True Blood First Look: Season 4's Vamps Unite

Much has been made about True Blood‘s upcoming fourth season being one big witchapalooza, but what about the vamps?! Yep, they’re still around — and in the throes of a massive PR campaign to repair their tarnished image in the wake of all that Season 3 nastiness.

True Blood Spoiler Alert: Season 4 Kicks Off With Mind-Blowing Twist

Leading the charge will be vampire mouthpiece Nan Flanagain, played by newly series regular-ed Jessica Tuck, pictured below holding court with fellow full-time Blood suckers Stephen Moyer (Bill), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica). “We’re living in a post-Russell Edgington world everyone,” Nan reminds her flock in the June 26 premiere, “and we win back the human public one smile at a time.”

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But the road to redemption will be a bumpy one, according to executive producer Alan Ball, who reveals that Marnie Stonebrook — the spiritual medium character played by Fiona Shaw — will prove to be the vampire community’s biggest threat. Teases Ball: “She is going to discover a way to have power over them.”

True Blood Sneak Peek: Watch The First Six Minutes of the Season Premiere NOW!

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  1. jrs says:

    I “lit-rally” cannot wait as Chris from P&R would say.

  2. KBC says:

    I don’t recall Bill marrying Sookie… guess someone forgot to photoshop Stephen Moyer’s wedding ring. ;)

    • Andrea says:

      Nice eye!

    • tammy says:

      Actually,stephen moyer and anna paquin(bill and sookie) are literally really married..you can look it up and check if you like.lol so guess the ring fits:)

      • becky says:

        Right, Im pretty sure we all know that Stephen and Anna got married….. but “Bill” and “Sookie” didnt, so the ring doesnt really belong in a promo…..

        • Pocket says:

          Maybe Bill forced the Queen into it so he could be king… hmm

          • Dearis says:

            Bill is not old enough to ne king he would be killed by the older Vamps

          • myfavoritebreather says:

            I have seen several close ups of Steve’s ring and that IS his real wedding ring. There are no big, secret wedding storylines, it’s just a photo goof. I mean, look at Alex~ they didn’t even bother hiding his tan (perhaps because he’s too beautiful to look at, makeup didn’t do their job)

        • Heather says:

          Very true!

        • Nabru says:

          Couldn’t agree more with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Littledawn says:

          Sry, but in germany you wear the Marry-ring on the right side and not on the left side. So it is a engagement ring or just decoration…

    • SusieQ says:


    • Jess says:

      Lol well technically they’re married in real life..so I guess the photographers thought that counted=)~

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Maybe the ring is supposed to be there to start up some questions……maybe the Queen convinced Bill to Marry her and she would protect Sookie??? Hmmmmmmmm……Maybe just maybe Alan Ball did it on purpose??!!! :)

      • me says:

        vamps and humans cannot be legally married. error by dresser and photog unless Bill and Sophie get married this season…

        • Mags Fritz says:

          Sookie’s not human shes faye.

          • Snarksville says:

            First of all it’s ‘fae’.

            Second of all she’s, at most, a 1/5 (and that’s a big estimate…in the book I think she’s like an 1/8 or something) fae but she’s considered human. She’s more human than fairy.

        • chelsea says:

          in vermont they can. that is why the end of season two is Bill giving sookie a plane ticket to Burlington VT with the engagement ring.

    • Caddy says:

      Maybe it just means he will be married this season…

    • AF says:

      Yeah. It’s Eric who marries Sookie in the book series. He tricked her into a vampiric marriage.

      • Zorica says:

        But in the last book “Dead Reckoning”, something NEW and unexpected is happening with this marriage :)))

      • chrissy says:

        I agree wt u. I would love to see Eric and sookie fling and think it would ne sooo sexy, but n the end Bill and Sookie all the way.

        • Nadia says:

          I hate to disagree with you but I am seriously on Team Eric! LOL The books are phenomenal and I cannot wait to see if they play into Eric losing his memory this season. That would be awesome! The 26th cannot get here soon enough.

          • Beth says:

            They do..I saw a utube preview of season 4..Eric loses his memory..but who knows if its a dream sequence or real..CAN”T WAIT FOR SEASON 4

        • Snarksville says:

          I’ve always hated Bill’s possessiveness over Sookie. It’s way too extreme.
          I haven’t been able to get ahold of the last book from the library but, from what I understand, just because something happens to the vampiric ‘marriage’ (still not recognized by either Sookie or the law, as per the book before ‘Dead Reckoning’), doesn’t mean she’s going back to Bill. Harris threw in Quinn to stir the pot…it could be anybody. At this point I don’t want her with anybody…flirting I’m fine with but give Sookie some breathing room. She’s been passed from vamps to shape shifters to who knows what else.

        • Beta says:

          I couldn’t agree more.

      • Andrea says:

        Thanks for the MAJOR SPOIL, mate!

    • jetboy69 says:


    • Cate says:

      Actually, he’s worn a wedding ring since the first season. It’s the wedding ring from his first wife. The one he had before he was turned vampire…

    • PVG says:

      nice catch…

    • Simone says:

      Good eyes. Bill and Sookie are married in real life. I guess life does imitate art.

      • Dee says:

        Bill and Sookie are NOT married in real life because they are not real!!! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are married though.

    • dnorton says:

      they are married in real life, thats why he has a ring on

    • sandra decoria says:

      New to the show but in the books sookie is never married to bill ,but is vampire married to eric(we all know she truly loves bill) however ,cant help it love the show,but am a true blood addict to the books!

    • lauren says:

      hope its not silver lol

  3. pp says:

    They should have send Bill to Peru, just like in the books. Seriously most people I have talked with, book and non book readers said that season 3 was disappointing, but they were glad that this ridicolous Sookie Bill relationship was ended, seriously Alan Ball seems to be in the minority to think that they should be together. Most people want to see an Eric Sookie relationship, it is just much more interesting and they also have the longest relationship in the books. And if Ball lets Sookie reunite with Bill, I am going to vomit, what he has done is unforgivable and I don´t think he is redeemable at all. He may love her, but he lied the whole time, Sookie got already portrait as an absolutely dumb on the show, in the books she had at least a brain!!

    • Sarah says:

      completely agree with you, pp! as a book reader, i’m beyond disappointed with what alan ball is doing with the show. i understand some of the creative choices, but for goodness sakes they need to stay true to at least the HEART of the books a.k.a. the evolution of sookie/eric’s relationship.

