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Question: Any new scoops about the new season of Bones? —Sydnee
Yes, a have big scoop! The first episode is titled “The Memories in the Shallow Grave.”

Question: Any scoop on Bones now that Booth and Bones are having a baby? —Kristen
Remember that big scoop I promised you, like, five seconds ago? This is actually it: “The first episode will pick up with Brennan moving into the third trimester of her pregnancy” — just as her portrayer, Emily Deschanel, will be come fall — reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Brennan is still the same strong character and shows no sign of slowing down. She attacks each case as she always has, although she must now deal with the realities of being pregnant.” Meaning…? “Small spaces are a challenge.”

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Question: Any idea when Season 2 of The Killing begins filming or even a rough idea of when it will air? Leaving us with that Mt. Everest-sized cliffhanger is cruel and usual punishment! Thank God they renewed it. I would have been furious if that was the series finale! — Lindsay
No clue, I’m afraid. But Mireille “Linden” Enos did recently share with TVLine her suspicion about Holden’s apparent betrayal of his partner. “This is just my own personal [theory],” she hastened to note, “because I hate to think badly of people. [But] I don’t think Holder’s crooked. I just think he’s a dumdum.” So, if he isn’t a bad cop, who was sitting next to him in that car? “I don’t know. [Series boss] Veena [Sud]’s scripts have surprised me every step of the way. I’ve stopped guessing, actually. I just wait for her genius to unfurl.” Certainly, a part of that genius in Season 2 will have to involve Linden’s continued involvement in the case, right? Was anyone not surprised that she didn’t get off the plane in the end? “We’ll see what happens at the beginning of the next season,” Enos responded with a laugh. “We don’t see the plane take off, so anything’s still possible.”

Question: Do you know if The Killing is ever going to address the connection between Rosie’s privileged ex-boyfriend, Jasper, and her Aunt Terry? Wasn’t that Terry rolling around in his bed in the premiere? —Craig
I thought the same thing — especially after it was hinted in a later episode that that Terry knew Jasper’s dad. Turns out, we were both mistaken. “That wasn’t Terry,” notes exec producer Veena Sud. “It was [just some] trampy woman that he picked up in a bar.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Question: Any chance you’ll be doing a Comic-Con shindig like in years past? —Jack
Officially, I can’t comment. On background and not for attribution, I can confirm that informal talks about a third annual Aushole gathering have begun.

Question: I’m a few weeks late with this, but is there a reason Ziva didn’t attend Mike Franks’ funeral in the NCIS finale? I wondered because she seemed really upset in the previous episode. —Mimi.
“There are actually two answers to Mimi’s question,” responds exec producer Gary Glasberg. “The first has to do with Ziva’s training as a former Mossad operative, her life experiences, and how she personally deals with death. Not attending Mike Franks’ funeral was in no way a sign of disrespect. We’ve all seen Ziva grieve. I think it’s fair to say she would do so in her own private way as she saw fit. Ziva also knew she had limited time to say goodbye to Ray before he left on his mission. Franks would never hold that against her. In fact he’d probably insist she ‘stop hangin’ around a cemetery and follow her heart.'”

Glee Scoop: Will Chord Overstreet, Ashley Fink and Darren Criss Return?

Question: Loved the Falling Skies premiere. Any scoop on Episode 2? —Joel
You’re about to find out what makes Maggie, the gal who helped Tom’s unit overtake Pope, tick. “It’s revealed quite quickly why she is the way that she is,” reveals her portrayer, Shark alumna Sarah Carter. “She comes by her tough exterior honestly and she protects herself for good reason. She’s covered in all these tattoos that say a lot about her, so I’m hoping that people notice the tattoos and really question her character as it develops.”

Question: Any Season 3 Glee scoop on Brittany-Santana? Will their “love story” continue, or should we interpret the events of the finale to mean they’ll go back to being friends with benefits? — Claire
“I don’t know what we’re doing with that,” series creator Ryan Murphy admits. “The thing we’re not going to do is something I would feel is disingenuous — Santana being like, ‘Oh, I’m going to try sleeping with boys again.’ No, Santana is now officially a lesbian and will be dealing with that as Kurt did [his own sexuality].” Well, maybe not exactly as Kurt did: She may get some action sooner than later. “Brittany with a coupla wine coolers in her is good to go, so never say never,” Murphy teases. “But we haven’t really [worked out] that story. All I can say is we will be true to Santana’s sexual orientation.” Speaking of Kurt (not) getting some action…

Question: I have a hunch the storyline Chris Colfer is campaigning for on Glee revolves around Kurt losing his virginity to Blaine. Am I right? If so, what do I win?! —Jessica
You win a big pile of bupkis because I think you’re wrong. When I pressed Colfer for more deets about his dream plot, he added, “It’s something that happens in high school every day that Glee has not covered yet.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Glee has gone to the virgin well a few times already. Anyone got another theory?! Hit the comments!

Question: I know she’s got a new show on The CW, but any chance Rachel Bilson will pop back up on How I Met Your Mother next season? —Jen
Network and studio bosses have been playing nice in recent years when it comes to sharing talent, so if HIMYM wanted her for another guest stint I imagine they’d probably be able to get her. THIS JUST IN: HIMYM wants her! “She’s still the roommate of the mother from the title of the series,” reminds exec producer Craig Thomas. “We didn’t establish her lightly. We definitely intend to show how she’s part of Ted’s link to finding the mother.”

Question: I need some Parenthood scoop, please! —Jade
Mae Whitman isn’t a member of the show’s writing team, but if she were she’d hand Amber a one-way ticket to Independenceville. “It would be great if maybe she got her own place and tried to move on from this horrible accident,” the actress tells TVLine. “When people have such an extreme thing happen to them, they might have an awakening or a life change, and it’d be really cool to seem Amber start to build her own life and try to handle it as it comes. It’d be interesting to see how that independence affects her relationship with her family. I had nightmares about leaving home when I was younger, so to explore that level of pain [from Amber’s perspective] would be really interesting.”

Exclusive: Lost Reunion in Hawaii!

Question: Dexter scoop, please? —Jody
Dex is heading back to high school — for one episode at least. TVLine reader Louise was on the scene and filed this exclusive report: “Dexter was filming at my high school last week. The episode was about a killing at a high school reunion. I’m pretty sure Dexter was involved, since Michael C. Hall was at our school.” Thanks Louise! Remember Ausholes: If you see something, say something!

