Jennifer Lopez Mulls American Idol Future: Do We Want Her Back? Take Our Poll!

Jennifer Lopez may be “On the Floor” with regard to her music career, but when it comes to reprising her role behind the American Idol judges’ table for Season 11, the lady is “on the fence.” Lopez expressed her ambivalence about returning to the Paula Abdul Memorial Chair in an interview with BBC Radio’s Scott Mills earlier this week.

This got me thinking about J.Lo’s Idol “journey” last season. Sure, in the Idoloonies season finale, I compared her to Sleeping Beauty’s terrifying villainess Maleficent and pretty much called for her eternal banishment from the Idoldome. But on the other hand,I have to acknowledge that she was part of the team that selected a pretty stellar Top 24 contestants. Without J.Lo, would I ever have known the brilliance of Kendra Chantelle, Lauren Turner, Pia Toscano, or Haley Reinhart? (My iPod just let out a blissful sigh as I typed those names into this item.) At the very least, I owe the “Jenny From the Block” singer some Pro and Con lists before passing final judgment:

Reasons to Keep J.Lo on Idol
* Super pretty hair provides visual safe haven during especially horrific performances
* Glowing skin is a gift from God to all of us
* Actually showed terrific judgment during carefully edited audition rounds, rejecting decent singers who needed more time to develop, and breaking bad news to hopeless “vocalists” using a firm but kind touch
* For a portion of the season — say, from Top 12 week to Top 9 week — offered succinct, pointed critiques that seemed designed to help contestants find ways to improve their performances
* Excellent object of rage during period of Nigel-led insurgence against Haley Reinhart’s unexpected rise

American Idol: 10 Changes We’d Make for a Better Season 11

Reasons to Hurl J.Lo Into the Pit From Whence She Came
* Offered unrelenting praise for contestants like Jacob, Lauren, and James whether they were great, middling, or disastrous, thereby stunting their artistic development and vocal improvement over the course of the season
* Reduced to producers’ mouthpiece by midpoint of live-performance rounds, driving home pre-ordained storylines about contestants via tiresome themes (Lauren’s afraid to sing the big notes) and mind-numbing catchphrases (“emotionally perfect!”)
* Mean spider eyes betrayed a malevolent glee when choosing to critique Haley Reinhart while ignoring errors made by all of her rivals from Top 7 week forward
* That results-show “performance” of “On the Floor”
* Constantly harped on Pia Toscano for her ballad-heavy repertoire but never lodged complaints about tone or tempo against Stefano, Scotty, and Jacob, none of whom were exactly mixing it up stylistically prior to Top 9 week
* Likely contamination with Imbecillus Maximus virus after sitting next to Randy Jackson for five months
* Did I mention those mean spider eyes?

‘Idoloonies’ Interviews with Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and More!

The evidence is in! I rest my case! And now, members of the jury, I turn it over to you. Head to the comments and debate the case for and against J.Lo returning to Idol for Season 11, then take our handy poll below. And for all my reality TV recaps, interviews, and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CandaceTX says:


    • Linda says:


      • Terry says:

        Goodness Goosies NO!!! Hit the road Jennifer Ho-pez, and take Randy Jerk-son and that guy who only knew how to say “that was beautiful” with you!

        • Delon says:

          Let me put it to you this way: If this woman was to die today i wouldn’t shed a single tear and if they told me that she went to hell i’d say “much deserved!”.

    • Sam says:

      No. She’s just trying to get talked about to save her album whose sales are tanking and the second single which is doing poorly. She’ll be back, where else will she go? Not unless she’s been sacked already!!

      • Tusk says:

        Where will she go? Aren’t she and her hubby starting up an hispanic AI with Fuller? I called it first, Karen Rodriguez and Stefano will be co-hosts.

        • MC says:

          I hated how jlo performed as a judge, I don’t like her anymore as an artist now just because she was so dumb as a AI judge and she was so mean to haley; but Tusk: plz stop with the hispanic hate! btw Stefano’s mom is from Italy and his father from Spain.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          How is what Tusk posted “Hispanic hate?”. Good grief! What in the world is wrong with people when they can’t take a light hearted joke in the manner it was intended? Honestly, I LIKE the idea of “Hispanic Idol”. Stephano said he grew up in home that was half Italian and half Puerto Rican, if I recall correctly. Scotty is one-quarter Puerto Rican so he can be on the program as well. Good grief, LIGHTEN UP, PEOPLE!

          In the meantime, I am waiting for “Conservative WASP Idol” with Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Newt Gingrich as the judges. Only songs that have “Jesus”, “Mama”, “America”, and the flag in the lyrics are allowed on the program. ;-)

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            And even if Stephano’s father is from Spain, who cares? How about “Latin Idol”?

          • Tusk says:

            Thnx for the defense,DET, I wasn’t being derogatory.

            JLo and Marc Anthony ARE working on a Hispanic AI with a Simon Fuller.

            Some people just have to make everything racist or political for some reason dredging up the old arguments re: Karen Rodriguez was the last time I heard this accusation.

            Fact is, they are working on it, not racist at all. I only menioned them, jokingly as hosts because JLO was a big backer of Stefano and KRod early in the season.

