Chyler Leigh on Becoming the Grey in Grey's, the State of 'Mexie,' and Being a Heavenly Host

One of the things Grey’s Anatomy did with last month’s season finale was dump cold water on the Mark/Lexie push-pull romance. Sort of. Or maybe not really, to hear Chyler Leigh tell it. (Then again, that Jackson is such a perfect match…. Hmm.) TVLine welcomed an opportunity to speak with Leigh about the Grey’s season gone by, who in the “Mexie” mess actually needs to “grow up,” and the possibly very transitional season ahead for the ABC drama. Also: Leigh opens up about a cause very dear to her, and how with raindrops you can help fill buckets for people in need.

TVLINE | Grey’s sexualized Lexie up a bit this season — in the shower with Jackson, on the washing machine…. What was your comfort level with that?
You know, it’s an evolution…. On a personal standpoint, I trust the people I work with and always give that conversation beforehand – “Listen, if you start slipping me the tongue, we’re going to have an issue – know what I’m saying?” [Laughs] But as far as for Lexie, I think it’s really great. I was thinking about it a lot lately, the evolution of the character over the past five seasons now, and it’s been enormous. It’s been a slow process, but you’re really starting to see her become a woman and own up to who she is and be OK with that. In the long run, it will grow her up quite a bit.

TVLINE | [Series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] told me that when it comes to Mark, Lexie has some growing up to do — to which some fans argued that it’s he who does.
I say Mark, but you know — whatever!

TVLINE | How much do you think Lexie is sincerely digging Jackson, and how much do you think she likes him as a distraction from the Mark situation?
Well, it’s a complicated situation. As far as Jackson goes, they have so many similarities. They’re both very driven, they’re both up-and-coming in their careers, they’re into the same things… and there’s something that’s really refreshing about that for her. He obviously really cares about her, and she really cares about him, so there’s that blossoming of something new. But yeah, there is a distraction [element to it], something that sort of eases the pain of the whole Mark triangle situation, which is a really messed-up situation! It has been a couple of times now that he has, at least in her eyes, chosen somebody else or something else over a life with her, and that become a really big roadblock. Do they love each other? Yeah, and I think that’s an obvious thing. It’s one thing to love somebody, or be in love with somebody, or be purely heartbroken, and she’s walking a fine line of all three. It’s hard to balance on three ropes when you’ve only got two feet.

TVLINE | Even though she basically begged him to, do you think a part of Lexie winced when Mark agreed to step aside?
I was very careful in the way that I chose to play that, because I didn’t want there to be too much of her searching him, saying, “No, tell me to stay!” She had to make a decision for herself and say, “You know what, this isn’t where I’m at. I’m with somebody who makes me happy, and who I can see some sort of a future with and still be able to focus on my career and not have to worry about being some step-mom.”

Shonda Rhimes: Grey’s Anatomy Finale Sets Up What May Be Original Cast’s Final Run

TVLINE | Shonda also told me she’s approaching next season as quite possibly the show’s last with the original cast members. How does that weigh on people such as you, Jesse Williams…?
The great thing about the show in general is that it has so much legroom to continue to grow. You can continually bring in new characters, so it’s an ER situation in a sense. There’s always someone coming in, the prospect of interns, the residents now having interns, which we really haven’t gotten to see yet…. There’s a lot of room for new storylines and growth. I can represent the Grey [in Grey’s Anatomy], I’m not going anywhere!

TVLINE | Yes, you told me a year and a half ago you’d be up for that, if Ellen Pompeo ever left.
I would. But it is all still very up in the air. I personally don’t know anything about who’s going to stay, who’s going to go, where everybody is with that. But I know certain individuals who would stay, for sure.

TVLINE | If this does turn out to be Ellen’s final season, would you hope for a big storyline for the sisters?
Oh, absolutely. I love working with Ellen and I really appreciate when we get a chance to do that. There’s been a lot of growth in their relationship, and a lot of the stuff that happened in the more recent episodes – like when Thatcher showed up with the young girlfriend, awkward! – it was a really good chance for Meredith to say, “Hey, grow up about this whole thing and appreciate it for what it is.” There were a lot of great moments for the two of them, and I always like furthering that relationship.

Exclusive: Ellen Pompeo Opens Up About Her Uncertain Grey’s Future and Likely Successor

TVLINE | On June 28, you’re cohosting the second annual Thirst Project Gala. How did you first get involved with that cause?
Seth Maxwell, who developed Thirst Project, is an incredibly charismatic and energetic person — infectiously so — in the sense that he is so passionate about raising awareness about the need for water in Africa. He has done tremendous work on college campuses, working with students to make the awareness come through the younger generation, which is extraordinarily important. I met Seth when he was just starting everything, and my husband and I loved the cause, plus Seth has such a huge heart for Africa and the dire needs of 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water. I don’t think people understand the statistics of just how many people that is. My husband and I have funded several wells, and when I see pictures of child drinking from those wells, I start crying. How simple a thing that is, clean water — and we take it for granted.

TVLINE | What can someone reading this interview do to help?
The best thing they can do if they want to know more or get involved is to go to ThirstProject.org and get yourself familiar with the need and the cause and see all the amazing work Seth has done. One of the things Seth did when he went to college campuses is say, “If everyone on this campus gave literally just a dollar, we could fund a well.” When people understand that it’s actually not that far out of reach, they can spread awareness.

TVLINE | And to cohost, you brought one of your friends, J.R. Bourne (MTV’s Teen Wolf), into the fold.
Oh my god, he is just an unbelievable human being. He and my husband worked together on a film years ago, and now J.R. is on Teen Wolf, so when the question of who could cohost this thing came up, my husband said to Seth, “You’ve gotta meet J.R.” And J.R. was like, “Absolutely. I am in.”

TVLINE | I saw the promo you two taped and 1) it’s clever, and 2) you look amazing in it.
Oh, geesh, thanks! I was really happy when we got to do that. We had such a great time shooting it.

TVLINE | Anything else going on this summer?
Just hanging out with family — my kids keep me busy enough! We’re trying to plan a trip to Disneyland. The kids absolutely love it and I’ll be honest — I love it. Part of the deal when we go is that after the kids go to bed, my husband and I go out to ride some of the rides. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What about a summertime guest star gig? Can’t you pop up on one of the hot cable shows, like White Collar, The Closer…?
That’s a really good question! I love White Collar — I think that’s a really smart show, and Matt Bomer is really good. I would do any of them, for sure. If you can pull any strings for me…!

