True Blood First Look: An Urgent Message From The Cast About Season 4

True Blood gets it. The folks behind HBO’s supernatural sudser understand that waiting for the fourth season’s kickoff has damn near killed you. So, to offset our hankering, they’ve formed a support group in which… well, hey, why am I telling you about this when Kristin Bauer van Straten (aka Pam) does it so much better than I possibly could in her new PSA.

Check it, and one featuring even more Bon Temps denizens, below:

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  1. Aeriel says:

    wow ok i just read most of the commets on this page and it was so funny I was laughing the whole time lol (thanks for the ennertamement Lol)oh and just for the info. I did read the books and if you haven’t you should and also i am an Eric fan (don’t hate on me bill fans Lol)

  2. Denise L says:

    I have read the books and really enjoyed DR, the latest installment. It touched on issues that are very important. That being said, it’s about time the really lying controling male gets taken to task.

    I have been and will always be a BIll LOVER.

    Stephen is such a great Bill. So talented, cute, and sexy as hell.

  3. Hef says:

    HAHAHAH you people are halarious apparently you havent read the books wich are the truth. The shows are making eric out to be bad at first because tthat is how it seems at first in the books, in the end, eric is really the one with sookies best interest and is not to mention HOTTTT! So obviously alot of you have not read the books. Even when sookie is with bill she desires eric and alcide and quin soooo its obvious bill is not satisfying….tee hee. the new season comes out on my birthday and i cannot fricken wait!
    p.s. sookie is not given up to the king by eric, it is totally different in the book!

  4. serena says:

    I read all the books and Eric is the same as in the show. He betrays others and lies to and tricks Sookie. Sookie said before she had Erics blood that she wished him dead.
    I have never seen her say that about Bill no matter what. And it is Bill she always thinks of when she is really scared or emotionally torn. Not Eric.
    I think you should reread Dead Reckoning.

    I think Bill or Sam will be the chosen one. Eric is really messing up big time. It is time for a fall.

  5. Billismine says:

    Oh gosh its almost here. The wait is too long.
    I am in so much BILL withdrawal I cant stand it. He is so gorgeous and sexy.
    Bite Me BILL. I want to be your miracle.

  6. Ducky says:

    Ok, I just wanna add one thing. Theres been a repeated comment about how Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, SO DID BILL!!! Also there is a comment on how Sookie hated Eric before she had his blood and its the blood thats making her want him, where as she wanted Bill all along. WRONG!!! She never had a chance to like Bill before the blood becauuse he gave her his blood the night they met. The “attraction” you see the first time she sees him is actually just Sookies curiosity as to why she cant hear his thoughts. So really we will never know if she would have loved Bill on her own. In my opinion she didnt hate Eric before the blood there was always an attraction from the first time she saw him.

    • Jillian says:

      With Bill It was lOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! Remember????

      Sookie hated Eric in the books and in the show, before she had his blood (actually she said in the show after he tricks her that she could kill him).
      The idea that she was attracted to him is just rediculous wishful thinking on your part. In both book and show she said she wished him dead. Actually I take it back, she was TRICKED into drinking his blood and then she said she hated him and “I COULD KILL HIM”.

      You should reread the books and rewatch the show.

      Bill was doing a job for the queen, without a choice, and he did not know Sookie (In the books Eric has been spying on Sookie since even before Bill, some guy huh?). Bill fell in love like Sookie, he then protected her from the queen and was then commiting treason, a very punishable offense.
      Eric does everything on his own for himself. He dumped her in his dungeon of doom, shackled her like a dog so she wouldnt escape and all without explanation (some say he is always up front with het which just makes me laugh). Then he gave her to Russell, together they tortured her and drained her. If this was to protect her, to get rid of Russell, why did he let Russell live??? For his own selfish reasons again. Now Sookie is at risk again, they are all at risk because of Erics selfishness.
      Eric did the same thing in Dallas. Put Sookie in danger, and let her get beat up and almost raped, for Godric.
      Eric let Sookie get attacked by Longshadow to protect his wealth. He didnt care that she was about to get her throat torn out. Bill did though and he paid a hefty price for it. Because of Eric.
      Yeah, so you think this guy Eric has cared for her from the beginning, and she was attracted to from the beginning???
      In an pigs eye.

      Just wait till Sookie finds out that Eric called in Lorena in Dallas and then facilitated the Mississippi mess.
      Erics fault AGAIN.

      Eric is LIAR AND a SCHEMER



    • TBBlover says:

      At what point do you believe Sookie was attracted to Eric? In Fangtasia she only noticed him when she saw a little man crawling to him, then Eric kicked him. When Bill and Sookie were summoned, Eric is licking his lips (ewwwww) and she says to him “IM HIS” meaning she belongs to Bill. She was not there on a date with Bill or his steady girlfriend so why didnt she go to Eric? Because she thought Eric was sleazy, which he is. She loved Bill at first sight and you and Eric have it wrong. Bill gave Sookie his blood on the 2ND night.
      There is more to Eric having the night wrong. Cant wait.

      Bill gave Sookie his blood after the ratts because he was ordered to. QSA knew about it. Whats Erics excuse? I didnt see Bill laughing about it like Eric did. Eric Tricked her and laughed about it.
      More Bill please!

  7. My Bill says:

    NEED I SAY MORE?????????