          • charlie says:

            and ‘lower taxes for the rich’ must be in the lyrics as well! HA HA!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @charlie – that’s funny right there. I am a conservative but I have a sense of humor about this stuff.
            Gosh, there are all sorts of things we can come up with-
            “Redneck Idol” (yea, I know, we kind of had that this year) – Judges will be John Rich (of Big and Rich), David Allen Coe, and Willie Nelson. Song restrictions will be the same as “Conservative WASP Idol”, but song list will be expanded to include songs that have the words “drinking”, “pickup trucks”, “trains”, “prison”, “rain”,
            “cheating”, “guns”, and “picking cotton”. First prize is a lifetime membership in the NRA, a Ford F150 4×4, a Remington 1100 shotgun, and an all-expenses paid trip to Nashville, including a stay at the Opryland Hotel.

            “Rap Idol” – eligible judges are any rappers that are still on this side of the grass, since they seem to get shot/killed on a routine basis. Panel is likely to change from week to week, so don’t get to attached to the judges, although General Larry Platt will be a permanent fixture on the panel. Songs choices are pretty liberal but must involve drugs and guns and contain any word in Urban Dictionary. First prize is a trip to Las Vegas where the winner will enjoy a week’s vacation and a reenactment of the death of Tupac Shakur.

            “Funeral Idol” – judges are Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morisette, and Tracy Chapman. Song list is limited to songs about death, depression, bad breakups, and jacka** men that cheated on their woman. First prize is a date with a good-looking guy that already has a girlfriend or wife. He’ll smack the winner around, cheat on the winner, and then, SURPRISE – break up with the winner. Taylor Swift will write a song about all of it and the winner gets to record the song.

          • Dom says:

            @darcy’s evil twin – I would definitely watch any one of your AI spinoffs. I couldn’t bear to watch AI this season after sitting through 30 minutes of the auditions listening J-Lo and Steven Tyler. I think it’s about time we wrapped up AI and started watching Rap Idol because who doesn’t want to see more General Larry Platt.

    • N says:

      (also LO = No in my language so LOL X2)

      • Mia says:

        Your language = Hebrew?

        I voted “yes.” Reluctantly. Sometimes she sucked, but I still think she did a better job than Randy and Steven.

        • KT says:

          I’m with you. She showed promising signs in the beginning and I think she could still have a chance of improving. If she wants to. Kara did better in her second season, even though it was kind of overshadowed by the lacluster contestants. JLo might think she did a great job, and if so, she should go.

          • amy.. says:

            Until Nigel lets the judge’s judge, it won’t matter who is in those chairs.
            But if I had to choose :)
            Sheryl Crow – Harry Connick Jr. – Shania Twain

    • Danny says:

      No I don’t want her back. I can’t stand that woman. From her conniving ways to her thinking she’s so friggen hot. Who in hades voted that woman best looking in the world? From her beady eyes to her hyena fake laugh, I don’t see one thing beautiful about her.

      I don’t recall the exact details, but the idea of this is right. A local charity wanted her to appear at their event. J Blow said fine, she’ll be there. But to show up she wanted a $8,000 bottle of wine, $4,000 in flower petals laid out for her room, $2,000 in fancy french chocolates, a private plane to get here, so on. The charity told her to take a hike.

      This wasn’t an article on Jennifer. It was an article on charities & how much of a “charity” they really are. In fairness to J Blow, there’s other celebrities just as bad.

      This was a few years ago. After she’d been a huge hit, but after her popularity had fallen some.

      She’s using AI to revive her floundering career. It would be one thing if she was actually a good judge. It’s another though when she’s doing such a terrible job. I freely admit she made a smart move by joining AI. Her career skyrocketed. I’ll never listen to another one of her songs though, so she won’t be getting any $$ from me in that regard. I’ll still watch AI next year whether she’s a judge or not, so she will get $$ off of me in that regard if she comes back.

      • JustMe says:

        That was it for me when she got on stage and stuck her arse in the world and America’s face and shook it endlessly. We want to see the Idols perform not her arse shaking on a TV in a close up shot for 5 minutes.
        Hey Ho she’s got to go.
        The only reason to keep Idol is the stage crew who do a bang up job and are better than the other shows.

  2. Pam says:

    Definitely not!

    • John Berggren says:

      I’m mostly in the NOT camp – so I voted no. However, if it was a lot of Nigel puppeteering that led to the latter part of the season’s crapfest – I’d say prohibit Nigel from anything judgey and give her a second chance.

      • charlie says:

        naw! if she can’t stand up to Nigel, the blathering brit, in her first season, she never will. Too bad she didn’t stick to her original MO– she could have been really a good judge.

  3. scorpo says:

    American Idol should be cancelled. It will be deemed irrelevant by the time X Factor airs. That and the popularity of The Voice renders AI a moot point.

    • Grace says:

      I totally respect your opinion, but dude, you’re in the wrong place for these kinds of comments. We Idoloonies are the Idol equivalent of Trekkies. We may enjoy The Voice and X Factor, but Idol – no matter how frustrating it may get – will always be our 1st love.

      • Caro says:

        we’ll see once X factor starts

      • april-ann says:

        Idoloonies the equivalent of Trekkies? You gotta be kidding. Trekkies know their stuff. You don’t know the first thing about Idol. You’re being led by someone who needs to grow up and stop turning every post into blaming others for Haley’s lack of talent.

        • Cup of Joe says:

          So you’re saying we don’t have any credibility after having a max of 10 years experience with Idol? Screw you!

          And perhaps it is YOU who needs to grow up. If she lacked talent, she wouldn’t have turned up a lot of Idol moments, no?

        • Ben says:

          If there ever is an equivalent of Trekkies in the Idol world, I’d say Slezak’s the closest you can find to it.