Question: I’m not buying Melissa’s about-face in last week’s Pretty Little Liars premiere. I still think she’s out to get Spencer and the rest of the Liars. And obviously Ian is somehow involved. Am I right? —Maddie
Sounds like it. “Do not count on Melissa [being] a good friend,” hints exec producer Oliver Goldstick. “She is one treacherous gal. You do not want Melissa on your team. She’s got a way to really take the truth and twist it in her favor.”

Question: May I have a True Blood spoiler regarding Bill? —Bonnie
There’s a fairly momentous Bill-related development in Sunday’s season premiere that will reverberate throughout the season. Can’t really say more than that.

Question: I need a Torchwood: Miracle Day scoop. Something. Anything. —Raelle
Dichen Lachman’s CIA character proves to be a real, ahem, head-turner. (That’ll make more sense after you watch the second episode.)

Question: Any Big Bang Theory scoop? What will the fallout be from Penny and Raj’s one-night stand? —Lisa D.
I can tell you one thing: It won’t result in a full-blown romance. “I don’t think they have a future as a couple,” says exec producer Bill Prady. “Penny was just doing what she says she does all the time: When she’s upset romantically, she goes out and finds herself a guy. But this time she picked somebody who she had the ability to hurt, and I think that makes it very complicated. Penny had this great situation [with the guys] and she threw a hand grenade into it.”

Question: Any news on Jesse Spencer’s contract talks with House? —Emma
Nope. Looks like this thing could go down to the wire.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Michael Slezak and Megan Masters)

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  1. Sarah says:


    • Lina says:

      I just hate it that there is still no news about Jesse Spencer’s contract for season 8 of House. I don’t think he will be back. The show just sucks now! I hope the writers and producers all go to HELL!!!

      • Sam says:

        What are you talking about?!?! This is going to be the best. Season. EVER!
        No Lisa E, less RSL, less Omar, much less Olivia (probably) and maybe no Jesse! I mean, c’mon, it doesn’t get any better than that! Ask GY and DS, they’ll tell you–the show could go on foreveeerrrrrr!

      • WOW LINA says:

        Tell us how you really feel…if you dont like a show dont watch it anymore saying you want the writers and producers to go to hell is a little extreme? yes the show has declined and its probably going to wrap up next season in the mean time find something else to watch

      • Jerri says:

        Any episode of House MD in less than 140 characters: House: ok did we fill up 40 mins? Excellent! Now here’s what’s really wrong with the patient

  2. Carrie says:

    AWESOME scoop this week! That Bones scoop, In my opinion, deserves a separate article! I’ve been waiting to find out about that since she announced her pregnancy (both Emily and Brennan.) The Glee scoop was interesting too although I feel like Santana being bisexual would have been a more true story than her suddenly being a lesbian… Overall though, GREAT AA this week.

    • Meg says:

      YES! I COMPLETELY AGREE! I feel like they shouldn’t’ve had her say that she was attracted to both in the Sexy episode and then come out and be like, “yeah, she’s a lesbian.” As a bisexual, I find their handling of Santana’s character EXTREMELY offensive.

      The Bones news makes me squee, not gonna lie, but I hope we’ll get some flashbacks after the hiatus. I don’t know why we would, but a girl can dream, right?

      • liddie says:

        Yes! They have to have flashbacks! Otherwise we’ll miss out on everyone’s reaction when they first hear the news. That’s what I really want to see.

        • Amy says:

          You are right! They can’t make us miss the team’s reactions as well as the night of conception. Surely they wouldn’t do that to us. Right?! At least we will be in time for a baby shower. I pity Angela for having to throw her a shower. But it should be hilarious. Imagine them trying to play all of those cheesy baby games.

          • lolo says:

            I will cry if I don’t see Sweets reaction… I don’t know why but I just really want to see it.

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          yesssssss, the reactions! and i want to see Booth running around Brennan indulging her pregnancy cravings <3 <3

      • Michelle says:

        I think you forget the fact that after that Holly said it’s about who you fall in love with. I mean Santana also said something about maniquins and sex dreams about shrubs in the shapes of humans.

        I think at the end of sexy it was very clear that Santana wasn’t bisexual while Brittany is. I don’t think they handled that wrong. Some gay people do have relationships with people of different sex before they accept the fact they’re gay. Having Santana be gay does work because all the relationships they have shown her with guys were all wrong (See Finn in 1×15 , Puck who she only uses , Sam beard/annoy Quinn, etc). I think Santana as gay is one of the most believable and honest things they did this season.

        Glad to hear that they are not going to back out of this. It is one of the storylines I enjoyed the most this season.

        • Erin says:

          I agree… I like that they are making Santana a lesbian, because there’s something that really rings true about the confusion young people can feel about their sexuality. She lives in a small, uptight town, and while she seems to be very open, she’s actually covering up her true insecurities, like so many people do. Her “relationships” were just about sex and talking a big game…there were never any feelings involved. I think it makes total sense that in the end she can’t hide from herself any longer.

  3. Gabby says:

    YES for Bones scoop! Is September here yet? I cannot wait for next season! Wow I can’t believe she’ll be in her third trimester already 0___0 I’m still letting this shocking pregnancy sink in! haha I’m sure the new season will be awesome as always though! :)

    • Liz says:

      OMG I think all Bones fans are excited.I rewatch the last 2 minutes of the finale so many times but Booths smiles is just the best. I can’t for the Bones baby!!

      • rachelle says:

        lol! i thought i was the only one! i have the episode on my laptop and Booth’s smile just makes everything perfect!

  4. Lyss says:

    So basically all Ausiello confirmed about NCIS is how GG is the worst writer at NCIS… he ruined Ziva and everything great about Swan Song in about five minutes with his idiotic brain and a keyboard. Mike Franks would never want her to “follow her heart” even if he wouldn’t care about her not attending the funeral. She wasn’t attending for Mike Franks GG, she was attending for GIBBS, her boss, the closest thing she has to a father in the US! It’s called respect for her leader, something Gibbs should call her out on. No one gives a crap about “CI-Ray” he’s terrible and terrible for Ziva! That freaking promise ring was a joke!

    • Shayna says:

      Oh I agree 100% with this! Someone, anyone, take the keyboard away from GG! I am mildly concerned how the next season is going to be written with him behind the helm, since SB is heavily involved with NCIS:LA. What a horrible reason for Ziva not to attend! I am hoping CI-Ray never shows his slicked-back, greasy hair ever again.

