Idoloonies: Haley Reinhart on Brutal Judging, 'Moanin' Duet, 'Bennie' Exit, Life Before Idol

Haley Reinhart may not have received a confetti shower at the end of her American Idol run, but the Season 10 third-place finisher says she got her “This is My Now” moment on Top 8 results night thanks to her “Moanin'” duet with Casey Abrams. In her long-awaited Idoloonies interview, Haley explains exactly how that performance came to be, reveals the movie-soundtrack hit she had planned to sing before switching to “Call Me,” and talks about the little coincidences that led to her legendary cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” Plus, Haley dishes the tough treatment she got in the latter half of the season from judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, reveals a surprising wardrobe switcheroo she endured during Top 4 performance night, and (since Idol producers never bothered to tell us) shares what exactly she was up to before she auditioned for Season 10. Press play below on all five parts of the Haley Reinhart Idoloonies Experience, then hit the comments to share your thoughts. And for all my Idol and reality TV news, recaps, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Pete says:

    Here is all Repad’s Haley performances (plus 2 Caley duets) in a zip file:


    • whynotcanada says:

      awesome Pete

    • Cheshire says:

      Thank you Pete!!!
      I really wanted to save all of repad’s Haley videos because they are such good quality but I’m not very tech savy and really have no clue how to download youtube videos. So thanks so much for this!!!!!

    • HaleyFan says:

      Thanks Pete, It looks like CKX is starting to clear youtube of the shows videos, I thought they would wait until at least after the tour was over but oh well we can always repost just losing the view count hurt some.

  2. midnightblue says:


  3. JT says:

    Is it safe to come back “in the water” here??

  4. LittleSister says:

    anyone still posting here?

  5. Shela says:

    Hopefully the Troll is gone…and all the vibe he/she brought with

  6. buzz says:

    Come on in the waters fine…picked up some Haley floaties, listening to some Haleytunes…contemplating New Orleans vids of HOTRS, since Texas was such a video drought.

  7. B-scot says:

    Now that it looks like Haley is signed to Interscope which of their producers do you think could create an album and help forge Haley’s style into the proper songs for her? or would it be best to use an outside producer possible from the UK or independent label like Jim Jonsin of the Rebel Rock label since he worked with her a lot on the show.

  8. Tom22 says:

    Great great interview…

    It’s amazing to me that they wanted her for “blond fodder” from the begging and, hardly changed their minds. Sure the TV producers wanted a good show and had to showcase her talent in good placements and give her the final song when other singers couldn’t deliver but it really seems like the Music Producers had a big problem with her on.

    I’ve been trying to think of a reason why but I’m finally wrapping my mind around a possiblity.

    Really good singers who have the experience to learn a song as quickly as haley and bring interesting phrasing might make the ones that they want to sell look less interesting in comparison. They also can help bump out the ones they think have market potential entirely.

    I bet the lesson they learned from Haley is that they better not bring in any kids who’ve been schooled in jazz singing and have had extensive performing experience on top of that. She sold herself as a blond bluesy fire-plug oddity and starts looking pretty in gowns and appealing to viewers who like country (with blue) and stanards etc and it messed their plans up.

    Funny too that they’ve been picking these skinny good looking african american girls when there gotta be lots of girls with huge ( ; ) ) voices like Lakisha and Melinda (melinda you’re fit, but not the magazine cover girl without your voice) but they don’t want to risk having them get all the votes from people who really appreciate good singing of stuff that will never hit the pop charts.

    • Carole1015 says:

      Gone are the days when it was just about vocal talent. Could Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, Judy Garland, Aretha Franklin, etc., etc. be major stars today??? Looks are a huge factor in determining success now and fortunately for her, Haley is a beautiful girl in addition to having killer vocal chops.

      I was a huge Melinda Doolittle fan, but as you suggest, if you don’t look like a Maxim magazine cover, your chances of achieving mega-stardom in the entertainment world are slim to none.

      • whynotcanada says:

        largely agree with you, especially for something like idol, which has an inherant degree of superficiality.
        the only case where this might not be the true is if the female can actually write outstanding music, which sadly, doen’t seem to be that important to many.

      • midnightblue says:

        The odds are not good

  9. buzz says:

    Still not the full press release on signing. We need the Queen herself front and center with photo shoot. She deserves her moment in the lights…House of Lights.

  10. Bones says:

    Where did everyone go? Is there a new forum?

