True Blood First Look: An Urgent Message From The Cast About Season 4

True Blood gets it. The folks behind HBO’s supernatural sudser understand that waiting for the fourth season’s kickoff has damn near killed you. So, to offset our hankering, they’ve formed a support group in which… well, hey, why am I telling you about this when Kristin Bauer van Straten (aka Pam) does it so much better than I possibly could in her new PSA.

Check it, and one featuring even more Bon Temps denizens, below:

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  1. beth says:

    uhh, where’s Eric?

    • Jimmy says:

      uhhh, dont know, uhhh, dont care, uhhhh, who cares.
      whos eric?

      • fangbanger says:

        Uhhhh I care. Eric is the god of True Blood. It’s a fact.

        • ANV says:

          AMEN TO THAT!

          Hey HBO, newsflash, WE WANT MORE ERIC!

        • Dana says:

          And Bill is the lead! LOL

          Sexy hot Bill. Soulmate of Sookie

          He never needed to call in anothers maker to get Sookie. He is not a betraying coward that way.
          Bill has more dignity in his beautiful little finger than Eric in his entire oversized frame.

          • Snarksville says:

            Bill? Um, ewww….

            He’s not a betraying coward? Have you REALLY been watching?? We know what ERic does all along and I can’t help but appreciate ERIC’S honesty. Eric didn’t pull the wool over Sookie’s eyes. Can’t say the same’s true for ‘Honest’ Bill…he was so ‘protective’ of Sookie I couldn’t tell if it was because he ‘loves’ her or because he was protecting what he was about to turn over to the Queen.

          • lilly says:

            Bill is so wonderful Dana, I agree.
            Eric really IS a coward. He did call in Lorena to hold Bill prisoner, he let Sookie get beat up and almost raped so he could find Godric and he gave Sookie to king Russell as a gift to save himself. He also tortured little Hadley and poor Lafayett. He used the same chain and dog collar on Sookie that he used on Lafayett.
            Eric did all that by himself,hes a creep.

            Bill was ordered by others and that was not his fault. He has been making it up to Sookie ever since and he his willing to fight vampires who are older and stronger by himself just for her.
            Bill is a hero

          • Krista Doyle says:

            i gotta agree with Snarksville. & Also, if anyone let Sookie get beaten up, it’s Bill.

          • Kristine says:

            lilly you got it all right.
            Sookie was getting raped by Gabe and all Eric cared about was Godric.
            Sookie was getting attacked by Maryanne and Eric was playing Yahtzee.
            Bill is the one to save Sookie. He came up with a plan to kill Maryanne, save Sookie and Sam.
            Bill is the man.

            for Eric the best part was the dog collar. He did that because he looooved her so much. And giving her to Russel? LOL, sorry but Eric is a coward. He should have found a way to get rid if Russel on his own without hurting Sookie. I guess he is not brave enough or smart enough.
            Bill would have found a way given the chance but again since this was ALL Erics mess why should he. But Bill was the good guy and helped Eric out, then Bill gets the blame.

          • sinfully southern says:

            Stephen and Annas chemistry is electric on and off screen.
            Bill and Sookie Rock!
            Soulmates forever.

      • truth be told says:

        Hi jimmy,
        Eric is an very old vampire who enjoys using and betray anyone and everyone to get what he wants no matter who gets hurt in the process. He would throw anyone under the bus to get what he wants. He gave a special woman named Sookie to an even older vampire to eat just to exact his own revenge on him. Sookie could have died, and he supposedly likes her. Eric did tell her that she meant nothing to him and she better not stand in his way of what he wants which is revenge.
        In other words, he is a perfect villanous vampire.

        Bill is a younger vampire who loves Sookie with everything in his being and protects her as best he can and would sacrifice himself for her, he already twice almost died to save her. He was ordered to obtain her for another but fell in love in stead. He has called her his miracle and will always love her and try to redeem himself for things he did when he did not know her. He loves her so much he tried to make her hate him to keep her safe. He also let her go to give her a better life. She came back to him. Eric has betrayed Bill many times.

        These are major differences between the two vampires

        Bill will always love Sookie, Eric will use Sookie.

        Sookie has said that she loved Bill at first sight.

