Exclusive: Harry's Law Parts Ways With Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen

The jury is in, and it appears neither Brittany Snow nor Aml Ameen will be a part of the second season of Harry’s Law.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Snow and Ameen have parted ways with the show in what an insider describes as a “mutual decision” with producers. Both actors have been invited to return as guest stars.

The NBC legal dramedy from David E. Kelley opened strong at midseason and with decent numbers throughout its freshman run — and opposite heavy (and sexier) hitters Castle and Hawaii Five-0 — made a case for renewal. Yet along the way, it could be argued, it never knew quite what to do with Jenna and Malcolm, the secretary and street kid-turned-paralegal respectively played by Snow and Ameen.

Still accepting cases at Harriet’s Law & Fine Shoes are series lead Kathy Bates and Nate Corddry.

Thoughts? Bummed to see Jenna and Malcolm go? Hit the comments!

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  1. abc123 says:

    Best decision ever. Nothing against these two, but they never added anything to the story. Besides, it was to be expected – this is a David E. Kelley show after all. ;)

    Now be a good boy, Kelley, and upgrade Jordana Spiro, Camryn Manheim, Christopher McDonald and Paul McCrane to regular status.

  2. milessilverberg says:

    It was inevitable that this show would be retooled, it was very flawed from the outset. For one thing, they don’t give Kathy Bates enough to do, other than sit behind her desk and look annoyed. Oh, and then make the big courtroom speech that doesn’t really make sense yet still manages to hypnotize the room, and wins the case.

    The shoes aspect of the show was at least original if a little goofy. The whole season was about Brittany selling shoes to help pay the bills, and Aml’s neighborhood ties bringing in local business. Without these characters, Harry might as well move to a different neighborhood, because she no longer has a reason to stay there.

  3. jake says:

    I love brittney snow so I”M SO HAPPY THAT SHE WON”T BE RETURNING BECAUSE SHE DESERVES BETTER. They honestly did not know what to do with the character and when they did write for her — she was so annoying, too needy and getting in the middle of things which were none of her business — she was one of the most annoying characters. Anyone see her on CBS’s mad love? you can probably catch it on cbs.com — but she was so hilarious. This is the best news for a show that I love. Glad that she will get the chance to go back to movies and that david e kelley released her from the show.

  4. Kathy says:

    Brittany Snow’s character was so annoying! So glad she will not be back!

  5. Joseph Stellato says:

    Your decision to drop BrittanySnow will end up having the cancellation early on some of the other persons(including KathyBates) do not convince me that I should watch such a dry presentation of actors.Being well known in the community allows me to express my sentiments

  6. jeff in co says:

    thank goodness they are cutting snow and the other kid…one dimensional actors…bring some other younger people on with some acting chops..let Brittany keep working her chest and legs on CW..where no one is over 30 and gossip girl is considered quality programming?

  7. Maeilyn Kelley says:

    Brittany Snow is adorable in Harry’s Law, but her character is somewhat annoying, not her fault, I understand. Kathy Bates is a great actress and I really like the feel good endings the show sometimes has. If you like the show, don’t stop watching just because one actress leaves as it happens all the time. (at least she’ s not being killed off)!

  8. James says:

    I don’t know why Brittany Snow’s character Jenna was even in the show. What was she? Shoe saleswoman? Secretary? And the incessant whining and tantrums were beyond boring, beyond irritating, –as one comment put it– nails on a chalk board.

    I have problems with the show: the near miraculous wins, the shoe store front that never sells a shoe, the never ending parade of downtrodden liberal causes; but the loss of Jenna is not one of them. Malcolm on the other had had an interesting story that should have been explored.

  9. Yo says:

    If this show is to be strengthened, the writing needs to be improved. I looked forward to the show’s start, primarily because of Kathy Bates, but I could barely sit through it as the season progressed.

  10. amstphd says:

    Let’s see. Brittany Snow was a very minor character. The possibilities for a legal secretary selling shoes in her downtime were great. And Aml Ameen could have been involved in a whole range of plots. Serious mistake to cut them.

  11. Gray says:

    I’m not in my 20’s anymore but I did like the characters. It says more about David Kelley’s inability to write descent parts for these two. Maybe he should bring in a consultant but that’s not it. It’s just dialogue and the human dynamic. The world is not all about people past 40, David. These two have life experience and you should reconsider this process. I’m a writer and I was always challenged to write stuff when I was with a live morning show. I never rested on a given style because the people I wrote for new to always challenge the process. You aren’t challenging yourself, David, you’re resting on your laurels as an established writer and if the parts not working, you just dump it at the cost of the actors and the viewers who have grown to like these two. Stop being lazy and start jogging the right side of your brain and make these tow parts compelling. Hell, their relationship alone should be enough material to explore but you’re chickening out on what could be and should be new material and territory to tackle. Is interracial dating too hot for you, David? Are you being pressured to stop this particular story line? Are you Republican?

