Exclusive: The Protector Generates Oscar Buzz, Signs Patty Duke as Ally Walker's Mom

Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke is joining Lifetime’s rookie drama The Protector as the mother of Ally Walker’s titular homicide detective, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Duke will kick off her recurring role in this season’s seventh episode.

The Protector got off to a slow start in the ratings on Sunday, drawing a measly 1.9 million viewers.

Were you one of them?

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  1. AJ says:

    This Character is a rip off of Sarah Walker from Chuck!!! Blonde, gov working, hardcore, serious, WALKER?! WTF lifetime? NBC should sue

  2. Paul says:

    I love Ally Walker and even dvr’d the pilot but I can’t say I’m overly excited with this show. She’s in another cop drama, just wondering how long till she walks away from it (anyone else remember the profiler?)

  3. Trevor says:

    I never could get on board with Ally Walker. Whenever I see her I feel like she just finished her second pack of Marlboro Reds for the day. Who wants to kiss nicotine soaked lips? Not I.

    I know that she probably doesn’t even smoke, but still, blah!

    • davey says:

      strangest (however quite funny) post I have read in a long time!

    • idgie says:

      Ally Walker is definitely one of those chicks that my mother used to refer to as ” get of my lip…I am gonna spit”. But with that said, many a good or even great show has had an underwhelming first episode. First episodes are extremely difficult, because they have to get the viewer attached to the characters and at the same time also offer up an exciting and intriquing storyline. Both are not easy to accomplish in 40 minutes minus commercials. Let’s give it a couple of episodes before we judge. Just for the record, I have seen many first great episodes where the series just never lives up to it’s first episode. People please…we “constantly complain” that the networks are impatient and ignorant because they cancel our shows to soon. Before they have had the opportunity to develop an audience or a great storyline. Let’s not become complicite in the networks greed and ignorance!!!

  4. Ashley says:

    Usually I give a new show at least three episodes to win me over, but the pilot was so underwhelming and blah (the character seemed to be an uninspired knock-off of Mary Shannon on “In Plain Sight” and everyone and everything else was dull). It’s not getting anymore chances from me, not even with the iconic Patty Duke joining.

  5. tv_lover says:

    seriously Ally Walker, Annie Walker (Covert Affairs), and Sarah Walker (Chuck) can they not come up with another last name?!?!?

  6. Daniella says:

    Hello people…the name of the ACTRESS is ALLY WALKER. NOT THE CHARACTER. I think her name is Gloria or some awful name. I actually loved her since the Profiler, but the pilot was meh. I did love the kid playing her youngest son.

  7. Pat D. says:

    She was awesome playing a psycho ATF agent on SoA.

    • Roro says:

      To Pat D – She was awesome on SOA, which, by the way is one of the best shows on TV..Can’t wait for it to come back in the fall.

  8. Jeff says:

    I’ll give it a shot when Patty Duke joins the cast. She’s awesome and been missing from TV for way too long.

  9. toni says:

    I like her too but I wish she’d lay off the plastic surgery.

  10. V says:

    Every time I see Ally Walker now, I think of ATF Agent Stahl on Sons of Anarchy. Lol!

  11. Sarah says:

    Did you mean Emmy buzz?

  12. Babygate says:

    I really liked her in The Profiler and was looking foward to seeing this premiere but I too was underwhelmed. There is nothing about this show that is different or original. There was quite a bit of overacting and forcing a comedic moment. And I do not see any chemistry between her and her partner. Shame, I really wanted to like this show but it’s just a recycled, done-to-death idea.

  13. Linda says:

    I also liked Ally Walker in the Profiler. That was a great show. I will give this show a chance.

  14. regina timpson says:

    does this mean shes done with sons og arnackey

  15. Cynthia says:

    This show is just bad, plain and simple. Ally Walker pretending to be young by having botox, etc. is an insult to the audience. I hate this formulaic crap and I feel cheated having wasted my time watching it.

  16. CZ says:

    Does any know who designs the black patent leather tote bag Ally Walker is carrying in her promotionals pictures?