The Voice Recap: When Live Takes Over!

The inaugural live performance episode of NBC’s The Voice was like a mashup of Adam Levine’s magnetism, Cee Lo Green’s missing shades, Christina Aguilera’s cleavage, Blake Shelton’s ad-libs, and Carson Daly’s personality. Which is to say the two-hour telecast was alternately hot, confusing, ridiculous, adorable, and vague.

Indeed, while I was most certainly entertained by the show that describes itself as “the world’s most exciting singing competition,” I’m also left scratching my head about its basic skeleton. Over the last six weeks, The Voice has winnowed its field down to 16 contestants — four apiece for each of the show’s four vocal coaches — but from here on out, instead of booting one contestant a week (like American Idol) and giving us time to slowly build connections with multiple artists, The Voice will inexplicably eliminate eight singers over the next two weeks. Didn’t NBC get the memo that we’re just at the start of a long, hot summer? Why is the network so eager to conclude The Voice‘s first season by June 29, instead of letting this battle rage on through August? (Side note: Am I really advocating against network execs bringing a program to a swift and tidy conclusion? What is wrong with me?)

Either way, Tuesday night’s telecast found the four members of Team Blake and four members of Team Xtina giving largely competent if not totally spectacular performances: Viewer votes will save one singer per team, while their respective judges will also get to save one singer each. And next week’s performances by Teams Adam and Cee Lo will help chop the field to eight. Let’s review all eight solo performances — from the quite good to the not bad — in chronological order:

Raquel Castro: Ke$ha’s “Blow”
I’ve got to give credit where it’s due: Raquel’s decision to deliver a high-energy dance track complete with choreography, backup dancers, and a minidress made of materials mined from Superman’s ice palace gave her set a high degree of difficulty. And while the bright-eyed, big-haired teenager sounded a little winded on a few passages of “Blow,” she hit more notes per minute — and relied on backup singers far less aggressively — than anything I’ve seen in the last few years from Ke$ha, Rihanna, or Katy Perry. Still, like a lump of dough on the counter, there’s something a little unformed about the season’s youngest contestant, a sense that her mentor Xtina could wind up a crank in Raquel’s back and get her to give a competent but soulless rendition of whatever song Xtina’s heart desired. (Why am I suddenly having a horrific Whatever Happened to Baby Jane-themed nightmare of a heavily painted, ninetysomething Xtina holed up in a mansion and demanding that a seventysomething Raquel don her faded “Genie in a Bottle” costumes and perform medleys of her greatest hits?) I just wish Raquel could convey a deeper connection to the music, not just a longing to see her own name in lights.

Jared Blake: Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”
I really wish Jake and Jared had settled on something a little more unexpected for the shiny-headed father of six than a track that made him sound like first runner-up in a Kings of Leon tribute-band contest. To be fair, Jared hit his notes like he was on Level One of a video game he’d played a million times before, but there was little sense a great artist lurked underneath a hideous folded bandana that resembled a flapper’s headband and cut his bald pate in two.

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Beverly McClellan: Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One”
Like Jared before her, I kinda wished Beverly had dug a little deeper in the song choice department instead of selecting the most obvious hit by the nation’s most popular lesbian rocker (who boldly went bald during her battle with breast cancer) — a song that, incidentally, has also been done to death on Idol (by Nikki McKibbin, Kellie Pickler, Nadia Turner, and just a few weeks ago, Lauren Alaina). Still, with her shiny noggin, her sassy kilt, and military jacket, Beverly managed to fill The Voice‘s cavernous soundstage better than any other contestant this week, and she took a couple minor twists and turns in the melody that separated her from Etheridge’s blueprint. I wish she’d tackled “Bring Me Some Water” instead, but Beverly’s signature shuffle-stepped jig was a total hoot. To quote crazy Blake Shelton, “daddy likey.”

Dia Frampton: Kris Allen’s Kanye West’s “Heartless”
Adam and Blake declared Dia’s performance their favorite moment on The Voice thus far, Cee Lo said it was the greatest rendition of “Heartless” he’d ever heard (ahem), and Xtina said she saw Dia’s “meat come out” (!). And on paper, I understand why: Dia’s piano-driven Kanye West cover was the boldest and most original reinterpretation of the night, the performance that elevated The Voice from kicky karaoke competition to a place where a unique artist might be able to emerge. That said, Dia still needs to work on stage presence and pitch. Blake put Dia behind the keys to help temper her nerves, but there were whole swatches of the song where Dia stopped playing her instrument and began to resemble the nervous kid at an elementary school assembly who may or may not get a case of the voms on stage. I wish Dia had ditched her frumpy white dress with giant black neck bow in favor of the slinky black dress she wore for the group number, and pressed the mute button on the full Voice band and opted for a stripped-down intimate arrangement. If she had, it would’ve been easier to focus on her somber delivery and extensive changes to the melody.

Xenia: Jessie J’s “Price Tag”
Xenia’s performance provides us with the central conundrum of The Voice‘s first voting round. Do we reward a shy teenager with a vocal tone so delectable she’s got Christina Aguilera jonesing for an album of full material, or do we send home a girl so clearly uncomfortable on the stage that she looked like she’d shown up simply because Blake Shelton was holding her pet kitten hostage? Xenia’s “Price Tag” was quiet and dreamy — less powerful but more wistful than Jessie J’s original — but there were times her voice disappeared behind the band, and her ending was more a white flag than an exclamation point. If we had 12 or 13 weeks of live performances ahead of us, I think Blake might be able to get Xenia where she needs to go, but I’m not sure America will get to see a star born by the end of the month. I will say this, though: Blake’s words of encouragement — “anytime you feel nervous, find me” — was the mentoring highlight of the night. Dude is a killer TV personality.

Lily Elise: Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
The night’s only disastrous performance featured hinky dancers (“was it your idea to have the mimes?” Blake asked Xtina), plenty of overwrought notes, a weird yelp at the midway point, and a jacket with lapels made of broken mirrors. The coaches — who wouldn’t know how to deliver negative feedback if a contestant hurled monkey dung into the audience — offered benign encouragement to Lily, and Xtina in particular seemed at a loss for words, finally settling on “control and restraint” when “melisma and miasma” might’ve said it better.

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Patrick Thomas: Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”
Patrick seemed to secure a spot as Blake’s favorite based solely on the fact that he presented himself as a fresh-scrubbed country artist in a 10-gallon hat who did it all for his little sister, but I thought his vocals sounded quavery (bordering on the brink of tears) from start to finish. By the time Patrick hit the key change and went into full-fledged holleration, the performance fell apart like a sack of Doritos that get bagged beneath a bottle of laundry detergent. Side note to Carson Daly: Unless The Voice‘s producers invite you to the judges’ table, let’s not lob leading questions (i.e. “the guy’s a pro, right?”) at the panel, okay?