        • sassymae says:

          Hey truth, you forgot a very important point. Bill and Sookies first kiss, she grabbed him and they were so hot, she wouldnt let go of him. Bill stopped when his fangs came out and insisted he see her safely home.

          Eric and Sookies first kiss, he whined (really it was a lie) he might die and she should kiss him. She didnt want to so he FORCED her (Isnt it like rape when you are knowingly forced?). She pulled away and he got really mad and without a word dumped her into a dirty dungeon and chained her up like a dog with a collar around her neck and left her there till he could give her as a present to the king vampire to drain so Eric could get his revenge. If Sookie died well so what, hed get his revenge.

          Lets see, which kiss would you prefer? LOL

          Bill all the way baby.

          • notsoforgetful says:

            Are you forgetting that Bill raped Lorena last season?? (And that’ not “like rape” that IS rape…) Yeah, he’s a good guy alright… Except not really.

          • cassie says:

            Go back and watch the first season. Bill doesnt care about Sookie. He set her up to get beaten almost to death so he could save her and have her drink his blood. Everything he says is in a gray area. Sure, Eric did some things that were straight up not cool, but he was never secretive about it. And Eric is drop dead sexy. He could do all the terrible things he wants to me.

          • sassymae says:

            Hey notsotruthful (interesting name choice).
            Only a person who cannot understand the big picture would see it as rape or take the word at face value. It was explained why Bill did what he did to Lorena, were you listening? LOL obviously not.
            It was the only thing he had to use against her, and if she didnt want it she could have easily stopped him.
            Lorena asked for him to make love to her so really where is the rape?? She wanted it even more, much to Bills dismay, as he showed by his cry of despair at the end.

            And cassie, Bill was on a mission, doing a job, he did not know Sookie, but you all already know all this, you just focus on it because you have nothing else to go on.

            So you think what Eric did was just “not cool”? LOL, Lets take a lookie.
            Eric lets Sookie get attacked by Longshadow without lifting a finger (oh but he didnt know her right? He knew her and already wanted her), He tried to bargain with Bill for her. He called in Lorena because he is jealous and cant get Sookie on his own merits, he lets her get beat up by Gabe and almost raped because Godric was more inmportant. He dumps her in a dirty basement, after he KISSES her and then he puts a dog collar on her, he gives her as a GIFT to Russell (because his vendetta was more important). He bites her painfully (she screams) and drains her almost to death.
            Why didnt Eric tell Pam to give Sookie blood after they were gone? Isnt 1000 yr old Eric smart enough to have known that Russell would have him drink too? LOL
            He did allllllllll this while he says he wants her. LOL, not cool? how about disgusting, pathetic and cowardly.
            Dont forget all the lies he told her too. I left those out, there are just too many.

      • Kelly says:

        Did you really take the time to make a comment like that on a True Blood story? You have too much time on your hands.

        This season looks amazing and the TBWithdrawl site is a fantastic idea.

      • Susan says:

        Eric is a vampire over a thousand years old and wants Sookie

      • My Bill says:

        Because its all about BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah Bill!

    • suzie says:

      Thats ok, Bill is here. :)
      HOT man.

    • karen says:

      Bill is here which is awesome, I just love him, but dont worry, Eric is still around.

    • maureen says:

      Everyone looks great. This is really cute.
      Stephen and Bill are so sexy, yummy.
      Only another week to go. Yea!

  2. Tori says:

    Who cares where Eric is! Kristin and Pam are just as capable of telling is what’s what.

  3. sssss says:

    Bah, team bill sucks.

  4. Josette says:

    Team Eric just showed themselves to be a bunch of whiney fangirls… just sayin’

  5. Julie says:

    Love you Kristin!!

    Can’t wait for the new season. I’m on team “Anything non human”!!!

    • The Ultimate Trubie says:

      Same here!

    • jodie D says:

      no one seems to like tara come on she went through loads in season 3 with franklin feel for her shes amazing and in season 2 she went through alot :) she is the best main/side person in true blood :) xx

  6. Jessica says:

    Yay for Ryan’s accent!

  7. sarah says:

    team Bill ftw!!!!

