V Star Recalls 'Tough Ride' to Cancellation, Weighs In on Possible Wrap-Up Movie

Seeing as none of the stars of ABC’s V had gone out and booked “second position” (aka back-up plan) pilot roles this spring, you can imagine that news of the show’s ultimate cancellation was quite a gut-punch.

“It was a tough ride,” Joel Gretsch, who played Father Jack, shared with TVLine at 2nd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic. “We were in the middle ground, and we didn’t know which way it was going to go. We were down to the wire, so we couldn’t really go on to something else.”

Costars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin said as much in March interviews with TVLine, indicating that the prospects for the show looked good enough that no one was hot to hedge their bets with pilot bookings.

“It’s unfortunate [because] I think we still had some good stories to tell,” Gretsch says of V’s axing after two runs. “If we got another season, it would have been amazing. I saw [executive producer] Scott Rosenbaum a few weeks before we got canceled, and he told me they were pitching some great ideas to the network and the studio…. Pretty compelling stuff.”

All of which makes us wonder, as we do with the snuffing of most every short-lived sci-fi series (see The Event, Heroes): What’s the outlook for a TV-movie offering up some closure?

Gretsch is bearish. “I kind of doubt it, considering that a lot of the actors are moving on to new stuff,” he says, citing as one example Baccarin’s role on the new Showtime series Homeland. Likewise, Gretsch himself just scored a juicy guest-star gig on USA Network’s In Plain Sight, while Laura Vandervoort — who was poised to play dual roles in V‘s third season — is now lining up movies, starting with Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.

“The longer you wait, the chances of that happening aren’t very good,” Gretsch notes. “But it’s a great idea though, isn’t it?” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I am so miffed at the studio for cancelling V, it was a great show – you just wonder what is wrong with these executives when they take such little regard to shows that people love watching.

    • Aimee says:

      Forever Blissed Jack *sigh* :(

      At least FOX had the sense to renew Fringe.

      • Brian says:

        Agree with you 100%. My three shows I was worried about were “Fringe”, “Chuck” and “V”. At least I got “Chuck” and thank GOD I got “Fringe”. The world would be a much sadder place without “Fringe”. I’ll miss “V”, but of those three, it was the one I cared the least about.

  2. Jacques says:

    I hope ABC’s line up will fail this fall … punishment for cancelling the best show they had (well, maybe DH is better) …

  3. Styrch says:

    I wish they would do a tv movie to wrap it up. I actually liked how it ended. That show had started to get better in the last few episodes. I would love to see more tv networks doing wrap up movies. I really would.

  4. Drew says:

    V was a horribly executed series. The first four or so episodes showed some promise, but once they came back with new producers, the show was just a mess. The episodes were nonsensical. Seriously, I don’t think there was one scene in the first season finale that made any sense whatsoever. They kept making speeches about fighting the V’s but really didn’t do much of anything. They had Erica in this double life situation where she had to hide her terrorist connections… except, y’know, when she was hanging out in public with them and cheering them on in a crowded room.
    There was never any logic to the plots that were being hatched, which meant that there was no legitimate suspense. Nothing was earned on the show.

    I really wanted it to succeed. As I said, I think the first four episodes or so showed promise and I would have liked to have seen something come of that, but the new producers completely dropped the ball. They turned a story with relevant political metaphors into a meandering train wreck. i don’t think there was any choice but to cancel it at this point.

    • topoopon says:

      Yes, a thousand times yes! Personally I kept watching because I like Gretch, Mitchell and Baccarin. I also liked the idea of “V” and was hopeful they would finally fix things. But most viewers are not as patient, and I totally get that it was past the point to win back viewers… the writing was on the wall. They were lucky to get season 2 in the first place.

  5. Ariel says:

    I’m sorry but i have to be “that guy” and disagree completely that Heroes was a short-lived series. It went for FOUR whole seasons, only the first of which was actually good. The flailing NBC gave it way too many chances and the show had every opportunity to turn out some actual interesting plot development. Unfortunately, it was never to be so.

    • Mike says:

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, I would state with a lot of confidence that you’re one of the majority! Season 1 was great right up until that last episode (translation: the season 1 was not great), and they never recovered the momentum after that.

  6. Maria tees says:

    There is a huge movement going on started by fans to boycott ABC. It started w/cancellation of the soaps but has extended into the night time shows, including V, that were also cancelled. You can find these groups on facebook and twitter. We can use all the help we can get. Fans have been sucrsdful in the past. Please join and help us!!

