Eye On Emmy: Glee Star Chris Colfer's Comedy Kudos Quandary, 'I Cry In Every Episode!'

Chris Colfer is having quite a year. Not only was he was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2011, he inked a book deal and signed on to write a Disney Channel pilot. And a feature film. And we didn’t even get to his day job yet. Besides starring on of one of TV’s hottest shows, Glee, he’s working overtime, performing in sold-out arenas as part of the show’s summer concert tour. And if history repeats itself, he’ll once again be in the running for an Emmy. Yet, in the midst of all the insanity, the 21-year-old stopped just long enough to catch his breath and chat with TVLine about his Emmy quandary and his hope for Kurt in Season 3.

TVLINE | How’s the tour going?
It’s going. We’re in a new city every night. No joke, yesterday I got down to the lobby because we were headed out of our hotel and I literally had to ask the concierge what city I was in, because I did not know.

TVLINE | How does it compare to last year’s tour?
Take last year’s tour and multiply it by a thousand. The biggest venue we played at last year was a 5,000-seat theater, and now we’re selling out 17,000-seat arenas. So a lot [more] people.

TVLINE | Are you exhausted? Do you ever wish you could have a real hiatus like other TV actors, or are you like, “I’m staying on this speeding train for as long as possible.”
It’s both. If I said that I wasn’t absolutely exhausted I would be lying to you. But there’s nothing like walking into an arena and everyone screaming at you.

TVLINE | What did you think of Kurt’s journey last season?
I loved it. His [Season 2] journey completely surpassed last year. Last year was all about him accepting who he was. And Season 2 was more about everyone else accepting him for who he was. I couldn’t be prouder and happier to be playing this character. He’s so inspirational to everyone, myself included.

TVLINE | Most of your shining moments last season were dramatic. Is it odd competing in a comedy category?
Yeah. It’s funny when I have nominations in best supporting actor in a comedy and I’m never funny. People I’m usually nominated with are all pranksters and jokers, and I am not funny. I cry in every episode.

TVLINE | Have you given any thought to which episode you’d submit should you get nominated?
Last year when I was fortunate enough to get nominated it was so easy because I had one episode where I just did everything. But I’ve had so many of those this season it’s going to be a Sophie’s Choice if I get nominated again. Kurt had so many great moments. It’s going to be difficult to pick one. Maybe I’ll ask the fans.

TVLINE | Any hopes and dreams for Kurt next season?
Absolutely. I’m campaigning madly for one storyline in particular.

TVLINE | Can I have a hint?
No. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Does it involve Blaine?

Got a theory about Colfer’s dream Season 3 storyline? And, assuming he gets a nod, which Season 2 episode do you think he should put in front of Emmy voters? Hit the comments! And follow me on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello for 24/7 Glee scoop!

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  1. Katie Eberle says:

    As for the “great actor” debate… is he ever really stepping that far away from his real self? I think not. After all, his character was basically written into the show based off of his personality. He’s not bad and I like him, but I really don’t think he’s undertaken that many challenges when it comes to acting– and therefore it is difficult to say if he is truly “great”.

    • Lily says:

      Chris Colfer did admit that he went through a lot of things that were similar to Kurt’s EXPERIENCE… But when it comes to personality… geekish, awkward Chris Colfer is very different from the flamboyant, fashionable and much more confident “Kurt”.

  2. La Barb says:

    OK – I have read all of the comments, and I must say, as a 58 year old mother of two grown men, I still feel that Kurt and Blaine are the best couple on TV. Am I the only one who thought Blame It On the Alcohol was one of the funniest episodes? While Glee does have many dramatic moments, there is pure and subtle comedy; just look back at all of Brittany’s one liners. If you are not a Glee fan, why are you watching the show? Simply because it draws you into the characters. I am a former glee/show choir member and the characters are very realistic. Unfortunately, I had Sue for my show choir director instead of Will. Glee rocks and Klaine is the sexiest couple on TV.

  3. Jenn says:

    Okay, for me the episode he chooses is easy.
    Never Been Kissed, the moment where he is confronting Karofsky and screaming at him. That, to me, is the most intense moment of Glee I’ve ever seen with phenominal acting on both parts. I showed my friend the clip, who have never watched Glee, and she was like “Woah, that was really intense”. I know this he’s in the comedy group, but its such a good moment. His character was alot more comedic is season one for sure.

    • stlltruckin says:

      You are so right! That is SUCH an awesome scene!!

    • Lily says:

      Yeah… Chris Colfer’s most intense scenes were with Max Adler…the locker room (Never been kissed), in the hall way when Karofsky apolgized (Prom Queen)…

  4. stlltruckin says:

    Chris deserves the Emmy!! He is an inspiration and plays his role SO well. I would say “prom queen” would be the right episode choice, he was pnenomenal in it. Kurt thinks people are starting to accept that he’s different, until he is voted Prom Queen (by an overwhelming number of write-in votes). The way he handles it with such grace and class is just incredible!! He took something that was meant to humiliate him and turned into an honor, which, I might add, he deserved! And Blaine was right there to help him through it. I wanted to jump up off the couch and cheer!!

