The Voice: Who Was Your Favorite From Week 2 of the Quarterfinals? Take Our Poll!

Tonight’s second round of quarterfinal performances on NBC’s The Voice featured songs from as far back as 1941 and as recently as 2009, with titles containing words as disparate as “Sex” and “Jesus,” “Addicted” and “Angel.” There were dancers dressed as soldiers, backdrops featuring hundreds of juicy lips, and Christina Aguilera rambling like a batty aunt at the end of a raucous Thanksgiving meal. Plus, we had results from last week’s Quarterfinal performances by Team Blake and Team Xtina! (Spoiler alert: America and the judges went four-for-four in advancing the right vocalists! Well, that’s if you ask me.)

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Anyhow, I’m not going to weigh in with grades or opinions on tonight’s performances — look for that in my full Voice recap tomorrow morning here at [UPDATE: Read full recap here!] — but until then, I’ve got the episode set list and the scoop on the first four members of the Season 1 semifinals. Plus, you can vote in our handy dandy poll about your favorite singer tonight, and hit the comments to discuss everything from the scaled-back social media room to Carson Daly’s intermittent (and unwelcome) forays into judging.

Tonight’s Set List
Tori and Taylor Thompson: The Andrews Sisters’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
Casey Weston: KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”
Vicci Martinez: Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”
Devon Barley: OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare”
Team Cee Lo: “Everyday People”
Nakia: Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”
Jeff Jenkins: Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel”
Team Adam: “With a Little Help From My Friends”
Curtis Grimes: Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”
Javier Colon: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”

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Team Christina
America’s Pick: Beverly McClellan
Xtina’s Pick: Frenchie Davis

Team Blake
America’s Pick: Dia Frampton
Blake’s Pick: Xenia

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  1. Tavis says:

    I cannot stand the horrible way Javier sings! He butchered that Sarah McLachlan song. Yuck.

    Vicci, Casey, and Nakia were my faves this week.

    • Jake says:

      Agree in part with Tavis above… Javier puts in too many runs and far too much melisma. Doesn’t appeal to me. However, I must say that he and Vicci were probably the most professional-sounding tonight. I think Javier and Vicci are locks for America’s save, and that it will probably be Nakia and Jeff who get the coaches’ saves.
      I love Casey Weston and hope that she is picked by Adam after Javier gets America’s save, but Jeff Jenkins is beyond pimped- he’s another one I don’t get. Then again, I generally can’t stand the contestants who are pimped by producers. Devon was just horrible and is the Lily Elise of tonight who has no prayer of advancing.
      On Team Cee Lo, I liked Vicci- wasn’t a fan of her “Rolling In The Deep” because of the goat vibratto, but when she tones it down like she did tonight, she’s phenomenal. Of the other three on Cee Lo’s team, Curtis was awful and has no chance, so it’s down to Tori/Taylor and Nakia. My pick would be Tori/Taylor for the potential entertainment value, but I’m saying Nakia will be the pick.
      In short, my picks would be:
      Team Adam- Casey and Javier
      Team Cee Lo- Vicci and Tori/Taylor
      I think the results will be:
      Team Adam- Javier and Jefff
      Team Cee Lo- Vicci and Nakia
      *For the record, I voted once each for Vicci and Tori/Taylor online, and then gave twenty votes total via two methods to Casey.

      • Maybelle says:

        You know why Javier and Vicci sounded the most professional? Check out itunes. Both have several albums under their belts. I knew that about Javier, it was reported earlier. But I didn’t know Vicci has had like 3 albums out. I still like her voice and hope either she or Javier wins. Christina or as she is known Xtina needs to get a life. She is so jealous of Adam it borders on creepy. She never has anything nice to say about any of his singers except maybe Javier. She is really jealous Javier picked Adam over her. I mean who wouldn’t?

        • 4 goodness sake says:

          To Tavis…I can’t believe you wrote that. You really think Casey is better than Javier???????? Thanks for the laugh.