    • AngelMoonGirl says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m a Tiva (Tony/Ziva) fan but even if I wasn’t, I’d still hate Ziva/Ray. WTF was up with Ziva wanting a ring after weeks of not speaking to Ray? Is she that desperate? Does GG not remember that HE WROTE Ziva saying she didn’t want to settle for a nomad- perfect way to describe a shady CIA agent, huh?- in season 7’s “Endgame”? Such a character disservice. She SHOULD have been at the funeral! Not sitting around accepting empty promise boxes! I was so upset with the finale, if you can’t tell… I feel your pain! Ziva’s my favorite character and it sucks to watch her degraded like that.

      On a happier note, soooo excited about the Bones scoop, I’m really craving it! I AM admittedly a little disappointed that the season is going to open with Brennan already so pregnant (won’t we miss a lot?), but, I understand the reasoning. I just hope TPTB can give us a lot in a little amount of time to make up for that big jump. Particularly B&B-wise.

    • D$ says:

      Convinced GG has NO history re: Ziva and death. She attended Jenny’s funeral. She accompanied both Ari and Rivkin’s bodies back for burial. And follow her heart…please…for weeks she said she was over it, then disappointed in lack of ring… Please watch some DVDs and get a clue…

    • redreh says:

      OMG THIS.
      What a lame a$s answer. I mean, I was expecting something like Cote was very sick that day and couldn’t be at filming. Honestly, that really seems the only viable excuse.
      BS. I call shenanigans on this crap!

    • as says:

      Interesting how it’s mostly the tiva fans freaking out over the answer. Here’s hoping that GG continues to put his own stamp on te show & erases all the damage done by SB in his lame attempt to turn NCIS into either ZCIS or the Tiva hour.
      Mike franks meant nothing to ziva. her attending the funeral would have only served to have the character in yet another scene uselessly. As far as Gibbs & his pseudo daddy role for ziva she has the perfect father (for her) in Eli. Here’s hoping GG kills that daddy card that SB over used when it came to Gibbs.

      • TheRealityIs... says:

        GET OVER IT ALREADY. There’s this little thing called LIFE that you should try. It’s a lot more fulfilling than spending all your time hating on fictional characters.

        • tejas says:

          Gotta love the irony.

        • JustJeanette says:

          Oh yes, I am so loving the irony here.

          Hey, Reality, how about telling the posters who are all over GG with their virulent hate to “Get Over It Already?”… Unless of course you are a sock-puppet of one of the earlier posters at which point I’d suggest you grow a pair and ‘fess up to being a ZCIS lover as opposed to an NCIS lover.

      • rosebud says:

        Gee…I seem to remember when Tony fans made these same type of complaints the past couple of years (although with a bit less whining) we were all told by the tiva/ziva fans to stop our complaining, it’s just a TV show, and if we didn’t like it then to stop watching…well maybe you should take your own advice then.

      • Hyacinth says:

        “As,” your post makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m certainly not a fan of “tiva” but I like Ziva, and don’t see it being “ZCIS” in any way. I think the show balances the characters quite nicely, much more so than a show like “House” does these days, for example. I don’t understand what your problem is with having Ziva look up to Gibbs as a father figure. She never had a good relationship with her own father, and neither did Tony. If DiNozzo can see Gibbs as a father figure, why shouldn’t Ziva? I’m just grateful that they don’t try to pair Gibbs and Ziva. As for Ziva being at the funeral, why would her attendance be any less/more important than the others? I can’t see where she would know Franks any more/less than anyone else. (After Gibbs, of course.)

      • Truth says:

        The ZCIS show? Are you kidding me? Ziva hasn’t been featured heavily since season six. They pretty much brushed over the Somalia arc and the last Tiva thing of substance on the show was way back in the beginning of season seven. I don’t know what show you’re watching, but the one I’m watching has done a very good job of pushing everything Ziva related as far away as possible.

        As for the Gibbs father-figure arc, that was established in the show a long time ago, way back in season 3 when Ziva killed Ari. It’s pretty much cannon that the entire team sees him in that role actually, so I’m not sure why Ziva’s relationship with Gibbs bothers you specifically.

        Personally I’m tired of all this Ziva hate. Even when she’s hardly present people find something to pick at. Seriously, give it a rest already. She’s a well-established part of the team, which means the show WILL focus on her from time to time, just like they will focus on Tony, Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Ducky, etc. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t as well.

    • Kath says:

      Not only is Gary Glasberg a writer in a bubble, he has no concept of the history of his own show.

      Worse, he tries to fake it when he’s caught in a mistake. The viewers are not that stupid that we can’t see through the fakery.

      I’ve always liked NCIS because it was an intelligent, complex show. At this point, I have very little confidence in Glassberg as a show-runner. Too bad Shane Brennan has moved on.

  5. Danielle says:

    They’re gypping us again!? First they skip the romance, now they’re short-changing the pregnancy……it’s so frustrating! I know Angela was pregnant last season, but Brennan pregnant would be entirely different and a lot of fun to explore. It’s like the writers don’t really want to see them together so they’re coming up with ways to skip to the part where they break up again. What’s wrong with showing a couple being great together? They already have such an undercurrent of affection that it really wouldn’t change their dynamic very much. Come on writers, you made us wait all this time to see them together, give us some time to enjoy it!

    • NickC says:

      You do understand that Emily Deschanel is with child right?..This is not about you.Do you want them to try and hide her belly?Carry a big purse in front of it?…not everything is EVIL writers trying to hurt you.

    • Caroline says:

      I agree, I’m not pleased. I thought if we didn’t get to see them hook up, and we didn’t see the first two months of their relationship, we’d at least get to see everyone else’s reaction to the pregnancy. What on earth are they thinking, robbing the viewers like this?? I get that she’s pregnant in real life, but that’s never stopped producers before from creating the story they want to create.

      • Nicole says:

        It would be very hard for them to hid her pregnacy…have you not seen recent pictures of her??? They arent moving forward to be mean…they are moving forward because they have too…. cut the writers some slack….they are trying their best here!!

    • Candy says:

      I really hate the writers right now, I mean…WTF? Why didn’t they (at least) show a flashback or something?

      • Bob says:

        How do you know they won’t this season? And who wants to sit through ANOTHER entire season watching someone gestate? Once was enough. Pop that baby out and get back to work!

