Exclusive: Harry's Law Parts Ways With Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen

The jury is in, and it appears neither Brittany Snow nor Aml Ameen will be a part of the second season of Harry’s Law.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Snow and Ameen have parted ways with the show in what an insider describes as a “mutual decision” with producers. Both actors have been invited to return as guest stars.

The NBC legal dramedy from David E. Kelley opened strong at midseason and with decent numbers throughout its freshman run — and opposite heavy (and sexier) hitters Castle and Hawaii Five-0 — made a case for renewal. Yet along the way, it could be argued, it never knew quite what to do with Jenna and Malcolm, the secretary and street kid-turned-paralegal respectively played by Snow and Ameen.

Still accepting cases at Harriet’s Law & Fine Shoes are series lead Kathy Bates and Nate Corddry.

Thoughts? Bummed to see Jenna and Malcolm go? Hit the comments!

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  1. king says:

    Taking Harry’s Law off my to do list on my DVR right now, going to miss Jenna and Malcom

  2. Marie Jean Baptiste says:

    To Whom it may concern. I am so disappointed that both Brtttany,Snow and Aml,Amee left Harry’s Law Tv show I really enjoyed watching the show with bath cast members. They both added a fresher feel to the show and I always looked forward to watch what will happen next with the both of them. I don’t watch the show anymore. To me and many other people I know its not the same with out them Mr.Kelly please bring them both back on the show. I love Kathy,Bates and Croddy I hope I spelled his name right. There’s an old saying when it aint broke don’t fix it.Regard Big Fan of the old cast.

  3. shelley says:

    Just caught the show for the first time this season and wondered what happened to jenna Malcolm and the block protector and who all the new folks were. I too am disappointed to see the changes. The main premise seems changed. Too many commercials makes it unwatchable. Not even On Demand anymore. It’s still well written and Bates is great. I just don’t het the change.

  4. Tollie says:

    It’s a shame they could not figure out what to do with Malcolm and Jenna. Jenna came up with the idea of the shoes, and then she got the boot. (no pun intended!) I think Malcolm could have become an attorney under Harry’s watchful eye. Just my personal opinion, but I think they were great in the show, just needed to go in another direction, not completely off road!!!

  5. Rufus says:

    Regarding Harry’s Law, once again brilliant (?) TV executives have fixed something that was not broken. What attracted me to the show was it’s unusual and interesting cast and their interplay. The show was “different” in a very positive way. More important, the location of the law office in the tough inner city neighborhood, the black, male street tough who protected their surroundings, and the occasional neighborhood client in need of low-cost or free representation, gave the show connection to folks who are disconnected. The mix always promised fireworks and surprises. The show was soulful. Now, it appears to be an ordinary legal drama starring an extraordinary actress. I no longer feel like it’s a show I never want to miss.

  6. Patty says:

    They always get you hooked then change the whole scene. Well now I will change my view.

  7. Carol Leamon says:

    I am bummed that they are leaving. I thought Brittany Snow was a great part of the show, which I enjoy very much. Sorry to see them go.

  8. Ellie Smith says:

    Just watched Harry’s Law and the departure of Brittany Snow. I’m very sad. I loved her on American Dreams and was excited to see her surface again. I don’t really know why the whole outlook of the show changed when it came back home. I miss the old building and the old cases where they helped those who couldn’t help themselves. Now it is just another lawyer show.

  9. Sjc says:

    I’m over 50, and they were my favorite also. Bad decision. :(

  10. Kim says:

    I was sorry to see both of the young actors go. I was not expecting that to happen in the second season. After all, all the misfits made the show work for a second season to be possible and now they are just casting 1/2 of them aside. Truly emotional. I don’t think everyone was acting. I think they will miss the original show they created together. I guess the writers aren’t so talented if they can’t figure out a way to make it all work. I will still watch but not with out a heavy heart.

  11. Marcy says:

    Loved this series last year (first season) wherein the stories took more of a community flavor with the residents from the area playing a big part in the stories. I loved Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen and feel they added to the youthfulness. I didn’t like the beginning story this season where they move upstairs and the long drawn out story with Alfred Molino and Jean Smart. Toooo boring. Go back downstairs to the shoe store, loose some of the new attorneys and become a community lawyer again. More interesting.

