Idoloonies: Haley Reinhart on Brutal Judging, 'Moanin' Duet, 'Bennie' Exit, Life Before Idol

Haley Reinhart may not have received a confetti shower at the end of her American Idol run, but the Season 10 third-place finisher says she got her “This is My Now” moment on Top 8 results night thanks to her “Moanin'” duet with Casey Abrams. In her long-awaited Idoloonies interview, Haley explains exactly how that performance came to be, reveals the movie-soundtrack hit she had planned to sing before switching to “Call Me,” and talks about the little coincidences that led to her legendary cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” Plus, Haley dishes the tough treatment she got in the latter half of the season from judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, reveals a surprising wardrobe switcheroo she endured during Top 4 performance night, and (since Idol producers never bothered to tell us) shares what exactly she was up to before she auditioned for Season 10. Press play below on all five parts of the Haley Reinhart Idoloonies Experience, then hit the comments to share your thoughts. And for all my Idol and reality TV news, recaps, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Travis says:


    • Terry says:

      THANK YOU MICHAEL & JASON!!! Seriously, a thousand thank yous, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…..

      • awesome says:

        Awesome interview. Her voice reminds me of Pink. Best of luck Haley.

        • Emma says:

          I would like to second that ‘Best of luck Haley’.
          I sincerely hope all the dreams that Haley has for her career come true!
          Everytime I hear Adele’s Rolling in the Deep on the radio (which is a lot) it reminds me of Haley and I can’t help but SMILE.

          • Julie says:

            THE SEASON 10 SLAYER


            and Hales ya we missed you!!!

          • RTW says:

            When I go to the Idol concert this summer, I’m going to wear a Slayer T-Shirt.

          • buzz says:

            Yes, I was in the boondocks the last five days (missed the unveiling of the interview), no cell coverage, but had my 13 Haley singles on the ipod…just brings a smile to my face every time I hear her voice!
            I will buy everything Haley produces…one of a kind!

          • Cheshire says:

            QUE SERA
            Whatever will be, will be
            It always is a blessing in disguise
            There’s always going to be a reason for everything
            I just can’t get over what a superb attitude Haley has for someone so young. But hey, everything else about her is pretty superb so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Rock on Hales, all the best to you!!!

          • Suncatcher says:

            I was in the Middle East boondocks too and just got to see this incredible interview by Michael.

            – HEY SLEZAK – THIS is why you have almost 1,500 comments! You are THAT GOOD. Best interview I have seen in a long, long time. You obviously wowed Haley and she’ll be one of your best friends for a long time to come.

            – Thank you Michael for making a bizarre Idol year, not ony bearable – but almost understandable. See you in January!

          • thulsakhan says:

            thats so true I smile when I hear Adele as well, but only because I think of haley!!!

          • Maestro says:

            Until that night when Haley sang “Rolling in the Deep”, i had no clue who ‘Adele’ was. Because of Haley, i’ve grown into a big ‘Adele’ fan & i also am reminded of Haley’s performance everytime that song comes on.

        • EvaneSam says:

          ikr?? Both have great voices, great personalities and a wicked sense of humor. :D

          Oh boy I just thought of a Pink – Haley duet ….

          brb, gone to find a genie or a birthday candle that I can blow out :P

      • Ann says:

        Times one million!
        I just raced home from work to watch this on my lunch hour and I am so going to be late getting back… but it was totally worth it.
        Thank you to any and everyone involved in putting this together… Bloody Brilliant!!!

      • Lee says:

        Thank you. Best interview this season. I especially liked the background info on Moaning. I really hope Haley gets a record contract. She definitely deserves it. She is the true artist this season.

        • Rachel says:

          FINALLY THE HALEY INTERVIEW!!!!! Ive been waiting so long for this.

          P.S. Everybody go on, its a song that Haley sang on american idol. Its really good, but no one knows about it because it was barely on TV.

          • Amie says:

            Omg I know, this was an amazing performance!!!

          • Amie says:

            Oh Michael and Jason…how you made my week!

          • JT says:

            Thanks for sharing the video. Whenever I need a pick-me-up after a day at the office I listen to this– it just puts a smile on my face:

          • Tusk says:


            My Haley fix recently is all those clips of her singing at the Yacht club. There are like 10 to 11 songs total.

            The sound suck, but her brilliance comes through. I am thinking of taking the weekend to patch them together for a mini Haley concert audio, until I get to hear the real thing live.

          • Mike says:

            There’s actually more than just 10 or 11 at the Yacht Club… there’s 18 in total. Check out this playlist I always use on Youtube. Scroll to near the bottom of the list.

          • meru123 says:

            Love the song and yeah it is not posted much. Thanks!

          • BigMouth says:

            Haley’s dad is the right age to have in his record collection the band Smith with singer Gayle McCormick 1969. “Baby It’s You” – they can be seen performing it here
            Her piercing vocals, esp. on their record, made the song a hit.
            Haley should keep following the successful formula of singing the biggest songs that she can find, because she can sing the hell out of them. Just like Susan Boyle with that big song from Les Mis. But no ego trips – just songs that inspire and help people feel better and more alive. It would be great if she could tour, perhaps with Casey, and let audiences around the world hear her in person. She has a gift.

        • Karen smith says:

          Cant stand Haley so glad she dI’d not win

          • Terry says:

            Cant stand Karen smith. She comes to a site that is so very clearly all about someone she cant stand just to post a mean spirited comment.

          • Satchvai says:

            Yah, KS is a stuck up brat with an attitude. She thinks she is all that and all she does is sing out of tune in her shower.

            (See how that feels? Yah, stop hating on people you don’t know)

          • Dick Whitman says:

            lol ok.

          • Di says:

            I’m glad she didn’t win, too. But it’s because I liked her the best and now she doesn’t have to be owned by the producers and their entertainment company. She will be more successful than the winner and co-winner. She is pure genius.

          • shutUp says:

            Can’t stand you for crashing our party with rude comments about people you don’t know.

          • jane says:

            Whatever – she has a talent that and that is evident

          • Paula Navarette says:

            Ms.Haley has what many call ‘class’. Sorry? You missed the boat when it comes to class. Let us know your next concert date, tour schedule, single release whatever. WE’RE all so interested in your career. Not! For the future Ms. Karen, ‘If you can’t say somethin’ good? Than don’t say nothin’ at all.’ You didn’t embarrass anyone, except yourself. If you even noticed?

      • Tusk says:

        Any chance we can buy the whole Idoloonies Season? Highly entertaing and would be a great keepsake.

        • Roz says:

          I was thinking the same thing. I want to see this interview again. Great job guys and thank you for being so cool and love that you appreciate Haley for the artist and great person that she is.

        • x says:

          Well I have all the Season 10 Idoloonies episodes and they are almost 6 GB. So if you can figure out a way for me to send it to you I would share it free of charge :P

          • Tusk says:

            For this kind of High quality production and entertainement, I don’t mind paying at all.

            Just wondered if it will ever be possible because to sell it, wouldn’t MS/TVLine have to have a deal/approval from AI and Buffy et al?

            Money is always the bottom line, unfortunately.

      • Jesse says:

        Love the Haley interviews, Slezak! However, I hated having to endure the True Blood promos each time, especially the same promo. If there must be some type of promo prior every video, can it at least be closely related to the interview content? A promo for Glee, Platinum Hit, etc would have at least been logical. Once again, enjoyed the interviews once I was able to view them.

        • Lunakit says:

          Oh Michael,
          I am so sorry that Idoloonies got saddled with promo clips of THE SAME MOVIE before each and every segment. I seriously hope this isn’t going to be an ongoing boogie stuck to the finger of Idoloonies….
          Is nothing sacred or immune to the witchery of Commerce? Jason must be sick about it. There is such artistry in the way Idoloonies is lovingly sewn together, and now… yeah. A boogie.

          • you guys rock says:

            Please don’t bust Michael’s chops over advertisement…how else is
            TV/LINE going to pay Michael/Jason the big bucks!!!! Anyway,I love,
            love the Haley interview! Thanks Michael and Jason for giving Haley
            her due!! You guys made this years Idol enjoyable! For sure I would
            have pulled my hair out if I didn’t have this site to come to and vent after watching JLo and Randy dump their negative critique on our girl!