        • Aeol says:

          UGH! people, give it up with the flashbacks! Time passes, it’s a fact, but who knows how the squints are still reacting to it? Who knows how B and B are still reacting to it? Stop worrying about the past and get excited for what’s to come. I’m certain Booth and Brennan aren’t living in a big house in McLean and doing a registry at Babies R Us. I am so excited for how everyone will likely be trying to get Brennan to focus on the coming baby while she just wants to play with bones! Heehee

          • Katy says:

            SHUT THE HECK UP!!!!! I think anyone who says there should be flashbacks, I 100% AGREE with you! I just wish that…we could see how Angela, Hodgins, Camille, Lance, and all the “Squinterns” react.
            PEACE=<3+=D = BONES!!!!

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree. I know they had to work with Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, but the fact is, the “Bones” writers jerked the fans around until real life forced their hand, and now they’ve skipped over all the great relationship beginnings and stages. The stuff we all wanted to see — their choosing to be together, the earliest bumps in the road, an actual DECISION to have a family — we never got it and never will.

      • NickC says:

        I have an idea.Emily Deschanel should get an ABORTION…this way all of you idiotic fans can get your stories that those mean writers are keeping from you out of spite…sound good.

        • Ashleigh says:

          Are you freaking kidding me?! You are a terrible person! She should “get an ABORTION”?!?!? I am trying my hardest not to cuss you out but since these comments are monitored I will make an effort to have the least bit of respect for you. It is one thing to not be happy about something or about “idiotic fans” but wishing abortion on someone who is in her sixth month of pregnancy is sick. You are making me sick. I don’t care if this was a joke or if it was sarcastic. You shouldn’t even say that about someone.

          • Idk says:

            I don’t think what he said was wrong. He was obviously being sarcastic and the context he was using makes it sound like an abortion is the worst thing that could happen…ergo what idiotic fans would want. But I have to say that in a way i agree with both comments. I think they could have been handled better but I also have no problem with the pregnancy.

  6. Bubu says:

    True Blood: Bill is the new King, he probably made a deal with Nan, i think she helped him with the Queen and then he became King. He was working for Nan since the 80s.

  7. Katrina says:

    1. thanks for the bones scoop. 2. wherehs the army wives scoop?!?!

  8. Sheila says:

    For Chris’ campaigning for a storyline; Glee has not covered physical abuse. Blaine doesn’t talk about his parents, only mentioning his father thought “getting his hands dirty would make him straight.” So, maybe he’s not okay with it. I don’t know.. Blaine’s never had a boyfriend, so maybe as Kurt and Blaine’s relationship progresses, they’ll get to the whole “meet my boyfriend” stage and Blaine’s father’s reaction is physical towards Blaine. I just see it in my head. I don’t know.

    • Mia says:

      Wow, you just opened a can of worms. Expect crazy replies. Since Chris said it was something that happens in high school every day, I’d say something more basic and actually about school. Like classes, for instance? We’re supposed to believe at least some of the Glee kids are pretty smart, and yet we’ve never seen them dealing with normal school stuff like tests and hard classes. The beginning of their senior year is a perfect time to actually have story lines about all that (though in reality a bit late, considering most kids going to college take SATS and pick which schools their applying to in 11th grade these days)

      • Kim says:

        Good guess! All I was thinking about was 1) Smoking in the restroom 2) Skipping school 3) Smart kids and teachers’ pets getting scalded by the other kids 4) Study Hall (I’d love to see Sue on study hall duty.)

      • Meep says:

        It may not happen EVERY single day, but what about taking the SAT and/or applying to colleges? Alternatively having “gym” class with Sue or the Beast could be extremely entertaining.

        • Evan says:

          I like your gym class idea. Sex Ed or Driver’s Ed could also be possibilities– the former would fit with Kurt’s storyline thus far.

    • Matt says:

      I bet you’re right! It would be a contrast to Kurt’s relationship with Burt. It would address the many gay kids who DON’T have such a wonderfully accepting parent. As far as CC’s hint: Every day in schools it is being discovered (by friends, teachers, boyfriend/girlfriends) that a kid is the victim of abuse.
      I was worried it was going to be a Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky triangle (which I find disturbing). The “abuse” storyline makes the most sense.

      • bettyd says:

        I think the happens everyday in high school will be one of 1. drugs (they did alcohol, but I don’t recall pot or other drugs) 2. SATs 3. getting into college and financial stuff with that

    • Chriistina says:

      ohh good one! I just feel like, anything on Glee you should take with a grain of salt. The story line’s okay, but it just gives them a theme for the episode, not much holds through from episode to episode. That’s just my opinion. What about another guy in Kurt and Blaine’s life. I feel like the only reason they’re “together” is because there’s no other guy. Again, just me.

  9. Sheila says:

    No, not Blaine abusing Kurt! Blaine’s father abusing Blaine! Blaine hitting Kurt..? Oh god, no!

    • Leah says:

      Blaine is about as capable of being abusive as I am of blowing my life savings on miniature figurine livestock. Meaning you’d have to get me drunk and trick me into doing it, and even then it would be difficult.

  10. Wendy says:

    Danielle, in this case, I cannot fault the “Bones” PTB since Emily Deschanel will also be in her third trimester. As it was, she was already starting o fill out in the finale.

    I am still intrigued as to where the Booth/Brennan relationship is going.

  11. Me says:

    Glee: I think Kurt and Blaine deal with Blaine’s addiction to hair gel. Never done before.

  12. CE says:

    Storyline: how about cheating on a final exam/plagiarizing a paper? I don’t think I’ve seen that yet on Glee, though I watch a lot of TV and it’s all running together now, haha! But Blaine asking Kurt to help him cheat to get a better grade could be an interesting dilemma for him…

  13. Scott says:

    For some reason, Stephen Nathan and TPTB over at Bones don’t want to show the beginning of the relationship between Booth & Brennan. Why, you may ask? Good Question! I get that they don’t want them to be all lovey-dovey and change the dynamic with sweet and politeness between the two bickering and beloved characters but c’mon! Nathan already said we missed about a month between the episode that Mr. Nigel Murray was killed and the episode where Bones broke her baby news, seriously what is going on?

