The Voice: Who Was Your Favorite From the Semifinals? Take Our Poll!

Tonight’s semifinal performances on NBC’s The Voice ranged from solid to pretty darn spectacular, but I suspect there’ll be little in the way of suspense during Wednesday night’s results-show telecast. Indeed, I’d be willing to bet everything in my wallet (granted, it’s not exactly bursting after tonight’s wine-store pit stop and subsequent pizza delivery, but still…) that I can correctly predict the individual singers* who’ll wind up with the highest combination of judges’ scores and viewer votes on Team Cee Lo, Team Blake, and Team Adam. The outcome for Team Xtina, meanwhile, could be more of a nail-biter, but I’m pretty certain that in that particular race, a fierce bald diva will prevail.

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Anyhow, I’m not going to weigh in with grades or opinions on tonight’s performances — look for that in my full Voice recap tomorrow morning here at — but until then, I’ve got last week’s voting results from Teams Adam and Cee Lo, plus a full episode set list. Plus, you can vote in our handy dandy poll about your favorite singer tonight, and hit the comments to discuss everything from Allison Haislip inadvertently encouraging potential Casey Weston stalkers to Carson Daly’s automated post-performance question: “How did that feel?”

Team Cee Lo
America’s Pick: Vicci Martinez
Cee Lo’s Pick: Nakia

Team Adam
America’s Pick: Javier Colon
Adam’s Pick: Casey Weston

Tonight’s Set List
Frenchie Davis: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”
Nakia: Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me”
Dia Frampton: REM’s “Losing My Religion”
Casey Weston: Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”
Beverly McClellan: B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”
Javier Colon: Coldplay’s “Fix You”
Xenia: The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”
Vicci Martinez: Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”

* Rhymes with icky, Kia, and Ravi’s hair

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Dia definitely, but Vicci and Casey were close.

    • bluedevil says:

      Best performance was clearly Beverly. But I also liked Dia, Javier, Nakia and Vicci. It’s really a toss up between Nakia and Vicci but the rest of the finalists seem as certain as Christina oversinging her songs.

      Xenia has an awesome tone but not so much range and it showed. Needs more maturity and a few singing classes. Also, although she was not excellent today, I’m quite sure her studio version would sound amazing. We’ll definitely hear from her in the future.

      Dia was the only one who sounded better than the original. Enough said (yet, I still vote the night to Beverly)

      As much a fan I am of Adam Lambert, I’m afraid Nakia’s version might have the slightest of edges over the Adam’s. He puts more soul into his song and for some reason sounded more believable. Don’t know why

      Finally, don’t understand why everyone is giving such hard time on Vicci. Her performance was amazing. Can’t believe how smooth she sounded during and after all the drumming and running and jumping.

      • what? says:

        @Stefanie…yuck, Casey??? She sounded like a goat. She was trying to be Mariah Carey on stage…she should have just been herself. Sorry but, she doesn’t seem like she is keeping it real up there on stage.

        • Jenna says:

          I actually think Vicci sounded like a goat, both last night and in her “Rolling In The Deep.” Her performance of “Jolene” was spectacular and professional, but the other two were messy and goat-like, far more so than Casey.

      • Ablo says:

        My problem with Vicci’s performance is how many notes she missed.

    • mel says:

      i’m going to have to disagree with you on casey. Someone mentioned it on here last week and I’d have to agree, her vibratto sounds like a goat!

    • Aiden says:

      I agree, Dia Frampton definitely takes best of the night for me. Vicci is next on the list, though. Her cover of that Florence song with the drums rocked, but I liked the more subdued rendition of Dia’s “Losing My Religion.”
      I’m just again so amazed by Dia and her creativity that I find myself absolutely enveloped in her whole performance. There’s no karaoke vibe or competition feeling with her songs because she sings it as if she wrote them herself, and it’s done just right. I don’t think about the original version when she sings it. As the coaches pointed out, she has a “vision” and it’s so cool to see. On top of that, she picks great songs. Emotional connection, originality, sweet vocals–it’s all there.

    • Huh?! says:

      Casey sounded good to you?

      • ned says:

        Nakia should have got it…………..Casey, Javier………should have never dropped Jeff Jenkins……..not much of a looker but the voice ism oving!

  2. MEL31602 says:

    I actually think Nakia might make it through over Vicci. Or at least he should, since Vicci sounded off for much of her song. I also thought Beverly was way better than Frenchie even though I preferred Beverly’s less screamy performance last time. Dia is my favorite of all of them, and while I also liked her better in the prior round she probably was still my favorite of the night tonight. And I’m happy Javier stopped with the runs, but I found his performance a bit underwhelming. But luckily Adam gave Casey the worst song choice possible, and she sang the first part off pitch, so I don’t think Javier has anything to worry about

  3. Michelle says:

    everyday I fall more in love with Slezak – “Rhymes with icky, Kia, and Ravi’s hair.” Nothing better rhymes with Javier.

