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Question: It’s been a while since we’ve had any really good True Blood scoops. Please change that for us. —Jessica S.
As I bragged revealed on Twitter Monday night, Cliff Clavin left a nice surprise in my mailbox Monday afternoon: the first three episodes of Season 4! I can’t wait to watch them sometime this weekend! Kidding! I’d barely sat down on my couch when I had those bad boys finished off. And you know what? I’m going to declare that the show gets off to its strongest start yet. The trouble is, there’s not much I can tell you without spoiling one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) twists in the series’ history. But give me a second, I’ll think of something… Oooh, there’s a very subtle clue in this trailer. Also:

| An unlikely new romance takes shape.
| * *i***** *******e* ***s.
| Pam is at her bitchiest best.
| Jessica makes Hoyt dinner — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| There’s some big real estate news — sounds boring but I swear it’s not.
| Sam comes dangerously close to exposing his naughty bits.

Question: I can’t help but notice an alarming lack of True Blood spoilerage. What’s the deal? —Sarah
The deal is you need to sit yourself down and pay attention, because you know that surprise romance I teased above? I think it’s the same one exec producer Alan Ball is referring to in this next quote, which was a response to my question about which couple he had the most fun writing for this season. “The one that I had the most fun with is one I can’t reveal, because it comes as a surprise,” he tells me. “But certainly Eric and Sookie, as fans of the books will know, get a lot closer this season, and that was really fun.”

Question: I love love love Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood! Please tell me we will see her in Season 4. —Hayley
Oh, hell yes. Queen Sophie Anne is actually at the center of what will probably go down as one of my favorite scenes of the entire series.

Question: First off, I think a Smurf lover like you would enjoy this T-shirt. Next, I hope you have some good scoop on White Collar. —Matt
If you’re a fan of Dan Brown, chances are you’re going to love the show’s June 14 episode. Real-life siblings Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson guest star as brothers in a dispute over their late father’s will. They soon discover that Dad’s two conflicting wills actually form a treasure map of sorts. “[It] was our Dan Brown-inspired episode we’ve been wanting to do for a season or two” says series creator Jeff Eastin. “It was difficult in the sense that we had a lot of very specific clues that we had to get through, so that was sort of a nightmare. But ultimately, if you like Dan Brown, hopefully, you’ll like that episode.”

Question: Barney’s half-sister plus Ted equals Ted’s babies momma? Go. —Dana
Excellent theory. If it pans out I’m taking full credit. Cool?

Question: They can’t seriously kill Pete, especially with poor Lucas watching! Any scoop? Is Tim Daly leaving Private Practice? —Sam
This much we know: Don’t count on the wee one to save the day. “Lucas does not know how to dial 911,” exec producer Shonda Rhimes told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich last month. “I totally came home after we filmed that scene and sat down with my 8-year-old and was like, ‘This is how you dial 911, and here’s our address,’ in case Mommy ever falls over.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Desperate Housewives? —Mateo
I sort of stumbled on one last night while flipping through the official ballot for the 2011 Emmys. In a surprise — some would say ballsy — move, Doug Savant pulled a Rob Lowe and entered himself in the Lead Actor (Comedy) race. Now, I admittedly missed a couple episodes this season, but I don’t recall Tom being that prominent.

Question: Is there any more news on Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries? —Lisa
Kayla Ewell has yet to see a script, but the actress believes she’s cracked the mystery surrounding Vicki’s season-ending return from the dead. “I’m thinking [she’s] not a ghost, but more of an angel or good spirit coming back to help Jeremy,” she offers. “Vicki really, really loves Jeremy, so [I think] she’s going to try to come back and help him any way she can. But also, wherever Vicki goes, she stirs up trouble. Her intentions may be good and pure, but [I suspect] there’s going to be lots of trouble going on.”

Question: What are the chances of Tina Majorino returning to Bones next season? She was the best part of final sniper episode! —Hillary
I think the chances are very good. Awesome, in fact. “We love Tina,” gushes executive producer Stephen Nathan, “and would love to have her back next year.”

Question: With Bones going on a three-month mid-season break to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave, how many original episodes does that leave us with in Season 7? —Rex
If I were a betting man — not an addict, just a fan of the casual bet every now and then — I’d say more than 13 but less than 18. And just so we’re clear I do not have a gambling problem.

