AMC Renews The Killing - But Which Cast Members Will Return?

Better late than never! Less than a week until The Killing closes out its inaugural season, AMC has renewed the mystery drama for a 13-episode second season.

Season to date, the whodunit is attracting around 2 million weekly viewers — roughly on par with the network’s crown jewel, Mad Men.

AMC SVP of original programming Joel Stillerman credits the writers and producers of The Killing with showing “how much room there is to elevate the crime drama…. The suspense of the investigation in each episode, and the emotional intensity of the characters over the season, give this show a visceral quality that makes for incredibly powerful television. A lot of loyal fans made a huge investment in this show this season, and we are thrilled to be able to bring it back.”

It remains unclear what direction the show will take in Season 2, although given what transpired in last night’s penultimate episode it appears as if the Rosie Larsen murder investigation will be wrapped up during the season finale airing Sunday, June 19. “I haven’t heard anything one way or the other,” the show’s leading lady Mireille Enos recently told TVLine. “I know [executive producer] Veena [Sud] has several seasons mapped out in her mind, but she hasn’t let us know anything yet.”

As for who if anyone from the Season 1 cast will return — in the original Danish series Forbrydelsen, the Sarah character was called upon to crack a new mystery — Fox Television Studios president David Madden said in his own statement on the renewal, “We are proud to bring back one of the most extraordinary casts on television to tantalize, scare, mesmerize, and occasionally infuriate the audience… with Veena Sud masterfully at the helm again.” So it sounds as if at least a few major characters will be around for the next big case.

Thoughts? Theories about Season 2? Post ’em below!

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  1. Ken says:

    Gotta mean we are getting a cliffhanger, no?

  2. qeee says:

    How is this going to Work. Same Cast or Just Linden?

    • Pat says:

      If memory serves me, on the original dutch show Linden was forced out of the police for various reasons and was asked back by her former CO to investigate another murder much like how CTU seemed to do with Bauer every year on 24

  3. DevdogAZ says:

    I sure hope that one of the conditions of renewal was a complete overhaul of the writing staff, including showrunner Veena Sud. The way Season 1 was plotted and paced was ridiculous.

    • anonymous says:

      couldn’t agree more. most uneven show in recent memory. and that comes from someone who watched all of rubicon.

      • MrMank says:

        And see, I couldn’t DISagree more. With the possible exception of the Jack’s-gone-missing episode (which still worked as a character study of Linden and Holder), I think the season was perfectly paced. The day-by-day structure of this show is so wonderfully handled. The twists and turns, the constant misdirections – this is exactly what the creators of the show wanted and it works!! This is exactly how you write a season-long murder mystery. The characters – down to the most insignificant – are written as honestly as they can possibly be written. I can’t understand for the life of me what audiences are looking for in this show that they’re not getting.

        • Jason says:

          Right on.

        • Elizabeth says:


        • DotDotDot says:

          Yes! I agree with you completely. I think the people who don’t get it are those with short attention spans, or who haven’t learned to appreciate the art of the pursuit (of a story, of a suspect, of an ending) and instead just want instant gratification. Too bad for them.

        • Jackie says:

          for me it is missing the level of genuis we see with many detectives on shows with season-long arcs. Take Twin Peaks- even with the twists and turns and quirks and misdirections, Agent Cooper was a pleasure, a delight to watch. With Veronica Mars, we loved her and her father and her entire world. Linden has to be one of the most unlikeable, frustrating lead detectives I’ve ever watched, and so when the mystery plods or the police work takes distracting turns, we are just left with her…. which is so unsatisfying.

          • SEATTLEJOHN says:

            loved the show the first couple episodes, love Michelle Forbes and most of the cast but don’t get the love for Linden…her character was so boring and wooden I stopped watching altogether…if they brought it back with the rookie detective and other actors of Forbes caliber I could really get into it

        • jrs says:

          I disagree about the Jack’s-gone-missing episode. I was drifting with the show and finding it not so necessary to watch on the DVR. But, I found that episode so good that it redeemed the show for me. It was definitely a different pace, but I really just enjoyed watching it and seeing a different side to both Linden and Holder and getting to know them a bit more. Loved it.

        • Christine says:

          Agree completely. The pacing of the show is the best part.