  11. Cheshire says:

    There iiiissss a houuuuse in Newwww Or-le-e-e-eans

    Man oh man, hearing the crowd go crazy for our girl at 0:15 brought a tear to my eye! What a special moment for Haley.

    • whynotcanada says:

      There is a Girl in New Orleans
      I Call Her the Rising Sun.
      She’s Bin the Ruin of Many a Poor Boy
      Our Haley We Know She Won.

      • JT says:

        Ha yes. Haley has left a long long trail of “poor boys” (both young and old) throughout the world on her journey the past few months!

    • JT says:

      She sooooooo deserved a reception like that. All I can say is “get used to it Haley!”

  12. buzz says:

    What a great night for The Slayer in the Big Easy! She really gets into that sultry role she plays for HOTRS & BATJ…so at ease. I expect some more great vids to come out of there over the next few days. Still not tired of listening to her voice, no matter how many times I hear the song.

  13. mamma knows best says:

    James…honey, Please for goodness sake…step away from the computer.
    You know what your Doctor said about how you GET when your “ASPIES”
    acts up…you need to go to your happy place!

    Love, Mom

  14. buzz says:

    Just wanted to be comment #3601…and still waiting on an ENCORE interview w/Haley from Michael! If Haley has to come to you, she’ll be in NY again in August…and probably will have officially announced the recording contract by then, seems like a nice opportunity to follow-up Michael?

  15. Teresa says:

    Haley is officially signed!

    Slayer saved, slayer signed!

  16. Cheshire says:

    O Happy Day! Weeeeeee!!! I’m so happy for Haley and I can’t wait to hear the new music she creates. I’m so bleeping excited, I can’t stop smiling! The growler is signed, the world is saved. :D

  17. Terry says:

    I gotta admit I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw that official announcement today. HALES YA BABY!!! Even tho the signs were there for weeks that she had a record deal, I was still worried. After the way she was shafted on the show, I was concerned it was gonna carry over into ‘real life’. Hahaha. I’m thrilled to death for Haley and wait with eager anticipation for new tunes from her. SHINDIG!!!!!

  18. quido3 says:

    so happy for Haley. I knew months ago she would get signed. I’ll say it again Halwey will become one of the top selling idols of all time

  19. Miguel says:

    Latest sales numbers (see 2nd post):
    Weekly sales trending the same as last week, but overall rank dropped substantially for everyone but Scotty.

  20. lml says:

    I am still here Haley. I check the site out for news on our girl. She is gonna be big!!!. Thank you for the New Orleans HOTRS I am from there and knew they would love her. So hope that guy is gone. What a loser. That was a very odd time on these posts but hope everything from here on will be good. Go Haley!!! Will be buying that album as soon as it comes out.

  21. Cheshire says:

    So you know you’re a Halien when… you don’t mind being stuck in traffic on the way home from work because it just means you get to listen to more of Haley’s itunes.
    As I was stuck in traffic listening to Bennie, it seems like it’s on fast forward now that I’ve heard Haley doing the live tour version. Hahaha.
    Hey kids, sh-sh-sh-shayyyy-kit loose togethahhhh…
    So awesome!

  22. bridgette says:

    omg i am obsessed with haley i cant believe i have just seen this!!

    • Terry says:

      This is an awesome interview, isn’t it!
      Michael really needs to do another one.

  23. Kaya says:

    I like one part in the interview where Michael says “If they disagree, well then they’re wrong,” and Haley is like, “I love this guy!” I completely agree. Michael Slezak, you are awesome.

  24. Kaya says:

    Have you considered getting a YouTube account? It would expand the range of devices the videos could be played on, since my iTouch doesn’t play it on his site and I’m guessing no other mobiles do it either. Just a suggestion.

  25. Cheshire says:

    Oh my goodness graciousness, Haley is the cutest thing evah!!!


    • whynotcanada says:

      she sure is.
      and awesome she has been signed to a record deal and will take the time to release an album with her own stamp on it, unlike Scotty, Pia and Lauren who are just releasing whatever the idol machine thinks is right for them. Haley has a bright future.

  26. lml says:

    Thanks so much for that interview in the Windy City. She is such a cutie. The site served its purpose. We got to see some videos from her tour and some interviews. We learned she signed a contract so I would not say the site ended with a wimper. Go Haley!!!

    • Linda says:

      You said it, Go Haley!!!
      Idoloonies Champ!
      Most commented article in TVline history!
      Record Deal!
      woo hoo, that’s going out with a bang… just like her awesome swan song of Bennie and the Jets!
      I’m so excited to see what the future holds for our girl.

