The Glee Project Recap: Listless Sister

If you’re not comfortable acting the fool, you’re probably not a good fit to join the cast of Glee. That was the take-home message from this week’s episode of The Glee Project, during which we saw Ellis and Matheus land in the bottom three after expressing respective concerns about looking “dumbass” and “stupid” during a video shoot set to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

I was actually quite pleased when Ryan Murphy and his fellow judges decided to swing the axe on Ellis’ dreams of joining New Directions. I know Lindsay is being set up as the cast’s resident villain, but I totally agreed with her when she told Ellis her whiny, negative attitude on set was becoming a liability. How this turned into Ellis accusing Lindsay of “bullying” her is beyond comprehension, but I suppose it plays into Ellis’ “womanchild” world view of being 18, but looking like she’s 10. (Helpful hint: The addition of floppy hats and bows to one’s hair will only exacerbate one’s Shirley Temple syndrome. As will “jazz hand-y” gestures while performing “Mack the Knife.”)

I’m psyched Matheus survived the cut, as he’s one of the few cast members who’s proven memorable (in a good way) over the course of The Glee Project’s first two episodes. (I liked Ryan Murphy’s idea of writing him into the show as a 4’9″ lothario.) I’m also really digging Cameron (pictured), the big-voiced geek who proved his chameleon stripes by totally owning his androgynous rocker chic on set this week; Alex, who’s ridiculous enough to drop bon mots like “I am theatricality!”; and Emily, who may be a bit of a sexed-up she-beast, but also brings a much needed dose of amusing bitchery to the otherwise bland proceedings.

Here’s hoping next week we’ll say goodbye to either Irish cutie Damian, a terrible lipsyncher and dancer who’s as memorable as unflavored Jello, or this week’s bottom three finisher McKynleigh, whose peculiar moniker is her most interesting character trait.

What did you think of this week’s sophomore outing of The Glee Project? Did the judges eliminate the right contestant? Can you see any of these kids becoming breakout stars on Season 3 of Glee? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. renee says:

    so far have agreed with bottom 3 and who didn’t get a call back. last nite i looked at the whole cast as a potential total replacement for the one day will graduate gleesters. def saw some similarities and replacements, and it hit me. i bet only one will get the series arc but some others will get cast down the road. sadly, lindsey is lea and i do NOT like her, but i can fast forward through her parts like i do most of lea michele’s.

    • Lore says:

      i know! Lindsay is acting like Rachel, Rachel is a caracter, but Lindsay is herself, and shes annoying, sometimes we dont like Rachel, but we know all the thing is fake.

    • SpyKi says:

      You have bad taste. Lea and Lindsey are both awesome. Glee would suck without Rachel.

    • Angry blogger says:

      Really? It’s funny that you think Damian McGinty has terrible lip-syncing since he’s been doing it since he was 14 and is most certainly not terrible at it. As for his dancing, so what he can’t dance, that’s worked out alright for finn! oh and another thing he’s one of the most unique contestants on TGP, cause as we all know there’s Lindsay whos a rachel wannabe, Emily who’s just an all around whore and again we already have a santanna. So next time you want to blog about who should go home do us all a favor and don’t pick the most qualified contestant :p

      • jenevieve says:

        I kinda have to agree with this blogger, damian is one of the most qualified there

      • dramageek says:

        You are so right. Damian stands out in his own way and is actually really funny. The rap he showed him doing was hilarious and I loved when he did Jessie’s Girl(even though he didn’t mean to screw up)! His amazing vocals and cute accent make him really memorable. He would be a great addition on Glee.

      • Uh says:

        Damian has NOT been lip syncing since he was 14. He’s been performancing in front of large audiences since he was 14 but not lip syncing. Don’t do him any favors by defending him with falsehoods

  2. M says:

    Alex gets on my nerves. I blame it on the fact that he’s a mini Jacob Lusk!

    • Amanda says:

      Lmao I was wondering what it was about Alex that just irked me every time he came on the screen and I think you’re bang on with the Jacob Lusk comment! Also, I feel like Alex although flamboyant and confident with himself has this aspect about him that I feel I’ve seen before on Glee with Mercedes and Kurt.

