know for a fact they have performed in the UK, Amsterdam and Munich, among other places. Just saying.

        • Justin says:

          Just adding…

          Meg & Dia made their first UK appearance at the annual Give It A Name festival in 2008. The band played in London on May 10 and Sheffield on May 11. Shortly afterward, Meg & Dia were part of a ten venue spin-off tour in England, Scotland and Wales.

          Not that it really matters in the long run, but Dia has definitely been around.

  43. Stephanie says:

    It was not secret to the contestants who would be picked. Christina told Beverly in her rehearsal footage that she was “one of her top two” so she knew, at least, that she would advance.

    I was excited about this show at first, but I’ve grown very weary of it. No constructive critism, the dancers and background and staging is really, really distracting, and Twitter Girl gets on my last nerves. We DVRed this, and shot through all the judges comments, Carson, and the red room. The 2 hour show became 45 minutes, and we still feel like there was so much missing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, and maybe it’s because it’s so soon after AI and this depressing season, but I’d rather watch AI and I was one of the one saying “never again” when they got rid of Haley.

  44. Chad says:

    Does this mean no more recaps of Platinum Hit??? I don’t love the show, but its growing on me. And I always love your take on things.

  45. L says:

    Yeah, things do seem awfully rushed. There is no way to build up the sort of strong attachment that you potentially can on Idol or have enough time to see interesting arcs building up (a shame since I think this show would respect them and you wouldnt have tools like Randy and JLo beating down on the awesomeness that was Haley) but it is so rushed. They eliminate so many, so fast and having it purely within brings up some potential issues (of course they don’t want to leave a judge with nobody after the first few weeks or something but).

    Yeah Javier is good but all the same he seems a bit over the top at times and a bit over-rated and sort of another swoon vote getter-type. Although I’d take him a million times over the Idol winner. I mean there is something there for sure but sometimes I don’t know, just too much nonsense that makes it seem like there is more than there is and some weird phrasings at times.