Frenchie Davis: David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over”
Okay, so I have to confess I’ve been a huge Frenchie fan since Idol‘s second season — where the feroculous (yeah, I just tragically morphed ferocious and fabulous into a new adjective) diva got DQ’d after Hollywood week when her racy photos popped up on a tawdry Web site. And I guess that’s why I got a surge of joy from the mere sight of Frenchie getting her shot at the voting rounds of a major network singing competition. Thankfully, Ms. Davis’ big, clear instrument was in fine shape on “When Love Takes Over” (embedded below), a soaring dance anthem that allowed Frenchie to trot out the most delicious pair of earrings I’ve seen in recent TV history, and a stage presence that would’ve drawn an “ooh, grrrl” from Ms. Jay had this been an episode of America’s Next Top Model. Frenchie needs to be careful not to let her voice get shrill when she reaches the outer limits of her upper register, but I’ve got to say it was nice to hear a modern dance track performed with emotional and vocal excellence in a live TV setting.

Oh, before we forget, there were also group performances by Team Xtina and Team Blake (coaches included). Let’s sum ’em up in 10 words or less:

Team Xtina, “Lady Marmalade”: Xtina’s boobs ride rollercoaster with no seatbelt. Hot vocals though.

Team Blake, “This Love”: Adam’s reaction to hearing own track better than actual performance?

And now, let’s get down to tonight’s letter grades and some predictions for next Tuesday’s eliminations…

Tonight’s Letter Grades
Frenchie Davis: B+
Dia Frampton: B+
Beverly McClellan: B
Xenia: B
Raquel Castro: B-
Jared Blake: B-
Patrick Thomas: C+
Lily Elise: C-

Will go through: Patrick Thomas, Xenia
Should go through: Dia Frampton, Xenia

Will go through: Frenchie Davis, Raquel Castro
Should go through: Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan

What did you think of The Voice‘s initial set of live performances? Who was your favorite? Who will and should go home? Could the social media red room have been any more annoying? And would you like to see a more critical approach to critique from the judges? Sound off below, and for all my reality TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Okay, maybe it’s me, but I didn’t get Xenia’s performance AT ALL. My mom pointed out that she seemed like Alex Lambert during his first live song, but without the real potential. If Blake picks her instead of Dia, I’m going to have a aneurism.
    Side note: How freaking terrible was the V-Room. I’m pretty sure the people on the computers were the ones sending in the “great job, Xenia!” tweets.

    • Carrie #2 says:

      You read my mind! I honestly thought Xenia was awful and I do not know what anyone sees in her. She was too nervous for her own good, and she was so quiet I’m not entirely sure she was in tune the whole time because I COULDN’T HEAR HER! Terrible song choice; it was way too big for her. Well, one good thing I can take away from her performance is that she has amazing hair, haha!

      • susela says:

        I agree it was a terrible song choice, but if the point of this show is to find “The Voice,” then she’s the one. Her tone is incredible; I could listen to her for hours.

      • C says:

        I really liked Xenia. Isn’t this competition supposed to be about the voice and not so much importance on their performance. I thought her performance was good and she has an amazing voice. I actually liked the song choice for her.

      • Lee says:

        I’m with you. I can’t believe Michael actually gave Xenia a higher grade than Patrick. For real, Michael?? You actually liked Xenia’s performance better than Patrick’s? At least Patrick has a vocal range. I’m not sure what Xenia has. I thought she had a limited vocal range and a limited stage presence. To tell you the truth, I prefer Patrick over Scotty McGreery.

        • ohreli says:

          I also believe that Patrick should have been rated higher. I am not a country music fan, but the only contestant that stood out for me enough to vote for was Patrick. I am not sure why…mmm..let me think….I think it was because he was the least self-conscious and most sincere.

      • Noelbelle says:

        I disagree completely about the song choice. If she’d been less nervous, and thereby able to keep up with the band, I think it would have been great. It was good for her age, positive but not too cheesy, and midtempo. “Price Tag” is definitely not a big song at all. Jessie J can barely sing (I’ve seen her live) and she wrote it, so there you go.

    • Jodi says:

      I thought, for a 16 or 17 year old who was shy, she did great!!! Her voice is beautiful, and she seemed to be letting go. I think she got a boost of confidence and hopefully that will loosen her up even more.
      Honestly…Blake’s team wiped up the floor with Christina’s team.

    • algalhi says:

      @Sam – I agree with you about Xenia. She has a beautiful tone to her voice (when we could hear it), but alas, she had that deer-in-the-headlights look that took me back to a number of the American Idol season 9 contestants. IMO she’s not ready. Give her a few years to grow her confidence.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Maybe it’s me but I don’t get the VOICE at all. It culminates in a battle that seems like a “concert” of all-stars singing over each other.
      I don’t think this show has a long-term chance of being on air. Needs a lot of work.

  2. Cassandra says:

    I really like Dia and since iTunes purchases counts as a vote, Dia will likely go through because she is owning everyone right now.

    • Emily says:

      Really hope she does go through. Her performance was so original and I love how unique her voice is.

      • Saulo says:

        My favorite was Dia, althought I think Kris Allen’s version of Heartless is better.

        • LAMusic says:

          Why do you have a commercial for X-factor linked in your comment? I expected it to be Kris Allen’s Heartless from your comment.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Also, xenia is a very week singer. I wish she would push her vocal a bit more because I want to root for her but I just can’t.

    • Jillian says:

      I agree – I love her voice. She’s just not ready.

      • go xenia says:

        Yes, this. But I hope the experience of making it this far in a competition like this will be the beginning of building the confidence she needs in order to really blossom. If she keeps going down this path, I suspect that in another five years, she’ll be absolutely brilliant.

    • cassandra says:

      I meant *weak

  4. Meyling says:

    “Raquel’s decision to deliver a high-energy dance track complete…” You mean Christina’s decision. Which was a terrible one.

    And I personally found most of these performances mediocre at best. I thought Dia was good. I like both her version and Kris’s version. Xenia could have been good. I don’t know why they told her to do those stupid arm movements. I HATED Patrick’s performance of Nuts of Wonder. (That song will forever be known as Nuts of Wonder, and I laugh every time someone tries to sing it.)

    And this show really needs to ditch Carson Daly and that social networking girl whose name I can’t rememeber. And the backup dancers.