        • team player says:

          OH, don’t be a cry baby Jesse. After watching the promos…I’ll be reconnecting my HBO to watch TRUE BLOOD…Thanks TV/LINE! :)

      • Alpha says:

        To those who have trouble watching this here.. Part 1:

    • EvaneSam says:

      ROFL “Please don’t forget the part about the cat” … I died from laughter at this comment from her. She’s just too cool and funny. And just when I thought I couldn’t be more obsessed with her. I’m gonna’ re-watch this Haleyloonies episode until the site breaks down.
      I LOVED the story about how Moanin’ got together and finally we heard some of her backstory as well.
      I had this really stupid grin on my face while watching this and I think I might have creeped out a few people but it’s worth it.

      • EvaneSam says:

        Well I did what Michael does with Idol. I re-watched Idoloonies and wrote down ”some” notes.
        Part 1
        First of I found the clips and especially the song (You and I) very fitting to start Idoloonies with. Just listen to the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean. What surprised me, and I only saw it when re-watching it, Steven Tyler was spared from a) being compared to someone/something (J.Lo the evil witch that she is and Randy to Adam) and b) not being mentioned at all throughout this Haleyloonies.
        Also I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards whoever gave Haley those encouraging words and made her try out for this year of Idol. THANK YOU!!! You can live happily knowing that your persistence saved Season 10 of AI.
        That scene when they gave Haley the news that she made the Top 24 and Steven was like:
        – She is a happy girl.
        – J.Lo: Today she is
        It just makes me laugh. It’s like J.Lo was saying “We’ll beat that happiness out of her eventually” or “Yeah well I doubt she’ll stick around anyway. She’ll be voted off soon”
        And Michael …WOW …“little obsessed”??? … and saying that with a straight face as well … I’m impressed. You definitely got better since your “Young and the Restless” gig. Bravo.
        Part 2
        “They acknowledged my existence “ LOL
        As much as I would have been interested to hear “Hopelessly devoted to you” from Haley I most definitely would have like to hear her sing “Barracuda”. Also, what “talent thingies”? Can anyone get a recording of those please and post it online?
        I loved her reaction to the emotionally perfect “critiques”, mine were a bit more vocal :P
        It’s kinda’ amazing to me that no one asked her about Moaning so far. I mean c’mon it was a masterpiece. They asked in every interview she did if she and Casey were together. Would it have killed them to ask something original once in a while?
        And while Michael, I understand that you might not like “It Takes Two” but stopping Haley from singing is a criminal offense. Let her sing the entire phone book for all I care.
        By the by … I love Ray Chew for teaming up with Haley and Casey to bring us Moaning.
        Part 3
        Hehe Prophecy girl … with those abilities do you think she could name 6 random numbers that I could play on the lottery?
        The way she said “Oh that’s cool, they want me up there?” she could do a Jennifer Hudson thing and go into acting. She definitely has a great comedic sense and timing.
        Lucky Michael getting the “I love this guy” … oh Haley don’t we all 
        As a Siobhan fan I’m happy for that little shot-out. I actually hope that Haley and Siobhan will meet someday and record a kick-ass duet. And speaking of recordings, they do one take for recording the iTunes songs?!?! That was a shocker to me. I really thought they were working on those for hours. I now wonder though if she was the only one who did it in one take or did the others do it as well.
        Regarding her HOTRS arrangement with the railing and the lamp post – I have to say that I would have loved the image of a single lamp post, but the railing not so much. Considering the song is about a brothel the lamp post would have fit the song perfectly…maybe even a little too perfectly for a family friendly show like American Idol :P
        Part 4
        It’s amazing to me that when someone is complementing her or when she tells the story of Lady Gaga praising her she looks down like she’s embarrassed that people notice she’s talented. I mean considering how amazing she is, she should get used to people complementing her but nope, she’s still humble and gracious about it.
        Regarding her ”I who have nothing” outfit I’m glad they changed it to the black dress. In my opinion if she would have worn the white dress she would have stuck out like a sore thumb. This way the image of her standing in the street looking at her ex was darker more dramatic and it fit perfectly with the way she sang that song. I loved her comment of “I have a knife and I will use it”. It made me wonder if she watched Idoloonies when Michael compared her performance to someone waiting in the coat check with an ice pick.
        I have to say that as much as I hated Randy saying that everyone was a winner and perfect except Haley, is, in a weird way, also one of my favorite moments because it always brings my blood to a boil and then I watch Haley’s “I who have nothing” performance and get this smug and laid back feeling like “IN YOUR FACE DAWG”. Also, once more in case you didn’t get it the first time … I love Ray Chew. It was very nice of him to go to Haley after that “critique” and giving her words of encouragement. To me it seems like all the musicians (band/background/producers even) liked and respected Haley as a person and musician.
        100+ Idoloonie points for when she mimicked ripping the white dress off … Hulk Hogan would’ve be proud of her :P
        Part 5
        The high heel comment of “Cute, I hope I don’t die” once again just proves her natural comedic talent.
        I heard some people critiquing Haley that she didn’t understand the lyrics of “You Oughta Know” because why would she go up and get in Randy and J.Lo’s faces. Well … Haley just confirmed to me what I kept saying all along. The anger from the “judges” treatment of her can be expressed so perfectly through that song. I felt every little emotion and frustration while she sang it and good for her for blowing of some steam exactly with the song they choose for her.
        Now let’s get to the BEST line of all 5 parts of Haleyloonies: “Please don’t forget the part about the cat”. I had to stop the clip from playing I was laughing so hard. Additionally 100+ Idoloonie points for the word of the day “Shockarou”. Ther’s a Haleyism we’ll be using from now on.
        Seeing J.Lo’s reaction to Haley being voted off is a shockarou every time I watch it. That malice in her stare gives me the heebie-geebies. :-s
        Also loved the Mr. Burns hands gesture and little smirk Haley did when Michael mentioned her sawn song and including the “judges” in it.
        And last but not least ….. OH MY GOD, Michael, how come you didn’t comment/talk /praise her duet with Tony Bennett? Speaking about a shockarou! :P
        Okay now you guys know why I put “some” in air quotes at the beginning of my little rant :P
        Hoping now for a Caseyloonies.
        Peace out :D

    • RTW says:

      Michael and Jason, the truth is there is no better team out there – not from MTV, the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, YouTube – NO ONE who has been able to match your post-AI interviews, insightful recaps and entertaining production than you guys. I truly hope this post on Haley becomes the new “Most Commented” post on TVLine because you both deserve it. Thank you for your passion and hard work you brought to us week after week! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Now let’s rack up some points…this season’s Idoloonies: +1,000,000,000!

      • EvaneSam says:

        Okay …. where’s part 2 / the 2nd hour of this interview? Are you posting it a later? :P

        No seriously…please tell me you have more :(

        LOVED every second of this BRILLIANT collaboration and ARTWORK…heck it’s a MASTERPIECE. As @SexitStrategy said, this better be nominated for an Oscar.

      • Yo says:

        Very well said. Ditto.

    • Yo says:


    • Idolhead Ed says:

      One question; Where are the other 10 parts? Awesome! Check this out Haley fans if you want more. Shindig! A Tribute to Haley; From Fodder to Favorite

    • 7faces says:

      Dittos!!! I’ve been anticipating this exit interview more the the summer block buster movies. It was worth the wait, and Michael “slayed” the interview with one of this season’s best ever!! thanks.

    • Kate says:

      I, I who have nothing….’cause the dang thing won’t load!!!

    • Gonzongo says:

      Haley you clearly show that your spirit is still soaring well above the Idol plateau. You are the winner for all of us out there Lady by a mile!!!

    • charlie says:

      OMG! I think this is the best interview I have ever seen/heard! You outdid yourself, Michael!!!!! But it was really hard to tell that Haley was your fave contestant– HA HA! I wish I could have been there in the room with you during the interview. I’m sure the vibe was fantastic!
      Haley is 20 years old, but her mature sensibilities and poise are awesome in addition to her vocal talent and beauty. I am going to be one very surprised and disappointed dude if she doesn’t have a fabulous career, equal to or better than any other idol contestant.

