Pretty Little Liars Is Back With Juicy 'New Lies,' 'New Secrets,' and One 'Enormous Event'

The second season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars premieres this Tuesday at 8/7c with — you guessed it — more secrets, lies, and deception than ever before. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick previews the series’ summer run, including romantic entanglements, ladies in peril, and secret meetings in the woods.

Pretty Little Peril | This season, the girls “gain some real insight into what happened to Allison,” Goldstick offers. “The clues and insights into what the last night on Earth was for her lead to some really interesting — and scary — conclusions. The intrigue gets even deeper in the middle of the season too, and it becomes quite perilous because at least one of them may be dancing with the devil.” As to who that devil is, the EP remains mum, but does tease, “There are new lies and new secrets which are juicy. The girls are misguided, but they’re not trying to be naughty. They now make these risky choices for self-preservation purposes”

Separation Anxiety | The PLLs are in for a rude awakening in tonight’s premiere when they’re not only forced into therapy to deal with their “lies” about Ian’s death, but also dealt a blow that requires they avoid being seen together in public. “They’re apart for at least four episodes,” Goldstick tells TVLine. “It’s truly an obstacle for them. They’ll be secretly meeting in bathrooms at school, in a darkened theater, and also in the woods.” But what happens in episode four that allows for a reunion? “There’s an enormous event that’s a flare that brings them back together,” he teases, “And it even vindicates them a bit. By episode five, they’re back on track and allowed to be seen socializing.” Of course, said “enormous event” is most definitely Ian related. Goldstick reveals that we will see Ryan Merriman pop up on PLL again this season, though he won’t say how.

Star-Crossed Lovers | Aria (Lucy Hale) and Erza (Ian Harding) fans rejoice — kind of. While the pair will still be reeling from the sudden reappearance of his ex-fiancee, Ezra “makes a move away from Rosewood High School and will hopefully allow them to possibly be an openly romantic couple,” says Goldstick. Per usual, “there are obstacles that he and she won’t see,” and also some that they will, as we’ll soon meet Aria’s (potential) new love interest.

Haleb’s Redemption | Yes, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) was sent by Jenna to spy on Hanna (Ashley Benson), but that doesn’t mean he didn’t fall for her along the way. And once he returns to Rosewood in Tuesday’s premiere, fans of the twosome can look forward to seeing the pair slowly rekindle the flame. “Tyler is back as Caleb for many episodes, and you’re going to love the storyline with him,” Goldstick offers. “It’s really beautiful”

Spencer & Toby Get Serious | “They are strong and getting stronger,” the EP teases. However, “it’s an obstacle with her family because he was tainted as a suspect earlier in the series, too.” Look for lots of development for PLL’s most stable couple in Tuesday night’s premiere, which boasts a romantic declaration between the pair.

Em Gets the Girl | Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) new galpal Samara may not appear in the PLL premiere, but that doesn’t mean things are done for the two. “You’ll see Samara by the second episode and she’ll throw Emily for a loop in episode six,” says Goldstick. “But she’s not necessarily a pretty little liar. We’re not playing her as treacherous.”

Catch the Pretty Little Liars‘ premiere Tuesday at 8 pm, on ABC Family.

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  1. maj says:

    Can’t Wait! I’m probably way too old to be this excited about this show – it’s my guilty pleasure.

    • Em R says:

      Tell me about it, I”m in my early 20’s and I’m kind of addicted…

      I love Troian/Spencer, so I hope they continue to put alot of emphasis on her storyline.

      I am not a fan of Aria/Ezra though (puts me to sleep). I hope the writers put something interesting into this storyline. Last season this “chaste” relationship was very unrealistic and quite frankly boring.

    • Michele says:

      I am probably too old too, but I LOVEEEE IT!!

    • Arispunks says:

      Can’t wait, it’s one of the best shows<3

  2. Will says:

    I couldn’t care less about Samara or Paige. Bring back Maya already!!!

