White Collar, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs Headed to Big Screen... But There's a Catch

Coming to a theater near you this summer: USA Network’s Emmy campaign!

Beginning this weekend and continuing through June 23, the cabler will unspool a 30 second commercial (embedded below) in 92 movie theaters throughout Los Angeles touting the Emmy worthiness of its hour-long dramas White Collar, Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal, Royal Pains and Burn Notice.

USA will also be taking to the streets — not to mention the mountains — in search of Emmy voters. On the weekends of June 11-12 and June 18-19, the network is dispatching “brand ambassadors” to L.A.-area farmer’s markets, hiking trails and dog parks to distribute eco bags, water bottles and postcards bearing the “USA FYC 2011” messaging.

It’s all part of an aggressive effort on USA’s part to grab a bigger slice of the prestigious Emmy pie.

Which USA series do you think is most deserving of some Emmy love? Watch the video below and then hit the comments!

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  1. Shirley says:

    Where’s the Emmy love for In Plain Sight, one of USA’s best shows?!?
    I love, love Covert Affairs and Burn Notice, but just don’t find White Collar and Fairly Legal as compelling. I started to lose interest in Royal Pains when they introduced the beeyotch female doctor as a love interest for the lead character. Henry Winkler is a nice addition, though.

  2. Adriana mccormack says:

    Definately white collar and covert affairs!!!! They are awesome!!!

  3. jeni says:

    white collar and burn notice are the only ones that should be on the list,,though i have heard royal pains is good. and helloooo?? what happened to the best show ever…..PSYCH FTW!!!

  4. Jason says:

    Hey these are great shows but where is Psych?

  5. AmeriCelt Catholic says:

    White Collar is excellent — well-written and subtle, requiring some thought on part of viewer, honestly dealing with relationship questions as well as tightly-plotted mysteries.

    I have never watched Burn Notice because the lead-in visual clips show a naked back view of the lead character, causing me to wonder what else I would see if I continued to watch. As I am not married to the man, I am not interested in looking at his naked body. The show may be well done, but this doesn’t give it a chance.

  6. Robert says:

    I DVR and watch them all!

  7. Ciana says:

    White Collar, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs & In Plain Sight (which is NOT mentioned in this group) are my all time favorite shows!!! Fairly Legal is ok but not one of my favs!!

    I just can’t pick on show that is my fav….sorry!!!

  8. Volo says:

    White Collar. That’s final.

  9. Nancy says:

    Burn notice all the way! Love all the cast. I think they should have received an nod at least when they reunited SHaron Gless and Tyne Daly for an episode!

  10. Pat says:

    I watch all of them it is hard to deside the one I like the best Burn Notice is different as he explains what and how it is done and why, White Collar I like the conflict between the two brings entrig to the store,, The others are new but watch them as well I like these type of shows watch the reruns as well. Like the actors in all the the shows, Royal Pain is growing on me. Covert Affairs is action with female in the lead different from the rest with male lead.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I love White Collar and Covert Affairs they are the best. I love the action and the drama that the shows have. I never miss a show.

  12. Mari says:

    I think White Collar deserves one, Burn Notice should’ve gotten at least one, years ago! & how come Psych isn’t in the video? :(

  13. stephen kelly says:

    Burn notice and white collar for sure. Royal pains isn’t good to me anymore. And covert affairs needs some work

  14. khalid ali says:


  15. Zane says:

    Where’s the love for Psych. Monk started all these great USA shows but Psych was what blew all of this open. Shawn and Gus have to be the best known characters on the USA Network.

  16. John says:

    In regards to which USA shows are worthy of an Emmy, burn notice and white collar are the only two. Covert affairs, fairly legal and royal pains fall short of Emmy consideration.

  17. Bettylou Walpole says:

    The ad was a bit boring…But a peek at “Burn Notice” Made it worth watching…If I were voting…I’d vote for “Burn Notice” and “Psych”…Can’t stand ” Royal Pains “…It is a Royal Pain, And as for “Toning down” the Hijinks in “Psych”…Heck you know thats why we love it…

  18. Nav says:

    Burn Notice all the way!

  19. Adam says:

    Burn Notice most definitely. Then White Collar and Covert Affairs for sure. Maybe Royal Pains. Not feeling anything for Fairly Legal.

  20. Keedo says:

    Burn Notice without a doubt!!

  21. Sweet says:

    There should be a poll button for this posting. I vote Burn Notice all the way. Tried Covert Affairs, but no thank you ma’am.

  22. brandy ross says:

    Love covert affairs, psych, burn notice and royal pains! Go USA!

  23. judy says:

    white collar …..emmy all the way ..i watch all other shows even in plain sight..leverage and also rizzoli and isles..very good..but white collar beats them all!!

  24. Caroline says:

    BURN NOTICE!! I love the whole concept of the show, and it doesn’t hurt that Michael Westen is probably the best fictional character up to date. White Collar is extremely good as well, but I must admit I’m a huge Psych fan and am a little disappointed that it didn’t make the list. However, like others have said, its running up against some pretty intense competition and while I myself find Psych one of the most hilarious shows ever, others may lack the sense of humor, or simply dont find it as funny.
    But Burn Notice completely deserves the Emmy.