  12. Pat says:

    I liked the 2 young ones. I also loved the older ones. Even old people can be and are sexy and interesting to watch. Hope it is on for a long while. I still work fulltime and my dollars still spend.

  13. Greg says:

    I can’t believe people watch a shown souly to watch one person.It’s the story and the acting people. Get real

  14. Janet says:

    that show’s still on?! probably better off for both of them.

  15. Charlsie says:

    The show has a liberal agenda that I try to ignore because it was very entertaining and I liked it while I was on the treadmill. Ms. Snow was delightful to watch. I like her attractiveness, her style, her hipness, and her acting skills. Mr. Ameen did have some very good moments and I feel he too had some real potential to contribute to the show over the longer term. I can’t imagine what happened for the two of them to leave. I will still watch when I can, and hope that the replacements for her are as beautiful and sexy.

  16. mj says:

    I am so glad to see Brittany Snow go, I can’t tell you. I would have throttled her myself if they hadn’t gotten rid of her. Nails on chalkboard. Flat, annoying, whiny, stupid I could forgive if it was entertaining but this character reminded me of every self-absorbed- the-world-revolves-around-me-though-I-don’t-have-a-single-thing-to-offer-twenty-something I’ve seen hanging out in offices for the last 10 years. I want Kathy Bates to pick on someone who doesn’t deserve it. As I read what I just wrote I realize that character is the same thing I hated about Ally McBeal.

    I like the idea of Malcolm but the actor just didn’t have it. I could not have cared less if he made it or disappeared from the face of the earth. There are so many young compelling actors of colour, this guy just didn’t cut it.

  17. sladewilson says:

    Okay the youngins are gone? I’ll watch the first two new eppys but if it absolutely sucks (and I have a feeling it will), I’m out. They were my two fave characters anyway…

  18. xwiseguyx says:

    I trust David Kelley – he usually parts with characters who have no longer advance the story lines and replaces them with better ones. Those 2 characters were pleasant enough, but they were not utilized well so it’s best they found new work somewhere else.

  19. Mark says:

    Malcolm – Bummed
    Jenna – Not so much

    • Darcy says:

      Opposite for me.

      I love Jenna, she’s quirky and could have substance if Kelley offered it to her. The problem isn’t that they have no story left in them, he just can’t be bothered with it.

      Malcolm – snore.

  20. Amy says:

    I like Brittany Snow, but they wrote this character with no depth. She slams the door, pouts, and acts high and mighty. It was the writers’ fault they gave her nothing to work with.

  21. mike says:

    The show has a stupid premise. In addition to this, its been done many times before only better. I am personally over 40, and I can say that this show is poor at best and needs to go off the air. As far as those 2 characters go, they certainly were not the problem, I don’t know how getting rid of them will keep the show afloat!

  22. Ol Bob says:

    We won’t miss Snow, but we liked Ameen–should keep’im. .

  23. Danielle H. says:

    Malcolm was Harry’s tie to the black community she was working with though, so they leave a major hole here. I really would like to know what happened and why this decision was made (like if the actors had a falling out, if Kelley just didn’t like them, etc.). I like Snow, but her character did get really annoying.

    MORE TOMMY JEFFERSON. He’s really funny to watch!

    This show is very up and down for me. I’m going to watch, but if the first 5 or so episodes don’t capture me I’m going to be out. I stuck with it the entire first season though.

  24. em says:

    Darn. I really liked Aml Ameen’s character. And I really love Brittany Snow. I hope to see more of them soon.

  25. justin says:

    Umm…. was it just me or did kathy bates always look like she was about to fall asleep in this series. the first episode had this wierd vibe. then it was like the show fell asleep… and kathy delivered all her lines in that wierd ‘i just woke up’ voice…. it wasn’t very interesting…

  26. Sheldon Kirschbaum says:

    Snow drifted then fell out of favor. Their chemistry never quite made it. No logic for her to stay. Kathy Bates is the show. Get revolving guest stars strong stars.

  27. Shelly says:

    Don’t like this news. I well not be watching next season. I love Britney Snow.

  28. David says:

    I am so sorry that they will not return to the show. I watched the shows in anticipation of the characters maturing as the series progressed.