    Fans have waited MANY seasons for this to be done poorly. I hope there will be flashbacks at the very least in the season opener or sometime next season to see SOME of the moments that we missed at the beginning of the relationship. I would love to see how Booth acted when they got back to work and how that dynamic changed knowing she is newly pregnant! Instead, all we will get to see is the last 3 or so months of her pregnancy! Imagine what we missed, not only with the pregnancy but with their relationship, we already missed about month of it, I’m sure according to Nathan and now we missed much more with this time lapse. I’m very disappointed, not that they care or that you do, just voicing my opinion, it sucks!

    • Scott says:

      I meant we, the fans have waited many seasons for this inevitable coming together of two extraordinary characters to come together to have it done poorly. Sad.

  14. skylark66 says:

    Yes, on Bones we missed many of their big events and I don’t mean porn, Stephen Nathan, but after watching them dance around each other for 6 years to have time jump after time jump is just not acceptable. It would have been interesting to see them explain how they are with child a couple months after Booth had proposed to Hannah. Guess we are just going to forget that ever happened. But great, on the 3rd trimester. I couldn’t handle another full season of pregnancy hormones. Let’s get the babies in the nursery and back to crime solving and relationship building.

    • Callie says:

      I agree! I will not miss all the baby crap. Truth be told, I had enough of that with Hodgins and Angela but I am pissed that we are going to miss some significant moments of the B&B relationship. No more time jumps please!

      • Aeol says:

        Why are you so worried about the past when you can start getting excited about the future? Do you really think B&B are going to be living in the suburbs, staring at each other over glasses of orange juice and doing a registry at Babies R Us? My husband and I have been together 7 years and we still catch each other off guard. :) there is still so much that can be done with their relationship, if you only want to live in the past then start writing fan fiction!!

        • Callie says:

          It’s not about living in the past. Wouldn’t you say in the beginning of your relationship with your husband, that those moments were important and integral in getting you to where you are today? I’m not worried at all about it, just disappointed that they are hurting the show and this relationship with all these time jumps.

          • Nicole says:

            We have seen those moments for Booth and Brennen…just go back and watch all the episodes….They have been together for 6 years…working together…going through the will they wont they….they fit together…Booth and Brennen dont have to go through the normal steps because they already know each other so well that there are no secrets and no pressure to impress the other person…How many times have we seen them going to eat together? Drinks? Being at each others home? What it comes down to is that everyone is pissed that we didnt get a sex scene….which is stupid..

  15. jenna says:

    wow so many scoops! Definitely wasn’t expecting this much during the summer!

  16. badprobiemcgee says:

    I feel the need to disagree. Take into account we don’t see every minute of their lives and what happens between the scenes. Maybe Gibbs told her that it was okay with him if she wasn’t there so she could spend time with CI Ray. I really with CI Ray was dead personally, but Ziva has feelings for him, and maybe Gibbs talked to her about potentially losing someone she could love. Who knows? I personally think GG did a good job with that episode. I couldn’t have wished for a better way to send Mike Franks off and he will be greatly missed.

  17. AndyLuvr says:

    Re: “True Blood” – I hope it’s not Bill Compton who goes the same-sex route this season.

  18. tejas says:

    Loved that we didn’t see her at Franks’ funeral. The less we’re subjected to The Princess, the better.

    And thank you, Gary Glasberg for the trend toward classic NCIS in the second half of season 8! You’ve started giving us back what such a huge portion of the audience fell in love with in the first place. The team working as a team and the greater emphasis on the Gibbs – Tony dynamic (*best* chemistry on the show – SOOOOO nice to have Smart!Tony back! He’s been missed). There’s even some movement toward more crime and less tedious espionage. Now, if we can continue to move away from characters’ love lives, there’ll be more time to tell solid stories instead of trying to shoehorn them in between who’s sleeping/wants to sleep/broke up with whom.

    Look forward to what GG has in mind for next season.

    • TheRealityIs... says:


    • rosebud says:

      I Agree with everything you said 100%!

    • Sam says:

      But that goes both ways. You want to move away from the characters’ love lives, yet only mention Ziva. Just another person who thinks everything Ziva does is horrible and wrong, while Tony can do anything. Ziva/Ray were no where near as bad as Tony/EJ, especially since Tony was basically sneaking around behind Gibbs’ back, much like he did with Jeanne. I’m not a Tiva shipper, and I don’t really care if Tony or Ziva have relationships, I just don’t want EITHER of them to interfere with the team.

  19. TheRealityIs... says:

    Re: NCIS’ Gary Glasberg’s take on Ziva not being at Mike Franks’ funeral –


  20. oscar says:

    I am unhappy with Glasberg’s explanation as well. I might believe it if she were still “Mossad Ziva” (been a while since we’ve seen her) and if she hadn’t been in tears over Franks in the previous episode. I am a Tiva fan so, yes, I am upset over the current handling of the show & storylines. For the 1st time in years, I actually skipped several episodes for lack of interest. I do appreciate that Gibbs’ father survived the premiere (love Ralph Waite) and even though I wasn’t a huge Kate fan, I was pleased with her long overdue tribute. Other than that, not much more interested me last season. I am happy to see the return of “competent Tony”, but I think all we really needed to accomplish that was consistency with the writers. He has been shown as competent in recent years (Truth or Consequences & Reunion). Unfortunately, the writers didn’t continue to portray him that way from week to week. Hopefully, there will be more character consistency in season 9, more team interaction/banter and the return of the Tony/Ziva banter.

    • oscar says:

      …meant to say “Truth or Consequence” and “Good Cop Bad Cop” were good competent Tony eps, not “Reunion”….

  21. Alexm says:

    So, the tiva/ziva fans don’t like Gary glasburg. I’m so not surprised because glasburg has wrested the show away from the awful zcis focus that alienated so many long time ncis fans who think ziva is part of the ensemble, not the main character on the show, and tiva is tedious.

    Glasburg gave us back smart, competent Tony but as none of the tiva/ziva fans remotely care about tony, because he just exists to worship their princess in their eyes, they didn’t care about his character development, just like they didn’t care about his devolution during s 6 and 7. Interesting how often they told US to shut up and stop watching when we mentioned it though and yet the second things don’t go their way they howl long and loud. Double standard or what?

    Glasburg also gave us back the fantastic gibbs/Tony dynamic that so many of us tune in for. I could have done without both ray and ej but then I can’t stand romantic entanglements in my crime dramas. I hope glasburg ditches the romantic intrigue along with the tiva and focuses more on teamwork, friendship, and tight, edge of your seat crime plots. Less espionage, no Mossad and an end to “is he good or evil?” vance would be great too.