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  1. Lori says:

    I think I’m in the minority, but because the guy who plays Mark is such an awful actor, I never cared about him and Lexie. Jesse is so much hotter and he and Lexie are hotter as a couple.

    • sarah says:

      No, you’re not. I used to like Mark and Lexie but don’t anymore. He’s shown that he only cares about Lexie after. After he’s decided to give up his grandchild rather than raise it, after he’s impregnated his best friend, after she starts dating someone else.

      • Coquillas says:

        Well, you got a point. But still, I hate that every one makes Mark out to be the bad guy. Last time with Sloane, he acted awkward and I hated him for quite a long time. This time, it’s not his fault after all. He slept with Callie cause she asked him to, and he did it while Lexie and he were broken up. A few epsiodes before, Lexie told him to leave her alone, and that’s what he did. People shouldn’t hate him for sleeping with Callie. Then again, it’s not his fault that Callie was pregnant. He decided to do the right thing, to be there for his child. He told Lexie. Okay, he was kind of lame breaking the news to her, but I still don’t think she should’ve run away immediately and jump into bed with the next guy she meets, in this case Jackson. She basically did the same thing she did last year. Which showed ro me that she didn’t grow up. But in contrast to Chyler I think that Mark made his part of growing up. He didn’t sleep with anyone since Lexie left him. And it’s not like he only cares about Lexie after. He left her alone, cause he knew that she didn’t want to talk to him. Not because he doesn’t love her. In the finale he let her go, because he loves her enough to want her to be happy, even if it means he’s not part of it. Which is why, after all, I ship Mark and Lexie.

        • Spoilerqueen says:

          I couldn’t have said it better. Jackson and Lexie are just kind of meeehhh. Mark and Lexie all the way!

        • sarah says:

          I do dislike him for sleeping with Callie. Because when your friend is drunk and in pain, you should not sleep with them. Saying ‘NO’ would have shown some real growth but instead he slept with his best friend whom Lexie had been extremely insecure about and with his other best friend’s sister. He needs to grow up a lot more than Lexie.

        • Lisha says:

          I totally agree, Lexie doesn’t seem as ‘in love’ with Jackson as she did with Mark, there relationship just seems blahhhh. I really hope that Mark and Lexie can be together, it’s what i’m waiting for.

    • Karrie says:

      I absolutely love Jessie (he’s the REAL McHottie) & Lexie and hated Mark & Lexie from the beginning! I wanted Mark & Callie to be together as they have such amazing chemistry together but instead Shonda had to make her gay! When Lexie first came onto the scene, I didn’t like her but now I love her!

      • LittleMo says:

        Lexie belong with Mark and only Mark and always has. The differences between them are what makes them fit so well. Lexie and Jackson are TOO similar to ever work as a viable couple. They are almost mirror images and that makes for one “fused” person and really no “couple.” However, I DO blame Mark for what he did with Callie. I don’t care what callie asked him to do and the fact that Lexie told him to leave her alone isnn’t relavent, either. During that entire time, Mark was supposedly working to get Lexie back, telling her he loves her, etc. and while he’s doing that, he sleeps with callie and knocks her up? Mark is the one in the wrong – completely in the wrong. He and callie do not have that “something special,” never have, and never will.

    • Greta says:

      So you’re saying Jesse is an amazing actor? IMO, his character has zero depth and is completely uninteresting, in contrast to Mark. I agree that he should grow up, but I also think Lexie has some growing up to do. Btw, Jackson/Lexie don’t have a storyline except the triangle. It clearly shows how serious this ‘relationship’ is.

  2. Michelle says:

    I hate to be that person, but I don’t think that Grey’s is like ER. I like Lexie, but I don’t think you can plug one Grey in for another. Once Ellen goes, Grey’s is over for me. I signed on for the Meredith Grey (and the rest of her fellow interns) story. Period. I don’t care enough about the newer characters to continue watching sans Ellen, Patrick, Sandra, et al.

    • Tina says:

      Well said.
      no Ellen Pompeo, no Meredith Grey or MerDer or Cristina the show is dead. more honorable to end it with them.

        • Liz says:

          Amen to that.

          • Gladys says:

            Well said! No Ellen, or Patrick or Sandra…No more Grey’s Anatomy. I watched since the beginning for this people, I’ll stop watching when the story of this people is finished. Don’t care about the new additions to the show. I don’t see nor feel the chemistry between Mark and Lexie. Grey’s Anatomy is not ER. it’s not the same and I doubt adding new people would help in prolonging the life of the show, indeed I don’t see viewers growing, people are leaving because the new people arent interesting enough while the story of the originals is shoved in the backburn. I think the show should end whi,e is still salvatable and not when everybody asked why on earth the show is still on air. JMO!

      • Lexi says:

        You’re absolutely right!

    • melissa says:

      completely agree. I do like Karev and Bailey but considering the show has already gone so far downhill BEFORE the addition of a whole new cast I doubt it could last that type of change.

    • Rowan says:

      Agreed. And I don’t think that Lexie’s character is interesting enough to be the new “Grey.” Meredith is a hot mess – and that’s what makes her interesting. She’s awash with contradictions and neuroses and while a very intelligent and talent doctor, she makes ridiculous decisions and receives the fallout. Regardless of Derek’s love for her she remains broken emotionally. That’s what makes her a great character. Lexie is well-adjusted and normal with only a slight amount issues and that equals a boring main character. She is neither a catalyst, nor does she provide the glue to bring the other characters together the way Meredith does.

      Perhaps it is better for the show to go out with an 8 year, mostly stellar run than peter out slowly and have people talk about how great it used to be.

      • LittleMo says:

        As a Mark/Lexie fan after what has happened to them, I quit watching and just keep up with spoiler sites like this one but for the MerDer fans their couple has gotten royally screwed the last 1-1/2 years, too. In fact, nearly everybody has been put on a back burner somewhere to some degree so SR could showcase the callie and arizone show. When I was still watching regularly I remember thinking that it seemed like so many of the original characters had become almost inconsequential that it was like you weren’t watching the same show anymore. For those who watch it made it through season 7 and was renewed for season 8 so maybe it would survive without the original cast. I was hoping Shonda would have put mark and Lexie back together as she was supposed to but I guess not.