          • tvlover44 says:

            I absolutely agree with Tavis – Javier’s over-singing and way-too-frequent use of runs throughout that song made me cringe. And I *loved* Casey’s ‘Black Horse & the Cherry Tree’ – one of my favs from the night.

          • Tavis says:

            Casey is BRILLIANT. She has such a sweet, pretty voice. Javier’s voice is whiny and awful, and he oversings. Yuck!!

          • whatever says:

            Casey is a dumb blonde that wanted to do that song slow at first. Thank goodness Adam said no to her idea.

      • 4 goodness sake says:

        To Tavis…I can’t believe you wrote that. You really think Casey is better than Javier????????? Thanks for the laugh.

    • p-bo says:

      Javier is a gift from God. I worry what it says about America if he doesn’t win.

  2. Kristina says:

    I’m fully prepared for the harsh words that will come with this post but I think I’m the only person in America who doesn’t like Javier. Don’t get me wrong, he has a great voice but I can’t stand that he goes all over the place. Just sing the song and don’t make every other word go up and down 50 times. If he took Adam’s advice, I’d vote for him. But I love Nakia, I hope he goes far but it’s pretty clear America will choose Javier.

    • Tavis says:

      Nakia and Javier aren’t on the same team. I don’t like Javier either—see the first post!

    • Celeste says:

      I’m not a fan of Javier’s oversinging either. I much preferred Casey Weston’s performance.

    • Ablo says:

      I think Javier can sing, but hated that performance. Too much, and not true to the song.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I turned the channel over to QVC when Javier sang because I absolutely, positively cannot stand Sarah McLachlan and I dislike that song with a passion. So I can’t comment on his performance.

      • pbo says:

        Can’t stand Sarah McLaghlan, Javier made me like the song!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Made me laugh! :-)

          I keep reading posts about how Javier “oversung” the song with too many runs and I’m thinking, “How can you make that song any worse?” I can’t believe people like McLachlan’s whiny-*** voice and those whiny, complaining, sad songs!
          I’m also trying to think of another male artist that incorporates a lot of “runs” in his vocals. That’s typically the domain of female singers – and Javier is one of the straight contestants on the program, so it’s not because he’s gay.

    • OK says:

      You’re not wrong. I don’t get him either. He seems kind of full of himself already too… not a good sign.

    • Rock Golf says:

      You may be the only person in America who doesn’t like Javier’s singing, since I’m in Canada. But, dear God, do you really need to throw 30 notes in where one or two will do? And if you do, do you have to completely bollocks up the lyrics doing so?

      When an actor ridiculously over-emotes on stage, it’s called ham acting. Javier is ham singing.

      Sometimes less is a LOT more.

      • Amber says:

        Canada is in America. Look at a map.

        • Rock Golf says:

          Nope. Look at common usage. American Idol doesn’t include Canadians. The American President is not voted on by Canadians and the American dollar isn’t worth as much as the Canadian dollar. Other than a small stuck-up group of geography nerds, when in common parlance one refers to America, they mean the United States of America, not the American continent.

          • CristaBug says:

            Common usage or not, it doesn’t chance the fact that Canada is in North America. And it’s not the ‘American President’, it’s ‘The President of the United States.’ American Idol is like Paris Hilton: They’re both irrelevant so it doesn’t matter.

            Like Amber said, Canada is part of America. By the way, have you ever studied geography? Because there are two American continents – North and South – so it doesn’t make sense to say THE American continent.

    • tnsmoke says:

      Of all the blogs/recaps I’ve read on this show this site is the only one that seems to have the Javier hate-fest. Granted I didn’t care for his version of Angel 100%, I still give him a 95% for his blind audition and battle round. Same with Jeff Jenkins. I fast forwarded my TiVo when they talked to him in the V-room so didn’t hear his comment about the Thompson sister, so, think a lot of people are judging him on that. He was nervous, give him a break, we’ve all said dumb stuff before. I think Adam’s advice made him leff confident and hurt his ultimate performance. I’m starting to think Blake’s girls have a great chance of taking it away from Javier or Jeff.