    Also, I think the bald diva will be Beverly. Not seeing much love for Frenchie out there and I think Bev out did her tonight for sure.

  4. Sivat says:

    Loved Dia. I also loved Bev, Casey, Xenia, Vicci and Nakia. Fun show tonight!

  5. Vetle says:

    I don’t get Javier AT ALL. I thought he severely oversang “Angel” last week, and this time, I listened to “Fix You” without watching the actual performance (the voice alone) – and it sounded sloppy at times. I’m not too familiar with the song, though I love Coldplay. Did he change it up a lot? I didn’t really recognize the middle of it. He HAS a good voice, but… uhm. I don’t know. I prefer Casey Weston.

    I liked Dia’s rendition of “Losing My Religion”, and Vicci Martinez… dayum. Great song choice for her.

    Beverly was GREAT. Something about her voice gives me goooooosebumps. I think it was my favorite performance, and I don’t even know the song. Hmm, Dia and Beverly brought it for me.

    • dan says:

      I’m with you on the Javier thing, though he clearly has talent. I like Casey better, she brought something to I Will Always Love You that made it interesting, and it must have been daunting to take that on.

      Dia, Beverly and Vicci were all great. I really like Xenia too, but there is no way she will beat Dia. The level of talent on this show is high, I actually want to buy some of these songs off Itunes, and I could see more than one of them making an album I might want.

      • bluedevil says:

        I was so glad Adam picked Casey BUT she was baaaaaad today. Her vibratos make me sick (I’m sure it makes goats and sheeps happy, though) and they way she talked man! Reminded me of a spoilt teenager biting her tongue. I loved her during her auditions, battle round, and even last week. But for some reason she annoyed me as hell this week.

        As much as everyone here hates Javier, his voice is the most polished among any contestants and thank god he didn’t oversing today. But I’m pretty sure his song wouldn’t sell as much on itunes as his Angel or Time after time rendition.

        • jj says:

          agree! The way shes coming off in her clips makes her seem like a spoiled brat! Honestly its like show some respect to your coach

    • Vetle says:

      Oh, I forgot to mention Xenia. The song fit her like a GLOVE. A bit shaky on the falsetto notes, though. That said, I definitely got good vibes from her performance. Her tone is pretty cool. I could hear her on a chill record.

      I don’t really care for Frenchie anymore (though, I won’t be upset if she makes it to the finale) and Nakia is pretty meh (props for song choice). Frenchie has been pretty underwhelming – which is disappointing since she was GREAT on American Idol. Christina should have picked a ballad for her – dancy gospely pop doesn’t work well for me – but those last runs she did… MAN. Dat voice.

      I don’t hate anyone, at least. :P

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I guess I’m in the minority here – I am not a Frenchie fan but I really enjoyed her performance last night. Maybe because I”m old and it reminded me of something from a 70s or 80s variety show, LOL – but it was entertaining!

    • Sheri says:

      Javier might have oversang “Angel” but he didn”t butcher it like Jackie Evancho did on Leno Monday night.

    • Ok says:

      I really have to agree. I enjoy this show a lot and I think they’re all talented in their own way, but I don’t get Javier as much. I’ll be a little disappointed if he wins. I thought his last couple performances have been pretty off.

  6. lauren says:

    I missed the first half of the performances, but I’ve listened to Dia’s band Meg & Dia for years and once I saw on twitter that she sang “Losing My Religion” I just pretty much imagined what it would be like in my head. Lo and behold – I was pretty spot on haha, her tone and style is very distinctive. Anyway, Dia is the best on the show. Xenia is too undercooked.

  7. Nicole says:

    I actually really enjoyed Frenchie’s performance. Vicci was good, but it was because the song is so spectacular. No one is ever going to do that song better than (or as good as) Florence. Nakia was okay, love Xenia’s voice just hate that she’s so nervous, Bev is good… I think the stand outs were Dia and Frenchie. I adore Javier, but rock isn’t his genre, IMO. I think rock is Bev’s forte; she was so great singing The Whio…

    Still love this show much more than recent Idol…

    • jenna says:

      I’d have to agree with you on Vicci. As much as I love her as a performer there isn’t all that much you can play around with with that song

  8. marie says:

    Damn good show tonight! It was actually hard for me to pick one from each team in some cases but ended up voting for Frenchie, Dia, Casey and Vicci though I found myself wishing I could also throw some votes to Nakia and Javier. I really don’t get Xenia at all – maybe she’s better live, but Dia was terrific. I was entertained for almost the entire 2 hours!

  9. R says:

    Biggest complaint about this show which started out so well – what the hell happened to fresh song choices? How sad is it when SYTYCD has fresher music? (Seriously) I mean the covers are a bit more current than AI, but not much, not much at all.

    Still, I LOVE Vicci and think she’s miles ahead in talent.