Question: Any news on who’s replacing Saffron Burrows on The Finder? —Missy
The role hasn’t been cast, but I can tell you producers are looking for someone considerably younger than Burrows. We’re talking half her age. According to the latest intel, the new character — Willa — will be around 17. Much like Burrows’ alter ego, Willa has a criminal background and some hidden skills that Walter and Leo will put to good use. (Mackenzie Rosman, call your agent!)

Question: Can you please interview Misha Collins about his reduced Supernatural role next season? My life may depend on it. —Marcia
We tried, but the dude’s not talking. Perhaps he wants to lay low until the storm passes — assuming it does, in fact, pass. “We have passionate fans,” acknowledges exec producer Sera Gamble. “We have fans that have strong opinions about a lot of things that happen on the show. People ask me if I’m worried about a fan backlash [in the wake of Collins’ demotion]. We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant and bring you interesting stories that are fresh. Going into Season 7, we have a new, interesting story that we want to tell to you. That’s what’s front of mind right now.”

Question: Now that Misha Collins is no longer a regular on Supernatural, any chance Jim Beaver will get a much-deserved promotion? —Joel
Doesn’t sound like it. “We have a fantastic relationship with Jim,” says Gamble. “We bring him in as the story demands it. He’s basically a fixture on the show as necessary.”

Question: Will Eion Bailey will be back on Covert Affairs for Season 2? —Brenda
Yes, Bailey returns as Ben Mercer in Tuesday’s premiere, during which he and Annie must outrun some bad guys who really, really want him dead. But nearly escaping death won’t bring the two closer together. A new opportunity will launch Ben in a different direction — and far away from Annie.

Question: I have a question about Covert Affairs: What will Jai Wilcox (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy) be up to this season? —Alicia
Being a big sourpuss. When Joan (Kari Matchett) is forced to report for jury duty in next week’s episode, she leaves Auggie in charge — much to Jai’s disgruntlement.

Question: I know it’s been less than a month since the Castle finale, but I am seriously missing seeing my favorite couple on screen — especially given how the season ended. Please give me some scoop to help shake the hiatus blues. —Cheryl
Is it out there that Captain Montgomery’s successor will be female? If not, it’s scoop to you!

Question: Now that Showtime has axed United States of Tara, do you know if the Season 3 finale gives a proper ending to the show? Or does it end in a cliffhanger? –Fernando
I think fans will find the final scene of the series to be extremely satisfying. I’ll leave it at that.

Question: What’s the latest on the return of Robin Sparkles next season on How I Met Your Mother? —Todd
It’s still in the gestation stage. “We do have one little beginning of an idea of something that would be completely different as a way to reprise it,” reveals exec producer Craig Thomas. “My promise would be we’ll only do it if it’s something completely different — apples and oranges from what we’ve already done. ‘Cause I don’t want to be too much in the shadow of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” which I realize is everyone’s favorite.” Speaking of Robin, remember how Thomas hinted that she would be getting a new love interest this fall? It’s totally happening. Casting is underway as I write this.

Question: Now that the season is over, can you answer any of your blind items? I’m still going crazy not knowing which fan favorite may be going “six feet under.” —Clark
Hot tip: If you haven’t already done so, you might want to sign up for TVLine’s weekly scoop newsletter. Sources confirm to me exclusively that there may be a subtle clue in next Monday’s edition. I may also drop a hint or two on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello.

Question: Any Bored to Death scoop? — Matt
Yes, and in a way, Office scoop, too: The NBC sitcom’s Gabe, Zach Woods, apparently having cornered the market on hilariously obsessed dorks, will be guesting on the HBO laffer later this season as super-fan of Zach Galifianakis’ character.

Question: Any more news on the possible time-jump on Dexter and how this will affect his character in general? — Lisa
Well, since the breakdowns that just came out include characters who are residents of a nursing home, it’s probably safe to say that next season, ol’ Dex will be in a rocker, not just off his own. That, or some of the action will take place at a nursing home, and the serial dad will still be around the same age. One or the other. In either case, we’ll be meeting a working-class geezer who’s mad as hell that he’s stuck in a retirement village. (Statler! Waldorf! Call your agents!)