      • MKR says:

        Obviously you haven’t read the latest book. Eric is toast. LOL.

        • Steph says:

          i disagree he’s not toast yet, i doubt we’ve seen the last of that relationship!!!

        • kim says:

          I completely disagree I don’t care if the blood bond is gone between Eric and Sookie they are the best together and she “loves” him so I think she will stay with Eric. Bill doesn’t stand a chance he has messed up one to many times. Eric will get out of the agreement his maker had and him and Sookie will stay together

          • dntbstpd1 says:

            OMG, you MF’ing freaks! Quit giving away spoilers from the books and possibly the TV show!

            Comment on the story, not about what happens in the future of the series. Some people actually like to NOT be spoiled.

          • Cherena says:

            yea but in the last book, Dead reckoning, Eric cheats on Sookie for another vampire queen and i honestly dont think that Eric is going to get out of that.

        • luvrgirrrrl says:

          @MKR Obviously YOU haven’t read book 11, Eric’s NOT toast. LOL

      • dd says:

        The books are crap – the show is great!!

        • Danielle says:

          If the books are crap then how could it be possible that you get to enjoy wathing True Blood? The whole idea originated by Charlaine Harris. Give the woman some credit; do you know how difficult it is to write?

          You may find it interesting since you like the show so much that the cute little cook with a colorful personality met his maker long before book four. Jessica was not ever in Ms. Harris’s books.Also Eric’s maker in the show is completely different to the book version. Who wouldn’t love to see Eric in hot pink tights? It was hilarious, but also sexy. Wish they would’ve put it in the True Blood series.

          However, what you see in the HBO series is different than what I perceive (and many others would most likely agree). Although, I believe the screenwriters do a great job to entertain by adapting a several hundred page book to script for a one hour show.

          I’m sure that the producers know exactly what they’re doing stirring it up with Bill/Stephen’s wedding band. Whichever fake, or real we love the beautiful and crazy cast of HBO’s True Blood. That wouldn’t have happened without Charlaine Harris first creating the Sookie Stackhouse series. I can’t wait to see the June 26th premiere!

          • Hailey says:

            I also wish they would’ve put the seen where Eric accompanies Sookie to the sex party. It would’ve been halarious.

        • THN says:

          …what’s the matter… you can’t read!? The books are amazing!…love the show, but Season 3 was a dissapointment!

        • Mar says:

          I disagree, the book was way better written than the show. ‘True Blood’ might be cool to watch, but actually it was all over the place. It is not the popcorn for smart people anymore.

          • Snarksville says:

            I really like the books because they don’t suffer from the HBO reguirement of constant sex and violence. Yes there is both in the books but it’s not on overload; the book’s stories speak not the visuals that HBO (or Alan Ball or both) seem to require. Sookie’s voice is so much better. She’s more intelligent, funny and easier to handle than Alan Ball’s and Anna Paquin’s version of Sookie. Personally, if it were up to me, I would’ve picked somebody else for Sookie. Sookie’s very innocent at the beginning and, just because you dress Anna in frilly clothes and fix her hair a certain way doesn’t mean Anna can portray that innocence. She’s tougher than the Sookie in the books and I don’t much care for that.

      • chrissy says:

        I haven’t read the books YET, therefore I couldn’t say which is better. But from what I’ve heard there different. in my opinion I like that there different, Cause u would know what’s going to happen in the show b4 it comes on. That can’t be to interesting, nor make it any sense to even watch it.

      • amaul says:

        I hope Eric and Sookie get intimate I can’t wait to hear Eric say” My lover” and “where have you been my lover ?”when Sookie is looking for Jason

    • Clairebear says:

      I respectfully disagree. I love Bill. The group I watch all love Bill. And I wouldn’t be returning if Season 4 was Bill-less. Happy relationships are boring to watch. Bill will be redeemed. Whether that redemption includes Sookie is anyone’s guess but he’s a full and rich character with a ton of story to be told. I’m excited to see it unfold and to see Stephen’s handling of it.

      • LOL says:

        You are in a minority. Just look at youtube, Erics 4th season clip has like over a million views while Bills has not even 200000. And all the comments I have read, 90 percent are saying they want Eric and Sookie; you are just one of those guys who has an account on Stephan Moyers fanpage, I am seriously annoyed by those billsbabes, most of them watched the show, read the books and got pissed because their beloved Bill became a minor character, Bill fans are in a minority, thats a fact, its every where to see; Eric wins all the polls, even his DVD box for season 3 (eric cover) is the most popular; in the target shops I was, they had almost no Dvds with ERic cover anymore, while they still had tons of DVDS with Bill Cover on it.

        • Clairebear says:

          Wow. OK, so I’m supposedly in the minority? So, what? I just stated my preference and in a respectful and adult manner. I always liked being different anyway :). Enjoy the show. Enjoy your favorite character and don’t get too stressed about it. It’s all in good fun.

          • Michelle R says:

            Nice. :)

          • CK says:

            I agree. Bill is a VERY important character, in my opinion…. However, SOME people may like Eric and Sookie’s relationship, and SOME may like Bill and Sookie. And yet, OTHERS may not give a crap and just might want to enjoy the show!! (and maybe yell at the television occasionally. ;) ) at least I do. :P lol but in all seriousness… I have NOT read the books, but i plan to do just that in the VERY near future. ;) Anyway… Later, Truebies!!!

          • bonnie says:

            I love Bill with Sookie-just they way he says her name is sexy. I love Eric too, to hard to pick! That is why the show is so good-can’t wait for season 4!!!

          • daizy says:

            the show started with sookie and bill,it doesnt matter if they end up together in the end or not,but my point is,bill one of the main characters.eric just came in second.

          • Mindi says:

            Here, here! Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion – whether or not it “annoys” someone else. Personally, I read the box set of Sookie books that I got as a Christmas present before the show. I hated the books. This is just my opinion: but Ms. Harris can’t write her way out of a paper bag and I’m constantly astonished that they even got published with the amount of inane babbling going on in them (seriously, most of the books were Sookie talking about how hot she is, why everyone else in the world – but her – is terrible (especially other women), what she wears, and when she showers and shaves her legs). The only characters that I liked were Pam, Eric, and Sophie-Anne. Sookie was a horrible (I found her stupid, annoying, whiny, and just plain judgmental and mean) and I don’t like a series if I can’t like the main character – especially if it’s in first person. And Bill had absolutely NO personality. Even so, I spent the first three books wondering why in the world he would even want to be around Sookie. All she did was b*tch any time he opened his mouth other than when they were having weird sex.

