Exclusive In Plain Sight Sneak Peek: Oh, Baby!

USA Network’s In Plain Sight uncorks a mother of a twist this Sunday at 10/9c, when series star Mary McCormack’s real-life pregnancy manifests itself in the life of her on-screen alter ego, U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon. And we’ve got an exclusive first look at her dropping of the baby bombshell!

V Hunk Visits In Plain Sight

Amid all the procedural goings-on in the episode “Something A-Mish” — in which a witness is forced out of an Amish community and into WITSEC — Mary decides to tell Marshall (played by Frederick Weller) that she is expecting. With child. In a family way. Will she even be able to get the words out fast enough? Or has her partner and BFF already “sized up” her sitch? Watch this clip, then read on for more:

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Three USA Network Shows Head to the Cineplex — But There’s a Catch

Whew, now that she’s got that off her chest, we know what y’all are wondering: Who’s the daddy? Hmm, maybe we should have let the clip run longer, because not long after, viewers will learn the father’s identity. Hit the comments with your current guess!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Meg says:

    Oh, poor Marshall. The brief look at the very end of the clip looks so pained.

  2. B says:

    I’d assume it’s her ex-hubby who she just slept with but you know what happens when you assume ;)

    • me says:

      she has looked pregnant all season so when she hooked up with ex husband it was easy to see that’s where story is headed since i don’t think he ever left town

  3. A says:

    Mary McCormack deserves an Emmy nod (at least legitimate consideration) for her role in this show.

  4. Dreamrose says:

    Ah, good old Marshall. Of course he already knew. I just want to see the look on *Stan’s* face when she drops this little tidbit on him!

  5. DarkShdo says:

    My guess would be Steven Weber’s FBI character.

  6. Kelly says:

    I am hoping that Marshall and Mary had a drunken one night not too long ago that they just forgot to air :) My guess though would be the obvious (her ex) but then again this is TV.

  7. zoot says:

    My guess is the ex..he could be a good addition to the show. Is this one of the pregnancy’s that Ausiello mentioned..where he said the father is not a surprise?

  8. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    I myself will guess that the father is Seeley Booth.

  9. aleksa says:

    Who the father is isn’t really relevant. I think we all know who the daddy will be….

    • sil says:

      I adore this comment! I’ve wanted Mary & Marshall together since Day ONE! But it will pain me that she’s pregnant w/ someone else’s child.

    • Moncia242 says:

      This is what I really do hope to see, Marshall starting out as the supportive best friend, and then slowly morphing into the Daddy of the situation. It could be a good storyline going well into NEXT season.

    • Chatty says:

      Agreed. He loves her so much and if she would only open her eyes she’d see that he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

    • Julie says:

      Aleska, you’ve become my favorite person of the week. Your certificate and sash are being finalized as we speak.

    • Lois says:

      Marshall would be a better parent than Mary. I can see her turning to him for help.

  10. Carrie says:

    I’m going with Steven Webber as the FBI guy. I know this is TV but her and her ex not happening that quick w/ Marshall talking about all the signs she is showing. ;) We shall see

  11. Monica242 says:

    It has to be Mark, the ex husband. There’s no other reason for them to have brought him back last week, plus, he’s someone they can write-off so he won’t get in the way of Mary as a single mom.

    I’m curious to see what this does to the Marshall/Mary situation. He’s the closest person in her life, he’s going to be more protective of her now than ever before. Will this get Abigail jealous? Should it? It could be really interesting.

  12. S says:

    id say if it comes pretty much after this clip who the father is its got to be the ex. I just hope whoever the father is they dont write him in as a series reg and they have mary as single mum and marshal act like the father.

  13. M says:

    This is so stupid. There’s no way anyone as anal as Mary would skip on birth control. And I seriously doubt she’d have the kid–it doesn’t ring true to her character that she’d have the child, but for some reason, it has to be written into the show. Stupod.