    I honestly find Dia’s self-conscious, emo versions of songs so tiresome, along with her rolling doe eyes. Pose much, dear?
    At least Xenia’s languid, ‘I might fade away at any moment, I’m just that dreamy’ demeanor seems organic if not terribly smart.

    Adam Levine is apparently the devil. And I KNEW that before but his friendly persona in the early eps of The Voice sucked me in. Damn. Pretending to butt heads with Casey to give her some personality and narrative for viewers was a bit transparent. And he managed to tag Nakia with an Adam Lambert insult. Oh Dear. He’s like pop music’s own tattooed Erica Kane.

    Nakia has the bear vote sewn up but really why would I want to hear more from this guy. I’m sure the local bar needs a stalwart piano dude. And Javier – apparently only does that pretty acoustic thing that makes every song sound the same – like tofu for vegetarians – look tofu dogs! tofu sausages! tofu shrimp! When the band kicked in on ‘Fix You’ J-Man looked and sounded lost. And, hey, if you can’t make one size fits all Coldplay work, well…

    Frenchie/Bev, Bev/Frenchie – potato, potato (No, not a comment on all the bald. Well, ok, maybe a little.)

    And I think maybe the coaches need to take a page from the contestants’ book and stick with covers – that hot mess Adam and Xtina sang was…what? And Blake, I know it’s country but Honeybee something, something… Seriously? Such a long way from that first amazing cover of ‘Crazy.’ Still think The Voice has better singers that other shows, but it has fallen so far below the bar it originally set….

    Ah well, reality tv is like the scorpion – what did I expect after all?

    • bluedevil says:

      Wow. I’m not sure we watched the same show. Chill out, man. I have complete opposite views on almost ALL your points that it’s ridiculous.

      I see that you view things in black and white (either awesome or bad) but I hope someone someday introduces you to color tv. It has been existing for over 50 years, you know.

      • R says:

        Uh, okay, man. Now that you’ve offered up a not terribly clever insult (if you have ‘complete opposite views’ then you just see things in white & black, babe, not color or shades of grey or whatever you were going for there). My opinion – never suggested otherwise. But maybe offer your own views instead of attacking other comments. Just a thought.

        • ha says:

          OK best comeback ever lol
          And I agree with what you said on Vicci (who’s my favorite) and Javier (who’s overrated imho). Couldn’t agree less with what you said on Dia (who’s my second favorite) though. What I love most about her, apart from her obvious talent, is her authenticity. ‘Poser’ would be the last word I’d use to describe her.. But hey, to each their own and you are of course entitled to your own opinions and colour schemes ;)

        • bluedevil says:

          Well, when you see a show for 2 hours, and all you come up is they negatives of each and every performance, then it’s hard to justify how you see in colors. Looks as if you were switched to black for the whole night. Just saying.
          I’m just a little worried that you couldn’t/can’t see the brilliance in Dia’s or Beverly’s or Vicci’s or even Nakia’s performances.

    • Ella says:

      Ha-ha R., I agree with you on mostly everything except that I liked Dia…well, kind of…lol. Vicci is also still my favorite even though last performance was not as great as last week’s.
      And Mr. Levine? Lol. I had the feeling that he is full of himself right from the start and only started to warm up to him and then boom! Whateves, he made a full of himself and Adam Lambert looks better than ever since he didn’t take the bite and even tried to calm down his fans!

    • Lina says:

      Thank God, I thought I was the only one who’s completely over Dia and her (as we call it in my office) drunk baby voice. Her cover of Losing My Religion was ok but bordered on boring and her phrasing is insane. I liked her at the beginning but she is tiresome.

  10. Voice Fan says:

    Adam sent Casey to the slaughter tonight to make sure that Jeff Jenkins didn’t derail Javier from the finals. Casey was horrible. I couldn’t watch her whole performance and I loved her last week. If Adam, after rehearsing that song w/Casey seriously thought she’d do well, then he knows nothing about music which is possible after that ridiculous song he sang with his band tonight. Javier was great and it was a good song choice for him.
    Beverly was also one of the night’s best. Frenchie doesn’t stand a chance against her and to be honest, Frenchie is getting by on her reputation as the voice American Idol sent away more than she is on her vocals which have been lackluster. She has her moments, but her total performances are nothing great and I sense she’s a lot more unsure of herself as an artist than I thought she would be. She has not even come close to dazzling me yet.
    Dia made a song I loathe sound fresh and interesting tonight. She’s probably going to win the whole thing in the end.
    As for C. Lo’s team I actually preferred Nakia tonight to Vicci. Vicci did a mimic performance on Florence’s signature hit while Nakia took Lambert’s best song and made it his own. I also like Nakia’s stage presence a lot once he gets rolling in the song.
    Beverly and Nakia have the best stage presence in this whole thing.
    That said, you know it’s going to be Beverly, Javier, Dia and Vicci in the finals. I don’t think Nakia stands a chance at beating Vicci.
    The show was really great tonight with the exception of Casey’s awful performance and who could blame her. I think she was sent out there to flop so Adam didn’t have to risk Jeff beating Javier.