  7. Ann-Marie says:

    I as I heard. The show had already been cancelled at the end of the second season. Why ABC dragged it out I have no idea. I think for the fans who tried to save the series, this was VERY RUDE!!!!!

    Shame on you ABC. And if I didn’t love Castle so much, I WOULDN’T still watch your network!!!!

  8. Fergus says:

    Good riddance! Overall a pretty terrible show.

  9. Paul says:

    If not enough people watch a show to justify the cost of producing it – especially an expensive effects-driven show, the networks cancel it. And they should or they can’t afford to keep making Castle & DH, etc., unless you think successful shows should pay for unsuccessful ones, regardless of quality.

    • Lyndsey says:

      May I point out my favorite example as to why pulling shows after only a brief period of time can be an absolutely asinine decision? In its first season, “Cheers” finished in 70th place, yep that’s a big 70!! It was not until the latter half of the second season/beginning of the third that it began to pull in big numbers. So, following today’s network stupidity, NBC would have not only yanked what would become one of the most popular & iconic sitcoms ever but it also would have deprived itself of the spinoff “Frasier” which was one of, if not the, best sitcoms of the last two decades! By the way, that’s also around 20 years of some of the most successful & award winning sitcom programming in the history of television! Just something to think about!

      • Brian says:

        I agree with you Lyndsey. I think that shows were given much longer to find their audience in the past. Nowadays, networks sometimes yank a show after only TWO airings! That, is so crazy to give a show two episodes as a “chance” to find an audience. I will say, they gave “V” a second chance (and they easily could have cancelled it after season 1), but it never found an audience. Which is a travesty. Much like “Arrested Development”, sometimes great television just doesn’t connect with the majority of Americans (mostly stupid people). I also will say that the Nielsen ratings system is so incredibly flawed it is not even funny. And THAT is what networks and advertisers go by for some odd reason…

        • Lyndsey says:

          Very true! It’s amazing to me that people would rather watch crap like ‘The Bachelor’ & anything else whose sole intent is bringing out the worst in people than great scripted programming! It’s why I stopped watching TV for a time.
          I think ABC doomed ‘V’ when they aired the first 4 episodes in the fall then pulled it for 3-4 months. You can’t play musical chairs with new shows & expect them to succeed. Plus they freaking put it up against the #1 TV drama (‘NCIS’) whose more mature audience would better remember the original with fondness. I watched for that reason. I’m only 33 & ‘V’ was far & away my favorite miniseries as a child! I thought the new show was great though it was still working through its growing pains! My only complaint was that they dumped the comparisons to Nazi Germany. THAT was absolutely the best part of the original! It broke my heart that they cancelled it after we only got 5 minutes of Marc Singer!

  10. kirk says:

    V was good but ‘Mad Love’ and Mr. Sunshine were hilarious. This sucks.

  11. Scott Parker says:

    @MattMitovich Obviously, Joel Gretsch isn’t aware of #ProjectAliceV Could you pass it to him? It’s a fan letter writing campaign to get V back on any network, even if it is just to wrap-up the series. Thank you.

  12. RecceR says:

    V was a great series with amazing ratings, before the complete unexpected 4-month hiatus and then no notice of return. ABC does not know how to handle genre shows; they also have no clue how to manage any show for that matter. ABC is the worst network; despite what ratings will say (NBC is the lowest rated network). ABC has some of the biggest idiots working for it who do not know how to manage anything. Every spring, they pick up more and more pilots to series for the fall and end up canceling all of them. Some go the first week, some by Christmas, but all freshman series get the axe by May on ABC. Besides V and Castle, ABC has not renewed a series for a second season since 2008. I’m so sick of all the news outlets screeching that this fall was horrible for all the networks, when their headlines should be screaming “ABC CANCELLS ALL ITS NEW SHOWS, AGAIN.” At least there will be some 1-hr dramas with sophomore seasons on the other broadcast networks (CW; Nikita, CBS; Hawaii Five-0, NBC; Harry’s Law). I know FOX won’t have any sophomore shows either, but they did not have even close to the number of new 1hr dramas that ABC did this past fall.