  8. TallGrrl says:

    Team Eric, Team Bill, Team Alcide, Team Hoyt, Team Jason, Team LaFayette and Sookie/Pam/Jessica/Haley/The Queen/Pam/Russel/Talbot(RIP)…
    Y’all need to stop raggin’ on each other!
    Me? I’m Team TRUE BLOOD and that includes ALL of ’em.
    Even Sheriff Andy and Godric and…

    • Rob says:

      Could not agree with you anymore on this one, TallGrrl!!! They are all freaking awesome. And thanks tons for mentioning Godric. I am hoping that we get to see more of him through flashbacks. I love his character, and was sad when he died.

    • Another TallGrrl says:

      You go TallGrrl! From one TallGrrl to another. I LOVE the whole team. Every different character’s personalies mingling together is what adds to the appreciation for each individual both as an actor/actress and as themselves. I relate most to Pam, and love her fashion sense AND her personality! Too bad I love men! :)

    • suzie says:

      Everyone is fun, but Bill is the lover I wish for.

  9. Emily says:

    Teams, really? Why do we have to “Twilight-ize” True Blood? Come on people.

    • Deej says:

      Bad enough that Twilight completely nerfed vampires.

    • Bailey says:

      Exactly!! My point Thanks Emily their should be no teams how cares that just starts stupid and ridicious fighting and I am just so happy and excited to watch the first episode on the 26th!!!! I cant wait!!

  10. Kayce says:

    Just gotta say, I am Team Bill 4ever! Can’t decide if I like his British accent or his Louisiana accent better… they both make me swoon!

    • Belle says:

      Bill makes me swoooon with just a look! Then he comes out with his sexy southern drawal! Growwwwl! So sexy. Then you hear his natural British accent, WOW! I am so glamoured!
      Love ya Bill and Stephen!

  11. Jon says:

    I like the second PSA a lot better.

  12. Tammy says:

    I can’t be for everyone since Eric is the only reason I’m still watching this show, no one else even compares.

    • Janice says:

      Eric is the hottest vamp on show. Bills cute, Erics a man!!

      • Leelu says:

        Bill is the awesome and the main reason I watch the show! He is such a tragic hero, and a great lover.
        He can be my southern comfort anytime.

        • fangbanger says:

          Bill’s stamina is not up to snuff.

          • sassymae says:

            Bill is just fine thank you as Sookie “WELL” knows.
            Your sad quote from Eric was him just being a…

            “WHINEY LITTLE B*TCH”

            AGAIN! LOL

            I love Nan, she knows the score, just like Yvetta, “Big,blonde, stupid”, I believe were her words. :)

            And really, so does Sookie, she was not swayed at all by Eric parading around his d*ck in front of her. LOL, he was pathetic.

      • Mary Lee says:

        I have to agree. Anyone that reads the books knows that Eric is all that and more, while Bill was an underhanded liar. Alexander Skarsgard is the perfect Eric too. So hot! TB has changed a lot in its storylines, so I understand why so many on here would like Bill. All those times he saved Sookie, were actually done by Eric in the books.

        • Dana says:

          Have you actually read all the CH books? Or are reading another completely different fantasy.
          Eric is a decietful dick. He tricks Sookie, lies to her from the beginning, uses her, always tries to control her and puts her in constant danger. Anyone with half a brain can see what a dick he is in the last book, especially when the bond is broken and he starts losing control over her.
          He HURT her INTENTIONALLY to teach her a lesson because she didnt do what he wanted.
          Dick is to kind of a word.

          Bill has alawys been Team Sookie FOR Sookie!
          He is the vamp I want in my corner.

          Bill forever.

          • fangbanger says:

            Bill left her for Lorena. He completely tricked her into falling in love with him. He is the liar and Eric is the hot dangerous savior. Bill is trying to win her back by doing all this stuff for her….what is he hiding now? Eric is straight forward. He may be harsh but he’s not a douche. Bill’s the deceitful one. Bullcrap…Bill is Team Bill. Go ahead and have him in your corner…at least if Eric wants to drain you he won’t sneak up from behind.

          • sassymae says:

            Bill was ORDERED to go to Lorena. He was tortured and would have died before he revealed Sookies name to any of them.
            Bill and Sookie fell in love with each other, no bond needed! Love at first sight, soulmates.

            Eric straighforward????? Bahahahahah, When pigs fly. PIIIIIG!
            Eric has more lies than all of the Bon Temps residents put together. LOL.
            I’d list them but there would not be enough character space.