      So far, the one I’d most like to see win this would have to be Cameron, I love his cool, nerdiness to him and love his voice and a little bit Matheus because I think he’d be an interesting character. Though honestly, Matheus reminds me physically a bit of Artie which throws me off a bit. I also really love the redhead Hannah, but being a ginger myself I’m a bit biased. I think she’d be interesting though, she’s quirky. But so far, Cameron is at the top of my list

  3. Holly says:

    My only disagreement with you is on Emily. I don’t find her amusing. Her delusions of her own sexiness are rivaled only by the horrible Penny’s on Food Network Star. Where do these people find these egos and over-inflated self views?

    • Eli says:

      That’s cause your a woman honey. Us heterosexual men (the few of us who watch this show at least) totally agree with her.

      • T says:

        Well I don’t know ANY hetero guys that voluntarily watch “Glee” let alone “The Glee Project”. And even if I did, I know they would find Emily and her Rosie Perez on steroids act lame and NOT sexy in the least.

        • William says:

          I’m a heterosexual guy, and I watch both shows. I can safely say that, while fairly attractive, Emily is the fakest fake on the show. She’s the real deal in Penny-style over-estimation of her ability to be sexy to anyone with an IQ over 12. Her personality is so off-putting.

          I’m a singer/theatre person, so anturally my favorites are the best singers/theatre people, i.e. Lindsey, Cameron, and Alex.

          I also totally hate this faulty edit Lindsey got. She did absolutely nothing wrong, nothing rude, and nothing bullyish, and even though I did enjoy Ellis somewhat, her attitude really was negative, and she took things way to personally to a point where she couldn’t even take objective criticism. She’s by far the best girl there, is incredibly gorgeous, and has an amazing standout voice. I’d love to see her, Cameron, or Alex get any time on Glee, and would hope that of them at least both Lindsey and Cameron would be cast at some point, regardless of which of them wins (as I’m confident one of them will), even though I know ultimately only one person gets that 7-episode slot. Hopefully though, they’ll actually have a place in the show for more than 7 episodes when the writers start cooking up ideas for them and decide to keep them full-time.

        • Brian D. says:

          Way to generalize that Glee is only for girls or gay men…

  4. wtfnyc says:

    Completely agree about Cameron — he’s defo my favorite, and was clearly everyone else’s on the show last night, too. I disagree about Damien and McKynleigh (whose name I totally just had to copy-and-paste), though — I’d like to see if she can improve now that she’s faced elimination, and he’s at least good for some entertaining talking head spots and “behind the scenes” clips like the one they showed last night (see also: Emily, who I wanted to punch last week with her gross behavior towards Darren C but is at least entertaining when she gets all New Yawk in her talking heads). I’d like to see the shampoo hair girl (can’t even remember her name, she’s so dull) or Hannah (can’t sing) go home next week.

    • Stacie says:

      Like Cameron, but doesn’t he look like Rum Tum Tugger from “CATS” in that picture?

      • MaThAmFuVi says:

        YES! i thought the exact same thing. i literally paused the tv (ondemand) and stared at it so i could find exactly what made him look so epic and then i thought of Cats.

    • Valerie says:

      McKynleigh knew her problem was her boring personality going into her last chance performance, yet she chose not to do anything about it. I don’t really see her changing. Still, I get this feeling that if Jenna Ushkowitz has been on this show, she would be in the same place too. The standards for these contestants are much higher than for the original cast.

      • William says:

        Exactly, I mean, heck, they got Cory Monteith to play opposite Lea Michele, and he can’t dance OR sing!

  5. iheartskandar says:

    Don’t hate on Damian. If TGP is smart, they’ll pick him to win. He already has an ENORMOUS fan base. The hundreds of thousands of people that already love him will tune in to watch him on glee-boosting the ratings.

  6. Ems says:

    Lindsay is basically a real life Rachel Berry. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. Haters gonna hate but she is MAD talented.

    If it’s a girl it’ll be Lindsay as a Drama girl going showchoir. If it’s a guy it’ll either be Samuel or Cameron as the unpopular but doesn’t care about it guy.

    Everyone will likely end up guesting as a competing show choir at sectionals or regionals.