          Idol know-how? Tick and double tick. But as far as objectivity goes, he doesn’t have to be. He’s a commentator, not an independent news reporter. Recappers are allowed to have their own opinions.

          And Haley’s lack of talent? In the pool she was in, honey, what you just said was an oxymoron. True to the comment prior to mine, case-in-point she doled out the MOST Idol moments of Season 10. Unless you’re a hater, even a casual viewer can tell this girl has been thrown under the bus by the Idol machine numerous times.

        • charlie says:

          saying Haley lacks talent just proves you are a true blue moron, especially when super-talented people tout her as a ‘great talent’. You’d be wise to heed the old proverb: ‘Even a moron is considered wise when he keeps his mouth shut!’

  4. el says:

    “Mean spider eyes” is pretty bizarre, but no. She started strong in the auditions, then she just lost any personality she had and parroted whatever all the judges were told to say.

    • RTW says:

      Agreed. The “Great Jennifer Lopez” “we grew to love” during the auditions started off “emotionally perfect” and was “in it to win it”, but midway through the season, she “turned the other cheek” and was like “total attack” against “beautiful” Haley and nobody else.

      • EvaneSam says:

        OH MY GOD my favorite comment on any AI related blog. “You know what was wrong with it….absolutely NOTHING” :P

      • Dick Whitman says:

        You win, sir.

      • Terry says:

        “nothing to judge there”

      • nodak says:

        Too bad she wasn’t “the Jennifer we saw at the audition round” thoughout the entire season.

        • RTW says:

          Exactly! *fist-bump to nodak* How on Earth did she go from selecting all this amazing talent to total disregard for criticism to all but one person, and blatant pimping of certain contestants? It’s shocking, confusing and infuriating all at the same time.

      • Kari G says:

        LOL! Thank you for this comment and the corresponding responses. They seriously made my day :)

      • Roz says:

        I agree with your assessment of JLo’s judgeing. I had hopes for her and she started off good I thought. Then she starting parroting Nigel and she and Randy were doing a number on Haley. Can’t forget or forgive that. To me the show became almost a sham towards the end. It was like Nigel was pulling all the strings. That was not a contest anymore, certainly not a fair and honest one. And to Haley’s credit and her fans, Haley came in 3rd place. To me she is the real American Idol, because Nigel picked 1 & 2 spots.I do not care to see Jlo again because she sold out. Steven didn’t.

      • Me says:

        That comment was “The best of the night” and I have not read the others yet xP

    • Danny says:

      I actually don’t think mean spider eyes is that bizarre. I called them beady in another post. I had written my post before I read the article. When I saw that I was thinking wow, I’m not the only one who noticed her eyes are spooky looking.

  5. luke says:

    This chick has no talent, why does she command such attention! **** her, she should not be admired by anyone!!!

    • schmozlo says:

      It’s her butt. That’s her claim to fame.

      For example, her husband sings the crap out of some hot salsa music on the Finale, and J-Lo does an ass solo to accompany him. She knows what the people want.

      It’s her butt.

  6. Ruby says:

    Oh how shocking, “the internet” votes to the negative. *giant eyeroll*

  7. Ana says:

    Don’t want any of this year’s judges back, specially Randy. I would say 10 seasons is enough of his nonsense, right?

    • GeeMa says:

      Amen, sister. Don’t want any of the judges back. Maybe it is time to say good-bye to the show.

    • Jurybox says:

      AMEN! If there was any judge that needed to go it’s Randy. I’ve hated Randy for the last 5 seasons. He’s contributed absolutely nothing. JLo at least had some useful critiques during the early part of this season. I think she was given judging instructions from Uncle Nigel and that was the big problem with her this season. I would be ok with her coming back – Steven, not so much, he’s only sometimes entertaining and rarely helpful to the singers.

      Why not have Harry Connick, Jr., JLo (only if she’s allowed to say what she thinks), and Adam Lambert or David Cook? I bet Cookie, who always struck me as really smart, would be a great judge. Wouldn’t it be great to have an idol alum on the panel?

  8. Lizzy says:

    I don’t want her back, and she doesn’t want to come back, unless she has another album coming out… or movie… or book.

  9. Dan says:

    Randy is the one that has to go ASAP.

  10. Holly says:

    Of the three, I’d probably prefer JLo to stay. I wish they’d start with a completely fresh slate, though.

    But I really don’t think there’s a chance she’ll ditch this golden goose.

  11. brandy says:

    Are we talking first-half-of-season J.Lo or second-half-of-season J.Lo? Those are two very different things.

    • Ben says:

      I don’t think it really matters. The number one reason she must stay is not even on mr Slezak’s list, and that is that it takes a season or two to get a bit more real and stop telling everyone how wonderful they are, I think. I expect JLo will be tougher her second time around. New judge, new person who can’t say no to anything. We can’t keep changing judges every year, its ridiculous.

      • Joe Strummer says:

        I think they could actually keep JLo if they get rid of the other 2 judges. Steven and Randy are both useless.

        I think Lopez will come up to the level of the judges around her. They should NOT get any more STARS that need to promote something. Get people in the music industry — A and R people or critics — that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

        This is the reason we watched Idol in the first place.

        • siri says:

          Totally agree. She irritated me to no end by the last part of the season but I wanted to throw things at Randy. He’s beyond useless and well into ridiculous. As much as I love Steven as a musician and personality, he was in a coma all season just waking up to say…yeah…beautiful.