  12. Karen says:

    I loved the show last year.. Kathy Bates is great.. Love her.. but Im not a fan of the new Loft instead of the street store.. with all the stand ins walking around trying to proove that its a “bustling” office. How annoying is that! I can see why Brittany is gone.. there was no where for her to go .. hope she finds something else where she can shine. The Jean Smart character was AWFUL.. AWFUL.. dont need that kind of humor. Hope they find a better mix.. so it is not cancelled.

  13. Helen Sexton says:

    So disappointed in this season’s Harry’s Law… No young people, no life lessons to mentor for the younger generations, and no humor, which was one of the reasons our family loved it so much. It used to be a fast paced, enjoyable, beginning law type show with life lessons and good humor. What a shame! Lost our interest and our viewing.

  14. Marcy says:

    TO DAVID KELLY: loved The Practice, L.A.Law, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences and want to love Harry’s Law. Great actress Kathy Bates is wonderful in this role but please go back to the original premise of the show. This season is looking like every other law show and with last season, it seemed you had something different, refreshing and enjoyable for us. Move back to the shoe store, bring Jenna back and help the local community. I don’t want to stop watching but I am not liking what I am seeing!!!!! PLEASE RETHINK!

  15. Elaine says:

    So disappointed. The setting of the first year was what made the show. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I loved these two actors and the street kids. Don’t try to make this Boston Legal (which I loved) Stick with the original year PLEASE.

  16. Rebecca Downey says:

    I am an older viewer, and both were my two favorite characters besides Kathy Bates. I hope producers will change their minds. They brought a dimension to the show that is now missing.

  17. Bob says:

    I agree to what others have said … go back to the first floor … that what made the show unique

  18. You idiots! The writing is more crisp, the farewell scene tonight was captivating. But you won’t watch because one person joined and another left? It’s the writing, stupid. Best writing on television.

  19. Wayne says:

    One season and you drop 3 of the 5best principle actors, da! I’m 58really years old I’ve seen one series after another come and go, some were very good others not so much. Harry’ Law was refreshing in its concept, but leave it to a bunch of exec’s to screw it up by eliminating this refreshing dram and turning it into just another legal drama. Who’s next Tommy?? Get your S%@# together all you high dollar exec’s figure out how to downsize back to the shoe store or it might not last complete season, after all that was the original premise and that’s what drew the viewers. I’ll watch for awhile just to see, but my patients are limited. Your call big shots!!!

  20. PattyMac says:

    I loved this show last season, and the first three episodes this season were really good. Let’s hope the show hasn’t lost it’s way by getting rid of some of the most compelling characters on the show. We’ll see, I’ll keep watching to see what happens. I was shocked to see Snow leave the show, they should have found a place for her she was a bright spot in this show.

  21. Laci999 says:

    Awwww…too bad…I really enjoyed the two young stars…Jenna (Britney) is so good…makes the show what it is/was.

    I hope they consider what they have done…

  22. Bob says:

    Why the show did so well was the same reason Johnny Carson was so successful. You had one big caring family. Harry as the Mother, Tommy as the Father, Jenna, Malcolm, and Adam as the 3 children. Now the family is broken up and there is no togetherness between the newcomers.

  23. Sue says:

    I am very disappointed that Brittany is leaving the show. I don’t blame her because they certainly didn’t give her any kind of a part, but still I enjoy her so much as an actress….I just love seeing her on the screen! I like Kathy Bates, but I will “pass” on the show once Brittany is gone.

  24. Ruthie Dell says:

    I am very sad to see Jenna go…as I was with Malcolm and Damian..I love Kathy Bates and “Harry’s Law” is a great show, but those three were terrific..Damian was one of my favorites, showing how life on the street can be and what you have to do to survive. Although he was tough on the outside, those eyes got to me every time and the connection between him and Harry was magical. Malcolm showed us that anyone can turn their life around and make it the best it can be. Jenna was like an adopted daughter to Harry and those two definitely had a strong connection..Why would you let them go? I would love to see them return, not as a guest star, but added to the cast, once again. I think it’s a big mistake..You get us used to characters and then take them away. The same happens with Soaps. Please bring them back, again! When you have a great cast that compliments each other’s character, that’s what makes it work!! and they did!!