    • seattlejohn says:

      am I the only person who finds these uber-coaches kinda creepy? how much feedback do the contestants get or are the coaches just treating them like barbie and ken dolls…will they eventually get to make their own decisions? I was also underwelmed by the singing…Raquel was terrible, Frenchie flat, Patrick and Dia bland…thought Beverly was clearly the best vocal of the night…and the swaybots should be locked up permanently with the tweet lady to never be heard from or seen again

      • cathy says:

        They are coaches not judges. They are also part of the competition so they shouldn’t be judging the other teams. I like to hear what they have to say but don’t expect them to criticize the competition. That is up to the coaches to lead their performers

        • seattlejohn says:

          I was commenting more about the coaches making the song choices, adding dancers, choreographing stage moves…we haven’t seen much in the way of performers collaborating with the coaches other than them taking direction…it makes me wonder if we are getting the true performer or a fabricated fascimile dependant on the team leaders’ tastes and whims; I agree with you why the judges of the other teams aren’t rendering critiques and leaving that up to the specific team leaders

  5. This show is a winner! I just so tickled pink that there is someone to rival AI that I loved all the performances. I think this years emotional abuse of Haley(and the AI audience) has really snapped something in my willingness to watch again. But I’ll be back for more Voice – and next week I’ll pay attention to who messes up :)

    • Lee says:

      We have to remember this is the FIRST season of The Voice so it’s not going to be perfect. (How perfect was American Idol in its first season?) There’s still some things I like about The Voice over AI. One, I like how the voting is limited to only 10 per device. Two, I like how the sales of iTunes are included in the voting. Three, I like how the same person coaches and judges the contestants. I got a lot of conflicting feedback in AI. The most blatant one was when Jimmy Iovine recommended You and I by Lady Gaga to Haley and then Jennifer Lopez told Haley that Jimmy made a mistake suggesting it to her. Well–who was right? Jimmy or Jennifer? I don’t think having separate coaches and separate judges work. But I do think having the same person coaching and judging works.

  6. Michael says:

    I totally agree with Sam above. The V-room is hyperactive overload. BTW supposedly all the judges and Carson are “tweeting” away live during the show? Yet I don’t seem any of them reaching for their blackberries or iphones or whatever. I have to admit it is a good idea to feature twitter (totally trumps Idol here) but a little goes a long way. Did anyone else get the “telethon” vibe from the whole thing? I was waiting for Jerry Lewis to walk out at some point.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      YES! Michael – the “telethon vibe”. Thank you. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that is a perfect description.

    • Ashlee says:

      Actually Cee-Lo has his phone out the whole time.

    • Carly says:

      I hated the twitter room! It was so stupid and pointless and the twitter girl was annoying. Carson Daly needs to go, he is a terrible host.

      • Stephanie says:

        Why is the Twitter Girl yelling at us all the time? And why do we need to have Twitter updates flashed on our screen anyway? Anyone who wants to Twitter something can go to Twitter and do it. I think the “V Room” is a knock off of the old AI Coke room, down to it’s all-red motif, but this Twitter Girl screaming everything makes me hit FF as fast as I possibly can.

  7. Rock Golf says:

    I genuinely felt sympathy for Xenia. She got this grade school choreography – feet superglued in front of the mike stand, if the lyric say “everybody look to the left” point left. She was a deer caught in the headlights on the Daytona 500 track. Lovely voice but terrified and all the stage presence of a trap door.

    • Yo says:

      I loved the tone to this girl’s voice; she is genuinely unique. I haven’t watched this show consistently, because ABC insists on airing it opposite Good Wife. But I figure Xenia must be under seventeen: The producers of both this show and Idol manage to make female teens look like hoary housefraus. How is it the population with the best legs has to wear long skirts?

  8. John says:

    I’m rooting for Raquel, Xenia and Dia. My favorite guys didn’t make it on these two teams. I do wish there was more time for mentoring and more performances. I thought the judges failed on their Queen performance. Christina was a bit out of control. Cee Lo was subdued, but his night is next week.

  9. Chris G. says:

    Spot on review. My wife asked me what I thought of the show after it was over and all I could say was, “It was alright.” Me thinks Slezak explains it better.

  10. Jason S. says:

    The show probably has to end by June 29 because when you have four current superstars as judges it’s probably hard to get them to sign up for six months!!! I can’t believe you’re fussing Dia!! She was the only one all night who wasn’t cOmplete Karoke! Her performance style is part of her charm just like Haley’s was before you discovered it was alright to like an imperfect sexy gir!!!

    • Yo says:

      Such a crime not to continue this show, when the summer is a viewing
      wasteland: I feel MS’spain. How about they continue it and put it opposite The Bachelorette?

    • Stacey says:

      Jason, I think you’re probably right about the reason for the short season. The coaches still have day jobs as performance artists, they aren’t just TV personalities. Maroon 5 has a summer tour scheduled (they already had to cut short their world tour this spring for Adam’s Voice commitment) and Blake Shelton is CURRENTLY touring with weekend shows scheduled all through June and July. I think even if you paid them Idol money, the judges wouldn’t commit to a lengthy schedule because no one’s looking to retire from their real jobs yet.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      @Jason – You make a good point. They can’t commit to anytime beyond 6 months, because they have productions, concerts, events, etc. Ceelo is going to be at Lollapalooza, Maroon 5 guy is in concert. Even the producers on AI said it was taking a toll on them to be on the show and produce the Idols.

  11. l says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Even the bad performances were better than American Idol was this season (Pia and Haley excepted). I agree with who you think will go through. Didn’t get showing the contestants typing on their computers – I think that should be cut. I also think the whole show is happening too quickly, they should slow it down, especially for a summer show. Overall, I like the show a lot. Christina Aguilera needs some show hosting lessons, I find her totally annoying and kind of brainless, not to mention half-naked all the time. Can’t beat her singing though.

  12. HL says:

    Frenchie Davis OWNED last night. Not getting the Dia love. Stripped down “Heartless” was interesting THE FIRST TIME. Love Xenia’s sweet personality, but there’s a lot of talent up there. It will be interesting to see if the limit on votes per method gets us better results than what we see on AI.

    • JJ says:

      By the “first time,” you must mean The Fray’s version. I loved Kris Allen’s version but, in my opinion, his was more like The Fray’s earlier version than Dia’s was like Kris Allen’s version.

      • GavinStrick says:

        I think The Fray, Kris Allen’s, and Dia’s “Heartless” are all different, but the only version that has been heard by millions (on AI, over 20 million people watched the episode on which Kris sung it)is Kris’s–and therein lies the problem I had with Dia doing it, that song will forever be known by millions of people as the song that probably won Kris Allen American Idol (it was that much of a game changer, IMO.) I wish Dia had chosen a song not so connected to another singing competition contestant–also, I did roll my eyes when she sang “my Homies” LOL. That said, I like the quality of her voice.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Why over the last few weeks has NOBODY mentioned the terrible sound mixing going on at The Voice? Every singer is being totally drowned out by the band, the audience, and as Michael refers to it, the “cavernous soundstage.” If they don’t get this fixed, I’m afraid American Idol has nothing to worry about.

    • Katie says:

      Seriously! There are some points during the performances when I can’t even hear their *voices* over the band. The band musicians are extremely talented but they’re not who we’re voting for. I don’t side with American Idol on a lot of things but I will say they have better soundmixing as well as a host who doesn’t think they’re a judge. Carson looks like he’s trying to be the cool kid and fit in with the big name judges while ignoring the contestants.