    • Jane says:

      Comment twins. I was not the biggest fan of Losing My Religion – perhaps it had to do it being overplayed on the radio. But, somehow Dia got me to really like the song. All the singing competition shows can feel karaoke times since they are covering songs. But for some reason, I have found that Dia’s rendition refreshing.

    • AJ says:

      Totally agree about Jeff Jenkins. I knew if Javier got the vote Adam would cast him aside to make sure Javier wins. I mean really, you don’t choose the guy that all 4 turned their chairs for, not to mention the guy they never criticized EVER. The show lost all credibility right there. The girl he chose doesn’t have a tenth the voice of Jeff.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Are we watching the same show? As I recall Jeff Jenkins’ “Jesus Take the Wheel” was AWFUL last week.

      • Voice Fan says:


        Disagree with you. Casey has a great voice, but that song and that performance were horrid. I think she beat Jeff last week when they al sang, but she was terrible last night. It was the wrong song, wrong arrangement, wrong everything for her. That said, I do believe Adam wanted to give Javier a clear shot to the finals and didn’t want Jeff and his sob story to knock Javier out. I don’t think Jeff was a better vocalist than Javier, but Jeff was a very good reality TV singing competition character.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          That’s a good analyis.
          Casey was definitely better than Jeff last week, but she was awful last night. (and “wrong everything” includes that ghastly dress with the fan – it was NOT right for her, IMO). Adam definitely sandbagged Casey last night.

      • Christina says:

        That moment when Adam said to Carson “can I let YOU go?”, I thought to myself “if only…” Seriously, that guy is the one getting on my nerves.

  11. Michael says:

    Bev was the best of the night for me. Vicci’s “Dog Days Are Over” had potential to be good, but IDK, she didn’t sell it for me. And Frenchie’s performance was completely lacking emotion, it was incredibly detached. I get that Javier is talented, but I just don’t care which sucks because I don’t know if I can stand how Casey moves between notes, it’s such a weird vibrating/choppy thing she does with her voice that gets on my last nerve. Xenia showed us 2 seconds of how really great her voice could be if she had more time to learn, but unfortunately the competition ends very soon. And also, JEFF WAS ROBBED. UGH!!!!!!

    • Lana says:

      I have to admit I am curious about Adam’s motive, is he trying to lose the competition, because his best voice was Jeff and he ended picking his worst voice. I was shocked to say the least and Javier did not blow me away this time as I’m sure Jeff would have. Beverly did also Dia and I did love Nakia but he was not better than Adam Lambert and I don’t believe Adam has never heard of him or that song, I think that was jealousy talking. I also thought Vicci was good, it was a fun show.

      • jes says:

        considering adam had never heard of bless the broken road by rascal flats can’t say i’m really surprised

      • Lyndsey says:

        Jealousy?! Seriously?! Maroon 5 has been selling out concerts for over 7 years now & has multiple Grammys. So what exactly is he supposed to be jealous of? A reality show runner-up?! Please!!

        I didn’t know that song (or Xenia’s) either & I have quite a bit more free time than Mr. Levine does. The only reason I knew the Rascal Flatts song was because I had an ex that played it all the time. If you don’t care for those genres of music (or the farce that is American Idol) then it’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t be familiar with those songs.

        By the way, I’ve met & had a conversation with Adam Levine & he was one of the nicest & most personable ‘celebrities’ that I’ve met (and yes I have met a few).

  12. NedPepper says:

    Vicci sang Florence and she did it well. That alone makes her vote worthy. It’s about song choice, and if that’s her sensibilities, I’m on board.

    Dia is without a doubt the best overall singer.

    I feel bad for Nakia. I think he’s a great singer. But I can’t pick him over Vicci. That’s the problem with the show. You have all this talent…it shouldn’t come down to just one from each team. Still, the performances tonight blew 95% of the entire season of American Idol away. Why? The songs choices were relevant. And there’s a lot of talent by not restricting the age limit. I hope Uncle Nygel is paying attention.

  13. davey says:

    I couldn’t vote for Vicci tonight. Her voice didn’t sound great. Gave my votes to Nakia.

    I like both Dia and Xenia.

    I also wasn’t thrilled by Javier. So my votes went to Casey.

    Whoever moves forward for Xtina’s two is fine with me.

  14. Sheri says:

    Tonight’s performances were amazing. This show makes season 10 of Idol look like the hot mess it really was. Good chance a female will win The Voice, something that probably will never happen again on Idol.