    • Haley is an overrated beeotch says:

      Haley = Over rated bee-otch

    • moshrash says:


    • buzz says:

      EPIC, MAGNIFICENT, SLEZTASTIC…look at what you are capable of…we can’t go easy on you Michael, we will never go easy on you…look at what you are capable of!

      Video 1 sets it all up. Michael is explaining to Haley that there were some weird moments early…Iovine maybe questioning her work ethic. Haley says, “you guys really pay attention”. Michael says, “we’re a little obsessed”! There is the theme to this wonderful 5-part Haley tribute, complete with roses and confetti. Haley, you might as well get used to the obsession that you helped create, an international fan base that can’t get enough of the Slayer!

      Well done Michael and Jason…this isn’t the last of this thing…Shindig!

      • Haleyloonie says:

        Ya, “a little obsessed”, understatement much? LOL.

      • EvaneSam says:

        Ok, did you just use J.Lo’s “praise” to Haley after her -I who have nothing- performance?

        Rhetorical question, ’cause for some reason I know you did. Michael is not the only one who is a little obesessed :P

        • buzz says:

          The fact that I have some 30 Idol shows on my DVR and every “resume” spot is at the end of some Haley performance, and that I know what was said by the judges after every performance and what outfit she was wearing…do you think I might have an obsession? Thank you EvaneSam for pointing it out. You can help me. My name is Buzz and I have an addiction…oh, but it’s weird and it’s wonderful!

    • exbf says:

      They say that Jennifer Lopez is asking American Idol for $35 million to come back as a judge for another year. Do you think she is worth it and do you want her back?

    • LauraHolt says:

      YOU took the words right out of my mouth Travis.

      This was a great interview. Michael, you always manage to draw out interesting little tidbits from the contestants, and this interview was no exception.

      It’s hard to believe that Haley is only 19. She’s definitely got an old soul vibe.

      Thanks for the interview. I look forward to seeing Casey’s soon.

    • Houdy says:

      I consider myself a huge Haley fan, and this is my first time being a fan boy or even voting in AI. Is this normal to lavish such praise and even idolize an AI performer to this degree. I am sensing that there may be a lot of middle aged males in this group finding something in Haley that has been missing in their offline lives, question is this a healthy thing.

      If Haley were to read this thread would she be flattered or would she be freaked out at having every mannerism, utterance, performance, etc noted and analyzed to the nth degree. Would she bask in glow of fan love, or feel a little overwhelmed.

      For me one large question as to Haley’s future is does she truly have a large fan base or is it just a relatively small but loud group. I’m sure the record labels are trying to sort that out now. I truly hope her base is wider and not just dominated by fanatic middle aged men like myself.

      Any thoughts out of the 23 million votes she got on top 3 night how many of those are individuals that will buy a CD at Walmart next week. My guess may be 500k to 1 mil. Not knowing the record business is that enough to impress?

      Just a little change of pace here, this is not meant to flame anyone.

      • JerryT says:

        Scotty and Lauren together had sold almost 300,000 copies of their singles release and was in the top 10 for 2 days,before that Haley had 3 songs in the top 10 for 2 weeks,someone is keeping a good secret.

    • fover10 says:

      I apologize for hijacking this post, but I want to let everyone know about this terrific Haley Fan Site. It’s absolutely loaded.

      Fans need to email the webmaster to let them know we want it to be permanent. The email address is directly below Tom Hanks photo.

    • Bill says:

      Slezak is a genius. The more times I watch these I see how perfectly he chose video portions and took time to make this so memorable. Thanks for the vid tribute and for being kind to Haley. You could tell she appreciated the gift.

      Michael, you are terrific.

    • Jose Angel says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you
      Haley is the #1
      she pretty… sings so beautifully…
      she has guts…

      obviously she deserved to win

  2. RTW says:

    Oh, but she’s weird and she’s wonderful!

  3. Ken The Great says:


  4. MA says:

    Yaaaaaaay!!! Five parts!

  5. moviemac says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been dying waiting for this. Here we go…
    Thank you Michael and Jason!! And Haley, of course!!!

  6. Keipi says:

    HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! This is it! I love you, Michael! Mwwaaaah!!

  7. lightsmoke says:

    Haley, Haley, HALEY !!!!!!!!!

  8. EvaneSam says:

    OH MY GOD I just fainted … HALEY!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am at work and cannot watch this at the moment, but I had to scroll down to make sure there were more than 5 parts!! WELL DONE.

  10. TVAddict says:

    How the judges could not point out Haley’s musicality is beyond me. I’ve never bought an American Idol iTunes song before this season. I bought seven of Haley’s. I may have listened to them almost as much as Slezak.

    • MA says:

      Me too! The only Idol people who’s songs I’ve ever bought are Kelly, Carrie, and Melinda Doolittle, and all originals. But Haley sent me to iTunes seven times!

    • Danny says:

      I’m right there with you. I’m not the least bit computer savvy. I didn’t realize you had to download i-tunes to get it. Then I thought you had to have a Mac because it was an apple thing. I wouldn’t know an ipod vs an MP3 player if both objects were in front of me.

      So I jumped through some hoops & really had to figure some computer stuff out to make this happen.

      I wouldn’t have done this for any other artist except Haley.

      • SIGN THE GROWLER says:

        I can totally relate, Danny. I never had iTunes on my computer before and I am not very tech savvy either (in fact computers hate me!) but after Haley didn’t make the final 2, I really wanted to support her in some way. So somehow I managed to download iTunes and create an account. I do not own any music from any other Idols, past or present, but I own all of Haley’s iTunes and they are, like she is, awesomeness! What versatility this kid showed… R&B, country, pop, soul, blues, jazz, classic rock. She did it all, and extremely well I might add!

    • Yo says:

      I never even had an Itunes account before; I started one to download Haley’s songs!

    • whynotcanada says:

      you bought only 7. What! you must buy them all. Earth Song for example is unfreakingbelievable.

      • JT says:

        Absolutely. Haley’s studio recording of “Earth Song” is AMAZING and might be the best of all her iTunes. It’s also the full length version. You really “get it” with that recording. Every Haley fan must download it. If she recorded it in one take– ridiculous.

      • charlie says:

        Yes, Earth Song on itunes is amazing even though the production value is not the greatest– drums are too loud, balance between other instruments is not great either. Love House of the Rising Sun also.. but wish they had included the reverb that was present in the sound on the live show when she did the a cappela introduction! Love Haley– she’s fantastic!

      • jojo says:

        I totally agree! Amazing amazing!!!!!!Earth Song was GENIUS choice and rendition despite what the clueless judges said…..

      • Lily says:

        Makes me a little sad that Haley says she never listened to her iTunes – that’s the kind of reaction you have when someone’s made you feel so bad about your efforts that it’s taken all the joy out of it. And this was the contestant who was giving the best performance on the show, week after week. It was great to see Haley realizing during this interview that she has real fans out there like Slezak and Averett who were paying attention to what was happening. Hopefully her future album will include a jazz duet with Casey on the bass!

  11. :l says:

    are the unpausable true blood ads on every video really necessary?

    • phredd! says:

      My thoughts exactly. Quite annoying. But seeing Haley made up for it . . . . to a point.

    • charlie says:

      wouldn’t mind a single commercial on the first segment, but on all of them was truly annoying.

    • Lily says:

      Re: ads – Let’s allow them to earn a living; they worked hard on these interviews and recaps, all we did was watch for free.

      • Suzanne says:

        yeah, but it’s a turn off for True Blood.

        • Glen says:

          I agree. I understand online ads, fine, have your online ads, but don’t make ’em so darned annoying (e.g., pop-ups and their satanic offspring, pop-ups that require you to confirm dismissal; or in this case making you watch the same frickin-frackin comercial 5 times). What kind of advertiser pays to annoy people, anyway?

  12. Tarasa says:

    Hmmm, commercials? Slippery slope my friend. Slippery slope.

    • Michelle R says:

      I think that’s a YouTube thing, not a tvline thing.

    • stevenjaba says:

      They are annoying but TVLine has to make a living.