    • tamara says:

      I completely agree!

      I kept thinking how great it would have been for Xenia to do a more acoustic type songs, with les band in background, so that we could hear her more. Same with Dia, which as Slezak said could’ve done without theother instruments, just the piano and her would’ve been fine, and maybe a guitar, but no more.

      I know Xenia can hit higher notes, cause we saw that on the group performance. But all this band sound is drowning her voice, like you said. And she has trouble maintaining them, so all the music really messes everything up.

    • Alan says:

      Amen- I felt bad for Xenia. Her softer, but unique voice is what makes her different than the rest. She shouldn’t have to scream to get over the bad sound mixing. It would totally change her style for the worse.

    • Carly says:

      The sound was terrible. I know that Xenia was probably singing more softly than the others, but they can turn the band down so we can hear so she doesn’t get drowned out. Also in Jared’s performance, his guitar was not turned up enough, you could barely hear it. Figure it out.

  14. Victoria E says:

    All I kept thinking as they talked about how & when to vote was that the producers of THE VOICE had been reding your column and had taken notes about how voting should happen. Have itunes sales count? Check. Only a limited # of votes per device? Check? Vote on line? Check. See Slezak, you’ve got more influence than you think you do!
    (BTW — I think it’s going to be Beverly & Frenchie getting thru for Xtina’s team & Dia & Patrick for Blake’s. Didn’t help that I couldn’t remember any of the other performances!)

  15. Babz says:

    Beverly McClellan, Frenchie Davis, Patrick Thomas, Dia Frampton and Xenia were my favorites, although Xenia performance was so uncomfortable to watch. I adore Xenia’s tone. Lilly and Raquel were the weakest in my opinion. Raquel looks like a younger version of Gloria Estefan.

    • says:

      Same here. You got it right. Although, I didn’t think patrick was that good and I still resent him for being picked over Tyler in the battle rounds and I hope that doesn’t happen again.

      • Babz says:

        I loved Tyler too and felt the same way about Blake picking Patrick. Once my anger over it waded, I do feel the Patrick will do well with the country crowd.

    • Suzanne says:

      I thought the same thing about Racquel, I kept waiting for her to sing “coming out of the dark…..”

  16. Elle says:

    I agree that the judges don’t give negative feedback which is strange as they where happy to do it in previous rounds.I also agree with your who should/will go through.Raquel and Patrick are the kind of people America love but it should be others with better talent and a more original angle at the end of the day Patricks just a poor mans Idol country singer.But all in all a good show I loved Blakes team performance but Xtina’s was more about her and I didn’t like that.Adam was hot as always though, he’s so dreamy!As for performances Frenchie and Xenia where my favourites. I used to like Jared but he was unoriginal and Lily was a mess while Patrick was cookie-cutter.Dia and Beverly where great and Raquel gave a decent performance.

  17. bluesman35 says:

    the format for the show is disappointing. We go weeks without seeing the few singers we like. There’s very little opportunity to get invested in the contestants with weeks between performances.

    The coaches cannot give honest feedback. The gamesmanship between the judges makes the possibility of any real critique slim. Lack of critique makes the show less interesting.

    The voting was explained poorly. I think the person with the highest vote total on each team stays and 1 of the bottom 3 finishes, coaches choice, also stays. I think.

    Its hard to remember who’s on which team. If you want to vote for someone on both teams, better take notes.

    • cathy says:

      after the manipulations of the American Idol judges critiques or lack of critiques, I find this show so refreshing. Adam, Ce Lo, Blake and Xtina are not judges. They are coaches and part of the competition. If they have anything negative to say to their contestants it will be during their mentoring.

      I admit AI totally frustrated me this year. The judges were all sunshine and roses to most of them and horrible to a couple (Pia and Hayley). Quite frankly I believe, that as the audience we are quite capable of figuring out whom we would like to vote for nor not.

      As for people complaining about it being karoke….well the Hee Haw twins were voted in on AI and neither one of them changed a song all season.

      I am so over AI. I love “The Voice”

  18. Chloe says:

    Feroculous… I’ll support it.

    I too have been a Frenchie Fan (Frenchie-phile?) since AI & am ecstatic to see her back on TV singing. Basically, she’s the only reason I’m watching the show. She did not disappoint!

    I remember actually cringing during Lily’s performance. By the end she lost total control of her voice & it just turned plain sad.

  19. Ablo says:

    I thought Patrick Thomas was the worst of the night — followed by Lily. Frenchie, unfortunately, didn’t live up to expectations — way too many missed notes (can’t quite figure out how Michael puts her at the top — I can only assume it’s based on his antecedent impression of her).

    I kind of like Xenia — she doesn’t have a strong voice, but I like the tone (the competition is all wrong for her though). Dia maybe. Jared — well, the thing is there are hundreds of guys who sing like that around the country. Beverly — ok, but I think she has zero chance of being a star. Raquel — ok, I guess — too young.

    Dia Frampton: B
    Xenia: B
    Beverly McClellan: B
    Jared Blake: C+
    Raquel Castro: C
    Frenchie Davis: C-
    Lily Elise: D
    Patrick Thomas: D-

    • ell says:

      Patrick Thomas was a weak pick when it was made and hasn’t gotten any better. His competition was SO much more talented! Blake seems like an awesome guy but that was flat-out a bad pick. Cute country guy worked on Idol but this is the Voice. :P

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        In Blake’s defense, he was probably thinking Patrick had a good voice for country. You could see by the look on Blake’s face that he was really struggling with the decision.
        remember, Simon Cowell voted against sending David Cook AND Chris Daughtry to Hollywood. Everyone makes mistakes.

        • Ablo says:

          The thing is — I don’t think he has a good voice for country. 1. He doesn’t have a good voice. 2. It isn’t a good country voice. So . . .

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I can’t disagree – there’s nothing particularly special there, but the first time I heard him I thought there was potential. But now I don’t feel the same way.

            I thought he sounded better on the Maroon 5 Song (This Love), but I still don’t think he should go forward.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I also liked Jared Blake when I first heard him sing, but I pretty much feel the same way about him as well.

  20. Sara says:

    I like Xenia voice but I don’t think she is ready. And I don’t think she will get through on voting, so you think Blake is going to save her? I think it will be Patrick and Dia. And for Xtina’s team I think it will be Frenchie and Beverly.

    And I agree that Adam’s reaction to the group performance was better than the performance. But I love that the judges perform! And why is Carson Daly so awkward?!

    • WTF? says:

      Ugh, who keeps hiring Carson Daly? Why, WHY? All I can think of when I see he and Christina interact is the line from that Eminem song: “Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs so I can next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear ’em argue over who she gave h**d to first”.