    • Sam says:

      I agree with you 100% Alex. The Tiva fans were so excited for Ray and to see Tony jealous but were absolutely horrified when we learned EJ would be joining the show. Why was it ok for Ziva to have a ‘secret’ boyfriend that she could throw in Tony’s face all season but not ok for him to have a mutual relationship with another woman? It is so plain to see that Tiva is ALL about Ziva and nothing about Tony other than to admire her awesomeness.

      I was so excited to get the pre-Tiva Tony back and to see the amazing chemistry between Harmon and Weatherly again.

    • Me says:

      There was little no tiva at all in season 8. Period.

      • Alexm says:

        There was heaps of Tiva in S8 – far too much for my liking but especially in the first half of the season. One of the great improvements on the show was that the second half contained much less. I really hope GG can give us ZERO Tiva in S9 and that’ll make it a much better show. Tiva has sucked the life and fun and enjoyment out of NCIS, turned it into a lame romance at times, and the over-focus on it means that several other relationships have been virtually ignored for nearly two seasons – such as Abby/Tony and Ducky/Abby. It’s skewed the show away from teamwork and into endless long looks, finger sucking, hair tossing, significant Tiva anvils that make me want to throw things at the screen. McAbby is almost as bad – the more they give us McAbby UST, the more I dislike both characters, just as it is with Tiva.

    • Renee says:

      Alexm I have to disagree with you. And I don’t like any romances between team members so I can’t be called a shipper in any way. I thought the finale truly sucked. If that episode is a foreshadowing of next year NCIS might be in trouble. It seemed disjointed, there was no suspense no clever repartee and no humor. And it appeared he set Tony up AGAINST the team and Gibbs for next year which I didn’t like at all. So in my eyes if that is an example of Glasberg’s work…I don’t like it.

      • Pennagirl says:

        It’s going to be bad enough that Tony is going to be sneaking around like he did with Jeanne — didn’t like that. And if the entire season next year is anything like the last part of this season; help us all. The Port To Port Killer story arc was awful, that team, killing Mike, what the heck. I liked the backstories that they did with Tony and Vance, we need one on Abby and McGee and even Ducky.

      • Jill says:

        Well said.

        That last episode, which Glasberg wrote, had holes and WTH? moments all over it. As a viewer, I found it very unsatisfactory.

        Shane Brennan needs to come back and show Glasberg how it’s done or else leave his show in better hands.

        • tejas says:

          Glasberg is shaping up to be a much better storyteller than Brennan. I suspect that Brennan’s the source of the unwieldy turn the otherwise interesting P2P Killer story took. It started so well and then dumped the tedious and completely unnecessary super soldier “twist” all over it. That screamed of the hand of Brennan right there. With the sad signing of CdP’s contract (soooo close to getting rid of her – let’s hope they ditch her next year), they had to redo whatever they’d had planned for killing her off in the finale. *That* was the worst part of the whole arc – they didn’t take advantage of killing off the princess and putting her out of our misery. I really hope the lawsuit Brennan’s embroiled in will keep his sticky fingers *out* of NCIS from here on out. Brennan and Ziva are the worst things to ever be perpetrated on NCIS.

        • Alexm says:

          I disagree. While I wasn’t wild about the season finale, I thought several of the episodes leading up to it were very good. And I don’t think NCIS is very good at season finales. S7’s finale was lame, S6’s was just awful and I hated it. S5 wasn’t bad. S4 wasn’t very “OMG!” – I think S2 was the best but then S2 was the best season all round at everything.

          I thought Shane Brennan was an awful show runner. So far, I think Glasburg is much better and I’m pretty hopeful about his handle on the show.

      • Alexm says:

        I didn’t think the finale was great but then neither was last year’s finale and people didn’t go around prophesying gloom and doom about the show then. Several of the episodes in the latter half of S8 totally rocked so I’m going to basis my S9 expectations on them and not on the finale.

        I don’t want Tony against the team either – I just hope the show doesn’t go down that path.

    • Pat says:

      McGee fans aren’t happy with Glasberg either. And Vance has been written up and down all season.

      Glasberg seems to have made Tony his Mary Sue on the show. Tony starred in more episodes this year than he did in the previous 7 seasons and he’s the only character getting decent continuity. The last couple of episodes, if you blinked, you missed McGee and Abby has had only one episode where she was prominent this season.

      If you watch the show for the Gibbs/Tony interactions, you’ll probably love what Glassburg is doing. I don’t, I watch for the whole team and I watch for the continuity.

      I’ve watched since the beginning although I really became a fan in season 3. I hope I’ll still want to watch when I see next season.

      • Alexm says:

        Tony only got so many plotlines because he suffered two seasons of character devolution that turned him into a moron and alienated his fanbase. Poor MW deserved a chance to redress the balance and get Tony back on track and God knows the show owed it to him. He wasn’t anywhere near the focus of as many episodes as Ziva was in her 8 episode arc of doom that split the fandom and made so many fans hate the character.

        I wish they’d killed Ziva off. She’s beyond redemption for me and frankly she ruins the show. All I can hope is for as little of her as possible. And if that means more Tony then I’m all for it although I’d be happy with more Ducky and Abby too. As far as I’m concerned NCIS is the core four of Gibbs/Tony/Ducky/Abby, and it’s forgotten that far too often lately, to its detriment. I was delighted to see such strong Tony and Gibbs plots in late S8. It’s about time someone other than Ziva got a look in frankly.

      • Alexm says:

        But this isn’t a new gripe, Pat. The Tony fans pointed it out as far ago as S6 – the team was downgraded, Abby and Ducky all but disappeared, and it was all Ziva all the time. I trust you complained about it then too and didn’t just wait until the show focussed upon Gibbs and Tony a bit more before you got disgruntled.

        As far as I can see, most of the people complaining about the last half of S8 and about Gary Glasburg are the same people who couldn’t have cared less when the characters being sidelined were Abby and Ducky. But now Ziva isn’t the sole focus 24/7 it’s THOSE fans who are up in arms. The rest of us are just glad we got our show back – it never WAS the Ziva hour prior to Brennan’s reign. In the first four seasons there was a strong focus on the Tony/Gibbs relationship before Brennan decided to promote Cote de Pablo way beyond her talent range and ruined a lot of what many of us liked about the show in the process.