  5. Diane T says:

    Everytime,I watch this show I could give each one a big huge.
    I wish one day they get a show in New Orleans, I would be there
    I love Kurt and all the others………They are great..Best wishes to all.

  6. sufflebabe says:

    I personally think that Never Been Kissed was the best episode for Kurt. I had, before that, thought that season two wasn’t nearly as good as season one, and it reminded me why i loved the show. it was the turning point for everything, and i loved the twists and turns of everything.

  7. audreyooh says:

    Best scene ever is when kurt cried during prom! And went back in the hall and owned that night with blaine! omg klaine forever

  8. Gleegirl says:

    I think he talks about Blaine transferring to McKinley…

  9. Allison says:

    Kurt/Chris Colfer is my favorite person EVER!! He should win EVERY award he is nominated for! He should use the episode Blame It on the Alcohol when he wants Blaine and Rachel to stop kissing during spin the bottle. *clapclapclap* “Ok, I think we’ve had enough of that!”

  10. Allie says:

    When Blaine, Mercedes, and Kurt are all at Breadsticks. The episode where they get rid of the tots. That whole scene is hilarious!!

  11. Kro says:

    Chris, I know you don’t think you’re funny, but you definitely are. Your unique sense of humor makes you one of the best characters on the show.

  12. felicity says:

    maybe they will actually hold hands

  13. Yvonne says:

    He’s not award worthy.
    Sure, he’s one of the stronger actors on the show, but that’s not saying much at all. Naya and Cory and Mike and Jane all surpass him.

    There’s 4 main things wrong with his acting performance:
    It’s over the top, overacted and uncomfortable, like in the comedy skit thing he does on the tour.
    He has no control over his facial expressions and often looks likes a stalker/serial killer.
    His performance can be awkward and fake, like the delivery of “i love you too” in the final episode.
    His performance isn’t consistent.

    In conclusion, it all comes down to over-acting. An actor shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable just because of their facial expressions.

    There’s a lot of honesty in his dramatic scenes, which is why he’s getting recognised. But other than that, he’s not very good.

    • Lily says:

      About the “I love you” scene… If you were a Glee writer, how would you have written “Kurt’s reaction to the “I love you” ? With a soft spoken, romantic response ? How could he be in a romantic mood ? He was all about the New York trip and love may not be directly on his mind…Therefore the kind of awkward reaction…
      Honestly speaking, I was glad that Kurt did not spit out his drink, because I would…if I were in a similar situation…and that would have been awkward…
      As for the “Kurt/Blaine/Britanny” skit … performed live in front of 15000 people, it has to be overacted… and as the scene in every city has been consistently posted on youtube, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss and the writers have to come up with new material or a different deliveryto keep it fresh… Sometimes subdued, sometimes flirty, sometimes over the top…

  14. Bee says:

    “Well, of course it’s awkward and sad – it’s highschool.”

    I love every single scene he is in.
    It’s a satirical comedy and Chris is perfect in it. He is very consistent in his acting-presence. He always gives 120%.
    But I can understand if this kind of comedy is not everyone’s cup of button.
    Funny how people say he is “overacting” and then they don’t get a subtle scene like the “I love you” -scene where the real key lies in the words “I think Kurt Hummel had a pretty good year.” Brilliant acting if you ask me. Innovative and honest, that’s how I would describe Chris acting.
    (That’s just a non-professional fan view though.)

    • Lily says:

      Yeah… “I think Kurt Hummel had a pretty good year”…even that sentence is a bit satirical…I mean to be honest… Kurt’s Hummel year was 70% tears but Blaine’s ” I love you” wipes all these sad memories away…

  15. Brianna says:

    I think the storyline he’s pushing for will be related to Kurt and Blaine facing up to the bullies at McKinley, since we know that McKinley si still homophobic and also courage is one of the main aspects in their relationship and one of the reasons their relationship is so powerful and inspirational. I mean with Blaine saying he regrets standing up to bullies, and with what happened in Prom Queen, and it’s an important thing to show. I think that will be the reason Blaine transfers too, coz he wants to face the bullies with Kurt. As for the sex storyline, I don’t think that would be a good idea, as the key to a successful relationship is taking it slow, and since every couple in glee has had sex, they need to show teens that’s it’s good to not have sex at that age, and that not everyone is doing it, as glee kinda shows that everyone is. Though I wouldn’t object to a mature discussion about it :)

  16. Brianna says:

    It’s not gonna be a sex scene, Darren Criss said he thinks it’s important they take it slow, and that any huge step could break their relationship. I personally don’t want them to have sex at this age, speaking as a teen myself, I think it’s important to show that no every teen does this, and that the key to a successful relationship is to take it slow.