  21. Karen says:

    Blake does seem to be pimping Patrick, huh? But Dia is the one who should go through rather than him. I also would prefer Beverly to go through as well. Her stage presence is just so joyful and passionate. Raquel could learn a thing or two from her.

  22. Tim says:

    To me, this was an episode of Frenchie Davis and the seven dwarfs. She is the only one who grabbed me.

  23. Malcolm says:

    The show felt kind of awkward in a good many spots. Carson Daly…is annoying to watch on television. He just comes over wrong…
    Anyway, I think Dia is out of everyone the most interesting because her tone would be distinguishable in the industry now and she also has some kind of experience (unlike Xenia who seems to just be really doing the performing thing). So for me her and Frenchie were the best, with Xenia and Lily forming the bottom.
    I think Patrick and Dia are going through from Blake’s team and Frenchie and Beverly from Christina’s, as it should be.

  24. Dwayne says:

    I love the show and I agree wholeheartedly about Carson. He needs to stop with the leading questions to judges. I get that he wants to show his encouragement or whatever but he can do so without calling them pros and so on.

  25. Jason S. says:

    They need to change the format next season! They should have only two 2 hour battle rounds instead of four 1 hour! Then have it go Like Idol with either 1 or 2 eliminated per week! And why does it have to be two from each mentor? What if the four best are from 1 mentor? So even though xenia is better then all of christina’s team she will get cut!!

    And Aguilera is kind of creepy! Seems like she wants to sleep with all the contestants! Men and women!! Guess she really is a nymphomaniac!!! I used to think she was hot but those boobs are horrible!! Take the beach balls out!!!

    • JBanana says:

      I agree that it’s unfair the teams are being reduced equally. It actually hampers the contestants to be on a good “team”. It’s not really a “team”, then, is it, if you’re actually only competing against each other?
      I understand the show wanting to keep all four superstar coaches in it, but they should actually be rewarded or penalized based on their choices. If Christina chose the wrong people during the battle rounds (which she did in my opinion) then she deserves to see those people go out early. Adam chose really good contestants, and yet he’s going to have to watch them go home earlier than they should? Aren’t the coaches (and therefore their teams) supposed to be competing against each other? The way this is formatted, it’s like they’re all just getting a gold star for showing up to class.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        thanks, JBanana – you managed to put into words what I was unable to put into words. That’s one of the reasons good contestants are going home too early – if one judge has a strong team, he’s going watch his team members go home when they are, in fact, better than people on other teams by virtue of the way the competition is set up.

  26. Cate says:

    Anybody else notice that most of these contestants are recycled from other shows? Frenchie from AI, Tori and Taylor actually WON American Juniors, and Raquel Welch was the little girl in the Ben Affleck movie “Jersey Girl.” Not exactly unknowns.

    • yeah but says:

      They never claimed to have picked unknown artists. They even asked Frenchie on tv where she was from, so they’re not really trying to hide anything.

    • WTF? says:

      Hehe, Raquel Welch looks AWESOME for her age, though!

      Idol does the recycling thing too: Pia and Haley both tried out for Idol in prior years (as have many eventual contestants), Alison Iraheta WON a Telemundo singing competition, and aren Rodriguez was a contestant on yet another Telemundo singing show. It’s all one big incestuous relationship with these reality singing show contestant pools. And, in my book, winning American Juniors should count as a strike against a singer. Yikes.

      • WTF? says:

        I meant Karen Rodriguez, not aren!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Posters keep referencing “American Juniors” and “Rockstar”. I hate to sound ignorant but I honestly don’t remember either program. When were they on TV? Thanks.

  27. bbsd says:

    So much better than Country Teen Idol. although it did feel a little long. I actually voted this week, which I haven’t done since realizing I would have to spend two hours voting to match the votes of one tween with unlimited texting, I gave the max to Frenchie and Xenia and throw a few to Beverly. I agree it is too early to eliminate so many contestants.

  28. dj says:

    I think you’re wrong about Patrick going through instead of Dia, because Dia is charting on itunes. Last time I checked, she was #96, and those purchases count as votes. Xenia was charting as well. I voted for both of them, because even though they have stage fright issues to overcome, I think their voices have more potential than either Jared or Patrick on Blake’s team. On Christina’s team, I went the opposite way and voted for experience over youth, because I think Beverly and Frenchie are far more talented vocally than Raquel and Lily.

    I thought the show was a lot of fun, but I was confused, because I thought the teams would be going up against each other at this point. I was expecting someone from each team to sing and one of them to go home next week, or some scenario like that. Also, I have to DVR the show and watch it later because I don’t want my daughter to hear all the judge’s adult remarks to one another. Doesn’t seem like much of a family show.

    • Brian D. says:

      It isn’t a family show. The online voting even makes you check a box saying you HAVE to be 13 years old or older to vote.

      If your kids aren’t old enough to vote on the show, then it’s safe to say that the show isn’t for them. :)

      • Mike says:

        “It isn’t a family show. The online voting even makes you check a box saying you HAVE to be 13 years old or older to vote.”

        In the United States there’s laws government data collection on people under the age of 13. They did it for legal reasons.

    • John says:

      NBC isn’t really pushing it as a family show (hence the raunchy banter and later scheduling). What saddens me a little bit is that this is probably a major reason why the contestants can be openly gay.

      • Ruth says:

        @John, did you really explicitly indicate that it “saddens” you that the contestants on The Voice can be “openly gay”? And, did you just also imply that it’s wrong to show “openly gay” people on TV shows that are watched by kids?

        Just … wow. I’m a 50 YO hetero mom (i.e., no “gay agenda” here), and it (truly)”saddens” *me* that people actually think like that. Maybe I’ve misinterpreted your words (and I apologize if that’s the case), but it would be easy to believe that someone who posts those sentiments might possibly be a word thst rhymes with “fomo-hobic”.

        On topic: I wish that Beverly would sing something out of her comfort zone; yes, she’s awesome within her own niche, but it will be interesting to see how she does if/when they force her to push her own personal envelope a bit. What singer’s work and/or song would the rest of you like to hear her sing to that “push her comfort zone” end – any ideas??

        And yet another minion for Adam checking in; he rocks in every way!

        • donie says:

          I think John was saying it’s sad that if NBC meant it to be a family show, they wouldn’t show so many out gay people. Not that I necessarily agree.

          What’s sad to me is despite several lovely gay competitors and their partners being shown, the judges come across as homophobic (Blake’s recent comments) or gay baiting (Xtina going on and on about Blake and Adam).