  25. Tyger says:

    Burn Notice, why? It has everything a good movie and show needs, Action,Drama, Suspence, Education, Comedy and one hell of a cast, sure I love the other shows, but they don’t get close to being as great and original as Burn Notice, his not a rookie agent(Covert Affairs) who makes mistakes, his a highly trained spy. His not a Doctor(Royal Pains), but he knows his way through a Med Kit or Survival tools to save lives. His no lawyer(Fairly Legal) but he can find and/or plant evidence to help out his contractor. And last, His no Geniues thief(White Collar) but he has all the Skills he needs to pull off any heist and with his loyal team, his a force to be reckon with… :)

  26. Nosferatu says:

    White Collar all the way! I used to like Burn Notice but then I realized it’s always the same stuff and to me they never seemed to move on with the main plot only in the last episode of a season or so, which also has a subplot. Oh and the subplots became too boring for me.

  27. jack says:

    White Collar is the best by far!!!!!!!!!! Psych comes in second!! and i guess burn notice could be third…

  28. dontx says:

    White Collar!!! In Plain Sight!!! Covert Affairs!! All Rock!!! USA Chracters Welcome is the only channel worth watching these days. Refreshing change from all the reality junk on all the other channels, plus it adds class to television which is sorely lacking.

  29. Drew says:

    Bruce Campbell for the win!

  30. Chris O says:

    White Collar YES
    Burn Notice YES
    Covert Affairs, HECK NO
    Fairly Legal NO,
    Psyche NO
    Royal Pains NO

    White Collar and Burn Notice are the ONLY TWO shows on USA worth watching, I hate the rest of them.

  31. Corey says:

    All of these shows are fantastic. The shows that deserve the Emmy the most are White Collar and Burn Notice. Covert Affairs and Barely Legal after one season? I also like the fact that the producers from White Collar and Burn Notice are in constant competition to make their shows better than the others, which leads to impeccable producing and the need to make the show “The Best”. Great TV, a lot better then the current reality TV, Jersey Shore, American Idol, Other Talent Competitions. Now only if we can focus on our youth and turn them away from terrible, IQ lowering, Cartoons.

  32. Dana says:

    BURN NOTICE Has my vote ;-)

  33. Ed says:

    I watch White Collar but not the others. It’s surprisingly good for a non major network show. The concept is unusual for a cop and robber show and it’s got more twists and turns than Lombard St. For the imaginative story and plotting alone this show deserves Emmy consideration.

  34. pato says:

    white collar

  35. HV says:

    Actually, all of them.. but mostly
    White Collar,
    Burn Notice,
    Covert Affairs,
    Royal Pains and
    Fairly Legal

    Does that help?

  36. torii says:

    burn notice hands down should win this, i know white collar is an amazing, well put show, but burn notice…the cast and the vibe you get from it is different from any other show.

  37. Sadie says:

    Um, where’s PSYCH?? It’s the best show on USA Network! The writing is brilliant, the acting is fantastic and each episode is so much fun!
    But, Burn Notice and White Collar should definitely get nominations!

  38. Radar says:

    im torn between white collar and burn notice. if one of those 2 wins the emmy ill be a happy camper. ill also still be happy to see royal pains win but my favs are white collar and burn notice

  39. Mariah says:

    Burn Notice. Nothing else out there is like it. LOVE LOVE LOVE that show!

  40. Greg says:

    What I hate is watching my favorite show get burned every year at the Emmy’s. Burn Notice, as well as White Collar should at least be nominated every year, and should walk away with quite a few of them…regularly. I do like Royal Pains, but not to the level of the previous two.

  41. Greg says:

    Burn Notice all the way! The chemistry among the main characters is near perfect; Michael, Fiona, Sam and Jesse. Even momma Maddie pitches in now and then. In order of preference, I’d have to go with the unmentioned In Plain Sight next. Good chemistry between Mary Shannon and her partner but not so much elsewhere in the cast. Mary looks like she’s put on a little weight and her ex showed up for a 1-nighter, I think a pregnancy is about to be written in. Not really stirred up about White Collar, Fairly Legal or Covert Affairs. The main character of Covert Affairs comes off as a 21st century Charlie’s Angel; she’s just not believable. Give me Fiona or Ziva (NCIS) any day!

    • Ellie says:

      Oh my god, can we please? I would love a show about Ziva’s days in Mossad. That would make my life. Cote de Pablo is a much better actress than Piper Perabo and Annie Walker is incompetent and airheaded. Give me badass cargo panted assassin any day. I love Ziva.

  42. joshua P says:

    BURN NOTICE is the only show ive ever been obsessed with as far as buying all the seasons,and continuously watching them. burn notice all the way!!!!!!!

  43. Beverly says:

    White Collars awsome show ever!!!!!!

  44. Wil says:

    BURN NOTICE!!!!!!!!

  45. Belinda says:

    As much as I love USA network, to be perfectly blunt, none of those shows will be able to contend well in the drama category. The other cable networks, especially HBO, Showtime, and even TNT, has too strong of a hold with their drama shows that USA in its format of happy blue sky shows will never really hit into the drama category. Piper Perabo being able to grab a Golden Globe last year was as surprising enough.

  46. Person says:

    I love covert affairs.But i agreee with everyone else too Psych needs some attention

  47. Roz says:


  48. Jc says:

    Go Covert Affairs!!!!!

  49. tony t says:

    Two words……BURN NOTICE!…enough said…

  50. Denise says:

    1.Covert Affairs and 2.White Collar… the other 3 shows r OK