    As for Emily, we already have a bitchy latina on the show and Naya does it way better.

  7. Owen says:

    I’m a Damian fan as well. Slezak is an ass.

    • Kathy says:

      Totally agree with you on this one. You need to find out who Damian is before you start making comments like that Slezak. No Damina can’t dance but he did just as good at the lip synching as the rest. He has a tremendous fan base already because he is just that good. TGP hasn’t even reached the iceberg on showcasing his talents.

      • MusicFan says:

        Don’t get the appeal of Damian.

        • Meredith says:

          Neither do I. Ever since that creepy smirk/wink combo in “Firework” during the premier episode, I’ve wanted him gone.

          • Wendy says:

            I thought that was absolutely adorable. It fit his character in the video too.

            I agree with Kathy, TGP’s song selections haven’t fully showcased his ability yet. We’ll just have to see in the future.

  8. Brandi says:

    Cameron is definitely my favorite. Samuel comes in at a close second. Lindsay is talented, but her ego is really off putting. Damian could be a great addition to the cast if he could manage to pull it off, but so far it seems like he’s really struggling to learn the dance moves and the lyrics.

  9. suebrody says:

    What the hell? Matheus was off-key the whole time. Ellis was hated on, has a great voice, and should have been kept. And your comment about McKynleigh is ridiculous. She’s had five minutes of screen time, is beautiful and has a great voice, and deserves to stay based on the fact that she isn’t bitchy, if nothing else. Plus if you’ve seen any of her interviews, she’s just a down-to-earth person (who doesn’t really want to be on Glee, anyway–she’d rather just pursue a singing career).

    What show are you watching?!

    • Mel31602 says:

      Totally agree with you on Matheus. I think he has the worst voice in the bunch and I don’t get his appeal at all. I knew he was not getting cut because they love his personality though. I am also creeped out by the fact that everyone acts like he’s unbelievably short yet he’s only 2 inches shorter than me.

      Between the girls I’m happy Ellis left because McKinleigh is my favorite girl, but I’ve accepted the fact that she won’t win. Unfortunately the girls with my other two Dave voices, Lindsey and Emily, are getting the villain edit. Though if you read her blog from this week Lindsey seems less villainy than she does on the show.

      I actually think most of the girls have the better voices but most of the guys have better personalities. Since this is not strictly a singing show I think a guy will win. My dad thinks it will be Matheus, but my money’s on Cameron. He has the best voice among the guys and already seems to be getting the winners edit.

    • Teresa says:

      I haven’t seen any McKynleigh interviews, but if she doesn’t really want to be on Glee, what is she doing on this show?

      I understand the whole idea of getting on a reality show to gather general exposure. But it’s kind of annoying to think she might be taking the spot for someone who really did want to be on Glee.

  10. liam says:

    It’s all about Cameron right? He has to win. He’s the only one I can see really fitting with the cast in a unique way. The rest all seem like lesser versions/hybrids of pre existing characters. With the possible exception of Matheus.

  11. Lynn says:

    I like Cameron, Marissa, Samuel and Lindsay. I can see their potential with the current cast of Glee.

  12. Evan says:

    I agree that Lindsay was on-point when telling Ellis to be positive, but her “How was your first kiss?” definitely crossed the line into bullying for me. She, like half the cast, is sabotaging her own chances.

    I am not digging Matheus. He’s memorable, sure, but in all the wrong ways. He’s cheesy, his moves are reminiscent of 8yo kids dancing on Youtube, and I’m just not interested in the kind of character he would bring to the show.

    Loved Cameron. I thought he did more with less during the “Bad Romance” number. He, Samuel, or Emily (maybe to be cast as Santana’s little sister?) are the three that have the talent and most importantly professionalism to make it on the show. So many of the others seem too childish.

    • Evan says:

      Also, about Matheus: I found his “Gives You Hell” to be completely unwatchable. I turned my head from the tv, embarrassed for him.

  13. T says:

    My favorites are definitely Damian and Cameron. Yeah Damian may seem a little vanilla, but I think that the charming Irish Accent, great voice, and nerdy but adorable tendancies make up for that. Sure he can’t dance, but let’s not forget, Cory Monteith seems a bit vanilla, and he can’t DANCE or sing really for that matter.