        • Carrie says:

          I agree.

        • Dick Whitman says:

          At the risk of sounding repetitive: I totally agree with you.

          If you want the mystery solved in the first episode or two, go watch CSI or any other procedural out there, there are tons for you to choose.

        • teniba says:

          i second that!!!

        • MamaLarson3 says:

          Yes! Just watched last night’s episode on Tivo and I thought it was SO good. An entire season’s worth of watching was worth that ONE moment with the bing-bonging incoming emails. I gasped like a scared girl. Which, I guess, is what I was in that moment…

        • Snsetblaze says:

          You nailed it.

        • hayleyscomett says:

          I agree 100% Those who don’t like it, or don’t get it watch too much mindless reality television and forgot what it’s like to use their brain and think! Great show, terrifically cast and superbly written! Just like LOST was! (And yes, I loved LOST and The End)

        • Priscilla says:

          Absolutely agree with you. This is a fresh new take for criminal shows. The characters, the story, the pace, even the camera angles are amazing. This is the way to create a drama show. Brilliant Television.

      • Dan says:

        I loved Rubicon. The Killing was weak in comparison.

        • DL says:

          I loved Rubicon as well, but comparing it to The Killing is apples to oranges. Both are great shows in their own right, and I’m at least happy to see Killing getting a second season. I do miss my Rubicon though.

    • Taylor Geary says:

      Let me guess? You’re the kind of person who thinks CSI is good writing… If it’s not your thing, just don’t watch it. I’d argue that Veena Sud knows how to do compelling.

      • Dwigt says:

        Enough with the “You must be a person who enjoys CSI instead of a deep interesting show such as The Killing”

        The Killing is every inch as dumb as CSI, Cold Case (so, Veena Sud knows how to do compelling?) and other network procedurals. It tries hard to appear deep and clever. Every scene between Mitch and Terry is only there to show that they take time to focus on the family and the aftermath of a crime, while the treatment is just repetitive and increasingly pointless (the actors overact as if they were submitting every scene for consideration to the Emmys and it’s a rehash of “Mystic River”)

        I enjoy slow shows, such as Mad Men, The Wire and, yes, Rubicon, which was much better than this. I also enjoy films by Ozu, Mizoguchi or Antonioni. I’ve read James Joyce, TS Elliot, Kafka and Balzac. But you see, I usually don’t brag about this, unless somebody is convinced that anybody who noticed the plot holes, numerous red herrings and unrealistic stories (the whole campaign stuff…) that have plagued The Killing after an auspicious start.

        • Dwigt says:

          (continued) is necessarily dumb enough to watch network TV instead of so much better basic cable.

          • AliAgui says:

            It is so painfully obvious that you are more intellectual than the rest of us. Thank you for pointing out how well read you are not to mention your wonderful taste in movies. I wish I was half as fabulous as you are my friend!

          • Dick Whitman says:

            What AliAgui said.

          • Dwigt says:

            It’s not about claiming to be an intellectual as you both wrongly assume it is. It’s about the smugness of feeling superior just because you watch a show on basic cable instead of network TV.

            I was replying to the poster who assumed that the guy who didn’t enjoy The Killing was “the kind of person who thinks CSI is good writing”. If you didn’t catch the dismissive innuendo from this Taylor Geary, I can do nothing for you. So, being superior is being able to pick AMC on your remote and watch a vaguely slower show? If so, being an intellectual has never been easier.

            I don’t feel that people who enjoy “The Killing” are idiots and I would never imply such a thing. Besides, it’s not the same thing to have culture and to have taste. I was addressing a common prejudice among some “The Killing” lovers, even here, who assume the nay-sayers are necessarily dumb, slow-witted and bad TV procedural lovers. Their suppositions are wrong.

            You enjoy “The Killing”? Fine for you.
            You disagree with people who think it’s overhyped? It’s a free country, as long as your address their criticism instead of just dismissing it.
            You praise yourself for just being able to watch a show on AMC without falling asleep and snoring? You have a problem, not me. AMC had a reputation for quality writing, shows that are a little harder to get in but prove very rewarding in the end, such as “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad”. I think that “The Killing” looks superficially the same but is much shallower. It’s mostly a disguised take on a generic network TV procedural, with a slower pace but as unrealistic as anything on “Cold Case”, “24” or “NCIS”.