    • JaguarXK says:

      I think that we need to remember that NCIS is not real and the characters are fictional, which is why the writers can do what they like with the characters. ‘Ziva’ does not have a boyfriend because ‘Ziva’ does not exist. There is no Tiva because a relationship of any kind requires real people rather than characters portrayed by overpaid actors. That said, people who hate Tiva are calling for ‘Ziva’ to be killed, which would make Cote de Pablo, the innocent actor, unemployed and that isn’t particularly fair. Calm down and just watch! Or don’t watch. Find something better to do with your lives.

  22. Anna says:

    English is not my language so, please, someone could tell me what does “Looks like this thing could go down to the wire” mean? Thank you

  23. tejas says:

    Anna – “Looks like this thing could go down to the wire” means that the contract negotiations will likely drag on for a long time, possibly until the very last minute before they have to start planning out the new season and need to know which characters are still available. It’s a reference to a close race where the winner isn’t obvious utnil the very last minute when the racers cross the finish line (the “wire” – consider a “photo finish”).

    Hope that helped. :-)

    • Mo says:

      This doesn’t sound too good. If his staying on the show depends on any other characters then it is most likely connected to Olivia Wilde’s. I dread to think about the indications. :(

      • jj says:

        seriously, OW is trying to have a movie career. I say let her have it. She’s never been a fan favorite. I don’t particularly see that she’s necessary to the team dynamic and they’ve written her storyline into a corner. So why is it that she will be back (at least for some episodes) and people that have been there the entire time aren’t? Two reasons, imo. Money and Hwoods perception of TVQ. Hwood is so up its own butt that they don’t realize that the rest of the world isn’t as enamored of OW as they are. Yes, she’s a pretty girl. We get it. But that doesn’t mean that she’s integral to this cast. House showrunners messed this show up bad and it’s sad that they are going to have to go out on such a low note when this was such a highly enjoyable show at one time. (Oh and re: money? They would’ve done better last season cutting amber tamblyn and 13’s characters completely and paying lisa edelstein more to stay around for this year. The writers do a piss poor job with the few female characters on this show )

        • alissa says:

          Nope, Olivia is better than Lisa. I’m happy! Lisa!out and OLivia!in.
          And I love Chase, too.

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          I’m actually a fan of both Lisa and Olivia. I don’t think Olivia is as integral, she does change the dynamic of the all-male team which i find too male without her. As for Lisa……I don’t think the money was what broke the negotiations in the end. I was sad about Lisa E’s departure until the finale. If I were Lisa E, I wouldn’t come back after that finale, particularly knowing about Shore’s thoughts on “oh, House didn’t actually mean to kill anyone.”

          I’m a huge Lisa E fan, but I’m glad she left and avoided her character having to pretend like House didn’t drive a car into her House. That’s called domestic violence and can’t be swept under the rug like Shore wants to do now.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks, you’re very kind :)

  24. Nikki says:

    I really wish there were more precise information about Jesse Spencers contract. Why does it take so long to work out an agreement with one of the most poular members of the cast? If he is leaving House then I won’t bother watching the show anymore. I kept hoping for almost every season that he’s going to have a great story line again but except for the Dibala arc in S6, nothing. If they plan any kind of romance for him then I’d rather want him to quit. He’s been wasted enough already, he doesn’t deserve to be part of this irritating 13 drama stuff. Give the guy a cotract, he’s got talent! Then abandon the stupid shipperstuff with old 13 and write some good, decent doctor/mentorship with House and make Jesse shine again. House/Chase had the most enjoyable moments in the whole series, too bad there’s only so few of them.

    • Anna says:

      ITA! With no Chase we’ll have a team with Foreman and Taub, and sometimes 13! Oh my, it’s awful!
      JS can act, he proved himself more than once, and Chase is such an interesting character, why do the writers had to turn him into a whore? It’s such a waste, especially if you see what he did in ‘After Hours’.

    • Hyacinth says:

      Nikki, I think TPTB at House are too damn stupid to realize that Jesse Spencer and Chase are popular with fans. Those idiots still think the sun rises and sets with Thirteen/Olivia Wilde, and the ratings upon her overly-hyped return say otherwise. They will never admit that their drastic change at the end of Season 3 was a mistake and will continue to believe that fans are all clamoring for more Thirteen and Taub because that’s what THEY want us to believe, just as they believe that their huge ratings dive is all because of “Dancing With the Stars” popularity. Did you see House’s final overall ratings for Season 7? They were #42! A

  25. un-holy says:

    Well, Jesse just came back from holiday the end of last week (he tweeted about it) so maybe he hasn’t had time to meet with the lawyers and such yet

    • Sacha says:

      I truly hope Jesse Spencer/Chase will be back on the show as the kind of guy I grew to love in S1-6. He’s a terrific actor and can carry a story on his own but is great with Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast as well. Plus, the Chase character has a lot of depth, esp. in S1-3 when he wasn’t romantically involved with/tied to Cameron.

      It’s actually annoying that he, as the only original cast member, doesn’t have a contract yet. If it has anything to do whether or nor the ‘upcoming movie star’ Olivia Wilde will be available, then there is something seriously wrong with TPTB.

      • Kabby says:

        A couple of the writers have said that they are writing stories for Chase. Not sure if they’re trying to placate fans, should things fall through, or whether they’re hoping to put pressure on NBCU. I’d be very disappointed to see the character leave.

        • un-holy says:

          The writers have repeatedly said they’re writing stories for him already. Everyone expects him to return. Of course, one would argue that’s what they expected from Lisa to, but if Jesse didn’t want to return like Lisa I would expect him to let the TPTB know sooner than now. At this point, it would rather be unprofessional of him to shockingly announce that he doesn’t want to return, and Jesse is not unprofessional at all.

    • Bob says:

      Two words: Chris Meloni

  26. Lina says:

    I just hate it that there is still no news about Jesse Spencer’s contract for season 8 of House. I don’t think he will be back and without him there is nothing left to watch for me. I hope the writers and producers all go to HELL!!! They ruined the No.1 TV show in the World in just one season.

  27. Jason says:

    Just kill Ziva already. Jeez.

    They’ve raped her character.

    • tejas says:

      I was so hoping they’d kill her at the end of S8. Maybe there’s still hope for that in S9. She’s completely ruined, all the potential she had has been wasted and there’s no getting it back. Irredeemable. Kill her, don’t replace her and move on.

  28. mur says:

    Why are they blaming Penny for everything? How sexist can you get?