          Maybe a clean slate would be best but if anyone stays, I’d rather it be her. She’d really need to go back to what she was doing to begin with and stop cheerleading producer favs while driving daggers into one person. Two new judges that were actually willing to judge the performances might be exactly what would bring her around.

  12. brandy says:

    Sorry, but Idol’s ratings still are almost double of what The Voice has been pulling in. Saying the #1 show is irrelevant and a moot point is kind of a ridiculous statement, isn’t it?

  13. WDK says:

    I’d have to say no. She was great in Hollywood and early in the live shows, but she just dissapointed me as the season went on. I’d keep her over Randy any day though! I wanna give Steven one more chance because he’s had alot of experience and is the only one on that panel who has credability in judging singing. I think he’d be able to give some helpful and insightful feedback if he would CHOOSE to.

    But yea…… a J.No would suffice on this one.

  14. Ringo says:

    She got her bump from Idol, now move on. I think she panicked after the Pia Shock Boot. Whe realized that her critiques had impact and then followed the producers line — lets get rid of the Growler and have an all country crap final. No to JLo. Now where is that Haley Interview!!!

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes! Where is the Haley Interview?!! I keep checking for it daily!!

    • charlie says:

      YES… GDI… WHERE IS THE HALEY INTERVIEW? SHE HAS BEEN GREAT ON OTHER RADIO AND TV INTERVIEWS! I especially loved her interview with Tony Bennett on youtube!

  15. JT says:

    Not since we seem to be stuck with Randy and Stephen for another year. Find another “judge” who commands respect and is secure enough with their career at the moment that they’ll say “FU” to Nigel’s scripted responses– say what they really believe and what’s good for the contestants’ development.

    • edward says:

      Is this true? Will Randy and Steven be back? This year’s judging was a disaster. If these three all return, I will not watch AI again. I’ll just watch Sleazak’s video reviews, much better that the actual show.

      • nodak says:

        Randy has been quoted saying that all 3 would return. I read somewhere that Randy and Steven had started this year with multi-year contracts. JLo only wanted a 1 year contract to keep her options open.

        • JT says:

          Yes, that was my understanding. Unless Nigel can find a way to actually “fire” Randy or Steven, J-Lo voluntarily leaving may the only hope of new judging “talent.”

      • Kari G says:

        This was my exact line of thinking as well. If all three judges are back then I don’t think I can subject myself to another year of idol. I will just stick with idoloonies!

  16. holyshiz94 says:

    J-Ho can run off with Randy to that Dance Crew Crap!

  17. emma says:

    no, she’s useless

  18. Tusk says:

    I am coming around to the thought that current artists are a bad idea as judges of up and coming new talent.

    The first and most important reason is, as current artists, their profession relies on how they are publicly perceived. If they are rightully or wrongfully perceived negatively because of a critique, they may lose fans along the way, which impacts their primary source of income. Even for Jennifer, it seems she has lot a few fans because of her lack of judging/piling on (I’m one).

    Most people in the entertainment business want to be liked. It is hard for them to give genuine, sometimes hard to swallow criticism in fear that it will be read the wrong way and cause them to lose a number of fans.

    The thing that “worked” with Simon, he didn’t particularly care if his opinion was popular or not. A quality that is entirely necessary to be an effective judge. People may not have liked his opinion, but most respected it.

    So, as fun as she is to look at sometimes, it is hard for me to justify Jennifer coming back, especially when I see her condemning contestants who are far more vocally talented than she could ever hope to be.

    • Jasmine says:

      I agree with every word. The judging on “The Voice” is the worst judging I have seen on any reality competition show. No constructive advice whatsoever. Even Steven offered more helpful feedback.

      I remember being all for J.Lo as a judge after her amazing mentoring sessions with the season 6 contestants. But then mid-way through this season, when I realized she was just there to promote herself and was willing to compromise her judging for it, she sort of revolted me. Though there were times when I do think she went admirably off-script (Haley’s performance of “Beautiful” comes to mind), and though I know she has the potential to be a really good judge, there’s no point to her if she actually doesn’t care about being a good judge.

      • Brian D. says:

        I agree that the judging on The Voice is lacking, but that’s partly because of what Tusk wrote and also partly because that’s not what the coaches are there for.

        The four coaches from The Voice are actually putting in a lot more work than the judges from Idol. They’re helping pick songs, pick arrangements, pick choreography, etc. On top of that, they’ve actually been expected to choose who will advance in the live rounds.

        Do the Idol judges do any of that? No. Yet they get paid millions to sit there and basically be glorified cheerleaders…

        The coaches from The Voice are mentoring these kids, and all of their work show up on the front end. The coach has had a hand in every live performance that you see. I think that’s worth a lot more than asking them for a critique at the end of a performance.

        • MrMank says:

          Yeah, you can’t say much about the judging on The Voice because they aren’t judges…they’re coaches. They are also in competition with each other, so the dynamic and feel of the entire competition is refreshingly different from that of Idol.

          • Joe Strummer says:

            I don’t get the voice. What are the Judges competing for? Do they win a new car or something?

            It’s kind of stupid to have for teams. I just don’t get it.

          • Eurydice says:

            Thank you, Joe. I don’t get what the competition is about, either. Maybe the winning coach and singer each get one of those hideous gold finger statues.