            You’re offended about my reading and movie watching brags? English isn’t even my first language, by the way. But it’s actually much less offensive than people who are proud of themselves because they’re able to watch a show on AMC while they could, with a little tinkering, get the same show on network TV and find nothing really special about it.

        • gorp says:

          I couldn’t help but notice your post and I found it rather amusing. You stated “I usually don’t brag about this”. after listing a few shows and authors that you enjoy. My question is, how exactly is that bragging? Do you feel that reading James Joyce is something to brag about? Or watching a show such as Mad Men some sort of accomplishment? It seems to me that you are angry because a few people think Rubicon is ridiculous, (which it is) and it somehow offended you. Trust me sir, What you watch and what you read is nothing to brag about at all. If you were trying to make yourself seem clever, it didn’t work. You simply made yourself look entirely ignorant. Enjoy your re-runs of Rubicon.

  4. Julie says:

    Yeeeeeey! But will they keep Linden and Holder…?

  5. DevdogAZ says:

    If this follows the pattern of the Danish version, Holder and Linden will be back, tackling a new case. No cliffhanger.

    • teniba says:

      i thik they will be back too

    • Friederike says:

      In the Danish version her Partner – so Holder – was killed in the finale episode – but yes no cliffhanger.
      In the second season of the Danish version there was a complete new political driven series murder mystery and she had a new partner.

      • MamaLarson3 says:

        Nooooo! He is really growing to be even lovable to me. I did, however, see that he is in the new (Hollywood) version of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ so maybe he won’t be back because he will be busy with the sequels. But he is the heart and soul of that show and I would be very sad if he gets killed.

      • Dani C says:

        Dude!! WTH have u never heard of GD spoiler warning?!! Not only did I want to watch the Danish version, but I’m gonna be royally pissed if Holder does die in the finale…seriously FU

        • Lauren says:

          The Danish version is currently well past season one and two….Plus, the creative team behind The Killing has already changed plot points to keep it different from the Danish version so it’s not predictable. I’d keep the unnecessarily nasty spoiler freak outs to a minimum because apparently even the killer on this one is different. I haven’t seen the Danish version so I’m just going in the interviews from the showrunners. I hope he doesn’t die but if he does I will still be surprised. And I won’t take my anger out on someone who didn’t think in a multi season show that a spoiler from season one was a big deal, since you’re the one so far behind. That’s like freaking out because Harry Potter is an orphan….

    • bob lieber says:

      I am in Arizona as well. Can you tell me where one might get the Danish version of The Killing. Thanks alot.

      You can email me at

  6. Christy says:

    YAY! My husband and I really enjoy this show.

  7. Len says:

    How do they handle the second season in the original Danish series? Same cast? New murder or something?

    • MrMank says:

      A show like this only works if you keep only a few characters per season. Linden, Holder…that’s pretty much it. Every season you bring in a new cast of supporting players. Worked for 24, works for Damages, and it works here. This is the best mixture of serial drama and crime procedural you can possibly have on TV.

  8. CosmaB says:

    LUV this show, so gloomy and Twin Peaks-y. I so don’t get folks who complain re the plotting. Exactly what I like to watch. Last nite’s ep great. Woke up feeling creepy 2 day. Lol

    • Liza180 says:

      Couldnt agree more! I love the pacing and getting to know all the characters in their lives. I woke up wondering about the emails and also a few other details that make the person they pointed to last night look like he/she was being set up. This show has just gotten better and better and i love how the murder is just the guide–the show is about the people involved. I just dont get why people think this should be consistent like a procedural on regular cable. Its not clean like that. Its messy and there are dead ends and such..i love that. Any show that has me still guessing until the very end is brilliant

  9. Linderella says:

    This is awesome news. Linden and Holder are a great team – even if she is just now starting to realize it. Their back stories have trickled out a little at a time – just as they would in real life when two people are working together. She is the more distrusting of the two, but little bit by little bit Holder is cracking her facade. This show is not paint by numbers crime solving – of course it’s uneven – real life is like that.

  10. Rich says:

    Any news on Breakout Kings?