  15. Taylor says:

    Dia definitely stole my vote. She has an amazing voice, and I’m loving the studio version as I type this.
    Xenia picked a sleepy song that just didn’t bring the wow factor.
    For Team Adam, I liked both of them. Casey gives me chills, so I’ll give her my vote, but I think Javier will stick around. He was doing so good, but the band tampered with his performance and prevented him from having a moment.
    Team Christina was odd tonight. I enjoyed Beverly’s performance, and I think she’ll easily advance. Frenchie didn’t impress me :/
    Team Cee Lo made me wonder what happened. Vicci was amazing last week, but her performance was just off tonight. Dog Days Are Over doesn’t suit her harsh and powering voice. It needs to be soft and beautiful. Nakia just sang an awful song and was boring.


  16. dj says:

    Voted for Vicci tonight. I hope she makes it through over Nakia. I loved how fierce she was with her singing and drumming. Loved the hair, loved everything.

  17. kris says:

    Vicci – NAILED it – high-octane, intense,passionate performance. My top pick!
    Also picking Dia, Bev and Javier.

  18. Vivi says:

    Javier all day. Vikki was great, too. But I replayed Ravi’s hair’s performance a good number of times. Like 15. And I can’t wait to download the studio version.

  19. mary says:

    I think the one thing this show needs is a single elimination. Maybe it would make too similar to Idol at this point in the game, but it would make the results show a lot more interesting, and give the audience more time to really get to know, and hear great performances from those left behind. I think that its a bit unfortunate the person these contestents are competing with the most are their own “teammates”. And it makes it more predictable to guess who will stay and who will go when you’re just competing against one other person.

  20. Sophie says:

    The finalists will be (in order of how I ranked them tonight): 1. Beverly. 2. Vicci. 3. Dia. 4. Javier. I would actually love to see Casey upset Javier. I just think there are clear reasons why he has “almost” had a career so many times…because he isn’t that great. He can have a long career as a back up singer, but ther isn’t anything distinctive about him. My top three all have that extra something that makes them stand out.

  21. RM says:

    This competing within your team concept is interesting. When given an opportunity to join a team, perhaps pick the one with weaker singers if you can. Casey was trying valiantly to not sound like Whitney. Bad song choice for her, but I think the reason Javier got dropped was he is too vanilla. Dia arranges songs such that she is never karaoke. Plus, she plays instruments ably. Vicci is a little bundle of energy. Florence and The Machine did that song at Bonnaroo. Very contemporary. Bev maybe did a bit better than Frenchie.

  22. algalhi says:

    Loved Dia tonight! I think she’ll easily be in the Final, and this poll gives me hope that she has a chance to win it all! I know, I’m probably being delusional, but I can dream…

    I liked Casey, too, but she was off key in the beginning, although I loved the middle and end of the song. A goat? Really? LOL

    Javier was a disappointment for me tonight, but suspect his previous performances will carry him through.

    Most WTF moment tonight: Adam Levine claiming he’d never heard Whataya Want From Me, but saying Nakia outsang the original singer that he’d never heard? Uh, WWFM was Grammy nominated, a world-wide hit, and was on the Grammy CD with Levine’s Misery! To Adam Lambert’s credit, he praised Nakia, brushed off Levine’s diss with humor and said he loves Maroon 5. Adam Levine could take a few lessons in class from the other Adam L.

    • Ruthfan says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Adam Levine not knowing WWFM???? C’mon folks, who’s he kidding! Nakia did a fine job with his performance of WWFM and showed a lot of emotion. Sorry, though, can’t possibly compare to the other-worldly vocals of Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert’s recording his 2nd album now and said on Twitter that Adam Levine WILL know him after he hears his 2nd album!!! You go Adam (Lambert)! Classy guy, though, he just laughed it all off.

    • GeorgiaPat says:

      I’m a lot more surprised that Adam never had heard The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” He must not watch TV or listen to the radio to know how huge The Script is.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I was shocked when Adam hadn’t heard “What do you want from me?” and “The Man that Can’t be Moved”. He must be REALLY Busy.

    • Tim says:

      Lambert can’t give anyone lessons in class. He has rudely dissed and mocked other singers.

      • RCH says:

        Well, let’s see …

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Go get @officialnikka’s new EP Pro Woah on iTunes! She’s got the most flavor. Period.

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Skylar Grey- Dance Without You. SOOOO fresh!!

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @sutanamrull: u hot diva! amazing video! @TommyJoeRatliff: get it!! @austin_young: stunning work!
        18 Jun

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Haha AAANYWAY- @BrunoMars’ Liquor Store Blues was on fire tonight. (my fav) And his guitar solo in Grenade?! Siiiiick.
        15 Jun

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @BrunoMars was amaaaazing tonight! I was already a fan of his album but after seeing him do his thing live… Daaayum! Inspired!
        15 Jun

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Check out my friend @simoncurtis’ new album RA on itunes!!