            The plot lines were forced and contrived and all wrapped up in a nice, neat little package in one paragraph at the end of the book. Sometimes I had to read whole chapters over again to understand what was going on because Sookie kept going off on tangents about stupid crap or Harris introduced characters that were only there to explain the out-of-nowhere endings. Then, as the series went along, most of the characters were just the same ones in different packages. I know she probably introduced Amelia and Claudine in order to make it look like Sookie actually has friends and doesn’t hate anyone prettier than her, but they were essentially the same character because she didn’t flesh them out enough. Most of the secondary characters were broken record, cardboard cut-out, 2-dimensional filler characters.

            I started watching True Blood against my better judgment because I heard that it was better than the books. And, my word, it is! I absolutely love where Alan Ball has taken the series. It actually makes sense and the characters are SO much more interesting. At first, I was a little upset that he was making so many changes, but then I just learned to enjoy this show as separate from the books. I like it that way because I actually don’t know what is going to happen! And since I didn’t like the books anyway, it’s a plus for me.

            On the whole Eric vs. Bill thing: In the books, I didn’t care – I really didn’t. Bill was boring but Eric deserved waaaay better than Sookie – Bill probably does too. It really didn’t make any sense why Eric was interested in an actual relationship with her. She’s irritating and I liked Eric being the antagonist and just making sexual advances because that suited his character more. I didn’t really like the books where they were together because he kept letting Sookie boss him around. Blah, he lost his appeal when she whipped him.

            In the show, I love Sookie and Bill together. But I still think that Bill should be a little peeved at her and not the other way around. He risked his life – numerous times – to protect her and make sure that no one else found out about her. Regardless of his lying when they first met, he’s more than made up for that. Yeah, he should have told her. But, since then he’s faced death every single freakin’ episode for her…. so …. eh. And, just like in the books, I love Eric the way he is. I like him free, single, and just trying to get Sookie into bed. He has balls in the show – I hope he doesn’t lose them when he finally gets with Sookie like he did in the books.

            That being said, the fourth book was my favorite because I loved Eric losing his memory. I just really hope they don’t make him lose his appeal the way he did for me in the books.

            Alcide is way hot, but in the books he’s a wuss so I’m looking forward to getting that little side-flirt out of the way. And please, God, don’t let them bring on Quinn. He was so annoying. I hated him. I wanted Bill and Eric to murder that waste of page space in the worst way. Actually – maybe he and Sookie did deserve each other, I hated them both.

        • SAM says:

          So what if she’s in a minority? There are still many fans of Stephen Moyer and the character Bill. I’m a big fan of Alex Skarsgard and the character Eric but I still want Sookie and Bill to end up together eventually because I think that it is a more interesting story. Why do you care that someone wants something that differs from your opinion? How is that going to change your life in any way? Sit back and enjoy the ride – it is just television.

          • Elsol69 says:

            The problem with the Bill versus Eric thing is that the Eric/Sookie relationship is a stronger presence for a much greater number of books. If Alan Ball wants to sell me on Bill/Sookie: step 1. Do Book 4 RIGHT!!! Messing up Book 4 is unacceptable, either do it right or don’t do it at all! Step 2. SELL me on Bill/Sookie as the better couple in the TV show. He hasn’t done that. Bill betrayed Sookie and he almost killed her. Since Alan hasn’t sold me on Bill/Sookie as the better TV couple, then I’ll continue to root for the better Book couple.

          • ttt says:

            you seem to like abusive relationship; after his lie was revealed you seriously cannot think that they should end up together UGH!! He is a cheater and lier!!!

          • CK says:

            right on! ;)

          • Carolyn Knight says:

            Ok I loved the books and love Eric…bill not so much however am I the only one that wants to see her with the werewolf? Also in the book I fell in love with Quinn. Wrong timing but want her the move forward not back to Bill

          • truebloodfan1 says:

            i think sookie should either be with eric or quinn. eric is hot hot hot but i think the best match for sookie would be quinn. but it is only a tv show and how ever they do it is up to them, so just sit back and enjoy (sometimes cussin them out for doin stiped stuff…lol).

        • Dee says:

          Your comment is partly why I don’t enjoy how fans treat the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle as if it was Twilight; with Edward on one side, Bella in the middle, and Jacob on the other. I think some fans forget that True Blood is just a TV show and the Sookie Stackhouse are just fictional books.

          Otherwise, the bickering from the fans about who is better is silly.

        • chibi says:

          people who read the books favor eric. i feel that people who watch the show as their main source of sookie storytelling favor bill bill was very cold in the books, much more difficult to like. it’s a credit to stephen moyer for bringing some “life” to him, har har.

          the fact that portia comes on the scene hints to that storyline being followed, too, as well as the preview clip with her in it.

        • jen says:

          eric is just hotter an more intriguing end of line its not real life ppl!!

        • chrissy says:

          R u serious???lol… calm down!!!

        • Hailey says:

          So true!!! Bill sucks and I hate when he says “Sook-eh”.

        • Mischa Denmark says:

          Oh, chill for cryin’ out loud! Yours is just ONE opinion, you can’t possibly know what all the thousands of TB fans are thinking. Keep an open mind and enjoy a fantastic show – remember it’s only fiction!!

        • Cherena says:

          Dude? its a show!i love both characters but your gonna have to admit to yourself that the DVD covers sold more because Eric is hotter. No need to be calling the Bill fans “a minority”. Thats taking it a tad to far…dont you think?

      • jaredT says:

        Totally agree. Bill is the best character with or without Sookie. So much more complicated and interesting than Eric. I get bored when it is about Eric.

      • becky says:

        I agree. I like Bill and Sookie’s dynamic, and I think the show would be boring without their relationship :)

      • chrissy says:

        I agree, I love Bill too….Buuuut Eric is sooo sexy….lol

      • Maureen says:

        In my opinion, Bill is the one for Sookie. I have read all the books. They are great, but the show is also great. The show must maintain the triangle of Sookie, Bill and Eric. Sookie may stray but always go back to Bill, her first and true love.