    • Michael says:

      I’ll wait and see. I love Chyler and, while Merideth has always been my favorite character on the show and the one with whom I’ve always related most, I’ll give it a chance should Ellen choose to leave.

    • Pro Ellen Pompeo says:

      I agree. If Ellen Pompeo (and Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh) leave I won’t watch it anymore.

  3. A real fan says:

    With all respect to CHYLER but when Ellen Pompeo leaves no one can ever fill those huge shoes of Meredith Grey, the heart and soul of the show. the show might go on but it wont have many viewers thats for sure.
    The show was never and is never going to be like ER, Grey’s was and is from Meredith point of view, and shes the center that holds all the characters on the show, So if Ellen leaves, the show will be empty in a sense no matter how many new characters you add. No Ellen Pompeo will simply mean no Grey’s Anatomy for more than 15million viewers. With no MerDer also… the show will crash. ABC wont keep it on air with 5mil viewers and less.

    I think it would be greater if they end the show with the original cast leaving. keep it original, end it on a high note as the great show it once was. The Meredith Grey story…

  4. Lauren says:

    I think I’d probably keep watching as long as one of the original interns was on it – Christina, Alex, Meredith. If all of them left, joining George and Izzie, then I’m gone. Although it all depends on the writing. I stopped watching after the trainwreck of season 4 for ages, but when I started catching up and watching season 5 again I loved it. But I really don’t like Mark and Lexie together, they’re very meh for me. I quite like April and I want her to get a good storyline/romance. I wish that Reed had stayed, I loved her as well. Her and April together gave me Everwood flashbacks, which is always a good thing.

  5. Jim says:

    Chyler is a great talent but the problem is that she is too beautiful and she is hard to relate to.. Ellen is more childlike and more middle America. Cute with just a dash of frump I’m gay and the whole calzona thing made me tune out. It’s time Shonda called it a day. It is better to go out near the top than like ER which was like “is that show still on?”.

  6. Nina says:

    Now lexie is great but the series def loses something when Meredith goes…we watche mer rly grow up an overcome her mother and fight for der and not be “dark and twisty” while lexie has just grown up regular with a little drama like losing her perfect mom or meeting her not so perfect sister….def not like ER, unless u compare the loss of dr Greene when the show slid down down down…

  7. Aiya says:

    Grey’a Anatomy are Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, they are the heart of the show, (and Shonda Rhimes, they deserve to be happy). If Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey leave I think the life of Grey’s will be very short … but … I also believe 8th Season will be the last.

  8. lili says:

    No Meredith Grey, no Grey’s Anatomy for me. But I do hope Ellen leaves after Season 8. I really want to see her do movies!!

  9. Carly says:

    I think people are being ridiculous saying it would be nothing without Ellen Pompeo. I love her but there are so many other great actors on the show. There hasn’t been much discussion of Justin Chambers or Sandra Oh leaving as of now (yeah, they have real names by the way, Grey’s isn’t real) and how can you not want to stick around for Chandra Wilson? No one would be pleased if they ended it and the storyline didn’t close for every single character. Grey’s could go on for a very long time if people realized that there was more to the show then Meredith Grey drowning herself over a guy for what seemed like three seasons straight. No one has been pleased because there wasn’t enough circulating around Meredith and Derek. God forbid a character be happy and that be the end of it…

    I would love for Grey’s to continue. Let those who wish to move on do so and those who love their job try and make it even better.

    • Amanda says:

      I completely agree Carly! I would definitely keep watching. I like the entire cast. There is plenty left to tell with Alex, Bailey and everyone else.

      • Mus says:

        Its not about the story lines. I’ve been watching this for seven years and i have complete faith in shonda rhimes that she’ll bring great story lines. Its about leading the show. Chyler just cant do that, have a whole show to run. Plus lexie no matter how Grey she gets she will never ever have the dark twisted like able quality which Meredith has and the absence of a major love interest (McDreamy in this case) will just make it stagnant.
        Chandra and justin are both original characters and wouldn’t ever just abandon their original cast mates for just having a show to be on. Chandra is a wonderful actress and is very much invested in theater.
        Its been a great 8 years and to end it on a high note rather on a low would be the only sensible choice.

        • Carly says:

          I wasn’t aware you had to be a depressed, mopey girl to be a lead on a television show. And the absence of a major love interest? Have you even been watching Grey’s? Lexie has 2 interests right now, because we all how Lexie and Mark aren’t over. And as writers, I feel like they can develop the show even more. Chyler wouldn’t be holding the show only on her shoulders, she has CO-STARS just as Ellen Pompeo did. Was everyone this angry when Katherine Heigl got as much screen time as Ellen with the Denny thing? Meredith being annoying over boys < a real storyline about love and loss. Sheesh guys.

          Also, James Pickens Jr. has been on the whole time. So there are at least 3 who haven't said they're leaving yet. Plus all the new awesome characters. I don't understand why people are so shut out of the idea of the show surrounding multiple people.

          • timshel says:

            Great comments Carly. I agree with everything you’ve said. It’s always been an ensemble, full of great characters and actors. The show never came off to me as a show centered solely around Meredith, so I can see enjoying the show if she were to leave.

  10. Bridget says:

    I’m not shocked Chyler will stay past season 8 she has a family to support after all but I don’t think she can the lead like Ellen and Mer and I agree with those who said GA isn’t ER and it has a much weak writing and I don’t surviving if the originals left looking at the season finale ratings they didn’t get to 10 Millions ouch.
    Anyway I won’t watch the show without Ellen and Mer so I don’t find myself caring.

  11. Jen says:

    I really like Chyler Leigh and the character of Lexie but she is NOT Ellen Pompeo and she cannot replace Ellen Pompeo OR Patrick Dempsey! If Grey’s Anatomy is going to survive past season 8 then they MUST HAVE Ellen AND Patrick! I will not watch without them! If they leave then just cancel the show and end it gracefully!

  12. tas says:

    I totally love grays anatomy but I’d stop watching if the original cast left… Lexie is awsum bt she aint no meredith…ther can never b another cristina, alex, mcdreamy or mcsteamy. If they cut them from the show it will b the end of greys…

  13. Kelli says:

    Lexie has grown into one of my favorite characters on the show. If Ellen chooses to leave the show remains the ensemble that it is today. Meredith/Ellen haven’t “lead” the show since early season 3 anyway – the story can be split among the cast and there’s still a Grey for the title. There are plenty of good actors and characters if Ellen chooses to leave.