  3. Sheila says:

    I’m sad that Raquel Castro went home. Perhaps not the greatest singer on the show but imho she had that “it” factor. I hope she finds success outside the show.

    • Tavis says:

      Yeah, I wanted her to stay over Frenchie. LOVED that Bev was America’s choice!

    • lauren says:

      Not to sound snarky but she already has found success! She was in that Ben Affleck movie “Jersey Girl” – horrible movie…but Raquel was in it.

      • Brandi says:

        I wouldn’t exactly call that “success” and regardless a small part in a movie has nothing to do with a music career. Also, the fact is that MANY of the contestants on the Voice have had some amount of “success” already they just haven’t made it big. That’s kind of the point.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Lord help us, if Kei$ha and Rhianna can find fame, there is room for Raquel Castro in the music industry. I find Castro far more tolerable and even somewhat enjoyable compared to those two train-wreck acts.

    • AJ says:

      I LOVED frenchie and I really liked Raquel so if I had a choice I would have saved them both… Can’t believe Beverly was chosen by America… Yuck

  4. Sam says:

    If talent prevails, Nakia, Casey, Vicci, and Javier will be moving on to the semi-finals. Jeff Jenkins A) sang the corniest song in existence and B) was flat and nasal through the first verse. if that’s not enough to get him kicked off, I’ve lost all faith in America.

    • Kelsey says:

      This. Jeff Jenkins is BEYOND overrated.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Oh no…the corniest song in existence would be “The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA”, LOL. I rather like “Jesus Take the Wheel” but I have never quite understood the love for Jeff Jenkins. Weren’t there about three judges that wanted him on their team? I’m also starting to wonder if I would sound “beautiful” and amazing if I were to sing on stage on a TV program. You’re correct – the chorus was tolerable but the first verse was awful and I had to wonder WTH the judges were hearing! This is starting to remind me of Idol.

      • ggggGGnaargh! says:

        Damn you, Darcy’s Evil Twin. Now I’m going to have Donna Fargo stuck in my head all day. Damn you to hell!

      • Adrienne says:

        Actually, ALL four judges wanted him on their team so I had high hopes for his performance, but he was disappointing. Definitely would pick Casey over him but I have a feeling America will pick Javier (which makes sense) and Adam will pick Jeff. But maybe he’ll surprise us!

  5. Edna says:

    Kristina I completely agree. I HATE all those runs. I wish he would just sing the freaking song. I’m sure he’ll go through so get ready for every song to be stuffed full of 3 minute notes. BLECH!!! I liked Casey the best tonight. Hope she makes it through.

  6. mariana says:

    I liked Javier, but I agree he needs to lay off the constant runs. My favorite was Vicci. I also liked Nakia and Devon. Jeff Jenkins was horrible – not sure what the judges were listening to.

  7. DB says:

    Not fond of Javier either. There are some songs that are so beautiful that riffing detracts from the performance. Good voice, bad taste.

  8. Tna says:

    Please turn the background band down. I have to turn my tv down then I can’t hear the singing.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. They have been rerunning the show on E! on the weekends, and it might be my imagination but I’m almost certain they fix the sound for the reruns. I can’t remember which singer I thought got completely drowned out last week and when I caught the rerun they were clear as a bell!

  9. Cassandra says:

    I’m very glad that Dia made it through

  10. Aiden says:

    I agree, Blake and Christina got four for four correct with their artist choices. It’s more obvious for Team Xtina, whose gotten 2 strong and 2 weak singers evenly last week. For Team Blake, though, they’re all diversely talented. However, the most versatile and interesting artists based on their performances were undoubtedly Dia and Xenia.

    • Faz says:

      Well, not sure about Frenchie. We’ll see how she is next week, but last week’s performance was not good — very flat and unappealing.

  11. Danielle Notaro says:

    My fave’s, Vicki(love her passion and husky voice), Nakia, (killer voice) and though Jeff sang awful tonight I love the tone of his voice. It’s like a bell. I don’t think there is anything unique about Javier’s power or range whereas the others I mentioned are unique.