        • Aoife says:

          I think John just meant that the later hour and all that was the reason NBC can get away with the Voice being as gay-friendly as it is, not that the gay-friendliness itself is a problem! That said, it’s awesome of you to jump in and defend against homophobes. :)

          I’d like to see Beverly take on one of the quieter Indigo Girls tracks–still in the same league, but just different enough to show off some other aspects of her voice. Maybe something similar to their take on Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue”? And speaking of Bob Dylan, I’d like to see Jared do “Don’t think twice, it’s all right”…

  29. kd says:

    I agree with a lot of what you said. I wish they were only eliminating one contestant this week too. This is going to end in a millisecond compared to idol. Xenia has my favorite voice in this entire competition. She does look completely petrified on stage though. A few more weeks could help her get some confidence so I hope she makes it. Dia was also pretty good (altho not as original as the people who have never heard the Fray’s version. Yes, the Fray did it before Kris.) I don’t get Patrick Thomas at ALL. I’m hoping all the country kids are still so high over Scotty’s win that they will not be ready to jump on the bandwagon of a lesser phenom. Jared was alright but nothing to write home about.

    On Christina’s team I’d go with Beverly and Frenchie. Raquel screeches and shrills while Lily is just bad.

    Best moment of the night was Blake’s team singing Maroon 5 and Adam’s reaction.

    • me says:

      Finally someone points out kris allen did not cover heartless first. The Fray totally had the best cover.

      • HelenKrump says:

        I have to disagree, I think that The Fray’s version is sort of lifeless, to me, Kris Allen’s is still the gold standard remake of that song.

        • already bored says:

          I agree with you. I guess Kris Allen’s album version is kinda similar to The Fray’s? I guess? I like The Fray’s songs, but I just couldn’t listen to their version of Heartless. I liked Kris Allen’s version better. That said, after watching to all of Kris Allen’s live performances, I liked Ain’t No Sunshine and She Works Hard For the Money better than Heartless though his vocal was quite phenomenal when he was singing Heartless…

  30. Maureen says:

    Few comments:
    1. Patrick sounded like his voice wanted to go all Josh Groban, but then he’d remember that country sells better so he put the twang in again. Something very off-putting about his performance.
    2. They need to fix the lighting…maybe. I couldn’t concentrate on Frenchie’s vocals because I kept thinking that her Spanx were showing on her right leg. Still not sure if they were or if it was the lighting.
    3. The only performance I watched twice was Xenia. She was awkward, but you could tell how much she was trying to step out of her shyness. And I love her voice!
    4. Xtina needs a new stylist now. She looks like a drag queen.

    • Tuzo says:

      > 4. Xtina needs a new stylist now. She looks like a drag queen.

      Yes, but on the plus side I’ve almost finished mapping out the veins on her breasts.

      • ohreli says:

        Anyone remember the name of that big buxom blonde on the billboards everywhere in Hollywood? She was like a self-parody of a Marilyn Monroe-parody…..thats what Xtina is starting to remind me of! (Love her voice, though)

  31. Michael says:

    I think the following will go through:

    Blake – Dia and Patrick
    Xtina – Beverley and Frenchie

    Didn’t get Xenia’s performance – leave it to Jessie J! Raquel just irritates me.

  32. Tavis says:

    I LOOOOOOVE this show!!! I hope Raquel and Beverly go through on Team Christina, and I hope Dia and Jared go through for Team Blake.

  33. Magically Suspicious says:

    My favorite things about this episode:

    1. Adam Levine doing the Queen guitar solo and blowing the roof off the joint;
    2. Adam Levine singing Queen and blowing the roof off the joint;
    3. Dia Frampton;
    4. Adam Levine wiggling like a naughty schoolboy while Team Blake did a Maroon 5 song;
    5. Uncle Fester in a skirt;
    6. Dia Frampton;
    7. Adam Levine.

    I also REALLY enjoyed Adam Levine.

    • Faz says:

      Maybe, but he certainly didn’t sing the song anywhere near as good as Freddie.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        I completely agree. Nobody will ever do it as good as Freddie.

        • Faz says:

          BTW — loved the Uncle Fester comment.

          • Tavis says:

            So you’re a fan of homophobic remarks? Way to be, bigot.

          • What? says:

            How in the world is that a homophobic remark? Explain yourself.

          • Magically Suspicious says:

            Bev is one of my favorites on the show. Seeing her walk out in a skirt was completely unexpected and shocking. And, in a competition where you are counting on the public to cast votes to keep you around, shocking = memorable = genius. Which is why I listed it as one of my favorite things from the show. I’m pretty sure she didn’t choose that get-up by accident. People will vote for her because, on top of her obvious talent, they are excited to see what she will do next. She’s a performer from head to toe. The girl on CeeLo’s team that sang Adele in the auditions (I can’t remember her name) is my pick for the winner so far, but I hope Bev stays strong and is in it to the end.

      • Aoife says:

        Well, nobody but nobody is Freddie Mercury, are they?

        But I really do like watching Adam Levine, too. :)

    • @Magically says:

      When Beverly leaned down to leer at the camera before she sang, I got a brief but horrible image of the Arizona serial killer.

    • chas says:

      Um, Adam Levine didn’t blow the roof off singing Queen. He was stretched to his voice’s limits, though. Cee-Lo was just winded by his part.

  34. Jason says:

    Anyone else notice Adam was completely out of tune when he sang Queen?

    • Jane says:

      Nope. He wasn’t.

    • Tavis says:

      Don’t know if he was out of tune but he didn’t sound good, that’s for sure.

    • esse says:

      I’ve seen Maroon 5 live several times and all but one of them, he’s been off pitch more often than he’s been on. I like the band (and I like Adam), but vocals aren’t really his strong suit.

      • Lily says:

        Many times in watching this live episode of The Voice, I wondered if the singers were able to hear the music properly. Idol provides earpieces for the singers to help them hear the music over the audience noise, but I didn’t see the contestants or coaches on The Voice wearing earpieces.

        • ohreli says:

          I noticed the same thing, and wondered about the earpieces. They couldnt possibly have been hearing themselves well.

  35. Jillian says:

    Christina Aguilara needs to SHUT up and let the other judges talk.
    She is acting like she owns the show and she is ruining it.

    • Kellie says:

      That, and she wants to bang Patrick Thomas or take off his pants or whatever. Oh, and canoodle with one of the girls (Dia maybe?). The way she cuts off Adam especially is OBNOXIOUS.

    • esse says:

      She’s been pretty obnoxious, but it seems to me it’s more like she’s the only judge trying to play up the rivalry and less like she’s an obnoxious by nature. I hope TPTB will give her some feedback about that and she’ll tone it down.

      • Ablo says:

        That’s what’s odd about The Voice. Is it a competition between the judges? Is it a competition between the competitors (I have trouble calling the contestants “artists” at this early juncture)?

        • voicefan says:

          its a competition for both the coaches (not judges) and the contestants. They said so in the earlier episodes.

          • Ablo says:

            Well, but that’s the issue — they’re having trouble following through with it.