    Seriously, why even bother watching new shows on ABC? The only ones I will be watching this season is Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, The Middle and Happy Endings (didn’t watch until it was renewed). I may tune into the Tim Allen sitcom, but no 1-hr dramas for me on ABC anymore. I hope they have to cancel all their new shows again. They need to clean house and this time bring someone who is not going to copy another networks fall line-up. ABC’s fall line-up is strikingly similar to NBC’s, which released officialy 3 days before ABCs was. And most of ABC’s fall shows (which are similar to NBCs new shows) came out of nowhere, or at least were not being reported on at all.

    Do yourself a favor and stop watch new dramas on ABC, they always get cancelled. Tell your fiends!

    • Patrick Gillease says:

      While I agree that ABC sucks and basically stands for Already Been Canceled in terms of the shocking number of great shows like “V” that they cancel, you do have a mistake in your piece here. They DID just renew “Body of Proof” for a second season. Then again, that’s made by ABC Studios and stars their ABC “baby” Dana Delaney; otherwise, I’m sure they would have canceled that, too. I am rooting for ABC to overtake NBC as the last place network in the Fall and for Disney to fire Paul Lee for canceling “V” and killing ABC!

  13. Martha says:

    Forget a V movie Joel, give us one for The 4400!

    • toni says:

      Yes, give us a movie ending for 4400.I loved that show and hated to see it end. Not only did I watch it on TV but got it from Netflix to see what I missed. Now, it’s been so long since the last episode. A V movie would be good. What happened after the daughter ate the boyfriend, who is the resistance leader’s son? I would have liked to see that follow through.
      These scifi shows end too soon with zero resolution for the human population

  14. John Berggren says:

    I wanted so badly to like V. I loved the original. The reboot was simply a missed opportunity at every turn.

  15. Douces says:

    Morena has already booked another job – she’ll be a regular on Showtime’s Homeland with Claire Danes.

  16. Jason says:

    AS a huge fan of the original V I have to say that I’m not that disappointed. The show just wasn’t that good. The use of green screen wasn’t believable. The characters were weak. The resistance(only four members) was laughable, the special effects on the visitors was worse then 1984. The spaceships were designed poorly and rarely used. It showed some promise toward the end by opening up the resistace a little bit but then they went and killed Jane Badler. Marc Singer’s introduction was intriguing though

  17. Doug says:

    I’ll miss V, but the simple fact is that not enough people were watching. It was kind of a miracle ABC gave it the second season it got. I really liked it and wish it caught on better, but it’s tough to fault the network too much on this one.

    I feel the same way about Mr Sunshine too Kirk

  18. Nick says:

    V deserved cancellation, it was a terrible show, poorly acted , poorly written, unconvincing effects,and the perfect show for anyone suffering from insomnia, watch 2 mins and you are out like a light! I hope it stays dead and the movement to bring it back on another network comes to nothing

    V is dead. Long live the Real (Ken Johnson’s) V.

  19. Betty says:

    Really mean of ABC to keep the “V” cast out of pilot season if they already planned to cancel it. If not a TV movie, any chance of a graphic novel to continue the story? “Body of Proof” reminds me of ABC’s “Crossing Jordan.”

  20. Guy says:

    Of all the cancellations this season this one hit me the hardest. All indications to me were ABC would renew it for one more season, i guess the same could have been said for Brothers and Sisters which was another show which could have had a wrap up season but ABC pulled out the axe and chopped them into pieces. I am not happy with that ending. Its not an ending and would really love a 2 hour special episode or movie to wrap it up. It would easily work. I still have hope but it looks like it won’t happen. :(

  21. Nick says:

    It’s hilarious that there are attempts to renew V (hello Ilana…) on another network!

    The show was crap, that’s why it was cancelled, let it go, it’s dead, move on.

    The rest of us have…

  22. Anupa says:

    Bring V back. There was so much going on and so much to do. The entire show 2 seasons kept you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. I want more. Bring it back

  23. Nick says:

    Ok, so if you don’t want V back then please join the counter movement and write to the Warner Bros. presidents asking them to ignore all requests to save the show, and to let it rest in peace, this movement is growing daily with many letters already sent!

    • NickisanIDIOT says:

      Nick you have absolutely NO LIFE lol. A counter movement against people who want the show renewed??! That is pathetic! You commented on this post like 3 times dissing the show, why does it bother you so much? Oh yeah, you probably have nothing better to do with your time hahaha dumbass.

      • Nick says:

        Why does the counter movement bother you? because YOU have no life.

        face it, the counter movement exists,like it or not, no reason why it shouldn’t.

        If you and that IDIOT ilana don’t like it, Tough.