Damages Season 4 Trailers: Patty Growls, Ellen Strips, and John Goodman Roars!

At the risk of blatantly taunting those out there who do not have DirecTV, I bring you the latest trailers for Damages Season 4, which will air exclusively on the satellite dish service beginning July 13. (Everyone else will simply have to wait for the DVD set.)

The new season of the acclaimed drama series again stars Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, while the heavy-hitting ensemble this time around includes John Goodman (playing the shadowy CEO of a Blackwater-like military contractor and the defendant in a wrongful death suit), Judd Hirsch (Numb3rs, as a former mentor of Patty’s who has hit bottom), Griffin Dunne (After Hours, playing a foreign news correspondent), and Chris Messina (Six Feet Under, as an Iraq war vet/former high school classmate of Rose’s).

Take a look at this trailer shared by the Damages Facebook page:

And here is a slightly different teaser, brought to you by the New York Post:

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  1. Dick Whitman says:

    Rihanna seems like an odd choice to promote Damages, I wish they would’ve gone with something else.

    That said, I CAN’T WAIT.

    • Forget about the artist, listen to the lyrics & the emotion it provokes. I think the song really fits as Ellen’s theme tune. Look at all 3 series thus far: Ellen works for Patty in a thankless capacity -(even when she is not actually working for Patty), she looses everyone close to her, and yet she comes back for more.
      “I love the way it hurts.” I can hear her saying this in the shower at the end of the day when she’s tired, no one else is around and she let’s her guard down.

  2. mario says:

    I cannot wait, even though I live in Canada (and I’m blatantly saying i will be streaming the show online), there’s a love/hate relationship with Direct TV: they saved Damages for two more seasons, but only broadcast in the US.

  3. Lynne says:

    I think the song is fine for the promo. We all know the show has a dark history regarding love, lies and deceit and having a familiar song people recognize helps in marketing the series.

    Looking forward to the new season.

  4. jasin says:

    BEST SERIES EVER! Glad Direct tv saved it even tho I don’t have it. I will be at a friends/family/strangers house watching every Wednesday.

  5. ty says:

    Will Damages episodes be available for sale on Itunes or the Playstation Network?

  6. Michael R says:

    Wait for the DVD? What century are you living in? We’ll just watch it for free on the Internet like we do everything else.

    • ty says:

      what’s the best place to download these episodes for free? I’m also looking to get Season 2 of Luther now airing in the UK. Thanks

  7. Dave says:

    I’ve nver been happier to be a DirecTV subscriber. Damages is my favorite show, I can’t wait!

  8. Jason A says:

    Finally Damages is back! Looks great

  9. phantom says:


    (by the way, it is so great to see the two remarkable leads doing so extremely well : Glenn Close could finally win her Oscar this year and Rose Byrne had 3 (!) critically acclaimed Box Office-hits in 2011.

    Bottom line : Rose Byrne is SO winning a Golden Globe for Damages thanks to her recent hits and Close is SO winning an Oscar…

  10. YES! says:

    YES! So glad I will be able to download the 720p quality eps for FREE and watch them on my TV. Thank you internet for all the free shows, movies, games and music over the last 15 years!

  11. deedeedragons says:

    Just from that i already smell a nomination for Goodman.

  12. justin says:

    i don’t know how anyone watches that show on tv. … waiting a week between episodes… i always wait for the dvd and have a 12 hour damages marathon. i can’t stand to wait to find out what crazy stuff patti has gotten up to… and sometimes it’s so full on you can’t remember wat’s happened up until then. and the recaps would have to go for a half the episode to truly get you up to date. even watching the series straight in a row u forget some things that happened in the beginning because there is so much! i guess that is also why it is so good. it’s so meat-y!

  13. DMC says:

    Damn- so p!$$ed I got rid of DirecTv……if ONLY for Damages.

  14. rouls siderakis says:

    I’d like to know who sings the theme song to damages season for

  15. Louise says:

    I am in Canada and enjoyed in fact loved watching DAMAGES via FX but since they are no longer carrying the show then DirecTV picked it up.
    That’s great for you people who live in the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Because DirecTV is not available in CANADA as some of you said we have to wait until Season 4 comes out on DVD!! What a pile of rubbish!!! I was so looking forward to July 13 only to find out that the carrier of DAMAGES does not cross the border from the U.S. to CANADA!!!



    • lontanissima says:

      the solution of your problem is simply you can watch it in streaming like i do, i’m linving in italy and i do it like that. try it!!!

  16. Jo says:

    I’m in Canada as well. You can watch Damages on Netflix. Check out their website. It’s very easy. there are 8 episodes available as of today. plus the last 3 seasons.

  17. veronica bellotti says:

    I live in Republic Of Ireland,Damages started 13th October.Its on soooo late though.past 12am twice a week.I only started watching half way through 3rd series.I am gripped.