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Yeah Ivan!!! You rock buddy!! .be/CmMJOMIeSmo
        30 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Forgot to mention how great @reevecarney and U2 were last night. Love that beat they added to the song since I saw it in NYC
        26 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Beyonce and Gaga’s performances were awesome!!! Oh and Steven Tyler!!! Hot!
        25 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Some amaaaazing performances at Idol tonight!!
        25 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @brandywhitford Bruno Mars is really talented. Beautiful voice and a great writer. I’m a fan. Liquor Store Blues is one of my favorites.
        21 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Javier is one of the contestants on #thevoice ! I actually have an EP of his from a few yrs back. Loved him then and now!!!
        18 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @sutanamrull your single is so nasty!!! Loving it! Ha. Congrats!!
        3 May

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Get your copy of @scarlettcherry’s Labor Of Love!…
        27 Apr

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @SeriousShivers talented guy!
        25 Apr

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @Nek0Kat the Miike Snow album is so soothing. All of Goldfrapps down tempo songs are incredibly dreamy.
        24 Apr

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        Just heard new Beyonce track in the club. Sooooooo beat
        21 Apr

        adamlambert Adam Lambert
        @jessiejofficial I’m in love w your album. Sang. Damn. Inspired.
        12 Apr

        Want some more examples Tim of how Adam Lambert mocks and disses other artists? Try and educate yourself before expressing what is total BS! It only makes you look like a fool, Fool!

        • GinaBallerina says:

          Haha, you’re awesome, RCH! I appreciate the work you put in on behalf of all Adam LAMBERT fans. He is truly a sweetheart. The other Adam L only made himself look a fool. : )

      • algalhi says:

        Thank you, RCH!! Adam Lambert is exceptionally supportive of other singers and you’ve got the data to prove it!

        The upshot of all of this is that I am no longer a fan of Levine. I’ve bought some of his music in the past, but no more. There’s no way he can say that he’s never heard the song and then say Nakia sang it better. I’m glad Adam Lambert can brush off these disses for his own sake, but this fan isn’t forgetting.

  23. Renee says:

    Something I truly admire about this show was demonstrated by the coaches tonight.
    While I am absolutely on Team Vicci, I think this observation applies across the board: even though they are in a competition, Blake and Adam called Vicci’s the performance of the night (and see how they praised others like Bev as well).
    And while Christina has been a bit scattered at times, I really loved that she offered a great coach comment – not only praising Vicci’s vocals but noted how she handled it when her mic pack fell out – which I didn’t even see. That, for me, is the kind of thing that sets The Voice apart and above the other similar shows. Yes, it has some things to work on but this is Season 1 – so glad it’s coming back next year.

    P.S. Fellow Vicci fans – Nakia did a great job so don’t be complacent – VOTE VOTE VOTE for our girl.

  24. Jing says:

    I like Dia but eh… she sounds slightly affected to me. And sings detachedly (at least thats the kind of feeling I get). I can see why she’s getting heaps of love, but in a sea of contestants who are all pretty darn great, it’s a little mind boggling to me that she could have possibly captivated so many hearts (by the looks of this poll).

    Vicci did a copycat version of Florence’s Dog Days Are Over. And the problem is I preferred the original. It wouldn’t have mattered who sang it had Vicci made it her own, but as it turns out, she didn’t. Sure the drums were cool, but at the end of the day, that’s just a temporary gimmick.

    Beverly truly touched me with that performance (the beginning at least). When the music started picking up though… eh it lost some of its quiet power and turned into something surprisingly less impassioned IMO.

    Javier is so overrated. His Time After Time was beautiful I’ll admit, but this performance was uninspired, a tad boring, and generic. I don’t get the love for him at all. He sounded disconnected.

    My favorite of the night was Casey. She sings with such an understated yet pervasive energy. Her voice has an ethereal quality to it. I know some people hate how “goaty” her vibrato is, but I think it gives her tone a unique edge, and it’s expressive. She utilizes this characteristic of her voice so perfectly, filling every ounce of sound with feeling. I don’t care about Whitney or Dolly after hearing her rendition; she lifted the song from its basic lyrics and injected so much more emotion and meaning into it without even having to physically express it by powering out those notes. The performance was quiet, subtle, and beautiful. I loved it and oh goodness that soft ending where she held out the note…what a rarity in most other musical performances. Sustaining a note SOFTLY rather than through belting. She’s a gem and I bet her recordings are beautiful too. I love this girl, and from the sounds of it, she’s got a mind of her own too and isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts. Hopefully after she gets criminally sent off the show tomorrow (when Javier inevitably advances), she’ll still stick around in the music industry. She seems like the singer songwriter type, which will serve her well when she puts out her own material.

    I’m now too lazy to write about the rest of ’em…this means I’m probably indifferent. Oh well.

  25. JJ says:

    Fun show tonight!!! I like Xenia but how they have the show set up, there’s really not that much room for growth like they do on AI. I love the judges relationship with the contestants especially Papa Blake, that’s actually the main reason why I prefer the Voice over AI. I really can’t picture JLO acting so down to earth towards the contestants like these judges do

  26. MandyD says:

    Don’t get the Dia love. Looks like a frump and copies everyone’s song. Didn’t think she sang Losing My Religion any differently than REM. Casey is much better.