  27. whynotcanada says:

    Yup, this comment blog is a testament to Haley. It will live on forever.

  28. Volcfom says:

    I GOT HER AUTOGRAPH! I waited for 90 minutes after the concert ended on Wednesday, but it was sooo worth it!

    • bluzazz says:

      over halfway thru the tour ,and she still finds ways to change it up &keep it fresh.way to go Wailey Haley !!!!

  29. JW says:

    Haley rocks

  30. whynotcanada says:

    Haley coming to Toronto Sept 9 – Her Birthday!
    Happy Birthday Haley

  31. OzHaleyFan says:

    Happy 21st Birthday Haley!!!

  32. Bones says:

    Happy 21st Birthday Haley!!! Hope you have a great shindig to celebrate!!!

    • bluzazz says:

      hope you had a great birthday ,and you received everything you had wished for. keep giving us that beautifull smile ,and we will smile back !HALEY!!!…HALEY!!!…

  33. buzz says:

    Still a little obsessed with this girl…while we’re waiting, Casey Abrams gives us a sensational video from Irvin Mayfield’s in New Orleans. Haley you are something else…thanks for the magic!

  34. fung law says:

    She is awesome beauty to look and sound so good in the interview. love this girl.

  35. Shindig says:

    Ahh, the good old days :< I hope Haley releases a record soon, man.

    • bluzazz says:

      just bought BICO , wow, it is sooo good to hear (and watch ) Haley again,she still makes my heart pound.BTW, she put me in the Christmas spirit already,so its gift buying time for me .lol

  36. Erika says:

    This interview is still legendary. Thank you Michael.

  37. Katfish says:

    I know this is a LONG time after-the-fact……and NO I’m not comparing these singers …..but the similarities (IMHO) are patently UNdeniable – much like MamaSox and Bo Bice……Haley was simply too darned GOOD to win Idol plain and simple! I will ALWAYS be a fan so ROCK ON Haley!!!

  38. Testing only says:
  39. Access says:

    Woops. ^ is a duplicate. Thought my previous post was lost.

  40. Access says:

    And I think he was the ensemble band director as well.

  41. charlie says:

    Ooops put the “Too Much” link twice.. This is the right link to Winehouse song..

  42. whynotcanada says:


  43. fover10 says:

    Come on fred. go peddle somewhere else and leave us alone.

  44. Miguel says:

    How does your “mom” feel about you being a comment spammer spouting lies, “Fred”?

  45. MarkS says:

    Good to know Fred, I wonder of thats where Idol shops for it’s judges.

  46. fover10 says:

    I think fred got tanked.

  47. fover10 says:

    I guess fred is now tom. Hey tom, did you think we wouldn’t notice. Please go away.

  48. Scam Artists Need to be Run Over by a Mack Truck says:

    Hey prick, did you not get the hint last time your post was deleted? If this thread didn’t have 1500 threads, you wouldn’t even post here. Stop trying to take advantage of some site traffic. There is no free advertising. F-off.

  49. Tusk says:

    This is what you will get when you become top of the comment list…so in a way it’s a badge of honor LOL

  50. Miguel says:

    I think we broke the site. It’s no longer showing all the posts. There used to be more below this point and I just made another that didn’t appear.

  51. whateverblah says:

    Sometimes they got out of whack with the dates. They always show up, just a bit higher on the page.

  52. Steve says:

    LOL @ broke the site.. no it just means likely someone reported one of your posts and now your comments are blocked.

  53. Miguel says:

    My posts didn’t go missing, Steve. An entire bloc of posts by others that were below this spam post yesterday are no longer visible.

  54. asdasd says:

    no, the comments are indeed screwy, and there’s a bunch of posts sticking to the places where newest comments should be while other posts are getting tossed to random places

  55. Julie says:

    Tusk posted on this issue and said it’s due to responding to @MS that causes your posts to get blocked.

    I guess you need to be careful and only respond to known good people.

  56. Tusk says:

    No, this is what happens when someone is blocked, AND their comment is deleted.

    First time I noticed it was on Lauren’s Idoloonies. Someone came in and posted in all caps that Lauren was a fat…etc. Was really obnoxious. After that, the comment was gone, and all the reactions to it appeared at the end of the comments…slightly different this time ’cause there are so many dang comments.

  57. Ken The Great says:

    Yes, the same thing happens to me. My posts shoot up above that “Access” person.