  14. Sarah says:

    I like Lexie as a supporting character but she’s not a lead material and she can never replace Meredith GREY. What can they do to her they’ve not done to Meredith for 7 seasons? They already repeating SL’s that they’ve done to Mer.

    Saying that when Ellen/Patrick leave (also Patrick) I guess even Sandra. Grey’s is gonna lose MerDer, MerCris (which for Shonda they are the love story of the show) and lots of other relationships of the show. They should end Grey’s after S8 and end it on a high note.

  15. Dominique says:

    Chyler Leigh is such a gorgeous, wonderful person and I flove Lexie so much.
    I do agree with others here that Grey’s is NOTHING like ER. I think the biggest reason for this is that over the last three seasons, they’ve added too many characters at once and shifted it’s focus to all of them, and we hardly get to see any of the orginal characters anymore. Shonda should’ve done this more carefully, more slowly.

    I do think Chyler/Lexie can take over at one point as the Grey on the show, because Lexie IS a relatable character (I don’t really understand why anyone would say she isn’t). She may not be screwed up like Mer, but she’s still very much relatable.

    And I love Lexie with Jackson, and think the days that Mark deserved being with her are over. He HAS always chosen everyone and everything over Lexie, and didn’t start caring about her and her feelings again until it was too late.

  16. Smriti says:

    Chyler I seriously ADORE you and Lexie has been a damn good addition to the show but honey no way in hell can you be the Grey’s in Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t get it when will people understand that its not about having the same last name. Meredith represents the Grey’s in GA or rather GA was called Grey’s coz its HER FREAKING STORY. she is the dmaned voice. the damned heart and soul. We audience all through these years have been seeing HER story. Infact all the other characters’ stories too are told from HER pov. Thats why characters who don’t fall in her frame of picture kind of tend to be rather useless or at least they FEEL useless inspite of all of Shonda’s efforts to sell them. This is Mer’s story honey and no matter how many x y z people u bring with the Grey title you cannot and you so CANNOT be THE THE Grey. And I am sorry Grey’s is nothing like ER, ER never had one focal point but Grey’s be it all and end it all ALWAYS has been Mer, so ideally it should just end with Mer and MerDer.

    But looks like Shonda Rhimes is hell bent on continuing well good luck with that for me the series is ending with Patrick and Ellen and hopefully Sandra too. and I guess by the way things are looking its useless to even expect a beautiful send off to these legends. because Shonda most likely might spend the whole o next season making Lexie the Grey’s in GA…lmao good luck with that dahling…gags

    And honestly Chyler i know you are desperate to get into Mer’s or rather Ellen’s shoes but honey hold on just a little bit longer will you? She still has one whole season in the running…just saying:-)

  17. Jackie says:

    If Sandra Oh stays and Ellen/Patrick leave I would still watch. If fact I’d be happy. Minority opinion: I hate the Mer/Cris friendship and I would love for Cristina to have scenes with other people. One of the things I liked about season 7 is that Cristina interacted with other people instead of just listening to Meredith complain. Mer/Cris started off as great friendship but for the past few seasons its been overkill and a complete dysfunction.

    As for Lexie, I find her more relatable than Meredith. I find nothing about a women in her late 30s who insists on living in a group home with her friends, who sees only the bad in her life, who has zero appreciation for the good she does have in her life and who has everything handed to her as someone I can relate to.

  18. Mary says:

    It’s horrible to think that Grey’s Anatomy is like ER. Without Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson will show that a poorly told joke! Ellen Pompeo is essential to this show! Meredith Grey is the heart!

  19. Stacy says:

    ” GA was called Grey’s coz its HER FREAKING STORY. ” The network named the show Grey’s Anatomy just weeks before it aired. The show (according to the official description @ ABC) is about a group of doctors.

    • Smriti says:

      Well s far as my memory goes that “group” certainly wasn’t Lexie/April/Jackson/Owen/Teddy/Callie/Arizona etc etc etc

      and seirously I don’t want to start this debate as to who is the lead who not because some fans out here are delusional and they love staying in their delusion, so I would rather let them, but tis a relief that mostly the world out there KNOWS Mer and MerDer are THE freaking life.soul/heart/glue/core/rock call it whatever. they are THAT to the show <33

      • Cindy says:

        Because calling fans “delusional” is NOT starting things up at all is it? LoL Sure you’re not trying to start things up. Fans aren’t “delusional” to like a lead actress or actor. It’s OBVIOUS who you are liking just by your post, so maybe you should avoid calling names and pointing fingers if you REALLY aren’t trying to start thing sup huh?

      • jules says:

        @Smriti – you sound like the delusional one. It’s been an ensemble show since the beginning with Meredith narrating it. It’s just a larger ensemble now than it was in the beginning. It was never just about Meredith – it was about Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie, Alex, Bailey, Burke and Derek. The ensemble has changed over the years. The Grey is Grey’s Anatomy is a play on a popular med school text book “Gray’s Anatomy.”

  20. Alberto says:

    I LOVE Mexie. I like Jackson, and I like him with Lexie… But Mexie is one of THE couples of the show! Like Meredith&Derek, or Arizona&Callie… They are meant to be together, they belong together!!

    • Sunshine says:

      Agreed! Mark & Lexie are perfect.

    • sarah says:

      Meh. That he can’t keep it in his pants even when he should and now Lexie has the decision to be a parent to two already existing characters makes me doubt that they’re made for each other.

  21. Sammy says:

    Well there’s a reason why Ellen and also Patrick do the promotion, magazines and bunch of interviews and why are they the highest paid actors on the show ;) Ellen more than Patrick even.

    I really don’t care if Lexie Grey will be the Grey and continue GA with the supporting characters, I’m done when Patrick and Ellen leave.

  22. Esta says:

    I am so confused, do people think that badmouthing Chyler/Lexie will change Ellen Pompeo’s mind or change Shonda Rhymes’ mind? Is that how message boards work, they are that powerful? I agree that a Grey’s without Meredith/Ellen/Dempsey will be very different, but why the hatorade in advance? Why get yourselves riled up for what will be a long season to go??