  17. Ash says:

    I highly doubt a sex scene because Kurt has a panic attack when he watches “Those kind of movies”. He said that in the episode “Sexy”. Not to mention how extremely awkward he is about the subject. That was one of my favorite scenes, I love Mike O’Malley and Chris Colfer. They’re just a great duo. I think *maybe* Blaine transfers to McKinley and they walk down the hall holding hands like stated in “Prom Queen”. There’s a lot of episodes they could use for the Emmy nomination. I think he deserves all of recognitions he has been given. I may be a bit biased because I love both Darren Criss and Chris Colfer as actors and I love “Klaine”, but a lot of us are.

    As a side note, everyone has an opinion. Some people ship Kurtofsky, some dislike Kurt in the show, but there is a clear difference between opinion and bash. Most here are simply saying they think that he is too stereotypical, which I highly disagree with but out of all the comments not everyone will agree. A healthy debate is good brain food.

    None of us know what will come for the actors/actresses of Glee or what storylines will be pushed. We can only wait until September. In short I think that a lot of episodes would be good to put in front of the voting audience, I give my prayers that he wins, and I also think that there are a lot of ways they could go with Klaine but I do hope we see more of them in Season 3.

  18. Taylor says:

    It makes me a little sad to see both sides of this argument behaving (at times, not as a whole) in such an immature, close-minded way. Yes, there are reasons one could argue Chris’ strengths playing into him deserving an Emmy nod, and yes, one could argue the exact opposite, but there are a lot of people who are letting their personal preferences (whether they like Chris/Kurt or not) get in the way of their recognizing his acting abilities. Frankly, I don’t see what Chris’ personality has to do with his performance on the show. But I also don’t think it’s relevant that he’s an “inspiration” to people. I’m really very happy that he is a character that people identify with and such, but that fact really doesn’t reflect any exceptional acting ability. Does he make people laugh? Yes. Does he make people cry? Yes. Is he more entertaining than much of the cast? Yes. But does he deserve to win an Emmy for his performance this year? I don’t believe he does. While he may be the most deserving in the category from Glee, he is not the most deserving on television. If he is nominated, then I will be happy (as I will be if Naya Rivera gets the nod I think she deserves at least just as much), but I won’t cry if he doesn’t. Let us not allow our views on Chris as a person or Kurt as a character cloud our views on Chris’ performance level.

    • Gina says:

      Couldn’t agree more. People are so attached to Kurt because he’s so relatable and they like Chris’s snarky personality and are obsessed with him, that they can’t see that he really doesn’t deserve acting awards.

  19. Jake says:

    Looking at these comments, i think people are forgetting that these kids are only in high school and any chance that kurt will ask blaine to marry him, move in with him, or even have sex with him is very unlikely.

  20. Tracey says:

    Michael, is Chris Colfer the diva from your blind item back in Februrary that you never revealed? He does seeem like a diva at times.

    Please answer!

    • Lily says:

      In Season 3, Kurt will be pushed to the background and will become more of a comic relief. The gay storyline will be continued by Santana… So what happens to Blaine ? yeah the exit door… So I think it was Blaine/Darren Criss all along in the diva blind item.

  21. mel says:

    hope he wins to which episode they show wudnt matter they all great episode it rare these days any young actor wins so i think his great if they like him they will make him win i guess thats that and as for a storyline he campaign for involving blaine i hoping something not to bad and hope they keeping darren criss in the show as i read stuff not wat i read so let hope chris get the storline he wants i wish glee will start soon cant wait like 2 months or so

  22. Mattie says:

    I think Chris Colfer should definitely get an Emmy! I love him so much, he is so one of my idols/heroes. And I think he should do the scene where Blaine tells Kurt he loves him. Or the scene at Breadsticks a Kurt asks him to prom.

  23. Dena says:

    Chris definitely deserves an Emmy. I think he’s the best actor/singer in the series-so emotional. “Kurt” had so many great moments this season, it’s hard to pick one for his acting. His musical performances were fantastic, especially “As If We Never Said Goodbye”.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, if only there is one episode with the intensity of “Never been kissed”, the hilarity of “Prom queen” and the depth of “Grilled Cheesus”… and a song like ” as we never said goodbye”…

  24. i think he might want a graduation scene or klaine like having a fight. ryan murphy DID say he wanted it to be realistic. so all couples fights, why can’t klaine?

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, Klaine only had one real fight (Blame it on the alcohol) when Blaine thought he was bi… There was a sort of subdued fight during Prom Queen when Kurt was showing off his kilt.

  25. Julia says:

    I personally think it will be Starkid-related!!That’s what I thought as soon as I read that!

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