    • MA says:

      I don’t know if that’s true, actually. Lady Gaga gave some good advice (admittedly in her weird Gaga way, but still), and I really liked JLo at the beginning of Idol. It was only when JLo stopped being helpful and started 1) being uneven, 2) being tone deaf, and 3) seeming to have an agenda that she fell apart for me. I think a two-panel judge with a rotating third, who is a relevant musical entity, would be good. And Steven and Randy balance each other out…all right (since they’re both signed on and we have no choice). They’re not as pretty as JLo, but you’ve got one nice loon and one mean loon. The third judge could be a normal person, maybe like Melinda Doolittle! Or OK, someone famous. But I’ve always liked her.

      • Tusk says:

        re: GaGa

        GaGa is the exception to the rule. Her career is about accepting criticism for bold choices in songwriting, subject matter, performance etc.

        She is all about testing people’s perception of art and entertainment (while backing it up with solid musical eductation/technique).

        Why else wear a meat costume if you aren’t expecting criticism? By doing that she shows that she is confident in her self-perception and beyond influence by people who “know better”

        Jennifer is nothing like GaGa as an artist.

        • MA says:

          Oh sure. I totally agree with that. I just don’t agree that a current musical artist is inherently unable to give decent critics. I actually think that someone who is living and working in the music industry today would be a great source of information, etc. for the Idol kids, so long as that person can speak clearly, makes sense, doles out the critics evenly, etc. I mean, I love Haley, but she wasn’t perfect by a long shot, and there were lots of things I wish those judges had said to her that could have helped her along.

          I mean…I can dream of great rotating third judges: Joss Stone, Johnny Lang, Adele, Gaga, Jack White, etc. People who are ballsy, relevant, risk-taking musicians. I don’t know that they’d want to do it, but I do think they’d all be willing to give good critics. And seriously, I have always loved Melinda Doolittle. I think she’d be great. And what about bringing back some other Idol contestants and putting them on the panel? Kelly, Carrie, Adam, I bet they could do it too. You can be a current musician and give good critiques; you just can’t be a sycophant. And to her credit, JLo was also able to do that at the beginning.

          • MA says:

            OK, on second thought, maybe not Carrie. I mean, she’s just so, so, so nice. She might not be able to tell anyone they’re doing anything wrong. But I stand by the rest!

        • Joe Strummer says:

          Lady GaGa is an Artist? You could have fooled me.

          • MA says:

            Depends on your definition of art, but yeah, I’d call her an artist, and a really good one to boot.

  19. Tucker says:

    Personally, I think she was the one judge last season who gave credible critique when they actually seemed to allow it to be given. Yes, she became an inconsequential puppet as the season progressed but all of the judges seemed to. She wasn’t the only one offering a lot of praise and empty commentary to Lauren and Jacob; all three were.
    As for the Haley thing, someone mentioned in comments to a pervious article that the judges’ criticism of Haley wouldn’t have seemed so bad and obvious if they hadn’t been kneecapped in critiquing the other contestants as well. I can’t say that I ever really disagreed with the judges’ critiques of Haley. In the same turn, I can’t say I could ever get on-board with the flowery prose and kid gloves with which they handled everyone else.
    I can’t help but feel this had less to do with the judges and more what they directed to do by the producers. Whatever you think of J.Lo’s talent, she seemed to have a better grip and understanding on what to offer to these kids than either Randy or Steven. I wouldn’t mind seeing all three back but with the producers keeping their hands off of the judges’ feedback. If I had to pick only one out of the three to have back, though, it would be Lopez.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I was in the minority and I voted yes, bring her back, even though I’ve complained about JLo.

      Then I read Tucker’s comments. I couldn’t have written it better myself.

      Here’s what I wish would happen, and I’ve posted this before – jokingly; however, this time I’m serious. Hold the American Idol tryouts. Let the producers pick the three people they would like to see win. Just sign those three to recording contracts and be done with it. Then, let the judges do their work, let the voting public do their work, and butt out!

      • Tusk says:

        The part you’re missing is AI is also about building a fan base. Would Haley have the same running start to her career with a built in rabid fan base if the producers just plucked her out of a crowd of 127,000?

        Haley’s journey was in large part responsible, as well as her voice/talent, for pushing her to the top 3. It’s been said America loves an underdog, and in Haley’s case, that is true.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Tusk, you have a point, but I don’t think Haley would have been plucked from the crowd.

          Let the producers pluck whomever they want from the crowd and let the producers work at building the fan base for their “chosen ones” however they choose to do so – heck, they can send people hundred dollar checks in the mail and pay them to be fans, put the “chosen ones” on their own darned show (Hell, call it “Chosen Idol”, and let them compete against each other every week), and book them to perform on every last talk show on network and cable TV (there must be, how many…127 talk shows?), but leave the rest of us alone.

    • JT says:

      I do agree with Tucker that J-Lo provided the most serious “constructive” criticism of the performances– at least in the beginning. Unfortunately for Pia, I think J-Lo went a bit overboard and she paid the price. I have to believe that J-Lo regretted that, and then actively began rooting for the two remaining girls to stay in the competition. The serious transgressions by J-Lo to Haley happened much later, Top 5 to Top 3. Plus, I think Randy treated Haley worse than J-Lo, for the most part.

      As a Haley fan, I’m not really upset at the number of critiques she received (or even necessarily the manner in which she received them), it is that: 1) they almost always centered on song choice (in the end they couldn’t fit Haley in a box, because her box was too BIG), 2) virtually no one else was receiving them– and received free passes for mediocre to poor performances. I think we can agree that the judges pushed Haley hard– and she delivered some pretty spectacular performances. Whether the judges helped Haley reach those moments by their remarks, who knows? They certainly inflamed Haley’s fan base, and that DID help Haley reach the Top 3.