  12. Kate says:

    I’m glad that Blake picked Xenia to join Dia. They both have interesting voices where as there are plenty of Patricks and the other guy on the market. I’m hoping Blake can really help Xenia with her stage presence. I think it’s more fun to watch the coaches mentor people who have room to grow rather than see the people judges say are perfect from day one.

    • Tavis says:

      Yes! Blake earned a lot of respect with me for choosing Xenia over the guys.

    • Lissa says:

      Perfect? Patrick Thomas? No way, he was overrated from the start. Consistently pitchy and dry. But there’s nothing Blake was going to be able to do to help him more than he has, so in that respect, Xenia was the right pick.

      • Kate says:

        I didn’t necessarily mean Blake’s boys were perfect, but like you said there wasn’t a whole lot left Blake could do with him. My point was I like to see singers like Xenia grow over time versus like Beverly or Frenchie who have been at it so long, it’s really a matter of whether they are your taste not whether they are improving.

  13. Bethany scearce says:

    Javier colon was my absolute favorite! He sounds very professional and his version of that song was amazing!

  14. MDEP says:

    Disappointed in Blakes pick. I wanted him to pick the bald guy.

    • Sol says:

      Well, we’ve got plenty of baldies on the show.

      • casey says:

        all of whom, strangely enough, are females…

      • Lana says:

        Now this cracked me up!! I haven’t been watching The Voice until last week and I have to admit the two bald ladies (I’m still laughing at your comment)were my faves on Xtinas team and the two girls on Blake’s team impressed me so I felt the right choices were made this time. I really like Jeff and Javier on Adam’s team and on Ceelo’s I like the girl who sang Dolly’s song. I also like the big bearded guy, he was fun. I loved Ceelo’s group song best cause it was more fun, he is more fun.

  15. T says:

    Maybe Javier sings too many runs but his voice is phenomenal. He should’ve been successful a long time ago but I don’t think he was promoted right and got lost in the shuffle of R&B singers that were out when he was first introduced. I adore his self titled album and really hope this time he gets all of the success that he finally deserves even if he doesn’t win The Voice.

  16. Brittany says:

    My favorites this week were definitely Vicci and Casey. They seemed the most organic.

    I found Nakia and Devon’s songs to be very copycat. PS how was that stepping outside of Nakia’s comfort zone?? He sounds very similar to Caleb Followill, although he might not pick that type of music based on personal preference.

    Jeff Jenkins always sounds like he has a cloth in the back of his throat. He doesn’t have a bad voice but he sounds like a low rent Rascal Flatts.

    Javier is a very good singer, but he really did do terrible things to that song. Obviously there were too many runs and I really wished he would have let the notes resonate more. That song should be ethereal and slow. He was one bpm away from a Chris Brown jam.

    • timshel says:

      Dude sounds nothing like Caleb Followill. I like Nakia, but he absolutely butchered that song. And they made him look like a smarmy lounge singer with that horribly slicked hairdo. Too bad, he’s an interesting guy, but I think he’s getting cut next week.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      @Brittany – thanks for the comment about Nakia – I agree! I told my husband, “How in the world is this song outside his comfort zone?” (and of course hubby listens to country so he had never heard the song). I’m not sure I cared for his version of the song but it sure wasn’t the worst of the night.

  17. RM says:

    Gotta give Blake props for choosing Xenia over Patrick. Dia is very good, but she seems too much of a wallflower to have been co-fronting a touring band for several years. Cee Lo is a gas. He has the sisters singing a WWII Andrews sisters hit, the country guy doing a Robert Palmer 80’s rock song, the big guy doing King’s Sex on Fire, and the remaining girl singing Dolly’s Jolene without changing the gender of the song (either from the singer or target’s point of view). On Adam’s team, Javier will go forward with good odds of winning the whole thing. Is Adam going with Casey, Devon, or Jeff as his pick? All three were about the same caliber tonight.

    • T says:

      Jolene is meant to be a song to a woman whose trying to to steal the other one’s man….. So why would she change the gender? Because she’s gay??? That makes no sense….