            Eric is harsh AND a douche. I would not have used the term douche but since you did, it’s perfecct, LOL. But a hot dangerous savior? Bahahahahahahahahaha, did those pigs go a flyin yet? LMAO

            Bill was tortured, starved, drained and unconcious when he fed from Sookie, and he stopped when he woke (book) and realized what was going on (show he stayed unconcious). I really dont get how he snuck up from behind though. Must have been another book you were reading or another show you were watching.

            Bet your ass Eric wont sneak up on Sookie to hurt her, he did it right to her face, or neck, LOL.
            He bit Sookie hard to hurt her and drank till Bill stopped him. So whats Erics excuse?? Was he tortured? Drained? Unconcious??? Nope he was just being a douche (your word), LOL He is a douche in the show and a douche in the books.

            LMAO! Thanks for all the laughs today fangbanger. This was fun.

            Hey Dana, Bill is in my corner too. A real sexy hot loving man.

  13. Liz says:

    Damn, the people are HBO are REALLY good!
    Oh! And I profess my loyalty to Team Bill!! :)

  14. kat says:

    Oh, I’m an Eric lover all the way…but how can you not love
    Andy “I know that pig!” Bellefleur? He cracks me up every time he’s on screen.

    • alec says:

      I’m going to the same acting school in LA that Chris Bauer (Andy) went to. He came in one day to have a Q&A. Really good guy. He told us some great stories from the TB set.

  15. sabroma says:

    Frankly I’m suffering Eric withdraw myself. The devil may care grin and …

  16. Andre says:

    Alcide sucksssss. His character is a waste of screen time.

  17. Rob says:

    Sorry Andre, I can’t agree with you. I love the character of Alcide. He is so freaking sexy! (Along with Jason and Hoyt!) Grrrr!!!

    The show is just so freaking awesome, and I cannot wait until it is back on again!

  18. CupcakeKiller says:

    I started Team Bill, but I am now SO Team Eric! Making dead look sexy.

    • team eric! says:

      Agree! same thing happened to me. But given the choice between a viking norseman or a small southern man id choose eric every time hands down!

      • Kristine says:

        Big doesnt always mean better (I look for quality and Bill has that in spades and hot and sexy too). That is the problem. You only look superficially. I guess that makes sense because Eric IS superficial and only cares about himself and what he wants, and to h*ll with everyone else. I will never understand why some find this attractive. It scares me to think there are those that think what he does and how he behaves is ok.

  19. Dani says:

    Why is Lafayette the only one in character and the rest are the actors?

    • sadini says:

      Does Stephen Moyer talk with that accent in real life though?

      • southern bell says:

        Stephen is British and yes he talks normally with a sexy British accent. Very swoon worthy.

        But still, his slow southern drawl makes me melt into my shoes, Sookaye! :) No one says it better.

        Stephen is incredible. His being able to mimick many accents is just one indication of his many talents.

        I am in TB (Bill) withdrawal.

        Its waiting that sucks

  20. TB FanGirl says:

    I am an Eric lover all the way! But Bill and Jason’s accents made me swoon. Also I looove Jessica! SHe is super cute

  21. megan says:

    I cant pick a team…..i want em’ ALL!!! Theyr all sexy. If u take someone out, then it just aint Tueblood. The show is awesome…..Go team Trueblood!!!!

  22. Belle says:

    I just love Bills character and I believe he will always be the true soulmate of Sookies. But to cause drama we need then apart for now and for others to step in.
    Stephen is also an amazing actor and I think he is wonderful as Bill. So much talent!

    • Mary Lee says:

      You should really read the books.

      • iamtrue2bill says:

        Those who love TB the show, and have not, and may not ever, read the books, have the right to enjoy the show for what it is – another Alan Ball creative milestone! Alan Ball bought the rights from Ms. Harris because he saw the basis for a series. But HE created the series. He made the series his own, and never intended to make them a verbatim copy of the books. If he had, he probably would have called the show “Sookie Stackhouse’s Vampires.”
        I am so glad he is following his vision. It is wonderful, just wonderful!

      • Belle says:

        Ive read ALL the books and Bill has always been there for Sookie. She always thinks of him and looks for him when she is scared, emotional or in need. He has never used her or hurt her intentionally. Have you read the last book, Dead Reckoning? Obviously not if you still like Eric. So take your own advice and read the last book.