  14. Michele says:

    If this is the kind of talent pool we have out in the world then casting the future group of Glee kids will make for a doomed series. I know they say only one is in – THANK GOODNESS. But I am completely unimpressed (especially as it’s well known that many of the kids were brought in from industry submissions) of what they went for.

    GIve Matheus or Cameron the slot, close up this ‘Project’, and keep the current Glee kids for at least one more season after this one – PLEASE!

    When Ryan and the behind the scenes movers and shakers of Glee are more interesting to hear speak then the potentials – YAWN!

  15. bobeau says:

    Easy to see Cameron, Samuel, Lindsay and Damian fitting right into the Glee cast.

    Samuel has excellent movement and great face. Deep. His thing is mystery. We will have to see how much pop we get from him if and when he does a reveal.


    To the comment above… most of the Glee talent has been pretty well established performers, but they did have very good luck with Colfer, who came from nowhere. The audition tapes for the original cast ar fairly raw, too. We forget the vast amount of training these young performers receive before they get the spotlight on Glee.

  16. Mikey says:

    Could it BE more obvious that Cameron wins….. He’s got it in the bag. No need to watch really. It seems like it’s the “Lets make Cameron the next teen heartthrob show” (Not that he isn’t talented though)

    • Camie says:

      Of douse he’s talented that’s why it is the “Let’s make Cameron the next teenage heartthrob” show. Lol

  17. Amy says:

    I think most of these kids are really annoying, especially Lindsay and Emily. Cameron is my favorite. I think he would translate into a great character who people would really love to root for, especially if he played some nerdy guy that was cool because he didn’t care that he isn’t popular or a loser. Most of the guys on Glee have all really cared about popularity. I think it is important that the new cast members are well liked since they will be filling a large void.

  18. bamabunny says:

    Okay, is it wrong of me that I saw that picture of Cameron and thought it was Siobhan Magnus from Season Nine of Idol?

  19. JC says:

    I liked Ellis and McKynleigh, and I can’t stand Mattheus, but I actually thought McKynleigh would go home after the feedback she got.
    These are my power rankings for the remaining ten:

    1) CAMERON – He’s quirky, cute, and can sing and dance. That’s what you need to be a ‘Glee.’
    2) EMILY – Despite her somewhat villainous edit, she’s got a great voice, and I can see her as the perfect Santana rival.
    3) LINDSAY – Given her edit in Episode 2, she clearly won’t win unless she goes through a personality turn-around, but she’s got a great voice and stage presence. Emily’s villain edit has been more humorous and rather witty, while Lindsay’s has been more mean-spirited, which is why I don’t think she’ll win.
    4) SAMUEL – He hasn’t been a stand-out yet, but there’s no one on ‘Glee’ quite like him, and he has a decent voice and a unique look.
    5) ALEX – He annoys me to no end, and I feel that his “gay guy with a woman’s voice” role is already one that Chris Colfer’s Kurt occupies. However, he is the kind of character that ‘Glee’ represents, so he’ll probably be around awhile.
    6) MCKYNLEIGH – She has an amazing voice, and I think she is one who can show growth over the course of the show by coming out of her shell. If she can do this, she’s definitely a potential winner.
    7) MATTHEUS – This guy gives me the heebie jeebies, but the producers clearly like him. I think he’s creepy, cocky, and a ‘meh’ singer, but I think he’ll last awhile longer.
    8) MARISSA – She’s cute and has a decent voice, but I’m surprised she hasn’t been called out for not being personable. I think her personality is as or more muted than McKynleigh’s, and she just hasn’t been memorable yet.
    9) HANNAH – And speaking of unmemorable, when I compiled this list, Hannah was the only one I couldn’t remember without checking. She tries to show the ‘tude when she’s onscreen, but thus far she’s been a less interesting, less personable, and less talented version of Amber Riley’s Mercedes.
    10) DAMIEN – Yeah, he has a fan base from his past musical endeavours. But I literally cringe whenever this guy sings, especially in the music videos when he squeezes out a constipated smile during his lines. He’s very unmemorable, with his Irish heritage/accent being the only reason he stands out even remotely, and his voice isn’t good at all. Plus, his whole “Irish exchange student” role is just Charice 2.0 . . . if Charice were Irish and not from the Philippines.
    Overall, Cameron is the frontrunner for me probably because he is one of the few who is unique and quirky and doesn’t have an analogous character already on the show, and he is talented, likeable, and memorable.