    • Linda says:

      Oh come on, we’re getting this kind of awesome entertainment journalism and we’re worried about 60 second commercial? Where do we think funding for the site and all its overhead is going to come from?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      There are no commercials on the TV Line videos on my computer. Where are people seeing them?

      • Tuzo says:

        Yeah, no ads here. Maybe it’s based on geography (I’m in Canada)?

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I am in that dreaded place, second only to the southern “Bible Belt” – I am in Middle America. No ads.

          • Merrilyn says:

            I dunno…I’m squarely in the Bible belt South, and I had the ads. I figure they are a necessary evil that enables Michael and his TVLine peeps to keep giving us more of the awesome sauce that is Idoloonies. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get home from vacation with no internet to find the interview with Haley posted! Loved it!

  13. Kelm says:

    YAY !!! Watching it NOW !

  14. darclyte says:

    If many winners have not had much success, if many favs like Melinda Doolittle & Allison Iraheta haven’t done well, and if talented people like Casey James, Siobhan Magnus, and Matt Giruad haven’t even signed…I don’t hold out much hope for Miss Haley. While her type of music seems to be somewhere in the Nora Jones, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Duffy category…the prospects for her recording future don’t seem as bright for her as it does for most of them. I’d like to see Haley get signed and have hits…but I just don’t see it happening. As Simon would say, Sorry.

    • Ana says:

      Unfortunately I agree with you. But I hope we are both wrong.

    • Jason McD says:

      Nigel has already said that she is recording an album and hopes all of her fans that supported her through the season actually go out and buy it. I will get it the day it comes out.

      • Idolhead Ed says:

        I got some posts on my site that said Haley had a CD coming out in July. Maybe she will be singing some of those songs on tour.For Shizzle!

      • Roz says:

        I firmly believe that Haley will be signed by a record company and she will record many great songs and albums. I will be one of the first to buy anything she does. I have been watching Idol for many years and Haley stands out in front of the crowd. She is very different from anyone else and will become a star. She is just too good not to. She is the whole package and has millions of fans all over the world that love her already. Trust me this Haley will rise like the comet to stardom.

        • charlie says:

          i fervently hope Haley’s post-Idol career will be as strong or stronger than any of the other idol contestants.. winners like Kelly and Carrie. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t happen since her talent is at least equal to theirs. GO HALEY!!!

    • Ken says:

      Beg to disagree.Haley has not only a voice but a personality and and aura about her that makes her stand out.And her fans are not only devoted-many of them are fanatical.The recordings she made while on Idol are in a class of their own.I think she’s gonna do just fine.

      • Yo says:

        She will, she absolutely will. If I had her focus at her age, I would be president. She can’t miss.

      • Ana says:

        really hope you are wright. Love haley.

      • Tusk says:

        Haley has gained a ton of respect from the music/entertainment world, including producers and execs. I would be surprised if none of them saw the earning potential of this talent. All I know, is what ever she puts out, I’m buyin’

        Thx. Idoloonies crew, the excrutiating two week wait was well worth it. Good to see, that you guys didn’t slack off because it was the end of the Idol season.

        In fact, not sure if it was because of the subject, but did anyone else notice a more “lush” appearance to the clips? Seemed like the images and playback was more “sparkly” and “clear”.

        Or maybe it’s just me looking through my Haley inspired Haze :)

      • Danielle Notaro says:

        So agree with you. I fell in love with Haley the person. Of all the seasons Haley, Melinda And Elliott Yamin are not only great singers but their realness and sweetness are felt through the tv or computer screen. It’s funny too that they all came in third. And during top 3 night got not the best songs to sing though Haley singing What Is by Zeppelin is my favorite performance of hers. It was such a fresh and unexpected choice and she nailed it. Zep very rarely allows people to do their songs so what a huge endorsement for her.

        Let Haley be on Idoloonies every week, Michael.

        • Rick says:

          Since she clearly has more songs downloaded than any other S10 artist they would be imbeciles not to sign her. And 19 has right of first refusal so they own her ass if they want it. The top 24 have to all sign the same crappy contract.

      • happy1 says:

        100 percent agree.

    • Mia says:

      I’d like to think Haley Reinhart is not in the same league as all of those idol alums that you named.

      I truly do think she’s one-of-a-kind, and will get nabbed up even if the Idol machine won’t sign her.

    • Danny says:

      You bring up a very sobering point. I hope Haley doesn’t wait to long to get something out or she may be put on the back burner. I also wonder if behind the scenes Randy & JBlow are trying to put the kibosh on her career.

      I have a friend who’s an actor. He’s not famous, more like he had a few small parts & was just starting out. His dad & I play poker together. This producer & him had a snafu & the guy made sure my friends son never worked in Hollywood again. My friends son is straight & the producer gay.

      So this stuff happens. Haley is my favorite Idol of all time, even over Bo Bice & Allison. She seems like a super cool person too. I hope a personality conflict somewhere hasn’t made the wrong person not want her to succeed. Whether Randy & JBlow have that kind of pull, I’m not sure.

    • MA says:

      It really depends on your definition of “success.” I think Melinda Doolittle is successful! Come on. She’s worked with people like Jonny Lang, makes a living doing music, plays shows, sells albums, etc. If the only way to define success as a musician is of the Kelly Clarkson superstar variety, well then, yeah. Most musicians are destined to be failures. But if Haley puts together some awesome bluesy jazz band, makes a name for herself playing around Chicago, works with the likes of Jonny Lang, and makes a few albums over her career…I think that’s very successful, and very much “living the dream” for someone who wants only to play music for a career. That makes it harder for me to see her play live, sure, but so what? If I really want to see her play, I can get on a plane and go to Chicago. That said, I don’t think Haley is necessarily destined for obscurity. If Adele and Joss Stone can do it, I don’t see why she can’t. (Ok, on second thought, maybe what she really needs to do is move to England.)

      • Tusk says:

        I have said this before, as much as winning would be great, on a selfish note, I’m glad that she isn’t necessarily going to be Stadium famous (although I wouldn’t bet anything against her potential), I will be glad to see her in a more intimate setting, a venue that really compliments the richness and tonal qualities in her voice. You can’t get that in a stadium.

        Secondly, because of her versatility and nod to musical past and styles, I imagine, she has more international potential than many of her peers, so like Adam before her, has a wider audience to draw from. Lady Reinhart will do fine.

        • Jerry says:

          Haley is an all around performance artist,she loves singing for the crowed, she can sing almost any genre and if you watched AI the crowed loved her performances,she knows what to do on stage to “WOW” the
          fans.Haley is not the type to settle for a smokey bar room.I know you would prefer her to sing in your,intimate setting,because it your style and I wouldn’t put it past her to do it because she is good at that too.Haley is an all around performance artist.When she is on stage thousands of people will be eating out of her hands.her concerts will be exciting to watch visually as well as vocally. don’t sell her short, she knows what she wants,she wants to be the best and you can’t do that by singing to 50 people at a time.Haley’s artist vision is so far a head of what most can fathom

      • Delon says:

        I think a British producer would do wonders with Haley.

        • JerryT says:

          Nigel Lythgoe from Wirral, England, (born 9 July 1949)AI executive producer,former dancer and choreographer.was nicknamed “Nasty Nigel” by the British.The man who tried to destroy a young lady’s dream just so he would not be proven wrong about his country dream team.The man is too old and out of touch with what America really wants.His Idea is that Americans are stupid and toys with the psychology of human behavior to manipulate through his film choreography the thought process of the viewers

      • whynotcanada says:

        or – why not canada! We’d embrace her.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          If you Canucks turn her into another Celine Dion we’ll have to come up there and take away your round bacon and your hockey pucks! So be careful! ;-)

          • whynotcanada says:

            Na, we gave away Celine to Vegas permanently. When Haley comes up to Toronto on Idol tour, we’re keeping her! I guarantee she will bring the house down – very few country bumpkins up here!

    • Jay says:

      I disagree too. I think it’s like the other person said…define “success”? It’s such a relative term. I’d rather Haley make a stellar album, and be less known, than create a filler album just to get sales. She has the talent, and she knows who she is. Also, maybe Melinda Doolittle and Allison haven’t done well from a numbers standpoint, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t. Honestly, their albums are far better than a lot of other contestants. I guess it’s just how you look at it. Anyways, looking forward to what’s in store for Haley!