    • Liz says:

      You are “going to vomit”?
      Alan Ball is not “redeemable”?

      First of all, are you twelve? If you don’t like the show: don’t watch it & just read the darn books!
      As BOTH Charlaine & Alan said: the show & the books are two different entertaining experiences! And the characters are not exactly the same (especially Bill).

      • chrissy says:

        When did cheating and lies become abuse? Just a question. men and women do it on a daily bases and b forgiven so that’s not that hard to believe!!!!

      • chrissy says:

        Thank you…WOW they r suppose to be different and I love that. Y ppl keep comparing them to each other. If u want the show to b just like the book, go read it….like I said u would know what’s going to happen on the show if they were the same.

    • Dee says:

      I respectfully disagree. I’m actually glad that Alan is not following everything that happens in the books entirely, otherwise, even with the E/S relationship, having the same exact plot in the book and adding it to the show would’ve been pretty boring.

    • Mindy says:

      I’ve read all the books and I can’t remember Bill going to Peru. Which book is that in?

      • Stephanie says:

        it was in Dead to the World my friend the queen sent him down there to research his vampire database

    • Alyssa says:

      Yes I know exactly what you mean. The show.. is fun & all. But I mean. The books are 10 times better. If he reunites bill & sookie I would be completly mad. Bill lied to her completly she was juss his science project. It made season 3 non interesting with erics so callled revenge. In the books he was playing with sookies mind in the book. It makes me mad ): but I like jessica though. That’s one thing good bout alans changes

    • Beta says:

      I agree that season 3 was really disappointing, and after watching the first 6 min they put on the web I’m really afraid about season 4. I love the books and I think the relationship between Eric and Sookie is hot and the girl needed that, but I don’t see Eric as a feasible long term relationship guy, he is too complicated. I would like to see her and Bill together again. The tv series let the plot full of holes, and made Sookie quite annoying.

      • Cherena says:

        I agree with some of that Beta. But i am for season 4 and im a HUGE fan of both the books and the show. Some things are the same as the book but you have to respect that Alan has his own way of interpreting the book and making it more interesting to watch. I can disagree with some if his choices but in the end it all works out. The first 6 mins. of season 4, I can piece together how it relates to the book. Though Sookie never entered faery it makes it interesting to see the place of how it could be in the book. We cant all get what we want in this world and arguing here doesn’t get us any closer to changing the show or Alan’s/Charlene’s ideas and minds about their creativity in the book and on the show.

    • Melissa says:

      If you are disappointed in the show, stop watching it!! I personally, and speak for many of us that watch the show, LOVE it and cant wait to see season 4 no matter how different it is from the books!!

    • Anita says:

      Bill’s story in Lorena, Russell, and Talbot was the highlight of all 3 seasons. The problem was they ended that too soon. It was after they ended that storyline the season went to hell.

    • Cherena says:

      i have to admit you right on most of that but sookie would not have known Eric without Bill. I for one want to see Sookie with Eric and Quinn. And i agree that Bill has screwed up majorly but he loves her more then Eric does…you can clearly tell in the books. Bill would give up his vampire life for sookie,he almost did in Dead in the Family, and Eric alomst ended hers for his own skin in season 3.

  4. Lilylove says:

    How about this for a change? I have read the books. ALL of the books. I read all the ones that were out prior to the television show. And guess what? I think the show is better. MUCH better. And that is a rare thing for me to say. I think Ball did an awesome job making mediocre trashy reads more interesting and well rounded. As for the Bill and Eric debate, if you take a minute and really think about it, she probably shouldn’t be with either of them. Bill has made a lot of messed up mistakes, but there is no denying that he truly loves Sookie. And while I don’t necessarily think they should be together, at least not now. I’m glad he remains a part of the show and has a lot to offer as a character. As for Eric, I love Eric. And not only because he’s beautiful. I always look forward to his storyline/scenes. However, as far as him and Sookie are concerned. I don’t care for the pairing. I have a hard time believing Eric would fall so deeply for someone as annoying as Sookie in the first place. And even knowing Erics storyline for book four and I suspect season four I also have a hard time believing Sookie would truly fall for someone like Eric, no matter how hot he is. Go ahead, say all the bad things you want about me. But I don’t like them as a couple. Right now, actually, I would really like to see Sookie with Alcide perhaps. Or hey, maybe single.

    • ooo says:

      I don´t even care with whom she is going to end up, but it should be definitely not be Bill. What he has done is unforgivable, he has totally lied to her the whole time, if my boyfriend would have done this I could never forgive him, I mean he used her.
      I love Eric too, but I think the best for Sookie would be to be together with someone more normal, someone like Sam or just some normal human being, if she would be able to control her telapathic abiliies. In the books it seems at the moment that her end game will be same, but it could change in the next book, but in Dead REckoning it looked like he will be.

    • Michael says:

      @lilylove…the only thing i disagree with is a single Sookie. Single Sookie does not = naked Sookie!

    • 4F says:

      Alan Ball needs to introduce Quinn, and write a relationship that LASTS with Sookie and Quinn. Or at least that’s my wish fulfillment idea…I want to see Quinn! :)

      • flomigrl says:

        I know!! I would love to see who they get to play him!!

      • Mary says:

        Yeah but she wasnt with Quin long either..it was always back to Eric…I have yet to read the last book but read on here something bad happenes…

        • lee says:

          To which book r u all referring to as being the last?? I have read them all and to my knowledge dead in the family is the last book and both eric and sookie survive. At the moment i am reading A touch of dead which is a collection of Sookie short stories which document events not explained in the books Dead to the world,Dead as a doornail,all together dead and dead and gone.I have 1 more to read and that is True blood omnibus,but im not sure if it a follow on of the other novels or more short stories like a touch of dead..

      • D Rock says:

        I also would like to see Quinn in the shows. That is a whole part that has been left out from the book. I really injoyed both the books and the shows, but I believe they could have put quit a spin on the Quinn angle.

    • IATM says:

      Sookie is very annoying & rather cheaply overly eager to hop into bed with just about any suiter .. because she is lonely & doesnt have Billy **snort** what a joke seriously… Tragic Hero in the books & on the show IMO…

    • Amazen says:

      Hey Lilylove, I’m with you for the most part. Books are unevenly written at best, but full of brilliantly creative ideas that have obviously captured a lot of hearts and minds. Bill in the books is so one-dimensional he almost doesn’t exist. Stephen Moyer brought Bill to mesmerizing life and though Bill has flaws and may not be the right guy for Sookie, I love watching that character.