  29. Lee says:

    I am extremely disappointed in your decision. The unlikely mixture of characters and what brought them together kept me looking forward to each week. I loved the quirky characters and their interactions. Why do producers want to mess with su cess. Please, please keep Tommy Jefferson’s weird and funny personality prevalent. At the end of the season he seemed a tad weak and pitiful. I will still watch but am afraid I will really miss the two.

  30. KelsinOz says:

    Love, love, love this show!

    Very bummed about Malcom and Jenna leaving – although them getting together was not a great move. Talk about nothing in common but age!Both very beautiful actors however so I wish them the best.

    Anyone else rooting for Tommy Jefferson and Harry to get together?!

  31. kate says:

    So happy Harry’s Law returns, it’s the only show I make sure to watch. Too bad about Brittany ans Aml, characters take time to develop. But they deserved definite planning rather than wait for a decision while opportunity goes by. That’s show biz. NBC has gotten awfully cautious.

  32. ms pya says:

    I luv this show sorry they let the two stars go.I watch the show to see kathy bates but idid enjoy the entire cast.

  33. AC says:

    Don’t care about Jenna; the character was badly-written and got grating by the end of the season. Will miss Malcolm to a certain extent, but really, I watch the show for Nate Corddry, so as long as Adam is around, I’m good.

  34. mama stim says:

    WAKE UP! David E. Kelley! The cast has a great combination of good, bad and ugly! Kathy’s snappy whit is entertaining, brittany snow brings a fun, younger twist, malcolm adam and tommy are all perfect, malcolms story line could be brightened up a bit. My fav’s are Kathy and the dude who plays the enforcer character, sorry dont know his name. I think it tanked a bit when Ameen and Snow hooked up so soon. Didnt feel any real chemistry between them, plus just makes it another typical Grey’s storyline. OK, if its $$$, COUGH IT UP AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE!

  35. Carlton says:

    Dismissing Jenna and Malcolm was a bad move. They both added flavor to the show. I like the show, not only for the “info and messages” that come from it, but because of the characters. What’s wrong you guys? Isn’t anyone consistant anymore?

  36. Alice says:

    Snow was the whole reason I watched in the beginning last year- I thought the contrast of her and Bates was great. And it gave it something unusual. Now the cast looks like every other legal/procedural out there, yawn.

  37. Michele durkan says:

    Wow – it sure sounds like Mr. Kelley should reconsider and put Ms. Snow back on the permanent payroll. I also really enjoyed Brittney’s character.

  38. Anonamous says:

    After the opening scene, I knew it had changed drastically.
    After 5 minutes, I knew it was now bad.
    At the first commercial, I thought about shutting it off.
    Only 15 minutes into the 2nd season one of my favorite shows, I did what a few months ago, I would have considered to be the dumbest thing I could possibly do on a Monday night: I shut off “Harry’s Law”. I can declare that I believe that it started to suck when the elevator door first opened (at the very beginning of the episode).
    I am still taping it, in hope that it gets better in the last 45 minutes, but it has 1 strike against it. If it doesn’t so much as try to return to its former glory, it will have 2 strikes. If next week’s episode is like tonight’s, its out (of my life).
    Mountain/Pacific/Alaskan/Hawaiian time users, if you’re watching “Free Agents” change the channel! Save yourselves!

  39. Kathy Bates fan says:

    What have they done to my favorite show? Last season, the show was quirky, unpredictable and charming. Now it is just another lawyer show. So disappointing. I agree with Anonamous above, if the show doesn’t return to its gritty, off-the-wall charm of last season, I’m done. Jenna, Malcolm and the street people on the show, including the gang guy who offered them ‘security’ are what made the show different and interesting. The cases that Harry got from her interactions with the street folk were great. The Tommy Jefferson character I can take in small doses, but if he becomes a regular I don’t think I’ll be watching……..And the young lawyer who initially hit Harry with his car, quit his job, and came to work for her (forgot his character’s name) if he is sidelined by just being in as small a role as tonight, I’m out. Having the law practice IN the shoe store AND in the bad neighborhood is what made the show unique. Shame on you David E. Kelly!

  40. Harry's Gone Fishin' says:

    Having just watched the first episode of the new season I am still wondering what show I watched. It certainly wasn’t the quirky, charming and often naive comedy/drama I grew to love last year. Where have all my oddball characters gone? Where have the lead characters gone? I recognized a few faces like Kathy Bates but she wasn’t Harry.
    I like Jean Smart and Mark Valley and usually like them in whatever series they appear in but … but … BUT … this new lawyer drama they appear in is using the name from a show from last year called Harry’s Law but it certainly isn’t. Maybe they should have changed the name to something else like Kathy Bate’s Deathly Hallows. I am betting now it doesn’t get renewed for next season. Just my two cents David … but you really blew it here.