    • Johnification says:

      Thing is, I could see Haley having a career like Melinda’s. The girl isn’t really a recording artist, she’s a SINGER. (Or a SAAAAANGER, if you want the appropriate inflection on that.) Haley is a vocalist who’s talent, draw, and power lie in her sitting there in a room right in front of you and making it happen LIVE. I selfishly want recordings and want her to be a mega-star, but she’s going to work as a gigging musician, and A LOT.

      • MA says:

        Joss Stone–whom I consider to be one of the holy grails of vocal talent, bad-a$$ ballsy-ness, and musical chops–has said that the only REAL musician is a gigging musician. According to her, all recorded music should be free, and musicians should be forced to make their living playing live because that’s where the soul and heart are. I kind of agree with her (unrealistic and idealistic as that may be), and also agree with you. Haley belongs in a smoky bar on a snowy night or at a sunset jazz festival in the sweaty summer. But for our sakes, I hope she records too.

      • Tusk says:

        “The girl isn’t really a recording artist”

        Although I understand the jist of your post, I need to note that Haley’s studio songs are, IMBO,In my biased opinion ;), far superior than most of the other’s in this season. Earth Song being the best of the Studio recordings. I would list more, but frankly almost all of her studios pale in comparison to her live performances.

        • Satchvai says:

          Looks like she’s going after Carrie for first-take perfection too. Carrie is nicknamed “one-take” Carrie and I think Haley’s are just as good and more technical. Pretty damned amazing IMO.

          • AW Baimun says:

            Glad to see I’m in good company… also a Satch fan, been a Vai fan since Flex-Able and Leftovers…. and like Slezak, really started to take notice of Haley after Benny and the Jets. Now a huge fan of her voice and her artistic choices. I had never downloaded any Idol tracks before (though really enjoyed every Daughtry and David Cook performance). Thank you Michael for this interview. It was a great Father’s Day Gift. Can’t wait for Haley’s album.

          • AW Baimun says:

            Oops… derailed my own train of thought. I have 9 of Haley’s iTunes tracks and listen to them frequently. It’s a great “cover album” to tide us over until her debut album comes out.

        • MA says:

          I agree that Haley’s recordings are good, but I think what John meant was that she’s more than a recording artist. The mainstream music industry is typically looking for people who have a great face and can be turned into studio magic, because for them, that’s where the money is. Staging a tour requires a lot of money up front with no guarantee of return. In some cases, those recording artists are also great performers and singers; in other cases, not so much. But from what I can tell, among musicians, the studio recording isn’t where the respect is; it’s in live performance. And I feel that way as a fan too. If someone sounds good on a recording and sucks live, I lose a lot respect for him/her as a musician. Haley has a stellar live voice. It’s not perfect like a studio recording; it has a beautiful tone but also breaks, cracks, moves, etc. And that sound is raw and sexy and expressive and very real. Plus, she’s got a good stage presence. So one of her strengths lies in the fact that she could be a fantastic gigging musician and could make money doing that. She doesn’t need to rely on the studio or possibly even a record company, if that makes sense.

          • Satchvai says:

            Oh, I agree, I was just kind of blown away that those studios were recorded as first-time runs. I play guitar and am as anal-retentive as they come when it comes to studio tracks, doing multiple takes until I’m satisfied. I rarely let a one-time run go through so it just goes to show what kind of chops this girl has for her studios to be one-takes.
            I would be interested in seeing what a Haley Reinhart music video would look like with her artistic impulses, I have a feeling it would be pretty amazing.

          • fover10 says:

            I could very easily see Haley on tour as a warmup act to some “Top Billed” singer or group until she earns her mettle.

          • Tusk says:


            Ahh you’re a guitar player….Steve Vai, now I get the tag.

          • MrsFitzDarcy says:

            I can see Haley doing popular music like some of the aforementioned ladies. I could also see her going to blues/jazz fests too. Now I know she’s not John Mayer (in terms of popularity), but John Mayer can probably write a platinum pop song on command. (See the making of “In Repair”) But he also plays at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival and shows more of his pure blues side and rocking out guitar playing.

            I hope she gets a chance to sing with John Mayer someday. It would be great for her career, and I think their voices would sound great together. Just stay waaaaay awaaaaaay from him in terms of romance, Haley.

          • Tusk says:

            @MrsFitzDarcy re: John Mayer…stay away

            LOL too late maybe, in this American Idol video @1:45 she admits to having a crush on Mayer, and he is her choice for dream duet :P

            If he approaches her about a “duet”, hopefully she takes your advice. :)

          • Tuzo says:

            @Tusk: you got Steve Vai right. Satch is Joe Satriani’s nickname.

          • Tusk says:


            Love me some “Surfing with the Aliens”…I remember the great camping trips we had with a field of stars as a backdrop and blaring “Satch Boogie” and “Always with Me, Always with You”. Those were magical times. :)

          • Tusk says:


            BTW re: Steve Vai

            Some of his best stuff was with Alcatraz in my opinion, they had Yngwie Malmsteen too (not at the same time), so some amazing guitar pyrotechnics for that band.

      • Haley's Comet says:


        I have to disagree some what. One of Haley’s greatest strengths lies in her studio recordings. The tone of her voice, and the occasional high lilths and scats she adds to songs are spectacular. You really see her jazz influence in her studio recordings. I find a bit troubling that she hasn’t listened to any of her studio recordings!! It gives me the impression that she preferS to perform live or she has really been turned off by the whole AI experience.

        I think it’s important for Haley to keep in mind that AI can be used as a stepping stone for what SHE Really wants to do as an artist. She needs to utilize this opportunity quickly before it fades. She needs to vocalize where she sees herself as an artist within the next couple of years, and she needs to aggressively seek out people who can help her get there.

        She is more authentic than many of the other contestants, and I get the impression she doesn’t want to play the hollywood game, because it can be inauthentic or phony at times. ( But Lauren played the Hollywood game very well recently by hinting that she and scotty had a relationship, then denying said realtionship. Lauren was able to get herself a lot of extra press by doing that). I am not saying that Haley should do what lauren did, I’m just saying she may have to give in and play the game a little.

        Anyone who reads this site knows that I’m a huge Haley’s fan I simply love her. But my young Haley sometimes gives off the impression that she doesn’t want IT (success/fame) as badly as the other two. I know you want it Haley, you just need to show jimmy and the otherS how much you really, really want it. You have more talent, depth, and star power in your little finger than all the other contestants put together…

        Sorry for the long post…I love Haley and I just had to get this message out.

        • happy1 says:

          I think your wrong i think haley wants it more than Lauren and
          scotty. Haley had said previously that she looked into the future to give her faith and that she knew she would make it far. personally I don’t think lauren knows what she is doing at all i just think she is a singing puppet and scotty has the personality of a rock. The thing that you are right about is Haley does not seem great with the public and this whole hollywood thing. But I think she could get passed that as long as she stays true to herself and puts her soul into her music along with some great advise from top producers. There have been many artist that are not the best with Hollywood ala Michael Jackson but the music speaks louder and I think Haley has that great gift.

          • Haley's Comet says:

            I truly believe Haley wants to succeed as much as Lauren and Scotty or maybe even more than those two. What I said was that Haley has communicate how much she wasnts it.

    • Judy says:

      I think it also depends on what you call success. Melinda Doolittle and Allison Iraheta are working in the music industry, making a living making music — and if you asked them whether they were successful, I think they’d probably say they were.

    • AhZipIt says:

      That’s your opinion. MOST people disagree for obvious and various reason’s. We can see you are not a fan of Haley by your negative comment so why are you here anyway?

      PS: Melinda Dolittle “haven’t done well”. Wrong. I don’t know her but I do know she’s ready to release another album. You are totally wrong on all counts.

    • tloubee says:

      Just a little correction: Casey James is signed with Sony Nashville, BNA, and has been since the end of tour last year. He’s working on his CD, anticipated release in Fall. He’s been writing with some of the biggest names in Nashville. He’s toured with Sugarland, played CMA Fest, and currently has a number of appearances scheduled.