        Bill, Sookies true lover, and most importantly, true friend.

        • Darla S says:

          Bill never hurt Sookie intentionally? Oh honey what you been reading?
          -I hoped Bill wouldn’t pinch my arm off.
          -I’d have a big bruise the next day.
          -Bill gripped me by the elbow forcefully. Ouch, I thought. I’d had about enough of that.
          [then ];
          -As I comprehended my own danger, Bill gripped my upper arms.He pulled me to him slowly.There was no point in struggling, in fact I sensed that would only excite Bill more.Bill held me about an inch from him, I could almost smell his skin, and I could feel the turmoil in him. I could taste his rage….
          The next moment his teeth grazed my shoulder,and his body hard and rigid and ready “shoved me so forcefully” I was suddenly on my back in the mud.He slid directly into me as if he was trying to reach through me to the soil.I thought I would be plowed into this mud, into my grave.His fangs sank into my neck.
          I had thought he might kill me without meaning to.

          So what is hot about thinking your going to die by your lovers hand?
          This is book ONE people. Sheesh take of your rose colored TB glasses.

          Book 5 DAAAD;
          -Book 5
          Bill reached behind him to catch my wrists in his hands and he began twisting.
          I choked with pain.
          Both my arms were about to break when Sam took the opportunity to sock Bill in the jaw with all his power.

          No need to even mention the trunk scene “rape and draining” in book 3.It just never ends. Bill has hurt Sookie plenty, without being starved. End the excuses. Bill is just impulsive, young and angry.
          Eric is elder and superior in every way. Deal with it.

          • fangbanger says:

            EXACTLY. I wish Eric would just rip Bill’s deceitful heart out already.

          • sassymae says:

            Fangbanger has already called Eric a douche.
            I dont need to be as sad as you and list all of Erics crimes. Dont have that kind of time. LMAO

            Bill is Sookies true lover and friend. No rose colored glasses here.

            Oh gosh, cant resist,how bout just a few,

            Eric beat Pam to a bloody pulp instead of letting her tell Sookie his lie, oh excuse me, he is always straightforward.Hahaha
            Sookie was hurt while they were fighting like children, oh excuse me again, like SUPERIOR children. LOL Why didnt Eric just command Pam to stop? Superior huh, LMAO.

            Eric tricked her in to drinking his blood, a vampire marriage and he has been spying on her since before Bill. He wants her to quit her job and he hates all her friends and vice versa.

            Sookie to Bill in DAG,

            “As I watched Bill, waiting with apparent calm for death to come to him, I had a flash of him as I’d known him: the first vampire I’d ever met, the first man I’d ever gone to bed with, the first suitor I’d ever loved. Everything that followed had tainted those memories, but for one moment I saw him clearly, and loved him again.”


          • sassymae says:

            Hey fangbanger, since eric is ancient, his decietful heart can go first. Gotta respect your elders now.

            Boy you are sure afraid of younger Bill arent ya? LMAO

  23. DJ says:

    why is Lafayette in character but no one else is? lol hmmmmmm

  24. Rhia says:

    First of all…warning to the wise don’t drink anything while you watch this because you will choke. Second of all… Hilarious!

  25. tbwyeah says:

    Haha, that was cute.
    Stephen is a sexy brit. He has my loyalty.

  26. sharon pence says:

    Team BILL he is a lovely human , very fine actor and freakin awesome Vamp. Love me some Stephen. Lucky Anna.

  27. Fleur says:

    I am Bill team, he is the most interesting character of true blood whether it is in the series or in the books(pounds). And yes! He(it) is can be less present in books(pounds) but every time his(her,its) participation puts back(hands) a little of interest to the history(story) which would be very sad and flat without him. When in the series he is the symbolic central figure and who sets the tone in the history(story). Eric / Sookie for me has no interest lives the Bill team

  28. MNB28 says:

    OOOOOOOO Stephen is so cute and sexy.

  29. Dot In Kansas says:

    Egads!! I’ve got TB-WITHDRAWL!! Last nights dream of a wolf
    called “Elungudrun” was pure pleasure. (Ok, it’s my dream plane.)
    Honestly, I just like all charac’s of TB!! Here’s to howling-on-the-front-lawn-at-midnight!!
    Bite U Soon!!