  41. Virgil says:

    Malcolm was the whole reason Harriet wanted to change, why get rid of what seemed to be a very good role. Can’t say I’m a fan of Britney Snow, but this show is where I found her to be the least annoying compared to previous roles she has had. I’ve noticed from watching seaon2 that the other guy lawyer’s lines were cut dramatically, and they added some dumb ass mexican chick and apparently gave all of his lines to her. She has the likability of a used condom.

  42. judith says:

    I am sooooo disappointed with the show now. Loved seeing the younger
    people on the show, to watch them grow within their characters. I think they were the ones that made the show interesting. Now it is like watching all the other big corportations, all the people milling about in the background, with the silly quick quipes to one another.
    I felt last season was the best, with the intimate little show store and inner city problems.
    That’s what made the show for me. Won’t be watching now, rather watch old westerns.
    Love Kathy Bates in anything, but she may as well be on any of the cop and law shows.

  43. judith says:

    regarding reply from Judith, it is shoe store, not show store. Sorry,

  44. enigma17001 says:

    Wow what a difference!! I’m undecided about whether I like it better or not. It’s still a good show but the reasons I started watching was the premise that it was a small firm that was entrenched in the hood and had a variety of characters while an unusual ensemble for a law show sitcom worked without being too over the top. Without the hood, Malcolm, Jenna, and Damien why not just have Harry move back to her old law firm and just change her specialty from patent to criminal law. I won’t lie I’ve liked some of David E. Kelly’s shows but I’ve never made it far into a series other than Picket Fences and that’s probably because I was younger and didn’t have but 5 channels to choose from. Now that I’m older and paying for cable I would watch Harry’s Law if nothing else is on because it got rid of everything that drew me in except Kathy Bates. I think she’s a remarkable actress but where are the contrasting characters, (oh i guess it’s supposed to be Tommy and Oliver) two old white guys shocker. I’m not rascist and watch a wide variety of shows from Desperate Housewives to Modern Family to How I Met Your Mother and there aren’t any major black characters in those until Vanessa Williams edition to Desperate. The 1st episode will pull me back to watch next week I liked Bates and Smart’s moments together and the animosity between the two, hilarious. But will Harry fight for the little guy anymore, are they still in the hood, what happens with the shoe store, and how is this different from other law shows? Just a few questions that make me wonder why so many changes it did well enough in the 1st season to get picked up for another and could’ve built on that and had further character development. It just seems like a whole other show altogether but it’s only episode one so we’ll see.

  45. Ingrid Blalock says:

    I am disappointed that the setting, from the innercity, has been moved. I am also disappointed about the two African American young men that have been dropped. I am glad to see that Brittany Snow was still in the loop. Without the other two entities, the uniquness of the the first season is lost. I will still watch but the novelty of the first season’s setting is lost.

  46. Yoki says:

    I can’t believe they let them go plus The Enforcer. All of them gelled. I don’t know if I will be able to watch! Plus it’s up against criminal minds, won’t last.

  47. Joni says:

    they took the two best actors off. they made the show different than all the other lawyer shows. they did the same on the talk.
    the got rid of the 2 best ladies on the show. i won’t be watching
    either of these shows anymore. what is wrong with these producers
    these days? i wish them all well. i hope someone will snatch them
    all up and they all do well and go far in their profession.

  48. ET says:

    The grit and air constant dread and peril indicative of the decayed neighborhood was a big player in my fandom of HL. The fact that things had gotten so bad that the guy jumped off the roof to begin with, coupled with the fact that the other young actor had to offer his services as a “protector”, was all lost when they “plushed out” and moved up. Probably will still watch but that element of caution and not knowing WHAT might walk in off the street is lost. As for the interracial romance, the kids were really into that facet of the show–they were all talking about it among friends, To the younger generation that have grown up since pre-K through adult hood being immersed in the melting pot of diversity that we’ve becom, IT WAS NO BIG DEAL–they see it everyday!! Mr. Kelley, think we just lost our edge….

  49. ET says:

    (typo: “air OF constant dread)

  50. tokenblackguy says:

    I really liked Malcom’s character, it’s hard to find three dimensional black characters on tv today, he was one of the main reasons I watched the show. I also don’t see the character of Damien anymore, which was also a really good character and almost the opposite of Malcolm. I like the way he came off as a thug, but ended up being a positive person who helped the community. I like that Malcolm was a smart kid with a drug problem and how is character grew. I’ve watched the first two episodes of the second season and it isn’t the same. Although I love Kathy Bates and respect her as a great actress, I think those characters were the main attraction. I’m not sure if the show will survive without them.