  20. destiny says:

    i was surprised to see hannah there. she isn’t a nobody. she was on mtv’s made and was made into a rapper.

    • Eli says:

      That just makes her a sad nobody.

      Honestly, just being on TV doesn’t make you a somebody, even though america’s fame/celebrity-obsessed culture seems to forget that.

  21. KSWerleman says:

    I’ve pretty much made Cameron the winner and basically wrote in the entire cast. The HARDEST fit was Marissa, why? She has amazing look, amazing voice but VERY little character. I like her a lot, I like her than most the girls, but all the girls have personality and character and she doesn’t. I actually really like the cast and see them all return.

    Cameron will be Glee’s FIRST smart cast member. The Cast lacks an over smart cast member I think he’d fill in that void and great addition to the cast. Name? Taylor Gallagher.

    Ellis & Matheus: Season Premier, one episode Guest Role. Heidi Jane (After Shirley JANE Temple, known for playing Heidi) and Tommy Little, two over smart 13 Year olds who auditions for the Glee club, but after being accepted their parents pull them from the school to pursue their academic career.

    Return?- Regional’s, helps start a Glee club at their Private School.

    Emily & Bryce: Santana’s more rebellious and edgy younger sister Lorena Lopez. Who joins the school after comng back from a Private school. She would have a recurring role, once Santana leaves the cast, she can be bumped to regular. Bryce would play her bad boy trouble making boyfriend Luke Chester (guest role).

    Return for Bryce? Maybe? He cleans up his way comes back as a good boy?

    Lindsay – Recurring Role, Rachel’s pet project Megan Gold. Her knowledge of Broadway would be admired by Rachel, she’ll step into kinda psycho-ish BUT eventually Rachel’s approval will make her sane and she’ll eventually be part of the Glee Club.

    Samuel – Recurring role, he’ll be what he is now, a mystery known as Pace Marshall. He’ll be in and out of Glee club on a regular basis. He’ll be the “I don’t care” kinda guy and don’t ever see him being bumped to regular BUT he’ll have a recurring role.

    Alex – Recurring role, Mercedes’ cousin out of Atlanta Devin “Devine” Richards, who was forced out of his school because of being bullied but yet his sassy ways hasn’t changed. He becomes Kurt’s biggest rival before graduating and finally confessing to Kurt how much he admires him and gains his approval before Kurt leaves highschool. Then promoted to Regular.

    MCKYNLEIGH – Over achiever, top of all the clubs, except Glee Club, First off, I see her in an episode being Cameron’s biggest rival in science fair etc , competing with him in grades and so on. Because she feel the arts are not important. Her name? Tatiana Brown, I even see her appearing in more than one episode. Even an episode near sectionals where she tries to help Sue take down the glee club. Though eventually Joining.

    Return? It’s iffy, I’d LOVE to see her on regularly, maybe if promoted, Glee interferes with her grades where she has to make a hard decision?

    Hannah – Lauren’s more concerved and innocent younger sibling Sarah Zizes. She’s more joyfull and bubbly searching for acceptance. Nothing more than a recurring character.

    Damian – Foreign exchange students who came to the US to play soccer but disappointed to hear Soccer isn’t as popular as back home. Nathanial “Nathan” Knight. I see a solid 8 episodes including a potential love triangle maybe? Samuel, Damian and Marissa maybe??

    Marissa – Jamie S Pearce, Britney’s much brighter and Younger sister. She will be part of the Glee club, always referring to Brittany as the Dumb one, until she does something dumb herself which is gets preggers…but problem is? Who is the Daddy? Nathaniel (Damian) or Pace (Samuel)? Though she finds comfort in Taylor (Cameron).