  30. Darla S. says:

    SSN Bill lies to her, disrespects her, cheats on her, rapes her, betrays her. Then uses Selah and Judith as the backdrop to profess his love to Sookie.Seriously Bill wtf? Misogyny at its finest.

    Sookie will never end up with Bill. We all know it. CH confirmed it.
    If they took Beehl’s character just as he was from the books there is no way the audience would have been glamoured into thinking Beehl was a serious contender. Bill was already abusive to Sookie in Book ONE.

    Sookie may or may not end up with Eric, Dont really care. But it will never be Bill. CH is not going to put her heroic protagonist with her rapist. NFW.

    • sassymae says:

      You all fall on the delusion that it is was rape cuz you have nothing else to go on. So sad.
      Eric has been the one to trick Sookie in to everything. And he does it all on his own, no orders necessary. The bond is gone baby and I think soon Eric will be. For Sookie to end up with Eric is like for her to be a battered woman with out a voice. Somehow I dont see Charlaine wanting Sookie to end up like that.
      Bill has always been Sookies friend if nothing else. He would always be her friend. I can never see Eric just being her friend. He hurts her when she doesnt agree with him. Some friend.
      Bill would love her unconditionally, Eric would always have conditions.
      I could be content with someone like Sam with Sookie but Eric? Heck no.

      • cydney says:

        wow do you have a life… it seems like all you do is come on here everyday and try to bash everyone who has a different opinion than yours….you certainly pegged your name right. why dont you calm down and just enjoy the show. its people like you that give this show a bad name. maybe you should be watching twilight.

        • Belle says:

          Where is the bashing? did you actually read some of the comments she was responding to? sasymae has an opinion just like the others. In fact it has been mentioned already that the bashing started with a eric fan. So why dont you comment on their bashing as well?

          I love True Blood and I love Bill Compton. Others here have said that and have been replied to by nasty opinions. So look to your own fan base and stop pointing fingers.

  31. Juliet says:

    Sassymae you are adoreable. Everything you said was perfect.
    I love Bill and he is not going anywhere thank god.

    Alan Ball chose his two leads well. Stephen has also called Anna and himself the leads of the show.

    I just heard that Stephen and Anna are on the Emmy ballots for best actor and actress. Many of the remaining cast are up for best supporting.
    I wish the best to them all.

  32. Tina says:

    Bill is the best. He loves Sookie for Sookie and never uses her.
    And Stepehn is so handsome. He takes my breath away.

  33. glamoured says:


  34. Mary says:


  35. Mischa Denmark says:

    Bill and Eric can be as deceitful, mean, selfish and vicious as they like – I don’t care about their personalities…. I only want to use them for sex!! : )

  36. gracie says:

    it is Bill for me, he is very beautiful and i loive him. he loves sookie with very much heart and he fights for her. he is sexy and lover.

  37. christelle says:

    where is eric ??????????????????????,

  38. Mel says:

    To the Real true blood fans hung up on Bill Compton, if you read the books you would not think of him as such an awesome guy Eric has been true to Sookie all along. He never threw her in a dungeon or gave her to russell Sookie was actually staked trying to save Russell from the FotS(fellowship of the sun) And Eric saves her again! And also the whole thing where bill staked longshadow to save Sookie didn’t happen, Eric originally takes out longshadow to save sookie, if you would read the books you wouldn’t have have the respect for Bill and You would know that Eric has always been there for Sookie and that is why I respect Eric! SCREW BILL!!!

    • Janae says:

      Then dont comment on True Blood if you dont like it. Go comment on the books.
      Even So, Bill is the better man in the books anyways. Have you read Dead Reckoning? LOL Eric tricks, lies, uses, and controls Sookie. He needed a blood bond to keep her yoked to him.

      Bill rules as the true friend to Sookie. Next to Sam.

      I think an eric fan here already called him a douche, I agree.

    • TBBlvr says:

      Bill almost died from silver poisoning when he saved Sookie from terrible torture at the hands of the evil faery. Where was Eric? He was playing the political game with Victor. All Eric did was make a phone call while Sookie was being mutilated.
      Bill is the true hero, he has said many times he would die for Sookie, Eric has never said it.