      As for Eric, he is scary as hell and also fabulously interesting. I’d watch Eric just to see A-Skars! Eric & Sookie together is probably a good match -they have a lot in common & are funny together. Alcide has serious flaws too – in the books, he was always using her for some angle on werepolitics. How about Sookie with Pam? (Just kidding.) Better Eric than most of the other choices.
      Don’t worry about Sookie-Bill reunions – Alan Ball said that wouldn’t happen till the 18th season at the earliest. This show will be staked long before that happens!

      • Snarksville says:

        Amazen, I agree with you. I love the books for the ideas and the voice of Sookie but I’m not a fan of Harris’s writing. I think it can be extremely amateurish at times. I love Eric in both series, mostly for his season 3 growth and book 4 (yummy). In the books I love watching the way Eric tries to deal with his feelings for Sookie and how it conflicts with so much about who he is now (versus who he could’ve been before the 1000 years of jaded vampireness).
        I’ve heard mention by other viewers in other places that perhaps Harris is setting up for a Sookie/Sam pairing. Interesting huh?

    • griffin says:

      Totally. The books are poorly written and boring (and they go on and on and on) and Eric is a one-dimensional “dream boyfriend” who’s about as deep as a puddle and half as interesting. Give me Bill any day. Thank you Alan Ball for taking sap and making it fabulous.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I agree with you all the way!!!!! Although I would love for Sookie to end up with Bill when the series ends….I think they make a great couple and it is fantasy after all…..reality would never end up this way…because….well this isnt reality….but I LOVE LIVING IN THIS FATASY WORLD FOR A HOUR ON SUNDAYS!! AND ALAN BALL IS SO GREAT AT THESE SHOWS!!! For the show…I think Bill has had a run of bad luck and timing…he didnt know he would fall so hard for Sookie….and I think he would be a perfect mate for her….she does need protection from the supernatural after all…..a mortal could never protect her!! And …they are so cute together!

    • flomigrl says:

      I agree…Sookie shouldn’t be with someone as conceited and power hungry as Eric! Bill is so much deeper, and besides that, everything he did to her was because he was ordered to and really didn’t have much of a choice…And as far as the Eric/Sookie relationship, it is mostly just because of their blood bond! She would never know if it was really love or not!

    • Melissa says:

      I love your line of thinking!! Let’s not pick the series apart, let’s enjoy it!!

    • tinkerbell says:

      i would rather see sookie with alcide because bill ok his a good lover but hes always lying to sookie and eric wants sookie because she wont give in and hes always thinking about himself in a vary selfish kid way… he had to lose his memory so that he would think of others before himself..and alcide is always there for her throu the good and the bad and to top it off hes brought her to a wolf thing( a fight to see whos going to be the pack leader) there is not a alot of outsiders that where aloud there..they had to be part of the family in a strange way…

    • Cherena says:

      ok well, you would know that sookie does fall for Eric in the books. I agree completely on the Alcide comment :) There so cute together. And i hope Quinn shows up on the television show

  5. bill4ever says:

    Just because people don’t spend all their time on You tube does not mean they are not Bill fans. Try buying your copy of TB Season 3 in the UK and you cannot get a copy with the Bill cover for love nor money but there are plenty of Eric around. Just because one shop has more of one cover and less of another means jack. And for the umpteenth time TB IS NOT THE BOOKS it is only loosely based on the books, so it will never be the exact story as the books. We have not seen the true story of what happened with the Rattrays and even AB says Bills ‘perceived’ betrayal so lets just wait and see. We should all just enjoy the show for what it is, ‘television drama’.

    • Liz says:

      Amen sister! ;)

    • ElizabethBennet says:

      Maybe Eric fans are 14-year-old tweens who spend all their time on YouTube. Ever think of that? Demographics. Look it up.

      • Mar says:

        I don’t think so. Eric/Alex is indeed way more popular than Bill/Stephen Moyer. Okay, not all people watch Youtube or come to message board, maybe only the rabids are. But to state that many casual viewers out there are mostly Team Bill instead of Eric is completely more delusional.

  6. Liz says:

    Very handsome bunch!! (and Stephen looks really great!)

  7. Juney says:

    ITA with Lilylove about the books. I too have read all of them and they are mediocre(at best). Sorry Ms.Harris but I much prefer the TV show! Ball has created some awesome characters (Jessica and “saved”
    Lafayette) and given them great stories. Oh, and Franklin Mott’s arc was insanely good. Props to James Frain!
    I also think that Bill is an extremely intriguing character and I am pumped to see what happens to him in season 4.

    Whoever your favorite character is why can’t all the TB fans just enjoy the show without the nasty comments?! It’s embarassing to us all.

    • Clairebear says:

      “Whoever your favorite character is why can’t all the TB fans just enjoy the show without the nasty comments?! It’s embarassing to us all.”

      Seriously! You just kind of want to hide the fact you’re addicted to True Blood when people come out guns blazing over something as innocuous as stating one’s preference.

    • Becky says:

      I’m really excited to see what happens with Bill’s storyline as well this season. Although he’s my favorite character, I agree with you that there is no need for people to be nasty or attack for having another preference. It takes away from the fun of participating.

      • Anita says:

        Amen to that. I think some people get carried away with the Eric vs Bill thing and it ruins the fun of the show for alot of fans.

  8. sunny says:

    A question for Michael: Where does the cast photo originate from? Is from a magazine shoot or is it an official HBO promo shot?

  9. Tavis says:

    I’ve loved Jessica Tuck since she played Megan on OLTL. Glad that she’s a regular now!

  10. HRU says:

    I can hardly wait anymore for the season to start. It will be interesting to see how the vamps try to get back in good graces with the public. fun!

  11. Tavis says:

    Does Season 4 pick up RIGHT where Season 3 left off? The past two seasons have started RIGHT where the finale ended. I hope some time has passed because I want Sookie’s home to be cleaned! It was awful that Maryann’s dirty residue remained on that house for ALL of Season 3.

