Dexter Exclusive: Deadwood Alumna Cast As [Spoiler's] Sister

Ex-Deadwood heroine Molly Parker is headed to Dexter as — drumroll please — someone’s sibling!

But whose?!

TVLine has exclusively learned that Parker will appear in several Season 6 episodes of the Showtime drama as Lisa Marshall, the sister of Colin Hanks’ mysterious new character, Travis. Sounds innocent enough, but details surrounding Parker’s role are scarce — which piques our interest even more.

Exclusive: Dexter “Getting Back to Its Roots” In Season 6

As we first reported, Hanks will appear in all 12 episodes of Dexter‘s sixth season as a brilliant expert on ancient artifacts who somehow becomes linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami. It remains unclear if Travis will turn out to be a friend or foe of a certain Dark Passenger. Either way, as Showtime president David Nevins recently told TVLine, this year’s installment “ is not [about] one big bad.”

Hit the comments with your own Dexter theories about the Marshall Family.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amber says:

    Thrilled to see Molly Parker again! It’s going to be weird to see her not wearing a dress with a corset. I really miss Deadwood. I actually have always thought Ian McShane would be a perfect fit for Dexter, too. I wish they would bring him in as a character.

    • Connie Fischer says:

      Amber, I could not agree with you more! I loved both of those characters on Deadwood. Ian McShane would make a perfect evil person for Dexter to undertake.

    • Tin says:

      Don’t get me wrong, Ian McShane plays great villians and Deadwood ended way way too soon, but having him play a nemesis to Dexter would be too obvious. That’s why Lithgow’s killer was so great. It’s killer next door that makes the Dexter series what it is.

  2. Tavis says:

    Crap, I wanted her to be Rita’s sister.

  3. wooster182 says:

    Holy gueststars, Batman! They are just filling the show with as many guest actors as possible in 12 episodes, aren’t they? As much as I love all of the actors casted, I just want Julia Stiles back….

    • Erika says:

      Julia Stiles is one of the WORST “actresses” (and I use that term loosely;) around!! I am sooo thankful to see them actually getting talent for this season! To go from John Lithgow to Julia Stiles is like going from a Porterhouse to a steak burrito at McDonalds;D

    • ana muller says:

      ME TOO!

    • emileigh says:

      Ugh god what why? Shes just awful. Erika’s John Lithgow and Julia Stiles comparison is bang on.

    • you suk says:

      Julia styles almost wrecked the whole show, she was horrible……yuck

      • julia stiles made the show says:

        julia stilies made that show! i mean it was good. it was really good. but the 5th season with her was absolutly amazing, that role must have been so hard to play and she pulled it off better than anyone could have

  4. Amenazamenor says:

    “This year’s installment is not about one big bad”. Maybe it is about a family of bad guys.

    • Jake says:

      i was thinking the same thing! maybe its a brother sister team. maybe Dexter and Deb can team up and take them down lol

    • Sassypants says:

      That’s exactly what my first thought was: Brother/sister duo.

      But Hanks as an “expert on ancient artifacts?” Sounds wicked cheesy. I envision this going terribly wrong… like “The Mummy.” I don’t see him playing such a serious role. Hopefully he’ll impress me.

      Dexter is such a dynamic bad@$$. It doesn’t make sense. The only way to make him intriguing/dark would be to bring him on as a (historically) ritualistic serial killer. I’m thinking “sacrifice?” I see him playing double. He kills ritualistically, Miami seeks out an expert, he aids in “catching the killer.” Only he wouldn’t become a suspect, because he’s helping the PD. Going way out on a limb there, but that’s my best guess.

      Here’s my logic. Parker is in “several episodes”, not the whole season. Every major killer has been in every episode. Hanks is in the entire season. There is no way a character with such a rich background is going to outplay the killer. Thus, he’s the killer, she’s an afterthought (maybe she tells him who to kill).

      I have faith in the writers. I just hope they aren’t running out of ideas. It’s the only show I am completely addicted to.

    • Jack says:

      Maybe going with the “Dark Passenger” storyline a bit??? Some sort of Dark entity that was with Lumen until the end, and still exists with Dexter? The Dexter book series deals with that aspect a bit more than the tv series…

  5. JOHN says:

    Congratulations TVLine for another Dexter Exclusive. We cant wait!!!

  6. HT says:


    • Diane says:

      Don’t you think Colin was super CREEPY as the priest on Mad Men? I kept expecting him to do something evil with Peggy but it never happened. Colin does creepy very well.

  7. toni says:

    she looks like Hanks.

  8. luke says:

    This just MADE my day!!! Brilliant!!!

  9. Vince says:

    This is great news! Molly Parker was also a guest star on Hall’s other series, Six Feet Under. She played Rabbi Ari during season 2. I also loved Parker on Swingtown.

  10. Splat says:

    Let’s just see how it turns out, guys. Personally I liked Lumin, but she is no longer in the equation. Dexter needs to meet up with Claire too.

  11. Nikolai says:

    i just figured her being added as colin hanks’ sister was eh, maybe they’d both be a nemesis to Dexter. But now i agree with u lol her as Rita’s sister would so much cooler! :)

  12. A says:

    I hope this doesn’t mean that the show will be going back to the “roots” of the source material. The show has been SO MUCH better than the books it was based on—and I can’t remember if this pagan stuff was in the 2nd or 3rd, but it really wasn’t that good of a story.

  13. kandice says:

    I LOOOVVVVEEE LOVE LOVE DEXTER , I have been a fan since season one, I CAN’T wait for season six, the anticipation is killing me…

  14. This lady is hideous. She better have a good part. And hopefully not related to dexter at all, in any way even distant. Maybe like someone in the precinct, but other than that … I can’t fathom this weirdo fitting into this normal looking cast of characters.