    • timshel says:

      Such a mature, well written comment. So rare in these parts. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said. People get riled up way too soon.

  23. Ana says:

    Chyler looks like a really nice person but forget it. The moment that PD or EP sign out, so do I. Not interested in Lexie Grey and the trail of boring characters that the show has right now. For me, PD, EP & SO make the show. Once they are out, I have no real incentive to even watch while these three are on, once they are out? That’s it. You are no Grey Lexie, no matter how much it’s told.

  24. Honey says:

    Well, I love Lexie’s character and Chyler’s an amazing actor, but I agree that she show shouldn’t continue without Ellen and Patrick. They are the reason the show got this popular. It’s kind of their show, even if Shonda prefers focusing on Calzona lately (which kinda sucks if you ask me – enough is enough). That’s why I think it should also end with them. On top of that, Grey’s is getting worse and worse. I still enjoy watching it, but the writing is pretty lame and predictable.
    Which is shown by the Lexie/Mark/Jackson triangle. Honestly, I never really cared for Mark and Lexie, but since Lexie’s with Jackson, I’m all for Mark and Lexie. It’s not like Chyler doesn’t have chemistry with Jackson, but her and Mark have been through so much and they love each other. This is why I really don’t get why they’re dragging this triangle out to next season. It’s annoying and the Mark/Lexie shippers who we all now are in the majority, will stop watching at some point, because this whole storyline with Mark/Lexie is pretty messed up. They built their relationship throughout the whole season 7, just to let Lexie stay with Jackson. And these two? I can’t stand them on my screen much longer. Their relationship is such a cliché. Like Chyler said, they are at the same places in their lives and vice versa. You know what it makes them? Boring. And if Shonda tries to give them an actual storyline next season which isn’t including Mark, I’m definitely gonna give up hope that Grey’s is ever gonna be good again.

    • Lara says:

      I agree with everything you said. I really like Lexie, but the show shouldn’t go on without Meredith and Derek.
      About the Mark/Lexie/Jackson thing – Mark & Lexie all the way! I don’t believe that Lexie will ever fall out of love with Mark. Season 5 to 7 made pretty clear to me that they’re meant to be together. But you never know with Shonda…

  25. Jessica says:

    Could Mitovich pimp this actress out any more than he already has? I cringed a little when he couldn’t wait to tell Ellen Pompeo that Chyler Leigh was ready to take over Grey’s when she left. He told the “fake” Lauren Stamile on Twitter it would be great if she came back with Derek’s kid, and here is YET another Chyler “takes over” Grey’s piece from him…Is it Meredith Grey the character or Ellen Pompeo in general this guy hates? Either way, though I like Chyler Leigh, I cannot for the life of me stomach Lexie Grey’s Anatomy and her “over eagerness” to become the new GREY is unnerving as well. We get it, she cannot wait to step into the groundwork already established for her by other actors, but Lexie is a snooze-fest and the relationship with Mark has made Mark Sloan absolutely unlikable for me sadly. I wishe TV Line would STOP trying to force this on the fans, but Matt seems to have a crush on Chyler I guess, so i suspect we’ll see more of him pushing for this to happen all summer *yawn*. Just please avoid continuing to tell Ellen Pompeo how much another actress is “ready to take her place” because it comes off mean spirited and tacky. I would much rather see Sandra Oh or Chandra Wilson take female lead “if” Ellen does leave. Both have put in the time and both have way more history and depth as female characters on the show. Either way, if Shonda Rhimes chooses to turn this into “Grey’s Anatomy: The New Generation” with Lexie at the lead, I’m outta there.

  26. Liz says:

    “I can represent the Grey”
    Well guess what honey, NO you can’t. Meredith is THE Grey, not you.
    And anyway, no one will want to watch with Ellen & PD, they’re the heart of the show.

    • Liz says:

      Oops! Obviously, I meant nobody will watch WITHOUT Ellen & PD! *blush*

      • Elena says:

        Nobody will watch? Yeah ok, YOU know what 10 million people will do. HAHAHAHAHAHA, good one.

        • Gladys says:

          Almost 10 are watching now, but wait and see after PD/EP/SO announce that they arent renewing contract, how much viewers are going to be left watching…I doubt ABC will keep the show if their viewership get to 5-7 millions and the demo keep losing points (let me tell you the show had loses almost 2 points in their demos since S6 and that’s an ouch for them because advertising is what move network tv, if GA is not interesting enough for the important demo..their days are short). So, I doubt 10 millions are going to watch Grey’s Anatomy: the New Generation. I’m mostly thinking ABC is preparing the ground for the farewell…

  27. Grati says:

    I can represent the Grey [in Grey’s Anatomy], I’m not going anywhere! This totally turned me of, off her.. and I like or liked CL. She could’ve said ”we’ll see when it’s time”, not that, feels no respect to Ellen, her co-star who have still one season left on the show! She’s so eager for Ellen to leave to take her place, that’s what it felt like.

    I’m still hanging on for Meredith and MerDer when they both leave so do I.

    • mila says:

      “I can represent the Grey [in Grey’s Anatomy], I’m not going anywhere!” This totally turned me off

      Ditto. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Mus says:

      Exactly. So much for loyalty. She’s acting so selfish you can’t imagine. I mean she has zero qualities of leading GREY’s. Just because she has the last name doesn’t mean that sh can headline it. If i were Ellen i’d kick Chylers a**.

    • timshel says:

      It’s a pretty basic statement to a question she is probably being asked all the time, at this point. It’s not like she said she can’t wait for Ellen Pompeo to leave and is dying to be the lead actress. Obviously people are tying her into Ellen’s departure because she is the other Grey on the show, so it’s quite possible that they will shift the focus to her being the “voice” of the show as things continue. Reading into one statement with such hostility and distaste is a little uncalled for.

  28. vi says:

    She does not look old enough to have kids LOL

  29. Paul says:

    Wishing for a show to be another ER because a show runner is not creative enough to make her own way with a show after the primary characters have left, isn’t much of a selling point for fans. Truth be told, ER stayed just a little late to the party than needed, and it’s best days were with the original cast (Clooney, Edwards, Wyle etc) so I’m not sure Chyler Leigh using that as an example is all that inspiring for me to want to continue once many of the primaries are gone. Frankly, I think she seems lovely, but not for lead. Her carrying the show’s name isn’t enough to drive me to watch once or if we lose some of the S1 characters after S8 and the ER thing? This comparison should probably stop being used as it’s not a really good way to say GA should continue. The opposite actually.