    • Amy says:

      Poor Penny! As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, though I am sure the guys will be happy to blame Penny since “this is what she does.” Raj is a sensitive guy, but surely he doesn’t think that was going to go anywhere either.

    • thegirlintheafternoon says:

      My thoughts exactly! They were both there, they were both drinking. Presumably she didn’t drag him kicking and screaming into bed with her. I know BBT has always been kind of a sexist show, but seriously, only Penny threw a hand grenade into the situation? Seriously?

    • Amy says:

      Totally agreed! Raj is equally responsible.

  29. Tippi says:

    The failure to come to a contract agreement with Jesse Spencer is an extremely bad sign for “House.” Losing Lisa Edelstein, one of the key original actors, is certainly a fatal blow. But coming on top of that terrible loss, the absence of Jesse will put the show six feet under without a doubt.

    David Shore and the writers are already mapping out the coming season this month and have certainly written several of the first episodes. If they are still not sure that Chase will be a part of the mix, I doubt they will write a substantial storyline for this underused character now.

    So what can we expect from “House” for the season ahead: more Taub babies, more dreary dying Thirteen, more sullen Foreman, more unenthusiastic RSL phoning in his reduced part, more outstanding performances from the great Hugh Laurie.

    Maybe House can drive his monster truck into the lobby of the hospital and be done with it. KABOOM!

  30. Bob says:

    Raj slept with Penny after she confessed she still likes Leonard and wished she hadn’t broken up with him. He screwed Penny and Leonard big time. If Penny threw a hand grenade, Raj detonated a small nuclear weapon.

  31. rachelle says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww. i really wanted to see Booth and Bren butt heads over baby stuff throughout the whole pregnancy. realistically, by the third trimester, parents have usually worked most stuff out and have gotten into kind of a groove. i also wanted to see everyone’s reaction when they told them! can you imagine what sweets would say???

    • Jenna says:

      Um,are B&B normal parents? They’re not married, the producers already said they still have to work out their living situation, they work together full-time in dangerous, always-on-call careers. I’m CERTAIN that the whole season will have story lines about them figuring out the baby and their relationship. It’s called drama, it’s kind of the point for a tv show.

  32. Amy says:

    wow i loved the scoop on BONES!! can’t wait for september!!

  33. Kiera says:

    I think what some people need to keep in mind about Bones is that instead of them designing the pregnancy the way they want it, they’re actually working around a real one. So it isn’t going to be perfect. You also have to keep in mind that there are people that want it, and some people that are sick of the pregnancies. So this really is meeting in the middle- between her actual, real-life pregnancy, those who want to show the full one, and those who don’t want any pregnancy. I think the producers are doing the best they can, although I agree that some flashbacks of a few things- like peoples’ reactions would be nice.

  34. lolo says:

    so the bones epi is called: “The Memories in the Shallow Grave.” right? well it might mean memories from not long ago. wich might mean flashbacks. but even if not, there are still plenty of bones to come and if people think it will suck, it might suck for them because they’re building it up to be bad. but im sure it will be awesome :) there is so much to come :)

    • murley says:

      what about memories from being buried alive by the gravedigger? maybe we will finally find out what bones wrote?

  35. justjeanette says:

    The biggest problem with Ziva not attending Frank’s funeral is not actually that she didn’t attend the duneral it is that incredibly stupiud scene in the elevator where Ziva is all teary eyed and woe-begone leading to the barffness that was the group hug.
    Having shoved that down our throats she should also have been at the funeral supporting her Father in his time of grief because she can always hop a plane to get nooky with Ray but there is only one funeral.
    I’m hoping (and praying) that NCIS gets back to being smart, witty (without the incredible mean streak that is Ziva’s banter( but I’m not holding out much hope.
    As for getting over it one of the reasons I keep hammering away is that I’m hoping for an explanation of why if is all right to basically ABUSE someone because they asked for it?

  36. mica says:

    I see that Ryan Murphy has plans to make season 3 of Glee the same aimless, rambling, addled mess that the majority of season 2 was. I’d hoped all the negative backlash might have made him take a look a the writing, but clearly he’s still in the I can peddle them any cobbled together crap as long as there’s a pop song to lip sync to mode.

  37. Emma says:

    How can Fox not have signed Jesse Spencer for season 8 of House yet? Its like they hate it that the show still has fans left :(

  38. Gwendoline says:

    About Glee and the recent declarations made by Ryan Murphy, I really don’t understand how he can already talk about the season 4 even though he and his team of writers just began the writing of S3 (for which he lately admitted that he was still unsure about the way that he wanted to give to some storylines like Brittana and Kurt/Blaine!)

    Plus, I note that since 2 weeks, Mr. Murphy doesn’t stop changing his mind about the cast after the leaving of the current classroom (one day, he says that the entire casting will be changed in order to introduce more and more new talents, as seeing as it already planned to introduce some new face right the S3, and now, he says that some familiar faces should stay like Brittany – who should miss her term exams -, Blaine & Sam who are too younger to be graduated in May 2012…). Well, why not to wait and see what will happen the season 3, especially how fans/critics reactions will react to some storylines and if they will accept news faces easily before thinking to the following one ?! It would be wiser, all the more the rating weren’t good during several consecutive weeks with a moron Sue, Will/Emma’s relationships which went nowhere, etc…and a very disappointed season finale even if it made something like 13 millions of viewers!).

    I have a question ;
    If Brittany/Heather Morris stays one more year even though Santana/Naya Rivera leaves after to have been graduated at the end of S3, what about Brittana? I thought that this couple was an endgame and besides producers & actresses insisted on this point. But Santana had to make her coming out before both can be officially together …
    A bit confused here…

  39. deeza says:

    i dont think the references being made to ziva are fair, i mean come on, d girls being through enough, though i am not pleased about the teary eyed ziva with the group hug, i mean ziva is known for being tough, why change that i just wish they wud bring d strong and independent ziva back

  40. deeza says:

    i wonder what season 2 of nikita wud bring, though i liked the season finale, but i wasnt happy with the nikita alex dynamic, just hope its nt too late before alex realizes she’s on d wrong path, and i heard thet a new male character is to be brought in for nikita, hmmn, thats including michael and owen, cant wait for the season premiere

  41. deeza says:

    what do you mean ziva is a horrible character, she has actually added more value to the show, and i hope she is isn’t removed or something because she is absolutely my best character on the show, she’s the main reason why i watch it, i mean, without her, the team wud be an all male team which woudn’t be so cool wud it