  20. Wade says:

    NO! We need judges who can be critical. Now where is the Haley Reinhart interview?

  21. Art says:

    I really need your next Idoloonies. I’m in withdrawal. I even checked on Sunday at 3AM. Come onnnnnn!

    But I’d rather lose Randy and keep J Lo and Tyler. Just wishing in my withdrawal delusions and hallucinations.

    • Tusk says:

      You’re not kidding, I’m in severe Reinhart withdrawal. After having months of new performances, enhanced by Idoloonies with Michael and Crew, I find myself needing a fix and these last two weeks have been excrutiating.

      I even am now watching other’s perform songs Haley did to compare:

      Has anyone else heard Lauren’s version of “Blue” from her performance at the Grand Ole Opry? Most of the recordings/video of it have been taken off the internet, but I heard an audio of it.

      Lauren shouldn’t have attempted that because it was really wanting compared to Haley’s version, although it did give me better perspective on how hard that song is for a vocalist to perform, and how easy Haley made it sound when she sang it (Like ‘Butta’).

      Also, re: The Voice. Hmmm I watched one of their front runners, Vicci Martinez, “attempt” “Rolling in the Deep”? It was really excrutiatingly bad compared to Haley. I have to say Lady Reinhart has ruined that song for anyone else to sing. Haley has officially retired that song IMHO.

      Not convinced about the Voice at all.

      • Tusk says:

        I found the link to the audio of Lauren’s “Blue”, the video was taken off due to copyright but you can at least hear her singing “Blue”.

        Of course at the end she said something about being under the weather, so maybe she could have done it better, but since this is an audio, you can really hear how she really needs to work on her breathing while singing (or maybe those are Lauren’s vocal affectations).

        It’s not a bad rendition but pales compared to Haley’s live AI (and technically superior) version.

          • EvaneSam says:

            OMG…I like Lauren but … NO!!! After her first Blueeeeee I was like: Oh no she didn’t!!! Leave the yodeling to the professionals aka Haley.

        • JT says:

          Just went back and watched a YouTube of Haley’s “Blue” and there’s just no comparing Lauren’s to Haley’s. In a different league, really. Haley and Lauren seem to get along together– maybe Haley gives her some yodeling tips (and I mean that with no disrespect to Lauren, who I’m looking forward to seeing at the Tour). What really struck me about the YouTube (I listen mostly to Haley’s iTunes) is the comments from the judges. J-Lo gave some VERY nice compliments to Haley. I it was freaking Randy who threw her under the bus!

      • Tusk says:

        This page posts both Vicci Martinez and Haley’s version of “Rolling in the Deep” and asks which is better. Kind of embarrassing how Haley is the ovrewhelming favorite according to the responders:

        • JT says:

          I cast my vote, and almost felt embarrassed for “piling” on.

        • Emma says:

          The author’s kidding, right?

          He/she should’ve seen the Haley landslide win by a mile away, I felt like he/she was posting just to throw Vicci under the bus. It was a no-brainer.

  22. Evan says:

    This poll is a joke. It’s like asking, “Should I kill this puppy?” We all know there’s only one appropriate answer– “No.”

  23. Let it go. says:

    Oh, Michael. I read this article hoping against all hope that you had finally let go of your Haley obsession. But no. Dude, are you like her biological dad or something? Please, let it go.

  24. Jerry says:

    still waiting for the Haley interview :(…. Tell JLo to take Randy & Nigel with her when she leaves .

    • B-scot says:

      I still like Nigel in a switched kind of way. There has to be a evil genius running things from the background.
      Replace Randy with Babyface, JLo with Cheryl Cole and keep Steven another year.

  25. Connie says:

    Lets see she got paid 12 million to agree with Randy all the time. And to pimp her album and her husband…… Nooo i will pass. She can move on. I love her as artist not as a judge.

  26. B-scot says:

    No, JLo got what she wanted now give Cheryl Cole a try.
    JLo’s husband Marc wants to move on to his projects and she has 2 children who need her time more right now. She got her singing career back on track with her first hit in almost a decade and her perfume is selling good now.

  27. jaime says:

    No. Favouritism killed her for me. I dislike her more than Justin Bieber now.

  28. VC says:

    This show needs a real singer, like Mariah Carey.

  29. Chris says:

    I say Yes, despite her non fair and balanced judging. She was the only one who actually had constructive critiques (at least for part of the show). I think she is kind, usually. If I were to speculate on some gossip, I think she was jealous of Haley because of Stefano and thus had no love for her. But, I don’t think it will matter because she’ll probably leave to be a judge on her husband’s new latin idol-esque show.

    • EvaneSam says:

      What’s with Stefano? Am I missing something????

      • Emma says:

        Apparently there are fans who feel that Stefano has some sort of unrequited love for Haley. Now some people are throwing J.Lo into it as if she’s into Stefano in a romantic way, therefore she has it out for Haley.

        As the Idol Turns…

        • EvaneSam says:

          Wow, I didn’t realize Idol has a Soap opera side to it :)) but then again…with all that scripted judging seems like it’s more like comedy to me.