  25. Sharon says:

    I was shocked by all the changes this season. I liked the smaller firm. I have been watching this season so far but not happy with the changes. Sorry to see Jenna and Malcolm go. There are enough boring legal shows on. Why make another one.

  26. Trace342 says:

    I’m so disappointed with David E Kelley and anyone else who was part of the decision to change what was my favorite new show last year.
    What I loved about it so much was the “underdog” flavour – the cranky aging lawyer, bored with her lucrative career, fired, and reluctantly starting something new, something completely different with a supporting cast of loveable mis-fits. There was nothing else like it on TV. Now, it’s just another “big corporate law firm that never loses a case” show. I’ve watched the first few episodes of the season, and it just doesn’t have that tug on my heart and head that last season did. I can always watch the Good Girl for the same “feeling” but better story lines.
    How do I contact the network and David E Kelley? I’ve always loved his shows, and I’m sooooooo disappointed that he has caved.

  27. Angela says:

    David E Kelley-short sighted and uncreative. BORING!!!! The whole coolness of the show and interesting part you have taken away. I don’t need another LA Law, Boston Legal, Big firm garbage. I didn’t mind that Harry took on two more quirky attorneys..but to add even more and have Malcom and Jenna terminate…what was the whole purpose of her leaving her previous job? Not to be part of another BIG law firm. I am disgusted about this. This is not the show I watched last year nor the show I wanted to see this year. I am sooooo disappointed. I love Snow!!! She is so beautiful and sweet…there is so much you could have done with her and Malcom. Just more attorneys for big bucks…not to make a difference. I am disappointed Harry isn’t really Living BIG, now she is playing small. Sad Sad….what is with TV today?

  28. Shawn's Wife says:

    The shoe store and the kid from hard knocks turned paralegal gave the show a special edge. Now it’s got the same concept as any other legal drama.

    Since neither Snow or Ameen are famous actors with tons of money, I doubt the separation was “mutual.”


  29. DV says:

    The show is very different now without Brittany Snow & Aml Ameen. The atmosphere has changed and I will miss the shoe store/attorney office feel……it was very unique. Now they brought in all these new people & new office and Harry’s Law has lost it’s little show feel & again uniqueness. Will miss the young ones also—I think the show is a loss now.

  30. Laurie says:

    I loved the first season of the show – was anxious for it to come back. But I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore. It’s lost it’s entire feeling and setting to it. I really love Kathy Bates and she’s great. Also like s Nate Corddry and “Tommy Jefferson” as well”. As for the New setting -yuck! And new characters – yuck again. WHY do they have to mess with a good thing – don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken… Oh well … I’ll miss you Harry’s Law

  31. Robert Horton says:

    Bring back the shoe store and the protector.

  32. Susan says:

    I’m very disappointed by the direction the show is taking. So much so, that I took the time to research what happened to the younger characters. I’m part of the coveted viewing audience advertisers want and I’m not feeling it. Loved the quirky nature of the show and the variety of cases coming to the former paper pushing attorney Kathy Bates played so well. I sat through the recent triple episode and the series has lost it’s uniqueness. It’s gone from being light and a bit edgy to being heavy and depressing. Gruesome familial murder followed by teen bullying suicide. And bringing back actors from historic legal based shows. No longer is it my go to show for a light evening at home to take my mind off the heaviness of life. It’s become heavy and depressing. So sad when a show the worked well enough to be renewed gets a total rework and loses its luster. can’t wait to see where Brittany Snow lands. I can see her getting her own show and having a very long, successful career. Love to see her in a sex in the city-type dramedy.

  33. Carol says:

    It’s such a shame these days, when something works, there’s always someone that decides to change it! I’m going to miss the young characters on this show. I’ll also miss the reason I first started watching it. It reminded me that it was about everyday people trying to make a living. It’s just truly sad….

  34. jay says:

    if something isn’t broken don’t fix it……some changes are actually mistakes! this one definitely is!

  35. Don Nino says:

    Sorry to see them go. It was refreshing to see good young talent. Kathy Bates is magnificent in the role of Harry. I hope the show lasts a long long time.

  36. patti says:

    I am so bummed. You turned HL into another boring law show. The Cleveland setting and the guy who “protected” them made it so different. The shoe store concept was so unique. Bring back the younger actors. Now it’s just another law show. You lost my vote.