Question: My gut tells me we’ve seen the last of Ivy and Ray on 90210. What are you hearing? —Lauren
I’m hearing your gut isn’t very trustworthy. Not only is Gillian Zinser returning as a series regular next season, but her onscreen hubby, Manish Dayal, will be back as well, albeit on a recurring basis. He is dying after all.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Andy Patrick)

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  1. Claire says:

    In response to the Supernatural bit:
    “We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant” Not be redundant?? I am honestly trying not to be angry because I don’t want to be an obnoxious, crazy fan…but I *am* finding myself getting angry.
    Let’s talk about redundant: Dean dies, comes back to life, Sam dies, comes back to life. Sam’s good, Sam’s evil, Sam’s good, Sam’s evil. Working with demons/angels/any creature ever, creature betrays them. Working with angels! Angels betray them. Castiel playing the ‘new God’ is one of the most original, interesting plots we’ve had in a while. Not to say I don’t find the show good or interesting, because I do. I am in love with this show. But reducing Castiel’s role is one of the worst choices that you could have made, especially when he was such a major part of the cliffhanger. Nay, he WAS the cliffhanger. Not to mention how in love with him everyone is. He’s not just some reoccurring character, he’s one of the boys.
    I just don’t understand how you could justify reducing Castiel’s role in anyway…especially with the excuse of not wanting to be ‘redundant’.
    Does Kripke have a say in any of this?

    I will be pro-Castiel forever.

  2. HeyAssbutt210 says:

    To be honest, I only started watching the show because of Cas. His character and his relationship to Dean fascinated me. Not to mention Misha’s fantastic acting skills. If they kill him off in season 7 I don’t think I’ll continue watching.
    He’s a magnificent character. People have written songs about him, made gifs and written fanfiction all in honor of Castiel, that weird nerd Angel who changed and saved Dean and Sam’s lives over and over. Don’t kill him or make him evil. Just please.

    • Claire says:

      I’ve been watching the show from the beginning and I absolutely love the storyline between the brothers, but Castiel brought something so new and fresh and interesting and after having him I can’t imagine a show without him. I don’t know if I *could* watch the show without him now. I will certainly try, but I know I’ll just end up sad.

  3. SpCl says:

    Sera Gamble, I don’t want to trash you, but I really honestly believe Ben Edlund should take over the show. I would really truly enjoy it again.

    • Sam says:

      I second this. Edlund is a brilliant writer and he has some of the best characterization I’ve ever seen on the show.

  4. Anna says:

    Cas is family, how could family be redundant? He is so important to the boys, he deserves redemption and the chance to stick around! That’s all I, and a bunch of other fans, want!

  5. Sam says:

    “Redundant”? Really? REALLY?

    You want to know what’s redundant, Sera? Here’s a list:

    1.) The “Sam and Dean only have each other!!!111!!!” theme that you seem so fond of and take every opportunity to remind us of. THAT is redundant. Sam and Dean spent the first three seasons proving that they were perfectly willing to do anything, including dying, for each other and everyone knows that. Even people who don’t watch the show know that Sam and Dean are dangerously codependent. And you know what? Their relationship is not healthy. It’s really, really not. They need other people they care about so that they don’t completely lose it. They need other people to balance out their codependency and I’m sick of you trying to hoist their screwed up relationship onto a pedestal. It’s not an ideal relationship; it is not something people should look at as normal or healthy because it’s not. Not to mention the fact that if you are incapable of writing a relationship between two brothers unless there are no other main characters around, then you’re just not that great of a writer. Supernatural is perfectly capable of showing how important Sam and Dean are to each other without killing off everyone else in the process. Look at After School Special, Sex and Violence, Swan Song, or, heck, even Frontierland where they actually get to act like somewhat normal brothers for once and have fun together.

    2.) Lisa. The Lisa storyline is redundant. I like Lisa! I do! What I don’t like is how the writers treated her. She could have been a great character, but instead she was turned into a symbol of what Dean “could have had” because obviously what everyone wants is a white picket fence and a kid because no one could ever be happy without an apple pie life. Lisa came out of nowhere. She was in two episodes back in Season 3 and then never brought up again. I know Dean needed someone to go to after Sam fell in the cage, but he could have gone back to Bobby’s. He could have gone back to Cassie if he needed a romantic relationship at the time. Pretty much anyone else would have made more sense than Lisa. And then she doesn’t leave. She and Dean broke up multiple times and every time it seemed final, but, no, then she comes back again for no apparent reason. When Dean saw her in Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, she even had a new boyfriend and seemed content with Dean out of her and Ben’s life and her storyline seemed finished, but once again, she was brought back in Let It Bleed after not even a mention of her name in the six episodes between Mannequin 3 and Let It Bleed. Let It Bleed, as the penultimate episode, should have focused on the war in Heaven so that the finale could have been more focused on Sam’s wall. Sam’s wall was made up to be such a big deal and then not much happened. It wasn’t even that bad. Sure, there will probably be more repercussions from it falling in Season 7, but still, it was basically pushed aside so that it could be shoved down our throats that Lisa was apparently everything Dean ever wanted but couldn’t have and so that Cas could “betray” the Winchesters.

