Soaps Scoop: Nadia Bjorlin's Days Are Over

My, the soap world is whirling with news. On the heels of Days of Our Lives delivering pink slips to Louise Sorel (Vivian) and Crystal Chappell (Carly), TVLine has learned that Nadia Bjorlin is leaving the NBC sudser when her contract expires later this summer.

Days of Our Lives Shake-Up: John/Marlena In, Two Vets Out!

“It’s a bittersweet moment for me, but fortunately I have been at these crossroads before, and I’ve always rose to the challenge in everything I pursued,” Bjorlin tells TVLine. “I will miss the cast and crew dearly, and they — including [executive producer] Ken Corday — will always be considered family to me. At the same time, I am excited for where this next chapter in my life takes me.”

In fact, Bjorlin already has her next gig lined up — a movie that she starts filming on August 1, the day before her birthday (and, just as importantly, the day of mine).

Bjorlin created the role of Chloe in 1999, worked on and off contract in 2004 and ’05, and then rejoined the cast as a regular in late 2007. Throughout her Days run, Bjorlin has made time for other projects, including the drag-racing movie Redline, guest gigs on NCIS and Two and a Half Men, and the web soap Venice. She also threw her lasso into the ring for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot, but… well, let’s chalk that up as a bullet dodged.

Other cast members seeing their Days come to an end: Tamara Braun (Taylor) and Bren Foster (Quinn), Soap Opera Digest reports.

Sorel said in an interview with TV Guide Magazine that the Days cast shake-up is designed to reinvigorate one of TV’s six (and soon to be four) remaining sudsers while also freeing up some coin to finance the summertime return of Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall (as John and Marlena). As Corday told Digest, “You will see … in the neighborhood of six characters leave Salem and five or six characters return or come to Salem, leading up to a huge September” — all at the hands of new headwriters/Passions alums Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas.

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  1. Laura says:

    I love Chloe! I can’t believe she is leaving. Days should keep her. She is so kind and beautiful! She should be with Daniel however. Days ruined her character and is now ruining the show. I’ve watched for over 25 years and I have to say I’m growing bored with the show. I set my DVR every day so I can keep up with what’s going on and I have to say this is the biggest dissapointment, getting rid of Chloe. I loved her old character when she was with Daniel! I hope great things come to her. She deserves the best! Your fans will miss you.

  2. Susan says:

    EJ Nicole, Stephano are the best actors period and then I hope to see Rafe stretch more but he mIght fall in that category I also like Vivian and Brady. You can have the rest

  3. Dale Stephens says:

    Nadia Bjorlin was the only reason I watched Days… Damn, now I depressed.

  4. Jaz says:

    I think there are other people Days could have released in Chloe’s place. I don’t know why they are bringing jack back I guess to make a new story line to intercede on Jen and Daniel. I agree Marlena and John r way to boring. They should have put Chloe and Brady back together.

  5. jess says:

    honestly most of those characters were very tired anyway, i mean chloe kept complaining about her baby, carly’s entire drug arc just made me cringe instead of catching my interest(she’s been a bore since her and bo broke it off), vivian has been boring since after her first arc when she returned, and i never did like the character they created in taylor. i’m glad carrie and austin are back-although i think it might be original austin, since it’s not the guy i remember from a few years back…i personally think that days needs a new group of teens/young people to create the crazy drama with-or maybe they should do it with the teens that they have, bc lets face it those kids aren’t getting up to anything bad! what’s up with that? what happened to getting knocked up, drugging people, hitting people with cars, stealing girlfriends, rebellion!

  6. jamie says:

    Nadia (Chloe) is leaving on her own. They didn’t get ride of her. I was hoping she and brady would get back togeather, but guess that will never happen. Good luck 2 her, but have the feeling she will come back again. They always do as a regular or as a ghost they always do.

  7. Kitty says:

    I’ve been watching for a while and it’s crazy how many of the storylines are totally unbelievable. Apparently they have no medical advisors or if they do, they don’t pay any attention to them. Do they really think somebody could have their heart ripped out in a prison infirmary and then have it reinstalled hours later like a car battery or something and be just fine?! It’s sad how the writers think think all their viewers are stupid. The guy playing the gay boy just plain can’t act. Besides, his storyline is ridiculous. The writers are trying to educate the great unwashed masses about the gay issue and it’s like it’s written by PFLAG or something-so funny and insulting to our intelligence. Jack’s character and the guy playing him are just laughable, and the same with Austin. Why the guy playing John was brought back is beyond me. He looks old and tired and can’t act, either. I have no idea how he got to be a major soap star! I’m glad the idiots Taylor and Vivian are bothe gone. Too bad they got rid of Chloe but after ruining her character, I don’t blame Nadia for leaving. This show is so screwed up in so many ways, it will probably be the next to go, and I won’t be shedding any tears. I tape it now and fast forward through most of it now-especially the silly boring bland teenagers.

    • Denise L. Abel says:

      So sorry to hear such negative in your words. A story is just that, escape and take the ride. If you cannot bleed with the character than jump off the back of the trailor otherwise. Than shut the show off and take aim at others in the world that are really being un world like. Ya know the bombers, killers etc, The Days crew is just offering daily escapes into a story that has been unfolding for over 60 years. So shut your channel off and channel into the deluge of negative humanity being well human and real. Some day watch days and see the character written for you. Or not………………………………..Just an escape. A story…. Just like the ones we read or not………………….Just.

  8. Denise L. Abel says:

    Oh My I am so flabbergasssteeseesedd if works of words could influence the dool writers so let me write what is real in the world of the end of days of the daily story telling for those that matter. Yes, Please lose the chase of world news. negative at best. I hate that show. har ho. Really. For years we have had the wonder of losing ourselves in a daily story. The twist and turn of daytime. So please hear MY PLEA do not destroy what is a realm of history. The true reason we can survive, Laundry, dog doo, diapers, yelling, break down of appliances, job loss, screaming when we cannot any longer because we all know. We could escape in the deluge of drama in pretendville, the drama that we want to be ours but not. The only way to get to next week knowing the bills can suffer a peter to pay paul scenario. YES Lets all pretend that the days of our lives can hear our works of works and know what it is like to just live each day to survive. I began watching DOOL 7/1981 My man and I married this August 32 years. funny I look like hope and He like Beau. The bad boy I married and I the beauty queen. Runner up Miss America local level. So connections soar not just to I but to so many others. When Beau chased Hope on his cycle to prove his love that is what My man did for me. We still have an incredible victory of love and marriage. I so wish to see this on Days. but so to pass the torch, we have to say good bye as if in death for that is what is feels like. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So to the writers that may see this post or whomever. See the hope in what so many of TV Viewer land can only game for in the final shot. Find the courage in not making a score but taking aim at why the venue of SOAP this special is still here. I will send my story line for there is more to the story. Not just an end but a HOPE just like in her name. Let the audience know I am pure in intention in approaching the writers query. I have game, story epic and a capture that may show true what and why the die hards of yesteryear ring true. Listen for the bell and watch everyday the unfolding of another story so that we can all escape another long hard winter/ or pay cut, job loss, death, no food on the table, no home. For those times I recall and say thanks to Days for getting me through. Plus of course all of the fans that seek the daily show and know what I say is true. So lets go forward, upwards and gain the best notariety ever for writers needs days too. D. Zimi of Washington thanks for reading.