    So in conclusion I have 5 regulars (Cameron, Lindsay, Emily, Marissa, Alex)
    Recurring roles (Damian, Samuel, McKynleigh, Hanna)
    Guest roles: Ellis, Matheus and Bryce (though all could come back for another episode)

    Also leaving us with 5 siblings to always bring back for guest roles:
    Emily – Santana’s little sister
    Marissa – Brittany’s Little SMARTER Sister
    Hanna – Lauren’s younger sister
    Alex – Mercedes’ younger cousin
    Lindsay – Rachel’s Protégé

    That leaves only 3 to 4 fresh fresh fresh roles to fill in the Glee Club itself.

    Preferably someone who would serve as possible love interest for Lindsay, Emily, Cameron and an actual couple)

    Hook ups? Aside from the triangle with Marissa-Damian-Samuel baby mama drama.
    Cameron- McKynleigh (Maybe when they put their competitive differences aside)
    Cameron-Emily (More for Funny, oversexed girl with highly uncomfortable nerd)
    Lindsay- Samuel (obviously VERY short term)
    Damian-Emily (She likes fresh meat)
    Cameron-Marissa (though this won’t work out because Marissa obviously not over Samuel)

    • Mmmnope says:

      Uh, who really needs to see the same cast with a few changes? Someone’s getting a little ahead of themselves.

    • Yesenia says:

      WTF. First off, they’ve already made it clear that only the winner will appear on ‘Glee.’ Secondly, half of what you wrote is nonsensical. Oh, and you’ve given about eight roles to everyone. And holy hell, Emily likes Damian because “[s]he likes fresh meat.” Seriously??

  22. Valerie says:

    The biggest problem with Ellis was her self-assigned role as a grown child. She constantly complained about it but was always getting in her own way by acting that way. I’m glad to see her gone.

    Matheus is cute, but his “Gives You Hell” was horrid. Also, Ryan’s idea of a 4’9″ casanova sounds pretty ridiculous to me. I’m tired of seeing his uninspired he’s-supposed-to-be-shy-but-he’s-not! characters like Becky, whom I honestly despise.

    Kind of surprised to hear you say you want Damian and McKynleigh gone, as Damian is the strong lead in the fan favorite poll so far and McKynleigh’s “Piece of My Heart” was pretty sound.

    Cameron’s been my favorite since I saw him in the promo. I expected the rest of the cast to be as talented as he was, but I guess they aren’t. Go Cameron!

  23. ZoniDuck says:

    My major takeaway from this episode is that I want to be best friends with Zach Woodlee. “If you look horrible and stupid, I’ll kill you.” Seriously, he’s the best part of the show.

    Of the remaining kids, I’m totally loving Cameron, and I like Lindsay in spite of herself. I’m lukewarm on most of the others, and still can’t stand Alex or Emily. I think the biggest disappointment so far has been Damien. Normally I’d be all over the cute boy with the Irish accent, but so far his performance has been dreadful.

  24. P says:

    I see that pretty much everyone loves Cameron, but he just rubs me in the wrong way, it all seems like and act to me, I feel like shouting “fake”. And worst to my klainer heart I see him and Damian as possible love interest for Kurt. :-/

    Everyone that loves Rachel(I’m not one of those), should love Lindsay they are one and the same, she might not be the nicest person but she has all the talent.

    I think my fave is Samuel, for what his character could bring to the show.

    • Brett says:

      I’m not homophobic at all, but I think there are too many gay characters on the show already. Not that gays shouldn’t be represented, but with Kurt, Karofsky, Blaine, Santana, and maybe Brittany, I think this is already way more LGBT representation than you’d find in an average group of Midwesterners (the Santana revelation was especially unbelievable, given her former maneating tendencies). Therefore, I think the added character will be straight (and I guess therefore not Alex).

      • P says:

        I know what you mean I hated that they went for the bully is gay story line, and in my opinion they should have left Brittany and Santana bi, I love their relationship, but I’m with you for her to go from boy crazy to lesbian so fast was unrealistic.

        I <3 Klaine, but in the way that glee works I know they are going to mess it up :(, and I consider those too as potential candidates for the job.