    • Abbelea says:

      They are saying it picks up a year later. That while Sookie is in “Fairyland” real time passes more quickly. She would be away in real time for almost a year. That would give Tara time to come back and Bill time to help with the plan to restore Vampire rights and it looks to have hooked up with Porche and have the problem with the witches which causes Eric’s amnesia.

  12. Jesse says:

    So does Alexander Skarsgard keep the facial hair through the season? Cuz yeah, that’s delicious.

  13. Lisa Roma Perry says:

    I’ve read all the books a while ago. I was intrigued by Bill from the very mention of his name in the books. I love the show and Stephen Moyer is like the icing on the cake for me in his portrayal of Bill. Having said that, I enjoy all the characters for very different reasons. I dont buy Eric and Sookie but I can respect that others may……I do feel Bill will be redeemed and that his love is true.

    • Cherena says:

      i have to agree with you but i know that the show is going to give Eric and Sookie a shot for awhile.

  14. j says:

    Having become pathetically addicted to both Harris’ series and the TV version, for me, there hasn’t been much I would disagree with when it comes to deviating from the books (I don’t think anyone really wants Bubba to make an appearance…but maybe that’s just me). Sure, we got a fairly blah Claudine (so far), Sookie is a little lacking in the sass (so far..), and Bill was given some of Eric’s more ‘lighthearted’ qualities from the books. But on the upside; Lafayette lives! And we got Jessica — I say it’s a fair trade.

    But, and you knew it was coming, I do hope that for S4 they kept one thing…(well maybe two if you count that ‘look at me, lover’ line…): I better get to see Pam throw down in a kick-a** witch battle.

    • Cherena says:

      WOW!!! i love that line and i bet Alexander saying the line is gonna make even more sweeter! I love Bubba in the books but i have to agree that i i dont think he’s gonna make an appearance in the show. I am happy that Harris finally said Bubba was Elvis haha i knew but its a relief that the sentence doesnt end in “…” after the book reintroduces Bubba when he shows up.

  15. tammy says:

    Lol shame..alcide just got left totally outta the story here..anyways,ona different topic,who thinks tommy should get with jessica?and who chooses hoyt?tommys sucha badass but still a kid,hoyts cute and super sweet but he chucked jessica for his mom??regardless of making up for it

    • Abbelea says:

      Bored! Tommy is so boring – I hope Sam shot him dead.

    • bishplz says:

      I like Hoyt. He didn’t technically ditch Jessica for his mom. Jessica lost control, hurt his mother (uh, what would you do in that situation seriously?), and most of all probably shocked/scared him. He was confused, but went back to her as soon as he understood how he truly felt.

      Tommy’s annoying, he’d hurt Jessica so much more than Hoyt ever did.

      • Mindi says:

        Awww, I love Hoyt. He’s such a sweetheart. Everyone on the show seems to have a “dark past.” But you know that Hoyt doesn’t have a hint of darkness – something that Jessica really needs. And their make-out scenes were hotter than most of the sex on this show!

    • Cherena says:

      Hoyt is super sweet and well bigger and older and emphasis on the older, hes 28 almost 30. and Jessica is 17…id say that there is a good 10 years between them. But Tommy is a badass or he likes to think he is… but it is cute how they have those little conversations between jessica and his self :) though i would chose Hoyt over Tommy, Hoyt would treat jessica a whole lot better:)

  16. sunny says:

    Photo credit–please?

  17. Lilylove says:

    @Clairebear and @Juney, I couldn’t agree with the two of you more! I don’t understand why so many TB fans and especially book fans become so hateful and derogatory whenever someone has a different opinion or prefers a different couple than they do. We should all respect eachother’s opinions. It’s not that serious, and at the end of the day Alan Ball is going to do whatever he thinks is best creatively for the show, not what we think!

    • Emma says:

      You can say that again!

    • Traci says:

      @Lilylove, I agree with all of your posts! Read all the book and loved them before I watched the show but also love what Alan Ball has done with True Blood. I can’t wait until Sunday nights roll around. He has taken what Charlaine Harris started in her books and expanded it to a new level. It sometimes feels in the books like she is getting started on something but then it doesn’t really go anywhere. Alan Ball seems to be able to take it to that next place. Glad to see how he was able to expand on so many minor characters and add other newer characters. I think the two best characters from both are Pam and Eric..they just crack me up!

  18. Abby says:

    Great shot with all the gorgeous TB vamps but really, Bill shouldn’t have a wedding ring on. Someone goofed. Yes, Stephen is married but it is a shot of him in character, who is single. It shouldn’t be there & I don’t find it remotely cute.

  19. bishplz says:

    You know what guys? Forget all this vampire drama, I just wanna see Sam turn into a lion. Bad. Ass.

  20. Emma says:

    Just can’t wait for this season!!! I hope Bill will be redeemed!

  21. BCgirl says:

    Does anyone want to see Sookie and Alcide together? I think I like to see that, although I love to see Bill and Sookie back together. I love this photo, great idea. They should have caught the ring, or maybe it’s meant to be there. Nothing is finer then Bill in Black Leather *sigh* Come on Season 4

    • Simone says:

      Would have loved Alcide & Sookie given a real chance in the books and on TB! Let’s hope they at least follow the Quinn & Sookie storyline…. Even thou Eric is my fave I really enjoyed Quinn’s character

    • Cherena says:

      Very true:) but what if thats his engagment ring? remember when he asked sookie to marry him? its just theory.

  22. JHarnes says:

    I love the show. I can’t wait. I have a question that has bothered me for some time. I may have missed the answer but would appreciate help in understanding what happened:

    Jessica had her first kill in Bill’s basement. She was running around getting advice on what to do with the body. Then it disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it?

    • ND says:

      Frankline took the body. The road crew found it headless — that’s when Sheriff Dearborn quit. Then Franklin showed up to get information about Bill from Jessica and had the head in a bag.

    • MiMi says:

      If I remember correctly, Franklin took the body.

    • KelB says:

      The vampire Franklin (guy obsessed with Tara) stole the body and decapitated it, the body went in a drainage ditch and the head was used to startle Jessica (he pulled it out of a bag) when he was trying to get more information about Bill and Sookie. That’s how he found out Tara was Sookie’s bff.