    So congratulations, Sera, on being a massive hypocrite. But, oh, that’s right, you’re just trying to keep things exciting because apparently keeping your characters actually in character and having friends stay loyal to one another is “redundant.”

    P.S. Please explain to me how Bobby being on the Winchester’s side is “necessary,” but Cas doing the same is redundant. (Please note: I love Bobby and I don’t want to lose him, but I seriously do not get how Sera can see him as necessary while not seeing Cas as the same.)

    • lolz says:

      “”Please explain to me how Bobby being on the Winchester’s side is “necessary,” but Cas doing the same is redundant. (Please note: I love Bobby and I don’t want to lose him, but I seriously do not get how Sera can see him as necessary while not seeing Cas as the same.)””

      That’s easy to explain. Bobby isn’t more popular than Sam. Gamble is first and foremost a JP girl. This entire season was written from that perspective including Cas betrayal of Dean at the end so that he had no one left but Sam.

      This show’s idea of family has become completely twisted.

    • Brittany says:

      Very well said. Agreed on all accounts.

  6. Bob says:

    Sorry, Michael, but several people, including myself, copyrighted the Ted-marries-Barney’s-sister angle last week. Along with Barney is marrying Robin, which is why in the voiceovers, they are referred to as Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin.

  7. Demonke says:

    I would just like to say (towards supernatural) that it would have been better if it did not have a 6th or 7th season. I’m a huge fan of the show and all the guys on it but I believe that 5th season would have been best to leave as the last season. At the start of season 6 everything did not flow together. It seemed choppy and not that well put together. Only around the middle/end of the season did it seem to be getting its act together. I do plan to watch season 7 for a while but if this “New story” that Sera is “promising” us is any good I’ll continue to watch it. The only reason I would not continue watching season 7 if they do try to bring it back to basics and claim it’s a “new story”. I got excited when they brought up H.P. Lovecraft and was hoping for more on that and purgatory and I hope they continue to go on with that. I sympathize for all the Castiel fans and the Dean fans. Both characters did seem a little out of focus. Each not acting the way we expect of them causing a lot of frustration for us. But as someone stated before in these comments, Misha Collin fans and Destiel fans do seem to have majority of the support for the show. I am almost afraid to see what will happen to Supernatural if they do plan to kill off Castiel but so many fans support him (it’s almost like shooting a cash cow for them). Then again I wouldn’t mind the series ending. Again, I’m not supporting just Castiel. It would be the same if they killed Dean or Sam or even Bobby. Fans, whether they are extreme or not would be upset if either Sam or Dean died for good (Impossible I know but still). I still support/ wish that Supernatural would end if the writing/ plot is going to be like it was at the beginning of season 6. Here endth the rant.

  8. Keep Cas says:

    If Sera Gamble truly didn’t care about what fans thought about TPTB possibly reducing or writing Cas off the show why did the show feel the need lie on the press release about Misha Collins being a regular on the show?

  9. TwoCents says:

    Supernatural was said to have 4 main characters(Dean/Sam/Bobby/Castiel), but really it has 6. The Dean/Sam relationship & Dean/Cas each had a life of their own.

    I was never a Dean/Cas shipper. Instead, I saw great spiritual metaphor with the Dean/Cas relationship. If Dean was on a hero’s journey, then his relationship with Cas was something hopeful in face of an indifferent Heaven.

    Horrors how it ended. OMG! in a bad way. Yes, S6 ended so cleverly & no one predicted it. But, it made me want to quit the show. The darkness in S5 was so epic. But, the S6 darkness… I liked S6 until the last twists when Cas was lost. I’m afraid to watch S7. That’s OK though, lots else to watch.