  58. Julie says:

    Hey Ken,

    Was the “Access” person a known person that had been blocked for bad behavior before like either @Tusk or @MS

  59. Tusk says:

    @ Julie
    I was there about the time it happened. He did what I did (I didn’t know it was wrong at the time).

    I don’t know for sure, but he and another started posting lists of links to Haley’s “jam band” performances. It was a couple of hours before the most comment list number was broken. Either someone complained or, posting consecutive posts with links is a no-no on this site.

    You can see what remains are comments about “links”…I don’t know for sure.

  60. Wisdom says:

    Julie I tried posting a test reply to @Tusk, and my sub-comment did not get associated with his. So yes I would say that something is wrong with certain people not having full comment privileges.

    I was going to try with @MS but I don’t see any posts. Do you mean Michael Slezak?

  61. Wisdom says:

    Julie my last post didn’t get associated with yours either, so maybe its just a problem with the system in general and peoples comment privileges. Let me know if you figure it out.

    Thanks, Wsidom

  62. Wisdom says:

    This is a test post to see if a reply to Tusk gets blocked or misplaced

  63. Tusk says:

    Seriously? I try to be consistently civil to people and I always attract this…..

  64. Tusk says:

    @ Wisdom (or is it Wisdom Speaks)
    It’s not about me…do you notice everyone posting under the broken part of this threa has no replies? Thnx for spreading more falsehoods against me….good way to spend time on a fan blog.

  65. Wisdom says:

    I wasn’t trying to spread falsehoods about you I just wanted to see If posting comments on someone that had been blocked before were the problem.

    Sorry if I upset you.

  66. Wisdon Speaks says:

    ^ “Wisdom” is a different person.

  67. Tusk says:

    Thx for apologising, apology accepted.

  68. HaleyFanUno says:

    Guys, seriously you all just need to chill, and quit worrying about who might be a good guy vs a bad guy, Haley needs us to act like adults here and give her support, not get into petty squabbling over who is to blame for posts not working right.


  69. Mia says:


    I think everyone’s pretty chilled and are acting like adults.

    As the civil exchanges you can observe above your comment.

    I do think the slight retardation of the posts is not because one of us active posters are blocked, but rather some comments are deleted. Must’ve causes some lag.

    I take my cue from us messing with “Fred” who posted a spam about internet deals. All our replies to him got disconnected from the original post and now appears at the end of all the recent comments…

  70. HaleyFanUno says:

    Thanks Mia, I’m just an old fart, and kinda new at this fan site stuff, for the most part I have been enjoying all the Haley love, until the last couple of comments about assigning blame for god knows what, but if you say thats as the kids say “chillin” than thats good enough for me, I’lll take you at your word that this is normal fan interaction.


    PS my second comment, I’m getting pretty good aye!

  71. HaleyFanUno says:

    Hi Mia,

    Paying a little bit more attention now, and you are absolutely right the reason these posts are not maintaing their proper hierarchical ordering has nothing to do with the target recipient of the post being blocked. Unless we have access to the source code underlying this forum’s comment logic, any attempt to opine on the cause of the problem would be indulging in idle speculation. Also you made the distinction of “us active posters”. I can assure you that this bug has nothing to do with someone being active or inactive poster.

    Just for the record statements such as “Thnx for spreading more falsehoods against me….good way to spend time on a fan blog.” in my book would not fall in the category of chilled, but thanks for the input anyway.


  72. Miguel says:

    Well, they were.

  73. Tusk says:

    Since I told you I was there, I’ll finish the story. It happened around page 9, you can see Acess linked to a guy’s website with Old Haley performances in ’09.

    (they are unlisted vids so I felt weird going somewhere that was meant for private showing, but others have reposted them for public consumption on youtube).

    They (Acess and another) started posting lists and lists of links. I had a feeling me doing the same thing got me banned but wasn’t sure. I wanted to let them know that was a possibility, but like I said I didn’t know.

    If you notice there began to be excitement about breaking the record…I even posted the comment that breaking the record would be like “marking” this site, Haley territory….

    Then all of a sudden it stopped at 1321. I don’t like to post just to post, I like to have something relatively interesting to add. So I watched without posting.

    An hour goes by and that counter stayed at 1321. I suspected that either someone had hacked the site to stop Haley from breaking the comment record (Slezak conspiracy alarms on high alert ;) ), or the site went down. I went to early pages and responded to a comment just to see if I can, and sure enough I could, so no problem with posting, but the lists of links were gone.