    Vicci is the little powerhouse. Javier has a great voice but the song was nothing special.

  27. Jing says:

    MTE on Dia. I don’t see the innovation that others are talking about.

    And yes, Casey <3.

    • Jing says:

      Uhhh supposed to be a reply to the comment above me. I think I refreshed somewhere between clicking on “reply to this post” and “submit your comment”

  28. jaxguy says:

    Now my 2 cents. Casey is adorable and all, but Adam made a huge mistake not picking Jeff. He would have had the best team. I am having a hard time picking my favorite, but I will give the edge to Nakia. He was nearly perfect and I really like the song and his soulful take was just different enough from Adam Lambert’s to give it a nice spin. I am really surprised that Adam did not know the song and also was not familiar with The Man Who Can’t be Moved, which is a great song. (If no one mentioned it earlier it’s by The Script.) Frenchie was ok, but on the playback she paled next to the other big singers. Performance wise, my favorite was Vicci. I just thought she was out of tune on the opening, but it took off nicely. I really do like her. Xenia is just not ready. She sounded nervous and really missed the high notes on the song. Javier was good, but I think he lost ground tonight. I love Coldplay, but I think he would have been better with a different Coldplay song. I didn’t love the redundancy of the lyrics. Casey was fairly mediocre in my opinion. I think Javier will make it by default. It would have been a real contest if Jeff had made it. I really, really like Dia. She’s pretty, got a very nice voice, but……..
    I think there is a niche for her, but she is limited compared to a couple of the other singers. For her genre, she has nice range but I suspect she would not soar outside her comfort zone. Beverly almost got my vote as best tonight. She was really close. But I know it’s not nice of me, but I can’t stand looking at her. I hate the tatoos and I hate the shaved head. (Hate Frenchie’s too.) I can barely look at her. If she grew her hair back she would be attractive and easier on the eyes. I know that is shallow and I know this is not a beauty pageant, but I just hate looking at her.

  29. jaxguy says:

    i think Jeff would have beaten Javier tonight. You just may be right.

  30. matt says:

    Dia: all style no substance. Her vocal contortions are random and not pleasing to the ear, lacking emotional resonance. I don’t think Michael Stipe would be a fan. Best were Nakia and Beverly , in my opinion. But Vicci got the cooler song so Nakia has a snowball’s chance in hell, unless Ceelo gave him 90% of the points LOL

  31. lisa says:

    What was up with Adam Levine and his comments about whataya want from me? What an ahole! I thought Nakia sounded ok but I wanted to close my eyes cuz I’m used to seeing hot Adam singing and Nakia is kinda gross,sorry but he looks like he needs to clean up. Yuck! Dia was my fav tonight

    • mada says:

      Maybe it was a jab at american idol rather than Adam. But it was obvious he was doing it intentionally. You don’t say “I don’t know the guy” and then say “you sang it better than him”.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Okay, thanks. I thought I heard that but wasn’t sure. I had just eaten dinner, was dog-tired, too lazy to walk across the room, get the remote from my husband, and back up the show to determine if I heard what I thought I heard.
        that made NO sense at all.

  32. mada says:

    Watched this show for the first time. Dia, and Beverly were the best and the most interesting. They were the only two that were creative enough to put a smile in my face.

  33. matt says:

    I can not believe how popular Dia is . She must be getting all the votes from the people who aren’t old enough to be absolutely sick of this song.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @matt – made me laugh. :-)

      I felt the same way about Javier’s “Angel”. I’m trying hard to ignore the song choice and listen to the vocals and performance skills.

  34. Jenn says:

    I’m thinking it’ll be Dia, Javier, Vicci and hopefully Beverly in the finals. Almost all of the performances were incredible! The talent level here is heads and shoulders above anything AI could hope for. Any of these incredibly talented singers could make an album and I’d be buying it.

  35. 4F says:

    I don’t get all the Dia love at all. Beverly was the clear standout to me last night. In any case, I think it’s pretty clear it will be Bev, Javier, Dia, and probably Vicci in the final round.

    • swthompson says:

      Dia has several songs on youtube, all of which are interesting rearrangements of well-known songs. I particularly am fond of her Mumford & Sons cover.

      • 4F says:

        I guess I just feel that–while interesting–the unexpected cover/rearrangement of a popular song shtick is not really a new concept, and beyond that concept, I don’t find Dia to be all that strong a vocalist. I think Xenia is a stronger and more interesting vocalist (just speaking about Blake’s team, not about all contestants), but Xenia is too green. She needs some stage/performance experience.