  11. Chris Shifty says:

    Holder is the standout character in the series, if Linden had to move it would be fine.

    Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and make it better. Lots of potential here.

  12. nitemar says:

    Yay!! I was hoping to hear something this week. You have made my Monday! Thanks AMC!! Who don it at it’s best! :)

  13. Kathy says:

    This series has kept my interest all episodes and discuss with MANY on the AMC mess boards..come on over there everyone! Keep the leads Linden/Holder

  14. dunzo2222 says:

    Wrong, Ausiello. It is worse than never. I wanted season 1 to be the end of this show. I enjoyed around 4 episodes of the season and have hung on just to get a resolution. I want to know who killed Rosie. If they don’t tell me I’m going to be furious.

    I will not watch a second season. Or if I do, I’ll watch the first two episodes and the last two. Everything in between will be irrelevant.

    • Damon says:

      Thank you, sir. You just gave new meaning to ignorance.

      • jon says:

        You are the ignorant one Damon. I happen to agree with everything dunzo2222 said. Dunzo was asboutely right: the first two and last two episodes have been the best. Everything else was completely irrelevant. Chop out the whole Bennet Ahmed storyline and we are still at the exact same place.

        Don’t be condescending with your “sir” nonsense, ma’am.

  15. Marie says:

    I have heard that there is a cliffhanger so maybe that will set up season two.

  16. Shaun Davis says:

    This still leaves one of my favorite shows of all time, Rubicon, the only cancelled show on AMC. I would easily trade a renewal of the Killing and Walking Dead, even though I enjoy them, to bring Rubicon back. So frustrating.

  17. Carrie says:

    I think the show could easily continue with the two detectives solving another big murder case next season and maybe dealing with repercussions of the Rosie Larsen case. I’m glad it’s been renewed. There’s something addictive about the show and I really like Holder.

  18. Joe Jackson says:

    What I do not understand is why people who do not like the show watch the show.

    If you do not like it just watch something else, why waste time and energy to not only watch the show but to go on the internet and complain about it

    • Dwigt says:

      I’ll give you two reasons:

      – when the show began, I found it had some potential, especially given the fact that the Danish original was a sleeper hit. The US remake wasn’t as good at first but I hoped it would find a fine groove, as the remake of The Office did. It actually started out quite interesting but I was forced to admit that the writing wasn’t as strong as it tried to be and that the cliffhangers were totally artificial (one new potential suspect at the end of almost every episode, who gets randomly cleared at the beginning of the next one). Since then, I watch it out of curiosity and to get some degree of closure, just as I forced myself to watch the second season of Glee not to leave it in the middle of a season

      – it’s a guilty pleasure, even fascinating, to actually watch a show and notice all the inaccuracies and examples of sloppy writing (other show also have some sloppy writing but it’s not that obvious). I wouldn’t do that with a generic mediocre show, in which I expect this kind of stuff. Maybe in L&O: SVU, when they get a guest star playing against type, there’s this train wreck element.
      But as in the worst episodes of Glee this season (the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Britney Spears centric episode and five or six others), I know that the creative team for The Killing could deliver a much better show, which makes some of their misguided choices quite enjoyable, especially if you do a drinking game with friends.

      • borg says:

        You Sir are a piece of work. I’ve read some of your other posts and for some reason you like to seem to think that you are better than the other viewers or maybe even the writers of the show. I also noticed how you claimed that “English wasn’t even your first language” in one of your other posts. You made this claim even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the subject on which you were speaking. And just threw it in there out of nowhere. Please sir, get over yourself. Your ignorance and stupidity is getting rather boring.

  19. Amber says:

    I would very much like to see the Rosie Larsen investigation wrapped up in the season finale and a new crime be brought in to investigate for season 2. If the season 2 premiere starts out with “Oh, guess what? We arrested the wrong suspect,” I’m going to scream. If they drag on the current investigation for another season, I’m going to lose interest because I’m going to assume every single clue and every single suspect is a red herring and I wouldn’t want to invest my time in a watching a constant stream of misdirections that could go on for years. I LIKE the show, I just need to know it’s going somewhere and that there’s going to be closure here and there.