  36. JohnH says:

    I watched Dia’s performance and I was torn…is she really a contender, and is she showing me the potential I think she is? By the end, I decided she’s the real deal (slapping her lap during the bridge aside), and iTunes seems to agree as her version of “Heartless” is currently at #28. I actually liked Raquel’s performance, but this is The Voice, not the X Factor. I’m thinking Patrick and Dia from Blake’s team, and Frenchie and Beverly from Christina’s.

  37. Hugh says:

    I hate to say it but I thought the whole thing kinda sucked. A night of mediocre performances with A LOT of bum notes. I ff’ed through a lot of it. Frenchie was the best of the night, followed by Dia. But even then Dia wasn’t particularly creative and Kris Allen’s version was much better.

    I thought Raquel was poor. Xenia was AWFUL. I don’t care if she has a nice tone if she can’t hit 60% of the notes and stands like a lifeless doll in the middle of the stage with a vacant look on her face. Patrick, Lily, Beverly and Jared were boring.

    Overall. Not as good as Idol. I know the manipulation on Idol is frustrating and it really sucks sometimes to see your favourites get dissed (Haley) but the talent was far far superior this year.

    Oh and Carson is really awkward live. Sucks because I like him.

  38. Rick says:

    I thought that Beverly and Dia were far and away the best from each team, and I honestly can’t imagine them not going through, especially Dia since Blake called her performance the best moment so far on the show. Even if Dia doesn’t get the viewer votes, Blake will probably put her through. The rest of Blake’s team was meh for me . . . Jared had potential but came off as a poser by doing nothing new with the song. Xenia’s voice is unique, but her performance was uncomfortable- all of those “look at her, she’s coming out of her shell and expressing herself” arm motions were clearly planned before the performance (they even showed a clip of it before she performed) so they felt very contrived to me. Patrick Thomas bores me to tears- nothing unique- and he shouldn’t have even won his battle back in the first week of the battle rounds against Tyler Whatshisface. If I had to pick two from the team, I’d go with Dia for sure and then probably Jared, but, assuming Dia gets through on votes, I can see Blake picking any of the other three for a number of reasons (Xenia because she’s like his daughter, Jared because he’s the second-chance man, and Patrick because he’s country).
    On Christina’s team, Lily was horrible, but we expected that because she was horrible in her battle (Cherie Oakley was robbed!). Raquel was entertaining but nothing special vocally, as usual. Despite an expected song choice and an unfortunate Dutch lumberjack outfit, Beverly was passionate and sang the crap out of that song. Frenchie’s voice was great, but I didn’t really feel her owning the stage (her group performance outfit was extremely unflattering too). The show is called “The Voice,” so my picks would be Beverly and Frenchie, and I can see this happening unless Raquel sneaks in in place of one of the two. Lily is toast for sure.
    Group performances: Xtina = melisma, Blake = awkward
    Carson Daly: I. Speak. In. This. Monotonous. Voice. But. Still. Say. Words. That. Give. You. The. Impression. That. I. Am. Enthusiastic.
    The judges: They’ve been taking lessons from Steven Tyler in how to tell everyone they’re awesome in the most inoffensive way possible. Honestly, I think they want to praise their own team to increase the team’s chances at victory, but at the same time they seem to be afraid to criticize anyone else because it will look like they’re intentionally bashing them to bring them down and help their own team. That’s one advantage to (so-called) impartial judges.
    The concept: This show is called “The Voice,” but ever since the blind auditions ended, it’s become more about the performance, which is necessary for a live performer but not for a recording artist (which I thought was the point since looks don’t matter on the radio).
    Long post completed.

    • Rick says:

      Oh, and one more note- each team tonight seemed to have two members that fit a certain mold:
      Team Xtina: Two older, bigger belters (Beverly and Frenchie) vs. Two inexperienced but potentially pop-“relevant” youngsters (Raquel and Lily)
      Team Blake: Two raspy-voiced females with unique tones (Dia and Xenia) vs. Two talented but unexceptional guys set in particular genres

    • Eli says:

      I’m sorry, “and an unfortunate Dutch lumberjack outfit”, can anyone clarify for me wtf a Dutch lumberjack looks like according to you crazy americans, cause I’m dutch and I’ve never seen a lumberjack in my life…

    • voicefan says:

      How many time do they have to clarify? Its COACHES..not JUDGES. They don’t judge, they gave opinion and mentorship…because they are COACHES

  39. jw says:

    All were better than just about anything on Idol this year.

    • MC says:

      I completely disagree. I think the talent on Idol far outpaced what I saw last night.

    • Mia says:

      Ya gotta be kidding me.

      I understand when people take a swing on Idol because of how they operate. By on pure talent alone, no freaking way The Voice outdoes Idol. The powerful pitch of Pia, the effortless tone of Lauren, the artistry of James, and the just undeniable talent in Haley; the list goes on…

      HECK, even Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone who overstayed their welcome on Idol could outdo last night’s performances in a heartbeat.

      • rachel says:

        I agree with you mia, the voices this seaeson of The Voice cant compare to the voices (haley, pia, casey) on American Idol this season.

  40. RamblinRed says:

    I’m going to be in the minority here. I disliked Frenchie’s performance. Her tone was quite shrill and she was often just slightly off key. I had a hard time listening to her and getting any enjoyment at all.

    Dia was my fav perofrmance of the night. Similar to The Fray of course, but with her own style.

    I love Xenia’s tone – she sounds alot like a smoky Norah Jones, but I think she will go home – she just looks too uncomfortable on stage right now. Should have waited a year or two.

    Patrick and Jared both gave solid performances of tunes that were in their wheelhouses.

    I really didn’t particularly care for any of the performances by Team Xtina other than Beverly who was having fun.

    I would send through dia and Xenia on Blake’s team and Beverly and probably Rachel on Xtina’s team.

    I think Dia and Patrick will be the 2 chosen for blake and Beverly and Frenchie for XTina.

    From the clips i liked Blake as a mentor better than Xtina. He really seemed to care about his singers.

    • Yo says:

      I never watched AI when Frenchie Davis was on; I thought she missed too many notes last night. She was commended for stage presence, but I was acutely aware that she did not move. That Patrick dude looks like someone with a classically trained voice playing a country singer on TV. I thought Beverly sang Melissa Etheridge’s song better than Melissa.

    • Steph says:

      You aren’t in the minority… I can’t stand Frenchie!! I had to change the station with her and Lily!!

      Loved Bev and Dia!!

    • jamey says:

      I am with you on Frenchie…. I didn’t enjoy her performance last night and my daughter got up in the middle of it to do something else… as she thought it wasn’t even worth finishing out. I enjoyed Dia and I thought Raquel did really well considering everything Christina through at her… I did’t like Xenia during the Blake team performance though she was better solo. I thought the bottom three were Frenchie, Patrick and Lily with Xenia next. I enjoy the coaches going after each other – though Xtina needs to tone it down.