    • bettedavis68 says:

      this will explain what happened to the truckers body

  23. will says:

    Ms Harris recently stated the story Alan Ball is telling may be different than the one she is telling and she does NOT have a problem with that. Why should anyone else?
    Saying it over and over and louder does not make it so or as it should be. There are huge fan bases for both Bill and Eric. So enjoy the vampire of your choice and stop ragging on another’s choice.
    Either enjoy the ride or get off the bus people. Nobody is forcing you watch.

  24. Lori says:

    OMG SPOILERS GALORE! I haven’t finished the last book! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Nemo says:

    Oh my god, some people get too involved in TV shows. Jesus, the show isn’t even exactly like the books, Alan Ball has said tons of times he changes things to make it more interesting… Get a grip. It’s not Twilight, there’s no need for this whole ‘team Bill’ and ‘team Eric’ crap, believe it or not, I actually like both.

  26. Simone says:

    Eric & Sookie have an epic love story. I was so disappointed that they shot the shower scene with Bill and not Eric. Bill is a liar and has betrayed Sookie every step of the way. Charlaine made that character with spine nd if Alan Ball has her go back to Bill he will destroy the show. The whole point is that love touches us all even a 1000 yr old viking!!

    • flomigrl says:

      To Simone>>> If I remember correctly, there should be a shower scene this season with Eric, while he has lost his memory!! ;)

      • bobbi says:

        i think that’s simones point, the first time eric and sookie have sex in the book is when she is in the shower and eric climbs n starts cleaning her(this is soon after she firsts lets eric stay with her when he loses his memory). It would seem really repetive for the scene to happen now since it was already done with bill. that was a scene i would have loved!

  27. mandi says:

    I cant wait for season 4 to start. I guess I am one of the wierd ones that would like to see Sookie and Alcide together at least for a little while, or maybe bring on somone completly new. I have not read the books that I will admit. Oh well job well done anyway!

    • flomifrl says:

      You should…they are a fun quick read and def add to the experience!

    • Cherena says:

      ok well i dont want to spoil it for you, mandi, but a new guy does come along and his name is Quinn:) he is a were-tiger and i have to admit i thought they were very good together :)

  28. Chelsea says:

    I think that Sookie should end up with Alcide. He is such an interesting character..especially in the books, and he hasn’t had much of a storyline so far in the show. I would love to see a romance between them! :)

  29. Bridgit says:

    Eric’s got a little scruff… how can vampires grow beards? x)

  30. Courtney says:

    In my opinion, both the show and books are great. I prefer the books, but that’s probably because I read them first so the show doesn’t really meet my expectations.

    I love who they’ve casted as Eric, and I think Jessica’s character is a good addition to the story as well. I also like how some of the characters, like Hoyt and Jason (who is yummy btw), are featured more in the television series than in the books.

    I dislike Bill’s character. For someone who is supposed to be gorgeous, Stephen Meyer definitely falls flat for me. Anna Paquin isn’t who I would have chosen for Sookie and I’m not too keen on Tara either. She has a much smaller role in the books… and I would have preferred they kept it that way. On the show she just whines a lot.

    But in the end… I want Sookie and Sam to get together in the books. Less drama, he isn’t dead, and he won’t kill her by hugging her too hard.

    • flomigrl says:

      Personally, I think they are ALL bad actors but I really love the story!!!

    • linds says:

      agreed with everything but i do like tara but agree she needs sum the whinen cut out but love her attitude lol like in beginning when she went off on red head n quite her job, and the party when talkd about her crazy bf and ran that guy that was tryen to get w her off, and in merlottes when she was talken bout her mom namen her after plantation =>

  31. salena says:

    I haven’t read any of the books but I really want to…what’s the name of the first book? Plz anyone

  32. Love True Blood says:

    It’s just a show, make believe. Enjoy it for what it is! The show is True Blood not what ever the books are called……It’s just loosely based on the books.

  33. iris says:

    Hi tb i love tb thay c00l

  34. linds says:

    i think sook should b w both lmao and end all the arguen, hell they should jus all jump in a pile =P

  35. The Wolfman says:

    The hell with both Eric and Bill. Let ’em go find vampire mates – Sookie needs to be with Alcide! Werewolves rule!

  36. Tracey says:

    I am so disguisted with all the things THAT NEVER happened in the books.I believe in taking creative liberty,but come the F on?!Tara wasent even a bleep on the radar in the books.I like Jessica and I like that Lafayette lived,but that’s it!I have to draw the line some where.If you”ve read the boks I’m sure u agree.And no whining about not having to have read the books to enjoy the show,cuz if that’s true,u are enjoying pure crap!

  37. tracey says:

    A letter is not cursing. ESPECIALLY FOR THIS SHOW,WHAT I SAID IS MILD.

  38. mekonenmom says:

    I vote for Eric over boring Bill any day! I am 36 yrs old, so no I’m not a tween and I have never read any of the books. Until recently I had no idea the show was based off books. I don’t want to read the books now because I don;t want to get confused or disappointed. The Eric / Sookie relationship is much more interesting to watch.

    • colleen says:

      Since each book is a season, maybe read the first 3 books (since they have already been AB’d) naw… read book 4 too… cuz its the best of them all… but im warning u, once u start, u can’t stop! I enjoy the diferences, its like getting more of the story… but some of the changes were unnecessary .. I haven’t really cared until this season, but only cuz I’ve been waiting 3 years to see it! I re-read each book right before the season starts… guess its time to grab “dead to the world”

    • Mar says:

      Yeah, give me Eric over Bill anyday. Actually, I don’t care who’s gonna end up with TV Sookie, she really annoys me. Although i still think the creatives are gonna miss the boat big time if they left out Eric and Sookie evolving relationship in the book.

    • Cherena says:

      Well you should know Eric tricks sookie into marring him then cheats on a vampire and says he is not gonna give her up but the marriage is to “protect” sookie but Eric ends up falling in love with Sookie, not as much as Bill, however.

  39. BB says:

    look it’s a great series. and obviously people love it as well as the book. All I will say is this – if sookie isn’t going to end up with alcide – I am here and will happily be his 2nd choice.

  40. Wallave says:

    What about Vampires from all over the World. China, Japan, Africa ….etc.