        I don't see what Alex can bring to the table isn't he basically Kurt, they could make Lindsay (Rachel) and Emily (Santana) go in different directions, I don't know head of the rival glee club or something pretty and popular, not necessarily the roles they are screaming they want, but how can they change the gay guy with the girl voice, can he play a straight character? I don't know, but I do know that they can't change his voice.

    • Wigs says:

      Totally agree, there’s something that reads Fake about him. He plays it like he’s a big nerd but I don’t buy that for one secod. Hes a hipster rocker. He’s not socially awkward , as he is always coming off utterly charming and everyone loves him. He’s definitely going to win but my gut tells me a lot of what he’s doing is an act. Very calculated Cam.

  25. Megan says:

    In my opinion i think i guy will win. My vote is between damian,cameron, and matheus. Im pulling for damian because no one on glee right now has an accent and i think he would be a major benefit to the romance. And im irritated at the fact that people say he cant sing. Hello? He was chosen to be part of celtic thunder and has thousands of fans so yeah. and so what if he cant dance gin cant and hes great and still hot. I love the way cameron sounds so he is in 2nd for me and matheus would just be a major entertainment booster. As for the girls if one of them were to win i would have to choose lindsey or miranda because they both sound great and i can see them possibly having roles on glee. Not emily because shes trying to be just like santana and not hannah only because i feel like she will be out shined my lauren and mercades. Sam looks and sounds great but in the past videos it seems like he especially in firework, he kinda just stood there and jumped up and down no energy. Alex i feel like is a mercades without hair so hes out. So yeah damian has my vote but i will be happy if either him cameron or matheus wins.

  26. Megan says:

    I ment a guy not i guy. Im on a phone so of coarse there will be typos

  27. Sheikia says:

    I just realized that Damien was the Damien from Celtic Thunder :P

    For those who say he’s not as talented

    I like Cameron, Samuel, and Damien. None of the girls really stand out for me.

  28. Hiya says:

    Cameron = Winner. But do we believe he is really “nerdy” back in his hometown? He’s a hipster musician who is attractive, I bet he gets lots of dates. Is it really a well conceived act???

    • Valerie says:

      He’s said in interviews that he was very popular with girls, which made him unpopular with guys. I agree there’s something that kind of irks me about Cameron; he’s mentioned that he was homeschooled so think he’s a bit unaware of social norms. Either way, compared to most of the contestants, he’s more likeable, memorable, and talented.

  29. Camie says:

    I love Cameron! I know that Lindsay is a great singer and a great dancer but you can tell she isn’t going to win because the tv show totally protests her as a snob. You have to remember that the people editing the show control what is said and what isn’t said so though she would be a great addition to the show we know she won’t win because the watchers dont like her and they would feel super disappointed if she ended up winning. They are always portraying cameron as this awesome person (I think it’s working because I <3 him) so I believe that he is most likely to win. Just watch he isn't going to be on the bottom three for the entire series.

  30. Skye says:

    I love Cameron!! And the only problem I had was when Lindsy had to open up her mouth and talk to Ellis. It made Emily sound like she was attacking her. It made me mad. I really like Marissa, Mataeus, Emily, and Lindsy. Damians nice,but he’s competition to Cameron and he doesn’t really try. Mkynleigh is the same. I don’t hate Alex (so don’t assume i’m a homophobe) because i’m not. I like him he’s really nice and reminds me of my friend who knows what it’s like and is bullied because of his sextuality. I hate bullies so there’s my opinion. Honestly, I think if Ryan can’t create parts for the people then they shouldn’t win. Just saying, because he might make the character unlikable and i like all the characters. Except Karaphsky because he was mean to Kurt and i LOVE Kurt.
    (Sorry for typos)

  31. Eunice says:

    Those of you hating on Damian have obviously never heard him sing live. Well I have, 3 times. You also obviously haven’t seen Celtic Thunder either. They are a fantastic group and Damian is really good singer. Yes he needs a bit of improvement on his dancing but he’ll get it eventually. So just quit hating on him. If you don’t like him then ok just don’t be as disrespectful as to say that he is “a terrible lipsyncher and dancer who’s as memorable as unflavored Jello”.

    • Joe says:

      Damian stinks. Really bad. He’s a horrible actor and shouldn’t be on TV. Awkward, cheesey and lame pretty much describe him. But yay! He was in Celtic Thunder! My heart fills with Irish pride! Does that make you feel better?