  30. Martina says:

    Chyler Leigh comes off as pathetic as Lexie! Lexie is a sad wannabe Mer on the show and now CL is chomping at the bit to step into EP’s role. Vomit in my mouth a lot!! Lol,CL should be embarrassed. Hey Matt, you have a little crush on CL????

    • GAfan says:

      She does.

      SHAME ON MATT AND CHYLER for trying to push Ellen Pompeo out like this.
      it’s like they cant wait for Ellen Pompeo, the main reason Grey’s is Grey’s Anatomy and a huge reason in its success and heart and center of the show for 7 FULL YEARS, to leave and they are both doing in a very disgraceful and low way. shame on Matt and Chyler. Ellen doesnt deserve this. she is a much better person that those two for sure.

      • Hannah says:

        Do you know any of these three people – Mark, Ellen or Chyler? I doubt it. And yet you think you can judge all of them and call them better/worse people? That’s taking fan loyalities way too far for my taste. To me it’s just being irrational.

  31. Wanda says:

    I find it funny that the people insisting they won’t watch once EP leaves are the same people that insist on twitter and forums that they don’t watch now. If you’re watching on youtube only right now then you aren’t watching the show. So, nothing changes for you if EP leaves – not watching now, won’t be watching then. If that’s the case for MerDer fans then they leaving the show will have zero impact on it airing on television.

    • Steve says:

      Uhm…what? I’m not sure you can speak for all on Twitter or online. Making generalizations that aren’t based in fact doesn’t really do anything to help the case. You simply don’t know who of the millions on Twitter are still watching or not watching Grey’s are. Twitter reps a small community of folks who like GA and not really the overall fanbase in general. Just saying. Don’t lump us all in based on the actions of a few, and when it comes to Twitter/forums and GA, it does not even come close to representing the overall fanbase of any one character or show period. It’s a small group of opinions based on the millions who watch the show weekly and nothing more.

  32. Chatty says:

    I may very well be the only person who watches Grey’s in spite of Meredith. I seriously cannot stand that character but the rest of the original cast are amazing, so I tune in. I will be glad to see “Mer” go and take her horrible personality with her. Sorry, Ellen Pompeo, it’s nothing personal against you, just the way the character is written.

    • Carly says:

      I agree. I love Ellen but Meredith has been so annoying sometimes. In real life, most people hopefully do not act like her. Also, people don’t understand that Ellen WANTS to leave and isn’t remotely offended by Chyler. She’s not being fired. She no longer wants to be on the show. So Chyler has every right to say she would accept a bigger role. Whiny, whiny posters on here…

      • Jamie says:

        Actually lately Ellen Pompeo has been saying she’s not sure what she wants to do concerning GA after S8, and hasn’t even been asked back yet to make that choice yet. She is much more on the fence now than certain. I get the feeling she may just stay. Either way, I really like Ellen Pompoe, she has been great for Grey’s in both promoting and staying upbeat about the show, and I’m very fond of the Meredith Grey character and I will miss Ellen deeply is she chooses to go. To me she will alwasy be the Grey of Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Denise says:

        Agreed. If Ellen wants to leave and Chyler wants to stay continue working I don’t see what is disrespectful at all. I watch in spike of Meredith too. After season 3 its like they just have her running around commenting on everyone else’s story anyway.

        • Shelly says:

          I agree too. Lexie is no more in this story than to fight it out with CAM in their SL. She really doesn’t have a place let alone be the lead of this show. She’s a background player and though Chyler is lovely, I think it would be great if Ellen did stay. If not, let a stronger, longer running character take over than Lexie. She barely makes an impact now as is.

      • Hannah says:

        True, some people really do come across a bit whiny and some of them are certainly reading a lot into Chyler’s words. Heck, Ellen Pompeo just said herself that she’s absolutely fine with Lexie being the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy if that’s what Chyler wants. And I don’t see how Chyler mentioning that she is indeed ready to accept this part is being disrespectful in any way. Cool it, people.

        • Maggie says:

          What was she suppose to say? Ellen had been promoting the Grey’s finale for more than a couple of weeks and then went on to give out an award to one of her co stars Jesse Williams and instead of being told that some fans really care about her leaving and many want her to stay, she is pretty much told that Chyler Leigh is set to take her place if/when she goes. It’s not all that welcoming of a set up to her in terms of questions/comments. Ellen is gracious and of course said if that is what they want, then she’s okay. But I found the fact that Chyler’s intentions were brought up to her at all when Ellen has done years og good work for GA, and coming off another season of Grey’s, perhaps a bit unneeded. I actually felt bad for her when I read it. Pompeo has been a great lead for the show and continues to support Shonda Rhimes, the cast, crew and most importantly fans, how does telling her Chyler is poised to take the lead do any good in terms of questions/comments to her?

          • mizuage says:

            Pompeo is no fool like Maggie, she knows people love her and even woreship her, but since she’s being talking about leaving for years, and with Dempsey maybe-departure (i know nothing is set in stone) she could decide likewise, Shonda basically tooke the responsability off Ellen’s shoulders by saying she has a plan B with Leigh and her resignation would not imply the show to be axed (with lots of people losing their jobs, and there’re penty of them), so she(Ellen) can do the hell she wants, but she’s obiuosly their firts choice. A new and revamped Grey’s with a new lead would probably mean lower ratings, but ABC is no CBS, so the show would be moved to a less competitive night and survive a few more seasons (it could end with the 10th), it would be worth it to see christina get the chief of cardio position she always wanted, and alex evolve and find happiness as well, along all the rest of the cast. For those who hates Leight: she’s just an actress contemplating a future occasion for her career just in case, without mobbing or being disrespectful to others, wound’t you do the same if you were in her shoes? Plus she has proven to be quite the patient person, with the horrible lines and material she had been given this past few years (all those wrong relationship and no significant elements in her personality, that’s just bad writing, i would be pissed). That said, i know change can be scary, but if it can also be surprisingly good, so people have faith, or whatever get a life, but i’ll still be whatching. Amen

  33. Jim says:

    Ellen and Patrick would be well served to look at the less than spectacular course of career suicide that Katherine Heigl has experienced since trying for the big screen.