    • Meri says:

      I am not so sure. First of all, she has very black and white feelings about right and wrong, and for her, if abortion is wrong, she flat out wouldn’t do it, no matter the circumstances. Mary is sarcastic but she has very stringent moral code, no doubt a reaction to her parent’s highly flexible sense of what is right or wrong.

      As for skipping birth control, I don’t think she would blow off birth control, but birth control fails. Mary wouldn’t be on the pill because she very infrequently has sex, so she wouldn’t see the point, and as birth control goes, condoms have a relatively high failure rate (which is not to say that they aren’t effective, but the failure rate is higher than the pill, IUD, Implant, etc)

      Pregnancies happen completely unintentionally. What matters is how Mary deals with that. I just don’t see her getting an abortion and once she is having a baby, that baby is “one of her own” and we know how loyal she is to “her own” from the crap she has put up with and done to defend her Mom and sister.

      • Laura says:

        I disagree. Mary comes from a toxic family and has never been comfortable dealing with children. She knows she can’t maintain a relationship with a lover, and a child is far more demanding (and who’s she gonna leave it with, HER mom?!?). More to the point, she knows she’s in a dangerous business. As an abandoned child, would she really want to set herself up to abandon (through death, for example), her own child? It would be harder to believe that she would keep the baby, honestly. It’s hard to imagine, for many of the same reasons (“addiction genes,” abandonment, danger to a fetus from her work), it would seem unlikely even that she’d have it and give it up for adoption.

        Sure Marshall could try to convince her that she’d be a good mother and all, but I think that he more than gets that her work (and her relationship with him and Stan, really) are the only parts of her life that work and the ones she most trusts and gets her identity from. Part of the reason, I think, that he’s never told her how he feels is her because he knows it’s not likely that she’s willing to change her world enough to trust a man she’s known for years. It’s had to see her with a baby.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, I think they will have her keep the baby, which is disappointing in a way, because IPS has the guts to deal with something like its main character terminating the pregnancy or give a child up for adoption for some very psychologically sound reasons (let’s face it, would you want mary to be YOUR mom?). But this reads like an attempt to “humanize” Mary. So she’ll probably keep it.

        • me says:

          that’s why i think her sister and her new husband will raise the kid with Mary as an ‘aunt.’

          • Laura says:

            True. Peter would make a GREAT dad.

          • bkwrm says:

            That’s a terrible idea. If her sister and husband are going to raise the baby, they can still be Aunt and Uncle and Mary be Mom. She just wouldn’t have constant care of the child. Can you imagine the psychological damage that might happen when the truth finally and eventually comes out for everyone involved?

        • Jason says:

          I’ll have to disagree with you. This is Mary’s chance to do what her parents didn’t (of their own choice) which was to raise their children right. We seen throughout the series how great Mary is with kids (even if she does sarcastically question what the deal is with having kids), hell shes even better with them than their own parents.

          • Laura says:

            It is her chance to do things better than her parents did, but I don’t think that this is an area where, right now, she would feel that she could.

            Many adult children who escape falling into the kinds of traps that got Mary’s family choose not to have children of their own precisely because they don’t feel qualified. But, as I said, I think they’ll have her keep it.

            It just won’t jive with a lot of what we know about Mary.

        • bkwrm says:

          In the last season finale, Marshall makes a comment to Mary that she likes having her life messy. Sure, the pregnancy was only written in to accommodate real Mary’s pregnancy, but it almost seems like foreshadowing when you look at it now. A baby would really make her life messy, and if Marshall is right, she is subconsciously happy about having a baby.

    • Lois says:

      “it doesn’t ring true to her character that she’d have the child, but for some reason, it has to be written into the show.”
      Mary McCormack is getting to big for them to hide her real-life pregnancy. I don’t think they had any choice other than to write it into the show.

  14. cb says:

    the nurse in the clip did say..how far along are you??-and your boobs don’t get big right away so maybe it’s her former flame the baseball guy..Raif?(not sure how to spell that)

    • Laura says:

      That’s who I thought it’d be. Raphael. He’s been off screen all this season and it could easily be written she slept with him.