  36. GeorgiaPat says:

    Technically, I’m not voting this season, but I downloaded a few iTunes singles. I think Dia has the best shot at the finals because of her iTunes sales, and she appears to be a sophisticated and accomplished musician who will excel in doing her own writing and arrangements. It doesn’t hurt that she is mesmerizingly beautiful. If I voted on a single performance, it would be Beverly’s, but I can’t get past the persona of an 8 year old boy who wants to show how rough and tough he is. It’s distracting. I like Vicci, and I think Javier has good possibilities. Frenchie has tons of talent, but I think she may be getting bad advice from her coach. She’s been around long enough to have good instincts of her own, and I have a feeling that she’s going against her own judgement in doing what Christina suggests.

  37. Magically Suspicious says:

    Vicci Martinez has been my favorite from the auditions, but honestly, based on last night’s performances, the only tough choice I have is between her and Nakia. I almost wish at this point they’d open it up to let all 8 compete against each other, not four teams of two. Vicci and Nakia are by far my favorites. With Dia rounding out my top 3…probably sliding in to steal second place.

  38. darcy's evil twin says:

    Last night’s performances surprised me.

    I did NOT like Casey Weston’s “I Will Always Love You”. didn’t like the ball gown, the fan, or her voice. She should have just sung it simply with her guitar, a la Dolly Parton style. She sounded awful at the beginning. Just didn’t like it.

    I didn’t care for Vicci Martinez or Nakia, either.

    As far as performance and entertainment value, I liked Frenchie the best, and I’m not a Frenchie fan. I liked her better than Beverly.

    Javier Colon has a lovely voice. I didn’t listen to him last week because I hate that Sarah McLachlan song (or any of her songs) and this week he sings…COLDPLAY? I hate them too. Does this guy sing anything but depressing crap? Anyway, I forced myself to listen and his voice was lovely.

    I enjoyed Dia and Xenia. Dia was very good and Xenia has a haunting, unique voice. I wish she had more stage presence but her voice is hard to beat.

    • MA says:

      I totally agree about Xenia. Her voice is so interesting and unique and beautiful, but she comes across as really young and scared. I think she needs to join a band and get some performance experience.

  39. MA says:

    My favorites last night were Bev (BB King! Awesome!) and Vicci. That said, I did miss Dia and will have to find her performance online.
    So how does it work now? Next week, four people get cut and then that’s the finale? Or are they going to cut it down to two?

  40. Thom says:

    I really liked Dia and Vicci. Those two and Frenchie and Javier are going to move on I think.

  41. mich says:

    I really enjoyed Javier! What an amazing voice.. Although apparently not so popular on this site, I found his version touching and different enough to be great. I though Vicci was good, but the drumming was a little distracting. Casey’s vibrato made it hard to listen. Bev was great though the song felt too short to build as a blues song needs to.
    Dia was good and the version was unique. I really see her as a alt-folk-indie artist. I’m more interested in hearing her originals, and Javier too. Xenia was nice but needs to gain a few years/experience and get past the stage fright.

  42. Jay says:

    Based on last night’s performances only:

    Great – Dia, Beverly…

    Good – Javier (Coldplay is not the right kind of music for him….. what a terrible choice by Adam)

    Average – Vicci (usually like Vicci, didn’t last night), Frenchie

    Bad – Xenia (get this girl off this show already. She looks soooo uncomfortable on stage.. it makes me uncomfortable just watching her), Casey (another horrible choice by Adam.. Whitney Houston? You want this girl to cover Whitney Houston? Failure from the beginning.. she sounds like a goat)

  43. Leo says:

    Beverly owned everyone. Amazing job, I had chills when she was done.

  44. bob says:

    ugh, i hate all this dia love. girlfriend CANNOT carry a tune. she sounds like any radio friendly “folksy” girl singer (colbie callait, sara bareilles, ingrid michaelson, etc.)that seems to be popular these days. even then. she is not as strong as some of them. her stuff would be fine on american idol, but this is a show called “the voice.” that is something this girl does not have. give me frenchie, javier, nakia, or beverly. they are by the far the brightest stars and best vocalists on this show. also, i’m sorry, but dia doing an acoustic version of a rap song is NOT original. different for television, yes, but its not something i have never heard or seen before on youtube.

    • Lina says:

      No, it wasn’t even original for television. Kris Allen did it on AI three seasons ago and it was much better. Also, there was a show on a few years ago called Rockstar Supernova where a guy named Ryan Star did possibly the BEST cover of Losing My Religion ever. Seriously, look those performances up on youtube. Thank you for pointing out that Dia’s voice shouldn’t be The Voice.

  45. Mandy says:

    Frenchie Davis: Boring.
    Nakia: Pretty good.
    Dia Frampton: Revoluntionary. Amazing.
    Casey Weston: What were you thinking?!?! No one can do Whitney.
    Beverly McClellan: Pretty good.
    Javier Colon: Very Good.
    Xenia: Good Voice. Bad Presentation.
    Vicci Martinez: Good Presentation. Bad Voice.

  46. Sarah says:


    Just wanted to comment that I think it’s very interesting that the top 4 on this poll are the top 4 that moved on tonight!