  34. Bridget says:

    I understand where Chyler is coming from but it would been wiser from Chyler to just say Ellen isn’t leaving for sure we will see through. It just sounds to some as if she can’t for Ellen to leave for her to take over. Grey is also more than just a last name. I don’t get why are posters called whiny for expressing their opinions each have own.

    • WORD says:

      Exactly… Chyler made it sound as if she is telling Ellen to leave already and thats not nice of her, not wise either. its a bad bad move by her part. She should have another interview where she actually shows some appreciation to the lead of the show she joined only recently, to the woman who carried this show for the past 7 years not the past 2 or 3 as a backup like Lexie is.

      I almost used to like Lexie, now i don’t. I hate the character and the actress just lost me as a fan.

      No one can replace Pompeo, when she leaves with Dempsey Grey’s will end for me for sure.

  35. GREY FAN says:

    This will never be ER or like ER
    And simply NO ONE CAN TAKE ELLEN POMPEOs PLACE – Meredith Grey can never be replaced and Grey’s can never survive without its center lead character. No body can survive with out its heart and soul.

    And I agree Lexie is making herself look bad here. She should give Ellen some credit before saying what she did here. Ellen was always very grateful and praises all and knows what to say and when. Lexie just won herself a huge army of haters for the comments she said here.

    But its obvious the day Ellen Pompeo and Dempsey step out of Grey’s the show will end just like it began and became something with the originals it will end with them. ABC should know better than keep it on air to suffer and go out humiliated as the lest watched show on ABC cause Ellen and Patrick are not in it.

    And yes the show has great actors all over. But people are not realizing how much Ellen Pompeo carries on her shoulders and how in her silent amazing impressive way she manages to anchor and center this show the way she does. She really does tremendous work. Sandra Oh herself once said, Ellen does the most work on the show and she does it without complaining, but rather with a smile and amazing energy and its why they all love working with her. Every person who ever worked with Ellen has only spoken amazing things about her.

    She is with no doubt the center and heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy. And it will be beyond difficult to expect anyone else to handle what Ellen Pompeo did the past 7 seasons of Grey’s. Doesn’t work like that. Chyler might excel as the lead in another show but she will not succeed taking over from Ellen Pompeo …

    • Mel says:

      @GREY FAN Word!! Word!! I find it horrible and insulting that they don’t give Ellen the credit she deserves and what she done in 7 seasons, even when her storylines where bad she didn’t complain and went to the media and badmouth the writers. Another thing she always praises her co-stars unlike CL here. She’s looking so bad after this interview and so eager for Ellen to leave to take her place. I mean the leading lady, her co-star still has another season, 22/24 episodes left and you’re so ‘I’ll be the Grey in Grey’s. Also what can they do to Lexie? She’s a plain character, she’s no glue that will hold the show together, what’s there interesting to tell from her POV? The only on-going drama is her triangle and could be stuck with the CAM and their baby.

      I don’t understand the posters calling other posters ”whiny” everyone have an opinion, and you’re the ”whiny” ones than. lol

      • P says:




  36. vicaloo5 says:

    Chyler can never replace Ellen! If there is no more Meredith I am done watching this show. I love Lexie but she can’t live up to Meredith, no one can!

  37. Anne says:

    Jackson/Lexie are such a ‘superficial’ couple. They make sense on the paper only, but the writing is off and the chemistry is not that great. Mark/Lexie brings the best on each other when they are together IMO and Adrift & Floating/Disarm shows they have chemistry, more grounded on love (At least they sell they are in love). People point out before that’s quite ridiculous to make Mark the villian and I agree. If not, in this whole storyline, he was more selfless than Jackson was (Because it still rubs me the wrong way how he never told Lexie that Mark cared for her, specially since it was the reason Lexie felt so bad). Anyway, still rooting for them and I am glad I am not alone.

    As far as Ellen goes, she never really stands out for me, so I won’t miss her. Even if I like the character.

  38. Hannah says:

    Thank you for the interview, Matt. Chyler seems like a warm, fun and down to earth kind of person and I have really come to like her character on the show as well. I hope there is some good stuff coming up for Lexie next season. I used to like her with Mark, but Shonda and the writers kind of beat this horse to death and I’m enjoying Jackson/Lexie too. It’s somehow refreshing and I want the show to continue exploring their relationship.
    As for actors leaving Grey’s after next season: Dempsey leaving won’t make any difference to me. Derek had the potential to be an interesting character in the beginning, especially when they brought in Addison and Mark as people from his past, but Shonda has always been far too in love with this image of the ever-perfect & can’t-do-no-wrong McDreamy. It became boring pretty quickly and after a couple of seasons even Dempsey’s looks and acting couldn’t save the character for me. Derek’s McBoring to me and I honestly wouldn’t miss him. Meredith has become pretty boring too, but I would miss her a bit more because of the dynamics with Cristina, Alex and Lexie. But as long as Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and Chyler Leigh stay with the show I will gladly continue watching Grey’s Anatomy

  39. Fan from Day One says:

    I’m in agreement with Hannah. Its also a year away so I can’t really worry about it now. If Ellen chooses to quit and ABC chooses to continue the show I don’t see any disrespect in Chyler continuing to be employed. The accusations that Matt is being disrespectful are laughable, people need to mature before posting comments like that.

  40. Neal says:

    Dempsey, and Oh have also at times expressed leaving GA. Rhimes said she is preparing for many of her leads to perhaps leave when GA season 8 ends-not only specific to Pompeo, so I wonder how come it is Ellen always in the line of questioning. Why this is even an issue when we aren’t sure she’s leaving yet? And if so, then with both Patrick and Sandra saying they may go, why isn’t Eric Dane asked if he will take over for Dempsey when Patrick leaves after S8? Why isn’t Jessica Capshaw repeatedly asked if she will step up for Oh if/when she goes? The fact that this is always placed upon Ellen Pompeo seems to singles her out, yet many fans keep insisting this is an ensemble show. Ellen’s the one focused on and quite honestly I’m tired of hearing Chyler Leigh’s comments on it, no offense as I’m sure she’s great. But we won’t know until we know, so why can’t someone out there focus on the new season and not so much the what if’s to whether an actress like Pompeo who even herself says is uncertain as to what she will do, are not something that even even productive to be speculated on at this point. It leads to nowhere since the nobody is firm as to whether they are leaving. Not Dempsey, not Sandra Oh and based on her recent comments, certainly not Ellen Pompeo either.