    • “This lady is hideous.”

      And since when did looks define talent?

    • professorsg says:

      I’ve been thinkin’ that Dexter and Deb’s father had several affairs with his CI’s (confidential informant’s) over the years…an unkown sibling may have been (produced) out of one of those affairs…..
      just a thought

  15. Jenny says:

    She looks just like Lila. I really hope they’re not digging that storyline back up.

  16. Sharon says:


  17. Ann says:

    Dexter is one of the smartest shows on TV. I was worried that Showtime would pull a “Dead Like Me” with Dexter, but now we are going on 6 seasons. I prefer Dexter’s angst, like in season two, to storylines involving people I don’t really care about, like Lumin in the last season. Bring back a character like Lila. She was a crazy bitch.

  18. Luke says:

    If it wern’t for HBO cancelling Deadwood, I never would’ve discovered Dexter. I will never watch another HBO series as long as I live. Bravo Showtime you have the best Shows on TV

    • Joe Camel says:

      I don’t pay for HBO anymore either but their output it still miles above Showtime. Especially the historical stuff Showtime does. The “sexy history” is the antithesis of Deadwood. I’m surprised someone who was such a fan could endure it, actually.

  19. Denver says:

    Yeah you all want to complain about Julia but how many episodes did you not watch?none just as i thought

  20. TheDuckPassenger says:

    Before I read the article my thought was that maybe she was Lila’s sister. Molly Parker and Jaime Murray could almost be twins.

  21. RocketJock says:

    I love Molly Parker. Been a fan of this fine Canadian actress(actor?)for years..she’s talented,funny,and sexy as hell! Should be a fine addition to the show.Check out some of her movie work on IMDB.
    Lumin was a fascinating character; IMHO,Julia did a wonderful job,consdidering the limitations of the scripts she had to work with.

  22. Vikki says:

    John Lithgow was awesome! He was one of the best guest stars. Fantastic actor! Too bad they can’t bring him back’

  23. Hernán Guillermo Rojas Calzada says:

    That’s great!!!!!, I love Molly Parker, Spoiler is my favorite character.

  24. babymomma says:

    I love this show! I missed the season finale on season 5 though! I still haven’t seen it! I personally would like Dexter to have a girlfriend or partner that can really be trusted. Rita got on my nerves! Glad she got killed off! He needs a new love interest! Cast me! Lmao!

    • Diane says:

      …and he needs to get rid of the kids. They get in the way. I wish they would have stayed with the grandparents.

  25. Diane says:

    I’m still shaking from the John Lithgow season ender! It will be hard to top him as a villain.

  26. Tim says:

    She appears to be asian. Maybe she’s masuka’s ultra conservative dry humor older sister. That would be fun to watch play out. Or if she were a long lost sister that masuka met while she were pole dancing and telling dirty jokes. Juat sayin that masuka needs more naterial. He’s way under utilized

  27. Doc says:

    What about Dexter’s sister? Since the marriage has dissolved, what’s up with that?

  28. Paul says:

    Why does everyone keep dogging Lumen. I think they are jealous(haters), she was hot and played a good role. Very excited to see what next season has to offer.

  29. Bonnie says:

    DEXTER ROCKS!!! I really look foward to each new season. I don’t understand why people dislike Julia Stiles so??? I personally think she did a great job portraying Lumen. I hope she comes back.

  30. Girish says:

    Wish it would just air already! Love the show! Best serial killer ever!

  31. CRISSY U. says:

    I LOVED the relationship of Lumen & Dexter ! the *love scene* they had was A-PLUS! I want her to come back this season,they worked very well together.Because it is true that *pairs survive better in the wild!* ‘}

  32. janet gunn says:

    Julia Stiles rocked on Dexter~~

  33. weatherjune says:

    I can think of many people that are great at evil parts. I just want to make sure that Deb isn’t leaving now that she and Dex are divorced in real life. She is excellent in that role and really adds to the show. She’s a kickass woman!

  34. sia says:

    Julia played her character brilliantly! Love dexter cant wait to watch season 6.

  35. Debra says:

    It looks like the writers are going to give another great episode. I hope they fill it with more glimpses of Dexter going from the great pretender to Mr. Bad Ass like he did with Doakes. I love it when he gets tired of his mask when someone annoys him like Quinn and Doakes and you see the menance come out. I also like it that he is never afraid of any situation he finds himself in. But, I really hope they develop his “human” side more also. His range is incredible!

  36. postbroadcast says:

    colin hanks…really? he is such a terrible actor! totally miscast in mad men also.

    pick someone better!

  37. Anne says:

    Season 5 was really boring. Only thing that was a little exciting was Quinn almost finding out Dexter’s real identity. Hope season 6 will be better. It’d be awesome if they’d top season 4, which was the heaviest season of Dexter. I can’t wait to see!!!!!

  38. Thom says:

    I truly love the writing of the production staff…but I wish they would take a page from the books…start training Cody and Aster …they have their own DP after all!!
    Though I guess much of America would freak…love both the show and the source line stories..always look forward to the new book right before the new series starts..gets me in the mood to watch

  39. Deb says:

    I am guessing here but perhaps she will be Lila’s Sister, back for revenge……bwhahaha…..

  40. Joe Camel says:

    If I get a scene with Mos Def and Alma Garrett then I will be quite pleased.

  41. John L Hammer says:

    this movie remind me that comedy that in 15th century the guy wearing the Rolex wrest watch. this people talk like 21th but playing at 18th. its bring the quality down. keep swearing like down town LA.