        • Tusk says:

          There were a few interviews that Stefano, the “player” in the top 10, made a play for both Pia and Haley. He just did’t realise he was no longer the big fish in a small pond. Must have killed him to see Haley hanging out with Casey “Fozzie Bear” Abrahms over him…

        • JT says:

          Hey, there are quite a few of us with “love for Haley”, although not “unrequited”. More like borderline obsessive or addictive, HEHE. Hence, the “withdrawal” mentioned in a previous comment.

  30. lucy95 says:

    I’d like to see all three go. Randy is done, Steven is worthless and she is all about self-promotion. This season was OK, but no one is going to tell me it was about the contestants. It’s all about promoting the judges. She’s busy because of the performances on Idol – I’m disgusted by the salaries these idiots command. You know what – get some former idols to judge – they can relate.

  31. Volourn says:

    Hell to the no.

  32. Louie says:

    It’s very telling that J-Lo’s sole contribution to the finale show was shaking her ass-ets (which is still leaps and bounds more than Randy)and seems to cap her best talents. Sayonara

  33. Laurel says:

    TOUGHEN up or TAKE a WALK !
    And that is for all 3 Idol Judges

    They were useless as “Idol Judges”
    You can’t give every contestant a gold star just for showing up ! (Jacob)….
    They were only there for self promotion.

    I like Steven Tyler as an artist but not an Idol Judge.

    Idol needs Judges who are going to say what NEEDS to be said !
    Man I miss Simon….

  34. EvaneSam says:

    Considering J.Lo probably didn’t want to critique many contestants because she didn’t want to come over as a b**** she managed to do the exact opposite in my opinion. Just critiquing Haley who delivered great performances week after week and praising everyone else, thus hindering them to become better made me really hate her by the time the season was over.
    My list:
    – Con: Give her the boot because she kept critiquing and trying to break Haley
    – Pro: Keep her because she kept critiquing and trying to break Haley … thus making her fight back and becoming the artist we all have come to love.
    …then again … Haley was great to begin with so … TO THE PIT with J.Lo!!!!

    • elr says:

      That’s my feelings about J-Lo also. I can understand how she might not have wanted to be too harsh with the contestants, but the constant bashing of Haley was over the top. With each unnecessary critique of Haley I lost a little more respect for Jennifer to the point now that I can’t even stand to look at her anymore (and I work in a library, so I see that D*A*M*N People magazine cover almost every day).

  35. Mikaylah says:

    I haven’t watched Idol regularly in YEARS. I think they need all new judges. Actual judges, who know how to think for themselves and offer valid criticism.

  36. 7faces says:

    I was intrigued with her chosing to be a judge, but was extremely disappointed that she didn’t give honest, direct critique to the contestants past week 7. So, I wouldn’t not invite her back, no matter her star power. We need judges who will stand up to the pressure or contract obligation to do as they are told by the show’s producers. Sadly, it may be too late to keep AI from falling after the X-factor begins this fall.

  37. WDK says:

    J.Lo had really been irking me for a few weeks prior, but Top 5 week really sealed the deal for me. Not even so much as her (and Randy) refusing to talk about Haley vocal on “You and I” but instead find a way to rag on her for song choice. Here’s what really got me.

    1) James was my favorite male contestant this season, but there is no getting around the fact that both his performances on Top 5 night were pretty bad. Emotional perfect my left nut….. I wanted to see James improve and work on his pitch and emotion cuz I really thought he had the goods to win… but nope. She just sugar coated it.

    2) When she said that Jacob’s rendition of “No Air” was good enough to get him to the Top 3 or 2??!!? I’m sorry but now you’re just telling bold-faced lies lady…

    • Tusk says:

      Finally, a James fan who is mad at the judges for not helping him improve rather than blame Haley for finishing ahead of him. They do exist!

      James was my early favorite male, the studio versions of Uprising and Heavy Metal are the only songs I have of his among all my Haley songs,

      (Scotty: For once in my Life, Pia: I’ll Stand by You, Don’t Let the Sun.., Lauren: I’m the Only One, Gun Powder and Lead, Candle in the Wind, Thia: Heatwave, Daniel….the Rest everything Haley)

      I think James and Lauren, of all the contestants, could have really used some molding and direction from the judges. It’s a shame they didn’t get it and been much, much better.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        No, you’re wrong, Tusk – I loved James but I sure don’t blame Haley for his problems. I was irritated with the judges for not giving constructive help and guidance (and criticism) to several of the contestants.

        • Tusk says:

          I was a James fan too, I am agreeing with you that the Judges shouldn’t have overly praised him, but let him know that he needed to concentrate more on vocal execution and less on performance. He had the performance angle down, but let his vocals suffer.

          So I am not talking about James’ fans like you, I’m talking about the ones that blamed Haley for James’ ouster.

          You know there were many who started going down the “see Haley smiled when James lost!!!” crowd, and there were many of James’ fans insulted at the thought of moving their ‘rocker’ votes to Haley, and instead out of spite voted for Scotty.

          Not sure why you are disagreeing with me since it doesn’t apply to you and I am saying what you are saying.

          • (!) says:

            I believe it was more a crack at “I’m also one of those fans!” and not a “you’re wrong!” :p

            It’s silly. My sister is one of those James fans – she hated Haley from the beginning.

            “Doesn’t she have a good voice?”
            “Why do you hate her so much?”
            “That stupid hand dance she does is so obnoxious!”