  41. viggolover1 says:

    I’m 46yrs old and I love Eric. So there goes your theory about tweens watching his videos. I watch the series before a read the books and in my opinion book Bill it’s not as bad as series Bill. Both Bills’ betrayed Sookie and lied to her. Unless Sookie has very low self esteem she will go back to Bill. Series Bill let the Rattrays (sorry if the name it’s spell wrong) almost kill her so he can give her his blood. I’m amazed how people forgot that. They always mention about the lies and never mention this fact. I know that as a vampire he was following instruction from SA but he didn’t had to go that far to do what he told him to do. Plus AB has give everything good that Eric has done for Sookie in the books to Bill. Ex. Bill didn’t killed Longshadow Eric did. That it’s why people get so upset with AB. When you read a book and somebody makes a series or movie about it you want does images that you have in your head to come alive. Have you imaging if Peter Jackson instead of Frodo had let Aragon take the ring to Mordor. People would have been very upset with him. So, people have the right to like Eric or to like Bill, but the bottom line is if you are making a movie or series about books that someone put her heart and soul for years to write and fans have dedicated countless hours to read. The least this person could have done it’s at least try to be as close as possible to the story line. By the way I too saw the video of CH saying that she doesn’t care about AB changes. Remember one thing she sign a contract and she can’t even if she wants to disagree with anything even if she wants to. She has made millions of dollars with this series.

    • Cherena says:

      ok i see your point viggolover1, but the true blood bill does let the Rattrays beat her half to death. Eric says it in season three. And dude i get your anger at Alan but come on the books are great ive read them all and so is the series ive watched them all and i like them both, well love them both!! I appreciate the changes Alan has made but i would like some storylines in the series better.

  42. Tori says:

    I don’t care who Sookie is with AT ALL. The only thing I care about, who is shot this gorgeous photo.

  43. colleen says:

    I did see a clip somewhere that showed eric looking confused/innocent in the dark woods… that suggested to me that they are following the theme of book 4! Which makes me happy cuz it was my favorite book and I’ve been waiting 3 yrs for this season!

  44. Queen Blood says:

    Awesome photo of the Vamp cast! They are a Hot Bunch!

    I don’t get the bickering either about who Sookie ends up with, as for the whiny little teeny bopper who is obsessed with Eric’s popularity, get over it already, no one here seems to care but you!

  45. bunny london says:

    I love this show.. it’s tru-ly my favorite. I know there is much debate regarding who Sookie should end up with. Personally, I like to just watch and see what will happen next without trying to predict or hope for any particular ending. I like Bill because he and Sookie are real-life husband and wife and I like the romance of it all, however, I think Steven Moyer is way more interesting and somehow sexier than Bill. Maybe it’s the accent. lol. I have to say though, every scene with Eric and Sookie takes my breath away. That man is so friggin sexy I can hardly stand myself. There are so many sides to him and I like not being able to figure him out but just keep thinking he must be in love with Sookie. If she doesn’t love him right back then I sure will!

    And, oh my goodness, can Tara please catch a break?! Turn that girl or something.. she needs a change of pace. Also, I know there has to be something special about Jason. Sookie’s a fairy for cryin in the night, so, Jason is Sookie’s brother… I’m just saying. Oh, and Sophie Anne, she is so hot…

    I just can’t wait to see what happens next. Bring on the biting and blood and sex and romance and .. did I say blood? Just hurry up already and don’t make us wait so long between seasons for goodness sake. If we have to wait so long, at least make more episodes.

    Waiting does suck.

  46. Robin says:

    you all have to realize the Charlaine and Allan are 2 different people, and they have both created very entertaining series’s, read and watch both to fill in all the gaps and questions, and enjoy them separately for being good! I did not find Eric entertaining in the show until he finally showed some emotion, and I realize that he prides himself on hiding that because of his age, but now they have given him a background, and some emotional sizzle! Jessica is not in the books because they just kind of drop Bill, only bringing him up occasionally, so to keep him in the show they had to create a character that relied on him and kept him company, he will need to have something to keep bringing him forward now that Eric and Sookie are starting a relationship- I really enjoy the strong female characters in this show, Pam, Jessica, and Sookie! in the early books Sookie is a wimp, and has to be save a lot, after a few near death experiences she has developed a kick you but spine! Thanks for all the entertaining comments that you have all posted above I enjoyed reading all your thoughts!

    • Cherena says:

      You are soo right Robin!! At first i thought Eric was a good-looking jerk. But then he should some interest in Sookie, then his emotion was the icing in the cake :)And thats a very good way to put everything else, about Jessica and Sookie. I am glad the show has Sookie more independent because she was a wimp in the books and even though she still needs a lot of saving in the show as well as the book she is still an amazing women :)

  47. PPT says:

    @Robin – Right on sister! Great synopsis. You have to enjoy them separately and can’t compare the two. They are companions that is all (like wine and chocolate :) .

    I will admit Season Three was a bit on the slow side….and I will disagree on the Quinn thing – I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric a little jealous if Sookie was out with Quinn a bit. Eric and Sookie has been a long time coming, but that Viking needs to work for it a bit. Alan Ball and HBO are gonna sex it up so whatever brings on that is what they are going to add onto the show. Sookie got a lot of respect from the supernatural community on dating Quinn and there might be a little play in there for AB as well – just a flicker – not a whole season. I do notice AB takes some of the bigger cues form the book, the big items…. Just like Alcide – give them audience a little taste and then pull him back and save him for latter…. I agree he was lame in the book, but AB did him right in TB.

    I did notice on the Season Three recap last night that there were quite a few characters who have potential for coming back…..would be interesting to see how “mad” 100 years may drive Russell….and also would be interesting if Bill married Queen SA…I’d hate to see her go away after we just got her….but alas….we will only know as it slowly and painfully unfolds….I swear I need to get a job at HBO just so I can get an early scoooop!!

    :) Have a great week everybody!

    • Cherena says:

      haha i hope Quinn is in the show!!!! haha i love him and sookie together and i agree completely with you all the way!!!

  48. emily says:

    Im no tween and i love eric…heck i love them all….bill is deep and sexy and eric is confident yet has a soft side which is very hot…no matter who ur fav is a real trubie will love them all like i do…….. im definately hooked….on the books and the show…once u see the characters open ur imagination and read the books again although they r very different without the books we wouldnt have the show so stop hatin and just love ur true blood!!!!!!!!

  49. John says:

    Wow I am so eager to watch True Blood Season 4.I am so sure that it will surpass my expectations.I wonder what the relationship between Sookie and Bill to be.I want them to be together.