    • lauren says:

      Cee Lo cracks me up also…however I don’t think the gender of Jolene was a big deal. Yeah Vicci is openly gay (which is great btw I think having two open lesbians on this show seriously rules) but the Jack White version of Jolene doesn’t have the lyrics changed. It would make no sense and a lot of people prefer the integrity of the song rather than having the gender or whatever be correct. Would you have rather Nakia sang “BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE?” – I didn’t think so! :)

      • ddutchie88 says:

        as a lesbian, I have no problem at all with the gender thing. ‘My man’ has this nice alliteration that ‘my girl’ lacks and ‘my woman’ would of course totally butcher the rhytm of the song. It’s about the feeling behind the song, not the names/gender.
        It would have been different if they made her stay in the closet (like AI did to Adam Lambert) and sing about boys all the time, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, Vicci was the one who chose this song.

        • 4F says:

          Agree. In general, I almost prefer it when someone covers a song that they leave the gender pronouns intact even if it’s not expressing something about them personally. Frequently, songwriters write songs in character, about somebody not themselves but maybe a refraction of who they are, so there’s no reason people shouldn’t cover songs with that in mind.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          thanks for that comment, ddutchie88. It’s only a song! I’m a conservative, straight WASP and am not bothered by people’s personal preferences; however, I do prefer to hear the song sung well. Changing the gender on a classic like “Jolene” would have rendered it awkward (irregardless of the singer’s preferences). And after all, as they say on Idol, part of singing is acting!

    • MA says:

      Jack White didn’t change the gender when he covered “Jolene.” It’s more rock-n-roll to do it that way.

  18. pbo says:

    I’m surprised by the negative comments on Javier. I guess it’s to be expected as America’s taste has been corroded. Melisma is good when it comes from a pure, soulful place–the definition of Javier!

    • tracey says:

      Again, p-bo, just because you’re a fan of someone doesn’t mean everyone has to be. Javier sings well, but so do most of the others. I couldn’t listen to a whole Javier album with all those annoying runs- hold a note out for Christ’s sake. You’re ridiculous for saying that America’s taste is “corroded” if they don’t agree with you. If Javier really is the next Coming, why bother with the voting? Let’s just get down on our knees right now and kiss his feet.

    • 4F says:

      A little goes a long way. He overdoes it, and it loses all impact. It winds up feeling hollow, not soulful and sincere.

      • Kristina says:

        Agreed. I just don’t hear the soulfulness in his songs because it’s being masked by all those runs which makes him sound more like a pop singer. Soul means singing from deep within yourself and right now, all I hear is a guy trying to showcase his range every chance he gets. Yes, soul singers are melismatic but the key is to use it sparingly and not bust it out with every other word. Tone it down and let your soul shine through, Javier. It’s in there somewhere.

  19. sophie says:

    Vicci and Casey were by a wide margin my favorites tonight. They are such different artists but they both commit to the song and performance in a very organic way that is honest. Javier could take a lesson from both of them. There is a reason why this guy has come close to success without attaining it. Just because you have that crazy range, doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. My God…did he beat that simple, beautiful song to a pulp. Did he say he would sing that song as a lullaby to his children? How about a wake up call? I know he will be moving on to the next round, but please let Adam pick Casey. Jeff’s story is touching and heartfelt, but that wasn’t a good performance tonight. I am also hoping that Cee Lo picks Nakia. The whole vibe of that performance was a little disturbing, but the man can sing and this is The Voice.

  20. dj says:

    I loved the team performances tonight. They are so much better than the group performances on Idol, which are just painful. These were fun and well sung. Can you buy the team performances on iTunes? I haven’t been able to find them. I tried to buy last week’s also and couldn’t find them.

    I liked everything but the Andrews sisters and One Republic. I thought Jeff hit a few bad notes on “Jesus Take The Wheel,” too, but he sang it with a lot of emotion. I voted for Javier, Vicci, Casey, and Curtis.