  15. Shockpop08 says:

    I hope it’s the FBI guy, I liked their chemistry and thought he could be a good fit on the show. I don’t really like her ex husband for some reason…kind of weird. should be interesting.

    • Mary says:

      The FBI guy was a sleaze and needs to stay gone….forever! No chemistry there, at all! Really didn’t like him in Marshall’s way.

      Ok, done griping & b*tching. :)

    • Anne Valdez says:

      It’s DEFINITELY FABER! DUH!The Ex-hubby is WAY to sleezy to have on the show.

  16. Dora says:

    All I know is that I want Marshal to be the father, but don’t tihnk it’s going to happen. Marshal seems to relaxed about the topic for that. But hey, maybe Marshal thinks it’s Fabers Baby and it turns out it’s his! Anyway, Marshal seems to be all cool about Mary expecting, even a bit distant.

  17. Justin says:

    This could be interesting. Her real-life pregnancy had to be taken care of sometime.

  18. dede says:

    I want Marshal to be the father!!!

  19. david says:

    Please let it be Marshall…

  20. InPlainSightFan1984 says:

    I wish it was Marshall like so many of you, but more than likely it’s not. :( I, too, wish that Mary and Marshall would hook up but that would mean end of show. I personally think a show can go on with the two leads in a relationship at work and in their ”normal” lives. I think it’s the FBI agents kid. They did have a vaction together at the end of season two. I never liked the FBI guy and I don’t like her ex either. Only time will tell….

    Love, love, love the show. My favorite show on TV today!!

  21. BrianR says:

    Its pretty clear that the ex-husband is the father since they had them sleep together. I liked Rafe better but having her neerdowell Ex come around and knock her up seems to meet the Shannon family pattern.

  22. bkwrm says:

    Wow. I had no idea there were so many Mary/Marshall. I just don’t see it. Sure at one point Marshall had pretty strong feelings for Mary but I thought he was over that. I don’t want them to get together. They are really good friends; why does it need to be more than that. Especially since Mary has given no indication that she has thinks of Marshall in that way. I hope that they never get together.

    All that being said, I think it is the ex-husband’s baby.

    • Laura says:

      Fred Weller (Marshall) has given interviews about Season 4, in which he clearly states that the feelings are still definitely there. This isn’t X-files where they are trying to pretend there isn’t something there so that they can later “surprise” us by insinuating that they have actually been together for a long time and not showing us. IPS is really clear that Marshall is in love with Mary, and teases us instead with the question of how much Mary might feel the same way.

  23. Lois says:

    I think the father is Mary’s ex-husband.

  24. MorbidPet says:

    Since they often jump in time I’m not sure who I think is the father. I rather see Faber than the ex cause Faber would have a valid excause to stay away but the ex may not.
    Then the question is if she’ll keep it or not. I’m hoping for M & M in the end (not yet though cause I think that will end the show) and Marshall want kids so I’ll say keep it for him ;)

  25. Shifty says:

    It will be Stephen Weber’s FBI guy. Didn’t she say she went on a romantic trip with him right before he got back together with his ex-wife?

  26. Lollo says:

    I’m hopping for a Ross and Rachel kind of scenario- the Baby is Marshals, but they don’t get together for a while anyway.
    Don’t think it’s either the ex or Faber. Faber went back to his wife and kids, which sounded to me like an excuse to never mention the character again. Having the ex beeing the father woulnd’t match the size of Marys body. Marshal did get a good look in Second Crime Around, which might helped him come to the conclusion, that Mary was pregnant.
    Who ever the father is, I think it’s goging to be interesting to see if Mary will be able to except help from others instead of her beeing the one helping people.

  27. Marshall/Mary fan says:

    It is Marshall’s did you hear Mary ask Marshall if he has told his girlfriend that she is pregnant? He said “No” not yet I waiting to see what you were wanting basically. This was in the Amish show.

  28. julieann says:

    am I the only one who was glad that there was an adult show with no children. now you take an interesting character like Mary and make her pregnant. How is a child going to fit in with this show-and I’m surprised that so many people actually care who the father is. This is a stupid idea.