  20. Casey says:

    From what others are saying in the comments, it seems like once they solve Rosie’s murder, it’ll only be Linden and Holder who are left on the show. Although, I think that Billy Campbell might stick around. I’m just sad because I love Michelle Forbes, and I was so excited to be seeing her in something ever since her guest spot on True Blood ended. Oh well, I guess I can’t complain. I AM happy about getting a season two.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I love Michelle Forbes as well. I have been watching her since her days on Star Trek: TNG as Ensign Ro. I do remember that she never seems to stick with a series very long.

  21. tj says:

    Please keep Linden and Holder!!!! They are great together. They are perfectly broken people working together trying to do good. I love the show, pace and all. Thanks AMC..Now do the right thing and keep the two lead actors on the show.:)

  22. Carrie says:

    I love The Killing. It’s been a good show from the beginning though it did become somewhat boring about 2 episodes ago. Last week’s episode was excellent. I am also a fan of Twin Peaks, which I’ve been rewatching since The Killing began even though the shows have little in common other than the killing of a young girl and being set in the Northwest. The Killing has no Log Lady lol and Twin Peaks lacked the sleazy politicians. Happy to hear The Killing has been renewed!

  23. luke says:

    it would be insane not to bring linden and holder back… these characters have been established and there’s room to build on… they must be back…

  24. Mac says:

    I think it’ll be Holder and Linden who return, and that is it. Maybe the Mayoral aids will return but the Larsen family won’t.

  25. walker says:

    I loved this series from the first moment on. I think it was very well paced and the fact that Linden’s character isn’t very likeable made it somehow even better.
    But. If it goes down like someone said and they kill off Holder – whose character I liked best, I think Joel Kinnaman was fantastic -, I might have to think about not going on with it. I know it sounds stupid for those who know the original series (which I intend to watch), because the story goes on the same way in this one, but still.
    Also, it’s not gonna be easy to keep the atmosphere of this first series; but with good writing I can imagine they can keep on being very good.

  26. Paul says:

    These comments are a frustrating read. Firstly, the Holder character (Meyer) wasn’t in the second season of Forbrydelsen. Secondly, he didn’t die in the last episode. Did anyone actually bother to watch the original Danish show?

  27. Sarah says:

    If Holder doesn’t come back, neither will I. Joel Kinnaman is magnetic-easily the best part about the show. I think Holder and Linden make a great team, and I would love to see them work on another case together!

  28. MJ says:

    I like the show but it needs to be more suspensful ! It’s not as slow as Rubicon, but the pacing needs to quicken

  29. Amanda says:

    I started out really liking The Killing. Around the 3rd or 4th episode, it lost me. I’ve been trying to keep up with the “investigation” by reading recaps online but have only watched about half the episodes this season.

    I’ve watched shows with season-long story arcs before but the pacing did seem pretty slow.

    And I know the show is set in Seattle, but is the weather really that gloomy? Maybe season two will be set during the summer and we’ll see a little more sunshine.

    The thing that bothered me the most was the character of Linden. I just didn’t like her very much. She treats Holder like crap- and she’s supposed to be training him. She blows off her fiancee to the point where he leaves her, neglects her son (Didn’t she tell him to eat corn chips for dinner because they were “healthy”?) and expects her friends to take care of everything while she spends every waking moment working on the case.

    I like Holder, though. He has a cool, edgy-ness about him and isn’t judgemental. Oh, I looked it up online. “Narc-scent” is a real thing.

    I think the emails on the computer and the posters are a red herring, like with Jamie and the leaked information. And even if Richmond was with Rosie, it doesn’t mean he killed her. He might be an Ephebophile, but not necessarily a murderer. If Richmond was with Rosie, then I think either Jamie killed her (to protect him) or Gwen did (out of jealousy).

  30. Amanda says:

    The thing about Richmond and the emails is:
    If the emails mean that he is the killer, then he now has to get rid of Linden since she’s seen the emails.

    Plus, if Jamie’s email account can be hacked to frame him for the leak, then it’s totally plausible that someone has set up Richmond in the same way.

  31. ilona ulmer says:

    I love Holder – please don’t make him bad or kill him. The character and the actor are great. Love Enos too.

  32. StingyNina says:

    So, when does the new season start?????

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