  21. Caroline says:

    I’m thinking people are going to start forgetting to check here and fade away as they exit “American Idol” mode if Haley Reinhart doesn’t show up here sometime soon . . .

    • melissa says:

      oh god PLEASE don’t bring up that dead-beat show american idol….

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      LOL – we’re all waiting for our Haley Fix, but I must say I do enjoy these comment boards and I’m enjoying “The Voice” more than I expected.

  22. Mel31602 says:

    Surprised by all the negatives comments on Jeff. He hit a few bad notes but was my favorite of the night. Also surprised you all loved Casey so much. She was good but kind of generic. I much preferred the slow version of the song she did in her video package. Javier did overdo it with the runs but still has a better voice than her.

    I actually preferred Patrick on Team Blake to Xenia but I dont get why it was such a shock Blake picked her. Carson and EW make it out like it was totally unexpected but while I didnt like her last week I know many others did

    • jenna says:

      I agree I find casey to be very generic and she had almost no facial expression in her performance yesturday

  23. Calli says:

    I love Javier. I purchased his latest album. That being said, I did not care for his performance tonight. Gorgeous voice, just overused it a bit on “Angel.”

    Vicci, once again, stole the night for me. I also thought Casey did a great job, when the band wasn’t drowning her out. I bought both their itunes songs tonight.

  24. Well says:

    Xtina really over did it with the comments tonite and I’m sure alot more of them were edited out. Just when she finally stopped looking like Tranny Clown Barbie she had to ruin it with all of her inapproriate comments.

    • Frances says:

      LOL to most of your comment, except they don’t have much time for editing in a live show.

      • Volcfom says:

        Although it was live, they did turn down her mic and have people cut her off. I thought it was an effective way of reeling her in a bit.

  25. lauren says:

    I was beyond thrilled when they revealed America’s choice was Bev. She was very deserving in my opinion, though my mom complained that “we already have a Melissa Etheridge, and [Bev] sounded just the same!” – I disagreed and thought that if someone had performed at Bev’s level on Idol we’d be throwing our gospel hands straight to the sky in praise.

    Just goes to show I think there are some parts of The Voice that are better than Idol…it’s not better overall, but I do feel many of the performances on The Voice have been better than a lot we’ve seen from seasons 9 and 10 combined (Crystal Bowersox & Haley are excluded from this obvvvviously)

  26. darcy's evil twin says:

    Those twins are just as cute as bugs and they can sing, but Cee Lo kind of put them at a disadvantage with the song choice. There were three Andrews Sisters and the song sounds better in three-part harmony. And isn’t part of the voting determined by I-Tunes downloads? Who in the world is going to download “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?”. I’m old but I sure don’t want to listen to that song.

    I think Adam screwed up when he chose Devon Barley over Rebecca Loebe. didn’t think Devon sounded good tonight.
    I was pleased Blake chose Xenia. Although she’s got that “deer in the headlights” look the tone of her voice is nice and I think she has potential. I loved Vicci Martinez’ “Jolene”, but for pure fun Team Cee Lo’s “Everyday People” was amusing, especially with Cee Lo rocking the Angela Davis hair!

  27. Tim says:

    This show seems to have a much more “fun” vibe than Idol, and even though I’m a huge Idol fan, in some ways I’m enjoying this more. I think it’s because they have mentors who can actually help these kids and who get a real thrill from coaching them and seeing them grow, instead of just having judges who are more detached from the process. Probably a good sign for X-Factor’s success.

  28. ryeo says:

    Regardless on Javier to definitely advance by the next week, Adam better opens his eyes and pick Casey/Devon instead of Jeff. Jeff is horrible, TBH, I never found his voice interesting at all.

  29. Jbones says:

    It’s sad someone like Javier had to sink so low as to sing on an American Idol rip off…..he should have been HUGE years ago!

  30. EL_Kaws says:

    God I love this show. Everything is SO well done.

  31. 4F says:

    Ugh. Javier is so overrated. Inserting runs and riffs every other bar does not a good singer make. Vicci Martinez was the best performance last night.