  41. 4F says:

    Frenchie and Beverly were the two powerhouses that blew the roof off the place. Yes, Beverly’s choice was obvious, and there was little doubt that she’d nail the performance, but I still think it will work out in her favor. Frenchie was great, and of course they saved her for last because they know audience anticipation was high… well, I think she delivered, and I think we will see her move forward. Xenia and Dia are very talented, but there are a few problems: 1)the shyness 2)the inexperience 3)voice and style that are all wrong for the format of this show (huge venue, lots of backing instruments and distraction, etc.).

    • HelenKrump says:

      Dia Frampton isn’t inexperienced, she and her sister have a band, Meg & Dia, and they were signed to a label, have released a couple of albums, toured rather extensively, and have had their videos aired on MTV, Dia has a fanbase already, and that is probably why her itunes single is doing so well. I quite like the youtube clips I’ve seen of Meg & Dia (“Roses” is a favorite), the band was dropped by their record company, and Dia hopes the exposure on The Voice helps them get back on-track–I have no idea why the show is not mentioning Dia’s semi-successful music career which spans the last 6 years.

  42. julie says:

    I’m not impressed by the talent on this show. Some interesting voices, but little star quality. I would like to see Dia (even though her version of Heartless was not very original, basically being a cross between The Fray’s and Kris Allen’s versions) and Xenia (despite her almost paralyzing shyness) go through from Blake’s team, because they have unique voices and have far more potential than either Patrick or Jared, who are basically a generic country dude and a generic rocker, respectively.

    I don’t like anybody from Christina’s team. Frenchie Davis isn’t nearly as good as she was all those years ago when she was on Idol, and Beverly shouts rather than sings. Raquel and Lily are just big messes.

    • bluedevil says:

      It’s not even close to being a cross between Kris’s and The Fray’s versions. Kris’s was almost the same arrangement of Fray’s. Dia’s was much more melodic and slower too.

      • already bored says:

        It baffles me when someone says that Kris Allen’s version of Heartless and The Fray’s version of Heartless. I heard The Fray’s first when I was searching for their song on YouTube, and when someone first said Kris Allen’s Heartless is same version as theirs, the song didn’t even come to my mind because they were so different. That and I really didn’t like The Fray’s version. In fact, it’s probably my least favorite of their songs.

      • iamme2 says:

        Kris Allen’s arrangement the same as The Fray’s? The mind boggles. Allen’s version is much more dynamic, and stripped down even further than The Fray’s. I didn’t like Dia’s version much, she sort of mumbled the words, and had odd phrasing on it. Allen’s voice, much better than the lead singer of The Fray, IMO, was as clear as a bell, and the lyric was really distinctive when he started out singing acapella.

  43. rochelle says:

    My love for Carson Daly is still going strong.

    There is no explanation for it. His dead behind the eyes face accompanied with comments that always seem sarcastic and removed. It’s exactly how he was on TRL when .I was a kid.

    Oh and the singers we’re okay too. Xtina seems like she’s going to Toddlers and Tiara the hell out of Raquel.

    • Tavis says:

      I like him too. He’s so much more appealing than Ryan Seacrest, who’s just cocky, arrogant and egotistical.

      • rochelle says:

        I like Ryan too though. There’s just something about men having to fake some sort of enthusiasm for things that really are not very exciting. It’s hilarious to me.

  44. Ruby says:

    Dia Frampton was the only one who was truly outstanding last night. (What are you talking about, pitch problems? She was the ONLY one who didn’t have problems with that!) Most of The Voice’s contestants are people who would have been kicked off during the audition rounds at American Idol.

  45. Eric says:

    Check out my review vlog of last night’s first live show:

  46. Manuel says:

    It was so much fun! I’m split between Beverly and Frenchie on team Christina, I hope it’s these two that make it to the next round. On team Blake I’m 100% Dia.

  47. DonnaRonna says:

    I think somebody already mentioned this, but I want to say something about it too. I really wish they would have followed through with the concept of THE VOICE, instead of bringing all the silly production stuff (dancing mimes, overpowering bands, sad choreography, tall shoes, etc). Why not concentrate on great vocals, using just some simple background music, or better yet — acapello! Then as we find out more and more whose VOICE really has the most quality (after a ballad, an uptempo, a contemporary song, or something like that), THEN you start bringing in the production stuff way later in the process. I just think it’s wrong to call a show THE VOICE, when it’s mostly about vegas productions and outfits.

    Whew….I feel better now

    • Brian D. says:

      I agree that the title of the show is somewhat of a misnomer, because it’s actually more about finding a CURRENT recording artist, not a throwback one (as what Idol has usually been) or just finding a great voice.

      I don’t think they’re looking for an Aretha Franklin — they’re looking for the next Christina Aguilera or Adam Levine. This definitely isn’t American Idol.

  48. Brian D. says:

    Yes, the short format is a little annoying, but I think that might have been the point. They’re trying to differentiate themselves from Idol.

    Anyone notice that they mostly sing modern songs (and no themes)? This competition is definitely about finding a current recording artist, and the voting limits tries to make sure it doesn’t turn into a popularity show.

    Can you believe that they count all the votes until the day before the next competition? And on top of that, they’re counting the iTunes downloads. This must be the fairest voting system I’ve ever seen.

    • Eurydice says:

      Evidently, there aren’t all that many current songs out there because we’ve heard most of them already on AI – Lauren sang the songs that were performed by Beverly and Patrick last night. I think the theme nights on AI can get pretty annoying, but at least they open up some more possibilities.

      • tnsmoke says:

        I think song publishing companies have to authorize songs in the pool for singers to pick from these type of shows, thus not ALL songs are available for singers to pick from. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  49. cookielove says:

    Yeah, the show needs to make some improvements. Are you Voice producers reading these excellent comments here?? One thing I like is that the coaches are really trying to help these guys, whether out of self-interest or genuine mentorship. On AI the judges don’t help at all (hurt, mostly) and Jimmy and co. got it wrong as often as they got it right. Maybe more often.

  50. bluedevil says:

    I might be in minority, but I think this format was the right one for the moment. If they eliminated one singer each from each team, the following round would have been somewhat awkward as either 12 remaining will have to be jammed into 2 hour episode or 6 contestants from 2 teams will have to fill a 2 hour slot. Wouldn’t work!

    The only con is that some teams are so much better than the others. Xenia is probably better than anyone on Christina’s team, yet I’m afraid she’ll get booted next week. And then next week’s Adam’s team is also so talented from top to bottom, so …

    Wouldn’t it have been much more interesting if a mentor could also be eliminated if noone in her group remains? Why keep the deadwood?

    Finally, glad that someone else also noticed although Adam’s guitar solo was out of the world, he was so out of tune when singing that was shocking. And yes, Xtina needs to tone down in both her dress and attitude.

    • Volcfom says:

      I think it’s easy to fit 12 performances into a two-hour episode. Idol does it all the time. I’d much rather have one-per-team-per-week get eliminated.