    • rachelle says:

      seriously! i looooooove maya and the two of them together are soooo cute! idk why the writers keep playing with us.

    • JMelendez says:

      i’m with you i want Maya back!! but it look like will be watching Emily and Smara for few more episodes i did read that they were gonna make Maya come back around July or so, hope thats true

    • Angela says:

      I also want to see Maya return, Emily and Maya are good for each other.

    • L.C says:

      Oh,no! I don’t like maya at all! I hope she doesn’t come back! Why does emily have to be gay in the first place! She is way too beautiful to be an lesbian!

      • Lynda says:

        Did you really just say that she is too beautiful to be a lesbian? Were you being sarcastic? If not I have no way to retort something so clearly prejudice based.

    • lorna says:

      ughhh nooo i HATED maya in the books AND show.

  3. Buffy Fan says:

    Didn’t like Maya, mainly because I remember her from being on Buffy ten years ago and she was playing a teen then too, it freaks me out. think it’s time for the actress to move on to older roles

  4. jen says:

    I really am tired of aria and mr. fitz’s “relationship” being treated as anything other than what it is – creepy and inappropriate. Whether or not he’s her teacher NOW, he started out that way. There is no possible way that it can turn out well, and I find it a more than a little disgusting that so many people are rooting for it. Do you also root for the coaches and teachers in real life who are found to be having inappropriate sex with their charges?

    • PPL fan says:

      Im with you it creeps me out!!! Not appropate at ALL!!! make my 13 yr old daughter think it is ok to date a teacher!!! not cool!!

      • lorna says:

        i disagree. i LOVED the teacher/student relationship on LUX but then there are the straightshots that get their panties in a bunch, not necessarily you commenters, but others.

    • Dee says:

      Agreed. I think it might have something to do with the actors’ ages not being far apart, so it looks normal. But how old is she supposed to be playing? Like 16? In real life, it would look wrong.

      At least Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother waits until they’re at least 18.

      • lorna says:

        honestly, lucy hale looks 14. i have a hard time taking her seriously in this show, but she was great in scream 4.

  5. Brian says:

    At the time they met neither knew he would be her teacher. And the producers said they haven’t had sex.

    • jen says:

      That’s supposed to make it okay? no court in the land, no school district, no parent – no one – would make such a case in real life. It’s creepy and gross and inappropriate for it to continue, no matter how they originally met. He’s creepy and gross for pursuing it, sex or no sex. No sane adult pursues a relationship with a minor.

      • Sarah says:

        Jen, I understand what you are saying but seriously, it’s just a TV show. No need to get your knickers in a knot.

      • Laura Isbell says:

        Its just a tv show. Who cares!

      • Naomi says:

        Jen-“No sane adult pursues a relationship with a minor”Really? i was 16 and my now husband was 21 when we got together,he is very much sane and not a creep in any way shape or form,so what you just said right there makes you judgmental and not very intelligent.Not all older guys that get with younger girls are creeps or gross or just want sex,nor is it always inappropriate,I am now 22 and married to the guy i meant when i was 16 and am very happy and when we first got together it was very much innocent like aria and ezra in the show,there was no sex involved for a long time!!And yes i get what you mean about real life ect but this is just a show and they did not know one was student or teacher when they meant so it is a bit diff,and its tv ok they dont make shows to be role models ect ect that is the parents job and the parents job to teach the child there is a big difference between tv and reality/real life,Get over it and grow up…And deal with the fact that sometimes an older guy being with a young girl is not wrong,such as my case..geez!!

      • aminaaaaab says:

        Yet my dad is 10 years older than my mom and theyve been together for 25 years tomorrow and people thought they were a cute young couple when my dad was 30 and my mom was 20… nobody thought it was gross… watch as soon as her character is 20 or so and his is around his late 20s people will still say awwww… Im not saying I enjoy it but there is around a 5 or 6 year difference… Im just saying people should stop saying gross because if there was tht much of a difference when the youger person is in their 20s, its not gros but if theyre like 17, its disgusting… people need to make up their minds

      • monica says:

        I agree, its just a gtv show. You don’t need to get so judgemental. Also, this whole tv show is really not likely to happen in real life, so why do you ONLY point out Aria && Ezra’s relationship? I know a couple who are ten years apart && are now married with two kids. Anything can happen, it just hasn’t happened to you.