  10. Brandon says:

    I find Castiel’s story anything but redundant. Overall, his character development has been really nice to see, he’s changed so much over his time on the show I think he has so many different options to where his character could end up, it’s nice seeing so many options and routes the show could take. As daunting as Castiel’s new change of heart since the finale, I think this change will be nice, but overall I’d like the old Cas back.

    Supernatural has endless plots and stories, for both the show and each character themselves.

  11. Erica says:

    You know what’s redundant? Sera Gamble’s freakin’ arrogance. The fans are the entire backbone of Supernatural and she’s doing her darndest to shove us all away. If she kills off Castiel she will be making a huge mistake. She SHOULD fear the fan backlash because the Supernatural fandom gets shizz done and we get it done hard and fast.

    The Eve storyline was rushed and the big bad ‘Mother of All’ was wasted in a few episodes. Castiel’s personality is suddenly 180 degrees different from how it’s been the entire time since his appearance.

    How is going back to season 1 ‘fresh’ and ‘new’? As much as I loved the first season the last thing Supernatural needs is to become a redundant stream of ‘look, big bad monster. dean and sam go kill monster and save some people. dean hits on hot chick and strikes out. the end.’ Seriously. Listen to the fans. We’re the ones you’re trying to please, wouldn’t you WANT to hear what we have to say?

  12. Liz says:

    Sera’s comments really make me nervous for the way Supernatural is going. I know that the finale for season 6 wasn’t just her idea (Kripke was a big part of it as well, let’s not forget that) but I am greatly disappointed in how this season was handled. We had a great female villain in Eve and she was taken out so anti-climatically and then they completely destroyed Cas’s character. It’s like a bad fanfic gone awry. I really hope they redeem Castiel and not completely cast him and his entire characterization to the side, just to press reset back to season 1. Yes, we all know the show at it’s heart is about Sam and Dean, but it doesn’t mean that the other characters are not important. It also really irks me that what the fans feel doesn’t seem to matter anymore. What’s the point of making a show that nobody wants to watch? I just don’t see how they can make the show like season 1 without it becoming boring. It’s simply already been done. I won’t give up on this show, it means to much to me, but I really hope it stops going so downhill.

  13. Liz says:

    Also, it would be great if they could make Supernatural scary again. It stopped being scary a LONG time ago. Just saying.

  14. Jackie says:

    I’m worried by Sera Gamble’s comments about Castiel. Redundant would be Sam and Dean alone again in the Impala. Team Free Will is such a better concept, with the brothers working with Castiel and Bobby. These characters are needed. Cas is family now. I’m not sure I’ll be watching if he goes. I want to see his story develop and his friendship with Dean and Sam get put back together. I want to see him fix heaven. He is a character that matters to a lot of people. His story can’t just end like this. From her comments, she doesn’t seem to care that so many fans care so deeply for Castiel’s character. If she doesn’t care about the fans, I don’t care about the show.

  15. Lizzen says:


  16. Susan says:

    Bring back Cas in season 7! Good Cas – that is. And a story for Dean that is not about his brother!

  17. getagrip says:

    Cas is the most fascinating character on the show, next to Dean! Why on earth would show want to make him redundant? Because of his popularity??? That makes no sense. Normally a show would try to keep popular characters, why SPN showrunner do you want to get rid of Cas???

    My interest in SPN lies solely within the profound bond between Dean and Cas, if that is gone – SPN will be dead to me.. :(

  18. Hetty says:

    “My GOD. Why does everyone hate the concept of Supernatural episodes without Cas? It’ll just be the same as Season 6, ”

    I think this is what many will hate! I mean another season 6!

    Save Cas in the first episode of season 7! Cas needs to be back as a good guy!

  19. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for Castle scoop, Aus! Anything on NCIS or The Mentalist? :)

  20. Alice_SP says:

    If Misha Collins is getting booted from SPN then at least I will be able to watch him on his new series called Divine. He may not be playing an angel anymore but I want to see him as a tortured priest batting demons and such.

    http://www.divinetheseries.com/ and watch the trailer. It looks great for drowning my Castiel sorrows!

    • Brittany says:

      His role on Divine is small. I’m very excited for the series, but it’s not going to be enough Misha to make me feel better about the loss of Castiel (should that happen).

      Sorry for the double comment, it posted in the wrong spot the first time.

  21. Nancy says:

    I have a GREAT idea!!! What about bringing THE TRICKSTER back???
    I really miss Richard Speight Jr. soooooooooo much and would LOVE
    to see him on SPN again.
    I’d also like to see Misha now and then as well.