      Casey is last year’s third place contestant. Hopefully, Haley (this year’s third place contestant) will have at least as much success as Casey is having.

    • Monica says:

      That’s true, but you’re forgetting that Haley isn’t a typical contestant. Everyone thought she was a goner the first few weeks of idol. But she proved them wrong, she doesn’t seem the type to just settle. She REALLY goes for what she wants. I hope her underdog story continues and she has A LOT of success, and reaches a point where people will recognize her for being Haley Reinhart the artist, and not just the third place contestant on American idol season 10.

  15. Sasha says:


    I have to wait until I get home from work to watch this….BUT HELL YEAH

    lalalala Can’t wait….ahhh 7 hrs to go!


  16. tamara says:

    omg! omg! it’s finally here!!!

    and we’re all commenting instead of watching it!! we’re weird! but it’s wonderful!!

    ok, gonna watch it now… :)

  17. Chmarin says:

    These True Blood commercials are F***ING ANNOYING.

  18. tamara says:

    advice to everybody!

    Play on all the parts before you start watching so that all the True Blood trailers play&are done with.
    That way you’ll watch all the Idoloonies without any interruptions.

    • tamara says:

      of course… don’t do it all at once if you have a slow internet connection.
      But I highly recommend getting all the True Blood promos out of the way before starting to watch it.

    • EvaneSam says:

      That’s exactly what I did =))

      Lucky Michael …got a “I love this man” from Haley.

    • Danny says:

      Or ya can use that 30 seconds to go get a quick refill on your soda. I agree that it would be better to not have the commercials start every video, but it takes longer to figure out how to avoid them than to just let them play.

    • Ringo says:

      How could you begrudge a 30 second commercial? M. Slezak has to eat too and nothing good comes free. I hope you make a bundle off those commercials, so long as I got my Haley interview. Small price to pay, IMO.

      • tamara says:

        hey!! I wasn’t complainning! I actually love True Blood and loved seeing the promo for the new season.

        But I wanted to watch Idoloonies uninterrupted, so I was just making a suggestion to people who wanted the same. You first get all the promos out of the way and let the actual interview load. And then watch it.

        But I wasn’t complaining about it. I too understand they have to make some money to keep the site up, so commercials are a given, like on any other site.

    • John says:

      Hey, if it means Slezak and Ausiello are gettin’ the moneys to keep their site alive and thriving, I can take a break and get a soda.

      • Liz says:

        Agreed. And at least it is a television-related commercial; I hate when I’m on Hulu and get the car or detergent commercials.

  19. kirain says:

    aahhh… at last

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Why does the thrid place finisher get 5 videos, yet the WINNER and runner up only get 3? Haley is easily the least interesting.

      • SIGN THE GROWLER says:

        To address the question posed by Elizabeth… Haley has more comments on her Idoloonies in one day than either the winner or runner-up have in ten days! So obviously a few of us out there find Haley a lot more interesting! Hales ya baby!!!

    • tamara says:

      sorry, but this is the mother of all Idoloonies! it’s the most awaited Idoloonies ever!

      Prepare to be bombarded by Haley fans!


    • Elizabeth says:

      That is a subjective statement. Haley is obviously interesting to the rest of us, hence why we are watching. Now why exactly are you even here?

    • Rock Golf says:

      More practical reason? TVLine were only given a short time to interview the top two. They were given more time to interview the adult.

      • Jaded says:

        LOL, totally! It takes more time to interview someone who actually has something of interest to say. Haley was SO entertaining and endearing. Fantastic interview!

    • Michelle R says:

      Oh, please, Slezak doesn’t get to have favorites — unless they’re your favorites? Or Nigel’s favorites? What is great is that he’s a fan of the show and invests in it as much as the rest of us. If you want a dry recap from someone who acts above it all, this aint the place. There’s no guarantee his fave will be yours — or mine — but there will be passion, by gum. ;)

      • Tusk says:

        I don’t mean to sound condescending, but I do feel bad for those that “don’t get it”, and haven’t been able to join us, and Michael and co., on this wild and thrilling journey with Haley.

        On the one hand, I am glad to find a site, or someone, who has as much enthusiasm for my favorite (Haley wasnt’ my favorite early either), AND is so dang talented and presents it in such an incredible way (Idoloonies).

        I wish fans of other contestants had their equivalent, but seriously, even if there were an Idoloonies/Michael Slezak for Pia, Thia or James etc…I don’t know if the stories would have been so compellingly thrilling and fun to go through.

        Just so grateful to have stumbled on this Jem, Idoloonies, for my Idol Season. It made it a million times better. Watching a few seconds of True Blood is a very small price to be able to watch these excellent episodes. Wish I could have this one burnt on disc.

    • RTW says:

      Well Elizabeth, the winner and the runner up basically had their entire life story told since day one, what more is there to cover that hasn’t been shown already?

    • MA says:

      Because you’re wrong, and for us, Haley is the winner. We’ve been waiting for this for weeks. Cool your jets, dude.

    • Teresa says:

      Welcome to Idoloonies. Michael and Jason always give the most time to the people they like the most.

      But at least Scotty and Lauren’s interviews with Idoloonies are the most interesting ones they’ve done.

      I love the traditional bouquet, Michael. You always choose the perfect flowers: fuchsia roses for Allison and sunflowers for Crystal. This one was perfect as well.

      Now, don’t forget that we’re still looking forward to that Casey Abrams interview. Some people are still looking forward to a Casey James interview! It’s the curse of the Caseys. :)

      • EvaneSam says:

        Actually I would disagree about the flowers for Haley. She should have gotten sunflowers because she has s lot of jewelry with that flower. Her armband that she wears pretty much everywhere and from the Season 9 audition I also saw a sunflower ring. :D

    • SajiNoKami says:

      Michael’s show + plus his favorite = more parts. Let the guy have his fun.
      Just taking haley out of the equation for this statement: Scotty, Lauren, and James, I wish Michael would have treated those interviews more equally. Michael seems to be fairly indifferent about the 3 of them, they had their good weeks and bad weeks and he would make note of them. But I noticed he did to treat each one different. During James one Michael seemed like he was walking on eggshells, kind of like the judges did. During Lauren’s he just talked to her fairly normal, a little sass as she has. Then Scotty, basically he did what the judge’s should have: critique the boy, it was in a nice way, but he did. I just thought it was interesting how his interview styles changed.

      • Dick Whitman says:

        I think that probably has to do with the person you’re interviewing. I mean, you wouldn’t adress the president the same way as you would Paris Hilton. It depends on how comfortable the person makes you feel.

      • Nope says:

        I’d walk on eggshells too around Hames lest he unleash his blood curdlying screeching and making you think he’s dying while pretending to sing, all the while hogging the stage and drowning the ‘group song out’. But hey, there is a valid reason he didn’t make top 3 and HALEY DID! The guy cried until his town paid for his homecoming that he didn’t win or deserve. What a self-centered weakling. How annoying. Say one wrong word and the big lug would cry.

        • Tusk says:

          Wow, speaking as a Haley fan, I didn’t ever get that vibe from James. I believe he is sincere in his belief in his family and talent. I think he has a bigger than life personality and that sometimes rubs people the wrong way (that and his struggles with Aspergers and Tourrettes).

          Let’s face it, if your chosen route is Rock and Heavy Metal, You HAVE to have a bigger than life personality. What successful Rock performer do you know that doesn’t have a strong personality/stage presence? Look at Haley….she is a tiny little thing but she fills up the stage like no one else.

          (I read one of those behind the scene articles during the season and the reporter remarked that Haley was the only one of the contestants that really seemed to fill the whole Idoldome when she performed)

          I REALLY, REALLY hope James gets some quality help from the industry and more importantly is wise and open enough to accept it.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            Also an avid Haley fan, but once again agree with you in that last sentence, Tusk. While I don’t care for James’ preference in music genres and I simply don’t need to “be entertained” in the way that his visions were displayed and will never purchase any of his “music”, but for his sake as well as that of his child and his soon to be wife (if she isn’t already), I truly hope that he can find success.

            But given his life challenges, he will need to find someone or a team who can guide/manage him and he will need the maturity, wisdom, and receptiveness to accept it.