  32. Blank Slate says:

    To be honest, I’m only tuning in (er, taping in, watching later on DVR and FFing a lot) just because…

    I honestly don’t love ANY of them.

    I don’t get it. After the initial “blind judging” (if you can believe that, and I don’t), now it’s not only about a VOICE.

    The concept is not grabbing me.

    Neither are the song selections. BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY? And that girl Xenia from last week—- are you KIDDING ME? Putting her through?? She is as stiff and boring to listen to as singing with a painting on the wall.

    Don’t get all the hoopla but..

    • Michael says:

      The blind judging was real and was actually a very important aspect of the show. Without that blind round we wouldn’t have gotten such awesome talents like Bev or Nakia; on an American Idol audition, they would have said she/he doesn’t have “the look.” And when Christina saved Frenchie, she clearly stated “if we’re talking about THE VOICE..,” it becomes an integral part of the show (not that I agree with Frenchie should have been saved). And *IS*. That’s the same reason Xenia was also put through. The other two contestants have forgettable voice, personally I don’t know why Patrick won the battle rounds; Xenia has so much potential to grow and has this unique tone to her voice — and Blake’s mentoring will hopefully bring out that fighter in her. Now about Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, the performance was fun and cute, but yeah they had a lot against them this week… considering they were also the first performance.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’ve already posted my thoughts on “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” – those twins did a very good job with what they were handed, but when I heard the song choice I looked at my husband and said, “He must want them to go home”. There are plenty of songs from that era that would have been far more interesting and would have generated more downloads, IMO.

  33. cmp says:

    Bummer. Slept through half of the show and didn’t DVR it. Hope I can find it on UTube. As for the Coaches picks? Xtina got it right IMO but Blake got it soooooooo wrong. This isn’t “I’m going to work with you until you HAVE a VOICE”. This is “The Voice” assuming you already have one. To pick Xenia over two much more accomplished vocalist was pure ego on Blake’s part. It’s not about YOU Blake. Very disappointing. Little Xenia may have an interesting voice but she is so painfully timid otherwise. I don’t see a STAR emerging there no matter what Blake does.

    • Michael says:

      No, she does have THE VOICE, she’s just lacking performance-wise.

    • Jo says:

      She’s 16 and has almost no experience. It’s a bit ridiculous to think she can’t grow and develop stage presence and even star quality. Plus, this show is supposed to be about the voice. Her voice, with it’s unique tone, is infinitely better than the two guys with their generic voices. Blake absolutely made the right choice.

  34. Itotallypaused says:

    I think Javier started great with the song, but then towards the end he started going downhill after adding too many runs into the song. Vicci was my favorite out of ceelo’s group. Ceelo may be slightly worse than Blake at picking songs.

    My preditions:
    Team Adam: Javier and Casey
    Team Ceelo: Vicci and Nakia

  35. 4F says:

    How do you see who is selling the most songs in iTunes?

    • dan says:

      Check out the top 100 selling songs on Itunes. The interesting thing about the Voice is that you can sort of see who will go through from the sales. Dia has been selling the most from last week, and Xenia was fairly close behind her. It made sense that those two would go through. And now Javier and Vicci are selling the most, with Casey a close third. I’m betting those three will make it, and maybe Nakia.

      I’ve never bought any of the songs from Idol, but I’m tempted to buy a few of the Voice performances, like Dia and Xenia, maybe Casey. Also … did not enjoy Javier last night, too overdone, though he clearly has talent.

  36. Denise says:

    OK- I don’t listen to country and I need someone to explain Blake’s drunk jokes. I have finally figured out that it is a gag but need the context. Thanks.

  37. Kim says:

    Vicci is my fave!!! Javier is great but he needs to reign it in some.

  38. MA says:

    I’ve never watched a whole episode of this show before last night, but boy were Vicci and Casey great! I thought everyone else fell mostly flat, though the country guy who sang “Addicted to Love” wasn’t bad and if the guy who sang “Angel” had just sung it, instead of oversinging it, he’d have been stellar. He’s got a lovely tone when he isn’t trying to outdo Xtina with the runs.