    A few hours later the comments restarted (I was asleep by then).

    Point of the story…the counts stopped at 1321 (9 short of the past record) for over an hour, and now at this typing we are 400 comments passed that LOL

  74. Tusk says:

    So, you’re saying I should NOT be annoyed when I suspect someone is trying to defame me? Besides, he apologised and I accepted. What isn’t “chill” about that?

    Since you have said you are new to this, I advise you to stay away from commenting unless you fully understand what you’re commenting on. Otherwise you just come off rude.

    Just for the record.

  75. HaleyFanUno says:

    @Tusk: Defame you?

    Wow maybe I should be worried now because it sounds like your trying to defame me.

    Being a Haley fan it seems, has its challenges! (-;

  76. Tusk says:

    great…. im done with this

  77. Tusk says:

    Actually one more thing.

    Let me get this straight, you go to a Haley Reinhart page, name yourself her number one fan, have posted what 4 times?

    None of your posts are about Haley at all. Then you pick a fight about something you don’t know…..(the fact that I’ve been harrassed before)

    Don’t worry about me, I won’t bother responding to/about you after this

  78. haleyFanUno says:

    @Tusk you are so full of anger right now, I was just asking people to quit blaming each other over the lost posts or whatever silliness was going on, hence my comment to chill.

    I don’t think anyone is trying to fight with you or “defame” you. I have actually been following this forum since it began. I have enjoyed a lot of your posts, and enthusiasm for Haley and am glad she has your support.

    As far as my proclaiming myself her number one fan I think you may have misread me there too. it’s not uno, its u no.. haley fan you know. It was my attempt to be clever with my tag. As far as I’m concerned her father is her number one fan.The love they showed for each other during her performance of the “Zeplin’ cover, was for the most memorable moment of the entire Idol 10 seasons and one of the reasons I’m here.

  79. Tusk says:

    “You guys are starting to sound a little paranoid over who might be a bad guy vs good guy here. Seriously just chill, I’m sure things will get worked out, were all one big family here, and Haley needs us to act like adults and give her our support


    Comment by HaleyFan#1 – June 22, 2011 10:50 PM PDT”

    So this isn’t you??? Says HaleyFan#1 to me.

    You are doing a better job of defaming yourself than anyone…

  80. Tusk says:

    I really enjoy posting on here with Haley’s fans, I try to be civil as much as I can, and most of that has paid off because I can have great civil discussions with people. If it’s true you’ve read this blog “since it began”, you would know that.

    I do not take kindly to people taking shots at me…and in your case trying to cover yourself by lying. Don’t tell me that isn’t you. NO ONE spells “peace” like you, “piece”.

    Unless, her Dad, her number one fan as you say, just happened to drop in and post practically the same thing as you, and sign off with “piece”. Just like you, what are the odds?

    You do that as HaleyFan#1 AND haley fan u no, so don’t go that route either.

    There’s a chance both of us might get blocked because of this ridiculous discourse, but I can’t sit here and let you lie un contested. If you want to apologise, don’t do it in a backhanded way trying to tell me you enjoy my posts. Just apologise like Wisdom did at the beginning of this thread. I have had great discussions with Mia too, so ask her.

    So if I get blocked for defending myself and calling out the “misrepresentations” in your statements so be it. I won’t stand and take the lies. If I get blocked, thnx other Haley fans it’s been a blast.

  81. haleyFanUno says:

    @Tusk Boy your tenacious with this stuff

    Here was my comment to Mia, note my tag at the end:

    Hi Mia,
    Paying a little bit more attention now, and you are absolutely right the reason these posts are not maintaing their proper hierarchical ordering has nothing to do with the target recipient of the post being blocked. Unless we have access to the source code underlying this forum’s comment logic, any attempt to opine on the cause of the problem would be indulging in idle speculation. Also you made the distinction of “us active posters”. I can assure you that this bug has nothing to do with someone being active or inactive poster.
    Just for the record statements such as “Thnx for spreading more falsehoods against me….good way to spend time on a fan blog.” in my book would not fall in the category of chilled, but thanks for the input anyway.
    Comment by HaleyFanUno – June 23, 2011 12:10 AM PDT REPLY TO THIS POST