        • EvaneSam says:

          C’mon man. Now your being just cruel.
          James was great. As a Haley fan I liked him very much. Even if he had some pitch problems he still gave us a great show and was never boring. I was hoping for a Haley/James final but ya can’t stop country. :(

        • SajiNoKami says:

          Wow, never got that vibe from James at all. He never hogged group songs and looked like he really enjoyed singing with other people on stage. James always seemed like he really liked playing off other contestants on stage. In the trio with Casey and Scotty, didn’t over step then his two duets.. with Jacob, he made it a game, with Scotty, James altered his style to suit Scotty better.. Even that thing he did with Stefano and Niama last weekend, he stayed back and let them take center. The finale, James happily shared the stage with whoever he was performing with, a lot of times being cheerleader for whoever was in lead.

          2nd All 4 were good and had valid reasons to be in the top 3, not just Haley. James was my favorite, Haley was obviously yours, but your need to bash James to make Haley look better… really what is that about?

      • Tusk says:


        Those are the qualities of an excellent interviewer you just listed.

        How do you think Michael is able to turn every subject into something of interest to his viewers? After every interview, except maybe Jacob and Stefano’s (too much ego/self indulgence), many of the readers would remark on how they enjoyed how Michael was able to ask the right questions, pull more of the subject’s personality out.

        My perception of Lauren and Scotty made many leaps forward because of how Michael was able to show off their personalities. He rarely asks the same questions you (or the contestants) have heard a million times before.

    • Alex says:

      Anyone else has a feeling that Lady-Elizabeth-who-has-a-weird-gauge-on-what-is-interesting is a little bit lost here?

      Honey, Teencountryville is on the OTHER SIDE! THAT WAYYYY!

    • Danny says:

      That’s a matter of opinion. I completely disagree with you. Then again, she’s at least intersting enough that you felt the need to comment on her. You also felt the need to check out this site when you knew the only video remaining was her (and possibly Casey).

      So for someone who’s uninteresting, she managed to make you put out an effort to say something about her.

      • Geez says:

        Ditto. Why come here if you are NOT INTERESTED IN HALEY? Oh that’s right, you came here to bash her and her fans. How noble of you. You are a James fan right? NOW SCRAM!

    • djm says:

      What Elizabeth – are you Scotty or Lauren’s mom? Here’s the T – Haley is not only FAR FAR FAR more interesting than Lauren and Scotty combined, but she’s also WAY more talented. If the producers had spent a fraction of the time they devoted to Lauren & Scotty over the season building a story for Haley we all KNOW FOR A FACT she would have easily beat the snot out of those two. And the producers knew it too – which is why they didn’t spend even a second building her up.

      Oh, and THANK YOU Slezak for this!!! Amazing as per usual!!

      • SajiNoKami says:

        Really with the bashing of other contestants to prove your point? Why do people keep finding it necessary to do that?

        • Yo says:

          Reminds one of football, doesn’t it? I actually think that is where this on line attack carp comes from. When applied to politics, it is just dangerous.

          • SajiNoKami says:

            That’s true, rather than just actually telling us why we should vote for them, which you would think would be easy seeing that they are ‘themselves’, but obviously it is easier to point out the bad in others, rather than the good in one’s self. I am going to guess some realize they can’t find the good to highlight in themselves.

    • Elaine says:

      Ah, Elizabeth. Once again, you show that you hae notaste….. and so obviously, you are the minority.

    • Miguel says:

      The people who held a conversation with all three apparently disagree with you.

    • mc says:

      if it is the least interesting “in your opinion”, then why did you click on it?! Get a clue! those 1 and 2 places votes were from a much less amount of voters who had a lot of time to keep voting and voting…

    • grakky says:

      Well uhm, it’s like this….the real winner gets 5 videos.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I actually do like Haley sometimes(would rank her my 5th favorite out of top 13), I just think that since she came in 3rd place she should get less time than those who came in 1st and 2nd, since they obviously have a bigger fanbase.

        • Miguel says:

          Because AI does not do “one fan, one vote,” or allow others outside America to vote, it’s not possible to say with any certainty that 1st and 2nd have a bigger fanbase. A rabid, tech- and AI-savvy fanbase could easily outperform a broader, less savvy voting bloc. The final three was the first time I ever voted and I attempted maybe three votes for Haley by phone. I wasn’t even sure if they went through because I didn’t receive what I would consider a confirmation.

        • Emma says:

          Well Elizabeth, if it makes you feel any better the time Haley is speaking is probably the same amount of time as it was for the country kids, but because Jason added all the awesome Buffy footage, etc. Haley’s Idoloonies ends up being 5 parts.
          There now, feel better? Now please go away, you’re the one who isn’t very interesting.

        • Siri says:

          Dear Elizabeth. Please stop whining. I’m glad there is at least one place where Haley gets the attention she merits. In case you haven’t noticed, all of her fans have been dying to see this interview and there is more interest in hers than the other two’s. lord knows AI tried to keep her entire story under wraps compared to the coverage they gave everyone else. Who are you to dictate what a writer not affiliated with AI chooses to cover? Everyone here is a testament that Michael has this absolutely right.

        • Rob says:

          Those two don’t have the bigger fanbase. Actually every site I’ve gone, if Haley barely gets mentioned everybody starts talking about her. People are WAY more interested on her. But also in fansites and stuff like that, James has the bigger fanbase out of the whole season.
          So you actually think the two country kids were fair winners? then you should watch more Slezak videos and get a clue, heh. They obviously just won over her because they were the younger and power voting sets the rules here. And of course Haley was also Michael’s favorite by miles and the best of the season hands down. I’m actually surprised he gave 3 parts to the finalists. Not like this one, this is just a way to show her some sincere appreciation and give her the credit she deserved. Actually there should have been 8 parts at least. It’s all about Haley Reinhart, this is HALEYLOONIES!

    • BB says:

      If you don’t like her then don’t watch! It’s that easy. And my hubby and I think she is the MOST interesting of the 3. She should have had 10 videos…..Michael….we know you are holding out on us…..gimmegimmeGIMMEEEEEEEE (by me I mean us! All of us Haleyloonies) We do however appreciate what you did give us…..BIG THANK YOU! My hubby has been a professional musican for over 40 years (yep, he’s a gig player) As a frontman (lead vocals and tenor sax, midi) he was super-duper impressed with her vocal skills and her stage presence. I bought all of her Itune singles (first time I ever bought any) While she is our total favorite I did buy a few of Casey’s, a couple of Naima’s and one of Pia’s (RDMH). These are the people who’s careers we will follow. Haleygirl has mad skills, is beautiful and has a great personality……what’s not to love?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @Elizabeth – because Slezak is King and it’s good to be the King!

    • Cup of Joe says:

      I’m sorry, but did you mean the winner and the runner-up were the least interesting? You might wanna check your comment next time.

  21. tamara says:

    OMG! I’m getting all teary-eyed just with the opening!
    Awesome job Michael&Jason!

    ok, gonna resume watching…

  22. Teena says:

    Just wonderful!!

  23. Pia 4ever says:

    Haley’s a talentless troll who’s only “talent” was growling like an animal. This season was lost the second Pia left.

    • Tarasa says:

      If Pia is so good then her talent should be able to stand on its own without her “fans” having to bash other talented young women. There’s enough room for both (and more) and I wish we’d stop hitting on one to try to lift up another.

      • Jake says:

        Pia. Bot. Voice. Activated. La. La. La.

        • mike macken says:

          You Guys bashing Pia and/or Haley know ZERO about music..i’ve been playing 25 years, have a bachelors in music, and trust me on this one

          HALEY & PIA are the 2 best to come out of idol in ANY YEAR.

          P.S. Idols treatment of Haley was both disgusting and inexcusable..they should really be ashamed of themselves.
          don’t stupe to their level by bashing either of the 2 best ever on idol.

      • SajiNoKami says:

        this is a good lesson, wish more people would listen: bashing one contestant in an attempt to make their chosen one look better, does not work, just alienates the fans of the contestant being bashed.

        kind of wish people remembered that in the other contestants comment sections. :\

      • ohreli says:

        Interesting comment. Idoloonies THRIVES on bashing and mocking some contestants while extolling ad infinitum the virtues of one or two chosen ones. Its all politics—Slezak does the same picking and choosing as TPTB, he just chooses different ones.