  6. amanda says:

    Get over the Ezra being a teacher thing….love is love….u can’t help it or stop it period!!!!

  7. Christina says:

    I am almost 24 years old, and i absolutely love this show!!! The girls though in high school seem so grown up, and mature. I honestly don’t think this is meant for “teenagers” i mean come on, did you see hottie hot Ezra without a shirt on Droool!! haha

  8. samira says:

    I love love love spencer and toby <3 they're so cute….

  9. leah says:

    Haha, seriously its not about teacher and student. It about love. Mental not physical. God, who cares. It’s a show, make believe. This stuff happens in real life, age is just a number. You don’t like the storyline? Turn it off, stop bitching. Honestly you people need something to complain about, I’d love to see you guys write a show. Let alone a hit show! Get over aria, and Ezra. You just wish you were that lucky.

  10. nicole says:

    I loveeeeee aria & Mr Fitz together, sloop cute. Keep them together. I can’t stand that Mona girl and yes bring Myanmar back and Hannah needs to get back with Caleb :-) LOVEEEE THIS SHOW!!!!

  11. Jessie says:

    I’m all in for the whole Aria & Ezra thing… It is so cute!
    I may sound a little bit crazy but, the things that are going on in this TV series and just how one of their friends died…… I really want that to happen to my group of friends!!! I want something tragic to happen then in a year we will all be 16 and stuff like that could happen…. Haha I’m crazy!
    Anyways this show is so amazing. I pretty much talk about this everyday!
    I want to meet Lucy Hale!!!

  12. Brooke says:

    Absolutely love this show, I’m 27 and I do not care if I’m to old to be IN LOVE with this show!! It’s extremely well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat!! Their is nothing I would change, each storyline is great!

  13. nikki says:

    Can someone explain something to me? I got confused as to why aria got into a fight with ezra. I know that his ex jackie went to aria’s house for that teacher thing but why did aria get mad at ezra? I think it has something to do with the school he wanted to work at but I’m not sure

  14. Tonya says:

    Ok love ezra and aria yet I think the relationship is odd I cant disagree witb the age thing i dated a guys much older than me when I was in high school twice I also had to grow up quickly so I was looking for guys who were and frankly if you love them then thats that and now though married to a man my age with our two kids

  15. paola says:

    Ahhh the episode made me angry
    Why is Aria leaving Ezra
    He is amazing
    And that shrink made me mad lol
    I deg don’t think this is for younger girls

    • Rachel says:

      Why don’t you think its for younger people? I’m 13 and this is my favorite show!! I already know what sex is and that murder happens sometimes in life.
      I don’t see why younger girls can’t watch it.

  16. Dee says:

    I will never understand why people love Ezra and Aria so much. The age thing is whatever. But he’s still her teacher. And that’s why it’s wrong. Yes, she didn’t know he was her teacher when they met but they should’ve stopped when they found out.

    Imagine going to high school and meeting some hot guy then him turning out to be your teacher. Are you guys gonna date? Hold hands in the hallway? Kiss is in the cafeteria? Seriously people. If you have to keep it a secret, it’s probably wrong.

  17. Maria says:

    I’m behind Team Maya 100%. It’s obvious that the writers purposely broke her and Emily up just so the former can mingle with other girls. I’m sorry but Paige and Samara got nothing on Maya, they both are rebounds. Have people forgotten about Paige attempting to kill Emily? Or the fact that Paige was ashamed to be with her.

    Case closed!

  18. lani says:

    I love Aria and Ezra’s relationship. And don’t know why people are putting them down they love eachother and that’s what makes it all more special. You can’t help who you fall in love with.

  19. player says:

    Your an idiot