            And trust me, the things she said! Ah well. I liked both James and Haley, but he really needed some things pointed out to him that I don’t think were. I love rock and metal, but pitch control *does* still matter, and sometimes I was scared his head was going to pop when he went high. “It’s yours to lose baby” oh puh-lease

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @Tusk – okay then, if you weren’t referring to people like me, that’s fine. I wasn’t disagreeing with you – just pointing out I am a James fan and don’t blame Haley for where he ended up.

            I think a lot of people that watch this program must work for Psychic Hotline in their spare time – they seem to read WAY too much into the program, and into comments, than what’s actually there. Sometimes a horse is just a horse. I don’t think Haley is responsible for James finishing fourth at all. I think Scotty, Lauren, and the producers are responsible for everyone finishing where they did, but Slezak and Idoloonies helped Haley finish third – no doubt about that, IMO.

            Speaking of Scotty and Lauren, they are ALL over country radio. I got in my vehicle this morning and the husband had been driving it – he’s a country fan. I left the radio on the country station. I heard “I Love You This Big” twice and that “mother” song by Lauren twice. Scotty has a very nice mid-range, by the way. I don’t think I realized it until I heard him on a decent stereo.

  38. Amy says:

    My first choice would be to get rid of all of the judges. Randy would be the first to go, the JLo, then Steven. Steven may have been useless most of the time, but he stuck up for Haley and was at least entertaining. When JLo said Jacob had one of the best voices ever on the competition I almost spit out the food I was eating. We need judges who will actually do their jobs!

  39. Mel says:

    I don’t want her to go because I would miss her pretty, pretty hair, lovely makeup and shiny dresses. Those were the only reasons I wanted her on Idol in the first place.
    Randy, as far as I’m concerned, is enemy #1. “In it to win it” is not a good catchphrase, especially when you say it all the time in response to people making fun of you saying it all the time. UGHHHHH.

  40. Eve says:

    Where is the poll for Randy – I can’t imagine one person who wants him to stay. I wish the people at AI actually listened to their fans because there is NO WAY Randy would be back. He is a JOKE!

  41. Mindy says:

    Can we have her for the auditions and replace her when the top 24 starts with someone that will give critiques?

  42. Haley Effected says:

    Yes, we need to let JLo go. She sold her soul to the devil along with Randy. I would like to think that Nigel was behind all of their dissing of Haley but ultimately the mean spirited “critiques” came out of their mouths. I’ve thrown away my JLo movies and don’t plan on watching her in any movie or show, ever. I applaud Haley for standing up to them and not letting them get the best of her. JLo got what she wanted, a resurgence in her career singing with the use of autotune.
    Michael, I hope you give Haley the “back” story that AI never gave her in your long-awaited interview!

    • HALES YA says:

      I was mortified to find a J-Ho CD in my collection… so… I took the CD out and smashed it… I took the cover art out and shredded it… I downloaded all of Haley’s iTunes and burned them to a CD… I printed off some georgeous Haley pics from the internet… Then I put the Haley CD and pics in former J-Ho CD case… Aaaaahhhhh…. I feel much better now!

  43. Fjóla says:

    like you said, she was good during the audition rounds, but when it came to the live shows, it just went downhill. I don’t think she’s quite cut out to be a judge, but I think she could be great as coach and mentor to the contestants.

  44. jrs says:

    Keep her. Dump Randy’s ass!

  45. whateverblah says:

    Just NO!

  46. Elaine says:

    She got what she wanted out of the show. Time to move on, both for her benefit and the show’s.

    I still love the idea of three new judges each season. It would be fresh. It would be interesting finding what kind of judges they turn out to be. If they knew they were only sticking around for one season, then there’d be no $$$$$ incentive for taking Nigel’s “direction” …. they’d be more likely to be true to themselves. It’d be fun watching the dynamics between new judges. There’d bound to be more opportunity for drama (the good kind) with judges knowing they’re only around for one season. I believe it’d really up the ante for all concerned.

    I’d really love to see all 3 judges from last season gone. I’ve had enough of “When I worked with so & so” Randy and “in it to win it”. Ten seasons is enough already. And much as I love some of the wacko things Steven says, he did nothing to help the contestants – no critiquing to speak of. They were all “beautiful”.

    Gotta go. All 3 of ’em. PLEASEEEEEEEEE (Can we get rid of Uncle Nigel, too?) (Welcome to Fantasy Island…)

  47. J-Hoe says:

    J-Hoe just wanted to use the show to promote her failing music career. Go back to making movies or something, cause you can’t sing! Why should these contestants listen to YOUR advice? HA. Get her off this damn show. Fake as hell. The unfair criticism given to Haley Reinhart all season is unforgivable, Seriously.. f-off J-Hoe.

  48. Charles says:

    I’d keep her around for one more season. She pretty much threw Haley under the bus single-handedly but all in all I think she was a good judge.

  49. EvilEdit says:


    J-Lo the cougar treated the kids like her kits, but treated Haley like a near full grown lioness (hard, but always with an undertone of respect).

    Things would have gone better for her (and Randy) if they had been clear they were operating on a double standard. Low for everyone else and high for Haley.

    Unfortunately, her critiques for Haley (and to some extent Pia) always had an element of truth and were given professionally, but always ended up undercutting instead of supporting.

    At the end of the day, I think she was conflicted. Perhaps, she admired and respected Haley as an artist but didn’t think she was the right fit for AI…

  50. G. says:

    I don’t mind her return…

    But there HAS to be somebody to balance Randy and her out. There has to be somebody who can sing or been part of music in a BIG way the last 10 years who does not eat out of the hand of Uncle Nigel.