    • Kirstin says:

      Lucky Pia, such classy fans ;)

    • Danny says:

      I liked Pia, but the best thing that happened to her was getting knocked out when she did. She was getting progressively more boring. If she’d stuck around she would have been viewed more like Jacob is.

      On the flip side, in looking back the best thing that could have happened to Jacob would have been to get booted around the top 10. Then people would be up in arms over him getting voted off rather than saying he stuck around to long.

      Also, while I don’t know this for sure, the longer Pia stuck around the more the judges would have started treating her like they did Haley. The fix was in for Scotty & Lauren. I don’t think Pia would have handled a mash job by the judges on her nearly as well as Haley did.

      • whynotcanada says:

        disagree. i think pia would have fit fine with JLO, Randy and the production team. She seemed immediately marketable – a Diva voice – and Idol would have pimped her big time if she moved along. she would have done all the things they wanted her to, just like Scotty and Lauren. She fits into a nice box. And they wouldn’t have mashed her becasue they would have sensed she couldn’t take it. But Haley is totally outside the box – she does Jazz and Bluesy Rock for goodness sake. Many under the age of 30 haven’t a clue about the stuff she was doing and couldn’t appreciate it. Haley refused to placed in a box and then stood up for herself when pushed. Not the same human being as Pia at all. No offence meant toward Pia.

    • LuvUHaley says:

      Go soak your head. You are dead wrong. It sounds like you are a sore loser because PIA got voted off and you are blaming Haley for it. The blame lies with PIA. PIA doesn’t have enough confidence to win a toy from a cracker jacks box.

    • Elaine says:

      Pia 4ever. Yep, I bet Pia would read your comment and be so happy and proud at the grace and good manners her fan displays. yes, I bet she really would like to have more just like you.

    • brady says:

      speaking of trolls….why are you here then?

    • Miguel says:

      You apparently don’t understand the meaning of the words “troll” and “talentless,” so why should anyone value your opinion about Pia?

    • BB says:

      blahblahblah…..why are you here? go watch the pia video and let us revel in the haley glory without your troll comments…..thank you….you may leave now

    • Cup of Joe says:

      Oh, this coming from a Pia fan, eh? I’m sure Pia herself wouldn’t be pleased to see this comment from a lowlife like you, no?

    • Med says:

      Pia fans are always the worst, and that’s horrible because she is a sweetheart, an angel. They not only didn’t vote for her, they complain all the time about her elimination and Always bash on all the other contestants. The worst type are the ones trashing on Haley. If they see the talent on Pia why can’t they see the talent on Haley when she was absolutely the best one left on the top 5, 4, 3, maybe the whole competition (along with Pia, but Haley did much better). Haley and Pia are amazing singers, both are worthy of the appreciation.

    • I smell a TROLL says:

      Haters Suck!!
      Haters are Ugly people!
      Haters have self esteem issues!
      PIA 4EVER…are you a HATER?!

  24. Chris says:


  25. Stanislava says:


  26. Claudia says:

    Great!! I’ve been waiting for it all week! Five parts Wow

  27. Ken Adams says:

    This is my heaven.

  28. Michelle R says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, but I gave a girly scream when I saw it was here. And then I counted how many parts! :)

  29. Templar says:

    I’ve tried too many times to count, but nope, still can’t stand her. Done trying.

  30. Dan says:

    I LOVE IT!

    I know why it took so long… they were figuring out how to put a commercial on the front end.

    Seriously I love Haley and Slezak and Idoloonies!!

    Se ya next year.

  31. Brian says:

    Best. Idoloonies. Ever,

  32. Liam says:

    This is everything I hoped and dreamed for.
    Thank you Slezak. Haley is a true beauty and you have a great rapport with her. Great job Averett the editing is amazing, as was the Buffy opening.

  33. Danny says:

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!! FINALLY!!!! This is what everyone’s been waiting for!!! And now on to watch it!!!

  34. B-scot says:

    Haley will be signed likely in early July now along with Pia and likely James if he doesn’t go the Indie label route instead.
    Haley covered the 3 hottest genres to some degree this year, while country has the strongest live shows and Award programs support base, yet country music sales have dropped 50% in 5yrs and 13% already this year.
    Norah Jones doing Jazz has sold more total albums than Carrie has.

  35. MRenee says:

    I’ll soooo pay for a downloadable version of this interview!!
    Thank you Michael and crew! Also thank you your enduring all of us desperate Haley fans asking you when will the interview be posted XD

    • Tusk says:

      The Idoloonies for a the whole season would be definitely worth the price. Some amazing work done by all parties involved for the whole season.

  36. Liv says:

    You guys are the best! Haha love Haley!

  37. jaiime says:


  38. Cassandra says:

    Thank you! I’m about to watch it then I’ll further comment.

  39. tepoztlan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you Idoloonies. Thank you Michael. Thank you Haley.

  40. TVAddict says:

    Love the digital confetti!

  41. jen says:

    The judges knew she was so good, and felt she jeopardized the script of the show. That is why they constantly tried to put her down, they were afraid she could steal the show. Also why the other good ones were eliminated early. They had the show scripted to the results they wanted from the beginning.

    • SajiNoKami says:

      I still say TPTB tried to use reverse psychology to get her into the final and it almost worked too. I don’t think those producers are as dumb as people seem to think they are.

      • Jerry says:

        They used psychology all right! just not reverse psychology and the weak minded fell for it.SajiNoKami, please do not feel bad,you are not alone.people are always trying to figure out why they hate on Haley even though they love her on the inside.

  42. How I love this girl. Thank you so much – this was worth waiting for!

  43. TakenbytheWind says:

    Great job Michael – LOVED Haley of course, you could tell how appreciative she was of you for seeing things from her perspective! Like Beyonce said, her voice is interesting even when she talks… can’t wait to buy her album, she is the ONE who will be most successful from Season 10.

  44. Kirstin says:

    My girl SO got robbed. And Gaga should just give You and I to Haley cause she does it better.

    • tvlover44 says:

      Kirstin – I so agree! When I heard Gaga do the song on Oprah, I was really aware that I prefer Haley’s version. And watching this Idoloonies, I found myself wishing that maybe Haley and Lady Gaga will get to sing or tour together some day.

  45. Kevin says:

    Slezak, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  46. Ringo says:

    Well played, sir.

  47. luvnhugs4u says:

    Just watched it for the 1st time of many up-coming viewings.
    Had a lump in my throat through most of it – actually brought tears to my eyes – especially the discussion of Earth song….and at the end – mostly because I knew we were closing in on the end, and I just didn’t want it to go there yet! Don’t end!! ;)
    Thank you so much Michael! I’m a new viewer of AI and your videos this season — I became entrapped in the web of Haley after I happened upon her performance of ‘You’ve Really Gotta Hold On Me’ – after seeing that performance….she really did have a hold of me. After that – I didn’t miss an episode of AI this season.
    I miss having her visit me on Wed and Thurs – and hope to hear some original music from her soon! Sign the Growler – Damn it!!
    Wonderful interview – and showed the sweet, endearing, honest woman that AI tried to never show… Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

  48. WDK says:

    YEP! I knew Slezak would give her flowers like he did with Allison and Crystal. Anyways, great interview! Haley just summed up everything I already knew about her. She’s proud about being a risk taker, she knew what was up when it came to judges critiquing ONLY her, and she’s just so laid back and doesn’t take everything too seriously. I loved this! I’ll probably watch it like 5-10 times today XD

  49. Steve says:

    42 minutes of sheer awesomeness. Kudos to Michael and Jason — this was right up there with the epic Allison and Siobhan interviews. Some interesting new info too, like how Moanin’ came to be. I was a little surprised about Haley’s not having heard the finished iTunes tracks yet, but I’m with Michael — I’ll be glad to give her $1.29 just so she can hear how great most of them turned out. (I’ll spring for “You And I”.)

  50. AJ says:

    I don’t know if you guys know, but True Blood is premiering June 26. Not sure if you guys caught that. Jeez.

    Anyways, qreat interview.