    Here you are replying to my comment to Mia, Note your use of my tag

    So, you’re saying I should NOT be annoyed when I suspect someone is trying to defame me? Besides, he apologised and I accepted. What isn’t “chill” about that?
    Since you have said you are new to this, I advise you to stay away from commenting unless you fully understand what you’re commenting on. Otherwise you just come off rude.
    Just for the record.
    Comment by Tusk – June 23, 2011 12:28 AM PDT REPLY TO THIS POST

    I don’t know what you want me to say: I started a conversation with HaleyFanUno, you replied to me as @HaleyFanUno

    I have 4 or 5 posts now arguing with you over I’m not sure what at this point, but quite clearly the tag is HaleyFanUno

    I verbalize it my mind as Haley Fan U Know, but if you want to insist I’m being error prone and typing HaleyFanUno instead of HaleyFan#1 I guess thats your prerogative, and if it makes you feel better that I be defamed, will no problem, I’ll boldly stand up relinquish and fame I have.

    It’s been nice chatting with you late into the night, I actually have a job and have to get up in the morning so I am going to have to end this fascinating dialog now.

    HaleyFan#1 you know

  82. Volcfom says:

    Dear HaleyFanUno,
    If someone writes @[name], it means they are talking to you. Tusk was not using your tag, he was addressing you. It’s something that started on Twitter. Instead of typing “To [name]” or “Dear [name]”, a person types @.
    Also, it is easy for many of us to confuse your tag to mean HaleyFan#1 because “uno” is Spanish for “one”. If you want to avoid future confusion, type it as “UNo” or “UKnow”. I’m sure the majority of people thought you meant “one” and not “you know” – I know I did.

    To Tusk,
    I’m sorry it has become a harsh environment, but you do not make it much better by responding angrily. It’s best to avoid conflict and continue with your awesome Haley-loving posts.

  83. Tusk says:

    Don’t worry the matter is and has been closed. This is just an unfortunate residual effect of deleting offensive posts that these comments still appear at the end of the comments section.

  84. midnightblues says:

    And here we go again round 4.

  85. B-scot says:

    Testing +++ this seems to be the end and some lost posts are being put on at the end.

  86. Miguel says:

    The posts at the very end are orphans — not new posts. They were originally replies to spammers and when they delete the original comment they end up at the bottom.
    (not directed at you personally, B-scot. Just making it clearer for other new arrivals. I was confused when I first encountered them too)

  87. JT says:

    And now word is that the release of Pia’s single has been delayed a bit. Hmmmm.

  88. mightnightblue says:

    Tell me what I have said negitive on the site Or am i just fueling the fire.

  89. Take ur medz says:

    you’re not fooling anyone james, you’re the one who started this by being extremely rude and nasty towards Haley, and you know it!!! Now would you please for the love of gawd give it a rest!!!

  90. BOO HOO says:


  91. Miguel says:

    Go away, James.

  92. Miguel says:

    “I am going to join you guys in this little game soon. Where all going to have some more fun.”
    More threats. You think we’re abnormal for discussing Haley and her recent performances but you’re perfectly normal to want to throw a wrench in things.
    You are not.

  93. Miguel says:

    James, you are an anti-Haley troll and not nearly as clever or mature as you think. Any adult that assumes the monikers of others to harass a group of like-minded people is someone that is emotionally immature. By the way, ASSHOLE, not spelling that word completely doesn’t make you a better person.

  94. WhatAJoke says:

    You have no principles james, as evidenced by what you have done here. But hey if this all makes you proud of yourself, that’s a real sad reflection of who you are as a person. Have a nice life asshole!

  95. I'mOutaHere says:

    #1 – it’s ‘haliens’ asshole!
    #2 – go to hell, james!

  96. Miguel says:

    Haley fans, I have preserved much of what we built here:
    Please visit and participate.

  97. q says:

    Nice work Miguel!

    To all Haley regulars here @miguel has created a wonderful new site for us. Please follow me there where we can continue our conversations, without james.

  98. Miguel says:

    “Nice Try” = James.
    . is a legitimate site I put together. It’s a message board that has moderating functions.

  99. cherelann says:


    I have registered at your forum & am impressed with the set-up. I would encourage Haley fans to do the same. Although I am not an avid poster I will be checking this forum daily.

    Also, at MJs, there is an article that says Haley has been signed with Interscope. This leak came from Tim Halperin, a top 24 finalist. Let’s go to & discuss!

  100. q says:

    Everyone lets go to where we can continue without james. No need to stay here anymore.

  101. Miguel says:

    Give it a rest, James.
    whynotcanada and all the regulars are welcome.