      Luv you Bill.

  39. luvbill2 says:

    luv Bill 2

  40. makayla says:

    I used to be team bill! but some hoe i switch to team eric i mean come on look at him! hot!

  41. Alice says:

    Team Pam. Which I guess makes me Team Eric since without an Eric, Pam wouldn’t be around to have some of the best lines in the books and the show. And her reaction to Sookie and Eric is usually so fun, she likes how it keeps Eric off his feet. I just wish you saw more of her dressed “like a kindergarten” teacher as she is described in the books. The contrast was always such fun.

  42. cydney says:

    that was @sassymae by the way. not darla S.

  43. Alexandria says:

    Um, whoever’s team you are on (team thing, lame) this is the season Eric and Sookie get totally valid to ask ‘where Eric is’. He is the only main character missing from this ‘ad’ – his absence is noteable. The actors are all great, but Alexander Skarsgard is a huge up and coming actor and he does an amazing job with Eric…maybe he is just getting too busy for TB. I wonder if that means AB will try to kill him off? TB without Eric/Alex? I don’t think so…

    • ASkars Lover says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!! He is definetly on his way to becoming a “household name” and has certainly earned it, not only playing Eric, but in everything else he’s ever been in! It’s always sad to see anything True Blood related with out him in it even for a second, but he’s just too “in demand” right now to be there for everything that he’s envolved in. And if they ever killed off Eric I would never be able to watch it again! Just thinking about the possability of that gives me nightmares, so please don’t even think that again let alone mention it!

  44. ASkars Lover says:

    I feel really bad for all you “Team Bill” people. You are going to be SOOO VERY disappointed this season!!! Eric is the only thing that I’m withdrawing from!

    • BBB says:

      I am ALL THE WAY TEAM BILL and I will not be dissappointed at all this season. Bill is going to have a HUGE storyline and it will be all new(most of you are dissappointed he is not going to Peru, cant to that with the lead, unless everyone else goes along too ;)).
      I have no problem with the eric amnesia story, everyone knows its happening, nothing new there. in the books it is the only way Sookie could ever care for Eric, for him to become a different person. But it wont last. It will cause great drama though. No problem at all. But we know who her real soulmate is and it is not Eric, the one who took pleaure in physically hurting her in the end of the last book.
      And the books are finally revealing that too. Its just taking longer. He couldnt keep her controlled forever by drugging her with blood, the bond and sex. Good for Amelia to step up and help. And good for Bill for being her real friend.

  45. Ducky says:

    It would have been cool/hot to see Eric/Alex do the TVW promotion. LOL!!! I would have loved that. But I liked it anyway. Such a creative way too.

    Also…I wanted to point out that the arguing going back and forth about team Bill and Eric, while it is fun to read I will admit is kinda confusing me. True Blood and Sookie Stackhouse Novels are two diffrent things. The character Eric in the book is diffrent from the one in the show, and same goes for Bill. So if your going to make a remark on someone elses favorite, shouldnt you use only things that happend in the show if they are talking about True Blood.

    Not trying to start anything by any means just pointing out that some are blaming (Show)Bill for things (Book)Bill did and same for Eric.

    I am a fan of the show True Blood. I Like Eric, Pam, and Jessica the most. :)

  46. jenniwin says:

    I think there seems to be a war going on between True Blood fans whom have not read the books and those that have. If you have, then you know there’s a many more examples of Bill being deceitful in the books, and while Eric may not tell the whole truth, he’s always honest with Sookie and always give her whatever she may need, where Bill is fairly clueless in that area, (not sexually… in other ways, haha.) I think that’s where the big bias comes from IMO. I am definitely an Eric lover because of the books… then Alexander Skarsgard is cast… I hate the Twilight-ish terms, but yeah, Team Eric all the way.

    • TBBlver says:

      You are wrong jenniwin, If you want to talk books, you make a false assumption that Bill lovers have not read the books.

      In the books Eric has lied to Sookie a heck of a lot more then Bill ever did, and Bill was ordered to do things where Eric does things on his own.
      Eric has lied to Sookie from the beginning. He has been spying on her and he lied to her about dying and sucking the bullets, about a vampire marriage and also about being betrothed. I am sure I mmissed others too.
      so the term always honest is really just a joke, why dont you see that?
      I am a Bill lover from the books and the show.
      Go Bill!