  22. Daphne says:

    I’d like to see Supernatural continue on past season 7 so for that reason I’d like to see Misha stay, as the Cas we know and love. The core of this show is still the brothers for me but I like other characters in the mix and I don’t see the point in writing Cas out. What’s to be gained by it? Nothing as far as I can see, and I do think the ratings would suffer and that the show might end without him. There is a lot to be gained by keeping him – a great story of redemption and brotherhood between all three characters that ends with Team Free Will working together again, like in Mommie Dearest and Frontierland, and takes us into a season 8. I really don’t get the issue people have with Cas (and I speak as a Samgal) appearing every few episodes. It’s clear he’s never going to “take over” like a lot of fans seem to think. And much as I love the boys I like other regular cast members to widen the scope of their story and their adventures, and I think I’d find a return to just monsters week in week out to be boring after the scope of the past three seasons.

  23. John says:

    Enough about Supernatural Season 6 haven’t seen it yet its just begun to air in the uk. What i want to know having just seen the BONES finale yesterday my querstion is why did that episode suck so much, and exactly how many times before writing it did Hanson watch Kingpin and actor Kevin Alejandro The Big Lebowski to imitate John Leguizamo’s character in it. This really just a mash up of those two movies with a tedious and stupidly motivated murder thrown in.

    Without the revelation of Brennan’s pregnancy which was obviously thrown in cos of Emily D’s real life baby on board situation it really wouldn’t have been good enough ep for anywhere in any season let alone as a season finale.

    It was shockingly poor honestly compare it to last years with the whole team splitting up or season 4 with Booth’s brain tumor or season 3 with Zach being in league with a serial killer and it gives a hint of just how little effort was put into this episode how did the team not realise the previous episode despite the horrible song choice used for the cast to sing as Nigel’s body was taken away should have been the finale not that sad excuse for an hour of drama.

  24. Brittany says:

    His role on Divine is small. I’m very excited for the series, but it’s not going to be enough Misha to make me feel better about the loss of Castiel (should that happen).

  25. MK says:

    Sera Gamble: You don’t want to be redundant?? Then re-do Season 6!!! The whole thing is a redundancy redunding another redundancy!!

  26. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the True Blood scoop!!! You’re clue was tricky but I think we’ve figured it out.

  27. Jenna says:

    Dean and Cas are the reason I watch!

    Let Dean save Cas!

  28. RW says:

    Um, Sera? You use the word “redundant”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  29. Ali says:

    Really, Gamble? Copying Dean’s Hell story for Sam is a new and fresh direction? This woman’s perfected the art of peeing on your foot and telling you it’s raining.

    She’s axing Cas because she prefers another character, who isn’t nearly as interesting. Knocking down the good characters to prop up the least intriguing one has become the norm on this show.

  30. Tee says:

    I really hope to see Tina Majorino again on Bones!

  31. Scarlett says:

    I do wish they would reconsider; this will seriously affect my enjoyment of the show and I may not be able to continue watching. I have struggled with depression for several years but had been going through a good patch for a while now. After the finale and the news of Misha’s demotion I relapsed for two weeks and then again for a couple of days, and I fear that I won’t be able to keep watching the show next season for my own health. I know it’s pathetic and dangerous to pin so much onto a show, but my enjoyment of the show, characters, actors and fandom is one of the few things that has kept me going over the years and it will pain me greatly to give that up. While I appreciate it is the writers’ prerogative to create their own art, I wish they would consider how greatly the show can affect those watching.

    On a less personal note, while the show is ultimately about Sam and Dean, and I have a great love for those characters, I feel this will have a detrimental effect on the show. The relationship between the brothers has been rehashed so many times over the years that it has become slightly stale and needs the support of other characters. It is a shame that so many promising, entertaining characters are written off the show. Castiel has been a great addition and his relationship with Dean has become just as popular with some fans as that of the brothers. The writers seem to feel that the show is only about the Winchesters and no one else is truly necessary, but to many (although I do appreciate not all!) Castiel has become equally indispensable and loved. Season 4 enjoyed a renewed burst of enthusiasm among the fandom and critics due in large part to the freshness brought by Castiel’s introduction and the new, compelling Dean-Castiel relationship in which they could become invested. This past season has not been well received (although I have enjoyed it more than most), but the more popular episodes, for the most part, contained a decent amount of Misha/Castiel and I don’t think this is a coincidence.