  37. patti says:

    forgot to add….maybe you should get new Writers instead who know how to write in scripts for younger actors.

  38. Joyce says:

    Being from Tampa it was nice to see Brittany Snow on such a good show. I will continue to watch because I love Kathy Bates but I miss the old format, the shoe store and the hominess of the old show.

  39. Melinda says:

    I just don’t get it. Why take two good talented young actors, who we were just getting to know and enjoy their embarkments on life good choices and bad, I thought that was the idea of the show to begin with. At no matter what age race gender we can all learn frm each other, and take advantage of all experiences that we would care to share and bring out the good in all of us. That is what amured me in every week last year. And this season it’s just all gone

  40. Deb Pad says:

    I watch because of Kathy Bates. Thought the shoe store was too silly at times and wasn’t a regular watcher until this year. Maybe I’m missing something but I haven’t missed it yet.

  41. Jeff says:

    The two young characters and the shoe store is what made the show unique. Now it is not. I hope they make many guest appearances.

  42. janet gilbert says:

    This is crazy, why would u allow this brittney and malcoln could have done a lot. If your writers can’t find a place for them then why put them on in the first place. I have seen alot of shows but letting the ones go because the writers can write them in is the dumbest thing i ever heard.
    Then adam cant be a partner because of crap. Harry neer wanted to be a law firm. Adam is the one who faught to keep it going. Harry was a drunk and a druggie. come on people is show is crap. Why would Katy Bates not stand up for the ones who made the show? I truely love these show but anyone can be a lawyer fighting for people. But this show gave the so called down and outs a voice. It showed the anyone can be wrong and justice can still came out. That Lawyers can make mistakes. Now why Harry’s law is now the practice? L.A.Law? any other show that is now the same as HARRY’S SO CALLED LAW? GET BETTER WRITERS AND GET THE SHOW BACK ON TRACK. IF NOT I HOPE IT GET CANCELLED NEXT SEASON.

  43. deb says:

    I love Kathy Bates and the first year’s show was something quite unique– with the small office, the shoes plumped right in front, and a very good caste ensemble as well as the good comedic/dramatic storylines; so why eradicate perfection

  44. Samantha says:

    Wow, they really white-washed this show very quickly. I think both the original Harry’s Law and this new season both have their flaws. With the original, it seemed that all of the Black and Latino characters were either thugs or former thugs (as in the case of the Malcolm character), or otherwise buffoonish criminals that needed to be saved by the white characters on the show. Now with this new format, it seems that they just got rid of all of the black and brown people (with the exception of the new Cassie character, who looks racially ambiguous). It’s as if the creators of the show just went from one extreme to another. You can have black folks on your show without them all being uneducated thugs and criminals, and you can have a successful legal show without it being a mini-clone of Boston Legal. And don’t even get me started on how they had to get rid of the interracial relationship. I understand that many viewers don’t want to see that, but people need to get real. Wake up and look around you, interracial couples exist. Get over it! I think Harry’s Law had the potential to be a great show, with a few minor adjustments. But it seems they’ve decided to blend in with every other typical law firm show instead.

  45. Mike Killion says:

    I know that this is a big mistake. These two were a big part of the show and the reason I liked it.

  46. Jeri King says:

    It’s a shame they took Brittany Snow off the show. Her quirkiness was one of the best parts. Now it seems too serious. Love the show, but I will miss Jenna!!!!

  47. young and black says:

    Three viewers lost. Too bad! I really liked the show.

  48. Jay says:

    These two young characters were part of what made the first season so enjoyable. Without them the homey feel of this show takes a huge hit and it will look like every other legal drama. David E. missed the boat on this one.

  49. Olivia Lee says:

    Harry’s Law is not the show we fell in love with without Aml Ameen and Brittany Snow, also the young man that played the gang mediator, sorry I don’t know his name, but these kids characters interaction with “Harry” was what made the show. We took it off our automatic record, DO NOT LIKE IT….At least you kept Adam, and we are with him, don’t like the changes. Won’t be watching any more. BRING THEM BACK PERMANENTLY…and bring on the new cast as guests now and then if you want.

  50. Ruth says:

    What are you thinking? Jenna and her shoe store helped to make Harry’s Law a success. Bring her back – what a loss!!!!! Come on, write her back in the script – her new job didn’t work out or whatever, but bring her back!!!!