  47. Belinda says:

    Im Team Yvetta!
    The very intelligent cardiologist. I hope she comes back.
    She really knew the deal. 6 hours of monkey sex didnt sway this smart cookie except to say,
    “big, blond, stupid, I hate”

    And what about Ginger? She has been a loyal servant. Taking care of all erics and Pams needs, and becoming a mindless pincushion, and what does she get? No consideration, nothing.
    Even Pam called Eric a Cold B*stard.

    So go Team Yvetta, Ginger, Sookie and YES Bill!

  48. Hotlanta says:

    I dont know who Sookie will end up with, but I can almost guarantee it will be a toss up between Sam and Eric.
    Eric has been Charlaine’s golden apple from book two onwards.(Yes – he brings in the money, and sadly he is even more popular than Sookie herself. Charlaine commented on this at ‘Boskone’ this year)
    Dead Until Dark was written as a stand alone book. CH has said that she began plotting the ending since ‘book 2.’ She planned to kill Bill in DAG (book 9), but with the popularity of TB her editors talked her out of it. I’m certain she will still give Bill an excellent ending when the series draws to a close in 2 yrs time.
    I’m sorry team Bill. It will never be Bill. There is way too much water under that bridge. First love yes, last love no.Sookie thinks of him fondly and always will, but as of now her great love is Eric.That could change, or it may not. Like it or not, that’s where we are at 11 books in.
    I know the things Eric and Bill(Alcide and Quinn) have done, and have discussed it at length. The difference is Sookie after 11 books has grown, and she isn’t running away but facing things head on. Finally.
    I like Bill, I really do. He deserves to be happy. So do all the characters.
    I went to a book signing in NYC in May and the fans were overwhelmingly Eric, and also suprisingly alot of Quinn fans were there as well.
    Ch has stated emphatically that she likes ALL her characters and none of them are all good or bad. They all add something to the story.
    What is sad is that many a Bill fan accused CH of ‘throwing Bill under a bus’ or she didnt get her own character right. Hated on the books and her writing and praised Alan Ball for getting it “Right”. So she throws some angst in between Eric and Sookie with a side of Sam, and gives the Bill fans a bone and suddenly the books are back on the Bill’s fans best seller’s list? Not very loyal to the creator much Bill fans.
    The books are great, and they always have been, regardless of individual characters and preferences. Its Sookie’s journey and her opinion is what counts.

    • VikingGrl says:

      Well said, Hotlanta! I like Bill too, but Eric is it. Now that the bond is broken (in the books) I think Sookie will realize how much she actually loves Eric. She’s always wondered how much of her feelings were the bond, and that needs to be answered. She’s going to have to let him go to the Queen of Oklahoma, or fight for him. Guess which one I think she’ll choose? Sookie doesn’t run or give up.
      I love both the books and the show. Each has something different to offer. I refuse to pick a team and be a tween about TB. It’s awesome and I CANNOT wait. Waiting does suck!

      • charity says:

        So the bond is broken and Eric is pissed because he cant control her anymore so he bites her to hurt her on purpose as a punishment and you think that she should still love him and fight for him? Whats next? He will beat her up? Would you want that for your self?
        You should really read DR again. I see a whole different possibility than you do.
        Bill, Sam or even Quinn is infinitely better than controlling Eric.

        You couldnt give me Eric.

        I would take Bill in a heartbeat.

  49. sierra says:

    i think shes gonna end up with bill b cuz in the 1st season bill came running in broad daylight for her and in season 2 eric tricked her to drinking his blood so he could get her and in the 3rd season told WEREWOLVES!!! to get bill so he could get her. My opinion is its sookies choice. but she will probably chose bill b cuz he is way to hot for her not to but if to eric. I swear i will quit watching then again i know she is going to get with bill they r perfect together.
    PERFECT so all you eric fans can suck it.HARD.

    • ASkars Lover says:


      In the first episode of season three, Eric to Ruben (Eric’s “daytime person”) to bring Bill to him. Not kill him!

  50. My Obsession says:

    I’m not going to knock Eric – Alex is a great actor and from what I’ve seen, a nice guy. That being said, it’s Bill/Stephen that I’m hot for. Always have and always will be Team Bill.