    The thought of quitting this show devastates me but unless the writers change their minds I don’t think I will have any alternative. I shall see how I feel after the first few episodes and we have more of an idea of where the story is going but at the moment it looks unlikely that it will take the direction I’m so hoping for and redeem Castiel. What a disappointing, heart-breaking end to a long-running love affair with my favorite show!

  32. Jenn says:

    Re:Supernatural: Keep Bobby, kill the rest. They’re cute but they whine too much. :)

  33. Jill says:

    Does anyone know what the subtle hint was in The TVLine news letter about the six feet under blind item?

  34. Leah says:

    I am a HUGE fan of SPN, but I have to say that I am glad that Cas has been demoted. I liked him much better when he was the guy that showed up when needed, did what was asked, and then didn’t show up for a while. I must say that I am not a fan of the new power-hungry Cas/God. One of the things I liked about the past few seasons was that they didn’t give viewers any real answer to the whole God mystery, it was left relatively up in the air. Now they’ve given us an answer, and I must say that it’s almost lame. I mean seriously, Castiel being God? Why even go there? But I am very glad to hear that his significance and screen time will decrease, because I really miss just having Sam and Dean be Sam and Dean. Which, I understand will be tough with or without Cas, but I really hope that it is an important area of focus for Season 7.

  35. mimi says:

    in all honesty the show was okay i never paid it much attention but once castiel came in i was hooked i watched 6 seasons from start to finish so i could be current i got hooked because of castiel if he’s gone then i know for sure ill lose intrest please do not take the best part of spn away now this does not mean that i dont like dean and sammy i like them equaly but honestly just seeing dean and sam did not hold my attention the pair alone was the true definiton of redundancy and the show was mediocre at best please have some consideration for the fans because you would be loseing alot of them if casteil is not there anymore

  36. Jeff says:

    I won’t be offensive to Sera Gamble ’cause I think there’s no need to be. I mean, she’s not stupid but she is very poor in both merch and public relationship.
    The way I prefer this show is with Team Free Will (that’s ’cause, unlike some Dean/Sam hardcore fans who are, incredibly, also slash fans who find Cas a ‘threat’ to their relationship… seriously, girls? Hating a character ’cause he interferes with your masturbatory routines in some way? Get over yourselves) and Bobby. I loved Jo and Ellen and they killed them off (even if Jo is returning in some way this season), I loved Gabriel but guess what? Killed. Rufus? Killed.
    Ash? Killed. Adam? Killed. Balthazar? Killed by his friend Castiel, whose passage to the ‘dark’ side, by the way, was hurried and unexplained.
    Ironically, The man who knew too much has been the most consistent in writing, the more well conceived and acted (not to mention, critically appreciated) and this thanks to a man who goes by the name of Ben Edlund. I’m sorry for the people who hate Castiel, but the episode with Castiel as a center (if he wasn’t important, why dedicate an episode to him? Come on, geniuses) was the best of the season along with other three which were good as well.
    All these episodes happen to be the ones which focus on the core characters (Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel) and their relationships with each other.
    Sure, the monsters. But what does a monster do to a viewer who’s seen every monster a dozen times?
    Killing Castiel is pure plotting blindness: at this point everybody expects it, the suspence is gone. Why Cas, friend and guardian for the Winchesters and Bobby Singer, wasn’t considered “one of them” in this occasion when he was doing nothing more than what brothers and Bobby do (Sam tried to kill Bobby, betrayed his own brother more times than I want to remember and so on) from time to time, depending on the level of need of angst? Why the hypocrisy? It’s this, this lack of consistency that leaves me speechless.
    They could’ve gone for the Cthulhu mythos and have materials fro a year, exploring the relationship between different Gods and deities. They could’ve gone for the search of God in many other ways.
    This decision to kill off Castiel shows how little Sera Gamble cares about her characters when there’s something ‘moral’ under the easy facade of supernatural events, how easily she forgots about Supernatural characters development. Sam judging Cas for leaving (by mistake) his soul in hell? No way. Sam has a heart of gold and would firstly ask what the hell happened.
    In general, a really disappointing season 6 and a foreseeable disappointing season 7 if they don’t realize that angels, humans and demons can still be interesting if they stay true to their roots and evolution.