    • jkrau says:

      I agree that Damian is an extraordinary singer, I just don’t think he’s right for Glee! His best emoting is while singing, so acting and dancing just aren’t for him — sticking with his strengths will take him farther in his career.

  32. ccpriester says:

    Love Camaron adn Damian nice togetehr, great smiles and voices.

  33. Jessica says:

    Damian and Cameron are awesome <3
    Ryan Murphy said in an interview that the winner isn't necessarily the best singer or dancer. I'm still trying to figure out who that is! Lol But I'm pretty sure the winner will be a boy! Because they are currently casting 2 new girls!!

  34. Audrey says:

    being a girl, i do NOT understand why everyone keeps saying lindsey did nothing wrong. she’s just sneaky about it.
    yes, she was right about ellis’ personality, but she didn’t need to take it that far after ellis showed that she was upset. she definitely pounced on ellis’ feelings and took advantage of a weaker castmate.
    remember during the twisted sister music video, when ellis had her first kiss, and lindsey gave it away (just to embarrass her)? THAT’s the kind of girl lindsey is, obviously.
    just because she’s not an obvious bully doesn’t mean she’s not a bully. she’s just good at what she does and SHE is the kind of bully that results in suicides when it goes on for too long, because no one believes the victim.

    also, damian, cameron, and samuel are sexy beasts. just saying. :3

    • blackrising says:

      I don’t see how she ‘pounced’ on her. She didn’t even really criticize her…Ellis wanted to know what she had done wrong and Lindsay told her. Sure, she could have sugar-coated it, but why should she?

      And we don’t really know if it was Lindsay’s intention to give it away. She could have thought everyone knew already. She could have actually not known that it was Elli’s first kiss and meant it as a joke. Or she simply thought it wasn’t that big a deal or maybe even simply tried to joke about it to make Ellis not feel so awkward about it.

      REally, there’s an endless number of possibilities, because we just don’t get to see most of the things that are happening. We never see Lindsay so or say anything nice, but some conversations make it clear that she DOES. Why don’t they show that? Because they want to make her out to be a villain. Sometimes I even think it’s just a clever ploy to get the audience to dislike Lindsay so they don’t have to explain to anyone why they chose Cameron (what with him being the clear favourite and all) instead of someone who’s a much better singer and dancer….and prettier. *cough*

      • John says:

        “And we don’t really know if it was Lindsay’s intention to give it away. She could have thought everyone knew already. She could have actually not known that it was Elli’s first kiss and meant it as a joke. Or she simply thought it wasn’t that big a deal or maybe even simply tried to joke about it to make Ellis not feel so awkward about it.”

        No – I’m a guy and I tend to always give people the benefit of a doubt, but even I got a definite mean-girl vibe from that comment of Lindsay’s about Ellis’ first kiss. It was casually thrown off, but I think it was designed to embarrass Ellis and make her feel uncomfortable and small – and it worked, as Lindsay knew it would. She’s not clueless – she’s got her passive-aggressive technique down. I agree with Audrey above – Lindsay is sneaky about it, but she is a bully.

  35. jkrau says:

    Thank you for making some really good points in this article! Emily is sassy but has the talent to back it up, Ellis and Mattheus needed to loosen up, and Damien is terribly awkward! It feels as though many of these kids need to find their confidence as a performer — McKynleigh especially, who talks about her love of roller derby in her intro segment, but then stifles her amazing voice with her reserved personality (not to mention sweater sets and headbands).

    MOST of all though, Cameron and Samuel are intriguing because they have NOT done theater before, they have NOT acted much, but they seem to be most embracing this all and really growing through each challenge! It’s amazing to watch them bloom!

    (And as a side note, Lindsay is already a first-rate triple-threat, the only problem might be that she is too well-trained and experienced, she has nowhere to grow!)

  36. Lucy says:

    Cameron stands out the most of all of them as a charasmatic performer in my opinion. He is pretty spectacular.

  37. Devin says:

    Uh huh. You talk about Damo like that and the whole Damian army is going after you!!! Other then that I think your right