    • Tighera says:

      Patrick will leave. There is no doubt about it. He has made it very clear in his recent Vanity Fair interview. Season eight will be his last and he is tired of playing romantic leads in general. He wants to do other things and I can’t blame him.

    • Terri says:

      The Ellen question comes up because she plays the Grey in the title. If the show were named Seattle Grace none of this would be an issue just as its not with Patrick.

      • Smriti says:

        You think Patrick’s leaving wouldn’t be an issue? Um where you around when the world literally stood shocked still for tow whole days with the news of him leaving? The issue isn’t about the damned name of the show. the issue is about who has been carrying the show, who really made the show and for most people out there thats Ellen and Patrick, for most of them this is THEIR show, yup it has amazing supporting characters for a back story, but the heart and soul? Thats them. And thiss eason proved that again in more ways than one.

        • Amanda says:

          Patrick Dempsey has not been carrying the show for years IMO. Over the years the show has moved more and more towards a larger group of actors at its core. The focus shifted and other actors got their chances to step up. I didn’t like her character after season three but K. Heigl carried a lot of story weight for a number of seasons, Sandra Oh added a lot with Cristina’s and Owen’s PTSD stories. No huge Crowen fan myself but they did attract a rather large following on the net, same goes for Callizona. GA hasn’t been the Meredith and Derek show for years. They still have a large following, don’t get me wrong. But them leaving would have had a much larger impact a couple of years ago.

  41. Amy says:

    I think the difference for me between Steve Carell’s long announced exit of the Office, and the fact that fans talked about it for an entire season before he left, and Ellen Pompeo is I have read both written and sit down television interviews with ther and she has never been firm on this announcementm of leaving like Carell. When he announced he was leaving the Office, there was NO doubt in fans mind he was leaving and the date as he firmly told them so. With Ellen Pompeo, sometimes she is more firm she will go when he contract ends, and at other times, takes a wait and see attitude in her comments that leaves fans confused. Patrick Dempsey was fairly firm on his leaving in Vanity Fair then had a representative come out to say he wasn’t really sure what will happen when his contract ends. Again, this is not like Steve Carell, this is confusing for some. Maybe if Matt can get an interview with Ellen Pompeo or Patrick Dempsey where they, like Carell give a firm exiting comment, then fans can move on from there. Until then, this isn’t like The Office. We had Shonda say she will plan season eight as if she will lose some actors after it ends, but still will not confirm any are actually leaving, and the two leads of the show Dempsey and Pompeo, have been vague at best. This is why at times, fans either still hold out hope or feel upset when they feel others are already in line as repleacements to thesee actors when they have been at times wavering and non committed to actually letting the fans know as to whether they are going or not. Dempsey and Pompeo-Have them tell you what is really happening and stand on it. Now there’s your interview Matt! Thanks for this interview today as well :)

    • Smriti says:

      Dempsey and Pompeo have stared time and again they are done butt hey can’t help it if the network and or the show runner ie Shonda Rhimes want them to keep their mouths zipped about it. they have to retract and backtrack but anyone who sees their interviews and is able to read their expressions or read in between lines they would know they are done.. they just cannot affirm it coz hell one instance of affirming it sort of created a mini uproar all over the world, thats the power they have on the audience and the network knows it.

      • Mary says:

        …and as long as the network, TPTB, or whoever is “making them” retract, go back on, dismiss or outright deny comments they made previously, there will always be confusion amongst some fans. You may think you have it down, that they are leaving for sure, but for others, it creates confusion and that’s a shame. NBC seemed to have zero problem With Steve Carell officially announce his departure from The Office, even welcoming it as a chance to give the fans an entire season to say a proper goodbye to his beloved character Michael Scott on the show, so as long as ABC, Shonda Rhimes or the people who work for Dempsey/Pompeo always backtrack on statements, then there will always be a large group confused or even encouraging the two actors to return for a S9. Put the facts out there for fans, because the backtracking is an issue and as you can see by this column and the anger, hope, or as some say “denial” going on, fans are going to be wishing or hoping for something that may not happen.

  42. tets says:

    Grey’s won’t be the same without Ellen Pompeo. Meredith is the core of the show together with Derek. Sadly Lexie or any other character can’t fill that void.

  43. SD says:

    I like Chyler and the character of Lexie has grown on me. I wish they would show Meredith and Lexie’s relationship as sisters more (without involving Thatchwipes). When she was brought in Shonda stated that she was there to help “heal” Meredith. Called BS back then and now. She was brought in to be the younger BACK UP Grey if/when Ellen left or if Ellen left the show before her contract was up like TR and KH. As the article stated, she was asked this question a year and a half ago. Both times her answers have left me wishing she was more gracious towards Ellen. Chyler needs to take a cue from her co- star Jesse Williams whose response to a similar question was, “I make it a habit of not talking about things I don’t know anything about. I think the show is in good shape and I am really excited about season eight and I know we’ll all be there.” I feel bad for Ellen that two and a half years before her contract is up they started discussing her replacement in the press. I hope the writing improves on Grey’s and they go out strong. ER limped along in its last five years and was unrecognizable and unwatchable.

  44. teniba says:

    my only problem with avery & lexie as a couple is that it seems just like the easy way out for, her, she couldn’t sort the whole mark has a baby thing so Avey ithe dis the distraction, the easy way out of it, the opt-out solution that is not painfull…

    untill she really let Mark go, i will have a problem with it… that scene where she asks Mark to step aside is not the end of it… let’s wait untill Mark has a new love interest…

  45. Melinda says:

    I will worry about how Grey’s will be when people leave next year, after we a) know who is leaving and b) if the show will be back in season 9. If Ellen and Patrick want to quit and the show goes on there’s no way for me to say now if I will like it or not. I will need to see what the show does and how it all works out. Meredith and Derek haven’t been front and center for a couple of seasons and I’ve liked the show still. They seem pretty played out and have been getting kind of dull when they are on so maybe its just time for them to move along.

  46. mexi4realzlol says:

    I love mexie…

  47. Lizzie says:

    Chyler lied to us. She left us.