  39. yeahwhatever says:

    Vicci’s my favorite — I love her husky, unique voice. I also really love Javier’s voice. I don’t usually like guys with high singing voices, especially if they’re screechy (e.g., Adam Lambert, James Durbin), but Javier’s voice is buttery smooth. (I like raspy voices if they’re lower, though….)

  40. Volcfom says:

    I’m so happy that Christina picked Frenchie. I was really worried that she’d go for one of the young bumpkins.
    Blake’s save was obvious, but I don’t mind it.

    Team Adam: Javier and Casey
    Team Cee Lo: Vicci and Nakia
    I hope they choose well. I don’t have much faith that Cee Lo will because I disagreed with all of his picks in the battle rounds.
    If it does pan out with these four, how awesome will it be to have 6 girls vs 2 guys? It’ll be another dig at Idol.

  41. just wondering says:

    hate having my 3 favorites on the same team… my worst case scenario is devon wins the audience vote, then i will lose 2

    slezak…how many other writers continually interject references to their significant others in their pieces? is there some reason you do? we get it…you have a husband…. jes sayin’

  42. MK204 says:

    Actually I liked the gal who sang that KT Tunstall song and felt Xtina was too harsh on her. Don’t quite think Xtina should talk. I like Frenchie but that other one…Beverly…no different than any other rocker.

    I’m not into melancholy songs and for that reason I didn’t care for Javier Colon and Jeff Jenkens who sang Jesus Take the Wheel. I mean…didn’t we OD on that with Danny Gokey? Now don’t get on my case Gokey fans, I liked him, but the producers OD’d us on his situation. It’s okay to talk about it before but once you get on stage just sing without giving us your life history. I know I sound harsh, but when they do that the sympathy votes start pouring in and the right ones don’t end up staying. Besides which, I never liked Jesus Take the Wheel.

    Additionally, Javier disappointed me because of the song he sang, In the Arms of an Angel. That melancholy song was played constantly when JFK, Jr. passed and that song will always remind me of JFK, Jr. which was an extremely horrific and sad time in history.

    This is a competition. How about some upbeat, let’s get rockin’ and partyin’ type music??

    I think Blake should have kept one of the guys. I like Xenia, but did not and still don’t care for Dia. This girl has zilch stage presence, no matter whose arrangement she claims not to have copied.

  43. love2sing says:

    By far Vicci was the best of the evening, downloaded Jolene as soon as the show was over and she got all my votes. She is ” the Voice”

  44. Amber C. says:

    Loved Vicci’s blind audition, loved her duet with Nikki, and I loved ‘Jolene’, gosh, I love Vicci! I liked Javier at first but his singing does get a little annoying at times. It didn’t help that his song reminded me of the poor innocent and neglected animals. I love Dia as well and Xenia is growing on me. I don’t care for Beverly or Frenchie so Xtina’s team is really stale to me. I liked Raquel so I was a little upset to see her go.
    For Cee Lo’s team, I hope he keeps Vicci and Nakia, and as for Adam, he better keep Devon. He’s so adorable and I love his voice! I don’t think Devon will win but I’d love to see him stick around for a little longer.

  45. Me says:

    If you sing “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlan, wouldn’t it sound more sincere if Javier had sounded like an ‘angel’ and NOT overdo the runs and sing the high notes that loud (like he did)? There are right places for runs and belting. If Javier wanted to do those runs, pick a more appropriate song. Don’t butcher Sarah’s Angel. Just sayin.

  46. Julie says:

    No, I don’t like him either and for the same reasons. I think the first couple of times Adam was actually mad at him for putting in all the riffs and not listening to him about staying more honest to the original songs. To top it off, I get strong gut feelings about people and am rarely wrong – there is something about Javier that just makes me feel like he is playing everyone trying to look like a humble family man and all to get viewer votes. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out he has cheated on his wife, and probably lost record deals because he won’t listen to people’s advise. He is the only that could win where I would be upset with the outcome.

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